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Balsaqi was told to come here with my question08:15
ikoniathis is the right place.08:15
Balsaqi was casually informed by a member of my channel that i am banned in ubuntu-women. please provide me with the text that got me banned.08:16
Balsaqi would really like to see it and if there is none, which i know there is not, i would like to speak to someone who is in charge of this type of thing.08:17
ikoniaBalsaq: no problem, one of the operators who moderates #ubuntu-women can help when they are active, and if you like, you can be given the appeals process to appeal your ban08:18
Balsaqgood thank you, where do i begin.08:19
ikoniaBalsaq: keep in mind though, it may not have been something you actually said, but your long standing problem behaviour in many channels that may have got you banned08:19
ikoniaBalsaq: just wait for an operator in #ubuntu-women to become active and answer your query,08:19
Balsaqi do not have behaviour problems?08:19
ikoniaBalsaq: we disagree on that, but it's up to the #ubuntu-women operator team to resolve that ban08:19
Balsaqso you are stating that i have behaviour problems?08:20
ikoniamy personal experiences with your behaviour in channels hasn't been good, no.08:20
Balsaqcan you please show me what you are talking about.08:20
bazhangBalsaq, lets stick to this issue08:21
bazhangBalsaq, hypatia was the one who banned you.08:21
Balsaqwell, according to ikonia, this is the issue.08:21
ikoniano I didn't say that08:21
ikoniaI said "keep in mind"08:21
ikoniaso don't focus on the text, more the reason you where banned08:21
bazhangBalsaq, just /msg hypatia , or wait around here for her to respond08:21
Balsaqi simply want to see the text that you accuse me of doing or possibly doing or what ever it is you are saying.08:22
bazhangBalsaq, we're not ops there, so no.08:22
Balsaq<ikonia> my personal experiences with your behaviour in channels hasn't been good, no.08:22
Balsaqi want to see what prompted this comment08:23
ikoniasorry - I'm not interested in pushing that, its my personal opinion and I was trying to use it to help you understand that it may not be 1 line of text that's got you banned rather than sustained behaviour08:25
Balsaqi don't blame you for not wanting to push it because you have nothing08:25
Balsaqi could sit in here for centuries and you will still have nothing. you make negative comments and you have nothing to back them up with.08:26
ikoniano, I just can't be bothered searching through the logs for pointless examples, when it's not really directly to do with this ban.08:26
Tm_TBalsaq: then sit, unfortunately we cannot help you, you have to wait for right ops08:27
Balsaqi just want to clear my name. i have never done anything to deserve the comments you just made ikonia. i already know there is no text at all form the ban. it is your personal insult against me that i am talkning about right now.08:28
Balsaqi want to speak to someone in charge of freenode.08:28
ikoniaBalsaq: then join #freenode and ask for staff08:31
knomehey Balsaq, you available?09:05
Balsaqhi knome!09:08
Balsaqdo you know anyone at freenode?09:08
knomejust a sec, brb09:08
knomeokay, so09:18
knomeBalsaq, i understand the problem is that you're banned from #ubuntu-women?09:18
Balsaqwell that was what i was inquiring about, but then ikonia insulted me09:19
Balsaqso asked to see what he was talking about09:19
knomei also understand there's some confusion09:20
Balsaqwhat are you doing here knome?09:20
Balsaqhang on the microwave alarm went off09:20
knomeBalsaq, trying to solve the issue09:20
knomeBalsaq, i think ikonia messed up you with an another user with a similar nick09:21
knomeBalsaq, also, since that user has been behaving not so well in #ubuntu-women, you got thee ban easier due to the mess09:22
knomeBalsaq, so i'm sure this can be solved, but you'll have to discuss about removing the ban with the #ubuntu-women op09:23
ubot4Factoid 's' not found09:23
elkyknome, uh, no, the ban is on the hostmask, so unless this person here is sharing it with the other person, there is no mixup.09:24
knomeright. how accurate is the hostmask?09:25
elkyunaffiliated cloak09:25
Balsaqok back09:25
knomeelky, that only?09:25
