g_hi guys, qq: is there a piece of software which will update my desktop background with text from a text file? i want a space on my desktop that shows earnings00:00
g_not a widget, i'd prefer some graphic text that is actually on the bg00:00
nemog_: sure. totally!00:00
shcherbakg_: conky00:00
nemog_: I love talking about this 'cause it is my favourite bit of simple hackery.00:00
XborderGnea sorry. i'm a bit noob :\ dont know what those are except for the hard drive. Led?00:00
nemog_: you don't need an application at all, this is kinda fun.00:00
g_conky is all widgets no?00:00
WorkingOnWisewhat do I have to do to be able to set up my laptop for "offline imap" so I can read and delete main offline then sync back to gmail what I connect again?00:00
WorkingOnWiseusing evolution00:00
eriksson25Anyone could help me get sudo dkms remove -m mantis -v 2.6.35-22-generic --all00:00
eriksson25to work00:00
g_nemo: well plan b was to knock up a php script to pull data and write it to the backgroun d00:00
Agent_Smithjpds: To re-enter play after being killed.00:01
GneaXborder: okay, are you on a laptop or a desktop style computer?00:01
r007Agent_Smith kill xinet.d and then stop ssh00:01
Agent_Smithjpds: lol ... like in counter strike00:01
ElPasmopuddles: ok, thanks a lot anyway... I'm in ubuntu and I can work perfect with unity broken :P00:01
jpdsAgent_Smith: Exactly.00:01
bombshellAnyone here could help me with empathy?00:01
Gnea!ask | bombshell00:01
ubottubombshell: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:01
shcherbakg_: with some effort imagemagick and gconf-tool would do00:01
Agent_Smithr007: I already undestand whats happing in my machine00:01
puddlesg_: mmm, imagemagick renders into your background, tell nautilus background has changed?00:01
XborderGnea i'm on a dektop. and everything was fine yesterday. today cant launch the apps00:01
Agent_Smithr007: http://upstart.ubuntu.com00:01
Agent_Smithr007: jpds helps me00:01
Agent_Smithr007: thanks for your help as well00:02
puddlesg_: this means you have to use a local background in a file you can write into :-)00:02
GneaXborder: okay. on the front of the desktop 'box' itself, do you have some small differently colored lights to tell you that the system is on?00:02
TheBawshey guys00:02
TheBawsI need help putting the internet on my computer00:02
xx--ms-gulati-snhey every100:02
Agent_Smithjpds: nowadays like in call of duty ... lol00:02
XborderGnea LED as in the light on the tower? yes i have that and it blinks as in "thinking"00:02
TheBawsOn my ubuntu computer00:02
Agent_Smithjpds: thanks ...00:02
GneaTheBaws: you'll need a *LOT* of hard drive space for that00:02
_jesse_TheBaws: the whole internet!? you think it'll fit?00:02
TheBawsIts harder than windows00:02
Agent_Smithbye all00:03
g_puddles: i thought all bgs had to be local?00:03
xx--ms-gulati-snTheBaws: i cant do it either00:03
jpdsAgent_Smith: No worries.00:03
bombshellEmpathy, once I go offline, all the options are grayed out and I can't log back into my accounts?00:03
blackshirtTheBaws: what your troubles ?00:03
TheBawsI try to use the wireless internet00:03
TheBawswith the wireless card00:03
TheBawsbut it says it can't00:03
GneaXborder: okay, yes, those are the LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). there should be one for power, another for the hard drive (HD or HDD) - the blinking one is usually for the HDD00:03
_jesse_TheBaws: do you mean wireless or broadband?00:04
michael__what kind of wireless card do you have?00:04
xx--ms-gulati-snTheBaws: wht you gotta do, is you gotta buy a full pro computer to run the internets00:04
XborderGnea yeah the green one as in power and a red blinking one for cpu processing00:04
shcherbakg_: he ment extra (copy) file to edit and substitute.00:04
TheBawsI mean the wireless internets00:04
_jesse_TheBaws: so you have a wireless router you are trying to connect to?00:04
WorkingOnWisewhat do I have to do to be able to set up my laptop for "offline imap" so I can read and delete main offline then sync back to gmail what I connect again, using evolution for the mail client?00:04
TheBawsBTW this is on my PS300:05
yagooTheBaws, does iwlist work?00:05
_jesse_TheBaws: ubuntu on your bs3?00:05
lacrymologyDoes anybody know if there's a way for the USB drives to appear on a windows virtualmachine with virtual box? any other virtual machine will do too, but I'll have to reinstall, so I'd rather use virtualbox if it's possible00:05
TheBawsI want the intenets on it00:05
_jesse_TheBaws: I'm not sure how well they support that wireless card00:05
GneaXborder: actually, the red one is blinking to tell you that the HDD is processing information, which is sort of an extension of the CPU itself doing work, but not all the time, because the CPU has to do simple things like keeping track of time, which the HDD doesn't blink for, so the LED is only blinking when things like applications are launched, files are being saved, and when data is being moved in and out from RAM to SWAP and so forth00:05
TheBawsmaybe I need to use the cable internets00:06
yagoolacrymology, not ubuntu related.. ask #vbox.. yes you can hook up physical usb drives to a vm guest00:06
_jesse_TheBaws: I would suggest looking around  http://psubuntu.com/00:06
lacrymologyyagoo: thanks00:06
ActionParsniplacrymology: you can share the mount point as a folder in teh config, or use the closed source version. i suggest you ask in #vbox as it is more specific to your issue00:06
TheBawsokay I will go to that site00:06
GneaXborder: So, when you attempt to launch an application, does the red LED blink more often than not?00:06
xx--ms-gulati-sn_jesse_: oi how do i make a computer be able to watch the tvs00:07
_jesse_xx--ms-gulati-sn: with a tv tuner00:07
xx--ms-gulati-snwhere do i buy one?00:07
XborderGnea not really. it keeps blinking at the same rate as before00:07
_jesse_xx--ms-gulati-sn: I'd recommend newegg.com00:07
TheBawsI got one from the ebay00:07
TheBawsI bought the one with the lights on it00:07
GneaXborder: okay. what version of Ubuntu do you have installed?00:07
xx--ms-gulati-sni only have $4000:07
r007larcymlogy you can share it with the guest from the host iirc theres no way to assign a usb device unless its a hd00:07
_jesse_xx--ms-gulati-sn: that should be enough00:08
redfrogHow do you guys usually watch TV on Ubuntu? tvtime?00:08
TheBawsI use the remote00:08
Gnearedfrog: preferably with mythtv00:08
XborderGnea 10.10? dont know if thats what you need :\00:08
GneaXborder: okay, can you open a terminal?  Applications->Accessories->Terminal00:09
xx--ms-gulati-snHow do i install windows 7 on a windows 95 computer??00:09
XborderGnea had it installed from this iso ubuntu-10.10-alternate-i38600:09
TheBawsSo guys I have the windows computer00:09
XborderGnea yeah sure00:09
GneaXborder: excellent00:09
TheBawsand I want to put linux on the windows00:09
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TheBawsis it possibles?00:09
soaresoi alguem fala portugues00:09
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.00:09
XborderGnea it's open00:09
GneaXborder: so, you were able to open an app - good.00:09
ridinTheBaws: Inside Windows would be Wubi, next to windows your have to reboot to the cd00:09
GneaXborder: what other apps have you tried to open?00:10
r007!ubottu | xx-ms-gulati-sn | windows lover00:10
ubottuxx-ms-gulati-sn | windows lover: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots00:10
soaresoi alguem fala portugues00:11
XborderGnea yeah. some stuff opens and others dont. i think (still noob) there might be something to do with the keyring (if that exists) because i have problems with Empathy and my IM accounts and with a program called PS3 media server00:11
aeon-ltd!portuguese | soares00:11
ubottusoares: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.00:11
TheBawsso you guys all have the ubuntu?00:11
TheBawscan I use dx11 with a cracks?00:11
arthurwangmy ubuntu version is 9.10 and when I install softwares the sata will frizzle until the end of installing. but it is ok when I use win7. can anyone tell me someting?00:12
TheBawsis it possible?00:12
GneaXborder: maybe your keyring wasn't setup right00:12
r007artyhurwang yeah your full of ****00:12
HabstinatHow does this picture make sense if I have a 100% definitely bootable CD in my drive when booting up, and what can I do about it? http://twitpic.com/36yh44/full00:12
HabstinatTried both the alternate installer and the regular one for 10.10 desktop x64.00:13
ridinTheBaws: well, there's directx8 for wine00:13
ridinTheBaws: if you're going to game, keep a dualboot with Windows00:13
HabstinatMy computer just doesn't seem to recognize it.00:13
xx--ms-gulati-snhow to i play games on my computer??00:14
r007Ive used Linux since back in the days of having to build from source yeah it was a pain but ffs you cant call it now and say windows works better with all the package managers00:14
ridinxx--ms-gulati-sn: use the ubuntu software center. it should be in applications -> games00:14
XborderGnea yeah but the only way i know how to set it up is going to my im accounts and since i have none yet set it up by putting my msn credentials the first time. yet when i go to system -> preferences-> im and voip accounts nothing happens. no "window" pops out00:14
yagooxx--ms-gulati-sn, you have to donate 35 dollars.. then you can play games00:14
xx--ms-gulati-snyagoo: ok00:14
ridinHabstinat: you probably already know this, have you tried the 32bit?00:15
xx--ms-gulati-snwhats your bank account00:15
TheBawsah dual boot00:15
ridinxx--ms-gulati-sn: no.00:15
TheBawsI like the 32 bits00:15
xx--ms-gulati-snridin: really00:15
TheBawsits better than the 1600:15
xx--ms-gulati-sndo i pay you?00:15
ridinno, you pay on the ubuntu software center00:15
ridinopen it in applications -> ubuntu software center00:15
GneaXborder: well, the keyring is separate from your online accounts00:15
Picixx--ms-gulati-sn, TheBaws: stop.00:15
xx--ms-gulati-snso i need a macintosh computer yeah?00:16
ridinxx--ms-gulati-sn: no.00:16
xx--ms-gulati-snwhy not?00:16
TheBawsPici: stop what?00:16
TheBawsI'll stop them00:16
ridinif this is a humor or troll attempt it isn't funny :(00:16
TheBawsjust tell me who00:16
Gnea!guidelines | TheBaws00:16
ubottuTheBaws: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines00:16
ridinxx--ms-gulati-sn: because why would you even need it at the first place?00:16
r007xx--ms-gulati-sn anything thats better than your windows :D00:16
Habstinatridin: No, but my computer is 64bit (I'm running 64 bit Ubuntu on it right now, but it was with Wubi and I want to switch to a partition) and I want to have the operating system match. Why, does x32 tend to have better luck with this sort of thing?00:16
deinspanjerHey guys, I'm trying to walk my dad through opening up a terminal prompt so I can run ifconfig to see why he has no net connection..00:16
TheBawsGnea: sorry guys its just we are using the school internet.00:17
deinspanjerI can't figure out where the Terminal app entry is on his "start menu"..00:17
xx--ms-gulati-snridin: what is troll00:17
r007xx--ms-gulati-sn keep paying for bill gates to score fit young blondes :D00:17
ridinHabstinat: i thought your processor is 32bit only00:17
xx--ms-gulati-snr007: good idea00:17
ridindeinspanjer: applications -> terminal00:17
Picir007: That sort of commentary isn't needed here either.00:17
GneaTheBaws: this is #ubuntu, you really need to stay to topic. talking about anything to do with piracy is a no-no.00:17
deinspanjerI don't have an Ubuntu desktop handy at the moment. Could anyone tell me where it is in the menu hierarchy?  i.e. Start | Tools | Terminal prompt00:17
r007Pici sorry00:17
blackshirtdeinspanjer: what destkop you are using ?00:18
XborderGnea yeah its the first time i heard of the keyring (used ubuntu 8,04 in the past) and had the accounts and no problems with apps.00:18
TheBawsGnea: sorry00:18
TheBawsbut I can't load the guidelines page00:18
TheBawsthe school blocked it00:18
ridinHabstinat: also maybe if you checked the md5sum and the burn speed? keep burn speed low00:18
TheBawswhat do I do00:18
deinspanjerridin: yay.. that's what I needed. Thanks so much.00:18
xx--ms-gulati-snwho here plays c-o-d00:18
ridinxx--ms-gulati-sn: please stop this.00:18
TheBawsGuys what do I do00:18
mikha_so anyone can help ? i still cant log into my firefox while my pidgin is connected :s00:18
Habstinatridin: Hm? No, I have both 64bit Windows 7 and 64bit Ubuntu 10.04 on it running fine right now. I made sure to burn the alternate installer at lowest burn speed possible, but still no dice. I'll check MD5s now.00:18
ridinTheBaws: well you don't act stupid here :>00:19
GneaTheBaws: you'll need to talk to the people that govern your school's computer network00:19
PiciThey're muted.00:19
jsecI come back to the comp just to see the kickban... BEAUTY00:19
Gneabut they can read.00:19
r007xx--ms-gulati-sn I suppose loads play cod on there Linux flashed xboxes00:19
ridinmikha_: you can't use pidgin when firefox is open? o_o?00:20
mikha_<ridin>i can open firefox but it give me timed out connection and if i ping sites it ping00:21
GneaXborder: okay, try this: applications->accessories->passwords & encryption keys00:21
skelterjohnmikha_: you didn't answer about if you had "work offline" checked in firefox's file menu00:21
mikha_<skelterjohn>no i dont have it00:21
ridinmikha_: no websites at all?00:21
Lint01why I cannot remove CPP package?00:21
r007mikha_ can you ping from bash?00:22
mikha_<ridin> not at all neither on firefox or chromium00:22
mikha_sometimes it log in00:22
XborderGnea part of the problem i recon... default and default 1 and default 2 and default 3 :\ ups00:22
blackshirtmikha_: are you still trouble with your firefox ??00:22
mikha_<ridin> but it throw me out00:22
Xborderon the passwords tab00:22
ridinLint01: why would you, it's pretty weird on why you would00:22
GneaXborder: are they under the Passwords: login tree?00:22
r007mikha_ can you ping from your box?00:22
mikha_<blackshirt> yes and the program u gave me and i just install a fresh ubuntu 10.10 but in the other laptop it is working00:23
mikha_<r007>yes i can00:23
g_i'm a gonna install gimp... for fun#00:23
blackshirtmikha_: your midori browser working correctly, is that right ??00:24
greg__anybody up for a challange?00:24
mikha_<blackshirt>who have windows 700:24
r007mikha_ you on a network using a proxy?00:24
greg__so I paid for 24hrs of hotel internet00:24
blackshirtmikha_: try to remove all cache from firefox00:24
XborderGnea no. theres a "line" with password:login and 4 other "lines" with default, default1 default2 and default 300:24
mankeletorhow can i delete a table in OO writer?00:24
greg__which is now expired00:24
greg__but I have this single ssh connection to my home computer that stayed open00:24
blackshirtmikha_: what you mean with have windows 7 ?00:25
mikha_ <blackshirt>ma i installed ubuntu 10.10 minutes ago00:25
greg__any ideas how to make it do port forwarding without closing it?00:25
GneaXborder: okay, then the 'defaults' are leaves of the 'password: login' tree00:25
r007mikha_ can you telnet to port 80 on google?00:25
mikha_<blackshirt>i mean on my laptop that i have on it win 7 i can open internet but on this i cant open firefox00:25
Lint01why do I need c preprocessor? i doing no c programming00:25
ridinmankeletor: delete all rows and columns on the table00:25
mikha_<r007> let me check00:25
XborderGnea come again? didnt get it.00:25
GneaXborder: okay, click on any of the defaults and then on the 'properties' button at the top00:26
ridinlint01, well, i bet you get a broken system if removed, so don't remove it00:26
g_greg__:  use and abuse!00:26
mikha_i can00:26
mikha_<r007> i can00:26
tiagoalguem sabe me dizer c existe algum programa tipo o orkut manager para o ubuntu???00:26
Gnea!br | tiago00:27
ubottutiago: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.00:27
psusiLint01, then you don't need it...00:27
electrofreakSo, I installed the kubuntu-desktop package a few days ago... now I want to remove it... what's the best way to do that00:27
Lint01i thought I not to have keep useless junk in linux00:27
r007mikha_ hmm not sure but apparmour has a profile for firefox by default might be an issue00:27
Lint01but if i try to remove it half of my apps go with it00:27
shcherbakgreg__: why you need x?00:27
ridin!puregnome | electrofreak00:27
ubottuelectrofreak: If you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureGnome00:28
greg__haha mostly to browse reddit00:28
XborderGnea yeah it just says the name. for example Default_1. if i open the leave as you called it it says something like: butterfly/msn/myemail;param...00:28
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shcherbakgreg__: links2? elinks?00:28
mikha_<r007> what u mean ?00:28
jsecLint01: Do NOT remove cpp.00:28
deinspanjerSo I got my dad into a terminal shell and had him type "ifconfig".  From what he read to me, there is only a loopback interface, no eth0 or anything.00:29
greg__shcherbak: I know I can browse by text, I just wanted to see if it was possible to beat the system00:29
deinspanjerThat sounds to me like his network card died..00:29
r007!ubottu apparmour | mikha_00:29
deinspanjerCan anyone think of any other reasonable explanation for the browser saying it is in "offline mode"?00:29
* psusi wonders WTF anything on the default desktop depends on gpp for00:29
g_greg__: can't you tunnel?00:30
greg__I can't open a new connection00:30
greg__that's the catch00:30
Lint01why? what is it for?00:30
deinspanjerI'm wondering if I might have been trying to prove my hypothesis to the exclusion of some other reasonable cause00:30
GneaXborder: okay, then it ought to be linked right.. how are you trying to access empathy?00:30
Gnea!language | psusi00:30
ubottupsusi: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:30
g_greg__: may as well enjoy lynx then or go out and get some sun00:30
Lint01why GSTREAMER depends on CPP???00:30
mikha_<r007>the weird part i pinged gmail and in the same time opened firefox00:30
shcherbakgreg__: thinking, most obvious would to try second connection00:31
g_greg__: or you could wget everything, and then open it in firefox00:31
mikha_and it did say internet time out00:31
greg__haha its night and raining where I am, but thanks00:31
Lint01and gksu, and buch of x apps... can someone explain?00:31
greg__haha actually might be the best option00:31
guillaume_Are you new Lint?00:31
g_greg__: write a little script to do it00:31
XborderGnea applications->internet->Empathy, or by the clock theres an envelope. when i click it theres chat under it. pressing chat used to open empathy aswell00:31
Lint01new to what?00:31
jsecLint01: maybe because they have libraries that are dependent on CPP to process before the apps are compiled?00:31
greg__I was just hoping there was some magic way to change the terms of a ssh connection while it was already open00:31
r007mikha_ that is weird maybe a coincidence but looks like firefox was waiting for an icmp packet00:31
guillaume_You got trouble with gksu thingy?00:32
XborderGnea now when i click either or those nothing happens :\00:32
snakesqznsSteaming audio and opengl is jerky/stuttering on 10.10.  See this video here at around 0:04 to see what I mean: http://img42.imageshack.us/img42/8054/adf.mp400:32
Maxhi all00:32
mikha_<r007>on chromium aswell :S00:32
rootchordIf anyone would be awesome and help, here is my problem: i need to setup ubuntu to mount my external drive to "/media/Data" wether it is connected at boot or connected while it's already running. I can get it to do one way or the other but not both. ht closest i can get is by setting it to mount with fstab(so that it mounts IF its there at startup) and then running "mount -a" if i connect the drive after startup. anyone got a solut00:32
guillaume_Hello :)00:32
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Habstinatridin: Well, my MD5 sum for the ISO is 1b9df87e588451d2ca4643a036020410 , which is right, just blanked my disk and will rewrite the standard installer to it slowly.00:32
g_ohh, trying to download fedora iso with axel causes a segfault :(00:32
Lint01rootchord, sudo udisks --mount /dev/xxx --mount-options ro,exec,nosuid00:33
GneaXborder: okay, I usually just use the mail-icon next to the clock to get to mine00:33
GneaXborder: it says 'chat' so I just click on that00:33
Guest69439got a small problem if some one can help the grub is not showing the xp partition00:34
g_greg__: could you have somesort of loopback in firefox, which triggers a script to wget and get the file, then save it to /tmp ?00:34
carandraughi! I had an ssh connectino to a server and for some reason it got disconnected. I would like to reconnect to it. Everywhere I look, people just say to use screen. I'm familiar with it but I was not using it and I really want to to reconnect to that ssh session. Is that possible? And if so, how?00:34
rootchordLint01, when it's there on boot it gets set to /dev/sdB1 but if i connect it later it is /dev/sdC100:34
XborderGnea yeah ok me too. but now nothing happens :\ i think because of the 3 defaults on the password and encription thing. maybe the 3 default are in conflict (again noob thinking maybe)00:34
r007mikah_ what happens if you ping localhost?00:34
Habstinatridin: 10.0x, using burnproof, not simulating before burning is good?00:34
masencarandraug: screen will only help you in the future00:35
r007mikah_ while waiting for the browsert connection00:35
masenif you've already lost a session, that you weren't using screen with, it is lost00:35
GneaXborder: have you tried logging out, then logging in again?00:35
acalI need help... I'm trying to install Ubuntu 10.10 for my 64BIT AMD system and when I install it works, but after the reboot it gives me this error: "Disk Boot Failure, Insert Boot Disk and Press Enter"00:35
XborderGnea yeah, and restarting too00:35
carandraugmasen, I know. Everywhere I look when I google it, they just say how to prevent. Couldn't manage to find a way to solve my problem yet00:35
GneaXborder: k, have you tried updating the software on the system?00:36
tucemiux_mobacal, sounds like you have a hardware problem with your hard drive, try reinstalling grub00:36
masencarandraug: i don't believe that it's possible00:36
mikha_<r007>it keep pinging and it give me internet timed out00:36
acalI can boot into the live ubuntu (test it out before you install) which is what I'm on right now.00:36
greg__I'm not sure how that would work, but idk I't probably not worth it, I think I'l just give in and give the westin my money00:36
ElPasmoacal have you any usb pendrive or external disk connected during boot?00:36
carandraugmasen, damn. aptitude upgrade was running. And the session closed when I was at those ncurses interfaces upgrading GRUB00:37
Lymani have a hewlett packard office jet g85 on a fresh 10.04 install, and it says the printer is online, but wont print, when trying to print self test page, i get CUPS server error, "client-error-document-format-not-supported" what can i do about this00:37
tucemiux_mobacal, the problem could also be that youre doing something funky when installing grub00:37
acalI have a usb mouse, PS2 keyboard00:37
Jordan_UHabstinat: Make sure that you enable verifying the md5 of the disk after burning in whatever burning software you use.00:37
ridinHabstinat: 4x is recommended00:37
acalHow am I doing something funky installing grub? How do I reinstall it, and will it fix it?00:37
masencarandraug: have you tried dpkg-reconfigure <pkg_name>00:37
greg__oh shit I got a plan00:37
ElPasmoacal: I had the same problem once, and it was when I had a external usb HDD connected...00:37
greg__how about netcat00:37
CaneToadany recommendations as to a good gui-based backup solution for ubuntu?00:37
Jordan_Uacal: How many hard drives do you have?00:38
sorush20hi, I'm copying 227GB and at 13 min remaining I had to restart the computer. Now that I am trying to repeat the process I get an option to merge, however the speed is very slow less than 1mb per second.00:38
r007mikah_ so theres no network issues this is weird00:38
acalI have one connected IDE and an optical drive SATA00:38
mikha_r007 i kno :S00:38
g_sorush20: it may be trying to locate where it was?00:38
XborderGnea not since it stoped working. msn empathy and ps3 media server and i havent noticed anything else not working. cant open system-> preferences-> instant messaging and voip either00:38
shcherbakgreg__: or use wget -R00:38
acalis there a terminal command that I can verify the OS?00:38
masencarandruag: for instance: dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc00:38
GneaXborder: I don't understand - are those 3 different applications or 3 different accounts?00:38
ridinacal, the last time i reinstalled grub was installing it in the MBR, then making a menu.lst for grub00:39
carandraugmasen, no. aptitude is still running. I still don't know if it will become a problem. It might. But before restart the computer and hope everything is okay, I was hoping to simply reconnect00:39
r007mikah_ do you have lynx instaleed or can you use wget?00:39
s093294I did put up a iptables prerouting forward, nothing else. If i make a request on eth1 ip the packages get forwarded, but on ppp0 ip they just get to the firewall and nothing more. Theres no drop polity, its all set to accept.00:39
greg__yeah alright I'm gonna give it a shot, but I gotta exit out of the irc client00:39
Jordan_Uacal: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=129128000:39
greg__thanks for your help00:39
mikha_<r007> i will get lunx 1 sec00:39
masencarandraug: good luck with that mate, is the server distant?00:39
tucemiux_mobacal, I usually install to the master boot record, I dont know how you installed grub, it also sounds like it could be potentially a hard drive going bad, I would reinstall grub just to test00:39
Habstinatridin: 10x was the slowest option given in the Ubuntu "burn to disk" tool. Jordan_U: There doesn't seem to be that option. I'll check the MD5s of each individual file once the burn is complete.00:40
acalokay let me test the script then I'll try the reinstall00:40
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.00:40
skelterjohnquestion: in 10.4 I want to remove the "shutdown" item from the system menu for all users. how can I do this?00:40
XborderGnea Empathy is the msn client right? PS3 media server is an app to connect to your ps3 to stream contents, movies and stuff. and i cant go to the menu about my instant messaging and voip accounts00:40
Castboundguys iconfigured a new router as a switch, I have no problems to connect to it but the network icon is showing a red ! sign what does it mean?00:40
carandraugmasen, nop. It's on my living room. I can try it when I get home00:40
ridinHabstinat: maybe the cd is another guess i had00:40
snakesqzns#ubuntu really needs tiered support channels...00:41
Lymanmy printer was detected as soon as i plugged it in, however it wont let me print00:41
FreeheartI'm having a generalized problem and I'm wondering if anybody has solved it or has input on it. When I transmit recorded audio over my network, it cuts out regularly. Like 30% of the audio stream just drops.00:41
Lint01have no idea00:42
masenFreeheart: wired or wireless?00:42
FreeheartFirst, I thought it was an issue with Skype, but found that Google Voice has the same issues, and then Ekiga using an entirely open protocol.00:42
Castboundguys iconfigured a new router as a switch, I have no problems to connect to it but the network icon is showing a red ! sign what does it mean? -- In addition to that I had a few problems to resolve some sites, like this irc channel, took me some secs to resolve00:42
Freeheartmasen: Wireless.00:42
Jordan_UHabstinat: You can also just run "md5sum /dev/cdrom".00:42
GneaXborder: I think you're a bit confused on the PS3 media server bit: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ps3MediaServer00:42
masenFreeheart: it could just be a straight up bandwidth issue...do you share the connection with others?00:43
FreeheartNo, I am on a reasonable connection by myself.00:43
Jordan_U!pastebin | acal00:43
ubottuacal: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:43
GneaXborder: and empathy is an all-in-one IM client, so it would handle MSN for you00:43
GneaXborder: it can also handle things like yahoo IM, google talk, icq, etc00:43
FreeheartAdditionally, Skype-to-Skype works fine... it seems only to happen when the audio is SIP OR crossing a PSTN network.00:43
rootchordanyone got any ideas on this one? i have an fstab entry made for my external ntfs hdd using UUID. it mounts it where i want it to(/media/Data) if the drive is there at startup, but if i connect it afterwards it mounts it to /media/Data_00:44
yokomotoi keep clickin peoples names by accident :/00:44
mdpatrickI have a dynamic IP, but I want to be able to consistently get access to my ubuntu box via SSH... what's the best solution to use?00:44
masenrootchord: do you have a user option in fstab for that entry?00:44
GneaXborder: can you get to system->administration->system monitor?00:45
tucemiux_mobmdpatrick, static ip, next question00:45
XborderGnea yeah and i have a problem lauching some applications and not others. the ones i cant lauch are empathy and ps3 media server. with that said, i cant enter the instant messaging and voip accounts menu (under System->Perferences->) either00:45
XborderGnea yeah it's open00:45
r007mdpatrick write a shell script to send you the output of ifconfig00:46
Freeheartmasen: Skype-to-skype works without the audio clipping. And I get great quality and latency under Windows using the same router and internet connection.00:46
Jordan_Umdpatrick: dyndns is free (as in beer).00:46
andrew_mmdpatrick: look into dydns00:46
masenFreeheart: could be an audio codec issue00:46
Robinuxguys on a laptop i don't know what cpu it has, if a usb ubuntu x64bit installer fails to load and says "Boot error" ... it must mean its a 32bit system?00:46
masenFreeheart: are you using 10.10?00:46
snakesqznsFreeheart, I have the same problem with shoutcast00:46
rammyIRCi want to make my laptop connected to ethernet to be a hotspot...so i connect my ipod touch to it00:46
Freeheartmasen: It's the damndest thing. If it weren't so consistant across services (Skype, Google Voice and Ekiga) I would blame the networks. But something is affecting ALL of these.00:46
rammyIRCim using ubuntu 10.0400:46
snakesqznsFreeheart, also, opengl stutters for me.  I suspect it's a serious kernel issue00:46
GneaXborder: yes, I know, you've told me this many times now :)00:46
XborderGnea sorry lol00:47
GneaXborder: I'm trying to help you figure out why that is and try to fix it00:47
shomonhas anyone managed to get sound working on hp g62's?00:47
Freeheartmasen: Yes, 10.10. I've tested both i386 and AMD64 and both do the same.00:47
GneaXborder: np :)00:47
mdpatricktucemiux_mob: duh dum cha00:47
masenFreeheart: stumped me00:47
mdpatrickJordan_U, andrew_m: thanks!00:47
tucemiux_mobmdpatrick, :-)00:47
snakesqznsFreeheart, http://img42.imageshack.us/img42/8054/adf.mp4  <- this is what opengl does on mine.  Do you have any issues running 3d apps, like glgears?00:47
XborderGnea yeah and i apreciate it but since i'm not english native i'm affraid of nothing going through lol00:48
Jordan_URobinux: No, you would get a different error (complaining specifically about needing 64 bit) if that were the (only) problem.00:48
shomonI'm about to upgrade my alsa using this upgrade script: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1046137 but how do I make sure it's the right thing in my case?00:48
Jordan_Umdpatrick: You're welcome.00:48
macoshomon: you shouldnt need a script00:48
tucemiux_mobacal, I might be mistaken but this message is saying you installed grub in the wrong partition, I would try reinstalling grub: Unknown BootLoader  on sda200:48
macoshomon:  newer versions of alsa are packaged now00:48
Freeheartsnakesqzns: Generally, I have no problems aside from the audio issues I'm describing.00:48
shomonhow do I diagnose sound not working in lucid?00:48
GneaXborder: okay, with the system monitor open, you can see either graphically what the system load is doing (if it's high, that's not a good sign, and if it's got little ridges, it's not doing too much) or if it's showing a list of processes, you can see which ones are using the most CPU usage00:48
macoshomon: linux-backports-modules-alsa-maverick-generic assuming youre on 10.1000:48
acalhow do I reinstall grub?00:48
Lymanany thoughts or comments on my printing problem00:48
shomonyup, vanilla install00:49
snakesqznsFreeheart, so you can confirm no issues with opengl apps,  or you haven't run any opengl apps?00:49
macoshomon: well try installing that package. it has newer drivers00:49
Freeheartsnakesqzns: Using both the ATI Proprietary drive and the RadeonHD, I have seen no noticable stuttering.00:49
snakesqznsFreduardo_, do you have an i7?00:50
FreeheartNot where I couldn't pinpoint the specific cause (i.e. I was transfering a hundred gigs of files at the time)00:50
snakesqznser, Freeheart00:50
bamboochasi have problem in setting staticly interface in /etc/network/interfaces: auto usb0 <endl> iface usb0 inet static <endl> address <endl> netmask <endl> network <endl> broadcast <endl> gateway     Doing: ifconfig usb0 broadcast netmask up     and  route add default gw    work just fine XD what is wrong with my /etc/network/interfaces config ?00:50
tucemiux_mobbamboochas, use pastebin00:50
Jordan_Uacal: From that ouptuput it looks like grub is not the problem. Have you been able to boot any OS from that hard drive, attatched to this machine? Your BIOS may not be seeing the drive at all.00:50
greg1785il y a quelqun ?00:50
ehcgreg1785, bien sur00:50
greg1785ha enfin lol00:51
greg1785ces la premiere fois que jarive a converser sur irc lol00:51
Jordan_U!fr | greg178500:51
ubottugreg1785: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.00:51
Robinuxahh damn does the universal usb installer from pendrivelinux really offer00:52
Robinuxmd5 checking00:52
greg1785pardon ?00:52
XborderGnea yeah as in task manager in windows. in cpu usage no problems there. it doesn't go above 8% on a process called mono. all the others processes are using 0% and sometimes the monitor itself uses 4% of the cpu. the ram being used is about 10% maximum00:52
Robinuxif not then how do i do md5 checking00:52
ehcI want to run a command on every startup, but also after resuming from being suspended. Is there a way to do this?00:53
HabstinatJordan_U: When I try to run that, after a couple minutes I get, "md5sum: /dev/cdrom: Input/output error00:53
bamboochasi have problem in setting staticly interface usb0 in /etc/network/interfaces: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=QG7wq63y      Doing: ifconfig usb0 broadcast netmask up     and  route add default gw    work just fine XD what is wrong with my /etc/network/interfaces config ?00:53
Jordan_UHabstinat: That suggests that there is a problem with the CD or drive.00:53
HabstinatJordan_U: Do you think burning on another computer would most likely fix it?00:54
Lymancould someone look at this and tell me if they see a problem, http://paste.ubuntu.com/533306/00:54
Lymanthe problem is that my printer was detected upon ubunutu 10.04 install, but i cant print to it, i think it could be a cups problem, i'm new to ubuntu, so any help is appreciated00:55
mdpatrickJordan_U, andrew_m: How does it keep my IP up to date?? I registered00:55
Jordan_UHabstinat: It depends on where the issue is. If it's a problem with the disk itself, no (unless you also use another disk). If it's a problem with the burning functionality of the CDROM drive, yes. If it's a problem with the *reading* functionality of the CDROM drive, no.00:56
greg1785# hainaut00:56
Jordan_Ugreg1785: /join #hainaut00:56
mdpatrickJordan_U, andrew_m: Nevermind! I found the update clients. Thanks again.00:56
yagooLyman, go to webbrower url:"http://localhost:631"00:56
Jordan_Umdpatrick: You're welcome.00:56
greg1785lol mici ;-)00:56
acalbios is showing my drive00:57
HabstinatJordan_U: Any way I could narrow these options down, like performing tests to determine which of the three the problem lies with?00:57
acalSo my drive is showing in bios.. it's a gigabyte board, IDE 100GB Drive, Radeon GPU, Amd Phenom II X4 92000:58
snakesqznswhy is ubuntu's kernel using 250 hz instead of 1000 hz??00:58
Lymanyagoo, thanks for the tip\00:59
Jordan_UHabstinat: If you take a new CD, burn it on another computer, and try to boot it on anther computer, then you will no that the disk is good and burned correctly. Then just try booting it on the problematic machine and if it fails to boot it's a hardware problem on the problematic machine.00:59
Ronaldlohow can I find a PID via terminal?00:59
Lymanyagoo, i went there, but i don't see the obvious00:59
Ronaldloie, ssh compatible00:59
yagooLyman, what does that mean?01:00
acalI also scanned the drive with GSmart Control01:00
Lymanyagoo, i can't seem to print, the printer was detected upon fresh install of 10.0401:00
