kklimondarye: as it's late and rodrigo is sleeping could you guys take a look at some couchdb/desktopcouch-glib api I'm thinking over? ;)00:00
kklimondaalecu: ^00:00
kklimondaor are you guys die hard python fans? :)00:00
alecukklimonda, I'm a rabid pythoneer, but I might take a look as well :-)00:01
kklimondaalecu: I'm writing brief.. but it's getting longer ;)00:06
kklimondaalecu: http://pastebin.com/9t3teHzv ;)00:11
kklimondathe problem is - I really like the new approach but I've came up with it at 6AM after 8 hours long coding session ;)00:16
kklimondaso I'm actually not sure how sane it is00:16
alecukklimonda, I'm reading your spec, and it sounds nice.00:22
alecukklimonda, I haven't done much desktopcouch though, I've only played with it thru the python api.00:22
alecukklimonda, btw: you are planning on adding gobject support in that new api, right?00:23
kklimondaalecu: what do you mean?00:23
kklimondagobject or gobject introspection? :)00:23
alecukklimonda, yes, introspection, right.00:24
alecuI guess I'm kinda sleepy tonight :-)00:24
kklimondaalecu: yes - that's the problem with our first, hacky tbh, idea to use #defines to ensure that you don't type wrong field names :)00:25
kklimondaalecu: I'm planning on making bouch couchdb-glib and desktopcouch-glib fully introspectable00:25
duanedesignhello kklimonda00:41
kklimondahey :)00:41
duanedesignkklimonda:  hope you have been well00:41
kklimondaduanedesign: I'm really busy with all the stuff I'm doing lately around Ubuntu. And it doesn't show :(00:44
kklimondaactually that's probably because I write a couchdb powered application and that's why I feel like I always do something related to Ubuntu ;)00:45
duanedesignmorning friends09:00
kklimondahey duanedesign :)09:00
duanedesignhey kklimonda09:01
duanedesignmorning rodrigo_09:34
rodrigo_hi duanedesign09:34
lalejandHi, can't delete some contacts beginning with "." or "/" in U1 web interface10:14
ubot4lalejand: Error: Bug #676297 is private.10:14
lalejandargh. And launchpad is on maintenance10:15
duanedesignhello lalejand10:19
lalejandduanedesign : hi10:19
lalejandduanedesign : I have a video on launchpad showing the problem10:20
duanedesignlalejand: yeah  i was triaging some bugs...10:20
duanedesignlooking now to see how long Lp will be down10:21
lalejandduanedesign : here it is http://ubuntuone.com/p/Pfu/10:21
duanedesignlalejand: I have a contact that begins with a ? and I get a similar result10:31
lalejandI have some problems with my couchDb adressbook, and I'm wondering if it is related with this10:32
duanedesignlalejand: hmmm10:32
duanedesignlalejand: something you can try is...10:32
duanedesignlalejand: run this command:  evolution --force-shutdown10:33
duanedesignthen:  /usr/lib/evolution/evolution-data-server-2.2810:33
duanedesignThen, start Evolution again and try to open again the CouchDB addressbook. If it fails, have a look at the output on the terminal, it should have some hints as to why it failed.10:33
duanedesignlalejand:  i have to get the family off this morning. Will be back in about 30 minutes10:35
duanedesignrye will probably be in any minute now as well10:35
lalejandduanedesign : ok will try10:38
lalejandI don't have any evolution-data-server-2.28 in /usr/lib/evolution/10:41
lalejandDoes someone have a similar bug ? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-servers/+bug/67629710:50
ubot4Launchpad bug 676297 in ubuntuone-servers "Can't delete some contacts beginning with "." or "/" (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New]10:50
lalejandduanedesign : are back ?11:18
duanedesignlalejand: yep11:26
lalejandI don't have any evolution-data-server-2.28 in /usr/lib/evolution/11:29
duanedesignlalejand: youron maverick right?11:29
lalejandduanedesign : yes11:30
duanedesignlalejand: yep looks like they moved it on us11:30
* duanedesign looking11:30
lalejandi run evo 2.30.311:30
larsemilshould i be able to add contacts in my evolution couch db? i am not...11:32
