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ShaneMHey all.11:39
tdr112hello all11:54
czajkowskitdr112: enoy yesterday11:57
tdr112yep it was good fun11:58
ShaneMThe bb scheme is such crap :(11:58
ShaneMIt's all just wireless bb, which is rubbish.11:59
tdr112czajkowski: talked to a few of te speakers , they all said nice things about you12:05
tdr112so they tell me that there is notting but young men in the town your in12:09
czajkowskiso I'm told12:10
czajkowskiArmy folks12:10
czajkowskitdr112: new house mate is a debian developer working for redhat12:10
tdr112the red hat guy yesterday , was great too12:33
czajkowskiaye good speaker12:34
infoturtlehalo guys, stupid question, where can I add topics for the IRC meeting to-night?14:16
tdr112on the wiki14:21
infoturtleoops caps lock was on......14:21
tdr112not to worry14:23
infoturtleand anyone can add to the agenda ya?? Like i'll be there for the meeting just want to add something14:24
tdr112infoturtle: yep anyone can14:25
ebel_infoturtle: yep anyone can add to agenda and come to the meeting14:33
ebel_though if you add to the agenda, please come to the meeting, so that you can talk about it :)14:34
infoturtleI will, just didn't want to show up and announce I had sumit to say is all, I'll be there ^^,14:35
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airurandoMight be a bit late for tonights meeting19:18
airurandoHi czjkowski19:19
airurandoJust driving home so can't chat pulled in for this19:19
czajkowskimeeting not for a while yet19:20
czajkowskichat later19:20
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airurandoevening all20:03
infoturtle`how do20:03
airurandoanyone about for the meeting20:03
infoturtle`an seo20:04
airurandowill I chair?20:05
* ebel just arrives20:06
airurandoevening ebel20:06
airurandoyou want to chair or will I?20:07
ebelerm i don't mind if you do it :P20:07
airurandoright so20:07
MootBotMeeting started at 14:08. The chair is airurando.20:08
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]20:08
airurandoIf Welcome all, if you are here for the monthly meeting please indicate so by saying PRESENT20:08
airurandoThe wiki page for this meeting, which includes the meeting agenda, is located at20:09
airurando[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2010-11-1720:09
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2010-11-1720:09
airurandoWe'll start off with a review of previous action items20:09
airurandoWe have a couple of old action items which relate to updating the Ubuntu-ie Loco Website20:09
airurandoThis appears to have gone off the boil for the moment so unless anyone objects I feel we should drop it from the agenda until somebody shows an interest in taking up this challenge.20:10
infoturtle`what's needed?20:10
airurandoany thoughts?20:10
ebelanyone wanna do it?20:11
ebelI have a feeling I am supposed to give someone else access, there's a few people who have access to the blacknight account20:11
infoturtle`Sure if I knew what was needed to update20:11
airurandoinfoturtle` I suppose a willingness to take on the challenge and a ability with website design20:12
infoturtle`have both of those20:12
airurandoebel: could you elaborate20:12
ebelairurando: essentially we have web hosting with blacknight20:12
ebeli.e. ubuntuie has a blacknight account username/password20:13
ebelwith that you can access the blacknight control panel, install various LAMP web applications etc20:13
ebeli.e. everything you need to set up the website.20:13
ebelthe webmistriss/webmaster will need this details to 'maintain the website'.20:13
airurandodoes anyone still have a link to shaunos mockup?20:14
ebelif anyone wants to be our webmistress/webmaster just let me know, and (unless other are opposed) I'll give it to 'em20:14
ebelI've given said details to other people already.20:14
infoturtle`I'd be happy to do it, will it involve changing the layout or adding content?20:14
ebelinfoturtle`: you can do as little and as much as you want. essentially we need a webmistriss/webmaster.20:15
infoturtle`cool, I'll help with that20:15
airurandoanyone have any other input20:15
infoturtle`not on this matter but I did want to ask something else20:16
* ebel gives username/password to infoturtle` (see pm)20:16
