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bdrungpersia: dmb meeting?12:05
cjwatsonis it now or in 50 minutes?  my calendar is confusing12:12
BlackZcjwatson: I'd say now12:12
bdrungcjohnston: it should be now12:12
bdrungcjohnston: or to be more precise: 13 minutes ago12:13
czajkowskiany chance the fridge could just get DST right12:13
sorenI somehow suspect the fridge isn't the problem.12:15
* cjwatson is cjwatson not cjohnston12:15
czajkowskisoren: it bit the LC already this month12:15
sorenczajkowski: LC?12:16
bdrungsorry cjwatson - i should type more characters before using tab-completion12:17
sorenbdurng: Or not use tab-completion at all. It works great!12:17
sorenOh, wait.12:17
bdrungsoren: no, it doesn't :P12:18
czajkowskisoren: Loco council12:18
quadrisprohi all12:18
bilalakhtarHi Kmos12:19
bilalakhtargood to see you in a DMB meeting, I guess the first time since you sent your mail to devel-permissions?12:20
Kmosbilalakhtar: correct. I sent an e-mail explaning why I failed the meetings12:20
KmosI need to run in 45 minutes, just waiting for DMB to start12:21
cjwatsonso we have bdrung soren cjwatson.  stgraber sent apologies.  any other DMB members present?12:21
cjwatsoncody-somerville is probably asleep12:22
* bilalakhtar forgot bdrung is a DMB member :D12:22
bdrungthen the question is: where is persia?12:24
cjwatsonor geser for that matter12:24
bdrungoh, yes. i can't count ;)12:25
sorenI wonder if we should auto-schedule a topic for these meetings a couple of weeks before DST changes in any of the countries in which we have members. Scheduling meetings for people in such a diverse set of timezones will almost always mean it's going to be a stretch for someone.12:26
soren...and when DST kicks in, that might be the... what's the expression? something that tips the scale.12:27
bdrungsoren: do all dmb members live in a country with DST?12:27
sorenbdrung: no.12:27
sorenbdrung: persia doesn't.12:28
sorenAnd the US and EU switch at different times.12:28
sorenSo we have ~4 TZ combinations that we need to deal with.12:29
cjwatsonand some of us use google calendar which is known to suck at timezones.12:29
sorencjwatson: I hear that a lot. I'm not sure I agree.12:29
sorenMost stories have a (perfectly reasonable) explanation, so it's more of a question of wrong expectations.12:30
quadrisprocjohnston, really it is so (although I love all google stuff)12:30
quadrisprocjwatson, above :)12:30
cjwatsonsoren: the fact that it hopelessly confuses people on a frequent basis is suckage, even if there's a reasonable explanation for each individual piece12:31
bdrunghow can we improve the situation?12:31
sorenIf I schedule a recurring meeting for 8 PM, I've never seen that fail. However, if people in e.g. the US look at the same meeting, it'll move whenever the TZ delta between myself and them changes.12:32
soren...which is surprising, but correct.12:32
bdrungcan the chair man ping all members an hour before the dmb meeting start and tell them: dmb meeting in one hour?12:32
sorenThe best solution I've seen is to switch to Icelandic time when you schedule meetings. That way, it should stay constant w.r.t. UTC.12:33
cjwatsonyes, it would help not to be starting the process of rounding people up at start-of-meeting12:33
cjwatsonalthough in this case stgraber already sent an e-mail reminder12:33
bilalakhtarquadrispro: Nothing is perfect. If something's wrong with the calendar, it should be accepted as a mistake and should be fixed or we, as users should work around it12:33
bilalakhtarwhich is what the DMB is doing12:34
quadrisproyep, I see :)12:34
persiaSorry: time calculation failure.12:35
bdrungwhy are so many people bad at time calculation? i remember debian-multimedia meeting where too many calculated the wrong time.12:37
cjwatsonwe should start since we now have 412:38
cjwatsonwiki says persia is chairing12:38
MootBotMeeting started at 06:38. The chair is persia.12:38
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]12:38
persia[TOPIC] Action Item review12:38
MootBotNew Topic:  Action Item review12:38
* persia failed to contact the CC12:39
persiacjwatson to add haildb to mtaylor's PPU list12:39
cjwatsonadded (about five seconds ago in a panic)12:40
persia[TOPIC] Review Marco Rodrigues participation in Ubuntu Development12:40
MootBotNew Topic:  Review Marco Rodrigues participation in Ubuntu Development12:40
persiaKmos, This was stalled, looking for CC input.  Since you're here today, did you have anything you wanted to add, specifically?12:40
Kmospersia: I don't think so, just I to appologize for no been around latest DMB meetings.12:41
persiaNo worries.  We've been indecisive.12:41
bdrungKmos: may i ask how old are you?12:42
Kmosbdrung: 26 years old12:42
persia[TOPIC] Martin Pool's Developer Application12:42
MootBotNew Topic:  Martin Pool's Developer Application12:42
persia[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MartinPool/DeveloperApplication12:42
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MartinPool/DeveloperApplication12:42
bilalakhtaris mbp here?12:43
persiaHrm, seems poolie is not on freenode :(12:44
soren08:15 < poolie> night all12:44
sorenFrom #bzr.12:44
sorenThat's 4½ hours ago.12:44
persiaBlackZ, Are you here yet?  You said you might be late.12:44
BlackZpersia: I'm here12:44
persia[TOPIC] Lorenzo De Liso's application for core-dev12:45
MootBotNew Topic:  Lorenzo De Liso's application for core-dev12:45
persia[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LorenzoDeLiso/CoreDeveloperApplication12:45
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LorenzoDeLiso/CoreDeveloperApplication12:45
cjwatsonpoolie isn't around on internal IRC either12:45
cjwatsonhe's in .au and it's possible neither of our usual times is terribly congenial12:46
sorenDo we need him here?12:46
persiaI think it's something like 2am for poolie: he'll probably be happier with the other meeting time,.12:46
sorenI, for one, don't feel I need to ask him anything.12:46
cjwatsonI'd be happy to handle poolie's app in absentia personally12:47
persiaI think everyone should be asked questions.12:48
cjwatsonyou're the chair :)12:48
bdrungi want to ask him questions12:49
persiaBlackZ, Beyond helping others become developers, what work do you expect to do in the core packageset?12:49
cjwatsonmixed feedback from BlackZ's comments12:50
cjwatson(on the wiki)12:50
BlackZpersia: well, I don't have a specific package set where I want to work on, as I said on my application, I work on some Ubuntu server related packages12:50
BlackZcjwatson: please let me comment Artur Rona's comment :)12:50
cjwatsonBlackZ: of course everyone makes mistakes and I don't think it's necessary for people to be grilled about every single one - but how do you feel you might have avoided the rsyslog breakage from end of last week?12:50
cjwatsonBlackZ: I was more looking at the several ones from core-devs who said "hm, not bad, would like a bit more experience though"12:51