quizmehow do you find out how fast my processors are ?01:01
Jordan_Uacal: This will only help if you have a broken BIOS, but try running "sudo parted /dev/sda set 1 boot on"01:01
yagooquizme, cat /proc/cpuinfo01:01
quizmeyagoo thank you sir01:01
yagooquizme, measuring processor performance is comparative though.. wikipedia has a geekness on "bogomips"01:02
acalRan that and it said: "Information: You may need to update /etc/fstab. "01:02
quizmeyagoo in otherwords, it's not just the mhz that matters ?01:02
bombshellAccording to Gnome, my status being unable to change could be a Ubuntu issue01:02
bombshellin my empathy client01:03
bombshellThey are telling me that Ubuntu uses it's own, Notification Applet01:03
yagooquizme, you can only know how fast a machine performs something if it is benchmarked against another machine performing the same task01:03
quizmeyagoo right...01:03
joey_does any one know what is the easiest way to share an internet connection?01:03
yagooquizme, mhz doesn't necessarily it will run the same task faster..01:04
quizmeyagoo especially with multi-core01:04
XborderGnea my empathy works now. unninstall and reinstall and it works now01:04
yagooquizme, scientists make benchmark tools online... but here's if you're interested http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bogomips01:05
Ronaldlohow do I find a process id?01:06
joey_does any one know what is the easiest way to share an Internet connection?01:06
XborderGnea thanks man01:06
Jordan_Uacal: Ok, try rebooting.01:06
alesanwhat should I do to get the SOURCE CODE of a command that is installed in UBUNTU?01:07
Jordan_Uacal: If you use my nickname (Jordan_U) in your messages they will be highlighted in my client so I am less likely to miss them.01:07
quizmeyagoo: here is my processor : http://pastie.org/130433301:07
quizmeyagoo: 6000 bogomips.... is that good?01:08
rammyIRChow to list the connected wireless users01:08
shcherbakrammyIRC: come again? you mean router?01:09
pushpopHI all I just installed openvpn and I need to get a tunnel interface I ran modprobe tun but not sure what to do from there01:10
quizmeanybody want to see my CPU specs?01:11
quizmeit's free01:11
quizmeok, you drive a hard bargain.... so here they are: http://pastie.org/130433301:11
shcherbakquizme: does it goes with fan>01:12
SolvedI made some adjustments to the appearance of grub, and now it looks awful. Is there a command to reset it to its default settings?01:12
quizmeshcherbak: the fan is extra01:13
blackplague1347I know this is blasphemy here, but let's say I want to switch back to windows...can I do it? Ubuntu occupies my entire HDD right now.01:13
izinucsblackplague1347: sure.. wipe the drive clean and spend 3 hours installing windows01:13
DrManhattanblackplague1347, you just install windows again01:13
quizmeblackplague1347: can't do it.  you are one of us now.  there is no going back.01:13
DrManhattanizinucs, it only takes about 15 minutes now01:13
xanguablackplague1347: just format the hd and install it01:14
SolvedI made some adjustments to the appearance of grub, and now it looks awful. Is there a way to reset it to its default settings?01:14
quizmeblackplague1347: have you ever seen the movie "invasion of the body snatchers" ?  It's like that.01:14
linuxienfor life ;)01:14
blackplague1347lol izinucs you make it sound so appealing01:14
blackplague1347Do I need to re-format the HDD? I deleted all partitions from it with GParted once, but got an error upon attempting to install.01:15
quizmegive me Unity3D on Ubuntu, or give me death.01:15
izinucsDrManhattan: on win 7?  I haven't experienced that.. just reinstalling xp sp1 .. *way* to many updates01:16
linuxienquizme instal the cube its beter dan 3 d01:16
ehcCan I setup a process with upstart to run after the system resumes from being suspended?01:17
DrManhattanyea well, xp is almost a decade old. I bet if you tried to install a decade old distro of linux it would be a little hectic getting it up to date too01:17
RonaldloHow do I find backgroud processes?01:17
yagooBlackguard, where's the HD connected to?01:17
izinucsblackplague1347: yea.. you can delete all the partitions then create one partition for the whole drive.. format it fat32 if you'd like01:17
blackplague1347If I could just get The Sims 3 to work, I'd stick with it. Problem is, it doesn't. I've followed every step and solution I've seen online to get it to work with Wine, but it's just not happening, apparently.01:17
bombshellI finally figured out my issue, apparently the options are grayed (for those who did not know or wasn't informed) ref: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-me/+bug/452067 -- That you needed empathy to be running for those options to become available01:17
izinucsblackplague1347: not familure with The Sims 3 but are some of the sims now opensource?01:18
blackplague1347Not that I'm aware of. Either way, I went out and bought it so I'd prefer to be able to use it >_>01:18
izinucsDrManhattan: yep.. probably worse.. so 7 installs quick?01:18
tbrockhey guys, how do i reset a hostname after changing it, without rebooting01:18
tbrockon an older ubuntu01:18
shcherbaktbrock: /etc/hostname01:19
tbrockright but after its been edited01:20
tbrocki did that and updated hosts01:20
shcherbaktype hostname and <enter>01:20
izinucsblackplague1347: check this out.. you'll see it running.. and there is a link for instructions http://www.flickr.com/photos/cyberfux/3633126842/01:20
tbrockit shows me the old hostname01:20
tbrockwhen i do that01:20
=== vito_ is now known as Guest20081
blackplague1347M'kay izinucs. I'll have a look.01:22
RogueShadowFrom what I understand, if I fully backup my home folder, re-installing ubuntu entirely is going to change very little except fix anything broken right?01:22
izinucstbrock: you have to restart networking I think ...01:22
tbrocki was googling and it said something about /etc/init.d/hostname.sh01:23
tbrockbut i don't have that01:23
blackplague1347izinucs: The playonlinux thing is what I did. Maybe it's because I'm not running "ubuntu" but something based off of and supposedly compatible with ubuntu?01:23
izinucsblackplague1347: could be01:23
adsI have a problem with my umts modem. Since 2 weeks the modem get's disconnected right after I got my ip address, with the following error: "modem-manager: mbm_e2nap_received, disconnected01:24
blackplague1347I get 5 shots with my serial number/code. How does it keep track of how many I've used?01:24
xangua!appdb | blackplague134701:25
ubottublackplague1347: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help01:25
izinucsblackplague1347: in wine? probably with some file it saves.. if that's an issue then you uninstall wine and delete all the wine directories and the file will dissappear01:25
shcherbaktbrock: cat /etc/hostname and hostname should give same01:25
tbrockrestarting networking didn't work01:25
mdpatrickI just made a config file in /etc... how do I set the permissions so any user can view it?????01:26
izinucsblackplague1347: on windows it's a different issue.. a little harder.01:26
tbrockthey aren't because i haven't rebooted yet01:26
blackplague1347izinucs: Well, here's what I've done. I tried to run the Sims 3 in a virtual box. It was fine, except VB doesn't do accelerated graphics. So that's out. I tried it with Wine a couple different times, once with PlayOnLinux. No success. Whatever it is, I'm pretty sure I'm up to 3 entries of that stupid code.01:27
mikha__<r007> ok back01:27
mikha__<r007> are u still there?01:27
izinucsblackplague1347: if your counting the vbox install don't.  was linux running on the vbox install?01:28
=== murat is now known as QUICKLYWEB
blackplague1347izinucs: I was running Fedora 14 as my main OS and installed XP into VirtualBox. I was unware that it didn't support accelerated graphics and would be a waste of time, unfortunately.01:29
izinucsblackplague1347: was the vbox install from the repos? if you get it direct from vbox then you have 2d & 3d accellerated graphics.. a little experimental but it's there.01:30
blackplague1347Ahhh, let me check. Fedora is stingy with it's repos when it comes to certain things.01:31
wasutton3-Kirahow would i go about finding the first character in a line from the command line?01:31
izinucsblackplague1347: even on ubuntu the repo install is the ose version.. no usb support etc..01:31
cordoval_I have 2 txt files and do a diff but it says they are very different , but I can see they are not as different, is there any other command to compare them in a more smart way?01:32
cordoval_diff text1.txt text2.txt01:32
cordoval_gives a long file of ++++ and then ------01:32
cordoval_but they are almost identical01:32
izinucscordoval_: spaces.. caps.. punctuation.. etc.. did you look at all that?01:33
cordoval_not sure I understand you01:33
cordoval_izinucs, which command01:33
SolvedI was messing around with some of the grub settings, and now it looks awful and is barely legible. Is there anyway to reset grub or even uninstall and then reinstall again?01:33
* markodoom has finally got ubuntu working on his netbook :)01:34
evonI have a P4 2.0 512 ram with jaunty on it. Is this too slow to play a MKV file?01:34
shcherbakcordoval_: you can use loop grep and awk to have it done to each word.01:34
izinucscordoval_: the diff command.. not sure what you ment by ++++ then ---- .. is that what the output is?01:34
evonI ask because it's really choppy01:34
leoxagy13Hi All01:35
cordoval_hi all, I meant to say that when I do a diff it is a long file that comes out01:35
SolvedI was messing around with some of the grub settings, and now it looks awful and is barely legible. Is there anyway to reset grub or even uninstall and then reinstall again?01:35
cordoval_i want to realize just the small difference that it is there01:35
cordoval_I just did 1 change01:35
shcherbakSolved: try to search for grub(2) reinstalation (can be done fron live cd)01:35
cordoval_one line almost01:35
shcherbak!grub | Solved01:35
ubottuSolved: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.01:35
leoxagy13I'm on ubuntu 10.04, where can I put a simple script that will run at boot up01:35
bombshellNatty is the next release?01:36
izinucscordoval_: check out "man diff" for switches that will ignore caps, spaces, white space etc.01:36
leoxagy13how can I do that ?01:36
cordoval_izinucs thanks01:36
macowasutton3-Kira: pipe it to this...        | awk --field-separator="" '{ print $1 }'01:36
izinucscordoval_: np01:36
macobombshell: yes01:36
SolvedI was messing around with some of the grub settings, and now it looks awful and is barely legible. Is there anyway to reset grub or even uninstall and then reinstall again?01:37
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/01:37
bombshellGetting into Ubuntu is at a lost01:37
izinucsSolved: maybe a nick change is in order :)01:37
bombshellback* into01:37
leoxagy13I'm on ubuntu 10.04, where can I put a simple script that will run at boot up, how can I do that ?01:37
gary_inNYCleoxagy13: go to system\preferences\startup applications.  just add a link to your script there01:38
shcherbakleoxagy13: I prefer cron01:38
markodoomhaving finally got ubuntu 10.10 netbook version installed and is now updating, while I wait, are there any probs with the wireless hardware on a samsung n220?01:39
leoxagy13shcherbak: what is cron ?01:39
The_Tickit's a daemon that runs scheduled tasks basically01:39
Jordan_USolved:  sudo apt-get install --reinstall --purge grub-pc grub-common01:40
shcherbakleoxagy13: it let you run job/commands on time basis01:40
izinucsmarkodoom: oh yea.. it's horrible.. nothing but issues... no really.. you'll have to wait and see how it reacts. without knowing what the chipset is nobody can tell.01:40
leoxagy13well, I need that the scrip runs before loggin in01:40
gary_inNYCcan anyone help me put my webcam to work in skype?  i'm using an old phillips webcam with v4l2 input and x11/xv output01:40
shcherbakleoxagy13: man cron01:40
blackplague1347izinucs: Okay, I just confirmed that my Ubuntu spinoff has the open source edition of VirtualBox. The non-OSE version should run my game?01:41
markodoomfingers crossed then izinucs01:41
The_Tickleoxagy13: on startup?01:41
wasutton3-Kiramaco i get an error with --field-separator01:41
The_Tickleoxagy13: because cron isn't for startup tasks01:41
smtput your Script into /etc/init.d01:41
The_Tickthe at daemon is for that01:41
izinucsblackplague1347: no idea.. just a thought.. you can uninstall the ose version and install the other.. the vm will still be there.01:41
gary_inNYCmy webcam works, but is not being detected in skype at all01:41
macowasutton3-Kira: what error?01:41
wasutton3-Kiramaco : awk: not an option: --field-seperator=01:42
leoxagy13yes, on startup01:42
shomonhi sorry but this question got answered but scrolled out of my xchat buffer :(01:42
leoxagy13The_Tick: yes, on startup01:42
macowasutton3-Kira: separator has 1 e and 2 a's01:42
shomonhow do I get audio running on an hp g62?01:42
izinucsblackplague1347: make sure you go to settings and tic the boxes for 2d & 3d01:42
The_Tickleoxagy13: look for information about the at daemon01:42
wasutton3-Kiramaco: i copied that in and got the same error01:42
shomonrunning ubuntu 10.1001:42
leoxagy13"put your Script into /etc/init.d" I have the script there already01:43
leoxagy13it's not working01:43
leoxagy13the script recieves start as a parametter01:43
macowasutton3-Kira: this time with separator spelled right it still errored?01:43
wasutton3-Kiramaco: yes01:44
leoxagy13it works great manualy, but not on startup01:44
macowasutton3-Kira: if you "man awk" it says it's gawk, right?01:44
wasutton3-Kiramaco: no it says mawk01:44
macowasutton3-Kira: ahhh01:44
macowasutton3-Kira: try -F ""     instead of --field-separator=""01:45
leoxagy13smt: it's on startup already01:45
smtis root owner of your script?01:45
lucas-argtrying to recordmydesktop with nvidia 260 drivers i see pixels in the video... tried to find an answer googlin but didnt fin one, any idea how to solve this?01:45
wasutton3-Kiramaco: "tail --lines=1 test | awk -F="" '{ print $1 }'" this command spits out the entire last line, instead of the first letter of the last line, which is what i want01:46
macowasutton3-Kira: ok lemme play01:46
wasutton3-Kiramaco: ok thank you01:47
shcherbakwasutton3-Kira: "tail --lines=1 test | awk -F " " '{ print $1 }'"01:47
macoshcherbak: thatd split on spaces01:48
shcherbakwasutton3-Kira: "tail --lines=1 test | awk -F "<your separator>" '{ print $1 }'"01:48
macowasutton3-Kira: i wonder if this is a bug. the mawk manpage says if its an empty string itll spit on individual characters01:48
blackplague1347izinucs: Guess that's what I'll do. Except I may use something than an Ubuntu spinoff, that way I have some idea of which version to get. I'm not sure if this is based off of 10.10 or 10.04, each of which has a specific VirtualBox version.01:48
wasutton3-Kiramaco: Hmmm01:48
macoshcherbak, wasutton3-Kira:  If FS = "", then mawk breaks the record into individual characters, and, similarly, split(s,A,"") places the individual characters of s into A.01:48
markodoomhmmmm, any tips for solving wireless not connecting?01:48
macowasutton3-Kira: try installing gawk and using the gawk command instead of the awk command?  (right now awk is just pointing to /etc/alternatives/awk which points to mawk)01:49
wasutton3-Kiramaco: nope same result with "tail --lines=1 test | gawk -F="" '{ print $1 }'"01:50
izinucsblackplague1347: what are you running?01:50
shcherbakwasutton3-Kira: what do you want to do? and what how is formated file?01:50
macowasutton3-Kira: wait remove that =01:50
blackplague1347UberStudent 1.0 Cicero.01:51
macowasutton3-Kira: its trying to use = as the field separator because you put -F=01:51
wasutton3-Kiramaco : yep that did it01:51
blackplague1347izinucs,  I've been distro-hopping for a couple months, so I have plenty of others I could use instead, however.01:51
wasutton3-Kiraits going to be a file checkout for an attempt at a multiparallel pi calculation01:51
izinucsblackplague1347: wow.. never heard of that one.. how'd you end up on that.. and why avoid a standard ubuntu install?01:52
mcnellisHow much space does a typical Ubuntu server installation take?01:52
blackplague1347izinucs, the only thing is that I need a java browser plugin in order to access my school's internet.01:52
Habstinatridin and Jordan_U: Was able to boot a different CD I burned on my Mac on a different computer, so the CD isn't the issue. Now comes the moment of truth I suppose...01:53
izinucsblackplague1347: that's available.. try ubuntu in a vm and see if it works after installing sun-java6-jre01:53
macomcnellis: there are 4GB in use on my server01:53
blackplague1347izinucs: Yeah it's fairly new. I look at DistroWatch pretty often, so every now and then something interesting like that comes up. The main reason for avoiding standard Ubuntu was because last time I tried to install it, it would neither detect wireless connections, nor run java out of the box.01:53
blackplague1347izinucs: Well, Java shouldn't be much of an issue at this point because I downloaded the .deb and RPM from the java website onto my external hard drive. It's there if I need to install it.01:54
izinucsblackplague1347: right.. wireless is one issue.. java another.. java you have to install but it is in the repos01:54
mcnellismaco: that's not a bare install though, is it?01:55
shcherbakmcnellis: 300mb01:55
blackplague1347izinucs: Yeah. I can install it from the terminal with my external hard drive if need be, then get the latest version from the repos.01:55
mcnellisshcherbak: Sounds more likely... you sure it's that low though? I guess b/c it's server?01:56
shcherbakmcnellis: and could be less (perl)01:56
s093294wheres a good place to get help with iptables?01:57
shcherbakmcnellis: there is alternate iso so it is easy to start01:57
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal01:57
tecnicos093294: #netfilter01:57
mcnellisthanks for your help shcherbak01:58
Castboundguys I have a red exclamation sign in my network icon after configuring an additional router as switch01:59
bojanglesis unison the way to go for two-way file syncronization? i've played around with that and rsync a bit but wasn't sure what people who know what they're doing use (or find easiest for someone new to linux) thanks...01:59
=== Rabbitbu1ny is now known as Rabbitbunny
tecnicobojangles: you can look at dirsync pro (on sf.net) it's nice and easy for new people too02:00
jribbojangles: i keep my desktop and laptop in sync with unison, yes02:01
bojanglestecnico: thanks i'll check it out, is that gui-based?02:01
bojanglesjrib: just over a local network or something?02:01
=== Guest69439 is now known as maxyjj
tecnicobojangles: http://www.dirsyncpro.org/screen-shots.html02:01
jribbojangles: sometimes over local network, sometimes over ssh02:02
bojanglestecnico: thanks02:02
=== david is now known as theholder
Castboundguys I have a red exclamation sign in my network icon after configuring an additional router as switch - I was checking the forum and didn't find anything, and indeed the exclamation mark is anoying02:03
plainasdoes the server version comes with apache, and such stuff installed or just the barebones?02:03
bojanglesjrib: okay, this is dumb, but is it a pain if you don't have a static ip address? (do you have to change the ssh command?)02:03
jribbojangles: yeah, that's probably a pain.  You should use something like dyndns (that's what I do)02:04
shcherbakbojangles: with dynamic internet Ip you can use dyndns02:04
jribplainas: you're given the option at install02:04
theholderHi I am running Ubuntu 10.04 on a Compaq Evo N1015v and now and then it goes to a blank screen with a flashing caps lock light02:04
mcnellisdoes Linux support blu ray players?02:04
bojanglesjrib: okay, and that redirects a host name to the new IP or something?02:04
Castboundjust tell me no one knows how to remove  the exclamation mark and I'll go away02:04
plainasisn't there a smaller iso?02:05
jribbojangles: you can get something like bojangles.dyndns.org and then just run ddclient (it's in the repositories) on your computer.  That will keep bojangles.dyndns.org always pointing to your computer02:05
jribplainas: there is...02:05
jrib!minimal | plainas02:05
ubottuplainas: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD02:05
bojanglesjrib: okay great...i'll check it out...02:06
bojanglesthanks for the input everyone02:06
=== ri is now known as Guest69295
theholderHi I am running Ubuntu 10.04 on a Compaq Evo N1015v and now and then it goes to a blank screen with a flashing caps lock light02:07
earthmeLonI am unable to mount to a server using SSHFS and Public Key Authentication.  I currently have it set up for a number of server (and it works) but this server keeps disconnecting me.  The logs show it starts my session and then closes my session.  No errors.  The client says "connection reset by peer"  Any suggestions?02:07
earthmeLonSSH for the server using public key works perfectly.  It's just sshfs that's acting bonkers02:08
zetheroo1ubuntu installed on one of my laptops here seems to sync the time to the wrong zone via the Internet ... how do I change it to where I am?02:09
adsJust move your laptop into the correct timezone ;-)02:10
Castboundrun cat /etc/timezone02:10
Castboundwhat's your time zone?02:11
tecnicoearthmeLon: just a very long shot.. make sure that your non-interactive shell login is not outputing anything to stdout.  That'll make stuff like scp and rsync fail too.  Most likely something echoed from your .bashrc or .tcshrc or .cshrc02:11
zetheroo1and it's connecting to Adelaide which is 30min different02:11
earthmeLonty Tecnico i will test02:12
ranjanHi all02:12
ranjanhow to install the meego interface on my desktop, its maverick02:12
blackshirthi all02:12
tecnicoearthmeLon: type -->   ssh user@server '/bin/true'    <---    if you get anything02:15
earthmeLonI know that the user has /bin/bash on the remote server02:15
tecnicoearthmeLon: you shouldn't get any output02:15
eemerica2shey guys I'm having a bit of trouble with my ipod touch. When I ran the live CD, i plugged my ipod in and it showed all the songs no problem. After installing it I plugged it in and every music player I tried (amarok, banshee, rythmbox, gtkpod) all day there are "0 songs" on my ipod, yet my ipod still shows a full list of songs and everything. any ideas?02:15
Castboundsudo cp /usr/share/zoneinfo/right/Australia/Sydney /etc/timezone zetheroo102:16
smtInstallation gtkpod02:16
eemerica2sgtkpod sees it but claims there's no music on it02:16
KeithChesterif i think that compiz is interfering with a video c++ program im trying to run (some open kinect stuff) how can i temporarily disable compiz without losing all of my settings?02:17
Castboundsudo cp /usr/share/zoneinfo/right/Australia/Sydney /etc/timezone ads02:17
smthmm works great for me02:17
=== james is now known as Guest5192
evonwhat command do i use to close exit GUI and drop down to commandline only02:18
=== nova is now known as nova|away
Castboundevon, Ctrl + alt +102:19
evoncastbound thanks02:19
eemerica2si get an error with gtkpod: "Extended info will not be  ipod database import failed: 'error during XML parsing of file /home/mike/.gvfs/Mike's iPod/iTunes_Control/iTunes/  Newly mounted ipod at '/home/mike/.gvfs/Mike's iPod' could not be loaded into gtkpod02:19
evoncastbound didn't do anything02:19
nitsthe menu bar that has file, edit and stuff for terminal and nautilus and stuff is now in the indicator applet. How do i restore it to org state?02:20
Castboundevon, Ctrl + alt + F1 sorry02:20
tecnicoevon: F1 instead of 102:20
evoncastbound tecnico ok will try it now. thanks02:20
tecnicoevon: and F7 to go back02:20
jsecHi all. For some reason my laptop (10.04) keeps locking up once every day or two. I can't change tty levels, restart X, nothing. There's no mouse or keyboard input working, and the only option is to hard reboot. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? I've had this setup since 10.04 came out, but this just started about a month ago.02:20
evoncastbound does that actually exit the GUI completely or is it still in memory?02:21
cyberwar1ockwhat was this transfer i just got if anyone knows02:21
nitswen ur sys freezes which applications are running on it02:21
evoncastbound is there a terminal command for that?02:21
Castboundevon, no eso no cierra x02:21
Guest5192help I keep getting "Errors were encountered while processing:02:21
Guest5192 hal02:21
Guest5192 winbind02:21
FloodBot3Guest5192: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:21
evoncastbound no hablo espanol02:22
nitsjsec: wen ur sys freezes what apps u running?02:22
Castboundevon, sorry that doesn't close X02:22
Castboundyou need to use killall02:22
bojanglesjrib: sorry, quick follow-up is there a different between using the router or the ubuntu package for the dns updates?02:22
Castboundor kill02:22
Guest5192help I keep getting http://paste.ubuntu.com/533319/02:22
jsecnits: varies. sometime's it chrome, sometimes empathy... once it was nothing more than a terminal. I've got a weird feeling that it usually happens right after a mouse click from the touchpad.02:23
earthmeLontecnico Problem was I coppied Ubuntu SSHD_CONFIG into CentOS SSHD_CONFIG.  NOT THE SAME02:23
nitsjsec: oh... it happens sometimes for me as well but not every 2 days... maybe once a month or something like that... that's a bug in 10.0402:24
tecnicoearthmeLon: CentOS's openssh server version may be a little behind02:24
nitsthe menu bar that has file, edit and stuff for terminal and nautilus and stuff is now in the indicator applet. How do i restore it to org state?02:24
antihc3Anyone know if it is possable to restrict screen resolution when loading cd installer02:25
tecnicoearthmeLon: but I thought you said that ssh'ing into the machine worked fine.  Just that sshfs didn't   so the only difference is that one is interactive and the other is not.  The output on stdout on a non-interactive login craps out rsync, scp and other programs that  don't expect output02:25
=== DrK_Xen is now known as Dr_K_Xen
earthmeLonWell, when I changed the sshd_config file to the centos, it stopped printint out this weird message whenever I did ssh in successfully02:26
earthmeLonwhich was probably what you were talking about with the extra output02:26
Cyrano_Deantihc3: append vga=xxx to the kernel line.  For instance vga=792 is 1280x1024/24bit if memory serves (rarely).  Look up kernel vesa modes02:26
nitsthe menu bar that has file, edit and stuff for terminal and nautilus and stuff is now in the indicator applet. How do i restore it to org state?02:26
Cyrano_Denits: Is it detatched from the window?02:27
Cyrano_Denits: If not hit "F11"02:27
bojanglesshcherbak: do you update DNS using a router?02:27
nitsCyrano_De: yes it's detached from the window and it's in the indicator applet02:28
antihc3Cyrano_De, I tryied vga=791 but screen detection on load is as far as i get02:28
nitspressing F11 is taking the terminal to full screen02:28
nitsCyrano_De: Pressing F11 is taking the terminal to full screen02:28
Guest5192http://paste.ubuntu.com/533322/ PLEASE HELP ME SOLVE THESE ERRORS02:29
=== Dr_K_Xen is now known as DrK_Xen
B}Ronald_ReaganHow do you boot mac from a usb stick? Booting with c held down doesnt work, nor does option, nor does choosing a boot volume in the system prefs.02:30
antihc3B}Ronald_Reagan, Hold the option key it will show aval. boot devices02:30
WXZlibglib2.0-0 (=2.24.0-0ubuntu4) but 2.24.1-0ubuntu1 is to be installed, how do I fix this?02:31
rebirthi'm trying to build a program with cmake but i'm getting the error "CMake Error at /usr/share/cmake-2.8/Modules/FindQt4.cmake:754 (MESSAGE):02:31
rebirth  Could NOT find QtCore header"02:31
B}Ronald_ReaganYea, didn't show the stick.02:31
antihc3B}Ronald_Reagan, if Option does not work then sounds like the device may not be bootable or usb port is not working02:31
B}Ronald_Reaganok, you confirmed my fears :)02:31
antihc3B}Ronald_Reagan, you can also look in System pref02:32
izinucsbojangles: you typically can list new dns server in your router02:32
antihc3B}Ronald_Reagan, ok helps if i read the full line sorry02:32
B}Ronald_Reaganhaha, yep. Just about to quote myself ;)02:32
B}Ronald_ReaganI'll just burn a disk :P02:33
mcurrananyone have any suggestions for a USB that was not removed correctly from a Winblows XP laptop and now will not mount but is listed in lsusb.  I've tried almost everything - ntfs -3g force, fdisk, modprobe usb_storage, etc. (device pops up in windows, and nautilus, but cannot open - WONT MOUNT!!!)02:33
bojanglesizinucs: okay, so i wouldnt' have to install anything additional in ubuntu?02:33
izinucsbojangles: nope.. are you trying to use opendns servers?02:33
Diamondcitemcurran: Does it say something like wrong file system?02:33
B}Ronald_ReaganThanks :D02:33
nitsthe menu bar that has file, edit and stuff for terminal and nautilus and stuff is now in the indicator applet. How do i restore it to org state?02:34
bojanglesizinucs: i'm not sure what that is to be honest, i just want to be able to connect to my home computer from school02:34
antihc3B}Ronald_Reagan, also note what you have on the boot media.  I once tryed to boot my Mac to an AMD64 Disk that would only Kernel panic. (forgot it was AMD_64bit)02:34
mcurranno tail just says DIRECT ACCESS or [sdf] attached as SCSI device02:35
izinucsbojangles: ah.. that's not really dns.. that's ssh typically. You'll need port forwarding on the router to pass the ssh tunnel to the computer in your lan at home.02:35
mcurranjust use dmz host or dns-server02:35
bojanglesizinucs: don't i need dns if it's a dynamic ip address though? (in order to use ssh)02:35
mcurranyeah, you need static ip02:35
WXZlibglib2.0-0 (=2.24.0-0ubuntu4) but 2.24.1-0ubuntu1 is to be installed, what does this mean?02:36
mcurrannot really static ip, but listed as static in router settings02:36
Cyrano_Debojangles: or dynamic DNS.02:36
bojanglesso if i get a dyndns account and set up the router i should be okay? or is port-forwarding an additional step?02:37
axisyshow do I find the rpm of a disk from the os ?02:37
izinucsbojangles: you can use dyndns.com to set that situation up. in your router there will normally be a place to put the credentials for dyndns.com.. dyndns gives you a web address like izinucs-isa.geek.com which will pass to your routers public ip address .. from there port fowarding handles the rest.02:37
axisyswithout taking the disk out of the laptop02:37
=== nova|away is now known as nova
Diamondcitemcurran: Assuming your flashdrive in question is still intact, maybe you can use testdisk to seek out it's partitions and get to it's data.02:38
xjirooaxisys: you can't.02:38
bojanglesizinucs: okay, is port forwarding tied into the router's dns stuff or is that just a separate setting?02:38
Diamondciteaxisys: Isn't it fairly safe to assume it probably running among the common RPMs such as 5400? (or is it 4200?)02:39
axisysxjiroo: hmm..02:39
izinucsbojangles: port forwarding is typically handled in the "gaming" section of routers.. but yes.  It's two different settings in the router.02:39
axisysDiamondcite: is it actually on my x4150 .. it could 10K or 15K rpm02:39
izinucsbojangles: gotta run.. like your nick.. Sammy all the way !! :)02:39
mcurrannot listed in testdisk02:39
Diamondciteaxisys: Drives that spin that fast have quite a fast seek time usually... (looks up drives)02:40
mcurranI should call Microsoft and say you owe me a new USB thumbdrive02:40
Diamondcitemcurran: Testdisk can't even see the device?02:40
bojanglesizinucs: ha thanks for the help02:40
WXZwhat does "but x is to be installed" mean?02:40
Diamondcitemcurran:  Where you writting to it at the time?02:40
mcurranweird lsusb shows it as a kingston usb but it's a pny attache02:40
tecnicoaxisys: you can look at the model number and lok at the specs on the manuf. site  (use hdparm -i(02:41
mcurranI just created one partition - I've tried gparted and many other tools, but none see it02:41
Diamondcitemcurran: It's the flash chip that counts =P  does the drive generate a /dev/sd* entry atleast?02:41
tbrockhey guys, 2 questions, is there a top for users, aka wtop? and what is the best command line github client in ubuntu02:41
Diamondcitemcurran: (That's why windows is dangerous, but I never heard of an unsafe idle removal doing THAT much damage)02:42
mcurranyes, this usb was working flawlessly and I've even had it multibooting several distros.  When I set it up as a plain fat partition and was transferring drivers from one XP machine to another is when it got messed up02:42
=== eric is now known as Guest54463
Diamondciteaxisys: All the latop sata drives I can see for purchase is either 7200 or 5400 RPM.02:43
switch10_anyone know the name of the "install additional drivers" package???02:43
Diamondcitemcurran: So it was actively being written to at the time?02:43
Diamondciteswitch10_: jockey-gtk02:43
yagoomcurran, what type of fat ?02:43
axisysDiamondcite: x415002:43
switch10_Diamondcite: tk02:44
switch10_Diamondcite: ty*02:44
tbrockanyone have any ideas?02:44
yagooaxisys, what's an x4150 all about?02:44
mcurranfat16 or 32 not sure, I used windows gay restore device defaults, so probably 1602:44
axisysyagoo: sun hardware02:44
yagoomcnellis, fat16 is restricted to 500 megs02:44
yagoomcurran, ^02:44
mcurranwell it was 4 gigs and recognised at the time so must have been 3202:45
yagoomcurran, and fat32 is restricted to creating no filesize greater than 4 gigs02:45
Diamondciteaxisys: Server class drives are somewhat harder to track down x.x02:45
mcurranI'm running bt4r1, so I'm going to try some of these digital forensics tools on them and see if I have any luck02:45
ubuntu4shaneyagoo, are you sure fat32 wasn't 2GB?02:45
yagoomcurran, a fat32 can have the filesystem size as 100 gigs.. but filesizes cannot exceed 4 gigs02:45
WXZwhat does "depends * (=*) but * is going to be installed" mean?02:46
mcurranwell it's a little besides the point anyways02:46
yagooubuntu4shane, 64kb can do 4 gigs ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fat32#FAT32 )02:46
ubuntu4shaneyagoo, ok, I guess you got the facts! :)  I was thinking otherwise, but you win. :)02:46
yagooubuntu4shane, i can be wrong on somethings.. i'm only human :)02:47
Guest5192http://paste.ubuntu.com/533322/ PLEASE HELP ME SOLVE THESE ERRORS02:47
ubuntu4shaneWXZ, it means that 1 depends on 2 but  or 3 is going to be installed02:47
Guest5192nobody is helping02:47
Guest5192please someone02:47
tecnicomcurran: I had that happened a couple of times. I yanked the key out and then I couldn't use it on any other machine. Not even on that same windows machine. But turned out I then tried plugging it on another usb port on that windows machine, it opened it, I tried writting to it and the nreleasing it. And it worked ok after that02:48
ubuntu4shaneGuest5192, sudo apt-get -f install02:48
KeshHi all02:48
KeshI have a question, but I dont want to bother you all02:49
yagooGuest5192, type sudo df02:49
PiciKesh: Just ask.02:49
Diamondciteubuntu4shane, Guest5192 looks like hal and winbind isn't finshed installing.. were they interrupted? Are you out of disk space?02:49
ubuntu4shaneGuest5192, ignore mine, you have other problems there02:49
Infra`hey, could yall please help me install a .far file?02:49
ubuntu4shaneDiamondcite, yes, I just realized that was other issues.02:49
ubuntu4shaneKesh, fire away, someone will probably have an answer, no trouble that is why we are here.02:50
gksmithlcwDoes anyone know what would be preventing KVM guests from autostarting on server startup?02:50
Guest5192I never tried installing them02:50
mcurranyeah, I tried putting it in several xp machines, a windows 7 vm, and older gparted iso's - There are others with the same problem showing this in tail [sdf] Attached SCSI removable disk and lsusb showing USB DISK 30X, but not mounting, I'll just bring it back to BestBuy and say I wan't a new one.02:50
Guest5192unless a script tried to but I have more than enough disk02:51
ubuntu4shaneInfra`, I'm pretty sure in the terminal you run   java  file.jar02:51
Guest5192those solutions sadly did nothing btw02:51
DiamondciteGuest5192: Those are dependcies for other parts of the system, try to install those first?02:51
* gksmithlcw is running libvirt02:51
Keshok.... here it goes:  I have an old laptop, compaq 1200.... it has I think a celeron..... it has Win2000 (originally came with ME) and now I want to replace it with Ubuntu... the question is, should I use the desktop edition or is it lighter to use the Netbook edition?02:51
ubuntu4shaneInfra`, I mean, java -jar file.jar02:52
gksmithlcwThe netbook edition is lighter but the desktop edition should be fine.02:52
Guest5192could you give me the codes?02:52
Guest5192command lines*02:52
ubuntu4shaneKesh, do you know how much ram it has?02:52
Diamondcitetry "sudo apt-get install hal"02:52
joshdreamlandSo I updated to Maverick for some reason, it gripes about my CPU being insecure, then drops into tty102:52
