bdrungebroder, micahg: are you happy with the result: http://people.ubuntu.com/~bdrung/sponsoring/ ?00:11
ebroderbdrung: Looks good to me, modulo minor whining about sorttable not sorting the time in queue column correctly, but I still think it's an awesome improvement00:12
bdrungebroder: fix sorttable ;)00:14
bcurtiswxan error like http://paste.ubuntu.com/533289/ , would I try to fix something in libindicate.patch or configure.ac ?00:15
bcurtiswxi.e. what file should I be looking at those error lines00:16
bdrungbcurtiswx: at configure.ac00:16
bcurtiswxbdrung, configure.ac doesn't have a line 59700:18
micahgbdrung: yes, looks good00:18
bdrungbcurtiswx: that may be the reason why it failed to apply00:19
bcurtiswxbdrung, hmm, k thx00:22
bcurtiswxwhats the proper way to edit hunks in a patch?  i found the problem and know the issue01:45
bcurtiswxmanually edit the patch, or is there some other commands that are proper01:46
micahgbcurtiswx: in Lucid and later there should be edit-patch01:47
bcurtiswxis it self-explanatory ?01:48
micahgbcurtiswx: if it's source format 3, there's quilt01:48
micahgbcurtiswx: there should be a man page :)01:48
bcurtiswxwell i know man pages can be very confusing :P01:48
kklimondabcurtiswx: you can edit it manually and then use editdiff01:48
kklimondaby hand*01:48
micahgkklimonda: there are tools for patch editing which make it easier01:49
kklimondabcurtiswx: or maybe it's rediff for hand edited diffs and editdiff just wraps around it - see man editdiff :)01:49
micahgkklimonda: hmmm...that's a nice tool though :)01:50
micahgassuming you're working in one file01:50
kklimondamicahg: well, his question was about editing hunks in a patch itself :)01:50
bcurtiswxkklimonda, so if i have the diff that worked before and the new diff.. rediff will work on those two?01:51
kklimondabcurtiswx: no, I don't think it's that smart :)01:51
kklimondabcurtiswx: rediff most likely fixes stuff like offsets etc.01:51
bcurtiswxyeah, im reading the man on it..01:52
bcurtiswxThen run rediff, telling it the name of the original diff file and the name of the one you have edited01:52
bcurtiswxso you need the original (before edits)...01:53
bcurtiswxthen rename the edited one?01:53
nigelbwouldn't there be a .rej file?01:53
bcurtiswxnigelb,  I don't see a .rej file01:58
nigelbbcurtiswx: ok, I think that's when you force the patch to apply.  Apologies :)01:59
bcurtiswxnigelb, no no, thanks for the help :)02:00
bcurtiswxah i found the .rej file02:01
bcurtiswxit was on the configure.ac02:02
bcurtiswxshows the parts that were rejected02:02
bcurtiswxhow would I use that and the orig to fix the diff02:02
bcurtiswxwould that be what rediff is saying when i need two diff files ?02:03
kklimondabcurtiswx: to be honest, what I when patche doesn't apply is that:02:06
kklimondabcurtiswx: 1) quilt push -f02:06
kklimondait creates a .rej file02:06
kklimondaI deal with it02:06
kklimondaI think by using quilt edit file02:07
kklimondaor maybe just normal editing..02:07
kklimondaand then I generate a new patch - all thanks to power of vcs :)02:07
micahgkklimonda: that would be normal editing after step 1, then quilt refresh02:10
micahgI happen to use this: quilt refresh --diffstat -U8 --no-timestamps02:11
kklimondamicahg: ah, good to know - I wasn't sure if I didn't dream this up :)02:12
bcurtiswxso i 1) quilt push -f02:12
bcurtiswx2) edit the file, don't worry about editing counts02:12
bcurtiswxor do i use quilt edit ?02:12
bcurtiswx3) once done, quilt refresh --diffstat -U8 --no-timestamps ?02:12
kklimondaI think you should use quilt edit but if micahg says otherwise then listen to him :)02:13
micahgbcurtiswx: also, if you need to add a file to the diff, use quilt add before editing, otherwise, just a regular editor (quilt knowns which patch you're on (quilt top)02:14
micahgbcurtiswx: you can use quilt edit if you want (I never have had a need)02:16