persiaBlackZ, Well, you're applying for upload permission to the "core" package set (and coincidentally, all the others).  I'd hope you had specific work you had been doing or planned to do there for which you would need such permission.  If you're mostly interested in server stuff, there is the server packageset.12:51
BlackZcjwatson: well, I learned from my own mistakes :) as I said you, I did that accidentally and this happens very rarely; most sponsors want me to work on other tasks other than "just" merges, but I work closely with Debian12:52
BlackZpersia: yes but I'm interested in mostly of the packages in the main component, too12:52
sorenBlackZ: The server packageset contains stuff in main, too.12:54
persiaAs do a number of packagesets (most of them, really)12:54
BlackZsoren: yeah but I'm talking generally :)12:54
cjwatsonhow is the grub merge going, anyway? ;-)12:54
BlackZcjwatson: I'd say 66 % :)12:54
BlackZcjwatson: I didn't have a lot of time in the last week to look at it, but it's in progress12:55
bdrunghow can i check which package is in the server package set? i sponsored a bunch of merges which are probably not in this set.12:56
cjwatsonedit_acl.py -P server -S natty query12:56
cjwatsonhm, or not12:56
sorenIt's ubuntu-server, isn't it?12:57
cjwatsonedit_acl.py -P ubuntu-server -S natty query12:57
MootBotLINK received:  http://people.canonical.com/~cjwatson/packagesets12:57
BlackZfor example, irssi, and most of the packages which I take care aren't in the server package set12:58
cjwatsonplease don't point people at that12:58
sorencjwatson: Apologies.12:58
BlackZs/which I take care/which I take care of12:58
persiacjwatson, Is it no longer accurate?12:58
cjwatsonthe list that's actually in Launchpad is always better12:58
sorenLess accessible, though.12:58
cjwatson~cjwatson/packagesets may contain things that haven't been applied yet12:58
cjwatsonit's really just a convenience staging URL12:58
cjwatsonI'll see if I can provide something accessible and generated from Launchpad at some point12:59
cjwatson(it's painful because LP doesn't seem to let me query package sets while logged in anonymously)12:59
bilalakhtarBlackZ: as for main packages, many packages are handled by delegated development teams. Many are part of the core as well. I saw you around the time you became contrib-dev and when you became MOTU. What made you feel that you have enough experience to be a core-dev?13:00
BlackZbilalakhtar: well, I touch many core packages and some people advised me to do that (for this reason, too) :)13:00
BlackZobviously I will not work on "just" merges but on other tasks too; however as I said, I'm working closely with Debian (for example to fix bugs to the packages there and get our fixes there to minimalize our delta)13:01
bdrungi checked the sponsored packages. most of them are in the core package set13:02
Kmosneed to go, bbl13:02
persiaBlackZ, When working on packages that affect multiple flavours, what are some of the important concerns?13:03
* cjwatson looks at http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=602406 - shouldn't that have been multiple bugs?13:03
bilalakhtarBlackZ: as for the bug which cjwatson pointed out, patch debian/patches/notification-append seems ubuntu-specific13:04
bilalakhtarit shouldn't have been forwarded to debian13:04
BlackZpersia: well, when touching *any* package (that affects multiple flavours or not) I try firstly to get in touch with the last person who touched it and I look for any single change; also, I test the package first to upload it13:04
BlackZcjwatson: right but usually I forward them with one patch that contains all changes13:05
cjwatsonbut you shouldn't :)13:05
cjwatsonjust as Ubuntu bugs should be one bug per logical issue, so should Debian bugs13:05
persiapatches.ubuntu.com does that for us.  Lots of folk find it hard or unpleasant to read.13:05
BlackZcjwatson: ok, then I will do like you said in the future13:05
cjwatsonI know submittodebian sort of fails to discourage that, but you are meant to edit the patch13:06
cjwatsonthanks - it'll be easier to get Debian maintainers to look at patches this way13:06
BlackZcjwatson: yes but I forward them manually :P13:06
bdrungBlackZ: splitting the ubuntu changes is important. then the debian maintainer can decide what to pick and what to reject13:07
BlackZbdrung: agreed; that's why in the future I will do that13:07
cjwatsonmore importantly, can make those decisions at different times and keep track13:07
BlackZcjwatson: thank you for pointing that out13:07
persiaAny outstanding questions?13:08
cjwatsonbdrung: you mentioned that you encouraged BlackZ to apply for core-dev; what made you feel differently from the other folks on his wiki page?13:08
bdrungcjwatson: i sponsored more than the others.13:08
bdrungcjwatson: a big bunch of sponsor requests came from BlackZ.13:09
cjwatsonnot an unreasonable point13:09
bdrunghis requests were all fine, he forwarded the ubuntu changes, the sync requests were all ok13:10
sorenI think I would classify that as a required condition for core-devs, by no means a sufficient one.13:12
persiaOK.  Moving to voting:13:14
persia[VOTE] Lorenzo De Liso to become core-dev13:14
MootBotPlease vote on:  Lorenzo De Liso to become core-dev.13:15
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MootBotE.g. /msg MootBot +1 #ubuntu-meeting13:15
MootBot+1 received from bdrung. 1 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 113:15
persia-1 : I'd like to see a clearer plan and stronger support in endorsements.13:15
MootBot-1 received from persia. 1 for, 1 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 013:15
soren-1 at this point, sorry.13:15
MootBot-1 received from soren. 1 for, 2 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now -113:15
cjwatson+0 - acknowledged bdrung's point but I really have a hard time saying yes with most of the endorsements being kind of lukewarm.  I think if you're ready for core-dev you should be able to persuade people to be actively enthusiastic about you. :-)  It looks as though you're going in the right direction though ...13:17
MootBotAbstention received from cjwatson. 1 for, 2 against. 1 have abstained. Count is now -113:17
MootBotFinal result is 1 for, 2 against. 1 abstained. Total: -113:17
persiaThat's below threshold, even if everyone else votes in favour.13:17
persia[TOPIC] Ken VanDine's application for core-dev13:18
MootBotNew Topic:  Ken VanDine's application for core-dev13:18
persia[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KenVanDine/DeveloperApplication13:18
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KenVanDine/DeveloperApplication13:18
persiakenvandine, Hey.  So, what work have you been doing that requires core-dev?13:20
bdrungkenvandine: can you give some examples of your work outside of ubuntu-desktop?13:21