duanedesignlalejand: what version of Ubuntu are you running? 10.10 (maverick)?11:33
duanedesigni mean larsemil11:33
larsemil10.10 yes. i was able to add new now. was not two days ago.11:34
larsemilnext question. i am using android and ubuntu one mobile to sync my contacts. But i would also like to be able to access my shared files on my android, is that possible?11:40
duanedesignlalejand: there is an application in the works to do just that11:41
duanedesignoop again11:41
duanedesignlarsemil: there is an application in the works to do just that11:41
lalejandduanedesign : what test can I do ? Is there a way to reset the contacts on U1 servers ?11:42
duanedesignlalejand: im still trying to find where they put the binary for the evolution-data-server :P11:43
lalejandduanedesign : ok11:43
larsemilduanedesign: cool. estimated time when its ready?11:45
duanedesignlarsemil: karni could probably best answer that11:47
lalejandduanedesign : i'm going to have lunch, will check you when I come back11:52
duanedesignlalejand: ok11:53
duanedesignbug 66640411:59
ubot4Launchpad bug 666404 in evolution-couchdb (Ubuntu) "Cannot reliably delete contacts (affects: 14) (heat: 197)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66640411:59
duanedesignrodrigo_: /812:16
psypher246hi all12:17
duanedesignhello psypher24612:17
psypher246duane, how do i log a bug report for ubuntuone music client for android, dunno how to pull logs of the client12:18
duanedesignpsypher246: hmm. that is a good question12:19
beunopsypher246, https://launchpad.net/ubuntuone-android-music12:19
beunowhat problem are you having?12:19
duanedesigni would ask...there he is12:19
beunohiya duanedesign :)12:20
duanedesignbeuno: good morning12:20
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Chupawindowsmandel: ping15:03
mandelChupawindows, pong15:04
addikshi, how can i reset the ubuntu-one-client?15:06
duanedesignaddiks: hello15:24
duanedesignaddiks: what is it you are trying to do?15:24
duanedesignaddiks: or what is the issue you are having?15:25
addiksi have incedently deleted the ubuntu-one-folder and now i have a full queue of unlink-operations that i cannot get rid of. i want to delete the queue, the folder and then re-download it15:50
karnilarsemil: hey. you can fetch AndroidU1 here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AndroidU1 - we're currently working on a new version from scratch, so you can expect even better app released in alpha this year hopefully :)15:52
beunoheya karni15:53
karnihi beuno  :)15:53
karniI mixed days with nights. it's 5PM and I just got up o_O15:53
beunobeen there15:54
duanedesigngood morning karni ;)15:54
beunoit's much more quiet to work15:54
karnihaha, hi duanedesign ;)15:54
karnibeuno: true!15:54
beunokarni, how's the re-write going?15:54
duanedesignaddiks: ok15:54
karniI prefer to code at nights. it's silent and less disturbing (in sense of mails/IMs/etc)15:55
duanedesignaddiks: i think I can help15:55
duanedesignaddiks: first thing is to open a Terminal and run the command:  u1sdtool -q15:55
karnibeuno: so-so I must say. wanting it to be better imposes more time consuming thinking. *but*, I said what I said, and I still plan to have it ready, at least partially, this month15:56
beunowhere are you at now?15:56
karnibeuno: I was trying to separate meta and content download in the service. I don't know however if I won't make that matter similar to AU1, and leave it for little refactor for later and continue with new UI.15:57
karniI wanted to separate that to keep it clean and robust.15:57
karniin practice, meta queue will be heavinly working at the begining ('hi, thanks for using this software. I'll sync meta now! be patient')15:58
* beuno nods15:58
karniand in the mean time, if the user forces refresh15:58
karnithe content queue might be much more busy16:01
karniso yes.. I'm currently trying to implement that stuff separately and nicely integrate into the service16:01