Diamondciteand see what happens.02:52
Keshdoes the Netbook edition need to be on a real Netbook>02:52
Keshdunno, I can check quickly02:53
joshdreamlandAnyone have a great way to fix this, or am I going to have to grope it until it finishes and works02:53
Infra`ubuntu4shane, Yeah that was the command I thought, it gives me this error. "Unable to access jarfile Mars.jar"02:53
Guest5192Errors were encountered while processing: hal winbind02:53
Guest5192when trying to instal hal02:53
yagoojoshdreamland, you've been reading too many train trips in japan about the groping02:53
banker247do you have to update your locate command database or does it do it automatically?02:53
ubuntu4shaneKesh, more than likely the desktop edition of will be fine, if you need something lighter there is Xubuntu02:53
yeatsjoshdreamland: the message about the CPU is probably not related to your other problem02:53
joshdreamlandyagoo: Actually, you might have a point there02:53
gksmithlcwSo will there soon be Gubuntu?02:54
DiamondciteGuest5192: (Too many guest nicks, pick something else with /nick newnamehere), Maybe hal's .deb file needs to be redownloaded =/02:54
ubuntu4shaneInfra`, try this: chmod +x Mars.jar  then try to run it again02:54
Keshok, I will try the Desktop edition,  actually thats the one I have downloaded and burnt to a cd02:54
Keshthanks !02:54
banker247i moved a file "lead" from ~/Desktop to ~/Documents and when i type locate lead it still shows in ~/Desktop is this accurate?02:54
ubottulubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu02:54
rabli moved afile02:54
=== Guest5192 is now known as jcarlin
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels02:54
jcarlinwere do I download it at?02:54
joshdreamlandWell, I have an NVidia card that hasn't gotten along with any release ir distro to date. No nv module is loaded, proprietary or otherwise.02:54
jcarlinthe hal02:55
ubuntu4shane!question | rabl02:55
ubotturabl: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:55
Diamondcitejcarlin: Looking..02:55
ubuntu4shane!hello | dewqazxc02:55
Infra`ubuntu4shane, thanks i have it working now. i'm a linux noobie :)02:55
yeatsjoshdreamland: Is the message you're seeing this?: "Your CPU appears to be lacking expected security protections."02:56
ubuntu4shaneInfra`, all we did there was made the file executable, has to do with permissions02:56
joshdreamlandyeats: Yep.02:56
gksmithlcwI take it no one's got anything on my KVM problem?02:56
joshdreamlandyearI assume this NX nonsense wasn't present in previous releases?02:56
KeshAnother question: is it difficult to configure a wi-fi card?  I have an old one, only has WEP (under win2000).   I just dont want to spend 100 hours reading forums to make it work in Ubuntu.02:56
yeatsjoshdreamland: then that's a separate issue from your video issues - that message began in lucid as far as I know02:57
ubuntu4shaneKesh, my experiences are some work well (many) I haven't ran into bad ones, but I know there are some out there02:57
ubuntu4shaneKesh, perhaps if you know the brand or chipset, google it and see if linux users have problems with it02:58
Keshok, fair enough... the few forum posts that I have seen look intimidating....02:58
joshdreamlandyeats: I haven't seen it before. But yeah, I'll ignore it. So why's it dropping me into tty1 if all it's telling me is that message?02:58
ubuntu4shaneKesh, understood, can be very intimidating when jumping in at first.02:58
antihc3anyone know if ubunut cd support vgacon install and where i can find some docs02:58
Keshyes, already found some posts with people using exactly the same card... so I am not alone, thanks anyway02:58
Keshthis is a fantastic channel btw02:59
yeatsjoshdreamland: don't know about that - I just knew that the CPU message was not related :-)02:59
yeatsjoshdreamland: hopefully that saves you from chasing a red herring03:00
joshdreamlandSo I'm screwed, essentially.03:00
grant__Sorry, my Xchat locked up...03:00
Lint01how to change QT4 font & decorations?03:00
=== grant__ is now known as gksmithlcw
yeatsjoshdreamland: probably not - I'm just saying *I* don't know - you might provide more details about it?03:00
Diamondcitejcarlin aka Guest5192 went poof?03:00
xanguaLint01: install qt4-qtconfig03:01
Keshoh...oh....one final and important question:  I tried running Ubuntu on that laptop, from the CD.. It works but there is a red message that says something like "Base address not set....update your Bios or force something...."... what would that be in general terms?03:01
joshdreamlandI don't know what else to say. Lucid worked fine, I updated via the Update Manager, now Maverick is broken03:01
joshdreamlandLucid is the only distro that could recover from blacklist.conf not listing agpgart and intel-agp (neither of which are loaded)03:01
yeatsjoshdreamland: there are regressions with nVidia cards - I have one, which is why I'm skipping Maverick03:02
ubuntu4shaneKesh, sounds like your BIOS is outdated and needs updated, oooor, the system time is not set right?  I'm not sure03:02
Lint01Kesh, i'd ignorethis03:02
Keshit was the time then.... I remember the laptop had wrong time....03:02
joshdreamlanddang, they should really put that in bold print03:02
ubuntu4shanejoshdreamland, upgrades are tough, I upgraded, then I ended up wiping and doing a clean install.03:02
=== james_ is now known as jcarlin
Keshis that the cause?   (the wrong time is because it was in a box for like a year)03:02
joshdreamlandI'd rather not do that. Think I should wait for someone to fix the NVidia issues?03:03
jcarlinDiamoncite: anything?03:03
leealisdoes anyone know of any music programs that have support for iphone 4.1 os?03:03
ubuntu4shaneKesh, ahh, probably, especially if you connected to the web, it may have compared and realized it isn't 1960 :)03:03
ubuntu4shane!nick | kesh03:04
ubottukesh: Your nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often (use /nick newnick), or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with Freenode.03:04
yeatsjoshdreamland: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/61602303:04
ubuntu4shaneKesh, sorry, wrong command to the bot, when talking with someone use their nick as it makes it easier to follow03:04
g_i'm looking for ideas. i'm using vmware and would like to log network traffic from a windows vm, any ideas?03:04
KeshI will proceed with full disk installation :-)   There is nothing to lose...this is a spare old computer03:04
gksmithlcwAll right. Thanks anyway.03:04
_jesse_ubuntu4shane: it's !who I believe03:05
aeMaethNo where to go but forward03:05
ish_hey guys i have a question about flash problems in firefox (ubuntu), where should I ask that?03:05
ubuntu4shane_jesse_, thanks!03:05
Keshwell...I couldnt connect to the network, because of the old wifi card   (the router in our house uses wpa)....so there was no comparison...03:05
xanguaish_: flash sucks in linux, ask adobe¿03:05
ubuntu4shaneish_, try here, and we will go from there.03:05
ish_ok i have alot of tabs open with flash, and when I close one tab the flash apps in other windows just dissapear03:06
tecnicog_: you can match the guest's IP and  set log rules on iptables03:06
Keshthanks and good night !03:07
leealisdoes anyone know of any music programs that have ios 4.1 supported?03:07
g_tecnico: ?03:07
joshdreamlandyeats: Thanks much. It says "fix released"... would that have already been in the update repository? I just installed today.03:07
g_leealis: i think there's a music distro of debian or ubuntu, you could look out for that03:08
leealisi dont want to install a new distro when i already have this one all set up though03:08
leealisi know rhythmbox has support for ios 4 just not the 4.103:08
tecnicog_: the guest traffic has to be routed through some interface on the host. Just set rules on iptables to match the IP of the guest and LOG ( google iptables and ULOG)03:09
g_tecnico: ahh i see, thanks!03:09
=== Orion_ is now known as Guest21925
yeatsjoshdreamland: possibly... you're able to update okay, right?03:11
joshdreamlandyeats: yep. I can access all tty layers, too. As if I booted then pressed ctrl-alt-f103:12
switch10_what is the package name for the "power button" in the top right corner of a default ubuntu-desktop install?03:12
aL3xomg ubuntu netbook is sooooo cute03:12
=== aL3x is now known as alexlea
yeatsjoshdreamland: hmm, so it's not freezing or anything, it just skips GDM and goes straight to TTY1?03:13
xanguaswitch10_: insidator-session03:13
joshdreamlandyeats: Correct.03:13
switch10_xangua: thanks03:13
joshdreamlandalt-f7 displays some garbage about checking battery state.03:13
yeatsjoshdreamland: have you checked the logs for any messages about video?03:13
joshdreamlandyeats: There are thousands.03:14
joshdreamlandI actually just checked or I'd have mentioned it earlier.03:14
leealisis there any kind of ubuntu software that gives you ultimate power management?03:15
snakesqznswooops, I just delted my /etc/at.deny file.  can one you post yours please?03:15
leealislike how asus has their power2gear crap03:15
joshdreamlandDarn it; nvidia-glx-173 is already current03:15
digitalfizso i have this weird issue ive had since 9.10 i was wondering if there is a fix. its not a big deal just annoying. On my desktop my external drives show up and I have to tripple click them to open them double clicking doesnt work but all other icons i can just double click is there a reason or a setting i can change?03:16
aeMaethsnakesqzns, mine is an empty file03:16
snakesqznsaeMaeth, thanks.. 10.10?03:16
aeMaethsnakesqzns, yes03:16
aeMaethsnakesqzns, woah, no i was wrong03:16
aeMaethsnakesqzns, sorry about that, i forgot to sudo03:17
tecnicoaeMaeth: on -server's at.deny there are several usernames listed there by default03:17
ubuntu4shanesnakesqzns, http://paste.ubuntu.com/533333/03:17
sexy_Hey guys, trying to start learning C++,  what compiler do you guys recommend for linux?03:17
izinucsdigitalfiz: perhaps the first two clicks mount the drive and the third opens it.03:17
joshdreamlandhow do you make grep give line number, again? :P03:17
ubuntu4shanesnakesqzns, tecnico mine didn't have any usernames03:17
sexy_Also, how the hell do I install tar.gz files?03:18
aeMaethsnakesqzns, http://pastebin.com/RWhkF7Pu03:18
digitalfizizinucs, i thought that but its every time wether the drive is already mounted or not03:18
yeatsjoshdreamland: grep -c will count the lines returned, if that's what you mean03:18
ubuntu4shane!language | sexy_03:18
ubottusexy_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:18
joshdreamlandI had it find the segment "LoadModule: "nvidia""03:18
snakesqznsthanks guys03:18
izinucsdigitalfiz: that's definately weird.. sorry I don't have an answer03:18
joshdreamlandyeats: I want the line number in the file03:18
digitalfizizinucs, whats even more weird is if i double click then wait a sec then double click again it opens so im not sure what could be going on03:18
joshdreamlandsomething I could jump to with nano03:18
ubuntu4shanesexy_, it is best to install things through synaptic or Ubuntu software center03:18
xangua!compile | sexy_03:18
ubottusexy_: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)03:18
antihc3sexy_, tar.gz is not an installer it is more like a zip in windows terms03:19
joshdreamlandoh right, ctrl-w in nano03:19
joshdreamlandnever mind03:19
ubuntu4shane!hello | faethin03:19
yeatsjoshdreamland: grep -n03:19
FaethinTrying to set up berry4all to use my BB as a wireless modem. Anyone savvy on the subject? :)03:19
joshdreamlandokay, there was no error whatever loading nvidia03:19
ubuntu4shanejoshdreamland, you have nvidia?03:20
Steristanyone know what the focus of 11.04 is?03:20
joshdreamlandnothing about this says fail03:20
joshdreamlandubuntu4shane: yes03:20
ubuntu4shanejoshdreamland, did you upgrade with proprietary drivers?03:20
antihc3sexy_, you can Extract a tar.gz with tar xzvf file.tar.gz03:20
joshdreamlandubuntu4shane: I have nvidia-glx-173 installed03:20
FaethinThe question is: There's this thing called the PPPD path which is by default /usr/bin/pppd. However, upon inspection using nautilus, I see that there's no such directory03:21
blakkheimantihc3: z isn't needed03:21
FaethinWhere is pppd?03:21
sexy_Ahh I see, thanks03:21
Steristi.e. 10.04 = mostly compat, 10.10 = mostly cosmetic, 11.04 = ... ?03:21
ubuntu4shanejoshdreamland, I got dumpped to tty after upgrading with nvidia03:21
sexy_Also, Im unable to install .exe with Wine..03:21
joshdreamlandubuntu4shane: How'd you fix it?03:21
ubuntu4shanejoshdreamland, I don't remember now, but I messed around with installing xorg over and drivers or something03:21
carlosHi all!!!03:22
joshdreamlandusing the livecd, ubuntu4shane03:22
ubuntu4shanejoshdreamland, I don't remember, but I did get it, I had to uninstall and re-install stuff03:22
antihc3blakkheim, ahh my bad fingers like the z for some reason when using tar03:22
carlosHi have a serious problem03:22
ubuntu4shanejoshdreamland, no, all via command line, I just logged into the tty, and was hardwired, so that wasn't a problem03:22
joshdreamlandubuntu4shane: Did you do it all form tty, or did you have to use a livecd?03:22
joshdreamlandDid you uninstall and reinstall xorg?03:22
carlosHi recently installed ubuntu with vista, have to much trouble so choose ubuntu over vista03:23
ubuntu4shanejoshdreamland, I'm pretty sure, also the nvidia drivers, I don't remember what all I did, but I 'hacked' away and got it03:23
izinucsjoshdreamland: google ppa nvidia-vapau.  in that page is a link to the PPA with the latest driver.. add the ppa as a repo and sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade .. and you should have it installed if you tried to install the driver in System>Admin>hardware drivers.03:23
carlosnow my ubuntu freeze to often03:23
carloswhy is this03:23
joshdreamlandizinucs: thanks, will try03:23
ubuntu4shanejoshdreamland, I'm about 90% sure it was the xorg-nvidia stuff, I would search, but I"m on my dumb ATI laptop. :)03:24
* antihc3 wonders if installing ubuntu on a HD then putting it into an appletv would work:D03:24
carlosHi recently installed ubuntu with vista, have to much trouble so choose ubuntu over vista  now my ubuntu freeze to often why is this????03:24
Faethincarlos: be more specific03:24
Faethincarlos: Do you speak Spanish?03:25
xanguacarlos: ubuntu with vista....do you mean "wubi" ¿¿ try a real install then03:25
ubuntu4shaneantihc3, give it a try and post results somewhere, I have had luck with installing, and then moving hd to different system. :)03:25
sexy_I installed ubuntu on Win 7 and having no troubles.03:25
sexy_Ahh also, how can I access my files on Win 7? As I understand it since its on the same partition I dont have to mount anyhting03:25
antihc3ubuntu4shane, will do.  I have had great luck with ubunut and motherboard changes :D03:25
Zorlin!usage Zorlin03:26
ubuntu4shaneantihc3, if it blows up, you didn't get that advice from me. :0 :)03:26
FaethinExcuse me, restating my question: The question is: There's this thing called the PPPD path which is supposedly by default /usr/bin/pppd. However, upon inspection using nautilus, I see that there's no such directory. Where is this pppd thing?03:27
carlosI have vista then I discovered Ubuntu, but have to much trouble with the dual boot loader so I choose Ubuntu over vista, now 3 of every 5 times Im using the pc the desktop just freeze and I have to turn off the pc with the power botton and some times its freeze in the bios screen in blue03:27
entropy4sexy_, you installed ubuntu with wubi?03:27
joshdreamlandizinucs: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/nvidia-vdpau/ppa/ubuntu-maverick-main?03:27
Faethincarlos: did you use Wubi?03:27
entropy4sexy_ i think it mounts the windows partition under /host03:27
carlosI think so03:27
sexy_How do I access /host?03:27
ubuntu4shanecarlos that sounds like harddrive issues, or hardware issues, not so much software issues.03:27
carlosI can check the cd if u want to03:28
izinucsjoshdreamland: hang on.. I'll look.. that like doesn't go anywhere.03:28
sexy_nvm, got it03:28
ubuntu4shanecarlos, if you don't like ubuntu, you can remove it, and use the space for windows.03:28
Faethincarlos: does it freeze while on Windows or while on Ubuntu?03:28
ubuntu4shaneI'm off, night all.03:28
carlosI like to try that too,03:28
carlosbut I removed vista from the pc03:29
izinucsjoshdreamland: here's the direct link https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates03:29
carlosVista is no longer in the PC03:29
joshdreamlandizinucs: Thanks much. I just pass that to deb?03:29
Faethincarlos: what's your computer model?03:29
sexy_Hmm, I cant access Documents and Settings from /host?03:29
izinucsjoshdreamland: there's instruction on how to add that as one of your repositories..03:30
Faethincarlos: yeah that sounds like a hardware problem03:30
entropy4sexy_, Documents and Settings on Windows 7 is just a link to the Users folder if i remember correctly03:30
carlosany idea more specific03:30
Faethincarlos: does it freeze spontaneously or are you always doing something when it happens?03:30
sexy_Oh right, my bad03:30
entropy4if you are trying to find files under your Win77 user profile see /host/Users/your_name03:30
kassah_is there a way in the netbook interface to add my own applications (installed within homedir)?03:30
sexy_Cool, got what I needed. Thanks. Now I need a music player like foobar03:31
izinucsjoshdreamland: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates03:31
carlosIm a computer engi student, and I really need my pc03:31
carlosIm new in ubuntu03:32
Faethincarlos: have you just tried reinstalling Ubuntu?03:32
joshdreamlandwas just reading. Thank you03:32
carlosand all unix thing03:32
sexy_But then Wine doesnt seem to be working so I need something native to linux03:32
carlosabout 4 times03:32
xanguasexy_native of what¿03:32
ActionParsnip!player | sexy_03:32
ubottusexy_: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs03:32
Faethincarlos: I'm sorry, but it seems to be a hardware issue :(03:32
carlosI dont like to sad face03:33
joshdreamlandbrb, manually multiplexing internet03:33
FaethinYou could try something. Do you have the system monitor applet?03:33
xanguacarlos like i said you can try a real install or try the live cd and see if you also have troubles with it03:33
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot03:33
Faethincarlos: hang on, you did fully install it, right?03:33
carlosyes, is taking the entire HD03:34
FaethinI mean, you loaded up the livecd and installed from there03:34
Faethincarlos: okay03:34
HabstinatHere's what I know: My disk reader is broken at startup and I can't boot from a CD, period; my USB reader is only mostly broken because it can't get the official installer right at startup, but it can read the alternate installer until halfway through installing Ubuntu it gives me a fatal error about not having a kernel; and I know that my CD and USB were both burned correctly with Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop (tried alternate installer 03:34
Faethincarlos: well, get the system monitor running03:34
HabstinatI have a ThinkPad W700ds by the way, if it's an issue among those computers.03:35
Faethincarlos: and... be sure it also freezes when your computer does03:35
rsyringCan someone help me figure out why getfacl doesn't show the same group permission that ls -l shows: http://paste.ubuntu.com/533335/03:35
Faethincarlos: the thing is, it's definitely a hardware problem if even the system monitor ceases to work for no apparent reason03:35
rsyringls -l shows that group has rw_ but getfacl shows it has r-x03:35
ActionParsnipHabstinat: do you check the ISOs you burn before you burn them?03:36
carloswhen its freeze it just freeze, cant do anything move the mouse and I dont have the system monitor open when it does03:36
ActionParsnipHabstinat: or before you move them to the USB?03:36
HabstinatActionParsnip: Yup, they all had the correct MD5 checksums.03:37
ActionParsnipcarlos: have you tried restarting the X server?03:37
carlosno whats that03:37
ActionParsnipHabstinat: have you tested your RAM?03:37
joshdreamland_izinucs: It complains about the key03:37
sexy_Rhythm Box is importing random files into my library...."MS.CHM...MSDWDS_EN.LEX...dicjp.bin" But it wont import any songs/folders I try03:37
izinucsjoshdreamland_: when you do the update?03:37
=== joshdreamland_ is now known as joshdreamland
joshdreamlandno, when I use apt-add-repository03:37
HabstinatActionParsnip: No, how would I go about doing that? I also burned at the slowest possible speed, so no errors there.03:38
swimbis there a channel for help on building from source?03:38
izinucsjoshdreamland: what's the exact message?03:38
joshdreamlandizinucs: I accidentally cleared it with man >_<03:38
=== randy is now known as Guest56393
carlosI will love to fix this, because Im starting lo like this Linux staff03:38
ActionParsnipsexy_: sounds like you pointed it at the base of an NTFS folder, rather than a folder of media03:38
izinucsjoshdreamland: should still work03:38
xangua!compile | swimb03:38
ubottuswimb: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)03:38
sexy_i individually tried to drag tracks from the folder03:39
joshdreamlandbe right back, going to check03:39
swimbok thank you03:39
ActionParsnipHabstinat: its part of the liveCD. When it starts to boot, press SPACEBAR and you can check the RAM03:39
xanguajoshdreamland: if the key is not added when you run sudo add-apt-repository "ppa" mayb the keyserver is down, try later03:39
Faethincarlos: try using tab-complete to address other users03:39
Faethincarlos: type in the first few letters of a nick and press tab03:39
carlosso my best option right now is reinstall everything, and if its persist is a hardware problem03:39
sexy_My music folder is within my Windows 7 directory, if that changes anything03:39
ActionParsnipsexy_: as long as its readable, that is enough03:39
ActionParsniphi d3vi1d0603:40
HabstinatActionParsnip: Doubt that would work. I can't even get my machine to recognize the CD - http://twitpic.com/36yh44/full03:40
d3vi1d06quick question03:40
Faethincarlos: I can think of something but it's rather a wild guess03:40
ActionParsnipHabstinat: its the same on the usb03:40
FaethinTry turning off the ACPI03:40
carlosit works03:40
joshdreamland_izinucs: It's saying it's unchanged this time; I may have mistaken the last message it gave for an error.03:40
sexy_Yup. I can open them all right, but I cant add to the library. Ehh the sound is disorted too. Im going to try a different program03:40
d3vi1d06i installed ubuntu 10.10 studio. but i forgot to install a desktop03:41
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)03:41
Faethincarlos: what, the ACPI?03:41
ActionParsnipHabstinat: thats a weird ass bios you got, testing for OS on the right is pretty nice :)03:41
joshdreamland_izinucs: It just says it's requesting the key, then says nothing's changed. Does that mean I'm in the clear?03:41
carlosthe Tab-complete staff03:41
ActionParsnipd3vi1d06: studio comes with a desktop03:41
d3vi1d06whats the command for getting a desktop?03:41
carloswhat is the ACPI?03:41
ActionParsnipd3vi1d06: do you mean server?03:42
izinucsjoshdreamland_: perhaps.. do a sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade03:42
ActionParsnipcarlos: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Configuration_and_Power_Interface03:42
d3vi1d06well im in a commandlin interface03:42
joshdreamland_back when that's done03:42
d3vi1d06*command line03:42
ActionParsnipd3vi1d06: run: startx03:42
IdleOned3vi1d06: you want the ubuntu studio desktop?03:42
Faethincarlos: hang on03:42
Faethincarlos: I assume you're using Ubuntu 10.1003:42
MikeChelenis ksensors gone in maverick?03:43
sexy_Might the problem be that my music folder is hidden in windows?03:44
Faethincarlos: on the terminal type sudo gedit /boot/grub/grub.cfg03:44
d3vi1d06not work03:44
ActionParsnipsexy_: doesnt matter, linux will still see it03:44
ActionParsnipsexy_: the hiddenness is a windows construct only, linux ignores those03:44
d3vi1d06sorry im a complete n00b03:45
IdleOned3vi1d06: sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-desktop03:45
sexy_Yeah, but i thought that it might alter the file in a way that it gives errors when trying to import them in linux03:45
ActionParsnipd3vi1d06: ok then run: less /var/log/Xorg.0.log   and read, what errors do you see towards the bottom03:45
carloswhat is that03:45
sexy_and there is a noticeable audio quality difference o.o03:45
sexy_My 320 kbs sound worse then youtube videos03:45
Faethincarlos: it's the boot menu config03:46
WXZhow do I solve a "depends: * but is not going to be installed"?03:46
carlosis a file I shouldnt edit03:46
d3vi1d06@idle that seemed to work03:46
Faethincarlos: Locate a line that looks something like this: boot/vmlinuz-2.6.35-22-generic root=UUID=61e3f741-5cf0-4ffb-875f-de8ca62f914c ro acpi=copy_dsdt  quiet splash03:46
yeatsWXZ: which package are you trying to install?03:46
Faethincarlos: you're only going to modify it a bit. And if it doesn't work, you can always revert it later.03:46
d3vi1d06wow this linux stuf is amazing03:47
d3vi1d06i love it03:47
yeatsWXZ: can you paste the full output at http://paste.ubuntu.com/ ?03:47
WXZyeats: Depends: mono-2.0-devel but it is not going to be installed03:47
WXZthat's the full output03:47
d3vi1d06so much better than windows03:47
ActionParsnipsexy_: try different settings in the app then, also dont have volume sliders at 100%03:47
MikeChelenhow can you figure out which temperature sensors are what?03:48
yeatsWXZ: okay - so what happens when you try to install that?03:48
WXZanother depends03:48
ActionParsnip!sensors | MikeChelen03:48
ubottuMikeChelen: To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.03:48
WXZthen when I try to install that, another depends03:48
HabstinatActionParsnip: So what should I do...?03:48
carlosfound it03:48
WXZyeats: libc6 (=2.11.1-0ubuntu7) but 2.11.1-0ubuntu7.2 is to be installed03:48
WXZthat's where I get stuck03:49
MikeChelenActionParsnip: thanks, have those installed already, difficult to interpret the results though03:49
yeatsWXZ: ah... so where did you get this mono-devel?03:49
WXZit's in synaptic03:49
Faethincarlos: okay, add the following at the of the line: "acpi=off"03:49
WXZI have main, universe, multiverse03:49
d3vi1d06well when i installed studio, i forgot to select a desktop to install03:49
yeatsWXZ: 10.10?03:49
Faethincarlos: without the ""03:49
carlosat the very end03:50
Faethincarlos: yep03:50
yeatsWXZ: have you tried changing mirrors?03:50
d3vi1d06so when i booted, it booted to terminal03:50
WXZyou mean for the main repository?03:50
WXZ(the one that mono-devel is in)03:50
d3vi1d06thanks guys and gals.03:51
yeatsWXZ: right - System -> Adminstration -> Software Sources03:51
carlosnow save03:51
WXZyeats: ok03:51
Faethincarlos: yes03:51
Faethincarlos: reboot03:51
Faethincarlos: BEFORE YOU DO IT though. Have your livecd at hand03:51
carlostalk to u in a bit03:51
carlosgot it03:51
Faethincarlos: also, here's the bad news03:51
Faethincarlos: wait a min03:52
WXZyeats: ?03:52
HabstinatSo does anyone else here know an easyish way to install Ubuntu that doesn't involve flash drives or CDs?03:52
Faethincarlos: good news, you'll fix the freezing issue03:52
yeatsWXZ: Download From -> Other... - then Select Best Server03:52
sexy_Habstinat, you can install right from Windows03:52
sexy_like any other .exe setup03:53
WXZyeats; nice03:53
MikeChelen!wubi | Habstinat03:53
ubottuHabstinat: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Maverick/10.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/maverick/wubi.exe03:53
Faethincarlos: bad news, you'll probably lose some functionalities, like controlling the sound volume. Also, watch out whenever you press the power button.03:53
Faethincarlos: just give it a try and if it works, let us know03:53
carlosshould I back my files up03:54
sexy_ahh rhymthbox is trying to import shit from somewhere on its own03:54
Faethincarlos: well, it's always a good idea to have a back-up, you didn't do anything but turning off some functionalities. The laptop should still work.03:54
Habstinatsexy_: MikeChelen: I'm on a Wubi'd install right now, but I want to switch to a partition.03:55
carlosis a desktop03:55
WXZyeats: didn't help03:55
Faethincarlos: well, that03:55
yeatsWXZ: ok - worth a try03:55
Faethincarlos: I need to leave for a minute. Be right back.03:55
carlosI dont have a back up of my files at this time03:55
WXZit also did the same thing when I tried to run the same deb from launchpad03:55
carlosshould I do it anyway03:56
WXZsaid the same thing*03:56
sexy_Habstinat, you're going to have to do an isntall off a boot. Whats the problem with CDs or flash drive?03:57
=== michael is now known as Guest30374
konzaHas anyone used Flex in ubuntu?03:57
sexy_Habstinat, there is actually another way. It allowed you to boot right into the setup on the next restart. Google.03:58
toshiba_flex is what03:58
yeatsWXZ: that would be expected if it's exactly the same deb03:58
Guest30374Hi, Just installed a Qt application and now nautilus is using old x theme rather than GTK. Does anyone know how to resolve this?03:58
Habstinatsexy_: Extremely long story. Basically my CD reader is definitely broken and with a flash drive I can only get halfway in the alternate installer before I get a fatal error about having no kernel.03:58
WXZyeats: so what now?03:58
yeatsWXZ: can you paste the output of 'apt-cache policy libc6' at http://paste.ubuntu.com/ ?03:58
sorakwhoops. :P03:59
=== Guest30374 is now known as MichaelWheatland
joshdreamlanddarn, arrived just in time to see him leave03:59
sexy_now rhymthbox wont open. gah...someone recommend me a music player please?04:00
WXZyeats: it's actually libc6-dev04:00
WXZnot libc604:00
yeatsWXZ: ah.. hold on04:00
joshdreamlandHi all, I'm actually using sirc via tty2. Someone think they can help me get my nvidia card working with Maverick?04:00
Nisstyre65sexy_, foobar2000 under WINE04:00
[Bain]join #rubyonrails04:01
soraksexy, im running banshee, now04:01
sexy_Im having trouble with Wine04:01
EbrahemHello, I am having troubling installing my wlan usb in maverick 64bit. it is dell dwa 126 and not listed in ndiswrapper, (neither the 32bit driver nor the 64bit), while googling, I found http://cateee.net/lkddb/web-lkddb/ATH_COMMON.html but not sure how to use the driver, any idea?04:01
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/04:01
Paddy_NIsexy_, banshee, amarok, aqualung04:01
konzaHas anyone used Flex in ubuntu?04:02
WXZyeats: http://paste.ubuntu.com/533342/ that's apt-cache policy libc6-dev output04:02
xangua!anyone | konza04:03
ubottukonza: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?04:03
Faethincarlos: how did it go?04:04
sorakwhy the hell are all of my new windows in fluxbox opening iconified?04:04
yeatsWXZ: mine's different: http://paste.ubuntu.com/533343/04:04
yeatsWXZ: though I think that's because I have a couple of different repositories enabled.04:05
WXZyeats: I don't really know what that tells me though04:05
WXZyeats: what are your extra repos?04:05
joshdreamlandI don't even have a copy+paste in this tty2 shell ;_;04:06
Gambit-anyone know off hand any mechanism by which I can have two ubuntu boxes, and have a usb device plugged into one show up as a usb device on the other?04:06
sorakwhat kind of device, gambit?04:06
Gambit-sorak, USB 2.0 webcams.04:07
Habstinatsexy_: How? SBM won't work because it requires a CD. We went over USBs. My computer doesn't have a floppy drive. I don't want to use Wubi. Installing from Linux won't work because it isn't on a partition. Don't have a cable for VMware installation. That only leaves network installation...04:07
Faethincarlos: you there?04:07
Gambit-I need to get 5 of them about 200 ft, and I'd like to do it without spending $600.04:07
Gambit-but if I could slap a PC at the remote end and forward the usb traffic over the network, that might be cheaper than buying two 4 port usb extenders.04:07
joshdreamlandmaybe the best thing for me right now is sleep. Ciao guys, thanks for the help.04:08
yeatsWXZ: lucid-security and lucid-updates - you can enable them in Software Sources (Updates Tab) - don't know if that would have anything to do with your issue though04:08
WXZyeats: it's worth a shot04:08
carlosIm doing some homework04:09
Cyrano_DeGambit-: www.linux-usb.org/usbnet/04:09
Gambit-Cyrano_De, I don't think that does what you think it does.04:09
Gambit-Cyrano_De, I might be wrong about that, though.04:09
carlosI did not try it yet, Im not loosing any files right, because in case I have to reinstall Ill be screw04:10
WXZyeats: succelsior04:10
yeatsWXZ: it worked?04:10
WXZyeats: yup04:10
yeatswow - okay04:11
Gambit-no, I'm pretty sure it doesn't.04:11
WXZI think it included dependencies04:11
WXZthat weren't in the main repo04:11
Cyrano_DeGambit-: Sorry you are correct the one I was looking for was http://usbip.sourceforge.net/04:12
yeatsWXZ: cool - well, I'm glad that worked for you04:12
Gambit-Cyrano_De, interesting!  It looks a bit abandoned, but I wonder how well it's functional.04:12
jgautieris there anyway to make file names not case sensitive?04:13
yeatsjgautier: 'fraid not ;-)04:14
macojgautier: no04:14
jgautierwhats the easiest way to convert all files in a directory to lower case04:14
llolcatshi does anyone know how i can stop wget from tryingto connect to insted of the ip address of whatever host its trying to connect to04:15
asdfasdfasdfasdfhello i have a stupid qestion im using xfce4 and i cant seem to find a way to move my panels elements where i want, for example i cant find a way to move the "show desktop" button to the left, out of its default position.04:15
blackplague1347Anyone know if it's possible to install into VirtualBox with just and .iso file? I'm getting low on cd's/dvds.04:16
llolcatsisnt that the normal way to do it04:17
asdfasdfasdfasdfcan anyone help me please?04:17
ActionParsnipblackplague1347: sure, vbox can mount ISOs in virtual cd drives. Make sure you MD5 test the ISO before use04:17
blackplague1347llolcats, I always burn disc images to a cd or dvd and install it that way.04:18
llolcatsseems like a waste of cds04:18
blackplague1347ActionParsnip, is the virtual cd drive setup process a difficult one? I've never done it.04:18
entropy4blackplague1347, yes, you can mount the iso in virtualbox... its faster that way too because hdd is faster than optical drive04:18
blackplague1347llolcats, Basically.04:18
entropy4you select the iso you want to boot from, it doesnt get any simpler..04:18
llolcatsin linux you can mount a iso file to a dirctory with out any additial software04:18
llolcatsjust with the dd and mount commands04:19
decodedthought<asdfasdfasdfasdf> you have to right click and unlock it04:19
asdfasdfasdfasdfdecodedthought, ?04:19
blackplague1347entropy4: Okay. I'll try that out. Now, perhaps.04:19
asdfasdfasdfasdftheres no unlock option anywhere04:19
llolcatsI need to find a way to stop wget from trying to connect to
yeatsasdfasdfasdfasdf: you might try the #xubuntu channel04:21
yeatsasdfasdfasdfasdf: or #xfce04:22
asdfasdfasdfasdfyeats, xfce folks are sleeping, trying xubuntu now :D04:22
yeatsasdfasdfasdfasdf: mostly GNOME folks in here ;-)04:23
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories04:23
smartasdancan someone help me with problem in an application, or am I in the wrong room?04:25
yeatssmartasdan: which application?04:25
smartasdanapplication is alexandria book collection manager04:26
joeyjoneswhat would be the best way to upgrade from ubuntu 8.10 to 8.04?04:27
joeyjones*8.10 to 10.0404:27
FaethinEspion: is spamming me with porn link04:27
IsmAvatarSame here04:27
carlosFaethin, hello04:28
FaethinGot his mask, can anyone ban him or something?04:28
Faethincarlos: hi04:28
carloswhat was the file we edited, the pc froze and I didnt save it04:29
yeatsjoeyjones: there's no direct upgrade path from 8.10 to 10.04 - you'd have to upgrade to 9.04 to 9.10 to 10.0404:29
wasutton3-Kirais there a way to replace hex values in a file with other values from the command line?04:29
smartasdancan anyone help with alexandria book collection manager?04:29
yeatsjoeyjones: if I were you, I'd back up my data and do a fresh install04:29
Faethincarlos: so it didn't work? :/04:29
joeyjonesyeats: i'd been avoiding upgrading but it no longer updates :(04:30
carloscant tell, I did not save the file and I did not restart the pc my self04:30
IsmAvatarHey guys, I've got a fairly straightforward question. I was wondering why Ubuntu shows funky messages at startup, while it's showing the Ubuntu text with the dots on the purple screen.04:30
=== 18VABSUOZ is now known as Gnea
Faethincarlos: -_-04:30
yeatsjoeyjones: yeah - I saw that 8.10 got removed from the old-releases repos - no idea why04:30
joeyjonesyeats: i wonder how bad progressive updating would be...04:31
Faethincarlos: sudo gedit /boot/grub/grub.cfg04:31
joeyjonesyeats: oh, and the update manager n o longer offers to upgrade me...04:31