persiakenvandine, Are you here?13:23
persiaPerhaps a bit early there yet.  Moving to the next applicant.13:24
persia[TOPIC] AlessioTreglia's application for core-dev13:24
MootBotNew Topic:  AlessioTreglia's application for core-dev13:24
persia[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlessioTreglia/CoreDeveloperApplication13:25
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlessioTreglia/CoreDeveloperApplication13:25
quadrisproHi all! here I am13:25
* ari-tczew is saying all the best for quadrispro13:26
persiaquadrispro, You mention that we don't collaborate enough with Debian: what steps do you think we should take to increase that?  I know you tend to do most of your work in Debian directly: do you think this model makes sense more widely?  Why or why not?13:27
quadrispropersia, thanks for the question13:28
quadrisprowe should encourage our contributors to work on the both side13:28
quadrisprook, some minutes to elaborate..13:28
quadrisproI don't know if my approach is the right one, asfaik I take care of quality on both D&U, and yes, it's difficult and it means more work13:29
* kenvandine waves13:30
cjwatsondepending on how you look at it - making changes as far upstream as possible is often less work in the long run13:30
persiakenvandine, We'll get back to you in a bit, if we can.13:30
bdrungquadrispro: do you have plans for main packages where collaboration fails?13:30
quadrisproyes, for instance: simple-scan13:31
kenvandinesorry i was late, didn't put this on my calendar...13:31
quadrisproI admire robert's work, but he doesn't answer my question, he ignores the work on the Debian side13:31
quadrisproand with my next uploads I'll adopt some changes for the patch system13:32
quadrisproi.e. divering quilt series file, in order to apply ubuntu-specific patches just from my side13:32
quadrispropersia, we should encourage contributors to: 1) know better how debian works: it's not enough to know that it's different, they should know *where* and *how* is different13:33
quadrispro(and sorry for my bad english...)13:34
bdrungquadrispro: did you talked with robert about simple-scan?13:34
quadrisprobdrung, yes, I tried, not everyday13:35
quadrisproI've sent a mail to u-devel-discuss some time ago: got no replies13:35
bdrungquadrispro: and direct e-mailing him?13:36
quadrisproyes, done too13:36
quadrisproI've asked him if he would like to help me maintaining the package on Debian too, I told him: "please, merge rather than upload new -0ubuntuX revisions"13:37
quadrispro"i'm open to suggestions, criticism, whatever you want: please let me know"13:37
quadrisprono replies13:37
quadrisproBTW, I'm forwarding bugs,patches for simple-scan13:38
sorenI don't see a problem in having packages flow the other way, really.13:38
cjwatsonquadrispro at least deserves a response though13:38
sorenIf upstreams only have time to really focus on one distro and they choose that one distro to be Ubuntu, that's ok.13:38
persiaI think cooperation is more important than direction, although I think most of us tend to push to Debian when the same source works for both.13:38
quadrispropersia, you got the point13:39
sorenpersia: Certainly. Me too, for upstream stuff I package. For stuff for which I'm upstream... Not so much.13:39
soren...but that's not really the topic of discussion here anyway.13:39
bdrungthe question is: how to resolve such cases (main packages are more affected by a lack of collaboration)13:40
quadrisprosoren, but if the package works fine for Debian and Ubuntu and the delta is not so intrusive, why should we diverge? BTW, I agree, this is not the point13:40
persiaOK.  New question: when working on packages that affect multiple flavours, what are some of the concerns?13:40
sorenquadrispro: Responded in #ubuntu-motu. We can pick up the discussion there once we're over here.13:42
quadrisprowell, they should work at all, and much of testing is needed13:42
quadrisprosoren, thank you, I will :)13:43
quadrisprothey *do* work13:43
quadrisprocore packageset contains essential items that need paying particular care, a small mistake might mean large breakage13:44
ari-tczewsorry for offtopic, just semi-related to this discussion: from my point packages should be clean merged till FeatureFreeze, as Debian-based system.13:44
persiaAnyone else have questions?13:47
cjwatsonnot I13:47
persia[VOTE] Alessio Treglia to become core-dev13:48
MootBotPlease vote on:  Alessio Treglia to become core-dev.13:48
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MootBot+1 received from cjwatson. 1 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 113:48
MootBot+1 received from bdrung. 2 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 213:48
persia+1 : good history, strong endorsements, lovely work13:49
MootBot+1 received from persia. 3 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 313:49
MootBot+1 received from soren. 4 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 413:49
MootBotFinal result is 4 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 413:49
persiaCongratulations quadrispro13:49
bdrungcongrats quadrispro13:50
quadrisprothank you persia, thanks all13:50
persia[TOPIC] Ken VanDine's core-dev application13:50
MootBotNew Topic:  Ken VanDine's core-dev application13:50
persia[link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KenVanDine/DeveloperApplication13:50
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KenVanDine/DeveloperApplication13:50
kenvandinei apologize for being late13:50
persiakenvandine, The questions asked before were mostly for examples or work outside the desktop set.  Could you share some?13:50
bdrungkenvandine: no problem, we had enough in the pipe13:50
kenvandinethey are of course things that are used by desktop components13:51
kenvandinemost recent examples come to mind are x264 and ubuntu-geoip13:51
kenvandinex264 bug fix which was breaking video calls in empathy13:51
kenvandineand ubuntu-geoip is a new package13:51
bdrungkenvandine: why did you use the "2:0.98.1653+git88b90d9-3ubuntu1" version for the SRU?13:52
kenvandinei end up fixing the bugs and doing or reviewing the packaging then i need to steal some valuable time from someone to sponsor13:52
kenvandinewas that for x264?13:52
bdrungyes, x26413:53
kenvandinethat was what dch gave me... to be honest :)13:53
kenvandineit was our first change on top of the latest debian one we had13:54
cjwatsonit seems fine to me to use that version, since natty already has something latere13:54
kenvandinebut i suspect that should have been 0ubuntu113:54
bdrungkenvandine: did you check that this version doesn't exits in natty?13:54
kenvandinenatty was already later13:54
kenvandine0.106 something13:54
kenvandinei think13:55
kenvandinewhich already had the fix from upstream13:55
kenvandineso i didn't need to touch that13:55
bdrungkenvandine: but there could be a 2:0.98.1653+git88b90d9-3ubuntu1 in between.13:56
