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macoPici: thanks00:02
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ikonia@mark #ubuntu poutine ban evading with new host08:03
ubottuThe operation succeeded.08:03
ikoniahello Balsaq08:08
Balsaqhello ikonia08:09
ikoniahow can we help you today Balsaq ?08:10
Balsaqi was just informed by a memebr of my channel, that i am banned in a room where i did not speak. could you possibly provide with the test that got me banned?08:10
Balsaqi would really like to see the text that got me banned.08:10
Balsaqbecasue there is NONE. Iw il stake my life on it.08:10
Balsaqwho is in charge at freenode?08:11
bazhangwhat channel08:11
bazhangtry #ubuntu-irc08:12
bazhangthis is not the channel to deal with bans in -women08:12
Balsaqwhat is that08:12
bazhangwhere you should go08:12
Balsaqok what do i do08:12
Balsaqi want someone who is in charge to pull the text that got me banned and paste it so we can see it.08:13
bazhang /join #ubuntu-irc08:14
KB1JWQBalsaq: Please give it a rest.08:14
Balsaqi will try this ubuntu-irc08:14
ikoniaBalsaq: then please leave this channel08:15
Balsaqno problem08:15
ikoniathank you08:15
bazhangfrom the bt log he seems to have a long time issue there. no point in us getting any further involved with it08:23
ikoniano, I agree08:24
ikoniafor some reason I'm only showing a few bans for him in BT, yet I know there are a ton08:24
ikoniaI wonder if it's something to do with most of his bans on IP, and not nick/cloak08:25
ikoniaI only see 4 bans08:25
ikoniaor entries I should say08:26
Tm_Tikonia: most likely08:26
bazhangone entry in the bt log is entirely bt sync :)08:26
topylihe was hardly banned for the "." we see in the bt :)08:27
ikoniaI wonder when he was cloaked ?08:27
ikoniatopyli: we ALL know that, but I don't know why (beyond IP bans) why BT's not showing more info08:27
Tm_Tshould I go thru my records?08:27
Tm_Tis he using other nicks?08:28
bazhangubuxubu is a prominent one of late08:28
Tm_TI'll check what I got, one moment08:29
ikoniaa lot of his other nicks where commented in BT, but I can't get them to show ??08:33
Tm_Tquick grepping (which isn't so quick due disk I/O) there isn't much, but I only checked this year08:43
ikoniaTm_T: probably because he was on a long term ban (or should have been)08:45
Tm_TI found several removes, and discussions about him08:46
Tm_The hasn't changed a bit08:46
ikoniathe fact that he's in #freenode now asking how to get to the corperate office, shows he's just time wasting to be a problem08:46
jussi and staff know him well I see: [10:33:48] <KB1JWQ> Balsaq: Oh here we go again.  What can I help you with?08:48
KB1JWQIn fairness that was my mistake.08:48
jussiKB1JWQ: ahh, ok.08:48
KB1JWQI got his nick confused with that of a very similar user.08:48
KB1JWQbalsaq seems reasonable.08:48
KB1JWQNah, I'm not that far gone.08:48
Tm_TKB1JWQ: he seems08:49
ikoniacould be anyone, bacta, jungli, panarchy, asuestek - take your pick, plenty to get mixed up with08:49
KB1JWQWhat did balsaq do this evening that caused an upset?08:49
KB1JWQI haven't been paying attention, lot of demands on my time.08:49
knomeno, he's not any of those.08:49
jpdsDo not assume anything.08:50
KB1JWQAssume I'm stupid; what did he actually *do*? :-)08:50
jussiI suspect that his name may have something to do with the ban in -women - it sounds rather similar to something they would be sensitive to.08:50
jussiKB1JWQ: we arent sure atm08:50
knomejpds, well i've "known" him for months08:50
KB1JWQI was confusing him with ballsac.08:51
ikoniaKB1JWQ: ahhhhh08:51
ikoniaI wonder if thats what #ubuntu-women have done ?08:51
KB1JWQMakes a lot of sense.08:51
ikonia(and myself)08:51
knomehis nick used to be something else, just can't remember what08:51
