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Patriciabom dia11:54
narugawabom dia Patricia11:55
Patricianarugawa :)11:55
narugawaoi joaopinto12:11
Patriciaola joaopinto :D12:12
almufadadoNão estou a percebo nada desta treta ! Tenho o nick registado no freenode13:31
almufadadomas quando ligo com o empathy diz-me que13:32
almufadadoThis nickname is registered. Please choose a different nickname, or identify via /msg NickServ identify <password>.13:32
narugawaalmufadado speak english ?13:32
narugawaif yes i can help u13:33
narugawasorry my portuguese is very bad13:33
almufadadoa password está correcta pois quando ponho o13:33
almufadadoI have a problem with empathy and the irc13:33
narugawayou have a registered nickname so ?13:33
narugawai undenrstand this part ;)13:34
narugawadon't worry13:34
narugawajuste empathy don't want to connect you with your passord for be regitered ? It's the problem ?13:34
almufadadoi created a new account with a nick i register some time ago13:34
narugawareceive a confirmation mail, etc.. ?13:35
narugawaok when you connect with another plateform like irssi or weechat your pass workink ?13:36
almufadadolet me try in a webchat13:37
narugawaalmufadado try this and tell me if your pass work13:37
narugawajust do the /msg NickServ identify <password>.13:38
narugawaif it's work here empathy is the problem13:38
narugawaor the human ^^13:38
almufadadoprobably the human side of the thing13:39
narugawano matter13:39
almufadadoor empathy having one message fits all13:40
narugawai have a maverick x64 right now and my knees, with an empathy registered13:40
almufadadoI and still in lucid13:40
narugawai have a lucid too, but not right now13:40
narugawait's work too13:41
narugawano matter with that13:41
almufadadoon the web chat it detected i am connected here and gave me a new nick13:42
narugawaand sorry again for the english, but hard for me to speak portuguese13:42
narugawaregitered nick ??13:42
almufadadodon't worry am I fluent in both13:42
narugawaso it's working on weechat ?13:42
almufadadoI have to disconnect here and connect in the webchat see you in a minute13:44
almufadadohello there13:46
narugawaalmufadado ?13:46
narugawayou are resitered ???13:46
almufadadoyes the nickserv accepted my password13:47
narugawajoin #openbsd for be sre ^^13:47
almufadadoso the message empathy gives in nonsense13:48
narugawajust join #openbsd13:48
narugawafor a test13:48
narugawathx almufadado so ok13:48
narugawanow we are ok with your pass13:48
narugawalet's see the empathy side13:49
narugawaalmufadado ?13:49
narugawago to your account section on empathy13:49
almufadadoyes i am on that window13:50
narugawathe irc account then13:50
narugawayou have : user and pass13:50
narugawaand real name no ?13:50
narugawayes freenode of course13:50
almufadadonick almufadado13:50
almufadadopass <mypass>13:50
narugawaok but on weechat you are on utf ? (don't know if it's play but...)13:51
almufadadono no portuguese characters13:51
narugawasame has empathy ?13:52
almufadadoI think that the message is simply missleading13:52
narugawain your pass do you have some letters wih an acent ?13:53
narugawaaccent ?13:53
almufadadodid not use portugueses charaters nor accentuation13:53
narugawaso juste simple letters and numbers ?13:54
almufadadoand yes the sistem is defined to use utf-813:54
narugawajust try to find out, maybe i say some bullshit ^^13:54
almufadadoI think that the message that emphathy sends is  simply missleading13:55
narugawatry with empathy then and go to openbsd (openbsd just accepted registred user)13:55
almufadadothe nick is definitly registered because now it does not let me connect with empathy13:57
almufadadosays the nick is already in use13:57
almufadadoI am going to try with pidgin13:58
narugawabut empathy work13:58
narugawai'm sure of that13:58
almufadadosee you ! and thanks for your help  :)  fixe !13:59
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narugawaque e ou meilhor site de emprego ?15:46
Patriciavoltei :D19:00
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