skaetcjwatson, around?00:40
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highvoltageedubuntu-dvd seems to have built, but it doesn't seem to be on cdimage?15:48
cjwatsonCannot write to `/srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/scratch/edubuntu/dvd/live/i386.ltsp-squashfs' (No space left on device).15:50
cjwatsonantimony had trouble this morning - it should be better now15:50
cjwatson93GB free now15:51
highvoltagecould you shoot off a new spin?15:52
cjwatsonwell, it affected all images and I don't really want to do all that by hand - is edubuntu/dvd urgent?15:53
highvoltageno, it can wait15:53
cjwatsonwell, meh, whatever, kicked it off15:53
highvoltagewell, it will be useful, and will be used, so thanks a lot :)15:53
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