micahgbcurtiswx: http://pkg-perl.alioth.debian.org/howto/quilt.html02:16
bcurtiswxmicahg, hmm, im using an ~ubuntu-desktop bzr branch where only the debian directory is provided.. would I need to get the entire source before editing the patches?02:22
micahgbcurtiswx: with this method, yes02:25
ebroderbcurtiswx: I don't know for sure, but you might want to check out http://jameswestby.net/bzr/builddeb/user_manual/merge.html02:25
ebroder(for getting your working copy setup)02:25
micahgwe (mozilla team) have a get-orig-source rule to get the source and we just have the debian dir as well, idk how the desktop team does things02:26
ScottKDesktop team also just tracks /debian in bzr (as does Kubuntu as well)02:28
micahgScottK: right, but idk how they get their source tarball :)02:28
ScottKUnless it's a new upstream version you're packaging, apt-get source works.02:28
bcurtiswxi got it, i remember bzr bd-do02:31
bcurtiswxbut now, this is weird (to me at least)02:31
bcurtiswxthe bzr bd fails at a patch, but by bzr bd-do and using quilt push -f, the patch works fine02:31
bcurtiswxScottK: ^^ any ideas why?02:33
ScottKBecause the bzr stuff is complicated and confusing.02:34
bcurtiswxScottK: how could I work around this?02:34
ScottKI generally apt-get source the package, make a local branch of the /debian and then use diff and patch to copy stuff between the package and bzr.02:35
ajmitchrevu's list is depressingly long at the moment02:35
ScottKajmitch: You have root where it's db lives.  You can fix this.02:35
ScottKThen I use normal dpkg like tools to build the packages.02:35
ajmitchScottK: tempting, given that I'm wanting to migrate it to another host02:35
kklimonda"oops, something broke"? :)02:36
ajmitchthere's a large number of packages on revu from 200902:36
ajmitchI've archived a small number of packages that were uploaded to revu & then made their way into debian02:37
bcurtiswxwill quilt fix the patches (after it finds how far away it is from before).. if so I can copy the fixed patch to the bzr branch02:37
bcurtiswxso when I quilt push -f to the patch that caused errors before, and it correctly applies the patch, will it go ahead and edit the patch as well updating the offsets it found ?02:38
bcurtiswxor do i have to run another command to do that02:38
psusiyou need to quilt refresh to do that02:38
bcurtiswxpsusi, right after the patch applies correctly, or do I need to go through the entire thing?02:39
ajmitchDo you think it's worth us scheduling a REVU day or two before feature freeze?02:39
* ajmitch is undecided as to whether we want yet more packages in universe :)02:40
psusigenerally if the patch does not apply cleanly,  you want to force the first patch that failed to apply, review it, make any corrections needed, and once you are sure it has been applied correctly to the new source, quilt refresh, then move to the next patch02:40
ScottKajmitch: I think if someone is willing to coordinate them, we ought to start now.02:40
kklimondaajmitch: only if they come with maintainers :)02:40
ajmitchkklimonda: right, that'02:40
* psusi wouldn't mind getting the defrag package back into the official archive02:40
ajmitchthat's something we'd have to require, I think02:40
ebroderDo we have any uscanning infrastructure?02:40
ebroderFor keeping track of new versions02:40
ajmitchI'd have to check whether it's up to date02:41
kklimondait doesn't work02:42
ajmitchbe more specific02:42
kklimondaI've typped two packages I know are outdated and have working watch files and it just shows empty page02:43
* psusi really would like to get the defrag package back into universe, and updated to provide a nice alternate grub boot entry to perform a defrag of the root fs and optimize for boot time, coordinated with ureadahead02:43
ajmitchkklimonda: examples?02:43