kenvandinei doubt i checked all the versions in between13:56
kenvandinejust the latest13:56
cjwatsonthe upload would just have been rejected in that case, and no harm done13:56
kenvandineit would be very useful if i could assist other team members with the sponsor queue13:58
persiakenvandine, When working on a package used by multiple flavours, what are some of the most important concerns?13:58
kenvandineseb128 for example has plenty to do...13:58
bdrungubuntu-geoip is in universe13:58
kenvandineit needs to go to main13:58
persiakenvandine, Why?13:58
kenvandinenew dep for indicator-datetime13:58
persiaThat would put it in the desktop set then, no?13:59
kenvandineultimately, yes13:59
kenvandinebut getting it to that point meant using seb128's time to get it uploaded, etc13:59
kenvandineso a motu could do it...13:59
bdrungkenvandine: have you more examples?14:00
kenvandinenot specifically off hand... last cycle was much worse when the desktop set didn't have everything it should14:00
kenvandinecjwatson probably remembers that well :)14:00
kenvandinealso the patch pilot program14:01
bdrungthen it's an issue with the set14:01
kenvandinei am on that rotation, so would be useful if i could sponsor what i review14:01
persiakenvandine, How often do you find that you end up needing to work on something before it can be included in the packageset?14:01
kenvandineinstead of just shoving that off on others14:01
kenvandinepersia, every cycle...14:01
cjwatsonit's happened maybe a half-dozen times14:01
kenvandineusually at the beginning14:01
cjwatsongetting less frequent now I think14:01
cjwatsonit does happen a lot for new packages though14:02
persiakenvandine, And similarly, if there was a way to get stuff into the packageset *before* it got added to the image, would that still be as high?14:02
kenvandinecjwatson, for the perms it was every week ... i was just having seb128 sponsor14:02
cjwatsonpersia: image, there is; archive, there isn't14:02
kenvandinethat would help a lot14:02
kenvandinepersia, but i think i could also be useful helping to reduce the sponsor queue14:02
persiacjwatson, Yes, but we don't use that much.14:02
kenvandinereviewing patches, etc14:02
cjwatsonpersia: use what?14:02
persiacjwatson, Add stuff to packagesets before they are seeded.14:03
cjwatsonyou said "added to the image", that's not quite the same thing. :)14:03
cjwatsonactually, there's a fairly substantial list of exceptions14:03
persiaWell, trye, although for the desktop packageset I presume it's fairly close.  Anyway, off-topic (but I'd like to learn more later)14:04
kenvandinei probably have a direct need to have someone sponsor something for me at least once a week14:04
cjwatsongrep '^[^#]' exceptions | wc -l14:04
MootBotLINK received:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/535206/14:04
kenvandinelike this week, i'll need to get an upload of connman sponsored to go along with indicator-network14:04
cjwatson(was discussed at UDS)14:04
bdrungkenvandine: what's your relation to debian?14:05
kenvandinei would rather help reduce the sponsor queue, instead of making it worse14:05
cjwatsonpersonally I'm confident that Ken would make fairly frequent use of these privileges if granted, and that they're proportionate to the work he's doing14:05
bdrungconman is in universe14:05
kenvandinebdrung, not much i am afraid, i have done some merge requests14:05
kenvandinei should do more14:05
persiaI'd very much like ken to be able to add new packages to the archive, and work on stuff that is about-to-be-in-the-desktop-set.  I'm less convinced for stuff widely outside GNOME Desktopy stuff.14:06
persiaDo we have any way to do that?14:06
kenvandinebdrung, yes, but just an example of something else that is a dep14:06
sorenpersia: Um... "motu"?14:06
cjwatsonnot really.  MOTU allows adding new packages to the archive, but stuff that's about to be in desktop often gets sucked into main earlier for one reason or another.14:06
sorenI see.14:07
cjwatsonso I'm sure Ken would use MOTU privileges, but I doubt it would be a complete answer14:07
kenvandineand with core-dev i could lighten the load a bit for seb128 and didrocks14:07
persiakenvandine, Well, how much of that load lightening is problems with the packageset, and how much is stuff that needs to be core?14:08
kenvandinenot sure exactly14:08
ari-tczewheh... people says "I'll help reduce sponsors queue" but what about if you won't meet election promises? delete upload access?14:08
kenvandinebut there are plenty of pieces that the desktop depends on that aren't in the desktop packageset14:08
persiaWell, X, for one :)14:09
kenvandinex264 is one... upower i don't think is in the desktop packageset either14:09
kenvandineand actually during the mesa fiasco with unity14:10
kenvandineat the end of the maverick cycle... the X guys wanted me to sponsor the fix14:10
bdrungx264 was one SRU. the package is mainly maintainer by siretart14:10
kenvandinebecause folks had holiday14:10
kenvandinebdrung, well that was just a recent example... i don't have every instance memorized :)14:11
kenvandinethere was a last minute mesa upload that broken unity, during the RC of maverick14:11
kenvandineand folks were out on holiday, and with my relation to the DX team everyone was looking to me14:11
kenvandinebut we had to find a sponsor14:11
cjwatsonare there further questions here?  people seem to disagree on need, but we seem to be going round in circles at this point14:14
bdrunghi geser14:15
* geser waves14:15
bdrungkenvandine: re merges. do you forward relevant changes to debian?14:15
kenvandinei have14:15
kenvandinenot sure i have been perfect14:15
kenvandineand i have helped sync changes for our packages after they made it in debian14:16
bdrungkenvandine: do you contact the debian maintainer and offer collaboration? the desktop packages seems to differentiate much.14:17
kenvandinefor example, when the indicator stack made it in debian they sent back their changes to the packaging and i made sure we merged it14:17
kenvandinenot usually direct contact14:17
kenvandinei haven't really had a need to14:17
kenvandinethe debian maintainer for the indicator stuff was awesome14:17
kenvandinehe made the effort to send us the changes14:18
kenvandinewhich wasn't much, but we of course prefer to be as close as possible14:18
kenvandinein that case it is kind of weird, we are upstream for the packages but debian is ubuntu's upstream14:18
bdrungkenvandine: i saw that the indicator stuff in maintained by the pkg-ayatana group. joining that group could increase collaboration14:20
kenvandinesure, i could do that14:21
kenvandinewould be a good way for me to do more in debian14:21
bdrungkenvandine: joining a debian group is the best entrance point14:22
kenvandinei'll do that14:22
bdrungkenvandine: do you have specific plans for the sponsors-queue?14:22
kenvandinenothing specific, i'll be doing the patch pilot reviews once a month14:23
