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rhpot1991rmkl: your cable company didn't get rid of analog already did they?00:23
rmkli am on Dish TV00:24
rmklas a result I run with no grabber and us-bcast rather than us-cable00:25
rhpot1991rmkl: I would think you would use a grabber than and not scan00:25
rmklthe issue again is the lack of a specific listing for the pvr-350 in the newer version of mythtv00:26
rhpot1991rmkl: does it list pvr-150?00:26
rhpot1991my backend is down now to clone a drive I can't check00:26
rmklno it doesnt00:26
jh15how do you connect pvr350 to Dish?00:28
rmklcoax from the dish box00:29
jh15dish converts sat to analog rf?00:30
rmklapparently it does00:30
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jh15Do you need to manually copy pvr350 firmware to your hard drive in your older install?00:32
rmklnot at all...in the old...and still currently running setup there is a specific choice for the pvr350 and it just works00:35
jh15I was just wondering if it had been left out of 10.10...00:37
rmkli dont think it has anything to do with 10.10 per se...i saw this happen when i tried to upgrade to 9.04 and 9.1000:38
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rmklsomething changed in the newer versions of mythtv it seems00:39
rmkli know at least one of the changes was that it required a newer version of mysql00:40
jh15Well, I'm here to troubleshoot how to get my separate frontend and backend to connect.00:41
rmkli run that way here...what kind of issue are you having?00:41
jh15Well i just installed 101 from livecd onto a frontend box and a separate backend box. they are plugged into the same router, and both see internet ok. Updated with apt/synaptic, etc.00:43
jh15I am confused regarding names, adresses pin, mysql password etc. Right now I am at a clean slate.00:43
jh15i set the 127.0.0 stuff to my for the backend, renamed localhost on frontend to that, and then back after no workee.00:44
rmklyou might want to check out this site...it is the one that enabled me to finally get it all setup a couple of years ago   http://parker1.co.uk/mythtv_ubuntu.php00:45
Zinn[parker1.co.uk] MythTV Ubuntu Installation Guide00:45
rmklsee...a well known resource   lol00:45
jh15ok, think I hit that yesterday, but now with two clean installs I'll check. thanks00:45
rmkli remember the confusion and this guy has it all lined out way more clearly than i ever could00:46
rmklthe frontend machine should be nothin...you just have to go slowly during the backend configuration00:47
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jh15Well I had a combo box running ok, tuner and all, just don't know how to run separates. The above link seems to give generic mythtv stuff, different from the mythbuntu prompts and errors.00:49
jh15I'll just keep digging through the info. I really wanted to set myth up as proof of concept to wife before Shelling out for full linuxmce stuff.00:51
rmkloh...yeah....if you read that you will see that he install ubuntu and then apt-gets the mythtv stuff....thats the way i am running it here as well....i tried mythbuntu a while ago but it just didnt seem to work for me....but i should give it another try now that i am more familiar with some of the ins and outs00:52
jh15If I am to try that, i might as well put PCLin.  There is little mythtv experience with the users. I pruxOS on all my boxes. mythtv .23 is in the repo. This is my favorite distro, been recommending it to many.00:55
jh15oops messed up my string. PCLinuxOS00:55
jh15Not too much mythtv experience with those users, I probably have the most.00:56
jh15I hoped mythbuntu would be turnkey. On PCLinuxOS it must be more generic, not auto-making recording folders, etc.00:57
jh15Well I'll try to get them to talk on mythbuntu for awhile.00:58
rmklhmmnnn....theres a thought...i think i might have to try that ...this has been pretty frustrating...that the old stuff works like a charm but the new stuff wont....ah well...if we keep at it we are bound to find our respective solutions....after all figuring this stuff out is most of the fun00:58
jh15I'm tired of it. I've been jumping hoops and shelling out since 2004. Years before I found the PCHDTV cards have a power supply problem that only affects QAM use.00:59
jh15The HDhomerun is a godsend. Without myth, I can watch cable on any laptop over wifi.01:00