airurandoinfoturtle` want to leave it to AOB section at the end?20:17
infoturtle`oh, sorry, ya cool20:17
airurando[ACTION] infoturtle` to take on task of ubuntu-ie website webmistress/webmaster.20:18
MootBotACTION received:  infoturtle` to take on task of ubuntu-ie website webmistress/webmaster.20:18
airurandothanks for that infoturtle`20:18
airurandothanks ebel for granting access20:19
infoturtle`no prob airurando20:19
airurandomoving on20:19
airurandoat last months meeting I was actioned to generate Ubuntu Hour listings for Dublin and Limerick only for the month of October20:19
airurandothis was done and the listings for November were also generated.20:19
airurandoNovember Ubuntu Hours happening next week in Dublin.20:20
airurando[LINK] http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/527/detail/20:20
MootBotLINK received:  http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/527/detail/20:20
airurandoand Limerick20:20
airurando[LINK] http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/526/detail/20:20
MootBotLINK received:  http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/526/detail/20:20
airurandotdr112 was actioned to contact the Dublin colleges in an effort to organising Ubuntu 10.10 CD distribution.20:21
airurandotdr112: want to say anything on this20:22
airurandotdr112 was also actioned with the responsibility to lead the effort to organise a team event for November20:23
tdr112yep i gave out a lot of cds20:23
tdr112lots of them20:23
tdr112czajkowski: got me another 100 for an event the other day so we have about 50 left ,20:23
airurandoI know imgarysmith had an item on the agenda relating to DC distribution but he withdrew due to the fact that he would not be present at this evenings meeting20:25
tdr112well theren are some left and he is welcome to them20:25
tdr112airurando: do you have an email for him/her20:26
airurandoafraid not20:26
airurandoThe targeting of college comp socs seemed to go well.20:26
tdr112yep i contact them via irc20:26
airurandoMaybe we should discuss this more at a later date when imgarysmith is around.20:27
airurandowarrants further discussion IMO20:27
airurandotdr112 anything on the end of year team event?20:28
tdr112nope i am hoping to hand this off to someone else i am mad busy in college20:28
airurandoanyone available to take this up?20:29
infoturtle`I've got the time of no one else can20:29
airurandoinfoturtle` you are fast becoming a legend.20:30
airurandoanyone have any ideas on what we could do?20:31
infoturtle`^^, what can I say, I have a boring life20:31
airurando<infoturtle` want to come up with a couple of ideas like cinema night, bowling etc.20:32
airurandocome up with a few target dates.20:32
airurandohit the mailing list for thoughts20:33
airurandoat this stage it may be a new year event20:33
infoturtle`can do if you want to leave it with me to come up with stuff20:33
airurandono real rush20:33
infoturtle`I'll get some ideas and trow it around the mailing list, see what people think20:34
airurando[ACTION] infoturtle` to take over lead organiser for end of year/new year team event.20:34
MootBotACTION received:  infoturtle` to take over lead organiser for end of year/new year team event.20:34
airurandogreat stuff20:34
* slashtom was thinking of doing a doodle poll20:34
slashtomlike before, selection of dates and events20:34
infoturtle`no prob20:35
slashtomalthough we may be limited for events, given the weather and short days20:35
* slashtom suggests bowling20:35
slashtomeither december or january20:35
infoturtle`it will have to be indoor to be fair20:36
slashtomi said bowling not bowls ;)20:36
infoturtle`golf isn't a real option like20:36
infoturtle`oh i know i was just saying something20:37
airurandoto set it up will we just say bowling?20:37
airurandothen doodle poll for date?20:37
slashtomthat seems good20:37
infoturtle`yep, we can do that20:38
* slashtom can take care of that20:38
airurandook so20:38
slashtomiirc there is a bowling alley iin stillorgan20:38
infoturtle`we want that venue?20:38
slashtomyou have any other suggestions20:39
airurandois there nothing more central?20:39
slashtomthe stillorgan venue is on the bus route 46A20:39
slashtomno, nothing more central20:39