yankoHey, I can't use my trackpad's multitouch functions (like scrolling with two fingers) like I did on Windows, it's grayed out on the Mouse preferences, what can I do?04:31
smartasdanyay for random ubuntu restarts!04:33
VolkodavHi ! I did exactly how it says in wiki to add splash to grub2 and it did not on 2 machines one being a fresh install04:33
magn3tsIf I have a script that needs root, but I need to do some of it as the regular user... should I laucnh the script with gksudo... .and then do what?? to drop to my regular user?04:33
wmaroneI just noticed that there's an "amd64+mac" iso file, does this mean that it'll boot on EFI-based systems?04:34
jlaMy X session has been restarting frequently since I switched up to 10.10. At first I thought it was just using chrome, but I'm getting it launching or accessing menus in kdenlive04:34
jlaMy Xorg logs aren't very helpful. I need some other ideas for troubleshooting this.04:34
jlamagn3ts: can you do the non-root stuff first, or run the one root command within the script via sudo.04:35
EbrahemHello, anyone tried to install a driver from http://cateee.net? I found a driver for my wlan usb (dell dwa 126) and plan on installing it on ubuntu 10.10, but not sure how to use a C driver04:37
IsmAvatarWhy does my Ubuntu shows funky messages at startup, while it's showing the Ubuntu text with the dots on the purple screen?04:38
sandGorgonis anyone using a kernel with the Mike Galbraith "wonder performance" patch ? is there a ppa ?04:43
magn3tssandGorgon, is that the one that was posted on phoronix today?04:43
sandGorgonmagn3ts, yup04:43
magn3tssandGorgon, I'd love to know the same thing :)04:43
anoop_ping me04:44
Volkodavhttp://pastie.org/1304696  can someone look maybe I edited it wrong ?04:45
Volkodavwhich I doubt...04:45
sexy_Is there any way to make use of the mouse scroller in ubuntu?04:45
IsmAvatarsexy_: works just fine for me04:46
carlosFaethin,  Im back04:46
carlosit froze againg04:46
carlosthen it was looping in the bios04:46
wasutton3-Kirahow can i edit hex values from the command line?04:46
Faethincarlos: undo what you did then04:46
Faethincarlos: I'm sorry to say I can't think of anything else :(04:46
carloswhat was the file again so I can see if the change was done04:47
Faethincarlos: sudo gedit /boot/grub/grub.cfg04:47
carlosI didnt save the file so its no your fault04:47
Faethincarlos: you didn't save it?04:47
Faethincarlos: so no change was applied?04:47
misteralexanderwhat command do I use to find out what DRIVERS I already have installed and/or need for otherwise non-functioning devices?04:48
Faethincarlos: well, anyway, I'm sorry I couldn't be of further help04:48
Faethincarlos: I have to go now04:48
FaethinBye alls!04:48
pigironwasutton3-Kira: the "hexedit" command is one way.04:48
wasutton3-Kirapigiron: isnt that a gui?04:48
llolcatsmisteralexander: use lsmod to see what modules are loaded04:49
wasutton3-Kiranevermind thought it was something else04:49
misteralexanderllolcats: ah ha.  And I'd do "lsmod | grep "DEVICE" for the device I'm trying to troubleshoot, like "Keyboard" or "Touchpad" . . . yes?04:49
llolcatswell its not that clear04:50
llolcatscoz the usally have wierd name04:50
llolcatslike usb_hid or somthing04:50
llolcatsi think there is a list of the module.o files in lib04:50
misteralexanderllolcats: how do I specifically troubleshoot a laptop keyboard and touchpad under 10.10 that are non-functioning?04:51
llolcatswhtch is a list of all thye avilible drivers04:51
llolcatsor rather kernal modules04:51
llolcatswell that problem is more likly todo with your xorg conf04:52
llolcatscd /etc/; find | grep  -i xorg04:52
misteralexanderI was under the impression that 10.10 doesn't have a static xorg.conf anymore . . . it's all been moved out of reach of an "Average User".04:52
wasutton3-Kirapigiron: is there a way for me to automate the replacement of values?04:53
llolcatswell that command i put should find it if its still in /etc/ somwhere04:53
misteralexanderyeah, it's gone from 10.04 too.04:53
pigironwasutton3-Kira: you could use the "tr" command... but you gotta be careful.04:53
MrAnthropeI installed StartUp-Manager which says in the Ubuntu Software Center description it can "Change settings for the bootloader and splash screen". The Help button says it accepts .so format for usplash themes.04:53
misteralexanderyou CAN have one, and the system will default to it, but by system intsall default . . . it's gone.04:53
MrAnthropeIt does not however explain what to do with the .so file...04:54
MrAnthropeWhen I open the program it just has display size and an option to turn on and off boot splash and show text during boot.04:54
VolkodavI do not see anything wrong in my /etc/grub.d/05_debian_theme04:54
llolcatsmisteralexander: you will probably need one that is slighly customised to your laptop04:55
faction918Anyone have experence with forwarding port 80 through ssh?04:55
misteralexanderllolcats: okay . . . urgh . . . I was trying to avoid that.  Thanks!04:55
MrAnthropeI tried opening the .so file with StartUp-Manager but it says could not find application...04:55
llolcatsmisteralexander: i would reccomend searching google for one04:55
Ebrahemanyone is experienced with ndiswrapper? when I use the xp driver it freezes the entire system (maverick)04:56
llolcatsi have found some really obscure ones04:56
RguntenYar gar gar gar04:56
swimhey, does anybody know of a good channel where i can find help on lamp???04:57
yitz_Is there some quick and easy way to set up a run-once-on-boot script?04:57
sexy_When I save screenshots to desktop, they dont show up o>O04:57
=== cultMember is now known as aeMaeth
MrAnthropeWell if no one knows what I'm talking about... does anyone at least know if there's an easy way to preview my boot and splash screens without having to keep restarting my computer?04:58
sexy_And how can I get rid of the 32GB filesystem icon?04:58
aeMaethmy audio hardware keeps getting dropped in ubuntu 10.10 on an asus k60i laptop.  in 10.04 when audio failed it would leave the option to disable and reenable the sound hardware, whereas now it just completely forgets it was there in the first place04:59
Volkodavanybody else has troubles adding/changing splash images in grub2 ?05:00
faction918MrAnthrope, I never found a way :/05:00
WorkingOnWisewhats a simple way to revert back to gnome if unity does like my pen on my tablet pc?05:00
MrAnthropeI'm having trouble changing my splash screen but I don't know what grub2 is.05:00
faction918MrAnthrope, do you know what grub is?05:00
MrAnthropeNope. Just installed Linux.05:00
faction918Grub controlls multiable OS's05:01
faction918like if you have a dual boot machine...05:01
faction918is that what your looking for?05:01
MrAnthropeI have a bunch of files and none of them have worked so far. The only thing that has worked was the thing I downloaded from the Ubuntu Software Center.05:01
faction918You want to change your splash screens? Like what you see at startup? (MrAnthrope)05:02
ferris_MrAnthrope what are you trying to do?05:02
Volkodaveven the ones from the package do not work for me on 2 boxes05:02
Volkodavboth 64 bit05:02
MrAnthropeAnd it still didn't change that fugly low-res purple lens-flare crap when I go to log in.05:02
MrAnthropeYeah what I see at start up. :)05:02
MrAnthropeThat's called the splash screen right?05:02
faction918that's what i call it, haha. hang on05:03
Volkodavconsole entries05:03
MrAnthropeI just want something simple and plain and not purple and fugly and low-res.05:03
MrAnthropeThey really picked a horrible theme for LTS.05:03
MrAnthropeI almost stopped installing it because it was purple.05:03
MrAnthropeThe first splash screen I tried was incredibly simple. Almost as simple as changing the background.05:04
ferris_MrAnthrope install Ubuntu Tweaks05:05
MrAnthropeBut these others aren't through that Software Center thing, they're jsut files. And they won't do anything.05:05
VolkodavDoes not work for me05:05
ferris_you can make the change from it05:05
VolkodavI pasted /etc/grub.d/05_debian_theme05:05
ferris_very easily05:05
swimhey, does anybody know where i can find a chan for lamp???05:05
rezoluteits funny when people let something like a splash screen embitter them.05:05
MrAnthropeWhat can I say I'm embittered :)05:05
MrAnthropeUbuntu Tweaks isn't coming up in my Software Center search, ferris_ .05:06
sexy_Is there anyway to "refresh" the desktop?05:06
MrAnthropeSwitch desktops?05:07
sexy_My saved screenshots to the desktop arnt showing up05:07
MrAnthropeLike, switch to a second desktop then switch back. Won't that refresh it?05:07
=== jeremy is now known as Guest11571
MrAnthropeI think there's a hotkey to switch desks but I don't know it.05:07
lucentI've packaged up a new cd ripping program that uses libcdio backend and has support for sample offsets, ala Exact Audio Copy  ; who wants to rip some CDs and help test it?05:08
Volkodavthe theme is here05:08
ferris_MrAnthrope... I will paste a link... or you could search http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk05:08
MrAnthropelol I'll search the link, thanks.05:08
f3661join #dellstreak05:08
faction918MrAnthrope, I left the conversation for a minute so I don't know where you left off; search a thing called plymouth. That is what ubunutu uses to display the screen during boot. This is different, however, form the grub splash (which you should not see unless you dual boot) and different from the logon screen. Here is a reference link: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/quick-tipplymouth-themes-in-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx.html05:09
sexy_Mranthrope, nope that isn't working =/05:10
dmenearUbuntu just pushed a plymouth update...05:10
sexy_Maybe it will fix itself after a restart05:10
sexy_Anyway to take off the 32GB filesystem icon though?05:10
ferris_MrAnthrope... search for "10 things to do after installing ubuntu" there will be two links one for each 10.4 and 10.10... they are different but both have great suggestions for noobs05:10
wh1t5_Ubuntu Linux isn't meant for stupid people.05:10
Ebrahemis it possible to load a 32bit driver in 64bit OS?05:10
MrAnthropeYeah the Plymouth thing I downloaded, also fugly. Though it worked! lol05:11
MrAnthropeSome ugly blue blob thing and it says UB and then black screen and then back to the purple low res lens flare of doom05:11
MrAnthropeOF DOOOOM05:11
faction918like the Windows BSOD05:11
MrAnthropeI was actually just looking at "10 things to do..." :)05:12
pigironEbrahem: nope05:12
faction918Kubuntu is 'pretty'05:12
MrAnthropeI love things that are packaged in .deb05:13
MrAnthropeWhy is everything not like this?05:13
Ebrahempigiron, if the 64bit driver freezes the pc, that means I should find an alternative driver, right?05:13
lucentHow do I get something packaged in .deb included into Ubuntu?05:13
ferris_yep... .deb is sweet05:13
srinii got initramfs error while booting...05:13
ferris_but so is "sudo apt-get install -f..."05:14
srinihow to solve this problem05:14
MrAnthropeI haven't had to open the terminal yet. I'm pretty impressed.05:14
MrAnthrope10.04 is definitely the best version yet.05:14
lucentsrini: get your system booted somehow, and then 'update-initramfs -k all -u'05:14
pigironEbrahem: probably... *if* that's the problem.05:14
sexy_So how can I get wine to work?05:15
windowshasyousexy_: If you really have to ask that, you shouldn't be using linux.05:15
misteralexanderwindowshasyou: ROFL05:15
lucentwindowshasyou: tsk tsk05:15
ferris_did you install wine with synaptic?05:15
Ebrahempigiron, what do you mean?05:15
MrAnthropeI think it highly depends on what you are trying to install with Wine. Especially with games they usually have a tutorial on the Wine website.05:15
sexy_Ehh we all need to start somewhere buddy...05:15
sirninjaDoes anybody know how to blacklist my wireless from automatically connecting to an AP?05:16
sexy_Yes I think I installed it with synaptic05:16
Jordan_UVolkodav: Can you pastebin your /boot/grub/grub.cfg ?05:16
misteralexandersexy_: do you already have wine installed?05:16
jisikohi guys05:16
sexy_Yes, let me give you the error it gives me05:16
jisikohow do i install virtual machines05:16
srinilucent:  can i use live cd?05:16
pigironEbrahem: I don't know what your symptom is... are you getting a kernel "oops" when you modprobe a device driver?05:16
VolkodavJordan_U: http://pastie.org/130472605:17
misteralexandersexy_: cd /usr/bin05:17
misteralexandersexy_: ls | grep wine05:17
lucentsrini: sure, put your beer on it05:17
WorkingOnWisewhats a simple way to revert back to gnome if unity does like my pen on my tablet pc?05:17
ActionParsnipjisiko: use virtualbox or vmware05:17
Jordan_UVolkodav: That is not your /boot/grub/grub.cfg .05:17
ActionParsnipWorkingOnWise: log off, select the different desktop, log on05:17
misteralexandersexy_: You see anything wine come up?05:17
Volkodavoh ma bad wrong window05:17
faction918jisiko: virtural box05:17
sexy_I see Wine under Applications05:18
IsmAvatarWhy does my Ubuntu shows funky messages at startup, while it's showing the Ubuntu text with the dots on the purple screen?05:18
srinilucent:   how to solve this problem.. should i install initrd?05:18
sirninjaDoes anybody know how to blacklist my wireless from automatically connecting to a certain access point?05:18
misteralexanderlsmAvatar: Ubuntu hates you, that's why.05:18
SpoofyI have an issue that just came up recently.05:19
lucentsrini: sorry I'm just not interested to spend the time to go through it with you, it is fixable though05:19
WorkingOnWiseActionParsnip, what  is a keyboard only way to log off? Without a Super key also.05:19
misteralexandersirninja: you can blacklist the BSSID in your hosts file05:19
srinilucent: ok sir05:19
sexy_Ahh ok, I think i got it working o.O05:19
misteralexanderit won't connect to THAT AP.05:19
lucent\o/ sexy05:19
sirninjamisteralexander: How exactly do I do that?05:19
ferris_ok great05:19
SpoofyI had installed ubuntu, and then made another partition and then installed windows 7, however windows 7 removed ubuntu from my bootloader. I tried following guides online with the use of the ubuntu live CD, but it never worked out and I kept getting errors.05:19
misteralexandersirninja: hold on . . . I've got it, let me copy it.05:20
VolkodavJordan_U: http://pastie.org/130473105:20
lucentSpoofy: was it an msdos or gpt disklabel?05:20
i_is_brokeSpoofy: did you put windows on first partition?05:20
lucentmsdos is "MBR" and gpt is mac osx, win705:20
jisikohow can i run other virtual operation systems as virtual machines?05:20
SpoofyNo I put it on the second.05:20
IsmAvatar* Not starting jetty05:21
jisikocan any one help05:21
Ebrahempigiron, sudo modprobe ndiswrapper returns nothing05:21
IsmAvatarthat's something it tells me at the boot screen.05:21
lucent!kvm | jisiko05:21
ubottujisiko: kvm is the preferred virtualization approach in Ubuntu. For more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM05:21
jisikoi need to run linux 5.4 and probably some windows oses and virtual machines05:21
SpoofyI'm not too good with ubuntu, but I can manage a little.05:21
i_is_brokeyeah but the virtualbox you get from their site gives you usb support does kvm?05:21
Ebrahempigiron, lshw shows the driver is mdiswrapper+netathuwx05:21
VolkodavJordan_U: It only reads 2 lines from /etc/grub.d/05_debian_theme for some reason05:22
misteralexandersirninja: it's all done in your /etc/hosts.deny file . . . google that & it'll walk you through it.05:22
pigironEbrahem: argh!  A ndiswrapper problem... you had problems the native driver?05:22
SpoofySo is anyone familiar with my issue?05:23
Jordan_UVolkodav: Add GRUB_BACKGROUND=/usr/share/images/grub/050817-N-3488C-028.tga to /etc/default/grub.05:23
misteralexandersexy_: what was the problem?05:23
ActionParsnipjisiko: there is no linux 5.405:23
WXZI'm trying to write a bash script which compiles and runs a c# program05:23
WXZhow would I do that?05:23
sirninjamisteralexander: I thought hosts.deny required ip addresses, it works with mac addresses as well?05:23
lucentActionParsnip: he's from the distant future05:23
Jordan_UVolkodav: Though since grub supports png also, and at a higher quality than that tga, I would recommend you use a png/jpeg image instead.05:23
ActionParsniplucent: very distant indeed05:23
SpoofyWXZ did you install mono?05:23
i_is_brokeSpoofy: im pretty sure win 7 has to be installed on the first partition but not  100%05:23
Ebrahempigiron, no native driver works with my usb, dlink dwa 126, the one i am using is windows' 64bit.05:23
WXZSpoofy: yes05:23
VolkodavLet me try Jordan_U05:24
ActionParsnipi_is_broke: it doesnt matter, it's all handled for you05:24
SpoofyCan I just switch the partitions with Gpartion on the ubuntu live CD?05:24
i_is_brokeActionParsnip: then why did it remove ubuntu thebn?05:24
ActionParsnipi_is_broke: not sure, i dont use windows05:24
IsmAvatarWhat is Jetty, and why do I have it installed such that it's printing messages at my boot screen?05:24
ActionParsnipi_is_broke: but grub doesn't care where it is05:25
i_is_brokeActionParsnip: haha me either...lol05:25
SpoofyWXZ, I'm not too good with bash, but I've compiled C# programs before using linux.05:25
i_is_brokeActionParsnip: yeah i know grub dont, but windows does care where it is, and i think it is suppose to be like the first partition05:25
pigironEbrahem: according to Wikipedia there are very few 64 bit Windows XP drivers available for use with ndiswrapper.05:25
WXZSpoofy: I have to, I just want a faster way to do it other than going into terminal05:25
SpoofyAh, I see.05:26
WXZand then cding into the right directory05:26
WXZthen running gmcs, then running mono05:26
SpoofyHave you tried using monodevelop?05:26
ActionParsnippigiron: use the vista 64bit drivers, should be ok05:26
sirninjamisteralexander: And is that the best way to do this? I'm on a network with many access points and it just so happens the one closest to my room doesn't function properly, but it has the strongest signal here, so ubuntu defaults to that one05:26
i_is_brokeSpoofy: its a lot easier if you install windows first as well.05:26
VolkodavJordan_U: still does not work05:26
SpoofyYeah, but I don't want to reinstall ubuntu :( It took me so long to get me the write setup heh05:26
Ebrahempigiron, if my usb vendor/device is listed in wireless.kernel.org, it should natively work right?05:26
Volkodavsudo update-grub does not see thew image05:27
WXZSpoofy: yeah, I guess I'll stick to monodevelop05:27
ActionParsnipsirninja: I believe nm can be told to ignore certain SSIDs05:27
Jordan_UVolkodav: Can you pastebin your current /etc/default/grub and /boot/grub/grub.cfg ?05:27
SpoofyDo you think it's the best if I install windows first?05:27
=== sonic is now known as sonicdh
i_is_brokeSpoofy: have you updated grub after installing windows.?05:27
sonicdhHey guys, hows it going?05:27
sirninjaActionParsnip: Well, they all have the same ssid's it's the bssid's that are different05:27
ferris_Spoofy... yes do install winblows first and then linux05:27
misteralexandersirninja: Hmm . . . I think I misunderstood your problem . . . I'm checking right now.05:27
ActionParsnipSpoofy: if you do then the dual boot will be handled cleaner, install windows to only a portion of the drive space rather than the default 100% and you wont have to mess with resizing05:27
pigironActionParsnip: then Wikipedia is out of date... it says ndiswrapper doesn't support NDIS 6.05:28
ActionParsnippigiron: update it then, it's a wiki05:28
Balsaqu are supposed to install w7 1st not ubuntu on a dual booter05:28
SpoofyAh, darn.05:28
i_is_brokethanks i thought so05:28
sonicdhIs anyone else getting a 404 when trying to his the main i386 sources for makerick when you do an apt-get update?05:28
ActionParsnipBalsaq: you can do it either, win first is just easier05:28
VolkodavJordan_U: http://pastie.org/130474105:28
pigironActionParsnip: i guess you need to update it if you think it's wrong.05:28
Balsaqyes much easier05:28
Balsaqso he /she just need to install grub now right?05:29
SpoofyIs there anyway I can get to my ubuntu parition for now? Or must I just reinstall everything?05:29
i_is_brokeSpoofy: try updating grub and see if it sees it.05:29
ActionParsnippigiron: i dont edit wikipedia, or use ndiswrapper05:29
sirninjaActionParsnip: do you think wicd would have more options?05:29
SpoofyDo I just go to the ubuntu life CD and do sudo apt-get install grub?05:30
pigironActionParsnip: neither do I05:30
Balsaqi have seen documentation somewhere on installing or upgdating grub after the fact or repairing it after windows wrecks it05:30
ActionParsnipsirninja: worth a try :)05:30
Jordan_UVolkodav: And your /etc/default/grub?05:30
Volkodavkeep scrolling05:30
ActionParsnipBalsaq: sure, but you can then boot to liveCD and put grub back in05:30
Volkodavit is in the same post Jordan_U05:30
infidi have dual monitors using 'twin view'. How can i make it so that both monitors' windows 'tabs' aren't all on one monitor? it clogs it up05:30
EbrahemActionParsnip, vista64bit drivers says "hardware present: no" in ndiswrapper05:30
sexy_Ok one more thing05:31
Balsaqyes correct ActionParsnip05:31
sexy_How do I compile files so I can install them?05:31
Jordan_USpoofy: Follow this guide: http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide .05:31
pigironEbrahem: can you pastebin the output of "lsusb -v" while the wireless device is plugged in?05:31
mcnuggetsHow do I go about removing anything that has to do with Google from my system. Is there a wild card for removing anything with google in the name05:31
Ebrahempigiron, sure05:31
lucentmcnuggets: did you install using deb packages, or by "make install" / installer-ing random things05:32
misteralexandersirninja: I think I might over thinking this . . . you HAVE tried to use the built in GUI frontend for configuring your wireless, right?05:32
mcnuggetslucent: Neither. I just did an Dist upgrade with apt-get in Terminal and I seen a few headers or something with Google in the name.05:33
misteralexandersirninja: In that you can choose to deny or "Auto" connect and stuff like that.  You can prefer a different network than just the one with the strongest bars.05:33
Syco54645hello, i am unfamiliar with grub2, how would i add the boot option pci=routeirq to my grub.cfg?05:33
BalsaqSpoofy i think this directly addresses your concern: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows (posted it again because i didn't use your name the 1st time).05:33
VolkodavJordan_U: it is the weirdest thing I came across and it is like that on 2 different machines05:33
ActionParsnipEbrahem: try win7 then05:34
Volkodavall files seem ok huh ?05:34
Jordan_UVolkodav: What is the output of "file /usr/share/images/grub/050817-N-3488C-028.tga"?05:34
ActionParsnipSyco54645: you don't add it to grub.cfg, that file is generated05:34
Ebrahempigiron, http://pastebin.com/iDHBX6Pt05:34
Syco54645ActionParsnip: i realize that but i would like to add that boot option. can you point me to where i get that information at?05:35
Jordan_USyco54645: /etc/default/grub05:35
ActionParsnipSyco54645: you add it in the quotes with: quiet splash   in /etc/default/grub   you will need: gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub  to get write access05:35
EbrahemActionParsnip, already did. now reading wireless.kernel.org and trying to figure how to install the combat-wireless river05:35
VolkodavJordan_U: /usr/share/images/grub/050817-N-3488C-028.tga: Targa image data - RGB 640 x 42405:35
Jordan_U!grub2 | Syco5464505:35
ubottuSyco54645: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub205:35
lexvegasmcnuggets, sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list to remove google sources.05:35
ActionParsnipSyco54645: once you edit and save the file, run: sudo update-grub   and it will put the settings in the grub.cfg file the right way05:35
sirninjamisteralexander: That could work, but there are A LOT of access points here (college campus) and only 1 I know of that doesn't work05:35
lexvegasmcnuggets, just delete the lines with google in it05:35
Spoofyokay, i'll try this!05:35
ActionParsnipEbrahem: is the device a usb wireless or an internal device?05:35
AbhiJitanyone using burg? does it bring load to boot time or boot process due to graphics? is it slow compared to normal grub? is it easy to configure?05:36
Syco54645ActionParsnip: thanks!05:36
sirninjamisteralexander: Definitely a fix for when I'm here though, just have to look for a way to switch it out easily I guess05:36
EbrahemActionParsnip, usb wireless dlink dwa 12605:36
Syco54645hopefully this fixes the slow write to usb drives....05:36
mcnuggetslexvegas: Good stuff. Not quite the answer I was looking for but it's a start. Thank you muchly05:36
ActionParsnipSyco54645: it will also add to all subsequent kernels, grub legacy didnt do this and was a right pain05:37
Syco54645ActionParsnip: yeah i can see how this is a nicer setup05:37
banker247whats the difference between /etc/bash.bashrc and /home/username/.bashrc05:37
ActionParsnipEbrahem: i'd sell it, or swap it with a windows user for one which works well with linux05:37
lexvegasmcnuggets, no problem05:37
rezolutedoes usb3 work properly in 10.10?05:37
pigironEbrahem: thanks... I'm looking into it.05:37
Syco54645saves me from having to edit menu.lst over and over again05:37
misteralexandersirninja -- LOL, just walk around & gather AP info . . . when Ubuntu gets a good list going, you can just prefer certain ones over others.05:39
sirninjamisteralexander? how do I prefer some over others if they have the same SSID?05:39
AbhiJitanyone using burg? does it bring load to boot time or boot process due to graphics? is it slow compared to normal grub? is it easy to configure?05:40
pigironEbrahem: The VendorID:DeviceID is 07d1:3a10... so you have a Atheros AR9271 chipset... which should be supported since the 2.6.31 kernel... what's your kernel version?05:41
ActionParsnipAbhiJit: burg isnt supported here05:41
AbhiJitActionParsnip, ok. where can i ask about it?05:42
Ebrahempigiron, uname -a shows Linux Ubuntu 2.6.35-22-generic05:42
ActionParsnipAbhiJit: #burg maybe05:42
SP_0takuHas anyone got the magic jack to work for them?05:42
AbhiJitActionParsnip, yah05:42
pigironEbrahem: does "lsmod | grep ath" get a hit?05:43
Ebrahempigiron, no05:43
pigironEbrahem: k... hold on.05:44
banker247if i have an alias set to alias g='gnome-open' how do i run it?05:44
banker247just type g file?05:44
ActionParsnippigiron: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardwareSupportComponentsWirelessNetworkCardsTP-Link05:45
IsmAvatarI thought apparmor was supposed to be removed from firefox in 9.10. Why am I still getting error messages in my boot log from it? Skipping profile in /etc/apparmor.d/disable: usr.bin.firefox05:45
yitz_Is there some way to figure out what the current init level is?05:45
ActionParsnipbanker247: yes05:45
sexy_Ahh, trying to install last.fm scrobbler on Ubuntu. This is a pain. Any help?05:46
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto05:46
macosexy_: er... the default music player has it built in...05:46
sexy_I suppose banshee does too...let me check05:46
ferris_sexy... is it an exe?05:47
yitz_ That doesn't show my current initlevel, but rc.local looks useful for this05:47
ActionParsnipIsmAvatar: it's only a warning, i wouldnt fret05:47
sexy_The scrobbler? No I was trying to download it via the source05:47
IsmAvatarActionParsnip: any way to make it stop printing that line on the boot screen? It's mildly annoying.05:47
banker247ActionParsnip, what about.. creating the file ~/.bash_aliases like it tells you to do in bashrc i've created this file however my alieases are not functioning out of it05:47
ActionParsnipIsmAvatar: not sure, surely plymouth hides all that?05:47
Jordan_UVolkodav: Could you run this and pastebin the output: sudo sh -cx ". /etc/default/grub; . /usr/lib/grub/grub-mkconfig_lib; /etc/grub.d/00_header"05:48
ferris_ok... this is a completely different issue (not a Wine issue)05:48
maco!cn | frank05:48
ubottufrank: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk05:48
cortexmani've tried many techniques for redirecting /CompCogNeuro/CU3D to /CompCogNeuro/index.php/CU3D but it's not working05:48
sexy_Hm Banshee seems to have last.fm integrated but its not scrobbling my songs05:48
cortexmanplease point me to the magic recipe for this http redirect on Ubuntu. I'm using apache. thanks.05:48
ActionParsnipbanker247: i've always used .bashrc personally05:48
banker247ActionParsnip, do you know what i mean about the alieses file though?05:49
DKIs there any way to set up various system sounds? I had used an older version of Ubuntu that had it but 10.10 only has a couple of options.05:49
ActionParsnipcortexman: if you are behind a router an want access from the www you will need your router manual05:49
IsmAvatarActionParsnip: maybe. I'll have to reboot to find out. But I was getting a bunch of messages appearing on the boot screen. A half dozen from VMWare, which I uninstalled since I dont' use it anymore.05:49
ActionParsnipbanker247: not heard of it dude, sorry05:49
lexvegasbanker247, have you logged out and back in yet? that was my problem05:49
cortexmanhere is a list of what I've tried: http://pastebin.ca/raw/199416905:49
cheezeyi can't figure out why .xsession isn't running when i log in. i may have accidentally messed with a file but im not sure which one.. :O05:49
cortexmanActionParsnip, how does what you said relate to what I said?05:50
cortexmanthere is no logical link to a router.05:50
VolkodavJordan_U: http://pastie.org/130477205:50
banker247lexvegas, whats a simple way to logout05:50
clu3hi all, why on the ubuntu download page there's no checksum value? Am i missing something05:51
BetterIs anybody knowledgeable about setting up virtual hosts on ubuntu for Apache 2.2?05:51
ActionParsnipcortexman: you stated you wanted to perform http redirects which sounded like you wanted to run a web facing server with you running apache05:51
lexvegasbanker247, if you are on a desktop setting, choose logout from the power menu, if you are in a terminal type setting i believe exit is the command05:52
ActionParsnip!hashes | clu305:52
ubottuclu3: See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of Ubuntu discs.05:52
DKclu3 check out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes05:52
bojangleshello, I'm getting "permission denied" when i try to run an a.out executable on my mounted ntfs partition. could anyone help please (i tried editing fstab already)05:52
sirninjaActionParsnip: If I set a bssid, I still can't get nm-applet to connect right, because when I select it from that list, it assumes I mean the closest one again and asks me to enter the security info05:53
=== Aaron5367 is now known as Aaron5367|detach
cortexmanActionparsnip, I am running a web server. Ubuntu is cock blocking my redirect;.05:53
cortexmanplease see my pastebin link05:53
pigironActionParsnip: so does Ubuntu ship with the ath9k_hw driver?05:54
ArseneReibojangles: Are you sure the executable bit is set on a.out?05:54
clu3ubottu, DK thanks05:54
bojanglesArsenRei: I'm sorry, what does that mean?05:54
DKYou're welcome05:54
ActionParsnipcortexman: have you asked in #httpd05:55
ActionParsnippigiron: i think so, there are ways to comile it though. i used to have an ar5000x which needed it so I took it out and got something friendlier05:55
pigironActionParsnip: thanks.05:56
bojanglesArsenRei: (i'm just doing what i do when compiling code on the linux partition or my external hard drive, but i just reformatted my computer and now have an ntfs partition for files)05:56
ArseneReibojangles: If you run `ls a.out` do you see the 'x' present near rw? You need that to run a.out.05:56
ArseneReibojangles: Hm...I'm not sure then.05:56
bojanglesthere's no 'x'05:56
pigironEbrahem: when you run "modinfo ath9k_hw", do you get a hit?05:56
ArseneReibojangles: If you try `chmod +x a.out`, do you see it then?05:57
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »05:57
clu3my downloaded  .iso has correct checksum and i've successfully burned to a CD but when i try to install it, i see the ubuntu trademark for a while before i see the error: "can not mount /dev/loop0" > I googled but found no answer yet. Someone pls help me?05:58
bojanglesArsenRei: that didn't add an 'x'05:58
Ebrahempigiron, yes I got some output05:58
ArseneReibojangles: That's all I really know, unfortunately. Sorry.05:58
ActionParsnipclu3: did you check the CD for defects once first booted to?05:59
pigironEbrahem: k... what happens if you "sudo modprobe ath9k_hw" ?05:59
bojanglesArsenRei: no problem, thanks for trying05:59
infidhow can i disable <super>s from activiating the shutdown menu in ubuntu? i want to use that keyboard shortcut elsewhere05:59
clu3ActionParsnip, sorry, what do you mean by CD defects?05:59
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Ebrahempigiron, nothing happens05:59
IsmAvatarHow do I view the log of boot messages and shutdown messages?06:00
bojangleshow can i run an a.out executable off a mounted ntfs partition? (i get "permission denied") thanks06:00
infidIsmAvatar: dmesg06:00
Balsaqclu3, i had that problem with a xubuntu 1004 cd i burnt, never did figure it out, ended up burning it again at 8x speed and it worked.06:00
clu3ActionParsnip, the full error is "Can not mount /dev/loop0 (/cdrom/casper/filesystem.squashfs) on //filesystem.squashfs"06:00
infidbojangles: you need execute permissions chmod +x a.out06:00
Ebrahempigiron, should I restart? I see 0 next to ath9k_hw, while lsmoding06:01
MrAnthropeDespite my outrage over the fact that I can't seem to change the fugly purple screen of doom I'm really digging Ubuntu 10.0406:01
ActionParsnipclu3: when you boot to the CD you can tell the CD to test itself to see if the burn process was ok, on the same screen you can also test ram. When you start booting the CD pres SPACEBAR and the old school Ubuntu boot screen will show, you should check both06:01
clu3Balsaq, thanks, that could be my case too06:01
IsmAvatarinfid: I don't think that's what I'm looking for. At shutdown, I see a message printed that says "Asking all remaining processes to terminate", but I don't see that in dmesg.06:01
bojanglesinfid: i tried that but i didn't change anything unfortunately06:01
MrAnthropelol Balsaq.06:01
clu3ActionParsnip, thans, I'll check that. back in a min06:01
bojanglesinfid: there was a "noexec" in fstab06:01
pigironEbrahem: no need to restart... does it show up in a "sudo iwconfig" ?06:01
infidIsmAvatar: dmesg is for startup anyway06:01
bojanglesbut i deleted that, unmounted, and remounted06:01
bojanglesinfid: and no change06:02
Ebrahempigiron, nope06:02
IsmAvatarinfid: oh06:02
loltphAnyone, know of any ATI drivers for Xpress 1150 chipset?06:02
sonicdhHey folks, got a problem with updating.06:02
sonicdhCan anyone help?06:02
pigironEbrahem: argh... your device is listed here as being supported... ugh...  http://cateee.net/lkddb/web-lkddb/ATH9K_HW.html06:02
sonicdhI keep getting a 404 from the maverick main sources when I do a apt-get update06:03
sexy_Ahh stupid banshee06:03
sonicdhany ideas?06:03
Balsaqclu3, everytime i forget and let one rip at high speed i get some bizarre thing like that.06:03
ActionParsnipsonicdh: use software centre to change server, don't use the 'best server' button, manually choose one06:03
sonicdhAlright, lemmie give that a try06:04
doomgiverhi, im a newb, and need c++ help, running maverick, is this the right place to ask?06:04
bojanglesinfid: is a reboot necessary?06:04
sexy_hey doomgiver, Im just starting on C++ too.06:04
sexy_what resources are you using to learn?06:04
doomgiveri've used c++ before, i have ajunta installed06:05
infidbojangles: try /var/log/messages06:05
sexy_Oh, youre ahead of me then06:05
loltphsonicdh: try another server06:05
pigironEbrahem: ok... do a "sudo modprobe -r ath9k-hw" and try "sudo modprobe ath9k_htc"06:05
doomgiverdont worry, i dont know *that* much!06:05
sexy_I can just make a calculator app...06:06
doomgiveri got that i've to put .h files in /usr/include06:06
doomgiverbut where to get the files from???06:06
pksadiqsexy_: good06:06
IsmAvatarAnyone know where shutdown messages are logged to?06:06
pigironEbrahem: ...and then see if the device shows up in a "sudo iwconfig".06:07
sexy_Do programming jobs pay well anyway?06:07
clu3ActionParsnip, when i choose "Check CD defects"  menu option, i see a blackscreen fora while, and then it goes to the Ubuntu trademark and later on the error as above. Sounds like the CD is ok?06:07
eraggodoomgiver: depends what you arelooking for...06:07
sexy_I was thinking about it for my major06:07
pksadiq!ot | sexy_06:07
ubottusexy_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:07
sexy_right, sorry06:07
loltphsexy_: lots of demand06:07
=== andrea is now known as Guest11644
bojanglesinfid: what should i be looking for in there?06:08
freakabcdhi all06:08
needhelp1i copied files from my ubuntu install ext4 onto my external hard drive and attempted to copy them to my windows vista machine, but i think im having permission issues. Is there a way to edit permissions from windows06:08