KB1JWQI think that that may be what a lot of us have done.08:52
knomehe also uses the nick ubuXubu, btw08:52
knometostitos was the prev. nick, iirc08:52
ikoniaI suppose we could ask if he's used any other nicks08:52
KB1JWQSo we may be unintentionally calling down grief upon a poor user who's done nothing more than chosing an unfortunate nick.08:52
ikoniaKB1JWQ: very possible08:52
KB1JWQNo need, ikonia.08:52
KB1JWQI have a script that tracks that.  That's not his.08:52
knomeikonia, see my comments;)08:52
KB1JWQI see a list of users, but nothing objectionable.08:53
ikoniaKB1JWQ: however he did join #ubuntu-offtopic and post a video about farts, not suggests he's not exactly the angel of maturity08:53
ikonianot that, it warrents the assumption I've made08:53
KB1JWQSo can we give him the benefit of the doubt and let him roam freely until he crosses a clearly defined line?08:53
ikoniahe's only banned from #ubuntu-women08:53
ikoniahe's never spoke in there,08:53
ikoniaand the fuss he's making over it doesn't suggest good intentions for me personally08:53
Hobbseeone could always let him free, then reban after a few lines of rubbish.  *shrug*08:54
ikonia(personal opinion)08:54
Hobbseethen document it better08:54
ikonialet the #ubuntu-women ops deal with it08:54
ikoniaHobbsee: it's only 1 channel,08:54
ikoniait's not like he's banned from the name space08:54
knomeikonia, mmaybe he's also non-mature, but also sometimes very playful (not to be interpreted in a negative wa though - he's basically a nice guy)08:54
Hobbseeikonia: exactly08:54
KB1JWQProbably best that way.  Consider it a personal favor to me.08:54
ikoniaknome: not doubting that, it appears (myself included) he may be mixed up with ballsaq08:55
KB1JWQballsac. :-)08:55
ikoniathat too08:55
KB1JWQ"Balsaq" is actually a legitimate last name in some parts of the world.08:55
knomeikonia, mmh, just my 2 cents. he's been around a lot @#xubuntu08:56
ikoniaI guess the #ubuntu-women ops can sort it, I'll message the banner though to make sure she's not done the same thing as us08:56
ikoniaif it is a case of mistaken identity, I'll apologise to him myself too08:56
Tm_Twell, he's been asked nicely to change his nick earlier, only to give attitude and excuses08:57
ikoniaoh? I didn't see that08:57
ikoniaok, well I guess he was banned for that then, judging by elky's comments08:58
KB1JWQYeah-- i"m not trying to interfere in channel politics.08:59
ikoniaapparantly, he's been told to change his nick, he knows what the ban is about and is just playing dumb now08:59
KB1JWQHe was upset and came to staff in a manner that's unlike most trolls, so I figured I'd dig a bit deeper.08:59
ikoniaKB1JWQ: it would appear so08:59
jussibut surely, if he is creepy/a problem, then he will get banned soon enough...08:59
* Hobbsee defers to elky09:00
ikoniajussi: he's already banned for refusing to change his nick09:00
ikoniajussi: there isn't a problem09:00
KB1JWQjussi: That's my take.  Let him incriminate himself, then ban him with a pile of evidence as opposed to a bunch of hearsay.09:00
ikoniaan operator asked him to change his nick, he's refused, he got banned09:00
ikoniafrom what I'm now reading its a simple case of if you really want to be in #ubuntu-women, change your nick09:01
ikoniafrom what I'm reading he's more keen about making a fuss than getting back into the channel09:01
KB1JWQOkay.  I'll accept that.09:01
ikoniamaybe knome could have a chat to him as he has a bit of a relationship with him09:02
ikoniaexplain it to hiim ?09:02
knomeikonia, sure.09:02
jussigood idea.09:02
KB1JWQThanks. :-)09:02
knomemaybe still invite him here?09:02
ikoniaaccording to elky he knows why he was banned (which is probably why he's kicking up a stink)09:03
