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abezCan anyone play html5/webm youtube videos in Firefox 4.0b6 or 4.0b8pre from an ubuntu ppa?06:57
abezWith Firefox 4.0 Beta PPA http://is.gd/f6TM4 I can't06:57
micahgabez: we'll be updating that to beta 7 soon06:57
abezNor with the Ubuntu Mozilla Daily Build Team build06:57
abezmicahg: Well I'm just trying to figure out how to use firefox4 to play youtube videos w/o flash and I keep running into trouble.06:58
abezthe only client that works consistently is the official one06:58
abezat least for me on amd6406:59
micahgabez: could be a bug06:59
micahgI haven't looked into too much with WebM, do you have a sample video?06:59
abezThis one is webm, works in chromium for me07:00
micahghmm, shows in flash for me07:01
abezworks in the official 4.0b8pre client07:01
* micahg also isn't signed in to youtube07:01
abezOh add &webm=1&html5=107:01
abezor go here (no login) http://www.youtube.com/html507:02
micahgabez: oh foo, the next beta will work, they're User Agent sniffing, not feature sniffing07:02
abezI'm not convinced07:02
abezI spoofed like mad07:02
micahgoh, wait, hmm, it says I'm in the trial :-/07:03
abezso does http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHT-GmbmS7U or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eDAEY-8K-Q work for you?07:04
micahgabez: can you please file a bug here: http://is.gd/hdZc107:04
micahgabez: no07:04
micahgboth show in flash07:05
abezfine: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-mozilla-ppa-bugs/+bug/67638307:10
ubot2Launchpad bug 676383 in ubuntu-mozilla-ppa-bugs "Youtube webm html5 videos do not work with the PPA but work with the official firefox.com client (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]07:10
micahgabez: thank you07:10
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bdrungmicahg: do you have time to look at bug #411740?17:23
ubot2Launchpad bug 411740 in nspluginwrapper (Ubuntu) "REVIEW/SPONSOR: Please review and sponsor nspluginwrapper 1.3.0-0ubuntu2 (affects: 2) (heat: 13)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41174017:23
micahgbdrung: I tried last cycle to get that in, it currently FTBFS in Maverick (it'll be worse on Natty), I will try again this cycle, but can't promise when, I don't see it helping much anyways (i'd like to get rid of the need for it in Firefox if we get multiarch)17:33
micahgbut I guess it's good to know someone started on it, maybe that'll fix a few issues17:33
micahgchrisccoulson: don't wait on me for the FF4 bugs in the changelog, go for it when it's ready, if I have time I'll add them, otherwise, I'll just close them manually17:37
bdrungmicahg: this bug is old17:37
chrisccoulsonmicahg - ok, i'm just about ready to upload now17:38
micahgI already added the maverick changelogs that are already in Natty, so that much should be fine17:38
micahgand it seems you already cleaned up the FF4 changelog17:38
chrisccoulsonjust tested the firefox upgrade path, and there's no issues there17:38
chrisccoulsonwill test abrowser in a minute, but i think it will work17:38
micahgbdrung: very, yes17:38
micahgnspluginwrapper bugs are ignored ATM17:38
bdrungchrisccoulson: i had an installation issue with abrowser-4.0 from umd on maverick17:39
chrisccoulsonbdrung, that doesn't surprise me17:40
chrisccoulsonthat's currently whats blocked the natty upload17:40
chrisccoulsoni officially hate abrowser now17:40
micahgbdrung: upstream for nspluginwrapper has been dead for a while17:40
chrisccoulsonawesome to see FF4.0 with proper branding :)17:40
micahgI can't wait to see that as well (I'm sure our beta testers will also agree)17:41
chrisccoulsonright, need to downgrade again and test the same for abrowser now17:41
bdrungchrisccoulson: the packages that's had the failure was firefox-4.0-core (which abrowser depends on)17:42
chrisccoulsonbdrung, oh, that sounds like something different17:42
chrisccoulsonwe have an issue with the new packaging because abrowser users need to have the firefox package removed during upgrade, because of the restructuring17:43
bdrungand help -> about has an xml parser error17:43
chrisccoulsonand apt completely gets confused and does totally the wrong thing17:43
chrisccoulsonbdrung, yeah, that's expected. the abrowser branding is totally non-functional until we find someone interested in artwork who wants to fix it17:44
chrisccoulsonbut i'm not blocking firefox for that17:44
chrisccoulsonthe upstream branding changed a fair bit, and abrowser needs updating too17:44
micahgchrisccoulson: I thought you said you had someone to do the artwork17:45