kklimondawell - "empty" as in with header and footer but without any data :)02:43
kklimondaajmitch: hamster-applet and transmission02:43
bcurtiswxseems to have worked.. the bzr bd failed, but i did bzr bd-do and manually pushed up until the patch that was failing.. saw it succeeded.. did a quilt refresh.. it updated that patch and i got out of the build environment, saw the patch was fixed and so far the build is going OK02:44
ajmitchkklimonda: thanks, I'll take a look as to why02:44
bcurtiswxmuch thanks to all who helped :)02:44
ajmitchpsusi: convince a nice friendly person around here to upload it, then the rest can be sorted out )02:44
psusiajmitch, you are nice and friendly... care to upload it? ;)02:46
ajmitchno I'm mean & nasty02:46
psusiI've had it updated and working and packaged on lp for several months now... so far the only comments I have had about it are 1) don't put the debian/ directory in the "upstream" release, and update to a more recent deb-helper02:46
ScottKThat and he lives in NZ so uploads take an eternity due to the soda straw through which he has to do them.02:47
ajmitch& trying to sort out these ubuntuwire tools02:47
RAOFpsusi: Last time we discussed this, questions like “how much error detection does this do, and will it eat people's data” came up.02:47
ScottKOhhh.  A voice from amongst that almost nearly as badly bandwidth deprived ...02:47
psusiRAOF, hence the big warning made very prominent in the package description ( more so than it was last time it actually was in the official repos )02:48
* ajmitch remembers being around for that data-eating discussion02:48
ajmitchapart from that, I don't think there were objections, were there?02:48
ajmitchI suspect it's that none of us want to take responsibility for uploading something to kill data :)02:48
RAOFNo.  From memory, my position was that a warning in the package description was insufficient, and the binary should also prominantly warn.02:49
psusiI'm all for adding a "Hey dummy, you DID back up this volume first, right?" message ;)02:49
ajmitchwgrant: does UEHS need to be manually updated in several places to check natty?02:49
ajmitchor at least in update_wwwal.sh02:50
wgrantajmitch: It probably will, yeah.02:50
wgrantajmitch: There's a file in my ~ describing the changes that it needs.02:50
ajmitchok, will check that out02:50
ajmitchjust trying to see why there's still a run.lock file around for it02:51
psusiit just gets me that this was in the archives for so many years when it was confirmed that it did not work, and would eat your data, and now I've had it working well as far as I know for months ;)02:51
wgrantajmitch: I'd do it myself, but I'm currently trying to defeat Launchpad.02:52
psusiespecially when it can lead to sub 10 second boot times on modest rotational hard disks02:52
ajmitchwgrant: yeah, I saw you trying to break stuff in #lp-dev02:52
bcurtiswxbuild success, woo... updating changelog and will request SRU shortly (empathy 2.32.1-0ubuntu1)02:54
ajmitchpsusi: it's just that we know what users are like with ignoring warnings & being willing to do something for speed02:55
ajmitchautomatix, anyone?02:55
ajmitchwe shouldn't try & protect users too much, but at least let them know of consequences02:55
ScottKpsusi: Did you try to get it into Debian?02:55
psusiScottK, nope...02:55
psusiit was in debian... it was dropped after having no maintainer for many years...02:56
ScottKWe'd get it via autosync then and none of us objecting would be likely to stop it.02:56
ScottKRight, but if you want to maintain it, then go for it.02:56
ajmitchI suspect it could be easier & more beneficial to be in debian02:56
psusiwell, I have made an effort to adopt it and become upstream maintainer of it.. I host the project now on lp02:57
psusibut it seems like I would have to become a debian developer to get it into debia02:57