jh15But now I want a good DVR cable boxes are horrid, and wife likes Directivo unit, but she watches local channels with commercials.01:01
jh15HDhomerun works with Windows Media center on W7 on the laptops, but I hate it.01:02
rmklyeah....it would be nice to have some newer hardware....but this stuff is hanging in there for my limited use...i mostly watch and capture stuff from the few commercial free stations that dish offers01:02
rmklthe whole thing that got me into mythtv in the first place is that it captures directly to mpeg and can instantly be viewed on any windows machine over the network after the capture01:04
rmkli like simple....which is funny because mythtv is quite complex in its capabilities....but one i had it setup to do what i want i never really had to worry about it it works....and its not windows based and that is just fine with me01:06
jh15Well, I wouldn't say toss your card of course, just wished I had been at this point in the beginning. I am reading that link, and he is talking of group changes and permissions etc, just like in generic myth. So I think I will put my distro on, and make a request to the package maintainers to get .24 in the repos.01:06
rmklsounds like a plan....i am going to try that tomorrow with the distro you suggested if i cant make any further headway with 10.10 here tonight01:07
jh15In the long run, I'd like to get linuxmce installed around the house anyway, but just need the myth part for demo to family. (Before she goes and buys some windows media center box).01:08
jh15linuxmce is a complete home automation and media distro, but they are not polished in myth yet, it seems.01:09
jh15argg, which one do i waste time over next....01:09
jh15bah, I'g going for pclinuxos tonight01:13
rmklwell ...good luck with fighting the winMCE impulse...my experience is that unless it is absolutely brain dead...folks aint goin for it....01:13
jh15At least I won't have underlying os probs, just the myth stuff.01:14
jh15It is so encumbered, almost as bad as cable dvr junk.01:14
rmkland you will get the mythtv figured out...it is just still a somewhat daunting task01:15
jh15pclinux os takes 15 mins per box to install, and I'll be at this point in myth in not much longer.01:15
rmkli know that right in the middle of my worst frustration with all of this someone will popup somehwere who is using this configuration and they will point of some oversight on my part and there i'll be01:16
jh15I came in here because lmce is 'buntu based, and i was trying mythbuntu, but anyway, thanks.01:16
rmklsorry i couldnt be of more assistance01:16
jh15Yeah, I'm sure you'll be good to go soon.01:16
jh15Googling say, 10.10 ubuntu and your card gets you nowhere?01:17
jh15Hey I started with Knoppmyth and red had mythdora years ago...01:17
jh15HDHomerun single tuner is now about 79.00. Did you ever try off air HDTV? usually the cable/dish/directv degrades it.01:18
jh15i am putting a dual HDhomerun right at the antenna, powered over the cat6, and instead of two huge UHF coax cables, I can use one cat6 cable.01:19
rmklno...no HD here at all01:20
jh15Not promoting it, just excited over how much of an asset it is after years of suffering pursuing sane tv watching.01:20
jh15I am getting stations 45 miles away with its atsc input.01:21
jh15no off air/ where are you/01:21
rmklmost of the stuff i watch and capture is more informational/educational than entertainment....that and a lot of older black and white flicks....not that i dont appreciate and enjoy the HDTV experience....nothin like seeing every nose hair....LOL01:22
rmkli am in Portland, OR01:23
jh15I know they have broadcast there.01:24
rmkli honestly dont know what is out there HDTV wise at all....for me its all about what works for the lowest cost....fortunately DISH TV required no changes here at all during the recent conversion01:25
jh15Well try some uhf rabbit ears, even the old loop or bowtie antennas can pick up if you are in a metropolitan area. Try it on your tv.01:26
jh15I live in Portland area.01:26
rmkloh really...where at?01:26
jh15But on the other side of USA :)01:26
jh15I watched PBS exclusively for 15 years before meeting wife. back then you got 58 minute shows of content.01:28
jh15Now I even have to tivo PBS because of all the "underwriters" and promos.01:28
rmklyeah i have a take no prisoners attitude about viewing tv...if it has commercials ...i dont watch it01:30
