thumperI need a one liner command to pipe into to take input like "/a/b/c/d/.foo/e/g" and print out "/a/b/c/d"01:34
thumperI'm sure either sed or awk could do this01:34
thumperbut my fu is low in these01:34
mwhudsonthumper: | sed -e 's%\(.*\)/.foo/.*/' | ?01:37
mwhudsonthumper: | sed -e 's%\(.*\)/.foo/\1/' | ?01:37
mwhudsonthumper: | sed -e 's%\(.*\)/.foo%\1%' | ?01:37
mwhudsonmaybe third time lucky01:37
thumperwith a tweak that works01:38
* thumper thrashes the server01:38
thumperoh FFS01:39
ojwbor simpler: sed 's%/\.foo.*%%'01:39
thumperunique isn't installed on the server01:39
ojwbITYM uniq01:39
thumperI was wondering why it wanted package 'john'01:40
mwhudsonibeardslee: so did i understand right that for any 'business' hp laptop on ascent, i can get it $200 cheaper with freedos?21:28
* ibeardslee is hoping21:34
ibeardsleebut .. "I am still getting HP to clarify whether we can advertise this on our website for all end users"21:34
ibeardsleeif that isn't the case I'll start throwing wobblies again21:35
ojwbthey really should milk this for some cheap publicity21:38
ojwbthough perhaps HP don't want MS to hear about it21:39
ibeardsleeojwb: I'm trying to get them to get a press release sorted .. I want it milked21:39
timClicksthis may sound silly but are lp packaging recipes as good as they seem to be on the label.. is it possible to bring in arbitrarily large numbers of dependencies (as long as they have a bzr source)  and have a deb at the end?22:12
ajmitchthe packaging rules still have to explain how to put it all together22:13
timClicksI see22:14
timClicksMakes sense22:14
ajmitchit's not just a case of listing a whole lot of upstream branches, hitting the switch & having magic happen :)22:14
ajmitchbut merging in a packaging branch on top of upstream code22:14
ajmitchI haven't used recipes, so I can't really explain details22:14
timClickshrm... I've just started hacking on a  C++ project. They use a shell scripts to install the dependencies & cmake to compile22:15
ajmitchthere are a few packages in ubuntu that use cmake22:16
timClicksokay, that's a good sign22:16
ajmitchit shouldn't be too hard to look at them for inspiration22:16
timClicksin fact, they've moved to providing a remixed ubuntu just to get people up & running22:16
ajmitchthat seems a bit extreme22:17
ajmitchwhat's the project?22:17
ajmitchso the branch appears to have packaging info in it already22:18
ajmitchnot particularly up to date, but it's there22:19
ojwbdebhelper 7 minimal rules files can handle cmake build systems22:28
ojwbor at least the saner ones22:28

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