ikoniaknome: maybe better in #ubuntu-irc09:03
ikoniawhere it "should" be resolved ?09:03
knomeso you can all follow09:03
ikoniamost of us are in #ubuntu-irc09:03
jussihe has been around a bit, I reconise the nick, but still,  I havent seen any behavioural issues apart from the misfortune of a marginally bad nick.09:03
ikoniajussi: I think it's the nick comfusion thats painted a worse picture,09:04
knomeikonia, oki, i can invite him there and join myself as well :)09:04
ikoniaknome: he's already in there09:04
jussiknome: he is there last time I looked09:04
knomeah, okay09:04
jussiikonia: yes, i think so also - it leads to the old rule about assuming someone is bad often makes them act worse than normal.09:05
ikoniavery true09:05
ikoniaI know I wouldn't be too happy to be assumed to be jewkonia09:05
elkyhttp://privatepaste.com/fb9275af16 is the logs I have of his banning from that channel.09:06
elkyWhen considering his excuse, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_airlines_of_India may be a useful reference, as may the first hit on google for the string: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=BALSAQ'09:07
elkyJust about any civil response that didn't involve UD would probably have been better.09:13
bazhangothello is poutine?09:17
ikoniadon't think so, but we'll find out09:20
ikoniahello othello09:20
othellonow im gonna hack u09:20
Madpilotcan the scriptkiddy routine, you're not going to impress09:20
ikoniahe impressed me09:20
elkywas poutine on an aussie internet?09:21
ikoniahe probably ran his script on localhost09:21
ikoniakilled himself off09:21
ikoniaelky: I don't think so09:21
Madpilotikonia, we can hope :)09:21
ikoniamust dash, off to an office09:22
ikoniaknome: thank you09:22
knomeikonia, np09:22
elkyknome, wth?09:25
knomei mean :P09:25
knome*!*@unaffiliatednick ?09:26
knomenot something!something@cloak09:26
elkyI still don't understand how that's an "only"09:27
knomenvm the only then09:27
knomewhat's the reaon for the ban for balsaq then?09:27
knomethe nick?09:27
elkythe attitude after being asked about the nick09:28
knomedoes ballsac use the same cloak?09:28
elkyknome, this isn't about ballsac09:28
elkythis has nothing to do with ballsac09:28
knomethat's what i thought as well09:29
elkyI really don't like his attitude of thinking he can force his way in to other people's spaces.09:42
elkycan someone turn the + operator off ubottu?09:42
knomecould somebody just fix my typing?09:43
elkywhose is ubot4?09:44
bazhangj pds09:45
Madpilotwillful cluelessness about his damn nick...09:45
elkyMadpilot, yes, and I have no idea why he wants to be in the channel either. Other than because it contains women to talk at judging by his entrance in the log I posted.09:46
Madpilotseems like it. charming.09:47
MadpilotFFS. willfully thick.09:49
popeyIsn't Balsaq this guys family name?09:49
knomeno idea09:49
Mamarok_this is going in circles09:49
elkypopey, he'd have said it by now if so09:49
popeyFabrizio Balsaq09:49
elkypopey, he's never even indicated as much09:49
knomepopey, does ircname prove anythig?09:49
Madpilothe spun some BS story about Indian airlines initially09:49
popeyknome: a simple google search for launchpad and balsaq turns up mails to the xubuntu lists09:50
elkypopey, the dishonesty is the issue more than the name.09:50
Mamarok_and I don't see what he would contribute to the u-w project anyway, if he doesn't see the problem09:50
elkypopey, he quoted UD when we asked what his name meant.09:50
elkyMamarok, yeah, exactly09:51
popeyyeah, I can see why someone might do that09:51
knomepopey, i could think it is his family name, but till that doesn't prove anything09:51
popeywhat does it need to prove?09:51
knomeit being hi family nme09:51
