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ZacharyNewbcan someone help me get remote access working on my server?00:06
ZacharyNewbusing ssh?00:06
ZacharyNewbon the server, and putty on windows 7?00:07
eriksson25Just install openssh00:09
ZacharyNewbalready did00:09
ZacharyNewbI don't know what to do from here00:09
ZacharyNewbrouter is forwarding correctly00:10
eriksson25Oki, on putty, just set your server ip, port 22, and press open00:10
ZacharyNewberiksson25:  Connection refused.00:11
ZacharyNewberiksson25:  my router is probabaly not forwarding that port, one moment00:11
ZacharyNewbHow can I set my ubuntu ethernet ipaddress?00:12
ZacharyNewb192.168.1.250 for example?00:12
ZacharyNewbit's currently
eriksson25Depends on, you can set it from the router. Binding its mac to a ip.00:13
eriksson25You can set it grafical if you have it on the server. Or you can set it in commandline.00:13
eriksson25did ssh work now?00:13
eriksson25You shuld not have it on port 22.00:14
ZacharyNewbhavne't forwarded the port to the pc yet00:14
ZacharyNewbverizon fios router00:14
ZacharyNewbdoesn't say anything about a mac address00:14
eriksson25before you do that, change the port.00:14
ZacharyNewbchange port how?00:15
eriksson25to a higher number like 5022 or something.00:15
ZacharyNewbI don't know how to change the openssh port to something else00:15
eriksson25open file /etc/ssh/sshd_conf00:15
ZacharyNewb26254 in this case, is what I'd like.00:15
ZacharyNewbsudo nano00:15
eriksson25and there go down to port= and change it to whatever.00:15
eriksson25Then you need to run /etc/init.d/ssh restart00:16
eriksson25Thats how you set static ip to whatever you want on the server.00:18
ZacharyNewbor ssh restart00:18
eriksson25no _00:18
ZacharyNewbnog being found as a command00:18
eriksson25ssh restart00:19
nich0sRestarting SSHD?00:19
ZacharyNewbI cd  ed to the directory init.d00:19
eriksson25No need.00:19
ZacharyNewbssh restart isn't doing anything00:19
eriksson25Just type "/etc/init.d/ssh restar"00:19
SpamapSkirkland: hey, how come ubuntu-vm-builder doesn't accept maverick inside maverick?00:19
nich0ssudo service ssh restart00:19
eriksson25And press enter.00:19
SpamapSVMBuilder.exception.VMBuilderUserError: Invalid suite: "maverick". Valid suites are: dapper gutsy hardy intrepid jaunty karmic lucid00:20
ZacharyNewbssh start/running, process 163100:20
eriksson25or that way as nichos says00:20
eriksson25Yes, now its using the new port.00:20
eriksson25Portforard it and you are good to go.00:20
nich0sZacharyNewb: Welcome to Ubuntu.00:21
s093294Hmm, wierd hehavior on iptables. I use iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i ppp0 -p tcp --dport 4000 -jDNAT --to-destination   This dont work if i try to connect to ip of the ppp0 interface, if i change ppp0 to eth1 and connect to that ip the packages are send of to  (are there some special thing with pptp connections) ?00:21
ZacharyNewberiksson25:  those instructions on that link aren't working00:22
ZacharyNewbno interfacing directory or file00:22
ZacharyNewbwow, just found it nevermind00:22
TDoubleDgAnyone familiar with using DRBD to create an active/active ISCSI target?00:23
ZacharyNewbsudo nano interfaces00:23
ZacharyNewberiksson25: okay, I changed my ip address in the config file, and it matches that text except00:25
ZacharyNewbhe kept having ""00:26
ZacharyNewbI put "1.1"00:26
eriksson25Yes ofc, since that would be your router.00:26
ZacharyNewbis my rendition correct?00:26
ZacharyNewbofc = ofcourse, ah. xD00:27
ZacharyNewbdo I need to reset the ethernet connection somehow for the change to take effect?00:27
eriksson25Yes, Dont remember how....00:27
nich0ssudo service networking restart00:28
eriksson25there you goo.00:28
ZacharyNewberiksson25:  nich0s   Thanks, I also found "/etc/init.d/networking restart"00:29
ZacharyNewbwith yours, sudo service, IO'm getting "restart: unknown instance"00:30
eriksson25Yup, two ways of doing the same thing.00:30
ZacharyNewbthe one I found works00:31
ZacharyNewbrequires sudo though00:31
ZacharyNewbsudo ifdown -a00:31
ZacharyNewbto bring them down00:32
ZacharyNewbsudo ifup -a00:32
ZacharyNewbback up00:32
ZacharyNewbto turn the network adapters on and off all-together00:32
ZacharyNewberiksson25: Router is portforwarding 2625400:32
ZacharyNewbconnection refused00:33
eriksson25on the server, run ifconfig00:33
eriksson25And se if it says the correct ip00:34
ZacharyNewbcorrect ip00:34
eriksson25Is the server within the same lan?00:34
eriksson25Then you dont need portworading, thats only from outside.00:35
ZacharyNewbis correctly being forwarded port 80 to the server, I get the web test page00:35
ZacharyNewbI travel sometimes as well00:35
ZacharyNewbfor now I'll test the network, you're right00:35
eriksson25Yes, but we get it to work internat first.00:35
eriksson25In putty, did you sett the internal ip? like 192. and then the new port00:36
ZacharyNewbputty port 2625400:36
ZacharyNewbconnection refused00:36
ZacharyNewbhowever in the ethernet adapter settings you had me view, it's showing "bcast" (broadcast) as
eriksson25I say, reboot the server. Might me something with the ip numbers scruwing with you.00:36
eriksson25That is correct.00:37
ZacharyNewbdoesn't it need to be 0.1 ?00:37
eriksson25Or waait, now its noot.00:37
ZacharyNewblike I changed all the others?00:37
eriksson25Shuld be 1.25500:37
ZacharyNewb-nods- I missed that then00:37
eriksson25everyting has to be 192.168.1.x00:38
ZacharyNewband "network" should be ?00:39
ZacharyNewbnetwork card reset00:40
ZacharyNewbtrying again00:40
ZacharyNewbfixed again00:42
ZacharyNewbtrying putty again00:42
eriksson25dont know with win7, you might need to run it as admin.00:42
eriksson25I use xp as my windows comp.00:42
ZacharyNewbconnection refused still00:43
ZacharyNewbusing local lan address00:43
ZacharyNewbI'm going to ping beyond-sight.com to see if I get response00:43
ZacharyNewband see if the web default page still pops up00:43
ZacharyNewbweb default page still up00:43
ZacharyNewbdo I need to configure open ssh further perhaps?00:44
eriksson25Reboot the server.00:44
ZacharyNewbback in it's config file?00:44
ZacharyNewbdo you know how I can do that from command line?00:44
eriksson25you shuldent need to.00:44
eriksson25sudo reboot now00:44
PatrickDKhmm, sudo reboot lastnight :)00:44
ZacharyNewbsudo reboot lastnight?  sat mean?00:45
eriksson25He was funny00:45
PatrickDKwishful thinking :)00:45
ZacharyNewbI don't get it00:45
ZacharyNewbZachary newb here doesn't get it. >.>00:45
ZacharyNewbI didn't realize I typed "I don't get it"00:45
PatrickDKthat is more funny than my lame attempt :)00:45
eriksson25its ok.00:45
eriksson25LAte night humur.00:46
ZacharyNewbit had better be00:46
ZacharyNewbawesome server back up00:46
eriksson25Oki, try again and se what hapends.00:46
ZacharyNewbconnection refused again00:46
eriksson25Oki, try port 2200:46
eriksson25just for the fact.00:47
ZacharyNewbgot something new00:47
eriksson25Wants to save a key?00:47
ZacharyNewb"the server's host key is not cached in the registry"00:47
eriksson25Save it00:47
PatrickDKah, it's looking for a date00:47
ZacharyNewbwhat it called?00:48
PatrickDKyour attempting to move it to an alternate port?00:48
ZacharyNewbyes, one previous attempt apparently failed00:48
ZacharyNewbhowever changing the ip address did work00:48
PatrickDKjust edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config00:48
eriksson25That what I told him.00:48
PatrickDKPort xxxx00:48
ZacharyNewbsshd ?00:49
ZacharyNewbthere's also a ssh_config00:49
PatrickDKservice ssh restart00:49
PatrickDKssh_config is for the client, sshd_config is for the server00:49
ZacharyNewbnor did I restart it before I restarted the server00:49
PatrickDKso ssh_config == outgoing00:49
PatrickDKsshd_config == incoming00:49
eriksson25<eriksson25> open file /etc/ssh/sshd_conf00:49
eriksson25what I typed earlier00:49
PatrickDKeriksson25, ya, I didn't scroll back that far :)00:49
eriksson25Its cool00:50
* PatrickDK never runs ssh on alternate ports00:50
ZacharyNewboh my god00:50
eriksson25Thats why I asked him to change putty to 22, since I belived he would missed it.00:50
ZacharyNewbso much easier typing it into putty here next to this window00:50
eriksson25So putty up and running?00:51
* PatrickDK has never used putty00:51
eriksson25=), well some of us plays computergames, and dont come dragging about wine.00:51
eriksson25I use linux, for Server, Router, HTPC00:52
ZacharyNewbservice ssh restart isn't working00:52
PatrickDKheh, I use linux for everything00:52
PatrickDKonly use windows for vcenter00:52
ZacharyNewbnevermind, has to have sudo00:52
ZacharyNewbYes, Putty works, now I've switched opensshd port to 2625400:52
ZacharyNewbincluding the client ssh port on the server too00:53
eriksson25Good boy00:53
eriksson25Now you are redy to do some real work. I am off to bed now.00:53
PatrickDKman, I do like these new hp blades so much better than the old ones :)00:53
ZacharyNewbThank you, mother. >.<00:53
ZacharyNewbPatrickDK:  I'm on a netbook00:54
eriksson25No problem.00:54
eriksson25Have fun.00:54
ZacharyNewbPatrickDK: The Asus 1201n Dual core 1.6ghz, hyperthreading/4 virtual cores, with ion graphics, including a GPU00:54
ZacharyNewband it's overclockable to 2 ghz00:54
PatrickDKI can't use netbooks00:55
ZacharyNewbthis one is really nice00:55
ZacharyNewb3-4 hours regular use battery life, nicely sized keyboard, 11 inch screen00:55
