NivexNat_RH: greetings fellow trilugger01:28
Nat_RHOh hey Nivex01:47
Nat_RHBeen dosing, missed ya there01:47
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JackWatso is alpha1 gonna have unity?15:40
holsteinJackWat: i was told its in now15:40
holsteinbut i havent checked15:40
Tracy_Pholstein: Not heard from Susan again, so I'm in a holding pattern. I'm going to post another email to her right now.15:46
holsteinTracy_P: OH15:46
holsteinno worries15:46
holsteini had surgery monday15:46
holsteinand i totally spaced it ;)15:46
holsteinnothing major15:46
Tracy_Pminor I hope15:46
holsteinBUT i got swelling15:46
holsteinand im sitting around a lot15:46
Tracy_PSo next week would probably be better than this week?15:48
holsteinim good for lunchtime most everyday though15:50
holsteinwell, actually15:50
holsteinmondays and fridays are good :)15:50
Tracy_PApparently she is not. Either Monday or Friday would be better for her.15:50
holsteinTracy_P: i could do this friday16:47
holsteini just look a little funny, thats all16:48
Tracy_PYou have work done on your teeth or something?16:52
Tracy_PAngry Birds Seasons has been released.. I'll be sucked into a hole for a few hours.16:52
BugeyeDios user17:23
BugeyeDtoo bad that's unavailable on ubuntu17:23
BugeyeDof course, we have world of goo where ios does not17:23
Tracy_PNo, it's on my Android phone.17:25
BugeyeDreally? those guys are smart. they should be rolling in dough at this point.17:26
Tracy_PIt's all ad based.17:26
Tracy_Pon the Android that is17:26
Tracy_Pcan't stand them though personally, I'd rather pay for a version that doesn't17:26
Tracy_PI did see they are looking at a paid, ad free version some how17:27
BugeyeDi have ad-free on two ios devices. love the game.17:27
BugeyeDsuck at it, but love it nonetheless.17:27
Tracy_PI'm a problem solver for a living and seeing the pattern to get the three stars has been easy, getting the right angle and timing multiple times in a row is the challenge.17:29
coxna friendly reminder: please send plain text mail to the ubuntu-us-nc mailing list so that it will get archived more gracefully22:22
coxnwitness: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-nc/2010-November/000548.html22:23
Nivex♫ No, I don't want no scrub... ♫22:30
internalkernellmao... coxn sorry about that...23:20
coxninternalkernel: no worries23:40
coxnlast minute additions to the agenda? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam/Meeting/Agenda23:45
* coxn added an item23:48
coxnNivex: you here for the meeting?23:50
coxninternalkernel: you around?23:50
internalkernelI am... holstein should be too? maybe?23:51
coxnBugeyeD: you gonna be in?23:51
internalkernelwho else is here?23:51
coxnbac? akgraner?23:51
BugeyeDi'm hyah23:51
BugeyeDkinda. fighting a fire with bankofamerica at the moment, but i am at the computer23:52
internalkernelthreaten to leave! that always works for me...23:52
BugeyeDboa is a customer :)23:52
internalkernelwell... then... yeah... you handle that.  :P23:53
BugeyeDis the meeting at 8pm?23:54
coxnBugeyeD: 7pm eastern23:55
internalkernelyes, we leave to see Harry Potter at 8pm... :)23:56
BugeyeDmeh, i'll definitely have to miss that23:56
BugeyeDcrap, only 6 more minutes to ignore daniel ...23:57
BugeyeDwhere does the time go?23:58
internalkernelcant be done... I've seen it tried... ask my wife.23:59

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