Mamarok_he never said it was in the first place, but talked abut some non-existing Indian airline09:51
popeywell it seems nobody has actually _asked_ him about that09:51
Mamarok_popey: he could have said that, no? Why did he try making it up?09:52
popeyI dont believe he made anything up09:52
Mamarok_I see no reason to let this person in u-w09:52
elkypopey, actually, we did ask what it meant.09:52
Mamarok_and he didn't say it was his famil name09:52
popeythe question "what does popey mean" makes no sense09:52
Mamarok_but quoted UD with some non-existing Indian airline09:52
popeybut "where does the nick popey come from" does09:53
elkyJan 18 16:59:58 *Balsaq (n=Sausage@unaffiliated/balsaq) has joined #ubuntu-women <-- doesn't help either, to be honest.09:53
knomei will have to leave soon for lunch09:53
knometo be exact, now09:54
Madpilot"Balsaq'n'Sausage"... nice.09:54
jpdsGo go paranoia.09:54
knomebtw can somebody monitor #xubuntu?09:55
elkyMadpilot, yeah.09:55
Mamarok_if he refuses to answer that simple question...09:55
popeywell, I'd probably refuse to answer in his shoes09:56
popeyif it was the _first_ question I might do09:56
Tm_TI fail to see insults he claim being given09:57
Mamarok_oh come one09:57
Mamarok_he was not insulted AFAICS09:57
Tm_Tthat's what I tried to say09:57
Tm_The was repeating "I'm insulted" when he was asked simple questions09:58
jussiIf jussi meant something nasty in indian Id likely not change it - and I could understand someone getting grumpy about it. However, he is being rather short.10:00
Tm_Tjussi: but you could discuss about it without any trouble, I'm sure10:00
elkyjussi, you'd probably at some point in the history of ever state that it's actually your name. He hasn't even done that.10:01
jpdsjussi: Now you're attacking his height.10:01
jussijpds: rofl10:01
elkyWhich makes me wonder if he's taken it as a pseudonym for the sake of the shock value10:01
Tm_The has nothing but avoided the subject, even in previous discussions10:02
jussibasically regardless of what the name is, he is saying it doesnt matter, dont judge me by my name.10:02
popeyAm I the _only_ one who would pronounce that as "bal" not "ball"?10:02
popeyas in a short A in Balloon.10:03
popeythe same way I pronouce "Balsamic"10:03
jussipopey: thats how I would have said it10:03
topyliwhatever the case, if i need a channel for something, i usually try to figure out the norms there so that i'm welcome. i also don't usually start arguing with the ops right away10:03
popeynot Ballsamic10:03
topylibut that's just me10:03
Tm_Tpopey: you're not (:10:03
popeyRight, so someone arrives in a channel, is told by someone who potentually mispronounces his family name that his choice of nick is inappropriate. In a nutshell.10:05
elkyAnd then proceeds to outright tell us we're imagining it. Yep.10:07
topyliwhich is when they should explain that it's their name and means no offence, and perhaps ask for permission to keep it especially as that's how he's known elsewhere10:07
topyli(instead of linking to urban dictionary as proof that it's an indian airline)10:08
elkyAnd generally not follow this up by saying they've been banned from a channel they never spoke in.10:08
popeyI'm sure there are channels I would assert I have never spoken in, but logs would prove otherwise.10:09
ubottuchid called the ops in #ubuntu ()10:25
jussiKB1JWQ: or staff if you are about, coline, spambot10:27
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (chid appears to be abusive - 4)11:57
popey... whereas "bastardchild1982" is an okay nickname?13:50
LjLplease unban, he doesn't appear to be an open proxy at the present time13:51
IdleOneLjL: done13:52
IdleOnethank yopu13:52
IdleOnepopey: ask him to change nick13:52