ZacharyNewbFull HD video00:55
PatrickDKheh, I'm all about 6hours battery00:56
ZacharyNewbI can run two 1080p monitors on this, dual screen, one on the VGA port and another on hdmi00:56
PatrickDKusing a t61p currently00:56
ZacharyNewbThis thing is wayyy too powerful to be compared to netbooks00:56
PatrickDKI'm lacking hdmi on this one, my last one had it, loved it00:56
PatrickDKlately I've been lazy00:56
ZacharyNewbActually, They compare my netbook to fully priced laptops00:56
PatrickDKand just use my droid2 for everything00:56
ZacharyNewbI'm jealous00:57
ZacharyNewbI have a samsung propel00:57
PatrickDKnothing is better I think than ssh+rsync on my phone :)00:57
ZacharyNewbI need to configure the web server somehow00:57
ZacharyNewbwhere to start?00:59
ZacharyNewbPatrickDK:  apache is installed01:00
ZacharyNewbMy website is residing on the secondary hard drive (500 GB)01:02
ZacharyNewbformatted probabaly as NTFS01:02
ZacharyNewbsudo mkdir /media/windows01:04
ZacharyNewbsudo mount /dev/hda1 /media/windows/ -t ntfs -o nls=utf8,umask=022201:04
ZacharyNewbcan someone help me?01:35
ZacharyNewbI've just installed Ubuntu Server.  With your peoples' extensive help, I've configured it's ip address, mounted an extra drive and I'm not remotely accessing it through putty01:38
smoserkirkland, regarding MIRs, if the -desktop is an official supported image, it can only include things in main02:08
kirklandsmoser: i think for Natty we should prove something unsupported, using Universe first02:09
kirklandsmoser: before we commit to stuff in Main02:09
smoserwe basically have something unsupported02:09
smoserand have for 2 releases02:09
kirklandsmoser: right;  i'm thinking we should get heavier feedback on that for a cycle before we start picking and choosing what needs to go into Main02:28
smoserthats fine. but for that we dont really need to do anything.02:28
smosera couple cloud-init scripts that allow people to test02:28
ZacharyNewbDo any of you know how to format a second hard drive?02:37
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SrvrUsrRdyToHelpAre people here?03:30
SrvrUsrRdyToHelpLaND HO03:32
ScottKSrvrUsrRdyToHelp: There are people here, but this channel is usually pretty quiet this time of day.03:42
SrvrUsrRdyToHelpScottK: I see03:43
SrvrUsrRdyToHelpScottK: Well, I'm slowing peicing together my ubuntu server03:43
SrvrUsrRdyToHelpScottK:   remote access via putty with windows 7 netbook I have is working, ports, right now I just figured out how to format and mount a second hard drive, put it into the startup script to mount automatically, and now I'm thinking about how to configure apache server to serve my site, off of the second mounted hard drive03:45
ScottKSounds like you're making progress.03:46
SrvrUsrRdyToHelpScottK: Definitely.  Manually set all ethernet settings, etc etc etc03:46
SrvrUsrRdyToHelpScottK: Hours of fun, Are you enjoying your day?03:46
* ScottK has had a decent day, but is just about to head for bed.03:46
* SrvrUsrRdyToHelp is sorry to hear that. :(03:47
b0gatyrhi everyone03:59
SrvrUsrRdyToHelphi there03:59
SrvrUsrRdyToHelpwhat's up?04:00
SrvrUsrRdyToHelpb0gatyr:  what's up?04:00
b0gatyrnot much ya know04:00
b0gatyrhow about you?04:00
TDoubleDgAnyone here used DRBD to create an ISCSI Target?04:27
SrvrUsrRdyToHelpsomeone here?04:33
kaushalcan someone please guide me about https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openssh/+bug/379329 ?05:17
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 379329 in openssh "CVE-2008-5161: OpenSSH CBC plaintext recovery" [Low,Fix released]05:18
Dark-Sunhello people;05:38
SpamapSkaushal: what about it?05:40
Dark-Sunhere's my scenario: i should make a web interface for iptables, (yes, it's a firewall web panel). problem is apache runs web page as "nobody" so i can't execute "iptables". question is "since there's a apache process run as root, is it possible to make apache use that process to run a web page?"05:43
SpamapSDark-Sun: no05:44
SpamapSDark-Sun: that process is only responsible for listening on port 80,  which is restricted to root access (all ports below 1024 are)05:45
SpamapSDark-Sun: You can, however, run iptables commands with sudo. However, I do not recommend this as this would mean anybody who can break into your web code can run any iptables command...05:46
SpamapSDark-Sun: is there any reason you don't want to use one of the existing iptables frontends, like smoothwall for instance?05:47
Dark-SunSpamapS: you mean that apache process can't do anything else but listening?05:47
SpamapSDark-Sun: basically, yes05:48
SpamapSDark-Sun: it just listens, and hands accepted connections to the child processes.05:48
Dark-SunSpamapS: actually i was about to do some other stuff beside firewall, and i was curious how they do this05:50
Dark-Suni got some work around clues, like jailing, a daemon running on the web server, but i don't know which one should i choose05:51
kaushalSpamapS: hi05:57
kaushalsorry was away05:57
kaushalis there a fixed version available for 8.04 ?05:57
kaushalI mean openssh-server05:57
SpamapSDark-Sun: a daemon that is chrooted off and very simple would work, as long as it has a way to verify who is communicating with it.06:06
SpamapSkaushal: looks like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openssh/+bug/379329/comments/3 has a workaround that will work for hardy.06:07
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 379329 in openssh "CVE-2008-5161: OpenSSH CBC plaintext recovery" [Low,Fix released]06:07
kaushalSpamapS: ok06:07
kaushalso is it to add this Ciphers aes128-ctr,aes256-ctr,arcfour256,arcfour,aes128-cbc,aes256-cbc to to ssh_config and sshd_config and restart the daemon and restart openssh server ?06:08
kaushaland then rescan the server again with OpenVAS Server ?06:09
Dark-SunSpamapS: hummm... i should read more about it, thanks ;)06:09
SpamapSkaushal: also mdeslaur has replied in bug #651720 about why the patch was not pushed back to hardy.06:10
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 651720 in openssh "Hardy OpenSSH version out-of-date - security risks" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65172006:10
Dark-SunSpamapS: did you mean "executing daemon with a user with limited root access"?06:11
kaushalSpamapS: ok06:12
SpamapSDark-Sun: the daemon would have to either run as root, or use something like sudo to temporarily elevate its privileges for each command.06:16
Dark-SunSpamapS: i see. thanks :)06:20
uvirtbotNew bug: #676304 in samba (main) "Samba fails with files having colon in file name" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67630407:24
Callum__is Empathy's MSN connecting broken for anyone else? the fix here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=10003289&postcount=17 is already applied but it still doesn't want to connect08:30
twbCallum__: that's probably offtopic for -server.08:31
Callum__oh, oops08:31
Callum__wrong channel08:31
twbSpamapS: I would do it by having the web page write to (say) /srv/www/rw/netfilter.rules, and have a separate root-owned cron job or inotify watcher that ran iptables-restore on it.08:32
twbAlthough obviously web-based management of ANYTHING is WRONG.08:33
twbalvin: what about it?09:16
alvinIt's only web-based09:18
twbAre you suggesting it *isn't* wrong?09:19
alvinCertainly. I prefer the command line, but m0n0wall is a very nice piece of software.09:24
twbMaybe you just have lower standards than I do09:27
alvinYou wouldn't say that if you had used m0n0wall, or something like it.09:28
twbUsing PHP in the boot sequence doesn't sound very clever to me.09:28
twbI can get behind standardizing on XML as a configuration file format, though.09:29
alvinneither is using upstart09:29
twbOh, definitely.  I hate upstart.09:29
binBASHdoes someone know if drbd replication is only one way or is it possible to write in both machines?09:29
twbalvin: the HTML they're using is pretty crap, at least.09:32
twbI can see they're using tables for alignment and <td class=th> instead of <th>, in the first thirty seconds of RTFSing09:33
_rubenbinBASH: master/master is supported09:34
alvintwb: You have m0n0wall running? Or do you mean their website itself?09:34
_rubendoes open up a nice can of worms though09:34
twbalvin: I'm reading http://svn.m0n0.ch/wall/tags/release-1.32/webgui09:34
twbalvin: obviously I'm not going to RUN anything PHP-based.09:35
alvinah, ok. Could be. But I only used it as an example of a well working and stable web-based systems. of course, there are others. Managing ZFS on Solaris web-based will simply not work, SWAT (samba) isn't the same as smb.conf either, and eBox isn't there yet. I only wanted to say there are exceptions.09:36
twb_ruben: say, you have a clue, and you know about drbd.09:36
twb_ruben: I have a deployment case with side-by-side identical hardware, each with a two-disk RAID1.  I want the backup unit's disks slaved to the production unit.  I have been doing nightly rsyncs, and I started looking at instead adding the slave's disks directly to the RAID1 (with --write-mostly) over AoE.09:36
twb_ruben: is drbd a better idea than aoe in that case?09:36
twbalvin: "it works" isn't the same as the Right Thing.09:37
twbalvin: as far as "it works for me" goes, I'm relatively impressed by OpenWRT's solution, which involves a YAML-esque configuration format for everything, which has both a nvram get/set-style CLI and a lua-based web UI.09:38