ajmitchno you don't02:57
ScottKNo, you can get sponsored into Debian.02:57
psusihrm... got a url for the debian sponsorship process?02:57
ScottKIt might even be that one or more of the people you're chatting with are DDs and could sponsor it.02:57
ajmitchsee mentors.debian.net for a useful place for finding sponsors, or you can ask any DDs that you know02:57
* psusi doesn't knowingly now any these days, having used Ubuntu instead of debian since '04 or so02:58
* ajmitch has heard that ScottK has plenty of bandwidth02:59
* RAOF knows that at least two of your interlocutors are DDs02:59
psusiquam interloqutor?03:00
* psusi might be a bit drunk, and might have just slipped into Latin03:01
bcurtiswxnot sure who to ping for SRU but https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/empathy/+bug/67555503:29
ebroderbcurtiswx: We don't generally take upstream microreleases as-is. Instead we prefer to backport the patches that are relevant03:36
ebroderThe wiki talks more about it:03:37
ebroder!sru | bcurtiswx03:37
ubottubcurtiswx: Stable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates03:37
ajmitchempathy may be a special case if it's part of the usual gnome release set03:37
bcurtiswxdidrocks would know best, i can bother him tomorrow03:38
ebroderBut we only do that for LTS, right?03:38
RAOFI'm pretty sure that's for all releases.03:39
ebroderbcurtiswx: Also, your branch doesn't change anything except for the configure.ac file. All of the other changes are just in the patch metadata03:39
bcurtiswxebroder, i bugged the desktop team as im using the ~ubuntu-desktop/empathy/ubuntu branch (thats how they maintain it).  i didn't edit anything escept the debian/changelog with the exception of having to update a patch so the offsets were better..03:44
ebroderbcurtiswx: Sorry, I'll stop throwing criticisms when I don't understand the situation now03:45
bcurtiswxebroder, yeah, i can be confusing.  I'll talk with didrocks (who maintains the branch i'm working on) and seb128 who's been helping me learn MOTU here and there.. much appreciate your help :)03:46
kaushalis version 5.2 available in Hardy backports ?06:16
Rhondakaushal: http://packages.ubuntu.com/openssh and you can answer yourself. ;)07:23
Rhonda… and the answer in that bugreport is pretty exhaustive, isn't it?07:24
kaushalwhat does openssh-server 1:4.7p1-8ubuntu1.207:28
kaushalwhat does 1:4.7p1.... mean ?07:28
kaushalRhonda: so add that line as per the bug report07:29
Rhonda1: is a debian/ubuntu internal sorting enhancement in case one had to go back with version schema.07:34
RhondaOnly 4.7p1 is the real upstream version.07:34
micahgkaushal: did you see the cve tracker link I gave you about this?07:36
kaushalmicahg: not sure07:39
kaushalI might have missed it07:39
kaushalmicahg: please paste it again07:39
micahgkaushal: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2008/CVE-2008-5161.html07:39
ubottuError handling in the SSH protocol in (1) SSH Tectia Client and Server and Connector 4.0 through 4.4.11, 5.0 through 5.2.4, and 5.3 through 5.3.8; Client and Server and ConnectSecure 6.0 through 6.0.4; Server for Linux on IBM System z 6.0.4; Server for IBM z/OS 5.5.1 and earlier, 6.0.0, and 6.0.1; and Client 4.0-J through 4.3.3-J and 4.0-K through 4.3.10-K; and (2) OpenSSH 4.7p1 and possibly other versions, when using a block cipher algorithm in Ciph07:39
kaushalmicahg: Thanks07:41
* kaushal reading it07:41
dholbachgood morning!07:51
hyperairkaushal: i thought someone told you to use the workaround yesterday07:52
RhondaAnd actually I guess these kind of questions are better suited in #ubuntu, this channel is about packaging efforts.07:57
micahgRhonda: I answered the question in -hardened yesterday07:58
kaushalhyperair: nope07:58
kaushalso use the workaround as suggested07:59
kaushalright ?07:59
kaushalThanks a lot08:00
