wliaohi. i'm trying to help iso-testing.07:43
wliaohowever, it seems that all the build cannot be found.07:43
wliaoi always get this error msg.This build wasn't found on http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily/20101007/maverick-alternate-amd64.iso (may no longer exists)07:44
aragood morning07:44
arawliao, iso testing starts the week before alpha 107:44
wliaosorry. i didnt quite under stand the schedule.07:45
arawliao, Nov 30th is a good date to come07:45
wliaoara, thanks.07:45
arawliao, any time07:45
wliaoara, im wondering what else can i do?07:45
arawliao, it is a bit earlier in the cycle for testing the development version07:47
arawliao, you can help with SRU07:47
aramvo, good morning08:08
aramvo, I added a ppa to the software sources and it didn't refresh the apt cache (maverick)08:09
mvohey ara08:25
aramvo, hey08:25
mvoara: did you use add-apt-repository?08:25
aramvo, I used the gtk interface ("Software Sources")08:26
mvoara: meh, that should do that automatically08:27
mvoara: it did not ask you nor did it automatically?08:27
aramvo, no :(08:28
mvoon mav? dang, I check it out08:30
mvoara: what was the ppa?08:30
mvoara: did you do it via software-center or run software-sources directly (just so that I can easier reproduce it)?08:30
aramvo, via software-center08:31
primes2hara: 'morning.08:43
primes2h.htaccess doen't exist on ubuntu-qa-website/code08:44
arahello primes2h08:44
* ara checks08:44
primes2hara: hold on,08:44
primes2hI found out, it is in modules subdir08:45
primes2hara: I update the wiki08:45
araprimes2h, ok, thanks08:45
primes2hara: do you think it is worth adding a procedure to force installing php 5.2 on Lucid/Maverick?08:47
primes2hI mean "how to force"08:49
primes2hlike creating /etc/apt/preferences.d/php file08:50
araprimes2h, sure, any thing you might find missing in the documentation, feel free to add it08:50
mvoara: hrm, odd - I can not reproduce the failure here (the worst kind of bug)09:14
aramvo, traceback when I close the software sources dialog: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/533401/09:21
mvoara: anything in /var/crash ?09:43
mvoara: do you have /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gm-dev-launchpad-ppa-maverick.list ?09:46
aramvo, nothing in /var/crash. and yes, I have it in /etc/apt..09:46
mvoodd, the error looks like it was expecting it and not finding it09:47
primes2hara: I get this psql: FATAL:  Ident authentication failed for user "qatracker"psql: FATAL:  Ident authentication failed for user "qatracker"  trying to populate the database11:37
primes2hJust one :-) psql: FATAL:  Ident authentication failed for user "qatracker"11:37
primes2hara: in fact I get the same error reconfiguring drupal with qatracker as username, password and db name and using default options (ident as authentication mode)13:19
primes2hif I re-try the reconfiguration, it works but I get the same error after psql qatracker < /tmp/dump_qatracker_safe.tar.gz13:24
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jibelspineau, hi, any update on the totem testcase ?14:59
jibelpedro_, thanks for brasero, I'm reviewing it.14:59
pedro_jibel, awesome! thanks15:00
spineaujibel: hi, I found a way to check that a playback is well ... played with some fft stuff. I'm designing the mago class for that now15:01
pedro_jibel, i'm modifying the baobab one following your recommendations on the brasero , will update the branch and propose shortly15:01
pedro_spineau, nice!, perhaps we could use that class for checking banshee ;-)15:03
jibelspineau, great, do you think you'll get some results today ?15:05
spineaupedro_: sure !15:05
spineaujibel: I expect to have results this week15:06
spineaujibel: I will let you know of course15:06
jibelpedro_, thanks, i'll review boabab with pleasure15:06
jibelspineau, if you can post even a basic testcase today that would be great.15:07
mvowhat branches do you guys have this in? I'm curious too see what the code looks liek15:15
mvo(and how to leverage it for software-center ;)15:16
jibelmvo, lp:mago15:23
jibelmvo, your help is more than welcome, that would be awesome.16:05
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charlie-tcaQA meeting in #ubuntu-quality in 10 minutes16:51
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cprofitthggdh: I need some advice on loco-testing if you have a few minutes21:14
hggdhcprofitt: shoot21:15
cprofittwhen does ISO testing start?21:15
cprofittdo we have people on -testing that would be willing to walk some loco folks through the process via IRC?21:16
hggdhISO tests could start now; care should be taken in that Natty is changing frequently right now, though21:21
cprofittok.. sounds good... ISO testing goes through beta?21:21
hggdhand yes, any of us would be happy to walk testers through the process21:22
hggdhISO testing goes on until release :-)21:22
hggdhand we want to add more tests (not necessarily ISO)21:22
cprofittAlright... I am working on crafting an email to go out on the loco teams list21:23
cprofittand invite them all to come help with testing...21:23
cprofittthe first step being ISO testing21:23
cprofittI am shooting for next week21:23
hggdhthe only issue on ISO testing now is the site is not accepting input (it is only officially opened for the milestones21:23
cprofittdo you think it would be possible (or even necessary) for a class to be run on how ISO testing is done?21:24
cprofittI am thinking IRC21:24
hggdhIDK, but it probably would not hurt21:24
hggdhand yes, IRC21:24
hggdhif you go -- right now -- to http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/ you will see that we still have the results from the 10.10 final test21:25
cprofittI noticed that the week back from UDS21:27
cprofittwhich is why I was asking21:27
hggdhso what would happen is we can still use the tests instructions, but we cannot update iso.qa.u.c -- but we still can open bugs and tag them QA21:28
* cprofitt nods21:28
cprofittsounds good...21:28
cprofittwhen does the iso.qa.u.c open?21:28
hggdhit will open for alpha1 -- the week before or so (officially)21:29
* cprofitt nods21:29
cprofittI will send you an email when I get the rough draft done and work with Paolo and pleia to see if we can get an IRC session setup for loco leads21:30

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