alvintwb: I agree. let's say: "it works very well and is stable". the Right Thing isn 't always the best solution. For example, Ubuntu removed libstdc++5 in Lucid. (Yes, the LTS). This broke many commercial applications and thus production systems. The right thing would have been to ask the commercial vendors to recompile their products, but you know you can't really do that.09:39
alvinGood to know :) I'll look at OpenWRT09:39
twbalvin: products that you can't recompile are inherently not The Right Thing :-)09:40
alvintwb: No, but tell that to the management if your company really relies on it.09:40
twbI could probably make a case that companies are the Wrong Thing, too -- but I'm not an economist :-)09:41
* twb impotently shakes fist at the world09:41
alvinthat brings a smile to my face09:42
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_rubentwb: afaik, drbd would be a nice a solution for that (dont have any hands-on experience with it yet though)10:30
twbNow I have to convince <boss> to pay for another day of learning drbd (on top of aoe)10:31
_rubenpersonally i'd prefer drbd over raid1+aoe10:32
_rubenthe latter sounds a tad hackish ;)10:32
twbNobody thought of drbd when aoe+md was proposed10:42
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twbThe rsync technique we've been using for ages -- before USB keys were bootable, and we were doing it from a live cd.11:01
uvirtbotNew bug: #676418 in etckeeper (main) "not installing http[s]+webdav" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67641811:02
jpdstwb: csync maybe?11:04
jpdsThough I agree with the +1 for drbd.11:04
_rubenso they're "offline" rsyncs??11:04
_rubenas in: not from the running system itself11:04
twb_ruben: no no11:04
twbWe have the slave run a live image, so to failover, all the monkey has to do is unplug the CD/USB key, and move the ethernet/power cables11:05
twbEr, s/power//, but you would need to reboot the slave11:05
twbmonkey-based failover was a core requirement11:06
twbConsider a lucid server running about twenty lucid containers (broadly, one per service).  End users do not have access to the dom0, and creating/reconfiguring/destroying containers is an infrequent activity.11:10
twbIs there ANY benefit to lxc-behind-libvirt instead of direct lxc?11:10
uvirtbotNew bug: #676439 in freeradius (main) "missing manpages, listed in the freeradius manpage" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67643911:36
_rubengrr, $PS1 gets set/reset/overwritten in tons of places .. /etc/bash.bashrc and also a .bashrc in each user's homedir, and even within those files there's multiple blocks to set $PS111:37
twb_ruben: why is that bad?11:38
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_rubentwb: no easy way to change the prompt globally11:39
_rubenguess i should mess up /etc/skel/ prior to adding users11:39
twb_ruben: why do you want to do that?11:40
twbI mean, /etc/bash.bashrc would be the Right Way, but it sounds like you want to prevent users changing it back to whatever they prefer11:40
_rubentwb: nah, i want to offer a saner default (fqdn instead of short name)11:40
twbThat's /etc/skel and/or /etc/bash.bashrc, then11:41
twbAnd too bad for existing users11:41
_rubenfresh servers and only handful of users, so it's not big a deal, is kinda annoying though .. the only diff between root's .bashrc and users' .bashrc is the bash autocompletion being disabled for root11:42
_rubena saner approach would've been to use /etc/skel/.bashrc as /etc/bash.bashrc and give root it's own .bashrc (which it already has)11:42
_rubencurrent approach sems like a cludge to me11:42
twb_ruben: I am *strongly* opposed to putting "clever" things in the default /etc/bash.bashrc11:43
twbRHEL does that and it makes me livid11:43
twbe.g. I ssh into a RHEL box and it changes my terminal title to gibberish11:43
twbAnd if you, a user, want to *disable* such functionality, your .bashrc becomes horribly complicated by lines like "if I running on RHEL>=3 then unset magic_variable; magic_function() {:;}"11:44
_rubenwhy would a .bashrc nee... oh, home-on-nfs for instance11:45
twbOr even if you store $HOME in a VCS11:45
twbEven the bloody command-not-found stuff annoys me11:46
twbunset command_not_found_handle # Ignore Ubuntu's attempt to slow exit(126) to a crawl.11:46
_rubenif only i could trick bash to show the fqdn to show up for \h .. then again, even the supposed-to-work \H doesnt result in fqdn being displayed11:47
twbThen there's http://paste.debian.net/100030/ for when you're sshing from Debian/Ubuntu to a server without locales11:48
_rubenwhy not just install command-not-found? :P11:48
twb_ruben: because I don't have root on all hosts11:48
twbAnd even if I did, other users might want that11:48
twb(Remember those "server" things that have >>1 user? ;-P)11:48
* twb rages on re-discovering you can't use kvm -curses with the lucid installer11:49
_rubeni probably am the only user who actually cares about this stuff (users are sysadmins in my case, with only bare minimum linux knowledge)11:50
alvinIs there an option for df I'm not seeing? I want df to output in bytes instead of kilobytes.11:52
twbalvin: df -B 1 ?11:53
alcyor df --blocksize=111:54
twbSame thing11:54
alvintwb: ok, a valid option I didn't see. Thanks. (It also appears that the manual is not entirely correct. 1k blocks are used by default while the manual says 512b)11:54
alvin...and that's also in the man. I was looking at the man of another version...11:55
_rubenDisk space is shown in 1K blocks by default, unless the environment variable POSIXLY_CORRECT is set, in which case 512-byte blocks are used.11:55
alvinYes, just saw it :-)11:55
alcywhere can I check out the installer's code ?11:55
alcyserver installer11:56
jpdsalcy: apt-get source debian-installer11:56
alcyjpds: doh. thanks. :)11:58
twbOne day I'll set POSIXLY_CORRECT just to laugh at how much breaks11:58
twbDid we decide where -t cgroup should be mounted, since /cgroup is a FHS violation?12:01
_rubenbah .. with linux you can create a tunnel using ipv6 endpoints and carrying both ipv4 and ivp6 inside (mode any), but you can't do so over ipv4 :(12:03
_rubenoh well, enough reason to tunnel ipv4 over ipv4 and ipv6 over ipv612:03
twb_ruben: just get native ipv6, man12:03
twbEr, maaaaaan12:03
_rubentwb: i do, but i don't have a vlan (yet) between the various pops12:04
* twb squints12:06
twbIf you have a native ipv6 connection to the IPv6 internet, surely you don't need a vlan12:06
twbunless you mean you want to encrypt ipv6 traffic passing across the ipv6 internet?12:07
=== oubiwann is now known as oubiwann-away
* jpds hugs the native v6 internets12:08
=== oubiwann-away is now known as oubiwann
ZMohi, which is the better choise between maverick and luci for a KVM/corosync server? where i can get these kind of information, to know what is really changed about single kernel between these two distro? Thanks12:08
joschiZMo: if you plan to use that system some time, use the LTS release (-> lucid)12:11
joschiZMo: and for the kernel changes you'll need to check the kernel changelogs from kernel.org (or at least the short logs from kernelnewbies.org)12:11
_rubentwb: dynamic routing between pops, that requires 'direct' connections between pops, so either vlans or tunnels12:13
ZMojoschi, so is theren't a ubuntu kernel changelog?12:13
joschiZMo: yes, but these only contain infos about the patches applied by debian/ubuntu to the respective kernel versions12:14
alvinZMo: I'd also check Launchpad in order to know what bugs you will encounter in each version and whether they are important to you.12:15
_rubenweird, openipmi package refers to /etc/sysconfig/ipmi .. didn't know debian/ubuntu even used to that dir12:18
twbbad docs12:18
twbbad docs?12:18
_rubenugh, more fail in the initscript12:29
_rubentouches a file in /var/lock/subsys/, without checking if that dir even exists12:29
Ben604don't suppose I could you trouble you guys for some support12:35
twbDebian Policy requires that /var/run and /var/lock be supported as tmpfses12:35
twb!ask | Ben60412:36
ubottuBen604: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:36
Ben604we're running ubuntu server within hyper-v, behind an internet proxy server12:36
Ben604we can ping to our internal network fine12:36
Ben604but can't reach the big wide world12:36
Ben604the proxy settings match our other, non-virtualised, linux boxes12:37
Ben604which can connect to the outside world fine.  Which leads me to believe it's a problem with hyper-v?12:37
twbBen604: so on the virtual Ubuntu server, you're running http_proxy=http://proxy.example.org:8080/ w3m http://example.net/ ?12:37
Ben604yeah, that's correct12:37
twbWhat error does it give?12:38
twbSuch issues are easiest to debug with "curl -vso/dev/null http://example.net/", but you probably don't have curl installed.12:38
twbwget -vO/dev/null, I think, is the nearest equivalent12:39
Ben604actually, that worked...12:39
Ben604I'll be more specific12:39
twbBen604: OK, pastebin the output from curl12:39
Ben604we definitely haven't got curl installed, I've just been reliably informed12:40
twbOh, you mean the *w3m* call worked?12:41
Ben604it seems, that when I enter this command: http_proxy=http://proxy.example.org:8080/ w3m http://example.net/ ? it works fine, but it won't ping12:41
twbICMP won't work unless hyperv is bridging or natting traffic from the VM12:42
twbIf I were you, I'd ssh into your router(s) and start tcpdumping12:43