IdleOneIMO bastardchild is not as offensive as some nicks we have seen13:54
popeyIdleOne: I am not an op in #ubuntu13:54
IdleOnepopey: you don't have to be to help :)13:54
IdleOnewell done :)13:58
IdleOnepopey: just proved that a politely worded request does work14:00
popeyyeah, till he rejoins14:01
IdleOneI just noticed14:02
esigoloi`m not a bot15:31
ikoniaesigolo: our bots think you are running on an open proxy15:31
esigoloikonia, is because our firewall (watchguard)15:31
ikoniaI don't know why, but possibly15:32
ikoniaesigolo: do you want to try rejoining #ubuntu and I'll watch what happens ?15:32
esigolowhat should i do?15:32
mahen23hi, eum why am i still banned?16:43
ikoniamahen23: because you didn't resolve the ban16:43
ikoniaso it won't get lifted until you do16:43
mahen23resolve the ban?16:44
ikoniayes, work out / understand why you where banned, and agree to stop doing it16:44
ikoniaerr no16:45
ikonia(don't need the caps or the l33t speak)16:45
ikoniaI just mean understand why you where banned, and agree between ops/you to not to it16:46
ikoniaapologies if I didn't say that clearly16:46
mahen23i asked to be banned.....16:46
ikoniaok, so that's why your banned then16:46
ikoniawhy are you surprised you are still banned ?16:46
mahen23i thought its a bot thing and i will be removed from a sort of list after a given amount of time16:47
ikoniait's manual16:47
ikoniaeach case is different so it requries interaction from the operator16:47
mahen23so who is the operator16:48
ikoniathis channel holds the operators16:48
ikoniayou're welcome to talk to any of us16:48
ikoniamahen23: do you want to be unbanne ?16:49
ikoniaunbanned even16:49
ikoniamahen23: hello ?16:52
* jussi zaps ikonia in pm16:54
ikoniawhat what16:55
* Pici blinks17:11
mneptokxX_vUvUZeLa_Xx: do you need something from the ops?18:59
ubottuLjL called the ops in #ubuntu (fdas)20:15
topylixX_vUvUZeLa_Xx: hello?20:27
ikoniaxX_vUvUZeLa_Xx: hello ?20:55
ikonia!idle | xX_vUvUZeLa_Xx21:03
ubottuxX_vUvUZeLa_Xx: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only; we ask you to part when you have no further business here in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.21:03
ubottuIn #ubuntu-bots, LjL said: !perl2 is <alias> perl21:04
ubottuIn #ubuntu-bots, LjL said: !whoops is i meant this for the other bot!21:04
ikoniahello taybot22:09
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IdleOne!idle | taypet22:13
ubottutaypet: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only; we ask you to part when you have no further business here in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.22:13
ikoniataypet: hello22:13
ikoniataypet: its clear your active as you've just changed nicks, can you please respond22:14
=== taypet is now known as taybot
ikoniataybot: can you please respond22:17
=== taybot is now known as taypet
ikoniatopyli: can you assist, it's clear taypet is trying to provoke22:18
ikoniatopyli: sorry, I last saw you as active22:18
=== taypet is now known as taybot
topyligah! very sorry, was distracted by the simpsons22:23
tsimpson|n800don't blame me22:27
ikonia!info linux-image-#jaunty23:31
ubottuPackage linux-image-jaunty does not exist in maverick23:31
elky!info jaunty linux-image23:36
ubottu'linux-image' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, jaunty, jaunty-backports, jaunty-proposed, karmic, karmic-backports, karmic-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, partner, stable, testing, unstable23:36
elky!info linux-image jaunty23:36
ubottulinux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (jaunty), package size 3 kB, installed size 32 kB23:36
elkyTheeeeeeeere we go23:36
ikoniaI was having a moment23:36
* elky pats ikonia on the head.23:36

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