doomgiverlike alloc.h, graphics.h, dos.h06:08
doomgiverso what channel to use?06:08
doomgiverfor this topic, i mean06:08
ActionParsnipclu3: you will be told if its ok on screen in words :)06:08
Ebrahempigiron, it is not showing06:09
freakabcddoes someone want to tell me why the dvd 32-bit installer is taking *forever* to get out of the 'determining files to skip copying' ?06:09
IsmAvatardoomgiver: ##c probably06:09
freakabcdwow, i've never had any ubuntu before do this. even 10.10 x64 installed much faster than this!06:09
Balsaqneedhelp1, both ubuntu and windows can utilize FAT, but u may seem some errors between ext4 and nfts06:09
doomgiverIsmAvatar: please elaborate, im totally new06:09
lucentfreakabcd: ext4?06:09
clu3ActionParsnip, uhm.. this one doesn't sayanything, just goes straight to the install process i think...weird06:10
needhelp1Balsaq, errors in the files themselves ?06:10
IsmAvatardoomgiver: You might try asking on the ##c channel06:10
freakabcdlucent, ofcourse not. ext306:10
Jordan_Ufreakabcd: Can you pastebin the output of "dmesg"?06:10
doomgiveruhh, i just type ##c?06:10
lucentfreakabcd: well, don't know.06:10
pigironEbrahem: argh!  It appears that chipset is a state of flux in the kernel right now... so now I see why you're resorting to ndiswrapper... but I'm not so sure it's going to work on a 64 bit system.06:10
Balsaqneedhelp1, i the transfer process (error may be the wrong word).06:10
eraggodoomgiver: you can search packages including them from debian.org...06:10
freakabcdJordan_U, not net access on the machine where install is going on :(06:10
IsmAvatardoomgiver: typically you just type /join ##c06:10
=== wolf is now known as Guest57296
Jordan_Ufreakabcd: If you run "dmesg" do you see any IO errors?06:11
needhelp1Balsaq, any solution to the issue?06:11
freakabcdlemme check06:11
doomgivereraggo: i use software center or synaptic package manager06:11
needhelp1Balsaq, maybe i should  clarify06:11
Balsaqpossibly make a FAT partition and use it for files to be shared by both windows and ubuntu06:11
Ebrahempigiron, ok thank you for your time06:11
MrAnthropeSo I'm trying to change my splash screen. I would like to use one of these http://gnome-look.org/index.php?xsortmode=high&page=0&xcontentmode=160 but these don't do anything, they're just weird files and links to debian art...06:11
doomgiveror apt-get from command line (very rare, usually copied from net)06:11
MrAnthropeAm I doing something wrong?06:12
eraggosynaptic + packagename... :) and packagename you get from debian.org06:12
needhelp1Balsaq, i copied files from my ext4 onto a external hdd that is ntsf, and im trying to copy them to another nfts drive with .. errors06:12
doomgiver*thanks to all of u for ur time*06:12
needhelp1i try to copy the files and nothing happens06:12
Sn4k3recording the screen using ffmpeg with sound?06:12
Sn4k3i tried one but theres no sound in it06:12
A_New_ServerHey, I deleted my panel at the bottom, how do I get it back? (The one with my windows and the button on the left that shows the desktop and at the right it has the different workspaces)06:12
ActionParsnipneedhelp1: did you detatch the price from the system?06:12
lucentA_New_Server: it's gone, you can create a new one though06:13
ActionParsnip!panelreset | A_New_Server06:13
needhelp1ActionParsnip, ? i dont follo06:13
ubottuA_New_Server: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »06:13
ActionParsnipneedhelp1: was the other system you want to copy TO a different PC?06:13
Balsaqneedhelp1, maybe someone else can chime in but i think sometimes issues occur between files transferred between ext4 to ntfs06:13
needhelp1ActionParsnip, yeah06:13
Sn4k3recording the screen with ffmpeg06:13
ActionParsnipneedhelp1: ok how did you remove the drive from the first system?06:14
Sn4k3theres no sound06:14
Balsaqneedhelp1, i think files can be tranferred easier from ext4 to FAT06:14
freakabcdJordan_U, there isn't anything out of the ordinary other than stuupid nouveau messages06:14
needhelp1Sn4k3, can you use gtk record my desktop? ITS in the software center, its better06:14
freakabcdso i assume if i do a text mode install everything will be fast and spiffy06:14
Sn4k3but theres a codec problem with that so...06:14
A_New_ServerThanks guys06:14
freakabcdi hate the nouveau drive with a passion now06:14
needhelp1ActionParsnip, copied the files over and right click to safely remove the drive .. its usb06:14
ActionParsnipfreakabcd: sure, you don't need to load a bulky x server to get installing :)06:14
ActionParsnipneedhelp1: just checking you did the safe remove ;)06:15
freakabcdActionParsnip, but its on a friend's machine. so i thought i'd show him a gui installer and such06:15
freakabcdinstall.py is eating 100% cpu according to top06:15
freakabcdmachine itself is kinda crawling now. no idea when it will finish installing if ever!06:15
sonicdhokay, so I'm still getting the erros with updating.06:16
sonicdhhere is a copy of the verbose. http://tinypaste.com/1caf2306:16
ActionParsnipneedhelp1: if you chkdsk the partition, it may help06:16
bojanglesi'm getting a "./a.out permission denied error" when running off an ntfs partition...this didn't happen in previous ubuntu versions...does anyone have a solution? thanks06:16
needhelp1ActionParsnip, since the external is nfts, and the other drive is nfts, there shouldnt be an issue there right, so its probablly permissions ?06:17
swimbim running a live cd and trying to build source from it but im out of space, how can i get more space?06:18
IsmAvatarNot really having a whole lot of luck here. I just want to find out what the text Ubuntu is outputting all over the boot screen where it shows the Ubuntu logo06:18
IsmAvatarand likewise for the shutdown screen06:18
lucentswimb: install ?06:18
lucentlivecd is not meant to be an environment for compilation06:18
swimbah ok06:19
sonicdhActionparsnip, I'm still getting errors when updating. Here is a copy of the verbose. http://tinypaste.com/1caf2306:19
BalsaqNTFS and other Windows fs types are very different from Linux native file systems.06:19
A_New_ServerHow do I get permission to add fonts to the font folder?06:20
lucentA_New_Server: you shouldn't have to do that06:20
A_New_ServerIt says I'm not the owner when I go to properties -> permissions and when I try to copy over the fonts it doesn't work06:21
patsbinany devs in here or anybody that can tell me when the new pidgin version is in the repos? Any workaround for the not working icq protocol atm?06:21
lucentA_New_Server: create a '.fonts' directory in your home directory, drop them in there06:21
ActionParsnipsonicdh: you should run: sudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com $106:21
ActionParsnipsonicdh: you should run: sudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 9FF820FA298C1C9F06:21
lucentpatsbin: er... probably not, but this one is easy to find out06:21
joeyjonesany idea how to force the update manager to display the upgrade button to upgrade from 8.10 to 9.04?06:21
ActionParsnipsonicdh: you have added a ppa withuot the key06:21
A_New_Serverlucent, how do I know if it worked?06:22
patsbinlucent: pardon?06:22
A_New_ServerOh wait nevermind, I'm a retard06:22
lucentpatsbin: 'dpkg -l pidgin' to show installed pidgin version, and then see if it matches the version released at Pidgin website http://pidgin.im06:22
bojangleshas anyone run into problems running executables off of other partitions, etc. in 10.10?06:22
sonicdhactionparsnip: but I added those ages ago and this is the first time I've had this problem06:22
MrAnthrope10.10 runs .exe files?06:22
patsbinlucent: I already know that there is a new version.06:23
lucentpatsbin: have a look at http://pidgin.im/download/ubuntu/06:23
lucentit's right on the website06:23
bojanglessorry, it's an a.out file06:23
ActionParsnipsonicdh: change server from the main server, it may help06:23
ActionParsnipMrAnthrope: sure if you install wine06:23
bojanglesbut it doesn't have execute permissions06:23
patsbinlucent: Just wanted to know, if anybody know when the new version will be available in the repository.06:23
lucentit won't, patsbin06:24
ActionParsnipMrAnthrope: check the appdb for compatibility06:24
lucentalso explained right on their website.06:24
sonicdh  actionparsnip, here's the feedback from the code you asked me to run: sudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 9FF820FA298C1C906:24
=== wjrcloud is now known as jediwjr
sonicdhsudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 9FF820FA298C1C906:24
sonicdhgpg: "9FF820FA298C1C9" not a key ID: skipping06:25
patsbinlucent: so ubuntu is fine with a pidgin version with broken icq support atm?06:25
lucentpatsbin: yeah, that's not a security vulnerability, use the PPA from the project website06:26
Sn4k3Ubuntu 10.10 dosent work of live flashdrive?06:26
bojangles10.10 won't allow me to change the executable permissions06:26
patsbinlucent: crazy shit. ubuntu sucks more and more every day06:26
pksadiqbojangles: did you try chmod?06:26
* lucent sighs06:26
lucentwaste of my time luser06:26
bojanglespksadiq: yes, unfortunately06:27
ActionParsnipSn4k3: yes it does, its a great way to install to netbooks06:27
pksadiqbojangles: and so sudo chmod?06:27
lucentSn4k3: I think Ubuntu 10.10 livecd ISO is difficult to get onto a USB flashdrive correctly06:27
Sn4k3no i have a problem06:27
BalsaqCarplips: the tags you're describing are "file attributes" which AFAIK are supported only within the OS and application, not at the lower file system on the disk.06:27
lucentSn4k3: it does work, just has some trouble because of conflicting versions of syslinux06:27
Sn4k3ohh anyway to fix06:27
Cyrano_DeFunny, more people would raise a stink if they changed software versions in the same release by default.06:27
bojanglespksadiq: yes, that didn't work either unfortunately06:27
ActionParsniplucent: it's not there is 1-2-3 app from pendrielinux for windows or unetbootin for both ubuntu and windows06:27
Sn4k3cuz i want install in my netbook06:28
ActionParsniplucent: not hard in any way06:28
lucentSn4k3: if it won't boot correctly, then well, I forgot how to fix it but there's something you can type if you did get a syslinux prompt, I think it's just "live" and enter06:28
pksadiqbojangles: what is output of ls -al a.out  ?06:28
ActionParsnipSn4k3: did you MD5 test the ISO you have?06:28
Cyrano_DePeople are given an easy route to move to a newer version and are still not happy.06:28
bojangles-rw------- 1 tom tom 17376 2010-11-17 01:18 a.out06:28
lucentActionParsnip: syslinux is poofed, I've tried Unetbootin and the Ubuntu image creator, both do it wrong06:28
Sn4k3and it says some ramzwap thing06:28
ActionParsnipSn4k3: and what OS are you making the live USB in?06:28
ActionParsniplucent: tried pendrive linux 1-2-3 app?06:29
Sn4k3ubuntu 10.1006:29
lucentActionParsnip: no, it was not suggested to me by Ubuntu docs to try pendrive linux 1-2-3 app06:29
Sn4k3cuz my desktop runs it fine cuz i used a cd06:29
pksadiqbojangles: what is the output of sudo chmod +x a.out   ?06:29
bojanglespksadiq: there's no out06:29
ActionParsniplucent: its a windows app and can downloaded the iso for you and MD5 test all in one, its nifty :)06:29
lucentActionParsnip: I'll remember that next time I have access to Windows ? :)06:30
pksadiqbojangles: after trying that try ./a.out        ,what is the output?06:30
Cyrano_DeWhat would they be saying about Ubuntu if the newer version of pidgin were added mid release cycle and all of their contacts and logs got deleted....06:30
ActionParsniplucent: ok, if you have network access the run: sudo apt-get --reinstall install usb-creator usb-creator-gtk   so its the latest one then use that06:30
bojanglespksadiq: bash: ./a.out: Permission denied06:30
ActionParsniplucent: nice06:30
pksadiqbojangles: try sh a.out06:31
ActionParsnipbojangles: sudo chown $USER:$USER ./a.out  then retry06:31
lucentit's been a decade now without Microsoft, pretty much wonder when something better than Ubuntu is going to come along so I can use that06:31
bonez2046could I make a print server from an old ubuntu box.. so that I can share my parallel ported laser jet iii p on my LAN?06:31
pigironEbrahem: does "ls /lib/firmware/ar7010*" produce a hit?06:31
lucentbonez2046: ah, you could.  The LJ IIIP is a nice old printer for sure ;)06:32
lucentbonez2046: aren't your rubber rollers worn out and cracked yet though?06:32
bonez2046lucent: we bought this one damned near 20 years ago .. still works great.. have repaired a few things on it06:32
Ebrahempigiron, no such file or directory06:32
bonez2046lucent: I have replaced the clutch, the laser, and the rollers.. I think the top rollers are due for replacement06:32
lucentthat thing is older than Office Space06:33
lucentLP LOAD LTR06:33
pigironEbrahem: check out this web page... http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Drivers/ath9k_htc06:33
bojanglespksadiq: http://paste.ubuntu.com/533368/06:33
bojanglesActionParsnip: that didn't seem to do anything06:33
bonez2046lucent: yeah.. I am installing 10.10 on an older deskpro.. hoping to plug this printer as well as a scanner into this box.. to act as my print and scan server06:33
ActionParsnipbojangles: it changed the file ownership to your current user, you should now have access06:34
lucentbonez2046: usb-parallel adapter on your desktop machine might be more efficient06:34
bonez2046lucent: I know I could buy a box from HP et al, that would give the printer an IP.. but this box is just sitting around..06:35
pksadiqbojangles: what type of file is it? is it a compiled file actually?          does gedit a.out           shows any readable texts?06:35
lucentpersonally I wouldn't be able to justify the electricity06:35
bojanglesActionParsnip: a.out doesn't show up as executable though06:35
bonez2046lucent: usb-parallel? is that a hardware device?06:35
ActionParsnipbojangles: thn run: chmod +x a.out06:35
pigironEbrahem: argh!  I should have said "ls /lib/firmware/ar9271*"06:35
bojanglespksadiq: it's compiled f90 code06:35
lucentbonez2046: yeah it's parallel port on one side, and usb on the other, so you can plug old stuff into USB capable computer06:35
lucentinstead of a print server though, just plug it in when you need it or what06:36
bojanglesActionParsnip: that still isn't changing anything06:36
pigironEbrahem: ... at least I think /lib/firmware is correct... I don't run Ubuntu.06:36
pksadiqbojangles: fortran?06:36
bojanglespksadiq: yes, sorry06:36
bonez2046lucent: well, my wife and boys print to this printer.. on home LAN.. so I need to have it on.. but I guess they COULD send their jobs to it and then come down and switch the printer on06:36
Gorrothalright, i'm a bit confused here.  how in the heck do i add a "Terminal" icon or something to the kubuntu netbook GUI?06:36
Ebrahempigiron, yes one hit, /lib/firmware/ar9271.fw06:36
Gorrothi found out how to add apps06:37
Gorrothbut it's freakin' confusing06:37
lucentbonez2046: lights dim when you turn it on? ;)06:37
bonez2046lucent: no, they are fine..06:37
pigironEbrahem: do you have a /var/log/messages file?06:37
pksadiqbojangles: try gfortran to compile, did you did so ?06:37
lucentI'm just kidding, wandering o/t06:38
bojanglespksadiq: yes, that's how i compiled it06:38
linux_probeprintserver, or get a networkable printer :)06:38
Ebrahempigiron, yeah06:38
ActionParsnipbojangles: is a.out in $HOME?06:38
bojanglesActionParsnip: no, it's on an ntfs partition where i store all my files06:38
MrAnthropeBut why is the splash screen purple? This seems like a bad decision.06:38
pigironEbrahem: k... what does it say after you "sudo modprobe -r ath9k_htc" and then "sudo modprobe ath9k_htc"?06:39
bojanglesI'm assuming it will run on the linux partition, but it used to not have to be that way (pre-10.10)06:39
pksadiqbojangles: if it works in linux partition make it executable from a linux partition and copy or dd it back06:40
bonez2046linux_probe: the purpose in setting up server is to NOT have to buy a new networked printer06:40
Ebrahempigiron, registered new interface driver ath9k_hif_usb06:40
linux_probedidnt see that part06:40
ActionParsnipbojangles: ahhh, thats why. NTFS is too primitive to store UNIX permissions which is why you are getting issues. If you move it to an Ext3/4 etc partition, it will be fine06:40
bonez2046linux_probe: no worry06:40
doomgiverhey guys, i cant get into the ##c++ channel06:40
chiddid you registeR?06:41
doomgiverit says "cannot send to channel06:41
ActionParsnipdoomgiver: i think you need to register06:41
bojanglesActionParsnip: this wasn't an issue until i upgraded though06:41
doomgiveri have to do it in EACH channel?06:41
bojanglesi could run things off external hard drives too06:41
lucentActionParsnip: I'd guess that it's set when you mount NTFS to disallow executing programs from that mountpoint? not the permissions issue06:41
lucentwell it could be permissions are forced -x by default06:42
Gorrothmy Acer Aspire One AOD255 arrived today06:43
Gorrothfirst thing i did after seeing XP boot up: install kubuntu 10.1006:43
=== administrator_ is now known as wendy
pigironEbrahem: no error message?06:43
lucentGorroth: you waited to boot XP? sorry to hear that, bro06:43
Gorrothwell actually that was the 3rd thing i guess06:43
Gorrothi had to go buy an external USB drive since my flash drive didn't work on this.  it locked up the computer for some reason06:43
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wrektjethey all. my webcam is functioning for video but i cant figure out how to get the audio working. it used to work just fine but when I moved some usb devices around it started having problems. when i test the input on multimedia selection it seems to work by making echoing noises but in programs like skype it doesnt06:44
Ebrahempigiron, nope06:44
bojanglespksadiq: i can set the permissions in my linux file system but i lose them when i copy it back to the ntfs partition06:44
Gorrothlucent: had to make sure the hardware worked before i potentially wasted time trying to install :)06:44
A_New_ServerI'm trying to put a globalmenu on Ubuntu and I found this link on google (http://code.google.com/p/gnome2-globalmenu/wiki/InstallingonUbuntu), for step 3, how do I know which one of those I am using06:44
lucentwrektjet: System | Perversions | Sound ;  select webcam for input, quit skype, open skype, skype preferences and check everything out06:44
pigironEbrahem: crap... I'm tapped out... I just can't see why it's not firing up.06:45
lucentlol @ bojangles06:45
lucentcracks me up06:45
pksadiqbojangles: after making it executable try copying it back with dd command06:46
lucentyou people... doin' it wrong06:46
lucentthe mount could be forcing default permissions mask06:46
A_New_ServerHow do I know if I'm using Karmic Koala, Jaunty Jackalope, Intrepid Ibex or Hardy Heron, also what are those?06:47
ActionParsnipA_New_Server: lsb_release -c   will tell you06:48
ActionParsnipA_New_Server: the repo only has up to lucid on so is no use if you are using maverick06:48
bojanglespksadiq: i'm not sure how to use dd, but either way, i can't really keep copying a file back and forth...it just seems strange that upgrading would force people to migrate files?06:49
A_New_ServerHmm, having a bigger problem now, my terminal won't start06:49
A_New_ServerI see the "starting terminal" in the bottom when I click it, but then it just disappears06:49
=== aperson is now known as APERSON
ActionParsnipA_New_Server: press ALT+F2 and run: xterm06:49
CaneToadIf anyone is using Ubuntu One, if you have ANY filenames in any of your directories, with NON-ASCII filenames, the whole sync fails....rename them to ASCII and it works06:50
A_New_ServerI love you.06:50
pksadiqbojangles: after making it executable use the command dd if=/path/to/a.out of=/path/to/ntfs/a.out06:50
lucentCaneToad: thanks, it's been noted before, but yeah what a tricky problem06:50
ActionParsnipA_New_Server: many do :)06:50
A_New_ServerIt says I have lucid, which isn't a listed thing on step 3, is there a way to get around that or change my [whatever that is]?06:51
pksadiqbojangles: please not that if you use dd command in a rong way , it might mess up your partition06:51
bojanglesokay, i'm probably not going to bother trying that then06:51
ActionParsnipA_New_Server: you can modify the line and replace the release name with the right one06:51
Cyber_BeastI'm not able to execute... "sudo apt-get update"..... It returns this error.... E: Could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)06:51
Cyber_BeastE: Unable to lock directory /var/lib/apt/lists/06:51
Cyber_Beast ... Any IDEA guys?06:51
bojanglesis this a known issue with 10.10?06:52
doomgivernoob question alert : how do i boot into windows after installing linux? it wont let me (ie, no option in boot menu)06:52
doomgiveri didnt configure for dual boot06:52
A_New_ServerActionParsnip, are you serious? Just edit the name and it'll work?06:52
wrektjetlucent thanks i was messing around in multimedia selection and the place to make the selection was simply in sound input under analog mono06:52
pksadiqCyber_Beast: you might have already opened a synaptic06:52
MrAnthropeGood news! I changed my splash screen! Bad news! I think something is wrong with my graphics!06:52
Cyber_Beastpksadiq: Nothing is opened... except terminal...06:52
bojanglespksadiq: thanks for your help...i'll look into this issue some more06:53
pksadiqCyber_Beast: somthing else might be being installing on another terminal?06:53
pksadiqbojangles: k06:54
ActionParsnipA_New_Server: yes, its like a web address, the server has a Lucid folder so you can just change it]06:54
lucentwrektjet: I have to do it when I plug in my webcam, and want to use Skype, but it does work after that06:54
shawnboyGreetings. With meerkat, what's quickest way to playing all multimedia & DVDs? good bad ugly, medibuntu, or what?06:55
MrAnthropeOkay is there a way to completely uninstall a splash screen and just get the ugly text?06:55
MrAnthropeI'm getting really frustrated.06:55
shawnboyMrAnthrope: frustrated at what?06:55
MrAnthropeAnd maybe a little bit drunk.06:55
pksadiqMrAnthrope: :O06:56
MrAnthropeI've been trying to change my splash screen for like 6 hours.06:56
MrAnthropeI finally changed it. And the graphics are all FUBAR.06:56
MrAnthropeLike ALLLL fubar.06:56
linux_probecomment it out >_>06:56
Sn4k3can anyone help me with ffmpeg06:56
VolkodavMrAnthrope: Mine just does not change at all06:56
shawnboydid you first drop to command line from Grub and do a "vbeinfo" to see what your video can handle?06:56
A_New_ServerActionParsnip, so rather than "http://ppa.launchpad.net/globalmenu-team/ppa/ubuntu karmic main06:57
A_New_Server" I do "http://ppa.launchpad.net/globalmenu-team/ppa/ubuntu lucid main06:57
MrAnthropedid I first what?06:57
lyjdoes anyone know the screensaver in ubuntu?06:57
jshmoe24@anyone, I tried to install a .deb package through the ubuntu software center but it stalled out and then I went to cancel it and it is just stuck on cancel. I have tried sudo apt-get remove <package name>, sudo dpkg --remove <package name> and it still isnt working06:57
Sn4k3how to record your screen with FFmpeg ??06:57
lyjI want to find the one with a green radar scanning06:57
A_New_ServerAlso another thing (HOPEFULLY THE LAST >.>), software sources blinks with what looks like the box that prompts for a password and then disappears right after, how can I get it to work?06:57
A_New_Server(I'm a complete noob :[ )06:57
jshmoe24Just stays stuck on cancel :(  <-- sadface06:58
shawnboyMrAnthrope: When you see Grub, hit Esc, read what you have to push to get to command line. Then run "vbeinfo" to see what resolutions your computer will support in that mode.06:58
lyjAnyone can help me?06:58
MrAnthropeI don't see any grubs.06:58
ActionParsnipA_New_Server: exactly06:58
MrAnthropeThere's no dirt in here. It's my bedroom.06:58
jshmoe24Anyone know how to fix a locked canceling program from ubuntu software center?06:59
shawnboyMrAnthrope: then make your graphics that size, and be sure they are Mode RGB.06:59
ActionParsnip!apt-fix | jshmoe2406:59
ubottujshmoe24: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »06:59
jshmoe24will try and report back, appreciated06:59
MrAnthropeit just says UBUNTU . . . . .06:59
A_New_ServerDo you have any idea on the other problem? It's odd that it's doing that just like the terminal was07:00
shawnboyMrAnthrope: I thought you meant Grub 2 wallpaper. nevermind.07:00
pksadiqMrAnthrope: :D07:00
chris0626891I'm not trying to start a flame-war, but in your guys opinion, what's the best KDE distribution?  The more I read the more "ubuntu" seems to be going away from "conventional" Linux.07:00
MrAnthropeI have no idea what you are talking about :)07:00
rebirthhi, i'm trying to install Drawpile using cmake and i am getting the error CMake Error at /usr/share/cmake-2.8/Modules/FindQt4.cmake:754 (MESSAGE):   Could NOT find QtCore header07:00
A_New_ServerActually, EVERYTHING is doing that now, do you think restarting would help or is there a better solution? (Or solution period, not sure if restarting would even work)07:00
shawnboyCan anyone remind me what the fast-track is to getting multimedia playing in Meerkat? good bad ugly, medibuntu?07:00
lucentchris0626891: I don't understand why anyone uses KDE, nor have I had an application that forces me to use KDE, ever. so, uh take it to #ubuntu-offtopic07:01
Jordan_U!ot | chris062689107:01
ubottuchris0626891: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:01
wrektjetlucent not sure what caused the issue. but thanks for putting me in the right  spot. i was wasting lots of time in the multimedia selection07:02
MrAnthropeDoes anyone know how to disable splash?07:02
lucentshawnboy: medibuntu is not bad, I'd say just take it one codec at a time, if you need support find and install support for it07:02
lucentwrektjet: no problem, glad you got it figured out07:02
jshmoe24@ActionParSnip E: The package <packagenamehere> needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it.07:02
jshmoe24wierd huh07:03
shawnboylucent: ok, so add support for mp3, flac, then chase down what packages are required for x.264, etc?07:03
pksadiqMrAnthrope: by splash do you mean that screen(Logo) at the ubuntu startup?07:03
MrAnthropeThe purple screen that says UBUNTU and is purple and has 5 flashing red/white dots on it.07:03
MrAnthropeI want it gone.07:03
jshmoe24I've been using ubuntu for years and havn't seen this. I don't like the ubuntu software center it crashes too much07:03
MrAnthropeDid I mention it's purple?07:03
shawnboylucent: I don't know what to look for when it comes to playing DVDs. honestly I don't remember what I installed to get it working in my previous releases.07:03
Jordan_UMrAnthrope: Hold shift during boot and select recovery mode from the grub menu.07:03
MrAnthropeAgain about grubs.07:04
MrAnthropeI will try this thing you say.07:04
pksadiqMrAnthrope: just when your computer starts and boots press and hold SHIFT key   and then press e   and then remove the word quiet    from there and press CTRL+X07:04
jshmoe24@Actionparsnip, didn't work :(07:05
lucentshawnboy: medibuntu.org details how to get the decryption going07:05
wisevoyagerhello everyone! :D07:05
jshmoe24in ubuntu software center it is right at the end of installing but I canceled and now it is just stuck there07:06
jshmoe24Is there a way to force uninstall what has already been installed by the .deb?07:06
pksadiqjshmoe24: did you try sudo dpkg -r <package>        ?07:07
jshmoe24Im sure a reboot would do it but that would not teach me much  :(07:07
jshmoe24@pksadiq, yes07:07
jshmoe24its being stuburn07:07
Maaheswill things that send notices via libnotify show up in the OSD notifier?07:08
pksadiqjshmoe24: did you try sudo dpkg -r --force-all <package>        ?07:09
jshmoe24let me try thx07:09
BalsaqMrAnthrope> did that fix work?07:09
jshmoe24thank you soooo much worked :p07:09
MrAnthropeHmm. Holding shift did nothing. It started up as usual. Big purple screen and all.07:10
pksadiqjshmoe24: Welcome07:10
jshmoe24@pksadiq, Awesome man07:10
MaahesI personally like the old splash screens.07:10
pksadiqjshmoe24: not a man, but a guy ;)07:10
MrAnthropeI second Maahes.07:10
Gorrothokay, starting to get the hang of the netbook edition of kubuntu07:10
Balsaqi just want it too boot up like an ole DOS machine07:10
pigironEbrahem: did you say it's a DWA-126 ?07:11
jshmoe24@pksadiq, Awesome guy07:11
Gorrothdon't think i like it as much as the full desktop edition, but i see how it has its merits for this size screen07:11
MrAnthropeIs there a way to do that, balsaq?07:11
Ebrahempigiron, yeah07:11
MaahesMrAnthrope: I believe there is a way to make grub use the old-style splash screens, but I have been too lazy to do it.07:11
MrAnthropeI don't know what grub means.07:11
MrAnthropeIs that the splash screen?07:11
pksadiq!grub2 | MrAnthrope07:11
ubottuMrAnthrope: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub207:11
MaahesMrAnthrope: Grub2 its the bootloader for ubuntu. It loads the splashscreen07:11
BalsaqMrAnthrope>prolly but i havent found it yet, it would be cool, all balck and white with numbers and letters flowing by like it was a test or something...old school.07:12
* Maahes also really hates OSD, but I haven't found a guide for how to remove it.07:12
MrAnthropeYes. Instead of big fugly purple crap.07:12
pigironEbrahem: This makes no sense... but I found this from russia... http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ru&u=http://forum.ubuntu.ru/index.php%3Ftopic%3D122845.0&ei=in3jTMfoMoWKlwffuYnkDA&sa=X&oi=translate&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CBYQ7gEwAA&prev=/search%3Fq%3D%252207d1:3a10%2522%2Bubuntu%26num%3D100%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D07:12
MrAnthropeI'm about to uninstall. Or bake a pie. w/e07:12
Balsaqand then at the very end...a black and white password screen all official looking, then right to desktop.07:12
MaahesMrAnthrope: This isn't a make it go away permanently, but if you hit Esc while it loads, it goes away.07:12
MrAnthropeI figured that out when I dropped my beer bottle on my keyboard.07:13
pksadiqMrAnthrope: :D07:13
MrAnthropeI now have a shrine to the beer bottle for making the fugly purple splash screen of doom go away.07:13
pigironEbrahem: he got it working by downloading, and compiling a RaLink driver... Huh???07:13
Maaheswill things that send notices via libnotify show up in the OSD notifier?07:13
MrAnthropeSo there's no terminal command to just make the splash screen go away?07:13
=== chris0626891 is now known as chris062689
b0otI have a layer 2 switch that I'm connecting my ubuntu box. Is there anyway to put the devices on the switch on different subnets (as a way to seperate broadcast traffic) and then have my ubuntu machine almost as a router and direct traffic across to other devices as needed?07:13
Balsaqthere are so many cool things a computer can do while its booting to desktop, tests, info about hardware, sped tests...would look cool on the way up.07:14
MrAnthropeAs long as it's not purple I don't even care.07:14
pksadiqMrAnthrope: in terminal type sudo chmod +w grub.cfg07:14
Ebrahempigiron, I've come across that link and ignored it when i saw he used ralink07:14
wisevoyagerHello everybody, good day! :)07:14
MrAnthropeThat's what I'm talking about, pksadiq.07:15
pksadiqMrAnthrope: sorry, sudo chmod +w /boot/grub/grub.cfg07:15
MrAnthropeWhy did someone not tell me this 6 hours ago?07:15
MrAnthropeI hate you all.07:15
pigironEbrahem: me too... makes no sense... but there's two folks that appear to have gotten it to work using it... soooo strange!07:15
MrAnthropeNo pie for you.07:15
pksadiqMrAnthrope: Each minute we try to learn Something new, we try to find new ways to the old Destinations ;)07:16
MrAnthropeNow what do I do, pksadiq? Reboot?07:16
pksadiqMrAnthrope: no, wait07:16
* MrAnthrope waits.07:16
pksadiqMrAnthrope: now do sudo gedit /boot/grub/grub/grub.cfg07:17
MrAnthropeThis has opened a blank  grub.cfg in gedit.07:17
pksadiqMrAnthrope: sorry  sudo gedit /boot/grub/grub.cfg07:17
pigironEbrahem: if you look at his "lsusb" output, the only wireless device he seems to have matches yours (VendorID:DeviceID = 07d1:3a10)07:17
palint240spanish ?07:18
=== coaboa_ is now known as coaboa
MrAnthrope"DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE"07:18
pksadiqMrAnthrope: Don't care07:18
palint240Como estan :)07:18
palint240Busco amigos que usen ubuntu07:19
palint240Para compartir informacion07:19
eraggo!es | palint24007:19
ubottupalint240: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.07:19
BlackCoffeeanyone here have trouble using amarok on gnome?or any kde apps on gnome for that matter?sometimes when i use kde's apps,at some point,my desktop layout goes to the defaults and i have to restart the whole thing to recover my theme...07:19
pksadiqMrAnthrope: now below the line ### BEGIN /etc/grub.d/10_linux ###   you will see the word quiet somewhere, delete that, and only that07:20
palint240oh!! ok sorry mi friend :)07:20
pksadiqMrAnthrope: not that line, but *only* that word07:20
pksadiqMrAnthrope: done?07:21
eraggopalint240: maybe /join #ubuntu-es ? :D07:21
MrAnthropeyes :)07:21
pksadiqMrAnthrope: now save the file    CTRL+S07:22
MrAnthrope ro   quiet splash07:22
MrAnthropeshould I leave the odd number of spaces?07:22
pksadiqMrAnthrope: delete one space between that, only one enough07:22
danmshi. is there any way to simulate a middle mouse button click with the keyboard in terminal?07:22
pksadiqMrAnthrope: and save and reboot, please *Don't* change any other values there07:23
jshmoe24Can anyone help me. I tried installing a .deb through ubuntu software center and it took forever so I decided to hit cancel and now its just stuck on cancel.07:23
MrAnthropehaha I shall resist the urge.07:23
jshmoe24I thought I had it fixed but no07:23
pksadiqjshmoe24: again?07:23
jshmoe24it never did fix it07:24
jshmoe24i thought it did though07:24
pksadiqjshmoe24: try synaptic, I think that's better07:24
jshmoe24I know but the package wasn't in there and I was just wanting to install a deb and I doubleclicked on it instead of just using dpkg -i <programname>07:24
jshmoe24any ideas07:25
jshmoe24I think dpkg is locked07:25
pksadiqjshmoe24: kill that app07:25
jshmoe24one sec07:25
MrAnthropeWell, that was odd. It started off fine and then ended up loading the splash screen towards the end anyway. lol.07:25
MrAnthropethose 5 red dots glaring at me like beady eyes.07:26
MrAnthropeHey I'm here and I'm purple and you're going to have to deal with me forever and ever amen.07:26
jshmoe24killed software install center with top and then tried dpkg -i <program> and i get this error --> dpkg: status database area is locked by another process07:27
BlackCoffeei'm using a removable external hard drive merely for media storage on my pc..any way of making it auto-mount on startup?i always have to do it manually07:27
pksadiqMrAnthrope: still ?:(07:27
MrAnthropeSincerely, Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS07:27
=== Fudgey_ is now known as Fudge
MrAnthropeThis is the most progress I've made in 6 hours though, pksadiq.07:27
pkhthis is annoying -- I'm looking for those screen 'widgets' or 'applets' or 'gadgets' that go on the desktop behind the windows...  can't google for it cause I dont' know what we call them...07:27
pksadiqjshmoe24: some thing else opened again?07:27
chipminka link of desktop blackcoffee?07:27
=== Peer is now known as Guest35238
MrAnthropeI have a link for that I think pkh. gimme a sec.07:28
pkhMrAnthrope, cheers07:28
jshmoe24nothing that would cause it such as synaptic or software or apt-get07:28
jshmoe24wierd huh07:28
BlackCoffeechipmink: how's that?07:28
=== zhang is now known as Guest14616
=== Guest14616 is now known as zhang_
furiis there anyway to fix this boot problem i've been dealing with for the past week? when i try to boot, it just ends up stopping, with the last two lines being " * Setting console screen modes and fonts" then "^[[12;2R". last time i used my comp, i installed an update, along with devilspie, and added a configuration file for gnome-terminal called DesktopTerminal. i purged devilspie, but that didn't fix anything. the original intention was to h07:28
furiave a desktop terminal, but all i want now is for my computer to boot correctly, and nobody has managed to successfully help me fix this problem to date.07:28
c4rp3d13mhelp, i get 403 error after i chown -R <user> /var/www07:29
chipminklemme remember07:29
jshmoe24E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)07:29
chidHi, what's the name for that mail icon on the notification bar?07:29
BlackCoffeechipmink: you mean adding it directly to the desktop?07:29
pksadiqMrAnthrope: again ready for an hour?07:29
MrAnthropepkh I'm positive it was on this website http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/07:29
MrAnthropeUnfortunately I have pie to make.07:30