elkyknome, what do you mean only?09:25
elkyto be identified to the freenode-issued unaffiliated cloak, there needs to be password knowledge.09:26
knomeelky, see #ubuntu-ops :)09:26
Balsaqare we done now knome?09:28
knomeyes, i understand09:28
Balsaqdo you know anyone at freenode?09:28
knomei don't know how that relates to this09:29
knomeelky, can you tell Balsaq why the ban was set?09:29
elkyhttp://privatepaste.com/fb9275af16 is why it was set09:30
knome(i'm with my eeepc @lecture  so i'm a bit slow to type)09:30
Balsaqthere are no negative things being said by balsaq?09:31
Balsaqand i do not see anyone named hypatia09:31
Balsaqis there a freenode home office and can we paste this thing for all to see here?09:31
Balsaqi want everyome here to se this09:32
Tm_TBalsaq: freenode staff is present here too09:32
knomeBalsaq, please, let's stay calm09:32
Balsaqok i am?09:32
knomeBalsaq, do you understand that in #ubuntu-women, there are many people with nicks that suggest something that's in appropriate09:32
Balsaqthis channel was just told i have a behaviour problem, please let them read what u just sent me ok?09:32
elkythey can see it in that pastebin.09:33
elkyI am not going to flood the channel09:33
Balsaqok i didnt realize they can view it thanks09:34
elkyHow would they not if you can?09:34
Balsaqi said not even one negtive word09:35
Balsaqand just left quietly09:35
BalsaqFeb 24 23:09:35 <Balsaq> well have a nice day09:36
knomeBalsaq, eky told you your nick wa inappropriate for #ubuntu-women. do you understand that?09:36
elkyBalsaq, your ban from hypatia was for returning. We tend to let people return to do the right thing if they like. You didn't. You returned with a name that resembles scrotum after being told that it made people uncomfortable and then lying about it.09:38
Balsaqi said nothing negative to anyone09:39
Balsaqi just took your punushment09:39
elkyYou lied.09:39
Balsaqis there someone at freenode who can review this?09:39
Balsaqyou are again saying really negative things09:39
elkyFreenode does not have jurisdiction over the bans of channel ops.09:40
Balsaqso you are telling me you can do anything you want to people?09:40
MadpilotBalsaq, let's start with basics: do you know why your nick would be seen as unwelcome in #ubuntu-women?09:40
Balsaqi was not banned when i went there becasue i didnt do anything to get banned, nor will i ever do anything to get banned. and i got banned.09:42
knomeBalsaq, please read and answer madpilots message09:42
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Balsaqi have read the entire interaction09:42
Balsaqi have seen worse eachand everyday here09:43
elky<Madpilot> Balsaq, let's start with basics: do you know why your nick would be seen as unwelcome in #ubuntu-women?09:43
elky^ answer that, Balsaq.09:43
Balsaqi said nothing negative to anyone nor will i09:43
elkydirectly, not with some vagueness.09:43
Balsaqi do not have to answer to u, u have degraded me09:43
knomeBalsaq, no, the question he asked you a minute ago09:43
Madpilotdude, this is about your nick. Answer my question.09:43
Balsaqthere is nothing wrong wit hmy nick09:43
Balsaqknome i am in your channel everday?09:44
Balsaqwe have no problems, i see u and speak in your channel?09:44
knomeBalsaq, yes, but #ubuntu-women is not #xubuntu09:44
Madpilotdo you not see how a nick that is a synonym for "scrotum" might unwelcome in #ubuntu-women, Balsaq?09:44
Madpilotmight *be* unwelcome, that is.09:44
Balsaqthey explained their position and insulted me and i said nothing bad to them09:45
Balsaqand i left peacefully09:45
elkyBalsaq, we don't owe you anything.09:45
knomeBalsaq, if you want to solve the issue, please try to co-operate.09:45
Balsaqi am09:45
knomeBalsaq, if you're not willing to do that, we can't help you.09:45
knomeBalsaq, i'm sorry you feel degraded and insulted.09:45
Balsaqits written09:46
knomeBalsaq, it's not that anybody wants to do that.09:46
Balsaqright here and there09:46
Balsaqits right in the text09:46
Balsaqwhat has been said towards me and what i said09:46
MadpilotBalsaq, you still haven't answered my questions about your nick and #ubuntu-women... come on, it's not a complicated question.09:46
