asdfasdfasdfasdfhello i have a stupid qestion im using xfce4 and i cant seem to find a way to move my panels elements where i want, for example i cant find a way to move the "show desktop" button to the left, out of its default position.04:22
asdfasdfasdfasdfthere is a "move" option when you right click an element, but the only thing it does is to grey out the whole panel and wont let me drag the element i clicked anywhere04:22
llolcatswget is returning all the time04:23
llolcatswhat could be causing this04:23
llolcatshas any one had this problem?04:24
walthow do I get the alt key to work in programs like vim, in xfce-xterm?06:32
BalsaqSomething is wrong with your DHCP server, your router or your ISP llolcats06:34
moetunesit's moments like this that make me appreciate not seeing join/parts on irc :)07:01
DraccoHello. I've installed xubuntu on my boss pc, installed samba server, checked at home and it worked like a charm even with those darn windows. I took the pc to my boss, connected it, connected printer to it, installed printer drivers (automatic) and it was all working. Printer was visible and usable from both xubuntu pc and windows xp pc. Next day my boss called me that it is not working. I checked it, it was true. Restart of xubuntu machine, it wo07:12
Draccorks again... for a moment. After that it stopped and started working few times and in final stopped working at all. Printer was even visible later, but not reachable for the xp machine. Can something be done with it? I don't really want to install xp there, as there are even no drivers on cd (and no net, and i'm not gonna use my mobile as modem again).07:12
moetunesif it is in xp too then it is prob a hardware issue08:04
Draccoprinting from xp worked (when printer was connected to xp machine)08:05
Draccoso i supposed its something related to samba08:05
Draccowell ok i have to go fix that problem now :P if i dont fix it ima install xp :/08:10
Draccocya :)08:10
Balsaqhello knome09:08
DraccoHello folks =). Again I am asking for your help :P. I reconfigured samba server and set up the network with windows, printer now works like a charm, but what troubles me is that I have to run "sudo service smbd restart" every time i log in. Can i automate it somehow? It wouldn't be problem for me but peps in the company are rather lower in computer skills.11:32
TheSheepDracco: you can set it to autostart on startup11:47
TheSheepDracco: in system->services11:47
Draccobut not with sudo :/11:47
moetunesrc.local perhaps11:48
Dracco(just googled) and would putting a script into /etc/init.d work?11:50
TheSheepDracco: it's a deamon, just set it to start11:50
TheSheepDracco: it already has a script in there11:50
TheSheepDracco: it's just not enabled11:50
Sysisysv-rc-config orwhatitwas maybe11:50
Draccook so ill try rc.local11:51
Draccouno momento, this junk is slow >.<11:53
Draccook added a line to rc.local11:56
Draccook something happened to a printer o.O11:57
Draccook i think it works, restarting again (forgot if i started it manually or not ^^)12:00
TheSheepbtw, rc.local is already run as root, so no need for sudo12:01
Draccoi know ;)12:01
Draccook it works :D12:01
Draccothx guys :*12:01
Draccook im out and away, once again thx :)12:13
szpunidid anybody played with UCK with live cd?13:55
szpunii would like to change start menu but i can't find configuration file which is responsible for it13:55
_maddythat's not what I wanted to paste...16:04
_maddybut this: I bought ATI 6870 graphics card, but it doesn't work with fglrx, so I had to disable it, but now I am stuck with low resolution...how to fix?16:05
theGmanWhere can I go to dl the latest wicd install file? The laptop I need it on has no conn atm...so I need to dl it on this one and then xfer the file manually. :)18:56
theGmanThus apt-get or aptitude install won't work18:56
TheSheep!info apt-zip19:03
ubottuapt-zip (source: apt-zip): Update a non-networked computer using apt and removable media. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.18 (maverick), package size 20 kB, installed size 128 kB19:03
TheSheeptheGman: try that19:04
theGmanTheSheep: Thx19:05
theGmanOk...but how/where do I get the actual wicd file from?19:07
TheSheepapt-zip will generate a script that will download it for you19:07
TheSheepwith all the dependencies19:08
TheSheepyou can also look at http://packages.ubuntu.com19:08
theGmanAnd I have no way to get apt-zip onto the other laptop.19:09
TheSheepyeah, it should be installed by default in my opinion, it's not big19:09
michef_chudyhi can someone give a noob a bit of help with getting xubuntu to work please?20:17
moetunesdepends on how it isn't working...20:18
michef_chudywhen I installed it for the first time I ran into a bug: the xubuntu splash screen appears, then it goes black and everything stops. so I was advised to go through the grub menu and select the recovery mode. a week later, that doesn't seem to work any more.20:22
michef_chudybasically, if I select failsafeX in the recovery menu, it just blinks and takes me back to the recovery menu.20:23
michef_chudydo it a couple more times, and it opens a shell window.20:24
michef_chudyany ideas??20:24
ubuntui just tried search function in xchat, i cant remebr the name for the ppc specific channel for xubuntu/ubuntu20:33
ubuntusome1 mind reminding me?20:33
ubuntuhi im installing from live xubuntu 9.04, im in partitioning stage, and i was wondering if there is anyspecial consideration[s] i need to make as far as filesystem goes for wanting to dual boot mac os9 and xubuntu 9.04/9.10?20:40
charlie-tcaubuntu: #ubuntu-ppc or #ubuntu-powerpc20:42
charlie-tcaI don't the specialties for mac, myself20:42
michef_chudycharli-tca: hi, i think you helped me out before20:42
ubuntucharlie-tca, , i dont think i understand wut u mean20:43