kaushalSo do i need to rescan again ?08:00
kaushalI mean the OpenVAS Scanner08:00
kaushalafter setting the workaround08:01
hyperairkaushal: scottk told you to use the workaround listed in the bug report yesterday..08:01
hyperairkaushal: and you even posted the Ciphers line08:01
kaushalhyperair: yes08:01
hyperairit was just 16 hours ago!08:01
Rhondakaushal: The scanner only goes by version number, it doesn't try the exploit.08:02
hyperairkaushal: you probably want to reload/restart your ssh server as well08:02
Rhondakaushal: So the scanner actually will always produce false positives.08:02
* micahg gave a link to the CVE tracker with the Ciphers listed about 19 hrs ago08:02
kaushalso rescanning wont help08:02
kaushaljust to understand more08:02
RhondaIt will still show you as being affected, yes.08:02
kaushalah ok08:03
kaushalRhonda: Thanks08:03
kaushalhyperair: Thanls08:03
kaushalmicahg: Thanks08:03
kaushalThanks a Lot all08:03
RhondaIf you use such tools you should learn about its limitations.08:03
kaushalsince i need to be doubly sure to put forward in front of my organization08:03
kaushalRhonda: :)08:03
hyperairkaushal: if you wanted to be really sure, use a newer LTS.08:04
RhondaScanners usually only do non-intrusive tests, and that is plain version comparision.08:04
hyperairi think hardy is no longer supported.08:04
kaushalhyperair: it is08:04
hyperairoh it is?08:04
kaushaluptill 101208:04
micahghyperair: hardy is supported on teh server until Apr 201308:04
RhondaThat though won't work at all when the fixes get backported instead of blindly rolling out the new version (with all new bugs included, too)08:04
hyperairi see08:04
kaushalsorry Apr 201308:04
hyperairthat's long, yeah08:04
Rhondahyperair: the server packages, not the whole of hardy08:05
hyperairRhonda: right.08:05
RhondaIt's even on the entry page of wiki.ubuntu.com  ;)08:05
micahgand core server, with Dapper it was about 80 packages IIRC08:05
Rhonda 08:05
RhondaSupported until April 2011 (Desktop) or April 2013 (Server)08:05
hyperairwell, now you know i don't go to the entry page of wiki.ubuntu.com much ;-)08:05
RhondaRight, just mentioning it that the information isn't hidden very deep. :)08:06
hyperairyeah well =)08:06
hyperairi think wikipedia also has it listed08:06
jpdshyperair: /Releases08:07
hyperairjpds: ?08:08
jpdshyperair: w.u.c/Releases08:08
Rhondajpds: It's all on the main page too, at least the most important data.08:14
jpdsRhonda: Woohoo, redundancy.08:15
RhondaI guess H was left out after Gutsy to not have a repeat?08:15
RhondaI would have voted for horny horses (and then run away like one ...)08:15
RhondaBut why wasn't there a cuddly chipmunk after breezy?08:16
Rhondacopyright issues? ;)08:17
micahgRhonda: Hardy Heron?08:18
RhondaRight, just noticed.08:18
* Rhonda . o O ( ogling owl )08:19
happyaronWhat should be done when a package found to be not comply DFSG and should be removed from archive?10:47
wgranthappyaron: Which package? What's wrong with the license?10:48
Rhondahappyaron: File a bugreport against it and subscribe ubuntu-archive10:49
happyaronwgrant: fcitx, an required file in it can only be used to the specific package and cannot be reused by other projects10:49
happyaronRhonda: thanks10:49
Rhondahappyaron: And also please file a serious bugreport in the Debian bugtracker if the package is still in there, too.10:50
RhondaOtherwise it will get autosynced back into Ubuntu and you wasted your own effort. :)10:50
happyaronRhonda: there is RM request on bts against ftp.debian.org10:51
happyaronRhonda: the problem should be solved in upstream's upcoming major release, but older versions should be removed10:51
happyaronthey are debian 603569, debian 603570 and debian 60357110:52
ubottuDebian bug 603569 in ftp.debian.org "RM: fcitx/stable -- ROM; not dfsg free" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/60356910:52