chrisccoulsonmicahg, i might have found somebody to take responsibility for it17:45
chrisccoulsonwe'll have to wait and see what happens though ;)17:46
bdrungchrisccoulson: how about collaborating with debian with the artwork?17:46
chrisccoulsonbdrung, debian use different branding again, and they are 2 entire firefox releases behind us now17:46
chrisccoulsonthey haven't even migrated to 3.6 yet ;)17:46
chrisccoulsonwe're pretty much on our own for that17:47
micahgchrisccoulson: let me know I have a couple people I might be able to tap for the artwork17:48
chrisccoulsonthat would be useful :)17:48
chrisccoulsoni *think* it's mainly the about dialog that needs attention17:49
chrisccoulsoni know that's the one bit where the branding changed quite a bit17:49
chrisccoulsonbut there could be other places where it doesn't work17:49
bdrungchrisccoulson: they have 3.6 in experimental.17:50
chrisccoulsonbdrung, yeah, we're just about to drop that from natty17:51
chrisccoulson(in the next few minutes)17:51
bdrungi would like to see a situation similar to chromium/chrome for FF. one branded FF (chrome) and one free branded used by debian, abrowser (chromium)17:52
chrisccoulsonhmmm, abrowser upgrade still results in the firefox branding being installed, but that doesn't seem any worse than before (installing abrowser pulls in firefox-branding)17:53
micahgbdrung: Firefox branding is Free and open source17:53
chrisccoulsonand i want to move away from having 2 browsers, it's too much of a maintenance burden17:54
chrisccoulsonthere are currently still some users of abrowser in canonical though. but, in general, there is no other reason to have abrowser in the archive17:54
chrisccoulsonas micahg pointed out, the icon is free now17:55
chandlerHello folks. Is the firefox-next PPA going to be updated with 4.0b7 builds, or is there some other PPA I should be following?17:55
chrisccoulsonchandler, yes, soon17:55
chrisccoulsonafter natty gets it17:55
chandlerGreat, thanks.17:55
bdrungmicahg: but there is the trademark problem17:56
chrisccoulsonmozilla does protect their trademark, but is it really a problem?17:57
chrisccoulsonit's not a problem for users17:58
bdrungchrisccoulson: the reason why debian has renamed ff17:58
chrisccoulsonbdrung, and the icon being not free in the past17:58
bdrungchrisccoulson: but they are now?17:58
micahgchrisccoulson: I think he means software can't be branded as such and redistributed which violates the DFSG17:59
bdrungchrisccoulson: iceweasel could use the same icons?17:59
chrisccoulsonbdrung, no, you'd need to call it firefox to use the same icons17:59
bdrungif you want to use your right to fully modify the source, you have to change the branding18:00
chrisccoulsonwell, that's fair enough18:00
chrisccoulsonbut i'm not sure that's really a problem for us18:01
bdrungit's only a problem for people who have a very strict view on freedom and FSF people18:02
micahgchrisccoulson: right, which is why we have Firefox and Debian doesn't :)18:02
chrisccoulsonthe mozilla trademarks are protected just like the ubuntu trademark is protected too18:04
micahgchrisccoulson: moving here to spare the people trying to coordinate other stuff, do you think we can manage the packaging changes?21:54
chrisccoulsonmicahg - not really. all of the changes result in the need to remove firefox during the upgrade for abrowser users, which the package manager has a hard time coping with21:55
chrisccoulsonit pretty much gets it wrong every time21:55
micahgchrisccoulson: I mean by Natty final21:56
chrisccoulsonnot sure ;)21:56
micahgchrisccoulson: ok, does -trunk have all the fixes not related to package names that you included in the natty upload?21:57
chrisccoulsonyeah, i think so21:57
chrisccoulsonyou'll probably want to copy the patches from the natty upload though21:58
micahgI probably won't get to this until Thursday night then21:58
chrisccoulsonwell, my upload seems to have disappeared in to the ether21:58
chrisccoulsoni haven't had an e-mail back yet telling me whether it was successful or not21:58
micahg[ubuntu/natty] firefox 4.0~b7+nobinonly-0ubuntu1 (Accepted)       (Chris Coulson)  \o/22:00
chrisccoulsonyay \o/22:01
chrisccoulsonidenti.ca time22:01
chrisccoulsoni think the xulrunner package is pretty much good to go too22:05
chrisccoulsoni might do that before i go to bed22:05
chrisccoulsonit's not so bad if that's broken, as there's nothing in the archive using it (and it has to go through NEW anyway)22:05
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micahgtoo long :-/22:06
chrisccoulsonheh :)22:06