jh15Is why I am either getting myth running, or get an old tivo to do the local channels.01:30
jh15I lose 15 mins/hr of my wife as she watches mostly local stations. our dish can't see local channel satellites.01:31
rmklgood plan...help make orwell turn a little less in his grave...;-)01:32
jh15Well I'm off to get Windows 7 on this laptop to record evening with the stars for her, she is late from her meeting tonight, and I'd rather demo DVR stuff than tape it.01:34
jh15(will run the tape anyway incase of blue screen of death or something..)01:35
rmklgood luck01:35
jh15next week, I'll have myth one way or other01:36
rmklthats the spirit!!01:36
jh15spirit is the name I gave my hard drive on the first mythtv build....01:36
jh15named after the just landing mars rovers.01:37
rmkli loved those things...talk about someone getting their moneys worth!!!01:37
jh15hmnnn I'm on PCLinuxOS on this dual processor laptop, wonder if it will run as an all in one myth....01:38
rmkli dont know why not01:38
jh15think I'll run myth setup now.01:38
rmklmine ran that way on an old thinkpad t40 in a dock 2 that held the pvr350 in its one pci slot01:39
jh15its already installed from before I started mythbuntu01:39
jh15yeah, i'll get a tape ready and putter here.01:39
rmklthats the name of the game....01:40
rmklgoota go...enjoy01:43
stratagem_botAnyone using the Mythtv Builds for Windows?02:15
Zinn!help For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].02:18
Azelphurstratagem_bot: I just put the windows users on read only samba and tell them to stop using a terrible operating system02:27
stratagem_bottell valve, ea and activision to port their games natively to linux and I'll gladly dump windows :)02:30
stratagem_botoh and photoshop02:31
stratagem_botI recently updated to mythtv .24 and unfortuantely the unofficial mythtv for windows builds don't pull up recordings :(02:32
stratagem_botsomething to do with audio it seems02:32
tgm4883stratagem_bot, done02:32
tgm4883you can dump windows now02:32
stratagem_bottgm4883: did they whip those games/apps right up for you? :)02:32
tgm4883but you didn't say they had to port them02:33
Azelphurstratagem_bot: sorry, I can't hear you I'm playing TF2 in Linux right now02:33
tgm4883you said we had to tell them to port them02:33
stratagem_botsemantics, you know wha tI meant :)02:33
stratagem_botexcept wine runs them like crap02:33
Azelphurexcept it doesn't02:33
stratagem_botoh sure it does.  I've wasted lots of time tweaking...etc. not worth it02:34
Azelphurexcept I run a top 100 tf2 server and it's my favorite game and I have 6000 hours clocked all of them in wine and a lot of them idling02:34
stratagem_botcan't even run CSS right02:34
AzelphurI've literally never played the game in windows02:34
stratagem_botOf course wine is always improving. I haven't tried in maybe 6-months or so02:35
stratagem_botJust not worth the hassle02:35
stratagem_botI have my hopes that Valve will soon start releasing native clients02:35
stratagem_botphoronix claims to have the insider tip :)02:36
Azelphurstratagem_bot: wine is improving insanely fast :D02:36
stratagem_botWhere is Postal 3 btw? wtf?02:36
Azelphurthere's gonna be full DX11 support02:36
stratagem_botoh sweet02:36
Azelphurvia gallium3d02:36
stratagem_botyeah I couldn't deal with the limited DX support I was getting02:36
Azelphurso it's proper not a compatibility layer02:37
stratagem_botweird shadows and graphics anomalies02:37
Azelphurwe'll have "native" d3d02:37
stratagem_botBelieve me, I'm totally for opensource.  Wish I wasn't running Windows 702:37
stratagem_botBut for work stuff and gaming, it's kinda necessary.02:37
stratagem_botdoes this guy ever come in here? http://members.iinet.net.au/~davco/02:38
Zinn[members.iinet.net.au] MythTV for Windows02:38
Azelphurno idea02:38
tgm4883<stratagem_bot> phoronix claims to have the insider tip :)02:40
tgm4883anything recent?02:40
tgm4883last I heard valve came out and denied that a linux client was in the works02:40
Azelphurtgm4883: that's the last I heard02:40
tgm4883IIRC, they said development had stopped for that02:40
stratagem_botI follow the forum thread02:40
stratagem_botpeople are mostly arguing that phoronix shouldn't have blatantly "confirmed" anything02:41
tgm4883Azelphur, so I missed the build time by 6 minutes for fixing the metadata scripts02:41