karnicontent queue - in the sense that it should schedule download work during regular app use. and, say, limit simultaneous downloads to 3 or 516:01
karnibeuno: when I have stuff to test, you and aq will be first to be notified :)16:02
beunokarni, :)16:02
beunoI've been working with our new graphic designer16:02
beunohope to be able to send some UI proposals before the end of the year16:03
* karni nods :)16:04
addiksso, it says the syncdeamon is stopped.16:06
duanedesignaddiks: this will get you started. When you get to the part where you pastebin the logs ping me and I will double check to make sure everything is good and you are ready to connect the syncdaemon http://paste.ubuntu.com/533501/16:07
addiksso, the folder is deleted and the queue empty, but now i get auth_failed without being asked for login. i am currently logged into one.ubuntu.com. http://paste.ubuntu.com/533503/16:15
duanedesignaddiks: ok. Can you open System > Preferences > Password and Encryption Keys16:19
addiksok, i have16:20
duanedesignaddiks: look for the Ubuntu One Token16:20
addiksdelete it?16:20
duanedesignaddiks: yes16:20
duanedesignaddiks: then run this command: killall ubuntu-sso-login; u1sdtool -q; u1sdtool -c16:21
duanedesign(that is for Maverick 10.10)16:22
duanedesignaddiks: then when it asks you to add your computer there is a link at the bottom of the window for existing accounts16:22
addiksok, there are a bunch of upload-operations in the queue now. all from "/home/addiks/.ubuntuone/Purchased from..."16:22
addiksno meta-operations16:23
duanedesignaddiks: are the files still in the cloud https://one.ubuntu.com/files/16:24
mahenHi everyone + Honk :)16:25
mahenWell, just in case : I have another issue with U1 :) It used to be stuck when processing metadata b/c of a moved directory : this is fixed with the latest server update. However : I've been uploading about 6 GB of data, but the U1 daemon is still sending the very same 350 MB avi file...16:27
mahen(if anyone is interested : I have a full debug log)16:27
duanedesignaddiks: removing the  ~/.local/share/ubuntuone/syncdaemon should trick U1 into thinking this is a new computer and result in it downloading your files from the cloud16:33
duanedesignmahen: if you would like to pastebin the syncdaemon.log I can take a look.16:33
mahenduanedesign: actually, John just replied about it on the bugtracker : https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/666942 So I wonder if that is necessary as it seems to be a known bug ?16:34
ubot4mahen: Error: Bug #666942 is private.16:34
mahen"We have a known issue with very large files and clients that don't have super-fast t1 lines to do their uploads. " ""Our connection to s3 times out. We're sorry for this inconvenience and are working on solutions. "16:34
mahen(in my case : uploading a 250 MB file with a connection that can upload at about 100 KB / second)16:35
mahen(note : the bugreport was about another bug, but I mentioned it on the same thread)16:35
addiksah, it looks like it is now downloading the files.16:36
duanedesignaddiks: ok great16:38
duanedesignaddiks: i think the team is working on an easier solution for resolving accicental deletes.16:38
duanedesignmahen: ahh  ok16:38
beunokenvandine, hai!  so, where do I find these gwibber logs?16:52
kenvandine ~/.cache/gwibber/gwibber.log16:53
addiksis it possible to manipulate the order of the ubuntu-one download-queue?16:59
beunokenvandine, http://ubuntuone.com/p/PiS/17:02
beunolet me know what else I can do to help17:02
kenvandinebeuno, thank you!17:02
kenvandinebeuno, ok, so it looks like you have some search streams defined17:08
kenvandinedo you see them in the  client UI?17:08
kenvandineand i should really make gwibber log the version number :)17:09
kenvandinewhat version of gwibber is it?17:09
kenvandinebeuno, ^^17:09
kenvandinebeuno, if you see those search streams in the UI, select them and close them17:15
kenvandineand see if it gets better17:15