ubottuDebian bug 603570 in ftp.debian.org "RM: fcitx/testing -- ROM; not dfsg free" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/60357010:52
ubottuDebian bug 603571 in ftp.debian.org "RM: fcitx/unstable -- ROM; not dfsg free" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/60357110:53
wgrantIt's redistributable, so it's not absolutely critical.10:53
happyaronwe can distribute it in archive, but it doesn't comply DFSG, that's the problem10:53
ScottKhappyaron: So it should be moved to Multiverse, not removed entirely.13:03
happyaronScottK: thanks13:06
ScottKhappyaron: Please update the bug to ask it to be moved.13:06
happyaronScottK: okay13:07
RhondaAnd in Debian moved to non-free13:18
RhondaUnless the maintainer really doesn't want to continue to maintain it.13:18
happyaroner, busy right now, will change soon13:19
happyaronin fact, the upcoming release will be dfsg free, so moving to non-free is not a good idea13:19
RhondaWhen is the release expected? Maybe the removal from unstable/natty can wait for that?13:22
RhondaSo that the package won't have to run through NEW again?13:22
happyaronRhonda: the upstream release will be in a week or so hopefully, but the I don't have enough time to have a quick version for Debian then. The package was maintained by another person, but he doesn't give any feedback, so I plan to do it myself13:26
ScottKhappyaron: At least in Ubuntu, it's very easy to get it moved back to Universe when there's a free version available.13:29
happyaronScottK: that's good13:30
happyaronchanging the ubuntu bug now13:30
ScottKPerhaps DktrKranz can advise you on the best thing in Debian ...13:32
happyaronyes... the bug on Debian BTS was filed by a DD, not me...though I found the problem when working on 4.0rc113:34
Rhondahappyaron: Will the new upstream release be that much changed that the release team will _not_ let it go into squeeze? Or is ist "just" the licensing adjust?13:34
happyaronScottK: changed, thanks13:34
happyaronRhonda: a major release13:34
Rhondathen I fear it won't make it into squeeze :/13:35
happyaronwith a lot of new features, so perhaps release team will not let it go into squeeze.13:35
ScottKhappyaron: Perhaps upstream could relicense the existing file in the current release and documentation of that could be added to debian/copyright?13:35
RhondaUnless the licensing fixes can get extracted explicitly into the package13:35
ScottKLicensing "fix" could be an email from the copyright holder.13:36
happyaronScottK: nope, the copyright holder didn't response, at least till now13:36
RhondaIt would be really swift if you could check for that.13:36
ScottKAh.  That makes it tough.13:36
RhondaSo what's the upstream fix for the issue?13:36
happyaronRhonda: change to use another set of data that doesn't have the problem13:37
happyaronRhonda: it could be backport to the 3.6.x branch easily if I'm not wrong13:37
happyaronRhonda: but will cause noticeable change on user experience, because it is a data file of an input method13:39
RhondaBetter discuss the issue with the release team directly, then.13:39
Rhonda#debian-release on oftc. Or better, mail debian-release13:40
happyaronokay, thanks13:40
Rhonda@lists.debian.org of course :)13:40
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DktrKranzScottK: about?14:02
ScottKDktrKranz: Yes.14:02
DktrKranzso, re-enter a package previously dropped?14:03
ScottKWell the question is how to deal with non-freeness and how hard it would be to get back from non-free to Main once the problem is fixed.14:03
ScottKIt does seem that happyaron and Rhonda have come up with a possibly better solution.14:03
DktrKranzjust upload to main14:04
DktrKranzit will have to pass NEW again, though14:04
lucidfoxYokoZar, what's multiarch?14:06
geserlucidfox: having multiple architectures installed in parallel, e.g. being able to run 32 bit apps (i386) on an amd64 installation14:19