stratagem_botbut if Postal 3 is coming out for Linux, wouldn't that imply a native linux Steam client?02:41
tgm4883so it probably won't be fixed until tomorrows build02:41
Azelphurtgm4883: lol02:42
stratagem_botsomeone mentioned that a link to the linux client has been restored, but "forbidden" and suspect they may be starting from scratch02:43
tgm4883then there is the natty blueprint as well02:45
tgm4883meh, who knows. Call me when HL3 is released02:45
stratagem_botheh. it's all episodic now :)02:45
tgm4883it was kinda episodic from the start02:46
tgm4883internally anyway02:46
tgm4883oh well, dinner02:46
stratagem_botthen they just update the source/graphics engine02:47
baggar11fresh install of 10.10, used auto-builds for 0.24. Now MCC doesn't show MySQL connecting. Anyone else run across this?03:20
antihc3I was going to install mythbuntu but found that it does not have an option to not install the bootloader03:50
antihc3am i missing something03:50
jh15hello antihc303:52
jh15I was having trouble for it to Make a bootloader03:52
jh15It installed from livecd, then it said unable to create bootloader, and one option was to finish without using a bootloader.03:53
jh15In the manual partition window there is something about where to put the bootloader, but I don't remember if there was a 'no' option.03:54
antihc3Yea i was just looking there and it only listed parts. no option for None03:59
antihc3guess i could DL ubuntu and check it out :(04:01
qwebirc25677I am attempting to install mythbunt 10.10, but I Keep getting "failed to find any new channels'04:09
qwebirc25677is there a good guide out there or something?04:10
CyberCodjust installed, first boot and it's asking me for username and pass for the database, and has some (looks like) randomly generated password there, which it won't take.14:14
CyberCodwouldn't take the username and pass that I set up in the installer either14:14
* CyberCod is confused14:14
mothydo u know anything about mythtv?15:15
mrandanything?  Yes.  Everything?  No.15:17
mrand#mythtv-users is a more  forum with more people and more general knowledge15:17
mothyyea i'm in there15:18
mrandPeople on this channel help out when they can, but it's likely attended15:18
mothyi'm trying to build a myth box for streaming a single ATSC channel over the web to another location in low quality15:21
tmktI know quite a bit15:23
tmktjust trying to figure out what is the trick with blueray on 0.2415:23
mrandI wouldn't expect it to work with all blu-rays, especially newer ones.15:26
tmktI tried with UP15:27
tmktwhich I've had for a year15:27
mrandask iamlindoro15:28
tmkthe's great15:28
firewaterburnzahoy ubuntu community, I am out of ideas and I need someone to point me in the right direction. I recently upgraded from mythbuntu 8 to mythbuntu 10.10. My videos are on a seperate ext3 partition, that I have mounted under /media/sda6/videos. I can not get mythbuntu to see the videos in that directory. Under mythbuntu 8 there was a file browse utility that would catalog the new videos, but...18:08
firewaterburnz...that utility seems to be gone.....any advice?18:08
tgm4883firewaterburnz, go into mythvideo, hit M, then scan for changes18:08
firewaterburnzLOL OMG It was that simple...I have been working on it for hours18:09
firewaterburnzI feel stupid18:09
firewaterburnzthxs though it is appreciated18:10
firewaterburnzI thought it was a permissions issue or ownership or something18:11
tgm4883firewaterburnz, yw18:11
RobertLaptopQuestion I upgraded to Myth .24 today but don't see were to run the audo scan I have seen reference to.18:25
RobertLaptopI am running frontend only boxes and so there doesn't seem to be mythtv-setup installed.18:26
firewaterburnzAnother small question from a noob if its not to much of a bother, is there a way to put an image in the video folders that will appear as the icon in gallery view mode?18:38
gregLRobertLaptop, If you are still around...Go to Setup/Utilities on the Frontend. Choose General, go to the 3rd page. choose Scan for Audio devices(at the very top of the page)..It really doesn't  look like a button,but it is...20:31
RobertLaptop@gregl I found the issue.  The storage/db_backup/ folder didn't exist so the frontend was dieing because the front end couldn't make a backup of the DB before upgrading.20:34
gregLRobertLaptop, Ok cool,glad you got it going...21:19

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