charlie-tcamichef_chudy: Tried doing a sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade ?20:43
charlie-tcaubuntu: channels for ppc20:44
ubuntui understand the channels part, but specialty line has me gessing20:44
charlie-tcaI don't know if there are anything special for dual booting macs20:44
michef_chudycharlie-tca: no. I'll try that from the command line now20:44
ubuntucharlie-tca, ahh, btw thx for refreshing my mem on the ppc specific channels20:48
charlie-tcaYou are welcome20:48
chudy_michefcharlie-tca: hi. I tried what you suggested. It downloaded a bunch of files for six minutes, then it unpacked them and the screen went black. The hard drive seems to be working away doing something, but nothing obvious is happening. Is it safe for me to switch off and on again do you think?21:08
charlie-tcawait for the drive to quit first21:09
chudy_michefbtw, just for future reference -  how can I launch the xubuntu gui from the command line?21:10
walthow do I make xfce4-term not eat the alt key?21:11
waltactually, I just realised it works in irssi. But it does not work in vim. What is the equivalent to --meta8 in xfce4-terminal?21:12
charlie-tcachudy_michef: don't know21:13
Sysihave you checked hotkeys21:13
michef_chudycharlie-tca: okay the drive has finished working. now I'm back to the command line.21:15
charlie-tcaso the screen came back21:15
charlie-tcatry a restart21:15
michef_chudycharlie-tca: yes. what do I type to do that?21:16
charlie-tcasudo shutdown -r now21:17
michef_chudycharlie-tca: okay. it's rebooting...21:18
michef_chudycharlie-tca: xubuntu splash appears, and... that's it. hangs, same as before. shall I switch on and off and go for the grub menu again?21:20
charlie-tcaHave you tried adding nomodeset to the boot line?21:20
michef_chudyI can't remember. I could do that now. Something's different now, though: there are more options at the grub menu. Ubuntu, with Linux 2.6.32-25-generic and Ubuntu, with Linux 2.6.32-21-generic (plus associated recovery modes)21:22
michef_chudywhich of those should I edit the boot line of?21:23
michef_chudy(neither of them has nomodeset)21:24
charlie-tcayes, you get a new line for each kernel upgrade.21:27
charlie-tcaYou can edit the top kernel line, just add nomodeset to the end of the line, after quiet splash21:27
charlie-tcathen boot with Ctrl+x , I think it is.21:28
michef_chudyctrl-x it is. booting now.21:30
michef_chudy...and it hangs at the splash screen...21:30
charlie-tcaWhat video card do you have/21:32
michef_chudyUh. Don't know. I'll try and check.21:32
michef_chudyBtw, I've switched off and on again. and this time it didn''t hang, it just went to 'Ubuntu is running in low-graphics mode.'21:32
charlie-tcaThat's a good sign21:33
charlie-tcaSo, you should be able to get a desktop from there21:33
michef_chudyYup. Where will I find a list of installed hardware?21:34
charlie-tcalspci in a terminal21:34
charlie-tcalook for video or graphics21:34
michef_chudythe only options I can see on the screen are as follows. bar at top: applications, places, firefox icon, help icon, power icon, network icon, speaker icon, time, quit icon. desktop: home, file system, wastebasket. bar at bottom: restore hidden windows, current workspace, switch workspace21:36
charlie-tcaapplications -> Accessories -> Terminal21:37
charlie-tcathen type lspci and hit enter21:37
michef_chudyokay thanks21:37
michef_chudyis it VGA Compatible Controller or Display Controller, maybe?21:38
charlie-tcasounds right21:39
charlie-tcawhat does it say?21:39
michef_chudyOkay so for both of those it says: Intel Corporation 82852/855GM Integrated Graphics Device (rev 02)21:39
charlie-tcasomething like this: VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV18 [GeForce4 MX 4000] (rev c1)21:39
charlie-tcathat's it21:40
charlie-tcaso, you are not so lucky...21:40
michef_chudywhy not??21:40
charlie-tcait isn't working ?21:43
michef_chudyI thought you meant there was a particular problem with my graphics card ?21:44
charlie-tcahttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/BlankScreen might help21:45
charlie-tcaor, better yet, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Lucid845gAnd855gmGpuFreezes?highlight=%28855GM%29|%28intel%2921:46
charlie-tcaspecific to your card21:46
michef_chudyokay. I tried all the things that the first of those links suggests already. but the second one, I haven't seen yet. just looking at it now...21:47
charlie-tcathis, too, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Bugs/Lucidi8xxFreezes21:49
michef_chudyah. I've just found sth that works. I deleted 'splash' (after 'quiet') from the grub file. now it seems to boot fine (except for the 'low graphics mode' error, which I can live with)21:55
michef_chudythanks for the links. I guess there's more than one bug that I'm dealing with - one with splash causing the system to hang, and one with my graphics card (causing the low graphics mode)21:55
michef_chudyanyway, thanks!!21:57
michef_chudybye, charlie-tca21:57
charlie-tcaYou are welcome21:58
redashI'm having some issues with ubunutu I don't know if i'm in the right place or not. I start ubunutu 10.10  setup in  windows 7 x64, it installs. then sends me out of os to the ubunutu os. finishes installing. update. then restarts. When it restarts This Message comes up Alert! /host/ubunutu/disks/root.disk does not exist. Dropping to a Shell!22:58
redashBusybox V.1.15.3 (ubuntu 1:15.3 - Ubuntu5) built in shell (ash)22:58
redashinsted of the gui.. any suggestions?22:58
Sysiyou're propably using wubi, all i know is it can cause problems22:59
redashyes. I can't seem it to run widnows 7 dual boot with out loading wubi. if i use the ubunitu grub.. then i can't load widnows..23:01

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