kenvandinei suspect there is something broken in those search streams17:15
kenvandinebeuno, and if it does help... add a new search for the same string and see if it still pegs the cpu17:16
addiksthanks @duanedesign for the help. bye17:37
beunokenvandine, sorry, went out to lunch17:40
beunoI forgot about those17:40
shane4ubuntuok, I have a whole folder full of files that show the syncing icon (circle) and yet, U1 indicator is reporting that all files are up to date. ???20:05
shane4ubuntualso to whom it may concern, I updated bug #667499  because more of my data disappeared.  I mean I know you will be notified via the bug thing too, just a heads up. :)20:11
ubot4shane4ubuntu: Bug 667499 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/667499 is private20:11
shane4ubuntuwow, slow in here today. :)20:12
beunoshane4ubuntu, 70% of the team is sprinting or in training  :)20:15
beunothis week20:15
shane4ubuntubeuno, wow, didn't know you had to be 'fit' to be part of the u1 team. :)20:16
shane4ubuntuI thought that was for the military. :)20:16
* beuno looks around the room20:16
beunoit varies  :)20:16
shane4ubuntuis this for like a charity race?  or something?20:17
shane4ubuntunothing wrong with being healthy.20:17
shane4ubuntuor fit20:17
karnihaha ^ ^20:17
karnishane4ubuntu: you're kidding, right ^ ^?20:17
* karni chuckles cheerfully20:17
beunoshane4ubuntu, sprinting == working int he same room like crazy for a week20:18
shane4ubuntuwell, I was, except that last part. :0 ;)20:18
beunotraining == getting trained in cassandra, a new nosql db20:18
karniand there you nave an explanation :)20:18
shane4ubuntubeuno, oohh, thanks!20:18
beunoand there's a lot of food involved20:18
beunoso properly the opposite of what you where thinking  :)20:19
* karni just googled cassandra20:19
shane4ubuntulol, well, it was worth a shot.20:19
shane4ubuntuok, any how, anyone around that can help me get the rights logs around for more missing data?20:19
shane4ubuntudon't want to miss the opporunity20:19
beunoshane4ubuntu, I don't think so, unless Chipaca` is around20:20
shane4ubuntulooked for the two I know, rye and duanedesign, but both seem to be out.20:20
Chipaca`shane4ubuntu: do you have debug on?20:20
shane4ubuntuChipaca`, I think20:20
shane4ubuntuChipaca`, no20:21
Chipaca`shane4ubuntu: :(20:21
shane4ubuntuChipaca`, wait, I mean, the logging.conf is changed, because it never worked with that file the way it was20:21
shane4ubuntuI reported that in the bug.20:21
shane4ubuntu bug #66749920:22
ubot4shane4ubuntu: Bug 667499 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/667499 is private20:22
shane4ubuntualways gave errors when starting with the logging stuff on20:22
shane4ubuntuChipaca`, here is my logging.conf that seems to cause problem:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/533590/20:23
Chipaca`shane4ubuntu: line 5 should be next to the = on line 420:24
shane4ubuntuChipaca`, well, that would account for the problem. :)20:24
shane4ubuntuChipaca`, I should have saw that, I hate it when I overlook such simple things like that.20:25
shane4ubuntuChipaca`, ok, this is the error I get when I have that file in place, even with it fixed:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/533593/20:26
shane4ubuntuand if I disable that file, then I don't get that error.20:27
shane4ubuntuI get that error, starting u1 with u1sdtool --start20:27
Chipaca`shane4ubuntu: I've got to run, and other people that could help you are in a course this week20:27
Chipaca`shane4ubuntu: running syncdaemon by hand should give you more useful output20:28
Chipaca`that is, /usr/lib/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-syncdaemon20:28
shane4ubuntuChipaca`, ok, thanks20:28
shane4ubuntuI won't keep you, I guess we will tackle this later.20:28
Chipaca`shane4ubuntu: what does u1sdtool --list-shared produce?20:29
shane4ubuntuChipaca`, No shared20:30
shane4ubuntuthat isn't good.20:30