kenvandineand where ever i can to help reduce seb's load14:23
bdrungkenvandine: i see 12 open bugs for the ubuntu-desktop set.14:23
kenvandinethat seems low :)14:23
bdrungkenvandine: that's more than the requests for universe and multiverse combined14:24
kenvandinehow do you see bugs on the package set?14:25
bdrungkenvandine: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/sponsoring/ -> origin (and the stats on the bottom)14:25
cjwatsonkenvandine: that's specifically sponsorship requests, not bugs in general14:25
kenvandineoh origin14:25
bdrungkenvandine: how much experience do you have with sponsoring work?14:25
kenvandinequite a bit, i review all the DX uploads weekly and upload them14:26
kenvandinefor all the indicator-* packages, tedg does the packaging work in their ppa and he sends them to me for sponsoring14:27
kenvandineand they do weekly releases for all their projects that have had changes that week14:27
bdrungkenvandine: and sponsor requests from outside the DX team?14:27
kenvandineubuntuone and desktopcouch14:27
kenvandinei did a lot of the paper cuts14:28
kenvandineso empathy, rhythmbox, telepathy-*, etc14:28
kenvandineicon theme14:28
kenvandinea big chunk of the outside patches that came in for the paper cuts project i sponsored14:29
kenvandinebut that is probably all desktop set stuff14:29
persiaNo reason not to sponsor that :)14:30
kenvandineand i have :)14:30
persiabdrung, Do you have more questions?14:30
bdrungpersia: no14:30
persia[VOTE] Ken VanDine to become core-dev14:31
MootBotPlease vote on:  Ken VanDine to become core-dev.14:31
MootBotPublic votes can be registered by saying +1/-1/+0 in the channel, private votes by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0  to MootBot14:31
MootBotE.g. /msg MootBot +1 #ubuntu-meeting14:31
soren+1  Lots of excellent work getting done and I'm sure Ken will use his powers for good :)14:32
MootBot+1 received from soren. 1 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 114:32
kenvandinealways for good :-D14:32
cjwatson+1 - no complaints, good experience14:33
MootBot+1 received from cjwatson. 2 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 214:33
persia+0 : I'm really undecided about this, and don't think I can come to a conclusion now.  The work is good, but doesn't match my model of "core-dev" (which may need to change)14:33
MootBotAbstention received from persia. 2 for, 0 against. 1 have abstained. Count is now 214:33
bdrung+0 to me it looks more like an issue with the ubuntu-desktop package set. i have the same thought like persia14:34
MootBotAbstention received from bdrung. 2 for, 0 against. 2 have abstained. Count is now 214:34
cjwatsonI entirely disagree that this is a package set issue, FWIW14:34
persiaI also disagree that it's a packageset issue.14:34
cjwatsonor if it is, it's not fixable in a reasonable timeframe for Ken14:34
MootBotFinal result is 2 for, 0 against. 2 abstained. Total: 214:35
persiaI'll put these to the others via email, and may vote later myself.14:36
persia[ACTION] persia to get the rest of the votes for kenvandine14:36
MootBotACTION received:  persia to get the rest of the votes for kenvandine14:36
* bilalakhtar came late, or else he would have added something for kenvandine 14:37
MootBotMeeting finished at 08:37.14:37
persiaThanks all!14:37
bdrungpersia: chair for next meeting?14:37
kenvandinei have sponsored quite a bit for bilalakhtar :)14:37
persiabdrung, Thanks for volunteering :)14:38
bilalakhtarkenvandine was very knowledgable14:38
bilalakhtarand he was (indirectly) my mentor14:38
bdrungpersia: that wasn't an offer. ;) it was just the question why we didn't discuss it.14:38
bilalakhtarThough he had been in ~ubuntu-desktop for quite some time, he was careful about every change he made14:38
bilalakhtarwhich I guess would be good for a core-dev14:38
persiabdrung, Mostly because I forgot.  Can you not do it next time?14:39
bdrungpersia: ok14:39
bdrungbilalakhtar: that's not a reason for becoming a core-dev14:42
bilalakhtarbdrung: but it is one of the secondary qualities needed14:42
bilalakhtarbdrung: you know better, I am still motu14:42
bdrungbilalakhtar: yes.14:42
bdrungmaybe i am to sceptical towards canonical employees.14:43
ari-tczewI also disagree with kenvandine application to core-dev. Weak expierence with main.14:47
kenvandinemost of my work has been in main :)14:49
ari-tczewdesktop related, right?14:49
ari-tczewwhat about other stuff?14:49
kenvandinei'd rather not type all that again :)14:49
ari-tczewcomparing your application with BlackZ, I'm closer to agree with BlackZ but IMO he has got not enough expierence to deal with main alone.14:50
bdrungcjwatson, persia: someone should become core-dev, because he/she works on core set packages and not because the packages are in the core set but belong to another set.14:51
persiaFor all that I abstained above, I can't agree with that.14:51
ari-tczewbdrung: quadrispro has joined to core-dev.14:52
persiabdrung, Yes, but.  1) topic for #ubuntu-devel, 2) the request is in part specifically for desktopy stuff in the core set (which belongs there).14:52
bdrungok, let's move to #ubuntu-devel14:53
=== bjf[afk] is now known as bjf
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
bjfjibel, you may be interested in: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/StableReleaseCadence as I was just reading your "Kernel SRU" wiki pages15:54
jibelbjf, thanks, I've read that doc, the Kernel SRU wiki page is just a brain dump of my previous work on this process.15:55
* skaet waves16:00
vanhoofhi skaet16:00
skaethi vanhoof16:01
skaetits about time to get this started....16:01
skaethi cjwatson :)16:01
* charlie-tca waves16:01
cjwatsonI was going to try to delegate to resolve a meeting conflict, but failed to do that in time so cancelled the other one instead ...16:01
skaethi pitti, charlie-tca :)16:01
skaetcjwatson,  we can look at rescheduling once we have a quorum figured out for this16:02
MootBotMeeting started at 10:02. The chair is skaet.16:02
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]16:02
skaethi Riddell16:02
skaetpurpose of this meeting is to improve coordination between teams on the stable release (and long term support) long term support updates.16:02
skaetmeeting agenda is at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReleaseTeam/Meeting/StableReleaseAgenda16:03
skaetts a symbolic link, and will always point to the latest.  I'll be updating it, with minutes from today's meeting, and we'll adapt it in future, as these meetings evolve16:03
skaetseem reasonable?16:03
skaetWould like to briefly go through some of the bugs on the radar for the 10.04.2 LTS, then move on to discussing the SRU kernel bi-weekly release,   then to general SRU updates.16:03
skaethi zul16:04
skaetfor 10.04.2 any update on the kernel bug flagged?16:05