geserwhich means you have to have also all needed 32bit libs installed (next to the 64bit ones)14:20
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SpamapSScottK: those little arm build boxes you had at UDS... do they have USB ports?18:14
ScottKSpamapS: They do.18:14
ScottKTwo in fact.18:14
SpamapSScottK: do you by any chance know where they can be bought, and/or what the model number is? I want one.18:14
ScottKSpamapS: https://www.genesi-usa.com/store/details/1118:15
ScottKSpamapS: They come with Karmic on them, but there will be a Natty kernel for them as well.18:16
LaneySome (mine) come with Maverick18:16
LaneyI can't remember why...18:16
SpamapSI want to use it a) to build arm stuff, and b) to run a local mirror.18:16
ScottKLaney: I don't think those are production models.18:16
ScottKSpamapS: I do builds in a natty chroot just fine.18:16
ScottKLaney: Check though, it probably has a maverick userspace and a Karmic kernel.18:17
micahgmine came with Maverick also, but a Karmic kernel18:17
SpamapSI actually don't have any "always on" computers in my house.. but its either have a local apt cache/mirror.. or upgrade my u-verse from 7Mbit to 20Mbit so I can stop waiting to bootstrap everything :p18:17
Laneylaney@efikamx:~$ uname -a18:17
LaneyLinux efikamx #1 PREEMPT Tue Sep 14 22:23:30 CDT 2010 armv7l GNU/Linux18:17
ScottKSpamapS: The USB port is the reason I can build qt4-x11 on it.  I bought a 16GB USB stick and mounted it as /var/cache.18:18
* micahg thought there was a maverick kernel for these boards18:18
ScottKLaney: That's Karmic.18:18
ScottKI've got one of those too.18:18
ScottKDoes yours shutdown cleanly?18:18
SpamapSScottK: I have two 1TB USB drives that are grossly underused.. so local mirror seems a good choice given the number of builds/packages/merges/etc. I do.18:18
LaneyAbout to restart it, so we'll see. Don't remember any problems though.18:18
SpamapSthat way I can also keep bringing one of the 1TB drives with me on trips.18:19
highvoltageI wish these kind of devices would switch to ARM: http://store.computer-source.ca/store/viewItem.asp?idProduct=7706018:22
highvoltage(I guess it's just a matter of time)18:22
LaneyScottK: shut down just fine18:25
ScottKThanks.  Must be something odd in my box then.18:25
SpamapShighvoltage: they'll switch when its cheaper for them.18:29
SpamapShighvoltage: or if they get wise to the "green economy" and can say "the low carbon footprint storage solution"18:29
ari-tczewwhoa, how much core-devs are coming! and zero MOTUs this time18:41
geserajmitch: see DMB agenda18:43
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ari-tczewpull-debian-source doesn't work in natty :(19:58
ari-tczewThe source package konversation isn't available in Debian testing.19:59
ajmitchthat seems just a bit broken20:00
Laneygood job it's foss ;-)20:09
ajmitchLaney: it wouldn't have helped if it was looking at a broken site for its data20:11
ajmitchbut qa.debian.org/madison.php is giving me the right output20:11
Laneyi bet it's the multiple source entries thing20:14
geseras far as I can tell, only one version in testing20:19
LaneyI think the "testing" part is misleading20:20
Laneya bug in the error message, it's actually looking in unstable20:20
ajmitchfunnily enough, appending testing to the command line does fetch it20:23
ajmitchpull-debian-source konversation unstable is what fails for me20:23
ajmitchr773, committed on 17 oct20:24
Laneythat is suspicious20:27
Laney103-107 are weird too. trim()?20:28
Laneyand right, it doesn't look like it handles multiple source entries20:29
DeepBlue74hi, anybody here to get a newbie some starting pointers?20:46
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rsajdokWhich of package contains module: gnome-keybindings21:52

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