=== micahg changed the topic of #ubuntu-mozillateam to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Mozilla Team (Chromium too!): | Firefox 4.0b7 in Natty (Coming to Firefox Beta PPA soon http://is.gd/f6TM4) | No updates in http://is.gd/dsudW need testing | Firefox 3.6.12 in Hardy-Maverick | Thunderbird 3.1.x Now in Maverick/Daily PPA, Coming to Stable PPA Soon | Report Mozilla PPA bugs here: http://is.gd/hdZc1
micahggot rid of the PIE stuff, not interesting to most people22:07
micahgchrisccoulson: well, the new conkeror could use xul20 if I patch it22:11
chrisccoulsonmicahg - do you think the -testsuite stuff is useful in xulrunner? i'm not sure whether to keep it or not (we run the test suite in firefox anyway, and i'm not sure how useful the testsuite binaries are without the rest of the build tree)22:11
micahgjust the wrapper script22:11
chrisccoulsonwill conkeror work by just changing that?22:11
BUGabundoPIE? cool22:12
chrisccoulsonBUGabundo, i love PIE22:12
micahgchrisccoulson: yeah, they already have support for 2.022:12
* micahg hands BUGabundo a piece of PIE22:12
chrisccoulsonok, i think i'll get xr-2.0 prepared now, and get it in to the new queue22:12
chrisccoulsonwe can start porting then ;)22:12
chrisccoulsonand it should be API stable-ish now too22:12
micahgin theory22:14
debfxchrisccoulson: have you merged the kde integration for beta7?22:14
chrisccoulsondebfx, not yet, sorry. there's a note in the changelog about that22:14
chrisccoulsoni just haven't had time to do it, but it will be merged before the next upload22:15
debfxI'm not sure if patch still applies to the new beta22:17
debfxdoes the natty firefox package also build on maverick?22:17
micahgdebfx: I'll be testing that tomorrow night, I'll be uploading to the firefox-next PPA after I test it22:19
micahgdebfx: last night's dailies worked fine22:20
chrisccoulsonmicahg - i noticed that the firefox binary gets a nss and nspr dependency22:34
chrisccoulsonthat seems wrong to me22:34
micahgI can't wait to see the better memory management in b722:34
chrisccoulsoni guess dh_shlibdeps needs running with LD_LIBRARY_PATH22:34
micahgchrisccoulson: yeah, that's should be wrong22:35
BUGabundoanyone knows of a PPA to install Adobe Air ? ;(22:35
micahgppa:ih8freedom/ppa ?22:35
chrisccoulsonBUGabundo, it's in the partner repo isn't it?22:36
micahgBUGabundo: I'm guessing you can't since it can't be freely distributed, but it should be in partner22:36
BUGabundofor natty 64bits?22:36
BUGabundothere is no partner repo, right?22:36
micahgBUGabundo: partner uploads happen later in the cycle, try maverick partner22:37
chrisccoulsonBUGabundo, i doubt there is an Abobe Air for 64-bit machines is there?22:37
chrisccoulson(at all)22:37
BUGabundoall I see online is huge manuals to convert it22:38
BUGabundoI can't even force install the 32bits deb22:38
micahgchrisccoulson: if yelp ends up with webkit, maybe we can drop nss/nspr from the CD?22:41
chrisccoulsonmicahg - it's used by evolution22:41
micahgthunderbird FTW?22:41
BUGabundoand in case any of you actually has an inisider in Adobe, tell them they have dead links http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/521/cpsid_52132.html22:42
chrisccoulsonright, just generating the tarball for xulrunner, then that's good to go23:00
chrisccoulsonoh, i guess i should just reuse the firefox tarball23:00
micahgchrisccoulson: no, the tarballs are different23:01
chrisccoulsonmicahg - the only difference is the addition of abrowser-branding in firefox23:01
chrisccoulsoni can just remove that and repack it23:01
micahgchrisccoulson: and the versioning of the inner tarball23:01
chrisccoulsonyeah, i can change that to23:01
chrisccoulsonamd64 build finished in 1 hour 5 minutes23:07
chrisccoulsonincluding the testsuite!23:07
chrisccoulsoni thought it would be much longer than that23:08
chrisccoulsonjdstrand, ^^23:08
chrisccoulsonthat's quicker than usual isn't it? i'm sure we wait longer than that for 3.6 builds, wihtout the testsuite23:09
jdstrandI don't recall. amd64 was never to bad I don't think23:09
jdstrands/to /too /23:09
chrisccoulsonah, ok. well, the testsuite doesn't seem to have extended the build time significantly23:11
chrisccoulsonwhich is good :)23:12
chrisccoulsonmicahg - ok, XR is good to go too :)23:14
chrisccoulsonright, uploading now23:17
micahgchrisccoulson: thanks, I'm hoping I can get back to the transition stuff soon23:29
chrisccoulsonwe'll need to get xr-2.0 added to the packageset23:29
chrisccoulsonalthough, not initially, as it will be in universe23:30
micahgchrisccoulson: right, since that's no longer an issue for me ;)23:32

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