shane4ubuntuChipaca`, if you gotta go, that is ok, we can work on it another time.20:30
Chipaca`shane4ubuntu: not to be confused with --list-shares20:30
shane4ubuntuChipaca`, ooooh, right,20:31
Chipaca`clearly different20:31
Chipaca`ok, bbl, ttyl, etc :)20:31
shane4ubuntulol, No shares either. :) lol20:31
kklimondaaquarius: Chipaca`: is couchdb authorization scheme enough to implement things like "some documents can be synced only by other couchdb instances only if user who syncs is on a list" or "some users can only sync documents one way"?20:34
kklimondafor example - would it be possible to implement calendar related stuff based only on couchdb?20:34
kklimondafor that to works well you would need r/w access to some documents for one group of people, r/o for another group of people and r/o with obfuscation for another20:35
aquariushey kklimonda20:37
kklimondahey :)20:37
aquariuskklimonda, we'll have that as part of the app developer programme in 11.0420:38
kklimondaaquarius: but will it work at the couchdb level or will it be desktopcouch specific?20:38
aquariusThat'll happen in your CouchDBs at Ubuntu One20:38
aquariusso it's at couchdb level.20:39
kklimondaaquarius: so couchdb authentication is flexible enough to provide such things?20:39
aquariuskklimonda, not right at the moment it isn't, but it will be for 11.04 ;-)20:40
kklimondaaquarius: ah :)20:40
kklimondaI can imagine some cool stuff that you can do with it..20:41
kklimondamaking U1 into a nice calendar server beingh one of them20:41
aquariusI'd be interested in hearing that cool list, and indeed also interested in working with you to help you implement some of it :)20:41
aquariuspart of what I'm doing in this release is to help people start building cool things using Ubuntu One: that's what the app developer programme is all about20:42
kklimondayeah, it would be great to kick it off20:44
aquariuswhat sorts of things were you thinking of/20:44
kklimondaI've heard rumors of desktopcouch being considered for removal from the default cd?20:44
kklimondaaquarius: first two things that came to my mind were fully blown calendar server and a way to share your favourite rss items with friends (in a news aggregator I'm trying to write ;) ).20:46
kklimondaactually, I've written most of the easy code - not comes the hard part of designing gui and writing it in Gtk+ :(20:47
kklimondaand I suck at this20:48
kklimondawell, I don't have that much experience with writing "frontends" so that's the reason.20:48
kklimondaaquarius: I see couchdb as a mean to make a "personal cloud" - something you can take with you wherever you go, that isn't connected to the single provider.20:49
aquariuskklimonda, absolutely, that's what Ubuntu One is.20:49
aquariuskklimonda, ah, interesting. Sharing stuff with friends is not specifically provided for by the oauth work we're doing, because you can't control when and where your Ubuntu One CouchDB instance syncs to20:50
kklimondaone thing that I'm missing has always been a way to make it possible to share your couchdb with friends (while retaining control over what can the see etc.)20:50
kklimondawithout it your personal cloud is a little too lonely.20:50
kklimondaand It's going to be hard to compete with web services that provide a lot of "social stuff". I'd like to find a way to make desktop applications competetive in the new cloudy and social world of web apps :)20:52
aquariuskklimonda, completely agree. Sharing is a separate thing, which I absolutely plan for us to provide, but not for 11.0420:53
aquariusthe work we're doing is about you accessing your own data from everywhere -- imagine, for example, going to http://kklimondasRSSreader.com/, logging in with U1, and seeing all your feeds, in the same state as they were in the desktop app (read ones are read, etc)20:54
aquariushelping you share other people's data is also important, though, and I want to work on that in 11.1020:54
kklimondayes, accessing data from everywhere is just as important20:57