skaetBug #635344 - should it be resolved by an SRU update before, or be part of the 10.04.2?16:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 635344 in linux (Ubuntu Lucid) "After my CD-Rom is ejected, the tray will instantly retract." [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63534416:05
sconklinwaiting for launchpad16:06
pittithat sounds like an ancient udev cdrom_id issue all over again16:07
skaetcjwatson,  there's a few in the foundations list as well for 10.04.216:07
pittibut the main problem there already got fixed years ago, ceratinly much earlier than lucid16:07
cjwatsonhang on16:07
sconklinit's not clear that this is even a kernel bug, we have many bugs more worthy that this one, and there's no known fix, so not sure why it's on the list16:07
cjwatsonwaiting for launchpad to do what?16:07
sconklinshould have written "no fix described in the bug wrt the kernel"16:07
cjwatsonoh, right, waiting for launchpad to return the page :-)16:08
skaetsconlkin, okie.  lets just get it statused correctly.16:08
sconklinI was waiting for launchpad to serve the bug page16:08
=== JamieBen1ett is now known as JamieBennett
cjwatsonskaet: bug 563916 and bug 607657 should definitely be RC for 10.04.2, and are on my list16:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 563916 in plymouth (Ubuntu Lucid) "[details.so] No prompt for [S]kip or [M]anual recovery on server boot (or without "splash")" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56391616:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 607657 in base-installer (Ubuntu Lucid) "Lucid point release installer must support LTS backported Kernels" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60765716:08
cjwatsonskaet: I asked ev to look at bug 591207 for .1, but it didn't work out, will go round on that again - it's a messy bug16:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 591207 in casper (Ubuntu Lucid) "Casper's USB update-initramfs shim should look for initrd.img in /boot" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59120716:09
cjwatsonskaet: I confess to having no idea about bug 635273 just now16:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 635273 in python-support (Ubuntu Lucid) "Building debs with SWIG libraries do not work" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63527316:09
cjwatsonbuild tool changes scare me slightly in a point release though16:09
cjwatsonit may be less dangerous to leave this broken16:10
skaetcjwatson,  thanks!  ok,  we'll keep tracking these.16:10
cjwatsonScottK: ^- you might disagree though16:10
skaetdo we have anyone from server team?   there's bug #67110316:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 671103 in cloud-init (Ubuntu Lucid) "backport grub-legacy-ec2 from maverick to lucid" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67110316:11
cjwatsonthat got accepted for validation earlier today16:11
skaetheh,   ok, didn't spot it in the morning scans.  :)16:12
skaetpitti,   how about the bugs against desktop?  bug # 525807,  bug #459647,  bug #62528016:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 459647 in compiz (Ubuntu Lucid) "Cannot change mouse cursor theme when compiz is enabled" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45964716:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 625280 in xserver-xorg-video-geode (Ubuntu) "SRU: xserver-xorg-video-geode 2.11.9-1 to Lucid and older supported releases" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62528016:13
pittiskaet: 459647/compiz has been going on and off, and is a problem when running compiz under KDE16:13
skaetwill keep on list then16:13
pittiwe already had an attempted fix, but it caused regressions and was pulled16:13
pittiI wouldn't count on it for .2, and I think at this point we should just declare it broken in lucid16:14
pittiinstead of jeopardizing stability16:14
pitti-geode> fairly recent request; I think it will go through16:14
pittiso definitively keep geode on the list16:14
pittiwrt bug 52580716:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 525807 in openoffice.org (Ubuntu Lucid) "[upstream] [3.2.1] OOo Slide Show and Fullscreen modes - not full screen under compiz" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52580716:14
pittiwe backported 3.2.1 to lucid-proposed, but there was one regression report, which kept that from flowing to -udpdates16:15
pittiwe have been looking for an OO.o maintainer for a while now, and are interviewing16:15
pittibut since we don't currently have an OO.o maintainer, I'd drop this from the 10.04.2 list16:15
pitti(sorry about that)16:15
skaethmm,  still a bit of time for 10.04.2 - so will keep it on the list until jan16:16
pittibut neither the original bug nor the regression are even close to "easy"16:16
* skaet hoping we get an OO.o maintainer hired soon ;)16:16
pittiskaet: me too :)16:16
skaetok,  that pretty much wraps up what was on my radar for 10.04.2,  anyone have anything to raise as a "to be watched"?16:17
skaet[TOPIC] Stable Release Update16:18
MootBotNew Topic:  Stable Release Update16:18
cjwatsonjust sponsored bug 671097, which I know the server team wants16:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 671097 in grub2 (Ubuntu Lucid) "update-grub needs to ignore linux-ec2 kernels" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67109716:18
skaetsconklin,  where are we in this kernel cycle?16:18
cjwatson(and belatedly milestoned it)16:18
skaetcjwatson, :)16:18
cjwatsonI sort of hate to bring it up because it's a mess of a bug, but bug 642555 is its usual nasty self16:18
sconklinIf you look at the new stable cadence wiki page, I've renamed the cycle parts16:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 642555 in Ubuntu Lucid "Services not starting on boot in 10.04.1 LTS" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64255516:18
sconklininstead of week1 week2, it's now verification phase and testing phase16:19
sconklinsince we may not always get the one week time periods16:19
skaetcjwatson, rather know about the messes.  thanks.16:19
cjwatsonthere's lots of complex history in the referenced bug 55417216:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 554172 in linux (Ubuntu) "system services using "console output" not starting at boot" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55417216:19
sconklincjwatson: go ahead16:19
cjwatsonsorry, I didn't mean to interrupt16:20
skaetno worries,  its a first meeting, and we have some cadence to figure out,  go ahead16:20
skaetsignal you're done with .. though ok16:20
sconklinlooking at that bug16:21
cjwatsonI don't think we know a good fix for this one, and the same kernel maybe-bug caused a mess in consolekit too (since worked around), but I don't think it's likely that we can improve the kernel here; apw already spent quite a while looking at this16:21
cjwatsonmy gut feel is that we should do something like having upstart (internally?) try a few times to get a console fd, and emit some kind of event when it's done16:22
