nigelbmhall119: Heya, had a python question, yesterday, which is why I pinged :D00:01
mhall119nigelb: still got it?00:30
nigelbmhall119: well, part of it yes :)00:31
nigelbI was looking at a graph of commits from a gitosis server00:31
nigelbI managed to extract it :D00:32
mhall119okay, what part do you have left?00:32
nigelbactually showing the graph00:33
nigelbI wasn't sure of python's drawing capabilities00:33
mhall119it'll depend on what library you want to use00:34
nigelbI dont mind which one :)00:34
mhall119PIL is the defacto standard for generating raster images00:34
mhall119if it's going to be something you're putting on the web, you can use a javascript library00:35
mhall119I think there's also an imagemagic and GD library for python00:35
nigelbI still need to research this bit00:35
nigelband is pyexpect sort of okay to be used in scripts? 00:36
mhall119hmmm, is that an XML parser?00:36
nigelbnah, its the one that can spawn process and you can ask it to do stuff based on what the process asks00:37
nigelblike login via ssh from a script00:37
mhall119oh, ok, that sounds familiar00:38
mhall119I've never used it though00:38
nigelbI'm using it to sort of do autodeployments 00:39
nigelbeverytime I push code, the post-update hook updates my code and database schema :D00:39
nigelb(well, that's the plan.  I'm still working on the database schema bit :p)00:39
mhall119if you're using sqlite, mysql or postgres, django-south will do your migrations00:42
nigelbmysql, but yay, nice to know people did write migration stuff :D00:42
mhall119yeah, south is pretty nice00:42
mhall119it auto-generates schema change scripts based on changes to your django models00:43
mhall119it'll even generate reverse scripts if you want to back out a migration00:48
mhall119and in 0.7.x it'll let you write python snippets to do data migrations too00:48
Ddordahey paultag, going to school in any minute, ttyl04:37
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dholbachgood morning!07:51
JanCnigelb: what sort of drawing do you want to do with python?08:50
nigelbJanC: graphs08:50
JanCah, there are python bindings for several graph libraries then08:51
nigelbooh, I need to take a look at them tonight :D08:51
JanCPIL is more of a general graphics library08:51
JanCbut there are libraries for both 2D & 3D graphs, should be no problem to find one, maybe more problems to choose which one  ;)08:52
nigelbJust extended gitosis server to do some magic ;)08:53
JanCthere is pygraphviz, as well as some other solutions IIRC09:03
* nigelb huggles JanC 09:07
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leon4708hola buenos dias19:27
leon4708alguien habla español??19:29
leon4708necesito ayuda19:30
paultagleon4708, try ubuntu-es19:31
ubot4En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.19:31
paultagleon4708, :)19:31
leon4708en el navegador19:36
ubot4Factoid 'tn' not found19:48
dakerhahaha nizarus 19:59
ubot4La comunidad local de Argentina se puede encontrar en #ubuntu-ar y en su canal de offtopic: #ubuntu-ar-cafe19:59
ubot4Factoid 'ma' not found20:00
ubot4Factoid 'dz' not found20:00
nizarushahaha daker 20:00
dakeroh no factoid arabic teams :s20:02
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czajkowskistop playing with the bot, it's not a toy :)20:04
dakerczajkowski, we are trying to find a factoid for arabic team/teams20:05
czajkowskido it in pm please 20:05
dakerczajkowski, we can't find it :)20:06
nizarussorry czajkowski but as daker said we try to find  a factoid for arabic teams20:07
mhall119look under the sofa20:07
mhall119that's where I find things I lose20:07
Ddorda‎who's on that bot? i wish to fix the translation20:08
mhall119daker: !arabic20:08
czajkowskiyes but you can do it in pm with the bot20:08
dakerczajkowski, i didn't know sorry :)20:11
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jonoeveryone: http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/11/17/ubuntu-global-jam-lets-make-this-rock/22:56
olivehello jono22:56
oliveYoBoY: maybe we can organize next globaljam at the paris 8 university22:57
YoBoYolive: it's not for tomorow... why are you talking about that here btw ? :p23:02
olivewhy not ?23:03
YoBoYwell... first you don't use to write in english :D23:03
JanCheh, announcing something for the 1st of April is asking for confusion...  :P23:05
olivejono makes this window "active". that's why I think about that, YoBoY 23:05
olivebut u'r right I don't speak well. 'll be beater to talk in french at the good place23:06
YoBoYhw was the install party in Paris 8 by the way ?23:07
YoBoYlot of installs ?23:09
olivenot so much23:10
oliveabout 10 or 1523:10
olivebut many individuals talks23:11

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