pkhMrAnthrope, cheers -- will have a dig and see what I can find07:30
pksadiqjshmoe24: something opened already, check in System monitor07:30
jshmoe24one sec07:30
c4rp3d13mplease help fixing a 403 error07:30
MrAnthropeStupid pie. Interrupting my Ubuntu splash screen removal time.07:31
=== gaurav_ is now known as Guest54771
MrAnthropeThanks for your time, pksadiq!07:32
MrAnthrope<3 me love you long time07:32
jshmoe24Idont' know just going to reboot07:32
_vaibhav_How I can run two applications from single terminal at same time? like $ cvlc vdo1 & cvlc vdo2 should run at same time.07:32
jshmoe24I feel like a windows user now, rofl <faceslap>07:32
chipminkhas anyone ever used a rar file password cracker siccessfully07:32
pkhMrAnthrope, managed to get google to give up it's knowledge -- 'conky'07:32
MrAnthropelol what?07:33
chipminkor successfully07:33
MrAnthropepdf file password remover. not .rar07:33
_vaibhav_oops its working... :)07:33
furiis there anyway to fix this boot problem i've been dealing with for the past week? when i try to boot, it just ends up stopping, with the last two lines being " * Setting console screen modes and fonts" then "^[[12;2R". last time i used my comp, i installed an update, along with devilspie, and added a configuration file for gnome-terminal called DesktopTerminal. i purged devilspie, but that didn't fix anything. the original intention was to h07:34
furiave a desktop terminal, but all i want now is for my computer to boot correctly, and nobody has managed to successfully help me fix this problem to date.07:34
chipminkhave you looked in your xconf file furi?  could be a bad driver there07:35
Guest54771hey folks i need a small help07:35
chipminkguest don't ask to ask just ask07:35
furichipmink, i'm kinda unfamiliar with ubuntu, actually... i wouldn't know where to look in that file07:35
=== Guest54771 is now known as Gurav
Guravchow can i see my linux files on windows partition ? in the same system07:35
ilabIf I'm using a livecd and never mount any hard disks, since the ram is volatile when the computer is powered down the programs and data on the system are completely unrecoverable?07:36
=== deus402 is now known as Deus_home
chipminkilab no storage nothing saved07:37
pksadiq!info gnome-splashscreen-manager | MrAnthrope07:37
ubottuMrAnthrope: gnome-splashscreen-manager (source: gnome-art): manage your GNOME splash screen images. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2-12 (maverick), package size 15 kB, installed size 152 kB07:37
furichipmink, how would i know if a driver is "bad"?07:38
chipminkanything that does not work right07:38
furichipmink, well... it's not like i could really test it, though07:38
nimbioticshow can i install java under wine?07:38
chipminkfrinstance i had to get correct driver to get twinview working07:38
MrAnthropegnome-splashscreen-manager does not show up in my software center.07:38
furichipmink, but this is my entire computer not booting07:39
pksadiq!java | nimbiotics07:39
ubottunimbiotics: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java. For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.07:39
chipminkor if you cannot crankup resolution07:39
Jordan_Uilab: Why do you ask?07:39
ActionParsnipnimbiotics: strange reuest. Download the windows installer and run it with wine07:39
pksadiqnimbiotics: isn't it enough?07:39
furiMrAnthrope, applications > terminal, enter sudo apt-get gnome-splashscreen-manager07:39
ActionParsnippksadiq: its for in wine, that is native linux java07:39
pksadiqActionParsnip: k07:40
chipminkcan you reinstall?07:40
MrAnthropeinvalid operation gnome-splashscreen-manager07:40
walthow do I get 256 colors in urxvt in maverick?07:40
waltdo I have to build from source?07:40
furichipmink, is that all that you think would be a solution?07:40
furichipmink, what if this doesn't have to do with drivers?07:41
chipminkin windblows would be to start in safe mode07:41
chipminkcan you get a terminal07:41
chipminkdoes grub give you options07:41
furichipmink, i can get into root terminal07:41
chipminkas to what kernal to start07:41
furichipmink, yes, tried them all07:41
nimbioticsActionParsnip, pksadiq: Im trying to make it work with wine but the installation simply never ends07:42
JenniferB2how can I have a window cross two workspaces.. I used to be able to do that.. ? I have two workspaces on the width.. I want my editor to span both workspaces.. :(07:42
ActionParsnipnimbiotics: i'd ask in #winehq it may help07:42
furichipmink, anyways, i couldn't reinstall if i wanted to, for some reason, my ubuntu livecd isn't starting up right. i'm on an xubuntu disc right now07:42
nimbioticsActionParsnip: thanks for the tip07:43
MrAnthropepksadiq gnome-splashscreen-manager is already the newest version.07:43
ActionParsnipJenniferB2: have it unmaximized and stretch the app07:43
Guravhow can i see my linux files on windows partition ? in the same system07:43
ActionParsnipGurav: if its not ext2 or ext3 you can't07:43
pksadiqMrAnthrope: in terminal type sudo gnome-splashscreen-manager07:44
ActionParsnipGurav: if the linux partition is ext2 or ext3 then you can use www.fs-driver.org07:44
JenniferB2ActionParsnip: not working :(07:44
MrAnthropeOh yeah, this guy.07:44
MrAnthropeDoesn't work.07:44
ActionParsnipGurav: default in lucid and maverick is ext4 which isn't accessible07:44
ActionParsnip!dualhead | JenniferB207:45
ubottuJenniferB2: Information about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama07:45
MrAnthropePie time.07:45
ActionParsnipGurav: this is entirely microsofts fault, the layouts for the filesystem is freely available to them yet its not in their OS. Uite funnily proprietary NTFS is fully readable and writable by linux despite the definitions been hidden07:46
Guravthanks actionparsnip but i too feel linux is much far better then windows . in certain aspects07:47
ActionParsnipGurav: true and vice versa :)07:47
ActionParsnipGurav: the guys in ##windows may know something07:48
pksadiqGurav: try http://www.diskinternals.com/linux-reader/07:48
chipminkfuri look at file sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.fonf07:49
ActionParsnippksadiq: ext2/3 from what I'm reading there07:49
chipminkthat will open xconfigure file in an editor07:50
ActionParsnipchipmink: gksudo for gedit. Sudo is not tobe used for gui apps07:50
chipminkworks ok though07:50
chipminkwhat does it do?07:50
chipminkwrong that is07:51
ActionParsnipchipmink: running gui apps with sudo will change the ownership of .ICEauthority to root and the user will get issues07:51
ActionParsnip!gksudo | chipmink07:51
ubottuchipmink: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)07:51
ActionParsnipchipmink: in kde it's kdesu07:51
chipminki am iin gnome07:52
Cyber_Beastwhen I run "sudo apt-get update" .... terminal returns a message... Media change: please insert the disc labeled07:52
Cyber_Beast 'Ubuntu 10.10 _Maverick Meerkat_ - Release i386 (20101007)'07:52
Cyber_Beastin the drive '/cdrom/' and press enter07:52
Cyber_Beast  ... what's up with that?07:52
FloodBot2Cyber_Beast: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:52
Guravone thig more that is there any way that i can delete the files from linux and they can't be recoverd anyhow ? is this possible07:52
APERSONCyber_Beast, you have the cd enabled in your software sources07:52
ActionParsnipCyber_Beast: open software centre and untick the CD as a repo. Also please don't flood like that07:53
ActionParsnipCyber_Beast: or you can edit /etc/apt/sources.list and comment the top line out by adding a hash symbol to the start of the line07:54
ActionParsnipCyber_Beast: both do the same thing07:54
pksadiqActionParsnip: did you mean about ext4 partition?07:54
Cyber_BeastActionParsnip: I coudn't understand what to comment at the top of sources.list07:55
ActionParsnippksadiq: both fs-driver and the link you gave only provide access to ext2 and ext3. Lucid and maverick use ext4 by default07:55
pksadiqActionParsnip: what about http://www.soluvas.com/read-browse-explore-open-ext2-ext3-ext4-partition-filesystem-from-windows-7/07:55
furichipmink, all it has is two input devices, being "generic keyboard" and "configured mouse"07:56
ActionParsnipCyber_Beast: to comment, add a hash character: # ,to the line listing the cd as a repo, save the new file then run: sudo apt-get update ,and it should be smooth07:56
ActionParsnippksadiq: worth a try07:57
chipminkno monitor or screen declared07:58
ActionParsnipCyber_Beast: at it to the left of the line, the package system will ignore it and if needed you can re-add it07:58
Guravone thig more that is there any way that i can delete the files from linux and they can't be recoverd anyhow ? is this possible07:58
JenniferB2my meny has disappeared .. how can I restart it ?07:59
ActionParsnipGurav: you could use dd to output zeros to a partition or disk07:59
furiis there anyway to fix this boot problem i've been dealing with for the past week? when i try to boot, it just ends up stopping, with the last two lines being " * Setting console screen modes and fonts" then "^[[12;2R". last time i used my comp, i installed an update, along with devilspie, and added a configuration file for gnome-terminal called DesktopTerminal. i purged devilspie, but that didn't fix anything. the original intention was to h07:59
furiave a desktop terminal, but all i want now is for my computer to boot correctly, and nobody has managed to successfully help me fix this problem to date.07:59
ActionParsnip!resetpanel | JenniferB207:59
ubottuJenniferB2: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »07:59
JenniferB2defaults ?08:00
JenniferB2i just want it back08:00
JenniferB2it is not there08:00
icarus-cJenniferB2, run gnome-panel08:00
ActionParsnipJenniferB2: if you right click the panel you can add what you wish08:00
JenniferB2Cannot register the panel shell: there is already one running.08:01
JenniferB2quit ?08:01
furisudo killall gnome-panel08:01
ActionParsnipJenniferB2: press alt+f2 and run: killall gnome-panel ,then wait ;)08:01
furior what ActionParsnip said08:01
ActionParsnipfuri: it will restrat on its own :)08:01
furiActionParsnip, yeah, kinda forgot08:02
ActionParsnipfuri: got your back bro08:02
icarus-cor gnome-panel --replace08:02
BlackCoffeeanyone here using linux mint?huh?08:04
sosaitedThat reminds me, my panel has been acting weird as well. After every restart, the Network Manager applet either goes to the left to my custom launchers, or extreme right. And when I open Multiget, its panel icon is never on the right where it should, it is on the left side. Is this some config problem or a bug?08:04
ActionParsnipBlackCoffee: mint is offtopic here08:04
BlackCoffeeyeah,i figured08:04
BlackCoffeebut there's gotta be a couple of outsiders lurking around08:04
BlackCoffeedam...i don't wanna go to spotchat08:06
roomhey,guys,anyone familiar with ctags?08:08
Guravactionparsnip i didnt got u , i mean to ask that is there any way of removing the files or deleting in such way that they cant be recovered due to security reasons .08:10
chipminkgurav a disk scrubber perhaps?08:11
ascorbushi, everyone! what's wrong with empathy? i get a network error with icq. help anyone?08:11
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Guravchipmink how can i use it any ref08:14
Bruce_WayneI want to add stuff into my ISO and also want to keep it bootable. (The same task which ULTRAISO software performs into windows.) How can I do it?08:16
Rickardo1I installed sm-mta . but I cant find the config file.. where is it located?08:17
Bruce_Wayneexe: I want to add all 10.10 isos into ubuntu 10.10 bootable iso image.. and them write into a DVD.08:17
madurax86my laptop hangs at usb device identification(not always, only on fresh boots--turning it on after a long time)08:17
chipminkgurav  is it just files or the whole disk?08:18
madurax86im using generic-pae08:18
chipminkmost of what i see nuke harddrive08:18
madurax86can anyone help?08:18
ActionParsnipmadurax86: wassup?08:19
shomonhi, is there a generic page for troubleshooting sound in ubuntu 10.10?08:19
ActionParsnip!sound | shomon08:19
ubottushomon: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.08:19
shomonthanks ActionParsnip !08:19
chipminkboot in cd then delete partitions and it will format during install08:19
ActionParsnipshomon: np man08:19
madurax86ActionParsnip: my laptop hangs at usb device identification(not always, only on fresh boots--turning it on after a long time)08:19
Dante__server irc://irc.hackthissite.org:700008:20
ActionParsnipmadurax86: with all kernels you have?08:20
ActionParsnipDante__: prefix with a / character08:20
Dante__ah i see lol first timer with ircs lol08:20
ActionParsnipDante__: you also don't need the irc:// bit08:20
madurax86ActionParsnip: yes i have tested 2.6.35 and 2.6.3608:21
Bruce_WayneAnyways, I got package.. It's called "ISO MASTER" to edit iso images.08:21
madurax86ActionParsnip: this is an asus k42jc08:21
ActionParsnipmadurax86: got the latest bios?08:21
ActionParsnip!remaster | Bruce_Wayne08:22
madurax86ActionParsnip: yes08:22
ubottuBruce_Wayne: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility08:22
madurax86ActionParsnip: windows 7 doesnt have any problem08:22
ActionParsnipmadurax86: try setting bios to failsafe defaults. I'd log a bug08:22
ActionParsnipmadurax86: windows is a different OS with different support08:22
madurax86ActionParsnip: ok :) thanks im going to install amd64 instead of pae would it work?08:24
ActionParsnipmadurax86: are there posts with users with the same asus thing having the same issue?08:24
GuravIts only files dear like some spreedsheet and some documents or to the most the folder one08:24
madurax86ActionParsnip: i didnt find any08:24
ActionParsnipmadurax86: its a different kernel so worth a try I guess, it's free :)08:25
ActionParsnipmadurax86: installing the 64bit will require a free install, the pae will not08:25
madurax86ActionParsnip: yes, most of the users having the same thing would just use the amd6408:26
ActionParsnipmadurax86: *fresh not free08:26
madurax86ActionParsnip: yes im going to try, i do depend on ubuntu for alot of work so i guess its worth a try08:27
ActionParsnipmadurax86: i'd also test ram. If it only works after being off a while it may be heat related08:27
roomhey,what is GStaticMutex ,how can I find its definition ,thanks08:27
icarus-croom, http://library.gnome.org/devel/glib/stable/glib-Threads.html#GStaticMutex08:28
madurax86ActionParsnip: i should too. someone said that bios is not powering certain devices due to powersave so when detecting those the kernel might hang08:28
icarus-croom, learn to google by the way08:28
roomicarus-c: thank you08:29
ActionParsnipmadurax86: could disable acpi to see if it helps08:29
chipminkaside from delete gurav or erasing the files copy an different file onto that filename08:30
madurax86ActionParsnip: ok, testing should be scheduled i guess, since this only happens once a day when i boot the laptop for the first time plus i can bypass this hang if i stay on the grub menu for a long time like 10-12 seconds08:31
chipminkdont know if that will show in ext 3 logs though08:31
Guravthen chipmink any other alternative way to hide such stuffs08:31
ActionParsnipmadurax86: that lot should keep you busy for an hour or so ;)08:31
ActionParsnipGurav: you can put a period at the start of file and folder names to hide them08:32
Callum__ is Empathy's MSN connecting broken for anyone else? the fix here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=10003289&postcount=17 is already applied but it still doesn't want to connect08:32
Callum__password is right and everything, it just says "Network error"08:32
chipminkhow about pgp?08:32
Callum__aMSN works on the same machine, its just empathy...08:33
madurax86ActionParsnip: :) thanks for the help08:33
DjAngo23I installed 10.10 recently, but i setup a crypt on my whole hard drive. Is it possible to stop using the crypt ?08:33
ActionParsnipCallum__: is there a bug logged for it?08:33
madurax86ActionParsnip: btw have you ever heard of a similar problem?08:33
Callum__ActionParsnip: no idea08:33
ActionParsnipmadurax86: np man08:33
ActionParsnipmadurax86: not really no, sorry08:33
madurax86ActionParsnip: ok :)08:34
ActionParsnipCallum__: worth checking the bugs first, it may be a known issue08:34
Guravactionparsnip can u tell me any illustration of guide to do so as i didnt understand your saying and chipmink i tried encrypted but that all are recoverable i need something unrecoverable after removing or deletion08:35
ActionParsnipCallum__: there also may be a ppa with a later version which may help08:35
ActionParsnip!ppa | Callum__08:35
ubottuCallum__: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.08:35
ActionParsnipGurav: for example, to wipe /dev/sdd. Use: sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdd08:36
Callum__it doesn't even try to connect, I press "reconnect" and a split second later it dies with that error08:36
DASPRiDor use shred /dev/sdd08:36
ActionParsnipGurav: and it will write the entire disk with 0s08:36
pretender2010has anyone sucessfully installed convirt on ubuntu 10.04 or know of a good kvm gui front end web based gui08:36
ActionParsnipGurav: if you are super paranoid you can repeatonce it finishes and use /dev/random instead of /dev/zero08:37
ActionParsnip!kvm | pretender201008:37
ubottupretender2010: kvm is the preferred virtualization approach in Ubuntu. For more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM08:37
DjAngo23I installed 10.10 recently, but i setup a crypt on my whole hard drive. Is it possible to stop using the crypt ?08:37
ActionParsnipGurav: or what DASPRiD said08:37
chipminkgurav what brand of drive is it?08:37
silv3r_m00nhi there08:38
silv3r_m00nI need to resize 54 images08:38
silv3r_m00nis there a quick way to do ?08:38
ActionParsnipGurav: the ultimate boot cd has a tool to flip each bit 5 times which is suitable for DoD08:38
pksadiqsilv3r_m00n: How do you do if with one file?08:38
ucenik06WTF IS THIS ?08:38
ActionParsnipsilv3r_m00n: could use mogrify or imagemagick in a bash script08:39
bazhangucenik06, ubuntu support, watch the language08:39
jg_1979i get this error when i open system monitor from terminal : * (gnome-system-monitor:3164): WARNING **: SELinux was found but is not enabled . is that a problem for me ?08:39
chipminkif it is a hitachi or ibm deskstar it has platters made from glass08:39
ActionParsnipsilv3r_m00n: there areexamples of use of both all over the web08:39
chipminkopen it up and should be easy to smash to smithereens08:39
JenniferB2how can I get back my volume control ? I accidentally removed it from system tray08:40
icarus-csilv3r_m00n, or you may check out nautilus image converter plugin08:40
chipminki guarantee nobody will be able to read it08:40
ActionParsnipchipmink: hitachi are made of sugar glass08:40
chipminkeasy to break08:40
chipminkwhen a hd dies on me outside of warranty08:41
chipminki take the magnets out08:41
bazhangchipmink, lets get back on topic please08:41
ActionParsnipJenniferB2: press alt+f2 and type: gnome ,then wait.scroll the list and click what sounds right08:41
silv3r_m00nicarus-c: yes I am doing that08:41
rigvedhi everyone08:42
ActionParsniprigved: howdy08:42
sosaitedJenniferB2: Right click on the panel , Add Panel, Indicator Applet08:42
rigvedi'm unable to rename my workspaces. i'm using Ubuntu 10.0408:42
chipminkwhat information does ext3 logging keep?08:42
rigvedActionParsnip: hi08:42
ActionParsnipchipmink: wikipedia will tell you everything about ext3 dude08:43
roomwhy can't I find "typedef struct _GStaticMutex GStaticMutex;" in /usr/include/glib-2.0/glib/gthread.h  where is it?08:43
ubottuext3 is the default filesystem on Ubuntu, and the most popular on Linux. You can read/write from Windows to ext3 via http://www.fs-driver.org08:43
roomicarus-c: why can't I find "typedef struct _GStaticMutex GStaticMutex;" in /usr/include/glib-2.0/glib/gthread.h  where is it? thanks08:44
ActionParsniproom: i'd ask in #c++08:44
jg_1979i get this error when i open system monitor from terminal : * (gnome-system-monitor:3164): WARNING **: SELinux was found but is not enabled . is that a problem for me ?08:44
sosaitedjg_1979: Not really08:44
madurax86ActionParsnip: if we update the bios with the latest update should we apply other updates before that too?08:44
rigvedjg_1979: it's warning. u can ignore it08:45
ActionParsnipjg_1979: the tip is the word "warning"08:45
ActionParsnipmadurax86: just update it dude. Its all good08:45
kazagistarok, someone explain to me why firefox is horrible08:45
ubottufirefox is the default web-browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion Installing plugins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins - See also !firefox-3.508:46
sosaitedkazagistar: Can you explain first why do you think firefox is horrible?08:46
kazagistarI need to load a page twice for it to load08:46
madurax86ActionParsnip: i've updated it to version 210 but now 210 is not there at asus site, they now have only 20908:46
kazagistarit is now, it never happened before08:46
ActionParsnipkazagistar: chews ram like a fat kid at a pie eating party08:46
sosaitedkazagistar: On every page or some website?08:46
jg_1979sosaited:  also i have another problem with system monitor. it does not saves the columns size and also it does not shows the columsn which i had opened before the last exit. (on the process bar)08:46
palint240dx someone abe on 10 and 11 native linux08:46
ActionParsnipmadurax86: could try the 209, backup the current one though08:46
odb|fidel_kazagistar: try deleting your cache - could help solving the firefox issue08:47
madurax86may be they found that 210 is faulty08:47
sosaitedActionParsnip: I have 62 tabs open up right now, and memory usage is ~200MB. In Chromium it gets to that with 15 tabs.08:47
madurax86i'll try brb08:47
ActionParsnipkazagistar: the browser is one process so a bad tab will kill the browser, chromium uses a process for each tab so you can kill tabs if they get stuck08:47
sosaitedjg_1979: As far as I know, that is the normal behaviour/default view08:48
kazagistarsosaited: I put text into the google search, hit enter, and nothing happens, until I click it again a second time, and hit enter again08:48
bazhangxuekan, /msg ubottu08:48
odb|fidel_sosaited: i guess if you would like to compare firefox with chrome/ium wait for ff4 ;)08:48
ActionParsnipkazagistar: doesn't get 100% in the acid3 test08:48
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palint240dx someone abe on 10 and 11 native linux08:48
ActionParsnipsosaited: I've never had any joy with firefox. Imho its all hype08:49
kazagistaryeah, I misspoke my question, I did not mean a troll, I have an actual problem08:49
ActionParsnipsosaited: also we use chromium in. Lubuntu because it doesntchew ram08:50
sosaitedkazagistar: Try adding Google SSL search addon to see if that is any better. Or backup your profile, and reinstall08:50
bazhangpalint240, ask a question that is clear please08:50
palint240be ready for when dx 10 and 11 in linux08:50
jg_1979sosaited:  sorry what do you mean with default view ? i change the view of columns . and after re-open gnome-system-monitor i can not see these columns :( this is not normal. i had not the same problem with other versions on ubuntu :(08:50
kazagistarsosaited: i'll try backup and reinstall, but it is also a problem with any link I click on08:50
bazhangpalint240, support here; chat in #ubuntu-offtopic08:51
ActionParsnipkazagistar: should have a backup anyway, if your data is important08:51
replicasexI have a whooole bunch of epub files I'd like to extract ... does anybody know how I would, say, extract numerous separate epub files in a dir?08:51
sosaitedActionParsnip: I personally have had no problems related to memory at least with Ff3+. And I have usually a crap load of site opened all the time08:52
rautamiekkaWhat solution should I use to allow multiple people to remotely login to an Ubuntu machine and use its programs, like in Window$ 7 via Remote Desktop after telling the OS to permit that ?08:52
rautamiekkareplicasex: Have you tried using 7-Zip or WinRAR on one of the packs to see if it's supported ?08:53
pretender2010can anyone recommend a front end or web gui for kvm08:53
sosaitedjg_1979:  Do you always run it via terminal?. Did you tried running from the System > Administration > System Monitor if that saves it?. And btw when you exit it (when run from terminal), do you get some further text/warning?08:54
replicasexrautamiekka, winrar?  Really? the default archive package manager seems to do fine I just want to do it all en masse08:54
jg_1979sosaited: no i always run from menus. but i just try to open it from terminal because i may see the erorrs from outputs ...08:55
bank0pretender2010,  !kvm08:55
bank0there is a URL in that link that mentions one, pretender201008:55
rautamiekkareplicasex: Well, any decompressor. Just used these two as likely ones supporting it.08:55
pretender2010where's the link08:55
ubottukvm is the preferred virtualization approach in Ubuntu. For more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM08:55
bank0that url :)08:55
rocket16When I try to install 'Word of the day' applet for GNOME, I get a command "CVSROOT=':pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/gnomewotdapplet' cvs co gnomewotdapplet " from http://gnomewotdapplet.sourceforge.net/releases.php . To install it, do we need to type the command in terminal?08:56
rocket16When I type it, it returns an error, that connection is refused.08:57
rocket16So, where can I find a similar applet?08:57
rautamiekkarocket16: I think you need CVS Client first. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=39019009:00
_Beasthaving trouble bypassing smb authentication in workgroups ?09:00
bank0rautamiekka, i was hoping someone would answer your question.. im interested too09:01
sosaitedjg_1979:  The only other solution I can think of that might work for you is to "Remove Completely" gnome-system-monitor from synaptic, and then install it again.09:02
rocket16rautamiekka: I already have it installed. But thanks.09:02
jg_1979 sosaited: is it dangerous to do that ? im think in g to re-install it ?09:03
dfcnvtnobody is responding in either #nvidia & #xorg .. I was wondering if any of you here may know what to do with xorg.conf right away... Here's the file. http://pastebin.com/vsX36qMk09:03
dfcnvtfyi, EDID is not support, only CRT monitor09:04
sosaitedjg_1979: Oh no wait wait09:04
sosaitedjg_1979: I just checked, it removes "ubuntu-desktop" with it. Which is a complete disaster.09:04
rautamiekkarocket16: I mean like a GUI version for easier/faster use.09:04
rautamiekkaWhat solution should I use to allow multiple people to remotely login to an Ubuntu machine and use its programs, like in Window$ 7 via Remote Desktop after telling the OS to permit that ?09:05
sosaitedjg_1979: At least if you restart your computer after that, before installing it back first.09:05
dfcnvtcan you tell me what is wrong with this config? otherwise i'd be appreciated if this file is edited manually.09:05
jg_1979sosaited: but09:05
jg_1979sosaited: when you re-imnstall it doen not removes...09:05
sosaitedjg_1979: so a reinstall is better, rather than complete removal (which removes the config filkes09:05
jg_1979sosaited: ah so yes. if it is not removes the config files i will tryit...09:06
sosaitedjg_1979: Reinstall is, uninstall, and then install again. Won't affect ubuntu-desktop09:06
MrsBrautamiekka: x11 forwarding or vnc are probably easiest but if its across the internet it will be slow for either of them. You could use simple ssh if theyre happy with cli09:07
jg_1979sosaited: i just need to ask something else. i use gnome. but i don't use the panels. so i can not use also features like alt+f2 . is there any point for me to use gnome ?09:07
sosaitedjg_1979: For future reference, never uninstall anything that says it HAS to remove ""ubuntu-desktop" too. OR if you do want to take the risk, don't restart your computer BEFORe you install "ubuntu-desktop" back again. I once did it, and I couldn't boot into my system. Had to recover by shrooting09:08
rautamiekkaMrsB: It must be similar to Remote Desktop. It will be used across Net but that's not problem.09:08
Guest49093MrsB, have you tried teamviewer09:08
jg_1979sosaited: im not going to try to re-install system monitor...09:09
sosaitedjg_1979: gnome is not JUST about the panels and shortcuts. A lot other programs are dependent/made for gnome.09:09
jg_1979sosaited: so it is better for me to use fluxbox ...09:09
MrsBrautamiekka: if some of them are going to be windows or mac users then its probably best to stick with vnc, if theyre linux users then x11forwarding or vnc. There is a better one called nx (freenx) but I have never used it so can't report how much better/more difficult it is.09:10
MrsBGuest49093: nope, what is it?09:10
sosaitedjg_1979: No don't be that cautious. Reinstall will be fine. I did it first on my system just now to confirm09:10
rautamiekkaMrsB: Think most users, like me, would be Win users. I'll see about the NX. Ty, will report back later.09:11
Guest49093MrsB, works like vnc??? google it09:11
jg_1979sosaited:  no i will not try it. im waiting for rematsreys to backup my system. after that i can try to re-istall.09:11
jg_1979sosaited: remastersys new version...09:11
sosaitedjg_1979: Fluxbox is just a Window Manager. Gnome is a desktop environment09:12
jg_1979sosaited: anyway i did not had understand the differences desktop manager and window manager yet09:12
MrsBrautamiekka: you could also use virtual machines, using virtualbox you can enable vrdp whch uses the rdp protocol underneath the os. Its an option.09:12
rautamiekkaMrsB: How would that differ from using NX for multi-user concurrent sessions ?09:13
rautamiekkaAnd are you talking about installing Win or Linux into VirtualBox ?09:14
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MrsBrautamiekka: it would probably use more resources on the host. The vrdp is part of virtualbox so you can install any OS on top of it. You can manage the VM's remotely, starting, stopping etc09:15
MrsBrautamiekka: Im not sure how secure it would be to open it to the internet is the only thing, I would think you could set a login tho. I'll let you research it ;)09:16
sosaitedjg_1979: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desktop_environment - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Window_manager09:16
jg_1979) sosaited: ok thank you for your interest...09:16
othellowhy you kick me09:16
othellocant you discus normally09:17
rautamiekkaMrsB: Uh, what are you trying to say by the use of VirtualBox on the Ubuntu host ?09:17
rautamiekkaothello: Who ?09:17
sosaited!answers | othello09:18
ubottuothello: Answers to various questions can be found at http://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu09:18
othelloi even have dst09:18
MrsBrautamiekka: what do you mean?09:18
SephisSuche Kristall ca 1mio tausche 1:1 (HR)09:18
othelloadmit it you banned me bitcg09:18
bazhangothello, watch the language09:18
Madpilotothello, only warning: language09:18
othelloshut up, i hack you\09:18
sosaited!troll | othello09:18
ubottuothello: trolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubottu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel09:18
othellotell me your ip mand then you dead09:18
othellotell me your ip09:19
rautamiekkaMrsB: How would VirtualBox enable concurrent remote sessions on the machine ?09:19
MrsBrautamiekka: start as many VM's as you like09:19
othelloi have a program where i put in your ip09:19
sosaited!scriptkiddy | othello09:20
rautamiekkaThank you ikonia. Don't need idiots like othello.09:20
sosaitedLOL. Seemed like an angry teenager09:20
DASPRiDi wanted to see how he hacks localhost :/09:20
rautamiekkaHaha, yeah, DASPRiD09:21
rautamiekkaMrsB: Wouldn't that take lots of RAM and CPU +09:21
MrsBrautamiekka: I would think vnc or nx are more what you are looking for probably09:21
sosaitedHe was dumb enough to not realize you can see most IPs of IRC users by one click09:21
rautamiekkasosaited: And besides, you can't hack someone just like that as he described.09:22
Rizzo_im pretty new to ubuntu09:22
Madpilotsosaited, barring those of us who're cloaked09:22
ilabah i was gonna give him some ips that were trying to brute force my sshd the other day.09:22
Guest49093sorry i want to ask a question on networking09:22
sosaitedrautamiekka: Yeah. "I have a program that I put in IP...". LMAO. He forgot he is not in windows channel09:23
MadpilotGuest46660, just ask, please don't ask to ask.09:23
rautamiekkasosaited: Oh yeah, forgot we're talking about Linux here.09:23
sosaitedMadpilot, Yeah that too :)09:23
rautamiekkasosaited: So yeah, his attempts would had been pretty much wasted. But let's back to the topic ...09:24
Rizzo_so many questions i dont even know where to start09:24
Guest49093i have an ubuntu server that can only receive certain data based on its static, public IP..  i need to use multiple (like two) ISPs to provide internet and i want that single PUBLIC IP to prevail, not change is it possible09:24
rautamiekkaRizzo_: Make a list of them and ask in the order you have them in the list.09:24
rautamiekkaRizzo_: No joke, that helps you keep your mind together if you really have much to ask.09:25
aLeSDhi all09:25
aLeSDI am tring to install 10.10 x86 on my netbook. But parted_server crashes and I can't go on. Someone knopw a solution ?09:26
aytekinhow can i detect whether mysql is installed on ubuntu09:26
aytekinany idea?09:26
chidhi, with 10.10 does there exist a list of programs that integrate into the Mail icon, eg. empathy, pidgin, lifrea09:26
MadpilotaLeSD, installing off a CD or some other way?09:27
Guest49093i have an ubuntu server that can only receive certain data based on its static, public IP..  i need to use multiple (like two) ISPs to provide internet and i want that single PUBLIC IP to prevail, not change is it possible09:27
Guest49093any idea09:27
Jordan_UGuest49093: No, specifically what you have asked for is not likely possible using different ISPs. Why can't you use dynamic DNS rather than a static ip? Why do you have two ISPs?09:27
aytekinhow can i detect whether mysql is installed on ubuntu09:28
chidaytekin: do you mean mysql or mysqld?09:28
aLeSDMadpilot: do you know if with an usb hard-disk it works ?09:28
chidyou could try locate mysql09:28
Guest49093Jordan_U,  for backup cos it has to be up and running at all times09:28
chidwhich is probably the silly way09:28
chidcan't you check your ubuntu software center?09:29
MadpilotaLeSD, it should, I haven't ever installed via USB key myself though.09:29
Guest49093Jordan_U, sometime the internet around here are pretty slow09:29
aLeSDMadpilot the problem is that I haven't external cd on my netbook09:30
aytekinis there any kind of command line to detect if mysql is installed or not09:30
aLeSDMadpilot: is there anbother ways to install it by usb key ?09:30
chidaytekin: can't you just type mysql in the terminal?09:30
chidwhat happens there?09:30
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aytekini didnt bu i ll try09:31
MadpilotaLeSD, pretty common for netbooks, but I've only done CD installs myself.09:31
chidoh my gosh09:31
chidtry it09:31
Madpilotubottu, install | aLeSD09:31
ubottuaLeSD: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate09:31
MadpilotaLeSD, check some of the URLs the bot just gave us ^^09:31
chidaLeSD: unetbootin09:31
chidis really nice ;)09:31
chidoh awesome.09:32
chid<3 google instant, after searching for mail icon ubuntu09:32
Rizzo_ok guys, see you soon09:32
Dice-Mancoline stop spamming me09:32
Madpilotchid, mind the overuse of the Enter key, please09:32
Dice-Manany ops can do something ?09:33
aytekinit says " ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can`t connect to local server through09:33
Dice-Mancoline, is spamming me09:33
MadpilotDice-Man, spamming you in PM?09:33
Dice-ManMadpilot, yes09:33
aLeSDchid why u told me about unetbootin ?09:34
chidoh I thought you wanted to install ubunutu without cd09:34
chidI've installed all my OSes with flash drives09:34
dagon666Im trying to install apache via apt-get on a machine which doesnt have internet access. Is it possible to create only a list of dependencies for this package on this machine and use this list on other machine which has internet access to download all dependencies automatically ?09:34
chiddagon666: I believe it is, you can use apt-get download on the other machine09:34
chidoh, wait the machine without internet access doesn't have a list of dependencies does it?09:35
mauro125how long does it usually take to install 10.10, there09:35
mauro125theres no status bar09:35
dagon666chid: how should I prepare the package list in the first place ?09:35
chidmauro125: when I installed it, it took forever, mainly because I was repartitioning my drive (and it took ~7min to get the parition table of my disk)09:36
chiddagon666: I'm not sure, I've never done it before09:36
mauro125I gave 5gig to swap, and the rest for /09:36
dagon666chid: :D09:36
