canthus13wohoo... http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/the-lay-scientist/2010/nov/15/303:01
Naviriothough no one is awake i thought id present this photo of nearly all the ubuntu disk ever shipped to me  http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs946.snc4/73945_142898232428670_100001254832940_290900_269600_n.jpg11:30
thafreakMorning Ohio13:30
thafreakWow, look at that, 8:30 on the nose13:30
paultagmorning ohio :)16:36
paultagheyya thafreak16:36
thafreaksup tagamuffin19:57
thafreakgrad students are pointless19:57
* canthus13 thought grad students were quite pointy.19:59
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paultagme gusta20:09
paultagthafreak, yeah?20:09
paultagheyya jacob, you beast you20:09
jacobpaultag: that's quite an awesome PS job20:09
paultagjacob, if I had more time i'd blend the two to make it look like meat-ey20:09
paultagthat would be disturbing20:10
paultagbut awesome20:10
paultagjacob, you were going for that, right?20:11
jacobI suppose20:11
jacobwhen that picture was taken I was just hungry (we had a slow waiter)20:11
jacobbut this works too :D20:11
paultagjacob, fuck it, I'm fixing it20:16
jacoboh man20:16
jacobwell have fun with it -- i'm off to class20:16
paultagcame out shitty jacob. Oh well20:20
paultaggood enough for goverment work20:20
paultagone love20:20
thafreakcrack hamburger20:21
* thafreak thinks that's what tag eats for lunch20:21
paultagthafreak, damn skippy it is :)21:30
* canthus13 pokes at virtualbox.21:36
* canthus13 can't get the stupid thing to recognize the correct resolution of his screen in the console. :(21:36
jacobpaultag: awesome21:43
Navirioah yay so people are awake22:43
Naviriowhos in the room?22:43
Naviriothough no one is awake i thought id present this photo of nearly all the ubuntu disk ever shipped to me  http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs946.snc4/73945_142898232428670_100001254832940_290900_269600_n.jpg22:44
Navirioi said it this morning like an idiot22:44
Navirioso what do u think cheri?22:45
Cheri703yeah, I saw that this morning22:46
Cheri703I've always burned mine. I don't see why I need all of the packaging and such. but I get why other people do22:46
Navirio*scrolls up* but you didnt give me a response no one did22:47
Cheri703I saw it at like 11am22:47
Cheri703and then left for a client22:47
Navirioi was cleanin some things out and threw em away22:47
Navirionot the disk tho22:47
Navirioi got a roll22:47
Cheri703MANY people lurk/read but don't respond, this is irc after all22:47
Navirioi used to take the stickers and put em on the signs as i crossed the highway22:48
Naviriothere resilient22:48
Navirioi wanna get like a 50 pound roll of em22:52
Naviriojust get any thing i pass22:52
* Cheri703 would not be pleased as the owner of something that got stickers stuck on it22:52
* Cheri703 doesn't even put stickers on her laptop22:52
Navirioironically since i only do signs and etc so ppl see em22:53
Naviriou as a tax payer are sorta the owner22:53
Cheri703still vandalism...22:53
Naviriolol negativity22:54
Cheri703lol (mostly) law abiding citizen22:54
Naviriolol things bend within a moral confine22:54
Cheri703when I see stickers all over signs and whatever (especially on many of them on the same road) I just go "ugh, they're off the list of anything I ever have any interest in knowing about"22:54
Naviriowe do it in a well ordered manner22:56
Navirioif we ever get more and get around to it ill take pics22:56
Naviriowith the flash off of course22:56
Cheri703well, some people might respond to that, I personally don't22:57
jacobpanera is pretty full :o22:58
jacobdon't see anyone else here yet22:58
jacobi could just be in the wrong place22:58
Navirioi cant do much about that22:58
Naviriono ride22:59
Navirionor wud i fit in22:59
jacobpff, that's what they all say ;)22:59
Naviriotill i get there22:59
Naviriouse 10 fake names22:59
Navirioand leave22:59
jacobwhy fake23:00
Naviriowell it starts as an utter dislike to the sound of my name then ends in just plain privacy and anoninymity23:00
jacobor you're just being pessimistic :P23:01
jacobanywho, brb. going to poke around23:01
Naviriomy name has 3 sylables in it23:01
Naviriocauses an ugly stop in your mind23:01
gilbertjacob: sorry, couldn't make it tonight :(23:31
jacobgilbert: no worries23:53

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