cjwatsonI'll need to talk about it with Keybuk/azul though16:22
sconklinoh, this could be related to the tty race condition that could be fixed with a change to upstrart, which was rejected as inelegant.16:22
sconklinIf memory serves16:22
cjwatsonKeybuk *did* change upstart!16:22
cjwatsonas a point of information16:22
apwcjwatson, there is supposed to be more work coming from upstream which will close the races markedly, though i have not looked to see how much of that is in what is in natty16:22
sconklinok, thanks for correcting that16:23
=== oubiwann is now known as oubiwann-away
cjwatsonhowever the change was to redirect the console to /dev/null if we lost the race16:23
cjwatsonso at least we boot now, but we get this bug16:23
=== oubiwann-away is now known as oubiwann
Keybukright, and the opposite problem applies to Upstart16:23
Keybukif Upstart is infinite-looping (or event-ing) when a console is ready16:23
Keybukthen you may never start the job that causes the console to be created16:23
cjwatsonwhat I did in consolekit was to sleep for a bit until a console fd arrived, if we got EIO16:23
Keybukbecause that needs a console16:24
cjwatsonbut I don't think that would work in upstart quite so obviously16:24
apwcjwatson, that is the 'approved' upstream solution to the issue16:24
cjwatsonKeybuk: indeed, so it would need to be "try for a while, and then /dev/null"16:25
cjwatsonrather than "/dev/null immediately"16:25
KeybukI don't like the "for a while" in init ;-)16:26
cjwatsonanyway, had intended to talk to you out-of-meeting about it rather than having the technical argument here :)16:26
apw(wednesday might be appropriate)16:26
cjwatsonwhat's on Wednesday?16:26
pittithe upstart tech talk16:26
apwKeybuk's master class on upstart16:26
Keybukwell, I wouldn't want to spend the opportunity only talking about console devices16:27
Keybukwhich is more "init covering up for the kernel's shortcomings"16:27
cjwatsonnot really the right forum, indeed16:27
skaetok,  how about an action item to track this discussion offline, and turn it back sconklin.16:28
sconklinso - aside from renaming the stable cadence parts:16:28
sconklinwe're now in the "testing phase" for both maverick and lucid16:29
sconklinLucid has completed cert testing, and no word on regression testing.16:29
sconklinI heard from Victor Friday that he had completed cert testing for Lucid in about a day, nice work!16:29
apwsconklin, which flavours and which architectures are tested for lucid16:29
sconklinvictorp: ??16:30
victorpapw - is Ubuntu16:30
victorpfor netbooks16:30
victorpdesktop edition (laptops and pc_16:30
victorpneed to double check but edition I think includes x32 x6416:30
victorpso the same ones that we certify16:30
sconklinvictorp: is there a place where testing results are publiched?16:31
victorpapw - no other Ubuntu flavours at the mo16:31
sconklin(This is later in the agenda)16:31
skaetvictorp,  is there an online report/summary of testing?16:31
victorpyes but is not permanent16:31
victorpcr3 is going to add a copy to the bug as you suggested16:31
MootBotLINK received:  http://people.canonical.com/~cr3/hw-testing/lucid-proposed.html16:31
sconklinwould be nice to have arch added to that report16:32
sconklinwhat's the status of cert testing for Maverick?16:32
sconklinvictorp: ?16:33
sconklinok, while we're waiting for that, what's the status of regression testing for Lucid or Maverick?16:34
victorpwe just started today16:35
victorpso I hope to have everything done tomorrow16:35
sconklinvictorp: excellent, thanks16:35
pedro_we've been running the qa-regression-testing suite on VM's at the moment but we're waiting for real HW or move it to the HW cert lab to have more coverage16:36
skaetpedro, jibel,  has there been any regression testing figured out for kernel SRU?16:36
* skaet too slow on typing - thanks pedro_ 16:36
victorppedro_ can you not run that via checkbox ?16:36
victorppedro_ on hw in the lab?16:36
pedro_victorp, we need to talk with cr3 to know if that's possible or not16:37
victorppedro_ ?16:37
sconklinShould we hold these kernels until we get definitive regression testing, or hold that cert testing is 'good enough'?16:37
pedro_but the perfect solution would be to include the qa-regression-testing suite into checkbox and run the tests on the same machines at the HW cert lab16:37
skaetpedro_, any reservations about lucid going out?16:37
pedro_that way you'd have more coverage and better chances to catch regressions16:38
victorppedro_ that doesnt make sense to me16:38
vanhoofsconklin: victorp: the maverick sru is of top priority for the hwe team16:39
victorppedro_ if that is the perfect solution , what is stopping us from doing it. You can have the HW that you need, so just run them. no?16:39
pedro_skaet, not really16:39
skaetpedro_, ok.   lets consider that good for now, and work on the regression flow incorporated for next 2 week cadence.16:39
victorpvanhoof ack16:39
pedro_victorp, as said, we need to talk with cr3 to know if that could be included on checkbox or not and the best way to do it16:40
sconklinI'd like to not be in an indefinite hold on these, and cert testing is more than we have had in the past. Can we even get a firm commitment for regressions testing time frame?16:40
pedro_victorp, he's the expert, so better to talk with him about it16:40
skaetsconklin,  go with lucid right now, and based on tomorrows results from maverick make a decision then?16:40
victorpsconklin - I agree16:40
sconklinSince we're talking about infrastructure questions, I think the answer to my question is no - we have no firm time frame, and I vote for shipping it16:41
victorpsconklin - +116:41
pittithe old approach was to just leave it in proposed for 3 or 4 weeks and hoping for the best that we get told about regressions from the community16:41
pittiwe can do that again for this round, of course16:41
skaetsconklin +116:42
sconklinpitti: given that we'e been through the verification and cert testing, how do you feel about releasing Lucid now?16:42
victorppitti - or until the next security update bumps the baking window16:42
sconklinIt's effectively been in -proposed since UDS, except for the verification reverts16:42
pittisconklin: it's only 5 days, and there are tons of changes16:42
pitti"now" seems exceptionally bold to me TBH16:42
skaetvictorp, pitti - would like to get lucid out now, if its gone through cert, and get something out.16:43
pittihow about next monday? this gives us another week at least16:43
sconklinThe agreement for the new process was that reverts due to lack of verification would not reset the -proposed bake time16:43
bjfpitti, the kernel changes that have been cooking for 5 days are just because of the reverts16:43
vanhoofpitti: this has been the same kernel (minus reverts) since ~Oct 20th16:43
vanhoof.37 was the first upload w/ this patchse16:44
