rebirthi installed qtractor from the software ceneter, what's the best way to go about upgrading it to the latest version? i download it06:53
holsteinrebirth: good question07:01
holsteinif your 'up to date'07:02
holsteinthe thats the latest version in the repos07:02
holsteinyou could add a PPA07:02
holsteinlike falktx 's PPA07:02
holsteinfrom kxstudio07:02
holsteinmight have a newer version07:02
holsteinother than that07:02
holsteinyou probably have to build whatever version you find on the site07:03
holsteinunless there is a .deb on the site07:03
rebirthholstein: looks like the latest release is 4.7 but i'm running 4.507:03
rebirthcan you explain what it means to add a ppa please? sorry still learning07:05
holsteinlets look at..07:05
holsteinlaunchpad is slow...07:06
holsteinIF your running lucid07:07
holsteinyou add this PPA07:07
holsteinthe packages listed there ^^07:07
holsteinwill be available to you07:07
holsteinfrom where ever07:07
holsteinsoftware center07:07
holsteinapt or whatever you do07:08
holsteinIF there is a package that is not available07:08
holsteinits availalbe now07:08
holsteinIF there is a newer verion07:08
holsteinof a package you already have07:08
holsteinthen you can install that one now as well07:08
holsteinim running lucid with falks PPA07:09
holsteinso i have newer version of lots of packages07:09
holsteina newer ardour07:09
holsteinyou can use the PPA purge function of ubuntu tweak if bad things happen07:10
rebirthok i added the source07:10
rebirthlooks like a lot of stuff popped up in the update manager07:11
holsteinit'll probably want to do a partial upgrade07:11
holsteinit = update manager07:11
rebirthyay it has the 4.7 qtractor07:12
holsteinsweet :)07:12
holsteini was about to try and see what version was in there07:13
rebirthis this going to install a lot of new software?07:16
holsteinnewer versions07:20
holsteinit wont install anything you dont already have installed07:20
holsteinexcept maybe a dependancy here and there07:21
rebirthbut it will add new software to the software center correct?07:26
holsteini dont know much about the software center07:26
holsteinbut AFAIK it looks at the repos in your software cources07:27
rebirthyeah that's what i think07:27
holsteinmight not look as slick07:27
holsteinor have all the info07:28
rebirthyeah now when i look in the software center for qtractor is has the latest version in there07:28
holsteinalright... bedtime :)07:31
rebirththanks for your help!07:41
christopher_having blender problem here with mouse rotation17:05
Neosanoany software like Kontakt for linux?19:46
NeosanoI can't get it to work with wine19:46
Neosanojust want to play goddamn piano :>19:46
holsteinhey Neosano20:26
Neosanohey :)20:26
holsteinyour looking for a piano sound?20:26
holsteinthere are a couple ways20:26
NeosanoI have a lot of soundfonts20:26
Neosanolarge ones20:26
Neosanomore than 1 gb20:27
holsteinsoundfonts are one way20:27
Neosanobut they're in .gig or just a lot of files in one folder20:27
NeosanoBut which software can play them? :<20:27
holsteinpianoteq is great20:27
holsteinthere is a demo version free20:27
holsteinNeosano: OH20:27
holsteinyou can use qsynth20:27
holsteinim going to refer you to #opensourcemusicians20:28
holsteinthere are some midi folk there20:28
holsteini dont do a lot of midi myself20:28
holsteini did get JACK + qsynth going20:28
NeosanoI simply don't understand qsynth20:29
holsteinits strange20:29
holsteinyou have to load the sondfont in there20:29
holsteinand connect in JACK20:29
holsteinthe MIDI in from your device20:29
holsteinand the audio routing too20:29
holsteinworks great though20:29
holsteinid have to have it in front of me to talk you through it20:30
Neosanohmm wait gonna try it myself20:30
holsteinmaybe something like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdtWYsUSK8s20:30
holsteinthe UI's usually stay pretty similar from version to version20:31
holsteinlooks like zynaddsubfx is in that vid20:31
holsteinand yoshimi is the new fork of that20:31
NeosanoIm watching this video20:33
Neosanonow I can't hear anything in youtube..20:34
holsteinOH you got JACK running?20:34
holsteinyeah, theres a pulse to jack bridge around in a PPA for lucid20:34
holsteini think its in the repos for maverick though20:34
holsteini dont use it myself20:34
holsteini seem to always have another PC around if i need some pulse audio :)20:35
Neosanoso when I press keys on my midi controller Qsynth flashes the green light20:36
holsteinthats good :)20:36
Neosanoawesome, where's the sound?20:36
holsteinprobably just need to make the audio connections then20:36
holsteinin JACK20:36
holsteinunder the audio tab20:36
holsteinyou should see the instance of the synth you created in qsynth20:36
holsteinjust make sure the out is routed to whatever your monitoring with20:37
holsteinprobably the main outs on your sound card20:37
Neosanoleft side20:37
Neosanosystem(capture_1, capture_2)20:37
holsteinshould be something on the left side from qsynth20:37
Neosanoright side - system(playback_1 etc. to 8)20:37
Neosanonothing else20:37
holsteinand system plackback 1 and 2 are what you want on the right20:38
NeosanoI had to choose jack in qsynth20:38
holsteinAH :)20:38
holsteinthat makes sense20:38
holsteini didnt know you could use qsynth without JACK20:38
Neosanoo m g20:38
Neosanoit works..20:38
Neosanowhat if I try another sf...20:38
holsteini had several instances in qsynth20:39
holsteinand routed20:39
holsteinBUT there are other ways im sure20:39
Neosanostill it doesn't do the thing I need20:43
Neosano.sf2 files work nicely in LMMS20:44
Neosanoand I haven't ever seen any large sf2 good piano20:44
holsteinNeosano: see if you can catch [lsd] over in that channel20:44
holsteinhe's my go-to MIDI guy :)20:44
Neosanooh yeah20:45
virtuwhich is better?21:36
virtulast one http://cgi.ebay.com/Odyssey-Stretch-Cover-88-Note-Keyboards-/200542389678?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2eb14205ae21:37
holsteinid probably just use a towel ;)21:40
holsteini would probably try and get something with some padding21:41
virtuholstein, hi =) tks (right now I am using a towel)21:41
holsteinif it aint broke... :)21:42
virtutoday I receive some gadgets from USA21:42
virtua kindle to a friend and some cloths from Aeropostale saleout21:42
virtumaybe this week I receive the behringer =)21:43
virtuthis one seems ok http://cgi.ebay.com/Stage-Keyboard-Dust-Cover-88-Key-Keyboards-NEW-/360295920548?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item53e34f73a4 43 solds21:44
Neosanoholstein, yayz, linuxsampler is exactly what I need22:05
Neosanovirtu cover?22:06
Neosanowhy would you need a cover22:06
NeosanoI always put it next to the wall when I'm not playing lol22:07
virtuNeosano, hi... protect from dust22:07
Neosanowhy would you protect it.. from dust..22:07
NeosanoI'll never understand it22:07
virtumy piano at grandma house22:42

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