Balsaqi told you i do not have to justify anyhting with you about my nick. there is nothing to justify.09:47
elkyMadpilot, this is exactly the kind of vague insolence that resulted in us asking him to depart. He refuses to understand how others might feel, and that's a threatening attitude for a channel that's supposed to be safe.09:47
knomeBalsaq, we don't have any problems with you in #xubuntu, but if you can't discuss the #ubuntu-women issue, you will not be unbanned from that channel09:48
topylito ensure you understand the basics Balsaq, different channels have different norms, which you should become familiar with and acknowledge when you use the channels. you ask if the ops "can do what they want." yes, channel ops enforce those norms09:48
Balsaqi cannot stop you from saying these things09:48
elkyBalsaq, you're refusing to see things from other people's perspective.09:48
Balsaqthere are no words i can say that will stop your insults so dont ask me too09:48
MadpilotBalsaq, do you really have no clue how a nick referencing male genitals might be wrong in a channel aimed at female Ubuntu users?09:48
Balsaqall isaid was i wnat to take this text to someone else higher up and show then what you are doinf too me09:49
Tm_TBalsaq: all higher ups are here, right now09:49
Balsaqi still have not said a negative word too any of you09:49
Balsaqok so if this is it then i will have to seek help elsewhere you are all against me09:50
knomeBalsaq, this is the only place to find help for getting the ban lifted at #ubuntu-women09:50
Balsaqso i will leave, no need totalk about it anymore here.09:50
Balsaqwell noone here agrees with me09:51
elkyBalsaq, there's more to interaction than the precise definition of words. Your attitude is poor, and that's what is mattering here.09:52
Balsaqsee what i mean?09:52
Balsaqi dont have a poor attitude, just becasue you say i do09:52
Balsaqyou ssem to think you can cut ppl down...maybe you can, i'll find out.09:53
MadpilotNo, you have a poor attitude because you repeatedly show us that you do. Answer my earlier questions...09:53
Balsaqi don;t know you. i have done nothing to you, and i have nothing to explain, my words are in clear text. i will not explain your imagination.09:54
knomelunch. bbl.09:54
popeyBalsaq: hi, what's the derivation of your irc nickname? What made you choose it?09:54
Balsaqi am going to go now.09:54
Balsaqthanks for adding a few extra insults during our chat.09:54
Balsaqwhat i have done and said is all recorded and i don;t need to talk anymore, tha nks09:55
popeyBalsaq: i just wondred09:55
Balsaqok thanks.09:55
Balsaqi hope the other people who haveheard these insults don't believe it.09:56
Tm_Tnigelb: no, we do not provide support for that game10:40
Tm_Twe hug each others instead10:41
* Tm_T huggles all10:41
nigelbTm_T: haha.11:27
nigelbBut note, I said Wow, not WoW which is the game ;)11:27
topyliWoW players are notoriously bad spellers11:57
nigelbAha, that should prove I don't play :p11:58
mattva01Would it be possible to get an IRC cloak? LP here: https://launchpad.net/~mattva0118:27
serfusmattva01, seems like you are not an ubuntu member18:30
ubottuWant to become an Ubuntu member? Look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership18:30
mattva01..., I am a ubuntu member, look at my membership on LP18:30
serfusmattva01, oh right. sorry, i missed it :)18:31
topylimattva01: right. staff around? could we get an ubuntu/member cloak for mattva01 please?18:32
mattva01np :p18:32
nikomattva01: congrats18:33
rabidweezleThe Orkut Ubuntu group wishes to run a frozen-bubble tourney in the channel #ubuntu-group (as much as I know, an empty channel) on friday night as a fun game night event. I am the organiser and wanted to pass this by you to see if it's okay with you guys.20:33
rabidweezleIt's just advertised in the Orkut group itself for signed up members.20:34
rabidweezleI was referred here by #freenode when asking them for permission20:35
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tsimpson|n800rabidweezle: #ubuntu-games would probably be more appropriate, it's currently unused too21:47
nikois it possible to use 2 channels in #ubuntu-* namespace for a wolfbot in english ?22:16
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