infoturtle`no, don't mind, would just like the info for when I ask20:39
ebel(46a = one of the most common busses in the country)(20:40
airurando[ACTION] slashtom to generate doodle poll to decide on date for winter bowling team event.20:40
MootBotACTION received:  slashtom to generate doodle poll to decide on date for winter bowling team event.20:40
airurandoinfoturtle` you're off the hook for that one.20:41
infoturtle`ok cool20:41
airurandomoving on the agenda items proper20:41
airurando[TOPIC] Team Events December Schedule20:41
MootBotNew Topic:  Team Events December Schedule20:41
airurandoWith this being 'the most wonderful time of the year' I was wondering if we should plan accordingly.20:42
airurandoIs there any point in having Ubuntu Hours on the 29th and 30th of December?20:42
* slashtom and ebel will be in .uk then20:42
czajkowskiairurando: how about teaming uo with python and ruby and alt.net for some sort of xmas thingy20:42
czajkowskiairurando: remember the mails vicky send on re an event20:43
airurandoczajkowski yeah got them20:43
czajkowskiperhaps that can be done instead of an ubuntu hour for december?20:44
airurandoczajkowski you propose calling that team quiz event a combined social event for December20:44
airurandoGood Idea20:44
infoturtle`I likes it too20:44
airurandois it agreed that we will drop Ubuntu Hours for December?20:45
airurandoI'll ask citizenjonker about the Limerick one.  It will be up to him really.20:46
infoturtle`He online now, will i ask him to join?20:46
airurandoas there are no objections thought we won'e schedule a Dublin Ubuntu Hour for December.20:47
airurandoinfoturtle` please do20:47
airurandoShould we have our monthly IRC meeting on 15 Dec 10 as would be expected given it is the default third Wednesday of the month.20:48
tdr112airurando: i think an email to a list telling people its not on would be good20:48
airurandotdr112: agreed I'll take that on20:49
infoturtle`citizenjonker said he's cool with it20:49
infoturtle`actual words20:49
airurando[ACTION] airurando to e-mail list informing subscribers that there will be no scheduled Dublin and Limerick Hours for December.20:50
MootBotACTION received:  airurando to e-mail list informing subscribers that there will be no scheduled Dublin and Limerick Hours for December.20:50
airurandoeveryone OK with next months meeting happening on 15 Dec 10?20:51
infoturtle`sure am20:51
airurandogood stuff20:51
airurandoI'll schedule that so.20:51
airurandonext item20:51
airurando[TOPIC] Our Loco Team Logo20:52
MootBotNew Topic:  Our Loco Team Logo20:52
airurandoDo we need a redesign?20:52
airurandoAre we bound to using the new brand guidelines?20:52
airurando[LINK] http://design.canonical.com/the-toolkit/ubuntu-brand-guidelines/20:52
MootBotLINK received:  http://design.canonical.com/the-toolkit/ubuntu-brand-guidelines/20:52
infoturtle`at the last ubuntu hour in limerick, some one brought a design that i loved if ye want to look at the idea of it20:53
infoturtle`its rough but the idea is there20:53
airurandoShould we update the font at least?20:53
airurandoinfoturtle` yeah that was Hugh20:53
infoturtle`sure was20:53
airurandoHugh Mulqueen an artist generated a logo which he posted to the forums some time ago.20:54
MootBotLINK received: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=146331120:54
airurandoI've chatted to Hugh on the forums and discussed the possibility of a more subtle update to the logo.20:54
airurandoHe seemed keen.20:54
airurandoHoped he would be here tonight20:54
airurandodoes anyone have thought on this?20:55
airurandois it needed?20:55
infoturtle`he was keen to let us use it at the meeting20:55
infoturtle`so I'd say he'd be fine with it20:56
infoturtle`chuffed even20:56
airurandoinfoturtle` based on the new branding I told Hugh I thought his design was a bit extreme.20:57
airurandoczajkowski: can you provide any guidance on this?20:57
czajkowskiwell once a new logo is created20:58
czajkowskiwe can just ask canonical to check it#s ok20:58
czajkowskithey come back within a few days20:59
czajkowskionces it's done poke me and I'll sort that bit out20:59
airurandoI've seem the UK redesign and it does not differ from the official brand as much as loco designs in the past did.21:00