Ben604we're trying to get some packages through apt-get, but that won't find anything, we've added the proxy settings to the etc/apt/apt.conf12:43
Ben604(sorry about this, I'm sure you've noticed that I'm not exactly a long time Linux user!)12:44
twbIgnorance is fine, as long as you're prepared to learn12:44
Ben604can I use "ping" instead of "w3m" as a command?12:45
twbSure, but ping uses ICMP, not HTTP/TCP12:46
_rubenBen604: if w3m worked, try: sudo http_proxy=http://proxy.example.org:8080/ apt-get update12:46
twb_ruben: he just set $http_proxy in /etc/apt/apt.conf, so he should be OK for apt-get runs from now on12:46
_rubentwb: trying to rule out a wrong apt conf12:47
_rubenalso, on proxied systems like this, it might be "useful" to just export http_proxy12:47
_rubenany decent proxy-aware app will then use the proxy12:48
Ben604sudo http_proxy=http://proxy.example.org:8080/ apt-get update  worked12:48
Ben604so it looks like the apt.conf file is the problem.12:49
_rubenBen604: so either fix the apt config, or add 'export http_proxy=http://proxy.example.org:8080/' to your login script12:49
twbPreferably both12:50
_rubenwouldn't harm indeed12:50
twb$ ssh ueo cat /etc/apt/apt.conf12:51
twbAcquire::http::Proxy "http://proxy:8080/";12:51
twbThat's what is *should* look like.12:51
Ben604guys, thank you very much!  nfs-common is now installing12:51
Ben604just checked apt.conf, didn't have "/" at the end, would that have been critical?12:53
_rubenapparently ;)12:54
Ben604aw, isn't the linux community ace12:55
Ben604through irc too!  It's almost as if it's 1997 again12:55
_rubenaww bugger, ip's man page is horribly outdated12:56
eriksson25Need help, WARNING: missing /lib/modules/2.6.35-22-generic, I need to reinstall the kernel to /lib/modules12:58
eriksson25But how?12:58
_rubendebian 50406412:58
uvirtbotDebian bug 504064 in iproute "ip: missing documentation for ip link add|del" [Normal,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/50406412:58
alvinBen604: What version of Ubuntu are you running as a virtual machine?12:58
ojiihi everyone12:59
ojiiI try to install rabbitmq-server on my ubuntu 8.04 server using the rabbitmq apt repository, but it complains about an old erlang-base version. how could I update that?13:00
twberiksson25: apt-get install --reinstall linux-image-2.6.35-22-generic ?13:06
twberiksson25: you should probably investigate what caused the issue13:06
twb_ruben: my ip manpage explains ip link add... (sid)13:07
eriksson25Noob behind the keybord.13:07
_rubentwb: ah, nice13:09
twbWTF, man13:09
twbapt-get install ubuntu-keyring wants to pull in imagemagick and xloadimage13:09
_ruben10.10 does too apparently (list link add)13:10
_rubentwb: only depends on gnupg (on lucid)13:10
eriksson25How do I solve this?13:13
eriksson25***WARNING:*** You do not have the full kernel sources installed.13:13
eriksson25This does not prevent you from building the v4l-dvb tree if you have the13:13
eriksson25kernel headers, but the full kernel source may be required in order to use13:13
eriksson25make menuconfig / xconfig / qconfig.13:13
_rubeneither install the full kernel source or ignore the warning13:14
twbWhy are you trying to compile anything from source?13:14
eriksson25I am trying to compile mantis driver for a tv card.13:16
eriksson25And I get that error, and then13:16
eriksson25make[1]: Entering directory `/home/eriksson25/s2-liplianin/v4l'13:16
eriksson25perl scripts/make_config_compat.pl /lib/modules/2.6.35-22-generic/build ./.myconfig ./config-compat.h13:16
eriksson25File not found: /lib/modules/2.6.35-22-generic/build/include/linux/netdevice.h at scripts/make_config_compat.pl line 15.13:16
eriksson25make[1]: *** [config-compat.h] Error 213:16
eriksson25It worked fine before, but then I needed to reinstall ubuntu after a hdd crash, and now....13:17
_rubeni'd start by installing just the kernel headers, might be sufficient13:19
eriksson25sudo apt-get install mercurial linux-headers-$(uname -r) build-essential13:19
eriksson25not helping13:20
twbHow do you write an upstart job that takes an argument?13:22
twbI want to write a dozen /etc/init/lxc-foo.conf with identical contents except for the VM name they refer to ("foo").13:22
* _ruben makes an uneducated guess: not possible? :P13:23
twbGoddamn upstart13:23
twbThey have a special case for mounting filesystems, and a special case for rc.conf, but for us end users have to do everything by hand.13:24
twb_ruben: I reckon I know13:28
twb_ruben: you have lxc.conf that says "start on filesystem" and it's *body* is "for CONTAINER in $CONTAINERS; do start lxc-container CONTAINER=$CONTAINER; done"13:29
twbThen you have lxc-container.conf which has a body referring to $CONTAINER13:29
sorentwb: Yup, that's what I'd do.13:39
sorentwb: (remember the "instance $CONTAINER" line)13:40
sorentwb: Otherwise it won't know to key off that variable.13:40
twbsoren: do you know offhand how to match "all filesystems are up and all interfaces are up"?13:43
sorentwb: There is no such notion.13:44
sorentwb: There never was.13:44
sorentwb: How will anyone know if I'm going to stick another USB disk or NIC in the box in two minutes?13:45
twbI don't want to say e.g. "start when br-lan is up", because some containers will need a different interface13:45
twbsoren: OK, the debian lxc LSB hader I'm translating has Required-Start and Required-Stop of $syslog $remote_fs13:46
twbMy gods.  That actually seemed to work13:52
twbsoren: care to sanity-check it? http://paste.debian.net/100036/13:58
=== zul is now known as ep
=== ep is now known as zul
sorentwb: Is the space before .conf here intentional: do start lxc-container CONTAINER="$(basename "$CONTAINER") .conf"14:01
twbYes; it changes /etc/lxc/foo.conf to just foo14:01
sorenUm... No.14:02
sorenIf it were inside the parentheses, yes.14:02
twb# basename /etc/lxc/foo.conf .conf foo14:02
twbOh, sorry, I se14:02
sorenThat's not what you're doing, though.14:02
twbIt's because upstart conf files aren't sh, so Emacs doesn't highlight the ""'s correctly and I don't spot the mistake :-/14:03
twbscratch that, I still would've missed it14:03
sorenI wouldn't have thought export was necessary.14:03
soren...but other than that, it looks ok.14:03
sorenWell, yeah, it's fine.14:04
twbI'm not sure if it'll shutdown cleanly14:04
twbSeems to have gone tits-up during reboot14:06
twbNow I'm confused14:14
twbafter a reboot, "status lxc-container CONTAINER=hera" says there's no such instance -- but lxc-ls and lxc-ps can see it.14:14
twbIf I manually run "start lxc", I can see the "lxc-container (hera) start/running" line on tty114:16
twbBut "status lxc-container CONTAINER=hera" still fails.14:16
twbTHEN, I manually run "start lxc-container CONTAINER=hera", and it *does* start, I can see it on tty1 and I can see its processes14:16
eriksson25Anyone that can help me, have been strugeling with this for 3h straight.14:26
eriksson25make -C /home/eriksson25/s2-liplianin/v4l14:26
eriksson25make[1]: Entering directory `/home/eriksson25/s2-liplianin/v4l'14:26
eriksson25perl scripts/make_config_compat.pl /lib/modules/2.6.35-22-generic/build ./.myconfig ./config-compat.h14:26
eriksson25File not found: /lib/modules/2.6.35-22-generic/build/include/linux/netdevice.h at scripts/make_config_compat.pl line 15.14:26
eriksson25make[1]: *** [config-compat.h] Error 214:26
eriksson25make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/eriksson25/s2-liplianin/v4l'14:26
eriksson25make: *** [all] Error 214:26
hallyntwb: one thing that came out of UDS-n was that auto-starting of containers (and bridges for them) ought to be handled by libvirt.  (which means we first need to write a driver to have libvirt use contaienrs, but...)14:27
zulwait i thought there was one already/14:27
twbhallyn: I have yet to find a compelling reason to install libvirt14:28
hallynzul: (assuming that was to me) no, you can pretend to some degree, but the contaienrs are different14:28
twbNote: libvirt already knows how to use LXC containers, directly, not using lxc-*(8).14:28
Amginemysql, after upgrade, fails to start, no socket created at /var/run/mysqld/. Error 2002 when trying ~$ mysql. my.cnf appears vanilla, has correct socket =.14:29
hallynthe libvirt contaienrs are very limited (and shoudln't exist in that form)14:29
AmgineHow do I further trouble shoot mysql?14:29
twbhallyn: OK, you've encouraged me not to use libvirt for containers in lucid :-)14:30
hallyntwb: to have libvirt work with lxc containers I had to do http://s3hh.wordpress.com/2010/09/07/easier-creation-of-libvirt-lxc-containers/.14:30
hallyntwb: my original thought had been lets have an upstart script for lxc.  the consensus at the talk was 'that's what libvirt does'  <shrug>14:31
zulhallyn: heh maybe i should bookmark that ;)14:31
twbhallyn: but that won't happen until the next LTS for me, so basically I'll ignore it14:32
twbhallyn: "(Mind you, shutdown from inside a container doesn’t work – you have to just kill init from the outside.)"14:33
twbhallyn: did you solve that?14:34
hallyn08:32 < twb> hallyn: but that won't happen until the next LTS for me, so basically I'll ignore it14:34
twbI'm getting the same behaviour without libvirt14:34
twbi.e. text-only dom0, text-only domu, run "lxc-start -n foo", log in and run "halt" -- it just sits there.14:35
twbBut "lxc-stop -n foo" works from a second shell on the dom014:35
