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dpmgood morning everyone!08:02
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dpmhey andrejz :)09:32
artnaychromium translations, any announcements?11:00
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artnayand btw, seems like there's a pootle instance serving libre's translations: http://pootle.documentfoundation.org/11:05
artnay(I've missed the announcement so that was news to me)11:06
dpmartnay, re: chromium translations not yet. Please be patient, if you are subscribed to the translators mailing list you'll see the announcement there12:41
dpmon LibreOffice, them using pootle for translations is also news to me12:42
artnayI was hoping they would change to rosetta12:43
dpmartnay, me too, in fact, I wanted to contact them, but I haven't had the chance yet :(12:43
artnayis there any place where I could subscribe via rss?12:43
artnayI don't follow MLs that actively12:44
* artnay wants everything as rss feeds :)12:44
dpmartnay, have a look at gmane.org. If the list is indexed there, you might be able to get an rss feed. Also check out: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/Contact/#Newsreader%20Feed12:57
artnaydpm: thanks again13:19
artnayI'll look into those later13:20
dpmcool :)13:20
dpmif you prefer microblogging, we've got an identi.ca group and a twitter account you can subscribe to if you want, it's all explained in the contact page ^13:21
artnayno, I just follow some people/groups occasionally. I don't have an account for FB, Twitter, identi.ca etc.13:22
dpmno worries, we've got plenty of options to follow us :)13:34
kamusinHola dpm :)18:45
dpmkamusin, hey Victor! ¿Cómo te va?18:45
kamusinhehe fine and you? how was your back to home?18:47

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