czajkowskithey had it checked out also21:00
airurandoI don't believe there is scope for much artistic license21:01
czajkowskibut we can tidy up the font21:01
czajkowskiand folks can add stuff to the design21:02
airurandoI liked Hugs effort and suggested he came up with something more subtle paying head to the new brand design guidelines21:03
airurandoI'll try to contact Hugh Again21:03
czajkowskiokie dokie21:03
airurandoinfoturtle` if you come across him can you let him know I want to talk to him?21:04
airurandoright so21:04
airurandomoving on21:04
infoturtle`will do, ill contact him once this is over21:04
airurando[TOPIC] Facebook and Twitter Front21:04
MootBotNew Topic:  Facebook and Twitter Front21:04
airurandoproposer not listed on the wiki page but the entry was made by andru18321:05
infoturtle`Thats me, I want to make an offical Ubuntu facebook page that can post event/content to facebook users21:05
infoturtle`at the moment I'm one of the admins for a ubunt-ie page but it cant post content so I would like to make one that can21:06
infoturtle`anyone mind if I do this?21:07
ebelfor the ubuntu ireland facebook page?21:07
ebelwe have a twitter, you want access for that?21:07
infoturtle`ya, I found that out after i made the post21:07
ebelanyone opposed to giving infoturtle` twitter/identica access details?21:07
airurandono objection here21:08
airurandoinfoturtle` forgive my ignorance here21:09
airurandodo you want to update the current Ubuntu-ie Facebook page?21:09
airurandoor generate a new one?21:10
infoturtle`no, make one, with the name ubunt-ie that people can join and I can post the news/events so people know about content on facebook21:10
infoturtle`reminders even21:10
airurandoWhat about the current Ubuntu Ireland page?21:13
airurandoDo we want/need a double presence on Facebook?21:14
infoturtle`It can post any news or anything, people can just join and write on its wall21:14
airurandocan it not be modified?21:14
infoturtle`sorry that should be it can't21:14
infoturtle`I understand the double presence but the current page dosen't interact with users21:15
airurandocan it not be modified?21:15
* airurando knows nothing about this21:15
infoturtle`no, its just a fan page to like, you have to create a new opage and delete the old21:15
airurandocan you migrate subscribers (likers)21:16
infoturtle`no, but as admin i can send mail to all of them to let them know about the move and why21:16
airurandoI have no objection21:17
airurandoanyone else?21:17
airurandoany input ebel: slashtom: tdr112?21:19
ebeli don't mind21:20
ebelgo for it21:20
infoturtle`woo! thanks21:20
tdr112not i facebook , dont mind21:20
airurandoas there are no objections I reckon that's fine so.21:20
tdr112just keep it upto date ,21:20
infoturtle`thanks guys!!21:20
* tdr112 does not want another thing to update 21:20
infoturtle`i will, i always update ubuntu current stuff on my own site anyway21:21
infoturtle`this is just the same thing21:21
airurando[ACTION] infoturtle`to generate the curren Ubuntu-ie Facebook page21:21
MootBotACTION received:  infoturtle`to generate the curren Ubuntu-ie Facebook page21:21
airurando[ACTION] infoturtle` to generate new improved Fecebook page for ubuntu-ie. Delete old page and try to migrate subscribers over via email.21:23
MootBotACTION received:  infoturtle` to generate new improved Fecebook page for ubuntu-ie. Delete old page and try to migrate subscribers over via email.21:23
tdr112i have to head off now , i will read the rest of the logs tonight21:23
airurando[TOPIC] Any other Business21:23
MootBotNew Topic:  Any other Business21:23
airurandoI'll end the meeting so21:25
airurandothanks all for attending and participating21:25
MootBotMeeting finished at 15:25.21:25
infoturtle`egg salad, I'll get onto huge now21:25
airurandoinfoturtle` thanks for taking on so much and good luck with it all.21:26
infoturtle`happy to help, I'm excited about it to be honest, yes I'm that lame21:27
airurandolook forward to seeing the updates.21:27
airurandolook forward to update at next months meeting21:27
* airurando must eat dinner. 21:28
airurandolong day21:28
airurandotummy rumbling21:28
infoturtle`cool, take care till next time21:28

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