hallynregarding shutdown, not solved for libvirt.  lxc claims solve it somehow through the parent of the init14:35
hallyn'halt' works for me in lxc containers14:36
hallynoh, but im' on maverick14:36
twbhallyn: inlxc 0.6 or 0.7?14:36
hallynyeah i don't really use 0.6 much14:36
twbOK, I think that's something lxc fixed post-lucid.  I'll try backporting maverick's lxc.14:36
eriksson25Hi, Anyway to remove linux headers, and source, and reinstall it all? How would I type then?14:37
twbsupport shutdown/reboot with upstart within a system container14:37
twberiksson25: "aptitude reinstall <package name>"?14:38
zulSpamapS: ping...lemme know when you are around14:38
hallyntwb: when you get your upstart script tuned, can you send it to the lxc or contaienrs list?14:39
twbhallyn: I might just give up and use the debian sysvinit script (which starts them asynchronously, and stops them synchronously).14:40
twbPing me about it next week, by which time I should have decided what to do14:40
hallyntwb: will do, thanks14:40
twbWhere "next week" means, like, eight days from now, not next monday :0)14:41
twbhallyn: btw, do you know how to define a container that has >1 virtual interface?14:42
hallyntwb: pretty sure you just list two in your .conf file14:44
twbHow does it know where each stanzas ends?14:45
twbnever mind, I'll test it out sometime14:45
hallynthe next 'lxc.network.type' i believe.14:45
uvirtbotNew bug: #676503 in openldap (main) "slapd 2.4.21 memory leak in syncprov" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67650314:47
twbOooh.  I had forgotten that "lxc-stop" is a hard-stop14:47
twbI will need to fix the shutdown script do something like "timeout 2m lxc-execute -n $container telinit 0 || lxc-stop -n $container"14:49
a_okIs there a way to make cpufreq work on 10.04?14:57
a_okI seem to mis a few modules14:57
twba_ok: just set the scaling governor at boot time, then leave it alone15:00
a_oktwb: how do I do that?15:01
twb$ cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor ==> ondemand15:01
twbIf you get that, you're done -- you have nothing to do15:01
a_okah thanks!15:01
a_oktwb: no such file...15:02
a_okthe cpufreq dir does not even exist15:03
twbOK, please pastebin the output of "lsmod" and "cat /proc/cpuinfo"15:03
twbFWIW, I have a bog standard 10.04 install and it has picked the ondemand governor without any input from me.15:04
twbIf you're not using an Intel amd64 processor it might have a harder time...15:05
a_oktwb: I don't have any cpufreq modules here (i mean not to be found anywhere) so that should explain it15:11
twb"cpufreq" isn't a module15:12
a_oktwb: on my 8.04 servers I have cpufreq_conservative.ko cpufreq_ondemand.ko cpufreq_powersave.ko cpufreq_stats.ko and cpufreq_userspace.ko15:14
a_okdo you have those?15:14
twbWell, sure.  Those are the governors.15:15
twbYou also need a driver, like acpi-thingy or p4-clockmod15:15
afeijohi guys15:16
afeijoI have an error with this script /usr/share/dtc/admin/cron.php15:16
afeijoPHP Warning: Module imap already loaded in Unknown on line 015:16
afeijoit is emailing me every 10 minutes, lol15:16
afeijoI cant find the problem :(15:16
* cwillu_at_work fails to refrain from pointing out that your problem is php15:17
afeijocwillu_at_work: probably, but I didnt install it, isnt dtc part of ubuntu?15:17
cwillu_at_work!info dtc15:18
ubottuPackage dtc does not exist in maverick15:18
twbcwillu_at_work: I have an infobot entry "most problems can be fixed by installing Debian".  I should write another one: "most web problems can be fixed by removing PHP"15:18
a_oktwb: http://pastebin.com/yVPVZVrD15:18
cwillu_at_work"Most problems can be fixed by installing Debian.  The remainder are fixed by removing PHP"15:18
a_okas you can see est is in there15:18
twbcwillu_at_work: well, no.  The implication of the former is that the other problems are the ones introduced by Debian15:19
twbLike, say, "I can't play crysis anymore"15:19
cwillu_at_workthis is a problem?15:19
a_oktwb: well as I don't have any goveners at all or acpi-cpufreq (p4-clockmod is presend but won't load manually) id say this kernel does not support it...15:19
twba_ok: "dmesg -c >/root/dmesg~; modprobe acpi_cpufreq; dmesg"15:20
twbp4-clockmod is, unsurprisingly, for Pentium 4s15:20
twbAn E5520 is generationally about at acpi_cpufreq.ko15:21
a_okFATAL: Module acpi_cpufreq not found.15:21
twba_ok: well, WTF15:21
twba_ok: is this a stock 10.04 kernel?15:21
a_oktwb: yep the server one that is15:21
twbI give up, sorry15:21
a_okill try to see if there is an update15:22
twb2.6.32-25-server x86_64 here, acpi_cpufreq exists and is in use15:22
twbSorry, I tell a lie.  acpi_cpufreq doesn't exist, I *do* have working ondemand governor15:23
twbacpi_cpufreq is apparently compiled in (i.e. =y) in Ubuntu kernels15:24
twba_ok: read through dmesg~, see if anything jumps out at you15:24
a_oktwb: do I still need to install cpufreq-utils?15:25
twbuserspace packages have been obsolete for years15:26
a_oklol now they tell me15:26
twbSorry, I should've mentioned that at the start15:28
twbTechnically they're still useful if you want to switch from "ondemand" or "powersave" (on battery) to "performance" (on AC), but in practice you get that effect by just leaving it on "ondemand"15:29
a_oktwb: yeah I want it on ondemand. I guess that 5520 is to new for the driver or something15:33
twbi wouldn't have thought so15:33
a_okwell nothing is loaded that is for sure15:33
twbHm, my Q9550 doesn't have it15:34
a_okdoes not have what?15:34
twbNo /sys/class/devices/cpu15:34
TeTeTany ideas why the following iscsi tgt targets.conf will not work in an exported target? Setting it up per command line is fine: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/533489/15:34
twbOops, that's an 8.04+openvz kernel15:35
a_oktwb: you mentioned another dir by the way15:35
a_ok /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu015:35
twbIn 8.04+openvz I can modprobe acpi_cpufreq and get a governor15:35
twba_ok: cpu0 is just the first cpu (or core)15:35
a_okyeah I can do the same on my 8.0415:36
a_oktwb: I mean you are looking at class now15:36
twba_ok: same shit15:36
twb /sys is incestuous15:36
twbit's 2:40AM, I'm going home15:37
a_okthanks for the help15:37
a_okIll file a repport or something15:37
kaushalAre there certifications for Individuals on Ubuntu Server similar in the lines of RHCE ?16:06
uvirtbotNew bug: #676544 in bacula (main) "package bacula-director-mysql 5.0.1-1ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67654416:06
talntidrunning ubuntu server... i have three servers. server1 can ping server2 and server3 fine. the ping runs fast, and has low ping time.16:17
talntidserver2 and server3, when they ping each other, or the server1, the ping time is low, but when i press enter to ping, it can take up to 3 seconds for the ping result to show. but it is still 0.1ms...16:18
talntidany ideas why the ping command would be so sluggish, but still return acceptable ping times?16:18
joschitalntid: sluggish name resolution16:19
joschitalntid: check the name servers in your /etc/resolv.conf16:19
talntidthey match the fast server, except....16:21
=== SirFiChi is now known as ihCiFriS
TeTeTkaushal: the Ubuntu Certified Professional certification was suspended, currently there's nothing like RHCE. You can still do the Ubuntu Professional course though16:21
talntid10.21.2.21 is listed before  on the sluggish machines, and on the speedy one, 1.21 is listed first16:21
joschitalntid: test them with `dig` on each machine16:23
talntidactually, isn't pingable......16:23
joschitalntid: so? icmp echo replies can be filtered16:23
talntidright, but it's not... it was -down-16:24
talntidnow the machine is up16:24
talntidping is fast now.16:24
teep_I'm running Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS on a DL-380, serving primarily as Apache+php+mysql server and I've suffered recurring failures... about once a month, the webserver would run and serve some pages but I wouldn't be able to access the file system or the database and eventually the whole thing would come to a grinding halt... after a hard reboot it would work fine and I'd find no clue other than that syslog stopped logging a few days before16:34
teep_I have the same problem at this very moment... I can ssh, list processes, kill processes and some other tasks... but shell will freeze completely on commands such as 'top' and 'ls /'16:35
teep_does anyone have any clue what it could be or what I could try to test, right now, to find out more?16:35
air^teep_: regular harddrives? hw raid? or san?16:40
alvinteep_: see bug 407862 for the syslog. About the rest: have you tried logging in with another username? I have the same problem when encountering bug 635181. Logging in with another user works, and then I can reboot the system.16:40
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 407862 in rsyslog "Messages not being sent to system logs" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40786216:40
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 635181 in linux "High load average on Lucid for nominal/idle system use" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63518116:40
SpamapSzul: pong I'm here now, wassup?16:40
teep_hw raid16:40
zulSpamapS: we are behind in the merges wanna divide up the list and get cracking?16:41
SpamapSzul: sure, I'm still working on php16:41
teep_I can log in at the moment and I think I can do a normal reboot... but I'd rather find out what's up16:41