pittiI see16:44
victorpskaet _ I am in favour of going out, rather than wait for a community test that we dont know if it is happening16:44
pittiwell, I can't say that I'm feeling good about it; I just wanted to say so, but if everyone else wants to push those out, then *shrug*16:44
pittivictorp: that's the precise attitude I do _not_ want us to get in to16:44
pitti"release it anyway, regardless of feedback"16:45
pitti(I know that we did test it on some machines in QA)16:45
victorppitti -?16:45
pittianyway, let's not bring that discussion up again, we had it at UDS16:45
skaetpitti,  it has had a lot of tire kicking in the hw cert lab at least, and we did have the prior window.16:45
pittiskaet: right, I didn't say that we didn't get feedback on this one16:46
skaetpitti,  ack.  ok, we ship lucid.   maverick tbd.16:46
pittijust about "I am in favour of going out, rather than wait for a community test"16:46
pittiit's a slippery slope16:46
skaetpitti, indeed.   we're feeling our way here.16:46
victorppitti you missed -- that we dont know if it is happening16:46
sconklinI will say that I will feel better when we have the additional testing, but for now, I think this is the best we can do. And - we've had weeks of community tests, and one week of testing since the reverts16:46
pittivictorp: right; my point exactly :)16:47
skaetso, since sconklins out tomorrow,  who wants to be part of go/no go decision?16:47
pittifor the record -- I don't think that this is the best we can do16:47
pittibut I give in16:47
skaetfor maverick.16:47
sconklinok, who will update the tracking bugs for Lucid to verified?16:47
bjfi can make the call for the kernel sru team16:47
sconklinas a matter of process?16:48
victorppitti - nevermind, that is not what I meant. As you said we talk about this at UDS at length. lets move on16:48
bjfskaet, ^16:48
pittisconklin: I think we spoke about having a kind of "QA regression testing feedback bug" per upload, right?16:48
vanhoofjust to confirm, the only remaining piece to the puzzle for maverick is cert testing of the -proposed kernel, yeah?16:48
pittisconklin: does that exist for lucid? I guess that's the one we should flip to v-done then?16:48
sconklinpitti: there is one for each of maverick and lucid16:48
skaetpedro_, can you scan through the verified bugs for lucid are all reasonable at this stage?16:48
sconklinstand by and I'll find the bugs - Not sure whether they made the changelog16:49
pedro_skaet, yes, i'll have a look to those and report back to you16:49
skaetpedro,  thanks,  will give you and sconklin an action here.16:49
skaetto make sure that the bugs for maverick and lucid have been verified.16:50
sconklinLucid testing tracking bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/67703816:50
sconklinMaverick: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/67702116:50
skaetbjf, thanks - will get together with you and victorp tomorrow morning and see where we are with maverick.   pitti, can you join us if I set up a meeting?16:51
victorpI see lucid has already the hwcert test on it16:51
victorpskaet - morning , US time?16:51
pittiskaet: I have desktop team meeting at 1630 UTC, before that is fine16:51
skaetvictorp,  pitti - will aim for that window.16:52
victorpskaet - 3pm UTC is the HW Cert scrum16:52
victorpthat needs to happen so I can give you an update16:52
pittisconklin: I subscribed ubuntu-sru to 677038; it wasn't liked to the changelog, nor u-sru subscribed, so I didn't see it16:52
skaet[ACTION] skaet to set up meeting on maverick16:52
MootBotACTION received:  skaet to set up meeting on maverick16:52
sconklinthat's all I have on the SRU kernels16:53
skaet[TOPIC] general SRU16:53
MootBotNew Topic:  general SRU16:53
pittisconklin: what do we do about -ec2, dove, etc?16:53
skaetthere are lots of questions here, can all take an action to go through, and come back on next meeting.16:53
pittisconklin, cjwatson: oh, and we need a d-i rebuild against -2616:54
pittiseems the current one in -proposed is against -2516:54
cjwatsoncan be done16:54
skaetzul - what is the server SRU report that should be used?   I found two of them?16:55
sconklinpitti: -ec2, mvl-dove have not been well discussed, and need to be16:55
cjwatsonany chance of the current debian-installer going into -updates first though?16:55
zulskaet: hi...this is the one we use16:55
pitticjwatson: yes, it's verified16:55
cjwatsonthe current images in -updates are broken16:55
* skaet is planning at ending this at the hour... so we're in our 5 minute count down. ;)16:55
pittijust need to do that publishing exercise16:55
zulskaet:  http://people.canonical.com/~chucks/SRUTracker/sru-tracker-bugs.html16:55
cjwatsonI can do that16:55
pitticjwatson: thanks16:55
skaetzul,  thanks.16:55
cjwatsonsince I think I wrote the procedure :)16:55
* pitti needs to leave in 3 mins, too16:55
zulskaet: the other one is really really old16:56
skaetany other questions?   here's the other actions I've noted.16:56
skaet[ACTION] cjwatson, apw, Keybuk, azul - to come up with resolution on upstart interaction and bug 55417216:56
skaet[ACTION]  victorp,  look at adding hardware cert reports with architectures as one of the pieces of info tracked for this16:56
victorpskaet - next SRU?16:56
MootBotACTION received:  cjwatson, apw, Keybuk, azul - to come up with resolution on upstart interaction and bug 55417216:56
MootBotACTION received:   victorp,  look at adding hardware cert reports with architectures as one of the pieces of info tracked for this16:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 554172 in linux (Ubuntu) "system services using "console output" not starting at boot" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55417216:56
cjwatsonskaet: for the logs, could that upstart action be relative to bug 642555, please16:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 642555 in Ubuntu Lucid "Services not starting on boot in 10.04.1 LTS" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64255516:57
skaetcjwatson, ack16:57
sconklinvictorp: we have a security update in the works, which looks like it will cause us to skip a cycle16:57
skaetvictorp, sconklin - ok, lets deal with this offline16:58
victorpack - just need a date16:58
victorpskaet - do we have an action for that?16:59
skaet[ACTION] victorp, skaet, bjf to set date for next one.16:59
MootBotACTION received:  victorp, skaet, bjf to set date for next one.16:59
* skaet needs to work on typing speed. ;)16:59
sconklinI'm away for the rest of this week - so bjf and skaet can figure it out16:59
cjwatsonpitti: published16:59
skaetthanks everyone.   will see if we can crisp up a bit for the next meeting in 2 weeks time.16:59
sconklinthanks everyone!16:59
skaetminutes will be posted with agenda.  :)16:59
sconklinthanks skaet17:00
MootBotMeeting finished at 11:00.17:00
pittithanks everyoen17:00
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