mauro125and clicked on allow to download updates and all that09:37
chidthat took forever too09:37
chidI had a 10kb/s connection09:37
chidactually my connection goes to 1.5MB/s09:38
chidbut the server it chose, the default, us.archives.ubuntu.com09:38
chidis terribly slow for me09:38
chidso that might be another issue, but too late now09:38
mauro125i see09:38
chidau.archive.ubuntu.com < was super fast09:38
chidyeah, mauro125  it gave me like a 3hr estimated time to finish installing :O09:38
mauro125there was no option to select server or did i somehow missed it09:39
chidjust the downloading process, anyway, silly store, just sit and wait09:39
chidYeah, I missed it too09:39
DjAngo23I installed 10.10 recently, but i setup a crypt on my whole hard drive. Is it possible to stop using the crypt ?09:39
chidDjAngo23: what program did you use to crypt it? truecrypt?09:39
chidor the built in one09:40
yao_ziyuandoes ubuntu still have fglrx?09:40
chidOh, DjAngo23  do you mean encrypt your home directory?09:40
chidyao_ziyuan: from apt-get it stilldoes09:40
chidnot sure how it works though09:41
chidactually, scratch that. it probably doesn't09:41
mauro125i guess i'll leave it overnight/morning09:42
dfcnvtEither #xorg & #nvidia is not available, they're dead respond. If someone here know how to edit the resolution. Please make a change here, http://pastebin.com/vsX36qMk09:42
LSD|NinjaOK,I'l bite: how the fsck do you disable "Place Windows" in Maverick? Setting COMPIZ_PLUGINS="" in either of the places mentioned on the forums has no effect whatsoever09:43
Linuxsapienwhere do I change the settings for the on screen notifications, I feel they are on too quick. Thanks09:43
* LSD|Ninja stabs Amaranth in the eye with a spork09:44
chidLinuxsapien: I was wondering the same thing, I actually hate the fact that the notification can't be closed09:45
Linuxsapienchid shame.. it should be easy, but seems not09:45
chidyeah I agree09:45
Linuxsapienim sure there is a preferences tool for it09:45
Linuxsapienbut cant find09:45
chidthere's a program called notification-preferences or something, but that doesn't change anything, it seems like it's a custom job09:46
chidalso, I'm not sure if there's anything like this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NotifyOSD09:46
chidI mean, about that on this page09:46
=== nk__ is now known as nkour
DjAngo23chid, well when i start the computer up, i see the logo and i have to type a passphrase09:47
Linuxsapienmaybe can find something onthe software center09:47
DjAngo23so it's truecrypt i think09:47
DjAngo23It's not only my home dir09:47
chidtake a look at this Linuxsapien http://www.webupd8.org/2010/05/finally-easy-way-to-customize-notify.html09:48
chidyou can change the timeout09:48
Linuxsapienthanks you chid  :)09:48
SmokeyDhey everyone, the compiz config settings manager shows 9 available mouse buttons I can select for the mouse actions for the different effects. But how do I know which button is which?09:48
chidDjAngo23: I'm not sure if there's a simple way (off the top of my head) to remove the encryption, but the 'obvious' way is to make a backup and repartition the home drive09:48
chidactually, that assumes that your home drive is a different partition09:49
chidsorry, I've never partition encryption on linux, but you'll probably need to somehow find out how your encryption is configured09:49
chidoh Linuxsapien, the tutorial uses notify-send09:50
chidand you have to insteall the libnotify-bin package09:50
chidinstall*, yeah, I just installed that a few hours ago, to get irssi-libnotify working :D09:50
=== Ayrton` is now known as Ayrton
SmokeyDis there any way to see if pressing a mouse button is registered by compiz/xorg/what ever and how that button is called?09:51
chidoh, Linuxsapien  if you actually reached the bottom of the blog post there's a link to this, a gui for the configuration http://www.webupd8.org/2010/05/new-notifyosdconfiguration-version-gui.html09:51
Linuxsapienchid does it do what we want :)09:51
Linuxsapienahh ok :)09:51
Linuxsapienthats the one!! Ive seen it, I musta lost it haha09:51
chidhehe, :D09:52
dfcnvtI changed the configuration in /etc/X11/xorg.conf & realised it wasn't paid any attention to it.. Is there another config somewhere need to change?09:55
ox_themanwhat up09:58
=== Ayrton` is now known as Ayrton
SmokeyDOk, I figured out that with xev I can see which mouse buttons are pressed. It turns out that I have buttons 1-5,8,9,10 and 13. So buttons 6,7,11 and 12 aren't present. But compiz only shows Buttons 1-9. And there also buttons 6 and 7 seem to not be present. Any clues how I can make compiz add buttons 10 and 13?09:59
=== robin is now known as Guest3623
Yanchohi. can i install the netbook version on a pentium m ? or it has to be an atom to install ?09:59
chidYancho: I believe you can install it on a pentium m10:00
Yanchowill it be better performance then normal ubuntu ?10:01
=== Ayrton is now known as Ayrton`
=== sosaited is now known as Asad-Ahmad
=== Ayrton` is now known as Ayrton
rigvedYancho: just make sure that you ahve atleast a decent graphics card (even if it's an integrated one), otherwise Gnome will not start properly (you'll get a blank screen)!!!10:05
gigirockcome posso interrogare gli share nfs di un altro pc ?10:06
rigved!it | gigirock10:06
ubottugigirock: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)10:06
gigirocksorry....i want to 'list' the nfs share of another computer ... what is the command line option ?10:08
gigirockshowmount.... :)10:09
sahilskI created a sybmobic link in the  /www directory  linking my website placed in another directory. I changed  there permission to 777. But when i try to load the page via browser it says "you don't have permission to access /myDir ".10:15
Kasunwhat is ubuntu10:15
jussi!noob | icesword10:16
ubottuicesword: Acronyms or statements like noob, jfgi, stfu, or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.10:16
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com10:16
MrsBsahilsk: look into the apache directive followsymlink10:17
dhruvasagarhow do I find out if some process is reading / writing a file ?10:19
llutz_dhruvasagar: lsof/fuser10:20
dhruvasagarllutz_: I was trying lsof, but not able to figure out how...10:21
KasunI cant install ubuntu with windows..please help?10:22
dhruvasagarllutz_: trying to get more help on lsof10:22
dhruvasagarllutz_: thanks10:23
ewookanyone care to throw out coline from the channel, advertising-bot.10:23
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!10:25
jussichid: yes?10:25
jribchid: ?10:25
Madpilotchid, ?10:25
chidcoline< apparently is advertising10:25
perscitus1How do i install Unity to desktop?10:25
ewookanyone care to throw out coline from the channel, advertising-bot.10:25
ewookthats why :)10:25
chidsorry for alerting so many of you, it seems to be affected quite a few10:25
frWwhy the fuck does coline send me a lot of phone numbers?10:26
ewookbecause ir's a spambot10:26
elkyfrW, no need to swear, thanks :)10:26
ewookthank you Madpilot10:26
goabhi all10:26
no--nameWhy is that when I am playing a song on Youtube with Firefox or Chrome and doing stuff in other tabs it sometimes makes the the flash video crash and turn into a grey screen?, I don't like it when my music ends halfway through :(10:26
frWelky, It's IRC, cmon.10:27
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines10:27
no--nameI am using Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit.10:27
perscitus1How do i install Unity to desktop?10:27
magentarbecause flash is a pile of bugs10:27
ewookfrW: and a 'family-enabled' channel :)10:27
frWewook, I swear to my family10:27
chidno--name: are you aware you can play youtube videos in vlc10:27
chidfrW: this isn't a point to be argued over10:28
no--namechid: too much trouble.10:28
chidIt's not really10:28
perscitus1How do i install Unity to desktop?10:28
chidjust copy the url and run vlc adress10:28
no--nameI think I will just switch to 32-bit Ubuntu.10:28
=== karrozia_ is now known as karrozia
chidperscitus1: what ubuntu version?10:28
frWchid, then ban me10:28
jussiperscitus1: please dont repeat. and sudo apt-get install unity10:28
frWI can argue over whatever I like10:28
Ginbuntucan some one recommend me a lighter browser? Firefox is too bloated.10:28
chidGinbuntu: lyx!10:29
jussiGinbuntu: try chromium-browser10:29
jussi!info chromium-browser10:29
ubottuchromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 7.0.517.44~r64615-0ubuntu0.10.10.1 (maverick), package size 13985 kB, installed size 47928 kB10:29
uni4dfxstupid question: when i apt-get source a package... does it already have all the ubuntu patches applied or do I have to do it manually?10:30
MadpilotGinbuntu, try Epiphany, it's "Firefox done right" in some ways.10:30
goabI need to connect to several databases (postgresql and sqlite), for the moment I use pgadmin and sqliteman, and gave a try to navicat (closed source, through wine...) and no one seems what I need. Is there a way to have mergeant in ubuntu, I can't find it in repositories?10:30
perscitus1Unity is basedon gnome-shell?10:30
jribuni4dfx: the patches get applied when you build the package (they're in the debian directory)10:30
uni4dfxjrib are you sure? even when i do make-kpkg for the kernel?10:31
jrib!kernel > uni4dfx10:31
ubottuuni4dfx, please see my private message10:31
jribubottu: I'm not sure about make-kpkg10:31
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:31
jriberm, uni4dfx: I'm not sure about make-kpkg but follow ubottu's link10:31
Krishnanduhey guys I wrote a c program, just a hello-world program, now I want to run a.out from GUI, what can I do such that if I double click the file it will run in terminal??10:33
sagacilol official ubuntu cycling gear10:33
ExtremeDevilzusing Ubuntu Netbook love the new desktop design is it available for desktop ?10:35
uni4dfxjrib well the link only says that apt-get source will also download the patches, but nothing about applying them10:35
no--nameHow do I run 32-bit version of Firefox or Chrome on Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit?10:35
uni4dfxno--name why would you do that10:35
jribuni4dfx: it tells you how to build the kernel, presumably warning you if you need to do any extra steps to apply patches10:35
ExtremeDevilzno--name, it is already installed10:35
no--nameWhen I run the .deb files it says wrong architecture i38610:35
ExtremeDevilzusing Ubuntu Netbook love the new desktop design is it available for desktop ?10:35
no--nameuni4dfx: so I can use 32-bit flash10:36
chidExtremeDevilz: you can just install the netbook edition on desktop10:36
uni4dfxno--name that's silly, install the 64bit flash instead10:36
no--nameExtremeDevilz: how do I open it?10:36
no--nameuni4dfx: but it sucks though :P10:36
sipiorKrishnandu: you would make a launcher icon that starts the terminal as "gnome-terminal -e <your program name>", for example.10:36
uni4dfxno--name not really10:36
slax00hello how can I remove a usb whit mode secure plz?10:37
no--nameuni4dfx: It crashes when you are doing stuff in other tabs, it doesn't respond to mouse clicks if you enable compiz.10:37
ExtremeDevilzok another program my netbook keys are not working on ubuntu I cant use my function key thus I cant adjust my volume etc10:37
jribuni4dfx: I've just never used make-kpkg specifically so I can't tell you for sure10:37
Krishnandusipior, Thanks.....thanks a lot, what if I create a shell file such that I can run it on all PC's without making preference changes??10:37
uni4dfxno--name are you using the latest version10:37
Monotokohi guys...question about webmin, it won't work if i log in as a normal user...does it need root?10:37
ExtremeDevilzusing asus px1001 netbook10:37
uni4dfxjrib ok thanks anyway :)10:37
ExtremeDevilzcan anyone help10:37
no--nameuni4dfx: yup10:37
chidKrishnandu: create a shell file that contains gnome-terminal -e "your command"10:38
uni4dfxno--name strange, it works perfectly here10:38
no--nameuni4dfx: this problem has existed for months10:38
chidthat'll make it work on all computers that have gnome10:38
no--nameuni4dfx: do you know how I can run a 32-bit firefox and chrome?10:38
chidmaybe an update would fix it? no--name10:38
ectospasmno--name: must be your machine, I have no issues on my 64bit 10.10 system10:38
slax00how can I remove a usb in linux with mode secure?10:38
uni4dfxno--name dpkg -i --force-architecture package.deb10:38
ExtremeDevilzQuestion : Netbook : Asus Netbook 1001PX unable to use function key thus cant access my volume key etc10:38
Krishnanduchid, sipior I followed your instruction, but the terminal goes away....how can I stop it?? Thr is no getch() here in linux10:38
no--nameuni4dfx: thanks10:39
chidgetch() ?10:39
chidgetcharachter you mean10:39
kazagistarKrishnandu: I believe it is getchar()10:39
sipiorKrishnandu: you'll need to include curses.h for getch.10:39
ExtremeDevilzQuestion : Netbook : Asus Netbook 1001PX unable to use function key thus cant access my volume key etc :(10:39
Krishnanduchid, I need to hold the terminal...it shows helloworld and goes away....how can I stop it on screen10:39
ExtremeDevilzthis is urgent10:39
chidone sec10:40
Krishnandusipior, If linux itself can solve my purpose I don't need that10:40
kazagistarKrishnandu: if you put getchar() at the end of your program you can have it wait for a input before exiting10:40
Krishnandukazagistar, Hmm10:40
ectospasmKrishnandu: try running it from an actual terminal window10:40
sipiorKrishnandu: try "man gets", and take your pick.10:40
ExtremeDevilzthis is urgent10:41
ExtremeDevilzQuestion : Netbook : Asus Netbook 1001PX unable to use function key thus cant access my volume key etc :(10:41
sweetpi!patience | ExtremeDevilz10:41
ubottuExtremeDevilz: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/10:41
llutz_Krishnandu: use "xterm -hold -e yourcmd"10:41
Krishnandusipior, Okies10:41
Krishnandullutz_, I don't use xterm10:41
chidsorry can't figure it out at the moment10:41
chidI can't understand why it closes10:41
Krishnanduectospasm, No I need to run it from GUI, actually the project I'll give to users they won't be using command line for me...so I need to make it for them10:42
chidKrishnandu: are you looking for something like, echo "hello world" pause10:42
chidon windows10:42
ectospasmKrishnandu: for troubleshooting though, run it from the terminal so you can see standard output10:42
chidwhere they type any key and it closes?10:42
kazagistar(that is exactly what getchar() does?)10:43
ectospasmKrishnandu: sounds like you need it to block waiting for input10:43
chidok, so if you want that, http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-unix-pause-command.html10:43
chidso you can create a shell script with ./a.out; read -p "presss any key"10:44
Krishnanduectospasm, Ya that did the job :)10:44
Krishnanduchid, actually I've C program, and I'd only give the client a.out file not the source code10:44
chidOk, so are you looking for C help or bash help?10:45
Krishnanduchid, bash help actually :P10:45
kazagistarKrishnandu: you might wanna rename it :P10:45
chidfor a second there I thought you were coding for windows10:45
Krishnandukazagistar, of course I'd do that10:45
netbr4inget the ubuntu book for free10:45
Stavroshow can i get my macbook right-click to work on 10.10?10:45
netbr4inin the website10:45
Krishnanduchid, lol no...I dumped it 6moths ago10:45
ewookStavros: lol, you're running ubuntu on a macbook?10:46
chidSo you want to create a bash script that runs your program displays the output and closes when they press something10:46
Stavrosewook: yes10:46
Krishnanduchid, Absolutely correct :)10:46
chidoh, I just (re)started using ubuntu a few days ago actually :D10:46
ewookStavros: nice. but, with only that pad, I wouldn't think you could do right-clicks. I'm prolly in error of course.10:47
Stavrosewook: it worked fine before the upgrade10:47
ectospasmStavros: does xev react when you right-click?10:47
Stavrosectospasm: what's xev?10:47
Stavrosectospasm: i have the synaptics config file, it's just not getting read10:48
ectospasmStavros: X Event Viewer10:48
ectospasmStavros: you can see whether X Windows is even registering the right-click events, which may guide you where to direct your troubleshooting10:48
Krishnanduchid, Well...Not ubuntu specific, user may run it on any distro10:48
chidyeah, I can't figure out the parameters of gnome-terminal10:49
Stavrosectospasm: it does react, but i'm not sure if it's reacting to the left-click10:49
Stavrosectospasm: the way i right-click is put two fingers on the touchpad and click the button10:49
Stavrosso i'm not sure what button code 33 is10:49
chidhehe, Krishnandu10:49
Krishnanduchid, :)10:49
chidyou can use xterm -e "./a.out |less"10:49
c0rrupt0rHey there, I am trying to install ubuntustudio-graphics on ubuntu 10.10 Maverick and I continue to get this error: ubuntustudio-graphics:10:49
c0rrupt0r Depends: gimp but it is not going to be installed10:49
c0rrupt0r Depends: gimp-gap but it is not going to be installed10:49
c0rrupt0r Depends: gimp-plugin-registry but it is not going to be installed10:49
c0rrupt0r Depends: gimp-ufraw but it is not going to be installed, ......any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated thank yoiu10:49
no--nameuni4dfx: would the 32-bit and 64-bit Firefoxes conflict with one another if I had them each installed?10:49
FloodBot3c0rrupt0r: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:49
chidsince most distributions have xterm installed10:49
Krishnanduchid, hm....I don't want xterm....I'm guessing they will be using gnome-terminal10:50
chidwow ;o I haven't remembered that ubuntu studio exists10:50
ectospasmStavros: on most systems I've come across, left- middle- and right-click have different event codes10:50
chiduh, well that's not very distroindependant of you Krishnandu  :)10:50
uni4dfxno--name yes... that's why i wouldn't do it... it's more trouble than it's worth10:50
Krishnanduchid, ha!! ha!!...!! :)10:50
Gneachid: xmessage message   :)10:50
uni4dfxno--name i guess the best way would be to remove the 64bit version first10:51
chidKrishnandu:  in any case10:51
chidyou just make a sh file10:51
chidthat holds this then10:51
chidgnome-terminal -x sh -c "./a.out|less"10:51
Krishnanduchid, This looks like to be a good idea10:51
maxyjjgood morning all10:52
chidok then10:52
Necrocybergood morning for you too10:52
Necrocyberand for all10:52
no--nameuni4dfx: yeah10:52
chidNecrocyber: ! not for me10:52
ppdoggood night all10:52
chidwell it's hardly any better than any other nights10:52
GneaKrishnandu: have you tried the xmessage command?10:52
=== denny- is now known as denny
KrishnanduGnea, Nope...I don't know what10:53
maxyjjhaha yaa night is better then day10:53
chidGnea: he wants to run a command and have the output displayed10:53
GneaKrishnandu: type this in gnome-terminal:  xmessage output10:53
chidwell I suppose that would work10:53
chidoh, Gnea it's only one line display, I tried xmessage `cal`10:54
Gneachid: nice10:54
Gnea!pm | chid10:54
ubottuchid: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.10:54
Gneachid: I learned it a long time ago, before Ubuntu was created10:55
KrishnanduGnea, chid Thanks, it's working fine...!! :) I think I need to run shell scripting :)10:55
chidyeah, I'm just wondering whether you learnt it of a book or through just practice10:55
Gneals /usr/bin  :)10:55
no--nameuni4dfx: I downloaded Firefox for linux but it is a tar.gz so I do not know how to compile it as the 32-bit version.10:55
chidI just thought it was a bit of an off topic thing to ask :D10:55
chidhehe :D, ok thanks10:56
Gneano--name: you don't have to compile it, just install firefox from the repository10:56
chiduh, no--name10:56
chidyou just type ./firefox10:56
chidand it runs10:56
uni4dfxno--name err... download the 32bit deb10:56
no--nameuni4dfx: there isn't a deb10:56
chidI haven't installed firefox from a deb ever10:56
uni4dfxno--name oh really10:57
Gneano--name: yes there is.10:57
no--nameGnea, chid: I want to run 32bit ff on 64bit ubuntu10:57
chidGnea: he installed it form the website10:57
Gnea!info firefox10:57
c0rrupt0rHey there, I am trying to install ubuntustudio-graphics on ubuntu 10.10 Maverick and I continue to get this error: ubuntustudio-graphics:10:57
c0rrupt0r Depends: gimp but it is not going to be installed10:57
c0rrupt0r Depends: gimp-gap but it is not going to be installed10:57
c0rrupt0r Depends: gimp-plugin-registry but it is not going to be installed10:57
c0rrupt0r Depends: gimp-ufraw but it is not going to be installed10:57
FloodBot3c0rrupt0r: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:57
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 3.6.12+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.10.10.1 (maverick), package size 11046 kB, installed size 29844 kB10:57
c0rrupt0rAny Help Would be Appreciated Thank you.10:57
chidno--name: tar -xvf firefox+tab10:57
Gneano--name: oh.10:57
no--nameGnea: I couldnt find the deb on the website, do you know exactly where it is?10:57
chidthen cd into the directory10:57
chidand type ./firefox10:57
Gneano--name: on what website?10:57
uni4dfxno--name packages.ubuntu.com10:57
no--nameuni4dfx: ahh, ok10:57
chidthe mozilla.org website :D10:57
markodoommorning all10:58
=== ditatompel is now known as ditatompel_
no--nameyea, lol10:58
Gneanever assume. :)10:58
chidyeah no--name, yeah I've only installed firefox from there :D10:58
no--namek :)10:58
perscitus1i newed help. Compiz broken  because im idiot here told me tojust install Unity from Mavericks repo.10:58
=== ditatompel_ is now known as ditatompel
chidperscitus1: what distro are you using?10:59
markodoomi've installed netbook version of ubuntu 10.10, all is working except the wifi. can't get it to connect to my router, keeps saying bad password when i know I've typed it correctly. any ideas on what's wrong?10:59
Gneano--name: not sure if that'll work, but it ought to... haven't done a 32bit FF on 64bit, nor had a reason to10:59
ppdogany one know why I cannot compile vim from a .tar.gz ?10:59
=== e-bnima is now known as e-anima
* Gnea looks at chid 10:59
no--nameok *10:59
* chid looks back at Gnea 10:59
ppdog./configure always say error10:59
chidI've never done it either, but it's pretty simple to test, just type ./firefox10:59
Guest49093ppdog, it c=shold be in synaptics10:59
chidmarkodoom: since it says bad password, maybe you have a bad password :p10:59
petanppdog: what error11:00
Gneaperscitus1: is compiz still broken if you make a new account and login with it?11:00
markodoomno chid, i've carefully typed it and it still wont correct :(11:00
chidGnea: how does logging in affect compiz?11:00
petanppdog: you probably miss some dependencies, check if Config is not there11:00
ppdogno terminal library found11:00
ppdogchecking for tgetent()... configure: error: NOT FOUND!11:00
chidmarkodoom: that's strange, because it would seem like your drivers are working if they can detect the network and *attempt* to connect11:00
ppdog      You need to install a terminal library; for example ncurses.11:00
ppdog      Or specify the name of the library with --with-tlib.11:00
FloodBot3ppdog: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:00
jribppdog: stop pasting in the channel.  What are you compiling?11:01
Gneachid: many settings are often stored in a users home directory. creating a new user creates a fresh directory, where conflicting settings aren't likely to cause an error11:01
ppdogok, I am sorry11:01
chidGnea: with unity?11:01
petanppdog: you don't have tlib install it wirh apt11:01
salvitaola moro11:01
Monotokohmmm...is there any way to configure webmin for Ubuntu?11:01
chidis it worth making an ubuntu unity account?11:01
petanppdog: why you compile it btw11:01
markodoomyup, still not making any headway though11:01
Gneachid: no idea, I don't use 10.1011:01
Monotokoor does the root account need to be active?11:01
jrib!webmin | Monotoko11:01
ubottuMonotoko: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.11:01
kinderque dices11:01
Gneauh, unity is a GUI11:01
jrib!es | kinder11:01
ubottukinder: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.11:01
kindersi homre..11:01
Monotokojrib, thanks11:01
ubottuUnity is a shell for GNOME, but it is not GNOME-shell. See http://unity.ubuntu.com and http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/10/31/unity-some-further-clarification-points/ for more information. Have a question, check http://askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/unity11:01
chidOh, alright Gnea, I'll probably stick with my windows 7 then :p11:01
salvitaay asta monos11:02
chidoh, Gnea I got it confused with ubuntu one11:02
Monotokojrib, is there anything equivilant?11:02
perscitus1back. I tried compiz --replace but fatal error and screen locked.11:02
Gneachid: perhaps you should stick with #windows then :p11:02
jrib!es | salvita11:02
ubottusalvita: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.11:02
andresyopipiruleira los  moros estos11:02
FloodBot3jesuxiito: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:02
andresyopipirulela polla11:02
jribMonotoko: ebox like ubottu said ;)11:02
kinderMy name is Kinder11:02
chidhehehi kinder11:02
ppdogwhat is terminal library?11:02
perscitus1Gnea,  Compiz error said there is already managing window manager on 0:011:02
Monotokojrib, ubottu didn't say anything about ebox11:02
andresyopipiruleputos moros11:03
chidppdog:  it says ncurses as an example11:03
chidfrom what you pasted11:03
chidsudo apt-get install ncurses11:03
FloodBot3andresyopipirule: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:03
kinderchid yu are staff?11:03
Gneaperscitus1: how are you trying to login?11:03
salvitason moros11:03
jribMonotoko: weird I thought it used to11:03
chidkinder: no11:03
chidjrib: is though11:03
FloodBot3andresyopipirule: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:03
jesuxiitolos muertos de los moros11:03
chidwow, that's quite a random bot11:03
petanppdog: libacl, libc, libncurses do you have all of that11:03
chidjesuxiito: please use english11:03
perscitus1Gnea,   ubuntu login like always11:03
FloodBot3jesuxiito: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:03
chidmode +m!11:04
=== Quazar is now known as JPSman
chidI find it amazing how there are so many spammers on freenode11:04
petanppdog: libacl, libc, libncurses do you have all of that11:04
* sipior is reminded to renew is internet vermin hunting licence11:04
jribchid: it's some classroom in spain....11:04
quiescens+m frankly isn't worthwhile unless its like, hundreds of clients doing something11:04
Gneajrib: some kid probably downloaded some bots...11:05
perscitus1Gnea,  So whats causing Compiz after installing and removing Unity?11:05
c0rrupt0rHey there, I am trying to install ubuntustudio-graphics on ubuntu 10.10 Maverick and I continue to get this error: ubuntustudio-graphics: Depends: gimp but it is not going to be installed Depends: gimp-gap but it is not going to be installed Depends: gimp-plugin-registry but it is not going to be installed Depends: gimp-ufraw but it is not going to be installed any hits or help would be great thank you11:05
JPSmanHow can I be sure than clamAV's virus definitions are up to date??11:05
quiescensotherwise setting +m pretty much does the a better job of disrupting the channel than the spammers could have done11:05
Gneaperscitus1: I'm not sure, TBPH11:05
shai__Hi :) How can I password protect and existing password-less private key? So that I don't have to create a new one and deploy it to all the existing remote servers that have my public key.11:05
ppdogpetan: ppdog: libacl, libc, libncurses do you have all of that                            I don't have any idea about these11:05
chidc0rrupt0r: have you tried installinggimp?11:05
chidsudo apt-get install gimp11:05
perscitus1Gnea, english... please11:05
kinderThis is?11:05
petanppdog: you need those to compile vim11:05
GneaJPSman: by installing clamav-freshclam11:06
petanppdog: or you can type apt-get install vim11:06
ppdogthen how to?11:06
Gneaperscitus1: it is english: TBPH = To Be Perfectly Honest11:06
kinderAlors on danse (8)11:06
kinderA love dance11:06
JPSmanGnea: yeah I know that, but - how can I be sure that there is a team working on brand new virus-definitions all the time?11:06
perscitus1ANYONE please help fix Compiz after Unity failed install and removed?11:06
GneaJPSman: by paying attention to your logs11:06
ppdogyeah, I can install it by apt-get ,but I don't know why I cannot compile11:06
chidperscitus1: you could try reinstall gnome11:07
petanbecause you don't have all libraries11:07
chidor just remove all your gnome settings11:07
ppdoghow to get the libs, please?11:07
perscitus1chid,  how11:07
GneaJPSman: if you tail -f to your clamav logfiles, you'll notice that it updates on a daily basis and gives you the # of definitions11:07
quiescenspeople should really understand that reinstalling packages generally never affects *user* settings11:07
c0rrupt0rchid: yes I tried installing gimp so many different ways. even with a .deb file and no can do i get this error: Can not install 'gimp' (E:Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.)11:07
=== saftsack___ is now known as saftsack
chidquiescens: I'm sure you can set it so it removes setting files as well11:08
chidc0rrupt0r: sudo apt-get check11:08
JPSmanGnea: who is maintaining up to date versions of viruses?11:08
icarus-cppdog, search in the repo first11:08
perscitus1I do know 11.04 will be the release allot of people leave Ubuntu11:08
GneaJPSman: the virus writers11:08
quiescensto my knowledge there is no setting that will cause apt-get to remove user settings because they are kept in a user's home11:08
ppdogok, thank you11:09
JPSmanGnea: er, I mean, the virus definitions for anti-viruses11:09
GneaJPSman: the clamav people :)11:09
eraggoperscitus1: why?11:09
perscitus1Gnome-Shell and Unity are worthless piece ofgarbage that is completely unusable.11:09
icarus-cperscitus1, waw you can see future!!11:09
Gneaperscitus1: why I've stuck with 10.0411:10
icarus-cperscitus1, you could replace those with what you like but11:10
icarus-cand is unity really going to be the default interface next(or near future) release?11:11
perscitus1icarus-c,  According to Mark11:11
icarus-ciirc they want to replace xorg with wayland too :P11:11
c0rrupt0rchid: sudo apt-get check Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done...all i get after is the same each time still11:12
chidI'm not sure c0rrupt0r11:12
perscitus1icarus-c,  its time for kde11:12
chidhave you tried updating11:12
icarus-cperscitus1, eh.... you could really stick to classic gnome interface i suppose11:12
c0rrupt0rchid: THank you for your help11:13
icarus-cjust replace gnome-shell or unity or whatever with what you want11:13
perscitus1icarus-c,  but no new features. just bugs. andeventually less and less of that11:13
icarus-cbut kde is kind of neat :P11:13
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chidc0rrupt0r: can't you just reinstall from the ubuntu studio iso?11:13
perscitus1Gnome3 is march release11:13
chidI get the feeling that linux people reinstall more often than windows people, though maybe I'm wrong :D11:14
* Gnea hasn't reinstalled in over a year11:15
pankajnick pankaj_sharma11:15
=== pankaj is now known as pankaj_sharma
Yanchoshould I go for a netbook / desktop version of ubuntu on this one? HP Compaq nc4010 / 12" / Pentium M 1.6Ghz / 32MB Shared VGA / 1GB ram. Will be used for viewing dvd's / youtube / easy browsing by my dad.11:15
quiescensmost likely desktop11:16
useresuTry the Lice CD or Windows installation to easily test if it suits for your machine11:17
Yanchook quiescens  thanks11:17
=== |__|Zippo is now known as |Zippo|
Yanchook useresu .. my dad is quite limited in knowledge .. but has been working on 9.10 quite ok11:17
useresuI have ubuntu W7 dualboot. Is there a program to run Windows 7 INSIDE Ubuntu?11:18
ectospasmuseresu: virtualbox11:19
ectospasmuseresu: but it won't be your dual-boot Win7 copy11:19
no--nameuni4dfx: I do I uninstall teh 32bit firefox I just installed? :P11:19
useresuI dont have a Windows CD :(11:19
no--nameI used dpkg11:19
no--nameand don't laugh :P11:20
nikkonyou can configure vmware ot virtualbox too to boot your physical winblows11:20
uni4dfxno--name synaptic or USC11:20
nikkonu can do watever u want11:20
quiescensits not recommended11:20
useresuOK, is it slow?11:20
nikkondepend on yr resources dude11:21
no--nameuni4dfx: it's not showing up in synaptic11:21
uni4dfxno--name then u didn't install it11:21
useresu3 ghz 4 gb ram...11:21
nikkoncore2duo/quad ?11:21
nikkonwin7 usually takes 1.2GB11:21
no--nameuni4dfx: I think it's not showing up because it isn't in the 64bit repositories.11:22
useresuSo... 'virtualbox'?11:22
uni4dfxno--name no, it would show up if u installed it11:22
no--nameuni4dfx: when I type firefox in terminal it gives an error, it doesn't say that it is not installed as usual11:22
useresuIll try it out, thx11:22
nikkonwill be better to make virtual win7 image11:22
nikkonnot to use your real11:23
nikkoncoz u can fuck it up11:23
uni4dfxno--name try reinstalling it then11:23
useresuThe partition?11:23
nikkonboot record11:23
useresu... I rather not then11:23
nikkonno u can creat virtual image11:24
nikkonand inside install any OS u wnt11:24
nikkonfor example win 711:24
nikkonso when u boot linux GUI11:24
nikkonrun virtualbox11:24
useresuIve passed the 4 partition limit11:24
nikkonand run the image so u will have linux GUI and in virtualbox win711:24
nikkonu can switch to full screen11:24
nikkonu will bridge the nic its is perfect11:25
useresuokay i dont really understand all the terms, link?11:25
useresuOK, but how can i install it there if i dont have the disc? :(11:26
nikkonu dont have win 7 disk ?11:27
nikkoncd/dvd I mean11:27
shai__How do I "release" a saved password for my ssh id_rsa key from ssh-agent ?11:27
nikkonu have to create it11:28
useresuHP is great!11:28
nikkonit is really easy11:28
useresuWhat do you mean 'create it'?11:28
useresuFrom existing partition?11:28
nikkonin your case11:28
=== nouitfvf is now known as nouitfvf|aw
nikkonwill just take space from your current linux partitution11:29
nikkondude u dont have to create nothing11:29
nikkonvirtualbox is doind it for u11:30
nikkonu r just saying11:30
nikkonok I want to creat virtual image for windows 7 for example 10GB11:30
useresuvirtual image?11:30
nikkonand u are selecing /dev/sda3- ext411:30
nikkonand creating fucking file - image11:30
nikkonand this is your virtual hdd where u can install/mange win711:30
nikkonit is a file11:31
nikkonand u can select to which directory to put it11:31
icarus-c10GB for win7 :o11:31
nikkonfor example :)11:31
Gnea!language | nikkon11:32
ubottunikkon: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.11:32
KrishnanduHey guys this is not directly related ubuntu, but what are my scopes in GUI programming?? I mean in Windows we use Visual Studio(VB / C#), what should I learn in Linux??11:36
icarus-cKrishnandu, gtk+ , qt, wxwidget.... etc11:38
nikkonKrishnandu, in world of open source11:38
icarus-cKrishnandu, and for the language, C, C++, python, ruby, perl, java ..... many11:39
nikkononly in BSD port colleciton of application is more than 25 00011:39
Krishnanduicarus-c, gtk+ for GNOME, qt for KDE right??11:39
nikkonjust imagine that u cant modify src of all those stuff and play with it11:39
icarus-cKrishnandu, not exactly.  but GNOME uses gtk+,  and KDE uses Qt11:39
icarus-cKrishnandu, but doesn't mean that you can't build/use Qt apps on GNOME or  Gtk+ apps on KDE11:40
Krishnanduokies...looks like thrilling...so what should I choose?? Anyone of them??11:40
KrishnanduI'd like to use C11:40
Krishnanduwhich is better for n00b?? qt ot gtk+??11:40
DraccoHello folks. I have a question. I set up samba server on xubuntu and added a printer to share. Sadly, I have to type "sudo service smbd restart" each time I log in. Can I automate it somehow? If it was for me I wouldn't see a problem, but this is pc in a company I work for and they don't really like non-automated stuff.11:41
icarus-cKrishnandu, Gtk+ is written in C11:41
kazagistarKrishnandu: Qt, it is far better documented and object oriented11:41
icarus-cKrishnandu, Qt written in C++ and it doesn't officially support C11:41
Krishnanduicarus-c, hmm....can't decide which one to use11:42
icarus-cgtk+ is object oriented too :(11:42
icarus-cKrishnandu, coin flips11:42
icarus-cKrishnandu, or think about the license11:42
Krishnanduicarus-c, No idea about license...I'm starting this 1st time....u suggest :P11:43
KrishnanduI'm comfortable in both C, C++ and Java...but don't know ruby, perl, but I learnt Python from online documentation11:43
icarus-cLGPL for gtk+ ,  Qt dual licensed - commercial & LGPL for open source11:43
icarus-cKrishnandu, that means if you want to use Qt to write closed source software, you have to buy a license from nokia11:44
icarus-cand i've heard it is expensive11:44
icarus-ccorrect me if i'm wrong11:44
Krishnanduyou mean if I don't provide the source code if I use qt, i need to buy the license??11:44