zulSpamapS: really?16:41
SpamapSzul: well I had to stop to get my specs done16:41
zulSpamapS: heh16:42
ScottKteep_: hard drives full (df)?16:42
SpamapSzul: is there any point in sending stuff back to debian while they're still frozen?16:43
teep_no, checked that, hard drives not full16:44
zulSpamapS: not really...just queue it up16:44
SpamapSzul: I mean I guess its good to get the stuff into BTS16:44
teep_I was killing syslog processes to see if they locked things up but that didn't help16:44
teep_interestingly, shutting down apache with /etc/init.d/apache2 stop worked fine, but restarting it with start threw an error that the socket is already in use16:45
ScottKSpamapS: As long as you give it an appropriate priority (like the DSO linking stuff is still wishlist in Debian), it's good to go ahead.16:47
teep_commands like w and netstat cause the shell to freeze16:49
SpamapSzul: I'm still wrapping up my last spec, if you want to pick a few merges I'll pick whats left and get started in about an hour.16:49
teep_and I notice now that doing a ps, those commands aren't listed16:49
talntidteep_, hows memory usage?16:49
zulSpamapS: sure16:49
teep_talntid: how can I see this without running top?16:50
zulSpamapS: but first i must eat16:50
teep_free causes the shell to freeze16:51
talntidi'm thinking your memory is full. memory leak maybe... but likely. it's full16:51
talntidcat /proc/meminfo16:52
teep_talntid: I can still open new shells though... and if I don't use certain commands, the system appears quite responsive16:52
Mezcan anyone reccomend a good hosting company in DE?16:52
teep_talntid: ah, cat /proc/meminfo works and lists 6GB free out of 10GB16:53
talntidok.. hmm..16:53
teep_cat /proc/loadavg yields 40.98 40.19 38.36 ... that seems a bit high?16:55
talntidvery high16:56
jpdsteep_: Nice.16:56
teep_now how to determine which process is running amock, without the help of top?16:57
talntidand without ps16:57
talntidsee what files are open?16:58
teep_lsof causes a freeze, alas16:58
bluethundrI am attempting to patch openssh to add the LPK patch.. but the process is failing and I have a question about some things I am finding in the rej files16:59
bluethundrto me it looks like (among other things) am missing some libraries17:00
bluethundrshouldn't the ubuntu equivalent of red hat yum whatprovides be apt-cache search to find these missing libaries?17:00
=== jdstrand is now known as jdstrand_
alvinteep_: That's an enormous load. Can you run iotop?17:11
teep_alvin, nope, iotop freezes17:11
teep_I notice now that apache2 never really stopped... trying to kill it17:12
teep_there is no pid file for apache217:13
talntidkillall apache217:16
teep_killall freezes17:17
teep_funny thing is... doing a kill -9 on an individual apache2 process doesn't seem to respawn it... instead, it just keeps running17:19
bluethundris there any ubuntu specific version of the openssh source?17:25
teep_right... I'm off for now... alvin , talntid and the rest... thanks for your help so far!17:27
bluethundrI am attempting to patch it on 10.10 but dpkg is complaining about missing the debian/changelog17:28
burntoutlamphey people not sure if you're the right groupt o ask this or not but I need an open source alternative to active directory17:29
bluethundrburntoutlamp, LDAP17:29
burntoutlamp-.- anything easier than manually configging LDAP and Kerberos etc?17:29
burntoutlampapps perhaps similar to AD?17:29
bluethundrconfiguring LDAP and kerberos IS easy ;)17:30
burntoutlampfor you lol I am a n00b17:30
bluethundrbest way to become a non n00b is to practice my friend .. heh.. persistence pays17:30
c0nv1ctdoesn't samba3 have PDC support that is a bit more noob friendly?17:30
bluethundrI think it does17:31
c0nv1ctor was that samba417:31
highvoltagehu spike17:31
burntoutlampbluethundr, to be honest I am on a time constraint as well. I would love to take the time to do that but I am somewhat crunched.17:31
bluethundrhmm ok.. not sure what to recommend other than LDAP.. sorry17:32
spikeI've deboostrapped lucid and bundled it for ec2 with --kernel $aki . the instance boots up and on getconsole I can see a login prompt but it seems to have done nothing else17:32
bluethundranyone have any idea on best way to deal with the lack of debian/changelog in patching openssh?17:32
spikeie it doesn't seem like it even tried to start the network or any daemon17:32
burntoutlampbluethundr, thanks dude17:32
bluethundrburntoutlamp, no prob17:33
spikeany idea what it might be?17:33
burntoutlampI did find 389 dir server but it's fedora :<17:34
bluethundr389 indicates LDAP does it not? is this some slick simplification of LDAP of which I am unaware?17:35
J_PHi all17:35
burntoutlampmaybe I dunno? like I said I am new. It is LDAP but I think makes it easy for people like me. I think I just might have stumbled upon an Apache solution also17:37
burntoutlampapache directory server17:37
J_PI have problem using this: smbmount // /home/pc/net -o username=test,password=test => mount error(1): Operation not permitted. Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs)17:37
J_PBut if I execute that as superuser works..17:38
burntoutlampso if anyone else is interested I managed to just stumble upon that. and the site osalt.com in case anyone is not aware. this is great17:38
J_PBut I need to mount with mormal user.. How I do?17:38
bluethundrdoes anyone know where I can download karmic koala 9.10 server off the top of their head?17:38
bluethundrnevermind :) http://releases.ubuntu.com/karmic/17:39
zulDaviey: ping17:40
Davieyzul: o/17:41
zulDaviey: umm...did you review the merge?17:41
Davieyzul: i branched it....17:42
=== NG_ is now known as ng_
Davieyzul: started looking :)17:42
zulDaviey: uh huh :)17:42
zulmathiaz: ping17:49
mathiazzul: o/17:49
zulmathiaz: so puppet in natty right now is a rc mind if we update it?17:49
mathiazzul: about to upload the final release17:50
mathiazzul: ie 2.6.317:50
zulmathiaz: excelente thanks!17:50
Davieyzul: branch looks awesome too me!17:51
zulDaviey: cool ill upload it then17:51
Davieyzul: sorry for the delay... really, i am17:51
zulDaviey: riiiiight ;)17:51
NightDragonhello all17:54
NightDragonquestion: i have a Dell PE 6800, is there a way for me to install DRAC on it?17:54
NightDragonspecifically, the DRAC gui would be nice17:54
patdk-wkisn't the whole point of drac is remote management? not local?17:55
NightDragonyes, but i'm not sure how to access it17:55
NightDragon(When you buy your server from an auction for 140 bux, documentation isnt really a big priority for the seller :-/)17:56
NightDragonright now i can mess with IPMI a little bit through 'ipmitool'17:56
patdk-wkit probably doesn't have real drac then, just drac-express17:56
NightDragonno, the thing has a full blown DRAC if i remember correctly17:56
NightDragon*2600, sorry17:56
NightDragonwell actually17:57
NightDragonhow do i check this?17:57
Davieyzul / mathiaz: Should we look to unify the debian and ubuntu puppet packages?17:57
zulDaviey: in the long run yes imho17:58
sahuaroazWhat is everyone using to set services to start at boot? Is chkconfig taking hold?17:58
Davieyzul: If you are looking to do some work on puppet, would it be worth discussing it with the DM?  We are currently on a higher version than they are17:58
patdk-wkoh yuk17:58
patdk-wkpe2600 + drac is pretty much crap17:59
patdk-wkit requires os support to do anything at all17:59
NightDragonaah shit17:59
NightDragonstupid windows17:59
zulDaviey: yeah when debian unfreezes probably :)17:59
NightDragonwell, at least it makes a hell of a samba server for 140 bux :)17:59
Davieyzul: i thought it had now thawed?17:59
NightDragonactually, patdk i have a DRAC card at the ofic18:00
zulDaviey: i thought it was still forzen18:00
NightDragonfor a 265018:00
NightDragonits probably plug-and-play compatable, yes?18:00
patdk-wkno idea18:01
patdk-wkI have never used drac18:01
patdk-wkI use ilo2 a lot though18:01
NightDragonright now it would be great to be able to manage hardware features through a GUI of some sort on my 2600.18:01
NightDragonit seems that DRAC does that, but if theres something else, then i'm all for it18:02
Davieyzul: Unstable has had lotta uploads recently18:02
NightDragonright now my only problem with the server whatsoever is that i'm getting correctable ECC memory errors that i have to clear18:02
zulDaviey: meh....18:05
mathiazDaviey: we're already in sync18:11
mathiazDaviey: I'm working from the debian maintainer tree18:11
Davieymathiaz: rly?18:11
mathiazDaviey: http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-puppet/puppet.git;a=summary18:11
Davieymathiaz: ahh, rather than syncing?18:12
mathiazDaviey: natty and maverick branches are already hosted on alioth18:12
mathiazDaviey: because debian is frozen, the latest version of puppet is not in unstable18:12
mathiazDaviey: and the debian maintainers are focusing on squeeze18:12
mathiazDaviey: but we're already in sync18:13
mathiazDaviey: ie all the ubuntu changes are in the master branch18:13
Davieymathiaz: Ah, ok - that sounds great18:13
Davieymathiaz: Is there an ETA for an updated Unstable package?18:14
mathiazDaviey: nope18:14
mathiazDaviey: and unstable is currently used for getting packages into squeeze18:14
mathiazDaviey: so as long as squeeze is not released there won't be any new packages uploaded to unstable that are syncable18:14
Davieymathiaz: experimental ?18:14
