MTecknologywow.. 199 open bugs01:58
MTecknologybug 632179 really kinda bothers me02:06
ubot4Launchpad bug 632179 in ubuntu-website "light-base-theme has bad background width (affects: 1) (heat: 5)" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63217902:06
l3onnewz2000: Hi!...16:26
l3onWe are hacking ubuntu.it in order to migrate contents in Drupal CMS (and yes, we are hacking light theme too)... I've just a question: could you provide me a list of drupal modules used in ubuntu.com?16:26
l3onwe are unknow drupal, could you give us a little help?16:27
newz2000hey l3on16:46
newz2000my list of modules may not be too helpful for you16:46
newz2000because the site had a lot of heavy customization16:46
newz2000And I don't suggest doing it like we did… we hate it16:47
newz2000(contractors did most of the work)16:47
newz2000instead, why don't you ask how to do something that you like from the main site and I can give tips on how to do that16:47
newz2000(others in the community can help too)16:47
l3onah ok... :)16:59
l3onFirst problem:16:59
l3on * Main page16:59
l3on   + Sub-page 117:00
l3on   + Sub-page 217:00
l3onI can't show the "sub-pages links" in the header when user show that section of the site...17:00
l3onIn other words: look at this: http://www.ubuntu.com/community17:01
newz2000that is a built in capability of Drupal using the menus17:01
l3onYou have Main Header (Desktop-Netbook-..etc...) and Second one (CoC-Leadership-etc...)17:01
l3onI'm not able to show second one using light-drupal-theme17:02
* newz2000 -> phone17:02
newz2000just a min17:02
newz2000basically, when you create a page you add it to the primary menu. That makes it show up at the top17:31
newz2000You can make other pages children of the primary menu and they'll show up as 2nd level items and the parent will be highlighted17:32
newz2000l3on: ^17:32
newz2000You can go into the admin area and move things around too. It's slick.17:32
newz2000I'd say give it a try and then come back to the mailing list if you need help still.17:32
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newz2000I've just filed the ticket to have planet.ubuntu.com updated to the new theme19:48
newz2000stas: I used your theme with just a few minor tweaks19:49
stasnewz2000: it has to be updated anyway19:49
stasbut cool to hear that19:49
newz2000your theme needs updated?19:49
stasfor planet yes19:53
staswith the latest stuff I got in wordpress theme19:53
stasi can try a sync till this weekend, newz2000 point me to the ticket19:55
newz2000it's internal system but I'll give you my branch if you like: lp:~canonical-isd-hackers/ubuntu-website/light-planet-theme19:55
newz2000stas: that branch should merge quite cleanly into yours if you care to19:56
stasnewz2000: says ERROR: Not a branch19:58
stasmight be some acl issue19:58
newz2000yes, that may be. Just a min, let me see if I can resolve that.19:58
newz2000well, it says the branch is public, how about this: https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-isd-hackers/ubuntu-website/light-planet-theme19:59
newz2000stas: ^19:59
stasso the best would be to mail you/publish a patch19:59
stasnewz2000: works20:00
stasmy bad, I copycat wrongly20:00
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newz2000oh, cool20:00
stasnewz2000: ok, I'll look into it, let me a day/another20:01
newz2000stas: no sweat, I'm going to move forward with this for now20:01
newz2000stas: while you're here, let me bug you w/ one question20:02
newz2000is the courseware stuff you're doing a good replacement for moodle?20:02
stasit has no automatic tests/quizes like in moodle, the rest is pretty comparable20:03
stasi'm going to work on quizes/tests in nearest future20:03
newz2000ok, just curious.20:03
newz2000I may have to ask you some more questions soon. I really hate moodle and am being asked to help set up a new one.20:03
stasthe best would be too watch the video, just a sec20:04
stashttp://scholarpress.github.com/buddypress-courseware/ this one20:04
stassorry for my voice, I was kinda drunken :)20:04
newz2000I'll check it out, thanks20:04
stasjust ignore the voice :D20:05

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