icarus-cKrishnandu, iirc yes11:45
bursihidoi am getting this error when i m trying to run vmware (vmware-modconfig:17381): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :0.011:45
icarus-cKrishnandu, i'm not sure. check out qt licensing doc11:45
bursihidoi also tried recomplie vmware modules11:45
Krishnanduicarus-c, ok, so which is easier?? qt or gtk+?? Or wxwidgets??11:45
icarus-cKrishnandu, http://qt.nokia.com/products/licensing/11:45
magentaryou can use the lgpl version for commercial products too11:46
magentarthey changed from gpl to lgpl when nokia overtook trolltech11:46
icarus-cKrishnandu, i'm not knowledgeable enough to answer that. and i haven't use wxwidget at all.  but from my experience, both are good.  but if you do C,  gtk+ is probably the best option11:46
Its-me-againi am debating to install mint 10 or ubuntu maveric11:46
magentarcommercial version is only for support11:46
Fuh-zzthe only reason I knew of to install mint was the nonfree candy11:47
Fuh-zzyou have the option to do so in Ubuntu 10.10 now11:47
icarus-cIts-me-again, simple, you ask here you install ubuntu,  you ask in #linuxmint,  you install mint11:47
Krishnanduok.....so the thing I should look at docs and support?? qt or gtk+?? Which has better docs to learn for a complete n00b knowing C, C++, Java etc. and irc and other support if I stuck??11:47
Krishnanduicarus-c, magentar ^^11:48
icarus-cbetween, i think i've heard that mint is going debian instead11:48
magentarQT works better for crossplatform apps and has a richer feature set11:48
magentargtk+ is more straight forward perhaps, simpler, fits best in GNOME11:48
icarus-cKrishnandu, both are equally fine in my opinion. but some say Qt is better documented, and sweeter for cross-platform dev11:48
Krishnanduokz...then let's start with qt...11:49
theholderDoes anyone have any idea why Ubuntu 10.04 freezes on a Compaq Evo N1015V11:49
icarus-cKrishnandu, but as i say.... they are almost equally good11:49
chidany programs, theholder  or is it just freezing?11:49
ectospasmtheholder: could be a memory problem11:49
theholderit freezes to a blank screen with a flashing caps lock key11:50
ectospasmtheholder: definitely a memory or memory controller problem.  Try memtest86+ or mprime11:50
bombshellMaximum number of clients reached11:50
chidoh, I have a question about suspend and hibernate, are there any simple fixes/ways to troubleshoot the issue, it doesn't return back to the desktop on hibernate and suspend, just a black screen11:50
bombshell(chromium-browser:10549): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :0.011:50
theholderThankis chid11:51
bombshellI'm having this issue when I try to open any app11:51
icarus-cKrishnandu, oh betwee.  Qt convention is more like Java, and Gtk+ is more unix-style11:51
Its-me-againicarus-c: ok mint it is then11:51
Krishnanduicarus-c, Means??11:51
icarus-cKrishnandu, i mean coding style/convention. if it matters11:51
Krishnanduicarus-c, Ohh...11:51
theholderchid: where do i run these from bash?11:51
chidwhat are you running?11:51
bombshellI have know idea for it reach maximum clients11:52
chidI was listing another problem11:52
chidthat I haven't solved11:52
ectospasmtheholder: memtest86+ is a boot utility that tests RAM.  You'll find it on the LiveCD11:52
ectospasmtheholder: mprime is a utility which you can use to stress test your system11:53
ectospasmtheholder: http://www.mersenne.org/11:53
ectospasmtheholder: use that if memtest doesn't return any errors11:53
ectospasmtheholder: be sure you let memtest run for at least one full pass;  all errors will be listed in red, and shouldn't clear after a full pass is completed11:54
ectospasm...although if you get enough errors it will scroll off the screen, theholder11:54
chidectospasm: anything about hibernation/suspend resuming?11:54
ectospasmchid: sorry, I usually don't use those features.11:55
ectospasmchid: I've always heard those features are problematic, though they've gotten much better11:55
chidit wasn't problematic for me in the past11:55
chidbut with 10.10 it broke11:55
ectospasmchid: it's my understanding that the underlying system must be well represented by Linux drivers11:55
icarus-cchid, what about them11:55
chidicarus-c: well I get a black screen when I resume11:56
icarus-cchid, what video driver11:56
chidicarus-c: how do I find out11:56
theholderThanks for all your help chid and ectospasm11:57
ubuntuHi guys11:57
ubuntuhow to reload grub?11:57
chidyou mean reinstall?11:57
chidDo you know if you're running grub or grub2?11:57
ectospasmubuntu: you mean after you've made changes to the config?  update-grub11:57
icarus-cchid, /var/log/Xorg.*.log   should give you some clue11:57
chidthat explains a lot11:58
ubuntuno i have installed XP11:58
gccsterguys is it possible to create an installation image of my current installation so i can install again to other pcs?11:58
icarus-cubuntu, and WIndows overwritten the boot loader. and you want to install grub over it again right11:58
Krishnanduicarus-c, Can I design the interface like I do in VS in both qt and gtk+??11:58
chidsystem-> administrator -> startupdiskcreator11:59
icarus-cKrishnandu, yea11:59
chidsorry icarus-c  still reading the log file11:59
aeMaethi'm going to surf in my windows vm for  while, see what diseases i get11:59
icarus-cKrishnandu, Glade for gtk+ and  Qt Designer11:59
hariomHi, I see that what ever I type on my ubuntu system is getting logged in .bash_history11:59
hariomhow to stop that11:59
chidchange a setting in .bashrc12:00
Krishnanduicarus-c, Okies...thanks...I'll check them both12:00
icarus-cubuntu, <chid> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows12:00
chidI forget what it is12:00
hariomEven if I write an email it gets logged in .bash_history12:00
chidyou can just set the size to 012:01
chiddon't know what the param is, maybe MAX_SIZE or something12:01
gccsterchid, theres no such option12:01
Bruce_WayneWhile installing "BURG" i'm getting this screen... http://img264.imageshack.us/img264/2328/screenshotr.jpg  what should I do?12:01
chidwhy do you send emails from bash12:01
srauehariom add a "space" before the first command you write12:01
chidexport HISTSIZE=012:02
chidadd that to your .bashrc12:02
hariomsraue: I didn't get what you mean12:02
chiduh icarus-c , I'm using [    15.519] (II) intel: Driver for Intel Integrated Graphics Chipsets: i810, i810-dc100, i810e, i815, i830M, 845G, 852GM/855GM, 865G, 915G,12:02
bazhangBruce_Wayne, using burg from where? repos?12:03
c0nv1cthariom, http://www.gentoo-wiki.info/SECURITY_Bash_History_Functions12:03
chidit's not an option12:03
chidit's a program12:03
c0nv1cthariom, that may be of use to you, but sraue is correct, you can prepend a space to your command and it will skip the shell history12:03
chidc0nv1ct: I think he wants to disable all of them12:03
chidso histsize is the easiest way12:03
Bruce_Waynebazhang: Yes, from repos.12:04
icarus-chariom, you may export HISTFILE=0 or HISTFILE=/dev/null in bashrc   .  see man bash12:04
bazhangBruce_Wayne, there is no 'burg' in the repos12:04
Bruce_WayneI added ppa12:04
chidgccster: It's in System->Administration->StartUp Disk Creator12:04
chidmaybe you have to find it in the repos and instlal it first12:04
bazhangBruce_Wayne, perhaps you mean an unsupported 3rd party PPA12:04
bazhangBruce_Wayne, in which case, you should contact the PPA maintainer as that has nothing to do with Ubuntu12:05
hariomicarus-c, chid, c0nv1ct: ok. Looking at that. But isn't it possible that commands I type on command line only gets logged. Not the other text I write in text files etc.12:05
Bruce_Waynebazhang: I tried to follow this... http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/06/get-animated-themed-icon-only-grub-menu-using-burg-now-simple-to-use/12:05
icarus-chariom, don't know what you are saying. but by default bash log last 500 lines you entered to bash prompt to ~/.bash_history12:06
=== mue_ is now known as mue
hariomicarus-c: currently even it logs the text i type in my email. Also the chat I do messanger12:08
chidwhat the heck12:08
chidhow do you make it do that12:08
chidare you sending emails in terminal?12:08
icarus-chariom, how you invoke the mail agent or messenger?12:08
chidecho "message" | sendmail myfriend@email ?12:08
chidI'd say D:12:08
lapionhariom, why do you think bash logs those ?12:09
hariomchid: nope. Yahoo email text I see on my command line when I press up arrow.12:09
chidbut that's not logged..12:09
hariomyea logged. I can see that in cat ~/.bash_history12:09
* icarus-c is super thirsty12:10
chiddrink then12:10
chidanyway, goodnight.12:10
hariomThis is very strange as I never saw this before in my other linux machines12:10
rethussomeone would know this issue in Knetworkmanager: "network disabled" after suspend 2 disk. reason is /var/lib/Networkmanager/NetworkManager.state... set NetworkingEnabled=true.12:13
rethusbut what can i do to do this every bootup, iff i'm back up from suspend2disk?12:13
gccsteranybody can tell me application to create an image of my current installtion of ubuntu so i can install it to another system?12:14
bazhang!clone | gccster12:14
ubottugccster: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate12:14
ubottuInterested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility12:14
aguitelhow install java ?12:14
bazhanggccster, if you want a bootable iso you might look at remastersys12:14
bazhangaguitel, enable partner repo12:15
bazhang!partner > aguitel12:15
ubottuaguitel, please see my private message12:15
hariomFollowing recommended way from this: http://www.gentoo-wiki.info/SECURITY_Bash_History_Functions12:15
aguitelbazhang, NOTHING MORE?12:15
bazhang!java | aguitel12:16
ubottuaguitel: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java. For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.12:16
blackshirt1!partner > ubottu12:21
ubottublackshirt1, please see my private message12:21
Bruce_Waynewhat is the command to know hard drive details through a terminal?12:21
bazhangBruce_Wayne, sudo lshw might show something12:22
Bruce_Waynebazahang: No, not lshw... I want to know about partitions and all that...12:23
rethusthis issue in Knetworkmanager: "network disabled" after suspend 2 disk. reason is /var/lib/Networkmanager/NetworkManager.state... set NetworkingEnabled=true. but is automaticly set to false every suspend2disk. how can i solve this?12:23
ubottuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)12:23
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Ben604does anyone have any experience running ubuntu within hyper-v, behind an internet proxy?!12:27
Ben604we're struggling to access the outside world :(12:28
paleI need to insert some text in file which is fisrtly filterd by grep and saved to file add, grep -A4 "searching" `find ~ -name \user.reg -print` > add , and then insert previously filtered text from add file to user.reg before patern [ SOFTWARE ] which can be found in user.reg12:32
Bruce_Waynehow can I know in which partition my current grub2 is installed?12:33
Dr_WillisBruce_Wayne:  'sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc'  shows me what ones grub is installed on..12:33
Dr_WillisBruce_Wayne:  not sure if that shows grub2 and grub1 or just grub212:33
jribpale: you should probably give some sort of example, I can't follow what you want12:33
paleBruce_Wayne,  df /boot12:33
palejrib, ok, so i want to apped some text file to file user.reg | so my question is can sed be used to append text from one file to another if so please show example12:35
Bruce_Waynepale: Thanks. That shows my where my ubuntu is installed.. Are you sure in the same partition grub should be installed?12:36
castcat append.this.file >> to.this.file12:36
Dr_WillisBruce_Wayne:  you can have grub installed other places ont he MBR then /boot/ the grub FILES however are in /boot/12:37
c0rrupt0rHello, I have a problem installing Gimp. I seem to get an error while it asks me to install gimp-plugin-registry E: /var/cache/apt/archives/gimp-plugin-registry_3.5.2-1~webupd8~maverick_i386.deb: trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/file-xmc', which is also in package gimp 2.7.3-2010110501~mm12:37
domenico_ciao a tutte12:38
paleBruce_Wayne, no i prefer to install grub on separate partion, example ubuntu system will be instaled in /dev/sda2 , boot partition where is grub stored /dev/sda1 and home in /dev/sda312:38
LjL!it | domenico_12:38
ubottudomenico_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:38
Dr_Willisc0rrupt0r:  remove the gimp 2.7.3 package first perhaps..  or it could be a bug in the webupd8 package.12:38
cryptkok, dumb question, how do I change my primary monitor? I am on meerkat12:38
Dr_Williscryptk:  what video card/chipset?12:38
cryptkI have two screen side by side, ubuntu is using the left one as primary, I would like it to be the right one instead12:38
palejrib, did you understand me?12:38
cryptkDr_Willis,  oooh... lemme see, it is a built in card on a laptop... one moment12:39
cryptkDr_Willis, VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller from lspci12:39
Bruce_Waynepale: Do you know how to install "BURG"... cause I have to enter one command... at this screen.. http://img264.imageshack.us/img264/2328/screenshotr.jpg12:40
Dr_Williscryptk:   For my laptop. I had to use the monitors  tool in the system menu to set them up. I dont recall having to select which one was primary/secondary.12:40
Bruce_Wayneand I've been trying to find a solution what to enter there.12:40
Dr_WillisBruce_Wayne:  theres a 'how to install burg' wiki/guides. and theres a 'burg' helper tool that can install and confifgure burg at the omgubuntu or webupd8 web site i saw last week12:40
cryptkyes, I was able to use that to have them not be mirrored, but it won't let me change the primary screen... it moved my panels, conky, everything to the left one, but I need it to all be on the right one12:40
Dr_WillisBruce_Wayne:  the burg helper tool seemed to work very well.12:41
cryptkDr_Willis, so I have a working side by side setup, just the wrong one is primary12:41
SeMeKhBanshee's DBUS (MPRIS) seems broken (it doesn't send SongName+Artist+Album name, the rest is fine) any idea?12:41
Dr_Williscryptk:  for my nvidia cards i have to use the nvuidia control panel. :) so i cant even see what the settings are in system -> pref-> monitors12:42
cryptkDr_Willis, yep, and that is how I did it on my home computer, but my work laptop has dual screens now (well 3, but at work on the docking station I leave the laptop closed)12:43
cryptkhrm... guess I could just re-arrange my desk so i can use the left one as primary... hold one...12:43
Dr_Williscryptk:  could be the docking station is causing some default changes.. ive not used one of those.12:44
Dr_WillisBruce_Wayne:  http://www.webupd8.org/2010/11/burg-manager-10-released-with-option-to.html12:45
cryptkDr_Willis, it isn't that the primary screen changed, I just now added the second screen, wanted to use the right screen as the primary (because of how my desk was arranged, it made more sense)12:46
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Bruce_WayneDr_Willis: Your last link is way beyond awesome.. Thank you very much! Last question... Should I just close that terminal window, which is in the progress of BURG?12:47
ubuntuHI i reloaded grub after installing windows but when i booted my sytem there was an error17 flashing on my screen12:48
Dr_WillisBruce_Wayne:  progress of what?  that tool proberly installs the same deb burg packages. it has a feature that does the 'apt-get install burg' stuff basically12:49
ubuntuSo again i booted with live cd but there is no ubuntu partion visible12:49
Dr_WillisBruce_Wayne:  but there was no need to install the burg packages brfor hand with that tool.12:49
ubuntucan somebody help me12:49
Dr_Willisubuntu:  for starters pastebin the output of 'sudo fdisk -l'12:50
Dr_Willisfor the channel to see.12:50
Dr_Willisslyyijian0:  ask your question to the channel and see who can help12:50
ubuntuwhen i give that command it shows an partition but i cant mount it12:51
Dr_Willisubuntu:  use pastebin.. dont msg me.12:52
GauravButolaI cant enable wobbly windows, help plz12:52
sukuI did "sudo apt-get install build-essential autoconf automake libxmu-dev gcc-4.3", I need to modify "ns-allinone-2.34/otcl-1.13/Makefile.in", where is it installed ??? :(12:53
ubuntuOk this is what i got http://pastebin.com/szihSVxU12:53
ubuntuand my ubuntu partition is in XFS format12:54
Dr_Willis!ccsm | GauravButola12:54
ubottuGauravButola: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz12:54
suku I did "sudo apt-get install build-essential autoconf automake libxmu-dev gcc-4.3", I need to modify "ns-allinone-2.34/otcl-1.13/Makefile.in", where is it installed ??? :(12:54
Dr_Willissuku:  do a 'sudo updatedb' then use the locate command to find files.12:55
ubuntuCan anybody help me??????????12:55
veotoAnybody have experience installing simple scalar in the most recent desktop ubuntu?12:55
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz12:55
TashiaI have a question about mksquashfs. I'm trying to make a custom livecd from scratch and so far its good. But mksquashfs will halt at 42%12:55
GauravButolaI have compiz installed but when I change the effects, my title bore disappears12:56
Dr_Willisubuntu:  so if you do a 'sudo mount /dev/sda3  /mnt/   it gives an error or not?12:56
Dr_WillisGauravButola:  thats compiz c4rashng for some reason then.12:56
hceasyhellow everyone12:57
ubuntumount: you must specify the filesystem type12:57
GauravButolaDr_Willis: what can i do then? compiz has always worked fine for me, this time i installed it using dpkg from the archive of my other desktop12:57
ubuntuthis is what i got12:57
Dr_Willisubuntu:  so use -t xfs if its xfs like you said.12:57
aguiteli install java with this command :sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin sun-java6-fonts ,but java is not working ,anybody know ?12:58
Dr_WillisGauravButola:  no idea. I dont use the wobbly windows.. and i only use minimal compiz plugins.12:58
Dr_WillisGauravButola:  compiz was installed bu default on ubuntu.. so what Exactly DID you install?12:58
GauravButolacompiz config settings12:58
Dr_Willisubuntu:  add -t xfs after the /mnt/12:58
Dr_Willis!mount | ubuntu12:59
ubottuubuntu: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount12:59
TashiaHow do I get mksquashfs to stop freezing at 42%?12:59
GauravButolaDr_Willis: compiz setting manager12:59
Dr_WillisGauravButola:  you could install and run the 'fusion-icon' tool that might restart compiz if it crashes.12:59
hceasywho can speak chinese?13:00
veotoI'm coming away with a libgcc1 error after make LANGUAGES="c c++" CFLAGS=-O3 CC=gcc-3.3... any thoughts?13:00
veotothis is inrelation to installing simple scalar13:00
GauravButolaDr_Willis: thanks doc ;) I'll try that13:00
eriksson25I am missing my /lib/modules/2.6.35-22-generic How can I reinstall it?13:00
ubuntui didnt get anything okay13:01
ubuntucant you give the command to mount13:01
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eriksson25I am missing my /lib/modules/2.6.35-22-generic How can I reinstall it?13:03
jahbuloni've installed a program .. name is clive .. for download videos from youtube ... the problemisi can't fin the executable ... how can i find it ?13:03
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Dr_Willisubuntu:  'sudo mount -t xfs /dev/sda3  /mnt/ ' Logical eh?13:04
Dr_Willisubuntu:  why did you use xfs anyway13:04
llutzjahbulon: clive: /usr/bin/clive13:04
jahbuloni will check 10x13:04
ubuntuWillis its not working13:04
Dr_Willisubuntu:  now whats the error?13:05
Dr_Willisubuntu:  thats the generic 'somthing is wrong' error...13:07
veotoI'm trying to install simple scalar. I've used several tutorials at this point, and I can't seem to get it working. Has anyone already been through this that could shed some light on my current error?13:07
Dr_Willisubuntu:  any sort of error messages at the end of the 'dmesg' command output?13:08
ubuntuno nothing else13:08
distant2does ubuntu desktop 10.10 have multi language support?13:09
distant2can i choose a different language for the UI and all other than english?13:10
ubuntuSo what to do now?cant i get that partition????????????13:10
Dr_Willisubuntu:  are you really really sure its xfs?13:10
distant2are there many languages please?13:10
Dr_Willisubuntu:  could filssytem check the filesystem --> sudo fsck.xfs /dev/WHATEVERTHEDEVICEIS13:11
goshawkis there a ppa with a brand new 3.7 kernel with the autogrup sheduler patch applied ?13:11
distant2can i install ubuntu on a new laptop which has a HDD that has never been formatted?13:11
petandistant2: yes13:12
goshawkdistant2, of course13:12
Dr_Willisgoshawk:  i just saw a ppa search tool --> http://www.webupd8.org/2010/11/y-ppa-manager-easily-search-add-remove.html13:12
ubuntuIf you wish to check the consistency of an XFS filesystem or13:12
ubunturepair a damaged filesystem, see xfs_check(8) and xfs_repair(8).13:12
Dr_Willisubuntu:  i guess you use those commands instead of fsck.xfs13:12
distant2petan, goshawk, your yes answers my 1st or 2nd question?13:12
petandistant2: for both13:12
distant2heh. ok.13:13
goshawkDr_Willis, thanks it seems good13:13
goshawkbut i'm wondering if anyone here already did it13:13
ubuntuthis is what i gave fsck.xfs /dev/sda313:13
goshawkDr_Willis, you know... this patch is going to fill a lot of topics all the linux world13:14
gamerpro2000Hey guys, I have a bug report that I opened about a week ago.  It hasn't had any activity and I've been updating it pretty much daily.  Does anyone know how I can escalate it?13:14
veotoso no for simple scalar.. well have a good morning guys I'm going to try to get an hour or two of sleep before class.13:14
webroastershi guys. is there a place where i can find out where to analyze access.log files from an ubuntu server. I just want to know what each part of each line means. thx13:15
Dr_Willisubuntu:  and the command said that you should be using 'xfs_check' or 'xfs_repair' instead.13:15
gamerpro2000webroasters, if you find out let me know.  I've been trying to get someone to look at my bug report for over a week13:15
webroastersok, i will13:15
webroastersforexample, I just want to analyze the following line: - - [21/Aug/2010:05:40:58 +0000] "GET /wp-content/themes/twentyten/style.css HTTP/1.1" 200 5672 "-" "Baiduspider+(+http://www.baidu.com/search/spider.htm)"13:16
kindlebithow to install komodo ?13:16
webroastersObviously, it's an ip address, followed by other information13:16
Dr_Willis!info komodo13:16
ubottuPackage komodo does not exist in maverick13:16
webroastersbut what i want is a detail report about each bit of info13:16
Dr_Williskindlebit:  and whats komodo?13:16
jahbuloni didn;t find thisexecutable program .. i used comand clive: /usr/bin/clive  .. terminal says .. clive command not found ?13:16
jahbulonwhat shall i do now ?13:17
kindlebitdr_willis : its a editor13:17
llutzjahbulon: sudo apt-get install clive13:17
gamerpro2000Dr_Willis, its a text editor for programming languages.  Mostly CSS, HTML, Javascript, etc.13:17
ubuntuThanks dude13:17
webroastersok thx guys13:17
kindlebitcan anybody tell me if it does not come with package ?13:17
ubuntuwell now how to reload grub????????13:18
gamerpro2000More info on Komodo can be found here: http://www.activestate.com/komodo-edit13:18
Dr_Williskindlebit:  there may  be a wiki page on the topic. or the programs homepage may give info. or ther emay be PPA's of it.13:18
kindlebithow to install komodo ?13:18
ubuntuHEy willis there?13:18
jahbulonllutz: itis installed .. it say or to up or to remove it13:18
Dr_Williskindlebit:  search for a ppa for it. check getdeb.net, check the forums.13:18
Dr_Willis!fixgrub | ubuntu13:18
ubottuubuntu: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.13:18
comm0dehttp://www.reddit.com/r/reddit.com/comments/e7hr4/perfect_solution_for_defeating_the_tsa_on_optout/ lol13:18
llutzjahbulon: use " /usr/bin/clive" to call it13:18
llutzjahbulon: "clive" without path should do aswell13:19
Dr_Willisubottu:  read the URLS's the bot just gave on the topic13:19
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:19
Dr_Willisubuntu: :  read the URLS's the bot just gave on the topic13:20
Dr_Willisubuntu:  and you may want to change to a differnt Nickname. /nick PickSomthing13:20
ubuntuwell i after doing that only i got the error 1713:20
jahbulon<llutz> nothing .. it says nothing13:20
llutzjahbulon: read "man clive"13:20
Dr_Willisubuntu:  and did you use those xfs 'fix' commands that the fsck.xfs command mentioned to verify your XFS is all 'good' ?13:20
Dr_Willisubuntu:  has this system ever worked?13:21
Dr_Willisif the xfs fix commands said ok.. try remounting the partition.13:21
petanubuntu: what is your issue13:21
ubuntuyeah i mounted the partition13:22
hariomIn need to disable Immediate-Configure in apt.conf but unable to find where is apt.conf?13:22
Dr_Willisubuntu:  so look on the partition? see if your files are in fact there? see if theres a /boot/ directory on the partition also.13:22
hariomGetting errors while apt-get and also a message to see Immediate-Configure. man page says to try with disabling this option13:22
whytenoizhariom: find / -name "apt.conf"13:22
llutzhariom: configs are in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/13:22
hariomIn which file to disapble this13:22
ubuntuyeah everything is fine13:23
hariomI don't have any apt.conf in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d13:23
Dr_Willisubuntu:  so if you can now mount it.. it might boot properly. have you tried rebooting since youve done the 'fix' ?13:23
llutzhariom: just create a new file and add your option, if none of the existing files have the option already set13:23
hariomllutz: what is the format?13:24
llutzhariom: read "man apt.conf"13:25
ubuntuHi willis this is what i did http://pastebin.com/3YJFQ10N13:26
ubuntudo you think it will work now?13:26
hariomllutz: once added into apt.conf how to activate this settings?13:27
hariomI still get error while apt-get and it says to look for Immediate-Configure in man 5 apt.conf13:28
hariomIn man page it says to disable it which I did by Get{Immediate-Configure "false"}13:28
Kurdistanhey guys I need help. this is my pastebin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/533452/13:28
llutzhariom: they'll be read when apt runs13:29
gamerpro2000I wish someone would fix my bug :(13:29
petangamerpro2000: tell me more mabout13:30
ShinkaI'm using Audacious, by mistake I removed the upper menu (with File, View, et cetera) and I can't get it back ! I even tried reinstalling but to no avail.13:30
gamerpro2000petan: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/67411213:30
hariomllutz: but I still get error13:30
llutzhariom: isn't it " APT::Immediate-Confifure "false" "13:30
gamerpro2000petan: There is extensive notes in there13:30
petangamerpro2000: try proprietary driver13:31
gamerpro2000Already did13:31
gamerpro2000Had more problems13:31
gamerpro2000Screens would randomly dire upon logout13:31
petangamerpro2000: seame problems?13:31
gamerpro2000Not the same13:31
gamerpro2000just more problems13:31
FloodBot3gamerpro2000: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:31
gamerpro2000Had more problems with the proprietary driver than I did with the radeon driver13:32
petangamerpro2000: all machines have same gc13:32
gamerpro2000I have 50 of them13:32
gamerpro2000or more.  I lose count.13:33
gamerpro2000I didn't build them.  The previous network administrator built these machines.  I simply am taking over in day-to-day operations13:33
petangamerpro2000: does it die after login13:34
gamerpro2000petan: with which driver?13:34
petangamerpro2000: you said it happens with both of them13:34
petangamerpro2000: I mean if it die only after you login to session13:34
gamerpro2000Startup fails with the radeon driver causing the segmentation fault.13:34
gamerpro2000Like, powering on and initializing the displays.  However, the fglrx driver, machines would go to log out and the screen would go black.  The screen would stay powered, but it wouldn't log out gracefully, forcing us to reboot the entire machine.13:35
gamerpro2000Among other weird bugs, like freezing the whole machine upon logout and giving a "SOFT_LOCKUP" error13:36
petangamerpro2000: you have configuration for fglrx but you load radeon13:36
gamerpro2000petan: What do you mean I have configuration for fglrx?13:36
gamerpro2000Where are you seeing this?13:36
petangamepro2000: that is proprietary driver, in xorg.conf13:36
petangamepro2000: config is generated by autoconfig13:37
petangamepro2000: I would purge fglrx and radeon out and make new installation of driver13:37
gamerpro2000petan: I load "radeon" and "glx"13:37
hariomllutz: I have tried this: $sudo apt-get -o APT::Get::Immediate-Configure="false" dist-upgrade13:37
gamerpro2000Where are you seeing a propreitary driver being loaded?  Can you give me a line?13:37
coz_For 7000 to HD4xxx series cards, you can use the open source "radeon" driver. HD2xxx and later series cards are also supported by the proprietary "fglrx" driver.13:37
hariombut I still get errors. No effect observed.13:38
petangamepro2000: I see, but you have previously fglrx installed, they should not be installed both they conflict13:38
llutzhariom: try       -o APT::Immediate-Configure="false"13:38
gamerpro2000petan: They are not.  I used the uninstall script included with the driver package to remove it.  Where are you seeing this?  I need a line on the pastebin's.13:38
bastardchild1982anybody know how to take off the extra stuff in the grub. i have ubuntu, and mint on here13:38
petangamerpro2000: not loaded but xorg.conf was generated by ait-config13:38
llutzhariom: afaik "Immediate-Configure" is an own group like GET13:38
gamerpro2000petan: Those are just identifiers.  I just left them saying "aticonfig-0 whatever"13:39
hariomllutz: Still no effect observed and get same error13:39
gamerpro2000petan: They don't have any bearing on the drivers13:39
petangamerpro2000: that mean you previously installed fglrx then this driver keep a lot of other binaries even if you switch it to radeon13:39
cryptkDr_Willis, I got it! I made a small bash script, has an if statement checking the output of xrandr, if it says that the monitor is conencted then it runs xrandr --output HDMI1 --primary13:40
llutzhariom: no idea then, sorry13:40
bastardchild1982grub help...13:40
hariomllutz: Actually by mistake I deleted /var/lib/dpkg directory13:40
cryptkput the same thing in /etc/gdm/Init/Default as well13:40
hariomand from then onwards getting this error. I have created dpkg/ status and updates/13:40
hariombut getting same error13:41
bastardchild1982i want to delete the safemode stuff in my grub13:41
gamerpro2000petan: I did previously have fglrx installed, but as I said I used the uninstall script included with the .deb that ATI provided to remove all traces of it.  Then, to be sure, I ran sudo apt-get --purge remove fglrx13:41
cryptkthing is, with it just in the /etc/gdm script it should stay that way, unless something changes it... but upon login it would go back wrong again...13:41
gamerpro2000which didn't do anything, but I wanted to be sure nothing was left13:41
c0nv1ctbastardchild1982, GRUB_DISABLE_LINUX_RECOVERY="true"  in your /etc/default/grub13:41
aim__ой, тут все на басурманском..13:41
oshinhi, is it bad that fdisk -l show the end of another partition == start of another?13:41
c0nv1ctbastardchild1982, then update-grub213:41
gamerpro2000aim__ switch to russian13:41
cryptktried putting it in a ~/.xprofile, and it would run the code (I checked by having it touch a file) but something would set it back wrong again afterwards13:41
petangamepro2000: what happen if you install fglrx and try to perform sudo aticonfig --initial13:42
edzi have a question im a newbie at this but under system>preferences>appearance>visual effects i want to choose normal and it works but i have to redo it everytime ???13:42
bastardchild1982slow down where do i find that stuff13:42
oshin /dev/sda1   *           1        6079    48827392   83  Linux13:42
oshin/dev/sda2            6079       12158    48828416   83  Linux13:42
cryptkhad to make the bash script and set it in startup applications to get it to be reapplied again AFTER whatever is changing it back13:42
edzi have a question im a newbie at this but under system>preferences>appearance>visual effects i want to choose normal and it works but i have to redo it everytime ???13:42
oshin /dev/sda1   *           1        6079    48827392   83  Linux13:42
c0nv1ctbastardchild1982, i said where, /etc/default/grub13:42
oshin /dev/sda2            6079       12158    48828416   83  Linux13:42
gamerpro2000petan: one moment.  It shouldn't do anything13:42
oshin6079 == 6079, is that bad?13:42
gamerpro2000petan: aticonfig: command not found13:42
c0nv1ctbastardchild1982, it is a text file, open it as root with your favorite editor, add the line i mentioned to it and run `sudo update-grub2`13:43
petangamerpro2000: hm, what if you install it and try it then, is it same segmentation fault13:43
cryptkanyone know what would be overriding my ~/.xprofile?13:44
petan(II) RADEON(0): Setting screen physical size to 508 x 28513:44
edzi have a question im a newbie at this but under system>preferences>appearance>visual effects i want to choose normal and it works but i have to redo it everytime ???13:44
petangamerpro2000: that is last13:44
petangamerpro2000: action done then it crashes13:44
oshinedz: wasn't there a dialog asking you to confirm you want to stick with it?13:45
bastardchild1982ok i found it. now what do i do again13:45
edzi have a question im a newbie at this but under system>preferences>appearance>visual effects i want to choose normal and it works but i have to redo it everytime ???13:45
edzi have a question im a newbie at this but under system>preferences>appearance>visual effects i want to choose normal and it works but i have to redo it everytime ???13:45
edzsorry for posting again and again didnt think it was going through13:46
gamerpro2000petan: The segmentation fault started occurring when I switched to the radeon driver.  Once I removed the fglrx driver, I switched the line for loading fglrx to loading radeon.  Then I made a few changes to kdmrc and such to get the multiseat working and that's when startup began having issues.13:46
edzand it worked13:46
edzit resets to none automatically13:46
c0nv1ctbastardchild1982, GRUB_DISABLE_LINUX_RECOVERY="true"  <- add that as a new line at the end13:46
petangamerpro2000: can you undo the changes to kdmrc13:46
oshinno idea then.13:46
gamerpro2000petan: I already tried it.  No avail.13:46
edzok thank you13:47
petangamerpro2000: switch to fglrx13:47
petangamerpro2000: then do13:47
edzalso, which is more stablme with ubuntu 10.10, ATI graphics or Nvidia?13:47
petangamerpro2000: sudo aticonfig --initial13:47
gamerpro2000edz: nvidia13:47
doltoxHi, i'm looking for some support with ubuntu, is there the right place ?13:47
bastardchild1982it won't let me type in there13:47
petangamerpro2000: it will generate xorg.conf13:47
miguel000What can I do, to make my ubuntu also boot when I set AHCI mode (for my sata drive in the bios). Because it freezes during startup now. Only works in IDE mode.13:47
oshinnvidia is a bit buggy here.. but i doubt that ati is better.13:47
miguel000anoyone any ideas?13:48
miguel000or experiencing same problems?13:48
edzok gamerpro thanks i have ATI which explains the lag in VLC i suppose and playback in general how can i be sure i have the latest drivers or is there a way i can know which exact settings to change in ATI catalyst?13:48
oshinedz: http://ubuntu-utah.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=504831013:48
oshinmay that thread useful? using gconftool-213:48
c0nv1ctbastardchild1982, you must be doing something wrong then.  open a terminal and type `sudoedit /etc/default/grub`  and edit the file that way13:49
oshinedz: er, n/m13:49
bastardchild1982i just installed this a sec ago.13:49
bastardchild1982i don't see any terminal13:50
[mors]gnome's network manager's vpn config dialog has pap, eap and chap greyed out... why ?13:50
k_szeIs there some software that can enhance a Ubuntu server as a file server?13:50
edz@oshin lol13:50
edzyeah it doesnt apply here13:50
edzATI is getting on my nerves, for the most part everything is pretty stable just minor things that anger me13:51
bastardchild1982ok i found the terminal13:51
edz@oshin are u on ati or nvidia chipset?13:51
oshinedz: nvidia13:52
edzso i suppose u wouldnt know which settings i can change in ati catalyst to make the experience more stable?13:52
edzor in the terminal13:52
oshinedz: no idea..13:52
edzgot ya13:52
llutzk_sze: use nfs/samba13:52
oshinati is the first entry on my avoid list.13:53
bastardchild1982do i just close it afterwards or i have to save it some way13:53
edzyeah i installed ubuntu on my last comp, ati too so i took a big leap of faith installing it again here but its working pretty well13:53