mathiazDaviey: yes - that would be the case18:15
mathiazDaviey: however the master is not uploaded to experimental18:15
Davieymathiaz: are you one of the DM's?18:15
mathiazDaviey: no18:15
mathiazDaviey: I only have commit access to the git repo18:15
hggdhJamesPage: what would we need to run Hudson now -- would, for example, http://cloudbees.com/ work?18:16
Davieymathiaz: zul seems to be keen to update the package to Final... if he pushes you a diff, can you sponsor it into debian git tree? :)18:16
mathiazDaviey: I'm about to upload the latest release to natty18:16
mathiazDaviey: the work is already done18:16
Davieymathiaz: hmm... the debian git tree still looks like rc3?18:17
mathiazDaviey: yes - because I haven't pushed it yet18:17
Davieyoh great... i'll shut up then :)18:18
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J_Phey.. anyone can help me with mount samba shared?18:22
J_P I have problem using this: smbmount // /home/pc/net -o username=test,password=test => mount error(1): Operation not permitted. Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs)18:22
J_Pwith super user works18:23
SpamapSkirkland: hey, approx is pretty nice.. :)18:38
SpamapSkirkland: a lot easier than trying to make sure squid-deb-proxy-client gets installed. :)18:38
ScottKSpamapS: But you still have an SRU to finish.18:40
SpamapSScottK: I have so .. so much to do. ;) Which one? the ipvsadm sru? The mongodb sru? :-P18:41
ScottKSpamapS: Wasn't there one for squid-deb-proxy?18:41
SpamapSScottK: yes, there is... I suppose I should throw a branch up with "the solution" rather than just pointing out the problem. :)18:42
SpamapSI actually think for a simple LAN setup, pre-seeding squid-deb-proxy-client is probably easier than trying to override DNS...18:43
* ScottK doesn't have an opinion on the implementation, just that it ought to get fixed.18:44
=== oubiwann is now known as oubiwann-away
SpamapSIndeed, its severely broken as it stands right now.18:46
=== oubiwann-away is now known as oubiwann
=== zul_ is now known as zul
* SpamapS wonders if somebody has already written a command like 'ec2build' that does your build on a fresh ec2/euca instance...18:49
zulSpamapS: yes its called vmbuilder :)18:53
RoAkSoAx\/win 1118:54
SpamapSzul: err, huh?18:56
SpamapSzul: vmbuilder makes me a VM ... I want it to spawn a VM, copy the source package up, and build it.18:56
zulSpamapS: vmbuilder makes your euca/ec2 iimages for you18:57
SpamapSzul: no I want to use the stock ec2 image18:57
SpamapSlike.. ec2build -d maverick-amd64-c1.medium php5_blah.src18:58
zulSpamapS: ah ok...thats different18:58
SpamapSyeah... its that or buy a cheap 4 core box for doing builds here at home18:58
zulSpamapS: you might be iobound rather than cpubound when you are using the ec2 instances to build though19:02
zulbut cheap virtualized (fake) 4 core box19:03
ScottKRiddell recently built all of KDE pretty quickly on EC2.19:05
SpamapSzul: but I will not be killing my machine, which is the main goal. :)19:09
wiredfoolany reason that my 10.04 servers would be periodically contacting bignay|auckland|atemoya.canonical.com? it's not updates, as I have a local apt-proxy19:09
SpamapSwiredfool: did your servers come pre-installed w/ Ubuntu by any chance?19:10
wiredfoolthey're virtual machines19:10
wiredfoolso, no.19:11
SpamapSwiredfool: ah, then probably just the root kit canonical puts in the regular builds phoning home waiting for world domination orders. ;)19:11
wiredfoolI'm sure that's what an auditor would think19:11
SpamapSwiredfool: whether or not you have a local apt-proxy, it may be that apt isn't using it all the time.19:12
SpamapSauditors think what they're paid to think19:12
wiredfoolhmm.  maybe that's a dist-upgrade check19:12
ScottKNTP defaults to using ntp.ubuntu.com.  Not sure if that relates.19:13
=== xfaf is now known as zul
* wiredfool has a supershort sources.list -- three lines. 19:13
wiredfoolport 8019:13
ScottKThat's a good posibility too19:13
zulSpamapS: thats why you should have a second machine19:13
ScottKwiredfool: I'd grab it with tcpdump and look rather than speculate.19:14
SpamapSzul: I do.. "in the cloud!"19:14
wiredfoolscottk: yeah.  I was hoping that there was a quick answer19:15
zulSpamapS: meh....im not going to argue about this right now ;)19:15
SpamapSzul: I do builds all day on ec2 c1.medium's .. very quick and costs about $0.1019:15
SpamapSzul: much cheaper than a second machine, and no power usage incurred at Los Angeles's ridiculous rates.19:15
zulSpamapS: yes but i dont want to give amazon 10cents everytime i do something19:15
SpamapSzul: I can reasonably build a 4 core box with a few cheap SATA disks for $250 .. thats a lot of $0.10 builds. ;)19:16
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Aisonhello, when I logging to one of my ubuntu server with ssh, I get this nice welcom screen with the message about the current load and how many packages can be upgraded19:22
Aisonbut on my 2nd ubuntu server I don't see anything, where can I turn that on?19:22
cwillu_at_workAison, /etc/update-motd.d/ I believe19:25
ZacharyNewbServer is now web page serving! :D yay beyond-sight.com19:28
ZacharyNewbthe php is probably coded wrong, I need to fix the path links19:28
ZacharyNewbanyone here?19:28
cwillu_at_workthe php is always coded wrong19:28
cwillu_at_workpoorly handled pages19:29
cwillu_at_workor something19:29
cwillu_at_workI like the black-on-black though19:29
ZacharyNewbin this case19:29
ZacharyNewbI've had to redo the php every time I put the site on another server19:30
ZacharyNewbit's jst how it handles directories19:30
ZacharyNewbIt looks really nice when it's working19:30
ZacharyNewbthe navigation menu is distributed nicely among the leaves19:31
ZacharyNewband the links change colors to match the color scheme19:31
ZacharyNewbXalem:  I need to configure the software firewall, mail server, printer server19:33
SpamapSZacharyNewb: you can help yourself a lot by never ever using local files in your code.. thats sooo 200119:36
ZacharyNewbSpamapS: lol, what am I supposed to do?  link to other sites?  or link to my own site?19:37
ZacharyNewbI can't trust other sites to keep the files up19:37
SpamapSZacharyNewb: if you're talking about includes, there's a path for that19:42
talntidhaving trouble killing a process...19:46
talntidtried kill, kill -9... it's still there.. it's firefox-bin.. any ideas?19:46
ZacharyNewbtalntid: sudo apt-get autoremove firefox ?19:53
ZacharyNewbtalntid: uninstalls it19:53
ZacharyNewbsudo apt-get remove firefox19:53
ZacharyNewbsudo apt-get autoremove firefox19:53
ZacharyNewbsudo apt-get purge firefox19:53
talntidit will still be in memory19:56
talntidso long as its running19:56
ScottKtalntid: It's also not a very server related issue.19:59
ZacharyNewbI need some help setting up the ubuntu print server?20:19
uvirtbotNew bug: #676672 in php5 (main) "FTBFS on natty: SASL LDAP check fails (and other DSO problems)" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67667220:31
zulSpamapS: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2010-November/031991.html20:39
SpamapSzul: indeed, working on it how with php520:43
SpamapSzul: its actually dumber than that, php actually thought sasl_version *should* be in -lldap .. even though it has always been a direct part of sasl220:44
zulreason 1001 to hate php20:44
SpamapSzul: maintaining PHP *will* teach you how to work around things done "the wrong way"20:44
zulSpamapS: heh....im out of here l20:45
SpamapSzul: Yeah I have to run some errands.. will hopefully wrap up php merge and ftbfs later today or tomorrow then get on top of those other merges20:45
zulSpamapS: cool beans20:46
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=== NG_ is now known as ng_
PeterNLHi. i can't ssh to my server, but I can ping it. Also apache doesn't seem to respond. What's happening?21:32
guntbertPeterNL: no services running?21:34
PeterNLThere should be loots of things running21:34
guntbertPeterNL: and please don't crosspost21:35
PeterNLSorry, but I thought there was noone here21:35
guntbertI take it you cannot get to the server?21:35
guntbert)in person)21:35
PeterNLI'm sitting (almost) right next to it21:36
PeterNLBut theres no way I can connect a monitor or a keyboard21:36
guntbertPeterNL: test it with nmap21:38
PeterNLLots of ports are open, as they should be21:38
PeterNL(exactly the ones I expexted to be open)21:39
guntbertPeterNL: then you could try to reach other services... (just to see if it is alive at all - I sometimes had such failures with an old suse server, there only a manual reboot would help)21:41
PeterNLBut I don't want to reboot it. The PSU fan has some problems with spinning up... Really...21:43
guntbertPeterNL: with only a keyboard you could reboot it without powering down...21:43
PeterNLI should try that. But the last time I booted it there was no keyboard present. I don't have any USB keyboards lying around, and PS/2 isn't hot swappable21:44
guntbertPeterNL: well, I'm at the end of ideas then - sorry - but if it is an old machine it might have a reset button...21:47
PeterNLIt might...21:47
* PeterNL graps a flashlight21:47
PeterNL...there goes my almost 300-days uptime...21:48
PeterNLI might have a usb keyboard after all...21:48
eriksson25Anyone in that can help me, updated to kernel 2.6.37 to try and fix one thing but didnt work. Now I want to reinstall the original 10.10 kernel.
