dholbachgood morning!07:51
dholbachnigelb, are you planning anything to get people in action for cleansweep this cycle?07:54
nigelbdholbach: oh yes, you didn't see my blog post?07:54
dholbachthe one with the statistics?07:54
nigelbmore to come :)07:54
dholbachI wonder if we should ask folks to pick the patch-accepted-* ones and push them into sponsoring07:55
nigelbWe'd have to make sure it hasn't come into Debian/Ubuntu yet07:55
dholbachwell, if it's in Ubuntu already, we can just close the bug07:57
dholbachin the other case it'd be more about merging/syncing07:57
nigelbThe thing is we'd have to show the different 'opportunies' to help from patch review08:01
nigelbOne would be to review new patches08:01
nigelbthe other would be to review the patches that have already been reviewed08:01
nigelblike the ones accepted08:01
dholbachthat should be easy08:01
dholbachwe can feed them into harvest08:02
nigelbI was getting there :)08:02
nigelbDo you want me to do something regarding that or would you be able to take care of it?08:02
dholbachI think bdmurray can easily get lp to spit out a list of bugs that can be fed into LP08:03
dholbachwe just need to make sure that we add proper explanation to it, so people know what it's about08:03
dholbachwhich bug lists do you think would make sense?08:03
nigelbone would be just the patch tahg08:05
nigelband one would be the ones that have been upstreamed08:05
nigelband accepted08:05
nigelband the last woule be ones that need work08:05
nigelb(so anyone can help if required)08:05
dholbachpatch tag but no other of the patch-* tags, right?08:06
dholbachok, that sounds good to me08:07
nigelbIf you want to do a call to nail down specific things, I can :)08:07
dholbachmaybe you could file a bug on harvest-data about that? and subscribe brian-murray?08:10
nigelbdholbach: No worries, I'll talk to Brian myself today :)08:21
dholbachnigelb, super08:23
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