itnet7anyone seen chloric or govatent?00:57
MichelleQ2chloric was around earlier today, but I haven't seen him recently00:57
itnet7Hey there MichelleQ! He's the only one that had an agenda item00:58
itnet7I still want to bring up his topic though00:58
MichelleQ2I couldn't remember if we had a meeting or not.  :-P  don't even know what day of the week it is.00:58
itnet7because I think it would be cool to have a discussion on what the team thinks about "Promotional Events"00:59
X-Manhello everyone00:59
itnet7Hey there X-Man !00:59
itnet7Hopefully there will be a bit of discussion, and then we can end the meeting a little early01:00
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itnet7ping Catsceo cjohnston dantalizing mhall119 pak33m reya276 RoAkSoAx zoopster 01:01
itnet7Hey there reya276 !01:01
reya276trying to stay awake, they got me working like a slave01:01
itnet7I am going to ask Alanbell for an enhancement request to mootbot to Anounce the start of athe meeting01:01
MichelleQ2mhall119 is putting kids to bed01:01
itnet7Ah! No worries reya276 01:02
itnet7I just thought we would discuss chloric's topic01:02
itnet7[TOPIC] Discussion for an Ubuntu Promotional Hour01:02
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  Discussion for an Ubuntu Promotional Hour 01:02
itnet7quick show of hands to see whether or not we have a couple of people that can weigh in thoughts on this01:03
itnet7If not we can hold off until next meeting....01:04
X-ManSorry what is the Ubuntu Promotion Hour?01:04
* mhall119 is here01:04
itnet7Hey there mhall119 !01:04
itnet7X-Man: it's similar to a standard Ubuntu hour01:04
itnet7their idea was to reserve a venue01:05
itnet7setup a pc, where passersby can try out Ubuntu01:05
X-ManThat sounds cool01:06
itnet7Browse the Web a bit, play some of the games01:06
itnet7Use the wordprocessor, gimp, etc01:06
itnet7showcase some Ubuntu goodness01:06
itnet7the thing I wanted to ask everyone about, is that chloric and govatent talked with flux which is similar to a LUG downsouth01:07
MichelleQ2that'd be cool01:07
MichelleQ2we could probably rummage up some equipment for the team to use01:07
itnet7and wanted to do stuff together with flux, but the leader of flux said they wouldn't participate in an "Ubuntu" only event01:07
itnet7Chloric was saying that he and govatent wanted to in that case showcase meego, and other Open source stuff like chromeos01:09
itnet7I don't think that's a big deal if flux were to head it up, and govatent and chloric wanted to support it01:10
itnet7but it shouldn't be advertised in my opinion as a "Ubuntu Florida Team" Event01:11
itnet7any thoughts?01:11
MichelleQ2seems reasonable to me01:11
X-Manme too01:11
MichelleQ2we can just support the effort, without making it a team sanctioned event01:11
itnet7Well, I don't want to discourage any help that we can give to others, but I do think it would be awkward to open an Ubuntu Hour to Maemo, etc. just to get some flux members to attend01:12
itnet7or is it trivial?01:13
MichelleQ2I don't know that it's a big deal one way or another01:14
itnet7I just said that I would ask them if it would be allright to send an invite to their mailing list01:16
X-ManThe event and should have something demoing  Ubuntu01:16
itnet7and let them know if they need support at installfests or other events, that we would be glad to help01:17
MichelleQ2seems reasonable01:17
itnet7Well, I just really wanted a gauge to see if I was the only one that felt that if the team is doing an event, that we should advocate Ubuntu is all01:18
itnet7Does anyone else have anything they would like to discuss, or any ideas to discuss?01:19
MichelleQ2nope, not at the moment. 01:19
itnet7[TOPIC] Open Meeting01:19
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  Open Meeting 01:19
X-Manwhere is the next UDS going to be held at01:20
* MichelleQ2 can't spell, tho01:20
itnet7X-Man: Hungary01:20
MichelleQ2OH, I do want to thank everyone who helped pull off the welcome party!01:20
X-ManWhat about the one in the Fall01:20
itnet7Then hopefully the next one will return to Florida01:20
itnet7Thanks to you too MichelleQ you guys did a lot of work to help get that off the ground!!01:21
MichelleQ2itnet7: couldn't have done it without the team's help!01:21
X-ManThanks MIchelleQ01:21
MichelleQ2dantalizing, you, zoopster, everyone who was involved.  It was a spectacular success01:21
itnet7That's exactly what I told Mark S.01:22
MichelleQ2I had the utmost of compliments from Marianna.  She stopped me, and told me that in her years of doing UDS, she'd never seen anything like it before done by a team.01:22
itnet7That Rocks!!01:22
MichelleQ2I was touched.01:23
X-ManThat does Rock01:23
itnet7X-Man: it's definitely not confirmed, but it was absolutely discussed01:23
itnet7having it in Florida again01:23
X-ManI will be there this time01:23
itnet7Marianna said that we need wait to get the feedback01:23
itnet7but I think everyone loved the location!01:23
MichelleQ2I sure hope it happens - I *loved* being able to be around so many friends01:23
MichelleQ2we had a great night with the women's team being here, and then having houseguests for several days afterward01:24
itnet7I bet that all of you had a ball!!01:24
MichelleQ2It was a blast... and really, really, solidified the idea of family between several of us01:24
