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leonardrhas the meeting actually started yet?15:00
jcsacketti don't think so.15:00
MootBotMeeting started at 09:01. The chair is bac.15:01
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bacleonardr: it did, but in the wrong channel15:01
bacwho is here today?15:01
bacderyck and flacoste send apologies15:01
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bac[topic] agenda15:04
MootBotNew Topic:  agenda15:04
bacFirst, let me apologize about last week.  I was on holiday and simply forgot to cancel the meeting or find someone else to lead it.15:04
bacSorry if it wasted your time.15:04
jtvAplogize?  It was fun.  :)15:05
bac[topic] outstanding actions15:05
MootBotNew Topic:  outstanding actions15:05
bacsinzui: any progress on the lint changes wrt Storm 'in'?15:05
bac * bac to work with mars regarding a slow introduction of new reviewer points regarding the ArchitectureGuide.15:06
jelmerme, sorry I'm late15:06
baci finally talked to mars about this today and i'm going to send an email this week announcing a plan.  we'll phase in one item at a time for reviewers to concentrate on.15:07
bachi jelmer15:07
bac[topic] mentat update from salgado15:07
MootBotNew Topic:  mentat update from salgado15:07
salgadohaven't been requested to do UI reviews lately, so if you've got UI reviews, send them my way15:08
sinzuiHe needs reviews15:08
sinzuiI need to stop stealing reviews15:08
bacbad sinzui15:08
abentleysinzui: wasn't your sig "guilty of stealing everything I am"?15:08
bacyes, please let's get salgado more reviews so he can graduate and get on with life15:08
sinzuiI am true to my word15:08
bacthe same is probably true with steven and code reviews...15:09
bac[topic] New stuff?15:09
MootBotNew Topic:  New stuff?15:09
bacThere are no new topics to discuss.15:09
sinzuimrevell, will be starting UI review training15:09
bacDoes anyone have an item off agenda.15:09
bacyay, mrevell!15:09
abentleyYeah, I have a couple.15:09
bacgo, abentley15:09
abentleyI sent out an email about database patches needed time checking.  Did that make sense to everyone?15:10
abentleyI didn't get any responses, except stub telling me that the patch to show db time had been rolled back.15:10
jtvWell I was wondering: what about indexing large tables?15:11
bacabentley: i was confused by the state of the request given stub's reply15:11
jelmerabentley: I haven't actually tried it, but it did make sense.15:11
abentleyWhich now leaves us with a database time budget and no way to ensure we stay within it.15:11
bigjoolswe have the staging restore time at the weekend to go on15:12
abentleyjtv: staging has always been used as an indicator of production for patch application time.15:12
abentleyjtv: The staging db is at most a month stale.15:12
sinzuiYes it is surprising to see two updates in the last 4 weeks15:12
abentleybigjools: We do.  but since we're merging db-stable into devel on Friday, that will only tell us if we've failed to stay within it, not act as a guide to keep us within it.15:13
jtvabentley: perhaps I was unclear in some way.  I mean: indexing large tables would be likely to overrun the patch time budget.15:13
jtvThere's ways around that, but not really within the existing patch system AFAICS.15:13
gary_posterbigjools: I believe part of the eventual intent is to make this change so that the weekend restore is no longer necessary--so that we can run that monthly, for instance.  maybe I'm wrong.15:13
bigjoolsabentley: you might want to consider postponing that then15:13
bigjoolsgary_poster: ack, indeed15:14
abentleyjtv: So, I was talking about a system whereby we get an estimate of how long a patch will take to apply.15:14
jtvAnd I was talking about staying within the budget that creates for us.15:14
abentleyjtv: even indexing a large table may be in the budget.15:15
abentleyjtv: We would rely on the incremental db patch application times over the week, if we had those.15:15
abentleyjtv: I suppose we could reject any patches that index large tables.  Is that what you had in mind?15:16
jtvabentley: if we had a suitable escape hatch, yes.15:16
bigjoolsnot that I don't want to talk about this, but it's drifting OT for the meeting15:17
abentleybigjools: okay.15:17
bacyes, thanks abentley.  follow up on the list?15:17
bacabentley: you had another topic?15:17
abentleybac: Hasn't worked so far..15:17
abentleyThe other topic is the reorganization into Launchpad Squads.15:18
bacabentley: ok.  review team related?15:19
abentleySome teams like mine are scattered across timezones, which means we are more inclinded to use on-call reviews.  The new squads will reduce that, and could reduce the use of on-call reviews.15:19
jtvThe squads are also scattered, aren't they?15:19
abentleyIs that something we should be concerned about?  should we embrace it?15:19
jcsackettwill it reduce that? many of the squads look scattered.15:20
abentleyOrange squad looks Euro/NA15:20
abentleyThat's less scattered than NA/NZ15:20
jtvMy squad is SEA/Euro/America15:20
bigjoolsjtv: ours might change, depending on who I recruit15:21
jtv…or fire.  Got it.15:21
* jtv shuts up15:21
abentleyOdd, I had heard that they were going to be less scattered.  Maybe I have a false premise.15:21
bacabentley: i think we'll have to see how it pans out.  i don't foresee it being an issue.15:22
jtvI hadn't heard anything, but looking at the teams thought they deliberately spanned multiple continents.15:22
* abentley yields the floor.15:23
sinzuiThe goal is to span time zones, but limit the spread so that all the member can meet15:23
bacanything else?15:23
bigjoolswe need half a day overlap, or so15:23
sinzuijtv and jcsackett are in a predicament15:24
MootBotMeeting finished at 09:24.15:24
jtvIn terms of timezone span, yes.15:24
jtvthanks bac!15:24
bacthanks everyone15:24
jcsackettthanks, bac.15:24
bigjoolssinzui: yes15:24
abentleythanks bac.15:24
jtvsinzui: I really hope I won't have to go back to the post-midnight meetings!15:24
bigjoolsthanks everyone15:24
jcsackettjtv: better to look at it less as a post-midnight meeting and more a pre-5am meeting. :-P15:26
jtvOh yes, that helps15:26
jtvno, I was wrong.  It doesn't.  :)15:26
* jcsackett laughs.15:26
bigjoolsearly to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and tired15:27
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