air^reboot and select the proper kernel in grub?21:59
eriksson25I followed this steps and it was realy easy to change. But where do I finde the generic.21:59
guntberteriksson25: server on a notebook?22:00
eriksson25I want to reinstall it, since It was giving me alot of errors that I didnt get with a new installed .3722:00
eriksson25Trying to install mantis drivers, installed with dkms but didnt work so removed them and that made my system throwing me alot of weird errors.22:01
ZacharyNewbcould someone help me with the ubuntu server print server?  CUPS?22:03
guntberteriksson25: sorry, no help from me there, I only wondered because the .37 was supposed to fix a wireless issue with iwg4395...22:03
RoyKZacharyNewb: as always, ask a questiin, don't ask to ask22:03
eriksson25mm, it was realy easy to setup22:03
eriksson25But didnt help me =/22:04
ZacharyNewberiksson25: Thank YOU for your help yesterday.  beyond-sight.com is now page serving thanks to you. ;)22:04
ZacharyNewbRoyK: Well, I followed some tutorial, which described configuring the CUPS to listen on a certain port so I could configure it on a webpage over the network22:05
PeterNLI just did connect a monitor to my server, and it says "[timestamp] BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 11s! [apache2:PID]"22:05
eriksson25No problem, my turn to sith with a problem. Just a litle more advance and hard to explain.22:06
PeterNL...and it doesn't respond to any key presses22:07
=== _TechAway_ is now known as _Techie_
ZacharyNewbRoyK:  Current problem, is I don't know why cups doesn't seem to be working on my server.  I've rebooted it (managing it through putty on a windows 7 netbook) set which port to use for the http:631 configuration, but the web configuration page doesn't show up when I try to access it over the network22:08
hggdhzul: there?22:09
hggdhsmoser: there?22:09
uvirtbotNew bug: #676714 in euca2ools (main) "pull euca2ools 1.3.1 into natty" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67671422:11
ZacharyNewbRoyK:  eriksson25   I've reinstalled the CUPs with sudo apt-get CUPS22:12
ZacharyNewbRoyK: eriksson25  still doesn't seem work.22:12
mathiazSpamapS: re https://code.launchpad.net/~clint-fewbar/ubuntu/natty/cheetah/natty-merge-with-debian/+merge/3988122:15
mathiazSpamapS: are planning to go back to the merge before the EOW?22:16
eriksson25I dont know anything about cups sorry.22:21
eriksson25But google is your friend.22:21
PeterNLmaybe dpkg-reconfigure cups22:24
kirklandhallyn: merging kvm now ... sorry for the delay22:37
hallynkirkland: np, thanks22:37
hallynhey does anyone know where the heck to get the openldap HEAD ?22:37
OneSoulLegionWould anyone have some tips getting ubuntu server to install from a usb drive?22:38
eriksson25Easy, read on the ubuntu.com22:40
hallynah there it is22:40
sorenhallyn: Are they still on cvs?22:40
OneSoulLegioneriksson25: Oh, I've tried that. Unfortunately I've run into some problems.22:40
sorenhallyn: You could just use the bzr mirror on Launchpad.22:41
eriksson25Then say them. Hard for us to know what errors you have had.22:41
hallynsoren: no i want to see the very latest22:41
sorenhallyn: I think that's HEAD.22:41
hallynso i guess i'ts still cvs :)22:41
hallynno wonder googling for svn openldap was getting me nowhere22:41
OneSoulLegionAye, sorry. Basically, I'm trying to get it to install on an eeebox, and it tells me it can't find the cd-rom. Of course, the machine doesn't have a cd-rom drive and it's trying to install from a usb stick...22:42
kirklandsoren: did you get a chance to look at that live iso?22:42
sorenkirkland: Not at all, sorry.22:42
eriksson25Well, that is a boot problem in the box, have you set it to boot from the usb?22:42
eriksson25In my asus nootbook it is shown as a hdd.22:42
OneSoulLegionYeah, I've done that. And it finds the usb just fine, since it can start and run the installer.22:42
OneSoulLegionIt just fails partway through saying it can't copy the files from the cdrom.22:43
kirklandsoren: bummer;  any chance you could boot that puppy in a kvm and see if it's something silly/easy I'm missing?22:43
kirklandsoren: give it 10 minutes or so attention?22:43
eriksson25And you did the usb with the usb creater software?22:43
OneSoulLegion(as an aside, I was able to install the desktop version no problem with the same method, but then I realized I need the server edition)22:43
OneSoulLegionI tried making it with the usb creator software, as well as unetbootn.22:43
eriksson25Why did you need it?22:43
eriksson25server eddi.22:44
OneSoulLegionBeen searching around various websites and tried everything for a few hours now. =)22:44
OneSoulLegionBecause I want to use the machine as a webserver?22:44
eriksson25Well, no problem, install desktop eddi, remove genome, and instal LAMP and you are done.22:44
eriksson25You got some more stuf there that is not needed but you wount notice. I run my server as desktop version for 3 years. Before I did a reinstall.22:45
OneSoulLegionI'll have a look at that then... I guess I need it to accept my network card properly before I can get LAMP installed, though?22:46
eriksson25Well, yes to dl stuf its needed. And to be a web server its surly needed.22:46
OneSoulLegionYeah, I'll have to agree with that =)22:46
OneSoulLegionIt seems mostly to have problems with the DHCP rather than the network card itself, at least.22:47
eriksson25Do it, and skip serching for a loong time.22:47
eriksson25Well, turn that of and put static ip on it then.22:47
OneSoulLegionIf I manually set the IP, it'll find and connect to my old webserver, but it won't find the gateway, nor will it get out to the 'net. So something seems a little wonky there.22:47
OneSoulLegion(I'm basically trying to move over from my old Pentium-2 which is sounding like a lawnmower atm, to the new machine)22:48
eriksson25Thats becouse you havent set a static dns and gatway.22:48
OneSoulLegionAye, sounds likely.22:48
OneSoulLegionWhere would I do that?22:48
eriksson25hmm, dont remember on the top of my head. But google static dns ubuntu and you will find it.22:49
OneSoulLegionOkay, thanks a lot for the help. =)22:50
kirklandhallyn: done22:57
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bluethundris there an automatic account management tool in ubuntu that is similar to auth-config under red hat that would allow automatic configuration of pam to do ldap lookups for it's information?23:45
mdeslaurbluethundr: there's pam-auth-update23:50
bluethundrmdeslaur, that's great thanks!23:50
mdeslaurbluethundr: not sure if it'll do what you're looking for, but take a look23:51
bluethundrhoping to get all of pam to listen to an ldap server23:51
bluethundrI will look into it23:51
bluethundrmdeslaur, yes I gave it a try, but no luck23:56
bluethundrat any rate, here is how I tried to configure my /etc/pam.d/common-auth file: http://pastebin.ca/199509223:58
bluethundras an example of how I tried to set this up23:58

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