MichelleQ2If nothing else, UDS made me realize that I do have a place in this community thing, and that I have something important to contribute.  It was amazing.01:25
itnet7Oh, One thing... Let's make a concerted effort to try and utilize ubuntu-fl.org. If you're trying to use it and you see a problem let me know01:25
itnet7MichelleQ2: Absolutely01:25
itnet7There have been some discrepancies with rights, and openid, but I think were through the thick of it01:26
itnet7Florida Team's planet should be working flawlessly as well01:27
itnet7thanks to dantalizing !01:27
MichelleQ2I got my blog up on Planet, finally.01:27
itnet7MichelleQ2: Sweet!!01:27
MichelleQ2I'll have to get it up on ours as well.01:27
itnet7As soon as I learn how to add them, I will ping you sometime and hook you up01:28
* MichelleQ2 shamelessly plugs www.opensourceroad.blogspot.com01:28
itnet7hey there cjohnston !01:28
* MichelleQ2 waves01:28
MichelleQ2I like howfy01:29
itnet7gonna end the meeting... unless anyone has anything they'd like to add01:29
itnet7ok then..01:30
Mootbot-UKMeeting finished at 01:30.01:30
itnet7MichelleQ2: have you ever geocached?01:30
MichelleQ2we've talked about it, but haven't actually tried. 01:31
itnet7well I guess, that is really directed towards anyone :-)01:31
itnet7Oh.. My... I have become addicted01:31
itnet7check this out01:31
itnet7well let me find the link01:31
MichelleQ2I need to get some sort of handheld gps doo-dad, don't I?01:31
X-ManI heard some of the TOMTOM gps can download and install a geocache software01:32
itnet7you have an android phone, no?01:32
MichelleQ2itnet7: I do, ye01:32
itnet7there are a bunch of great apps, the best one is free01:33
itnet7c:geo for android01:33
MichelleQ2awesome, I'll download01:33
itnet7all you'd need is the "Free" http://www.geocaching.com/  account01:34
MichelleQ2with us having the camper, we've talked about getting the kids into it. 01:34
MichelleQ2figured it'd be something fun to do when we're out camping01:35
itnet7You don't need the premium membership, unless you really like it and want to do some member-only caches01:35
itnet7MichelleQ2: absolutely01:35
MichelleQ2sounds cool01:35
itnet7X-Man: Yeah, I think they list some of the gps that do support it01:36
MichelleQ2itnet7: your geocaching.com username itnet7?01:37
itnet7I did the caches and created the everytrail trip mapping right from my phone01:37
itnet7MichelleQ2: yes01:37
itnet7 for now01:37
MichelleQ2excellent.  :-)01:37
X-Manitnet7, so you are using your andriod to Geocache01:37
itnet7X-Man: yup01:37
itnet7that's all I use01:37
itnet7my buddy has a handheld gps01:37
itnet7and he is surprised by the accuracy of the phone01:37
MichelleQ2awesome.  I'll get the app and maybe we can give it a try this weekend01:38
itnet7I am probably going to buy and extended battery01:38
MichelleQ2good idea01:38
X-Manitnet7, that is really cool so the android phone is pretty accurate?01:38
itnet7MichelleQ2: if you don't get a chance, we'll do a couple of easy one's in the area to get you started if you visit01:38
itnet7X-Man: wicked accurate01:39
itnet7I am using an evo01:39
itnet7they do have ratings of phones on the site01:39
itnet7my buddy has a palmos phone01:39
X-Manitnet7,  so you are on sprint now01:39
itnet7and his is okay, but no where near as accurate01:39
itnet7X-Man: yes, thank God!01:39
itnet7Finally got away from t-mo01:40
X-Manitnet7, was t-mo bad in you area?01:40
itnet7Yes, unfortunately, because I liked their service01:40
MichelleQ2itnet7:  excellent.  :-)  I think we've found which campground we're gonna try to get into01:40
itnet7I mean Customer Service01:40
X-Mannight everyone01:41
itnet7gnight X-Man talk with you soon!01:41
itnet7MichelleQ2: Hannya absolutely loves it01:42
MichelleQ2excellent!  I think the kids will like it, if we can have some easy success to get started01:42
itnet7Most starbucks have hidden caches01:43
itnet7MichelleQ2: pm?01:44
=== excid|mbp is now known as excid3|mbp
maxolasersquadIt's one of those days where I have to pick which problem with production I have to fix first.14:48
reya276Morning Everyone15:45
itnet7Hey there reya276 !15:55
reya276itnet7, hello15:56
govatentdoes anyone use icq?16:16
reya276is it possible to change the name of a MYSQL DB?18:25
reya276or actually change the name of a MYSQL Schema?18:25
reya276When I try to Alter Schema all I can do is change the default collation18:27
DammitJimgovatent, I don't, but why do you ask?18:43
DammitJimICQ was my first IM, then it got hacked and never went back18:43
DammitJim829044 was my number18:43
govatentDammitJim, it currently broke in empathy 19:20
govatentyup 19:20
govatentso i want to file a bug or see if people have already done so and what i can do to help debug it19:21
govatentsame problem in pidgin as well according to the forums 19:21
dantalizingmhall119: i used to use the wp packages, but they're old, and I hate having my "site" spread all over the filesystem ... so I moved back to using the tgz release19:24
dantalizingmorning all19:25
mhall119ok, that was kind of my thoughts too, I just wasn't sure if the advantages of it being maintained by the repos was worth it19:25
mhall119and good afternoon19:25
dantalizingthe repos dont keep up with the security releases nearly quick enough19:26
dantalizingand the upgrade is painless anyway19:26

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