kklimondaI can access my couchdb on ubuntuone servers just as any other couchdb if I know address and authorization data?20:58
kklimondait would make a nice fallback plan for writing mobile applications before couchdb is ready for wide deployments on at least android, iphone and meego/symbian20:58
aquariuskklimonda, yep, you can -- you can do that now :)20:59
aquariuskklimonda, what we're working on for 11.04 is allowing you to generate an oauth token which allows *limited* access to your data, so you can grant that to other websites (so they can read your contacts but not write them, for example)21:00
aquariuskklimonda, if you have your oauth token, you can talk to couchdb.one.ubuntu.com fine, by signing the details with your token21:00
aquariusbut don't give that token out, because it has full read/write access to all your databases and files21:00
kklimondabut I could write a mobile application that uses your database remotely without running couchdb instance locally.21:01
kklimondacan couchdb compress/decompress stuff you send in and receive out? I know I can compress attachments but on a slow edge connection every byte counts.21:02
aquariusdefinitely you could write a mobile app that uses u1couch remotely21:03
aquariusand if you're interested in doing that I'm very interested in helping you do it :)21:03
aquariuscompressing...er. Don't know.21:03
kklimondathe problem isn't really couchdb stuff and rather the Android stuff. I can't really swallow Java and writing everything in XML :/21:04
kklimondaI'm an emacs guy myself ;)21:04
kklimondaor vim depending on a weather21:04
aquariusI may do a phonegap thing :)21:05
aquariuscouchdb doesn't yet support gzip compression of non-attachment output21:05
kklimondaaquarius: yet as in they have it on their todo list? Is there a roadmap I could take a look at?21:20
aquariuskklimonda, <davisp> aquarius: I don't think anyone's written that patch yet21:21
aquariusit sounds to me like people think it'd be a good idea but it hasn't made it to the top of anyone's list yet21:22
kklimondaaquarius: I would do that if they have choosen a different language for writing couchdb in. I love the idea of functional programming but learning it makes me feel like an idiot ;)21:22
ubuntu4shaneI enabled extra logging, and every time I do that u1 won't start without errors.21:22
aquariuskklimonda, I know the feeling. I can't hack erlang either :P21:23
ubuntu4shanehere is the error I get:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/533614/21:23
aquariusjoshuahoover, is ubuntu4shane's problem known?21:23
joshuahooveraquarius: looking...21:24
ubuntu4shaneI enabled extra logging because I was asked to do so in a bugreport.21:24
ubuntu4shaneand I reported back today on that bug, files disappeared, because more files disappeared, and I was asked about logging.21:25
joshuahooverubuntu4shane, aquarius: this error happens because syncdaemon is too busy to reply21:25
ubuntu4shanejoshuahoover, it seems to only happen when logging is enabled, if I turn it off, it works21:26
ubuntu4shanehowever if I disable, when I have problems like files disappearing, there isn't enough logging info. :)  catch 2221:27
joshuahooverubuntu4shane: very strange...21:27
joshuahooverubuntu4shane: what bug #?21:27
ubuntu4shaneit is bug #66749921:27
ubot4ubuntu4shane: Bug 667499 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/667499 is private21:27
ubuntu4shaneI reported back because another whole folder of files was erased.21:28
ubuntu4shanealso on my desktop, u1-indicator reports that all files are synced, and yet I have a whole folder with the circle icon showing they need synced.21:29
ubuntu4shaneodd stuff going on, at least on my system.21:29
joshuahooverubuntu4shane: what version of ubuntu?21:30
ubuntu4shanejoshuahoover, 10.1021:30
ubuntu4shaneon both21:30
joshuahooverubuntu4shane: hmmm...21:30
ubuntu4shanelaptop and desktop21:30
ubuntu4shanewith proposed update of u121:30
ubuntu4shaneu1 version 1.4.521:31
joshuahooverubuntu4shane: i tried running a job on your account to recover files...do you see them on the web? https://one.ubuntu.com/files21:32
joshuahooverubuntu4shane: it didn't look like it recovered anything (the storage size # on your account didn't appear to get bigger)21:32
ubuntu4shanethey are small files21:32
ubuntu4shanelast recovery wasn't successful21:33
ubuntu4shaneno, no files recovered21:33
ubuntu4shanethere were in the folder IglesiaBautistAncla/Messages.bak/21:33
ubuntu4shanethat had 3 or 4 folders, and about 300 files21:34
ubuntu4shanejoshuahoover, file recovery isn't really a priority to me, as I have them backed up, discovering why it is removing them is of more interest to me.21:34
joshuahooverubuntu4shane: agreed, it's strange though that the job didn't find them, it should21:35
ubuntu4shanejoshuahoover, lol, that is what rye said last time. :)21:35
joshuahooverubuntu4shane: nice21:35
ubuntu4shaneyes, I had three recovery folders where he attempted recovery, didn't recover anything21:36
joshuahooverubuntu4shane: that timeout error occurs when syncdaemon is too busy to reply...i'm going to have to leave it to verterok and others much smarter to figure out what is going on...sorry i can't help out more21:36
ubuntu4shanejoshuahoover, ok, no problem, I just saw some atcivity here and thought we could try and sort things out.21:36
joshuahooverubuntu4shane: yeah, unfortunately all the devs who are knowledgeable on this are in training at the moment :(21:37
ubuntu4shaneok, not a problem, thanks joshuahoover21:37
ubuntu4shanejoshuahoover, one more odd thing, one the laptop, none of the folders that I had syncing with u1 show as being syncronized now?!?!??21:38
joshuahooverubuntu4shane: if syncdaemon is not responding or running, then that is likely why21:39
ubuntu4shanejoshuahoover, no it seems as though it is running now.21:39
joshuahooverubuntu4shane: if you run u1sdtool --status what is returned?21:39
ubuntu4shane--status shows it is running21:39
ubuntu4shaneState: QUEUE_MANAGER21:39
ubuntu4shane    connection: With User With Network21:40
ubuntu4shane    description: processing queues21:40
ubuntu4shane    is_connected: True21:40
ubuntu4shane    is_error: False21:40
ubuntu4shane    is_online: True21:40
ubuntu4shane    queues: IDLE21:40
rohanguys how do I connect my machine to ubuntu one ?? i'm on 10.04 LTS21:54
rohananyone here?21:55
rohanthanks for the HELP !!22:00
heloso to use the music streaming, i'd need to purchase more storage unless i only want to stream from a 2GB pool of music?22:37
beunohelo, you don;t need more storage, no22:37
heloit would be cool as hell if u1 could pool users' music files22:38
beunoyeah it would22:38
beunorecord labels aren't very nice people, though22:38
heloso if you demonstrate that you own a file, it becomes available to be streamed from the 'pool'22:38
helosorry, maybe you misunderstood my question22:38
beunoas in, you own the copyright22:39
beunoyeah, we're looking into making free music available22:39
beunowe will add a pool of songs for the next release22:39
beunoand figure out how to make that process more inclusive22:39
heloso that if i have 10GB of music i'd like to stream to my android phone using u1, i don't need 10GB of storage, because u1 doesn't have to use storage space for my files (by using pooling)22:39
beunoOTOH, space is pretty cheap *wink*22:40
heloi guess 20GB and mobile streaming is $7/mo, roughly on par with cheaper than netflix (to put it into perspective of entertainment/dollar)22:41
heloerr on par with, but a little cheaper22:41
heloif only there was an 'audio diff' that could compare files uploaded to determine whether they matched something in the database...22:51
helosurely the record companies would not go for it, but it would enable a killer streaming service value...22:51
helommmmm... i should suggest bueno instead of burger king...22:53

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