ScottKSpeaking of $MY bug...00:10
ScottKRAOF_: Any hope on the KDE logout thing?00:10
RAOF_No, sorry.00:14
* bryceh sets up MT on his fujitsu01:22
brycehprobably needs a udev rule01:22
Sarvattbryceh, RAOF: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3154402:19
ubot4`Freedesktop bug 31544 in Mesa core "bad format in _mesa_format_to_type_and_comps" [Normal,New]02:19
Sarvatttoo bad launchpad is down, saw the r600 alt+tab compiz bugs on ubuntu-x-swat02:20
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tmzt_g2roothi, ogra in #ubuntu-arm suggested I bring this up here. I'm working on a method of detecting if a physical keyboard is present and enabled to determine whether to show an onscreen keyboard14:36
tmzt_g2rootmy proposal is to add a "Physical Keyboard" property to the input device in the evdev (and other) drivers, possibly based on something in udev to eliminate uinput (or make it configurable)14:37
tmzt_g2rootthe second part would use the existing "Device Enabled" property but make it possible to switch this on and off with a SW event on another input device, though how exactly that would work yet I'm not sure14:38
tmzt_g2rootone way to do that I think is with an action in xkb, but I don't know how it would disable a certain keyboard if the two weren't linked14:39
tmzt_g2roothow is this handled for ACPI touchpad enable buttons?14:39
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BUGabundogood afternoon 15:56
BUGabundowhat's the "formal" way to install drivers, when jockey is broken? I would like to get free of nvidia blob, and back to nouveua15:57
BUGabundoin natty15:57
bjsniderremove nvidia-current, delete xorg.conf15:57
BUGabundowhat's the 3D lib for nouveau?15:58
BUGabundoso I'm sure I have it before I purge blob15:58
JanCnouveau is installed by default15:59
BUGabundo3D ?15:59
BUGabundoit wasn't before15:59
BUGabundoit was hightly experimental, and not officially supported15:59
JanCwell, depends on what version of Ubuntu15:59
BUGabundowords of Sarvatt15:59
BUGabundoJanC: natty 15:59
JanCI thought it was, but maybe I'm wrong, as I don't have nvidia GPUs for obvious reasons  ;)16:02
bjsniderthere's a package with drm or dri and nouveau in the name. search for it16:02
BUGabundolibdrm-nouveau1 - Userspace interface to nouveau-specific kernel DRM services -- runtime16:03
JanClibdrm-nouveau1 is installed by default in maverick16:03
BUGabundo  Installed: 2.4.22-2ubuntu116:03
bjsniderwhat about a gallium package with nouveau in the name?16:03
bjsnideractually wasn't it something like librm experimental nouveau? and i thought it was in xorg-edgers only16:05
BUGabundobjsnider: AFAIR it was in universe16:06
BUGabundonot ppa16:06
JanCmaybe libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental ?16:09
JanCwhich is in main actually16:09
bjsniderthis is a job for RAOF 16:09
JanCor libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental which is in universe16:10
JanCeh, the first one was supposed to be something different16:10
JanCbut anyway that one sound like what you want16:10
JanCBUGabundo: 'libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental' contains '/usr/lib/dri/nouveau_dri.so'16:14
BUGabundo  Installed: 7.9+repack-1ubuntu216:16
BUGabundowhich is in universe16:16
BUGabundorebooting to test. if it takes me more then 45 sec, then I'm doing it wrong16:18
BUGabundoI'm stuck at 800x60016:24
BUGabundoinstead of 128016:24
BUGabundotried $ sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg16:25
BUGabundoto no avail16:25
BUGabundowould a basic xorg.conf help?16:26
BUGabundo pastebinit xorg.conf.old http://paste.ubuntu.com/538703/16:26
BUGabundodoesn't help16:37
BUGabundoI'm open to suggestions on how to make natty to work without nvidia :(16:37
jcristauremove xorg.conf.  remove nvidia crap and make sure you don't blacklist nouveau.  reboot.16:39
BUGabundoI did remove it 16:39
BUGabundook, how do I make sure its not blacklisted?16:39
jcristaurgrep blacklist.*nouveau /etc/modprobe.d16:39
JanCah yeah, nouveau drm kernel module might be blacklisted to avoid clashes with the binary alternative16:40
BUGabundo/etc/modprobe.d/nvidia-graphics-drivers.conf:blacklist nouveau16:40
BUGabundo/etc/modprobe.d/nvidia-graphics-drivers.conf:blacklist lbm-nouveau16:40
BUGabundoso I just delete those16:40
jcristaudpkg --purge nvidia-graphics-drivers should get rid of ti16:42
jcristauit, even16:42
BUGabundorun that the 1st time16:42
BUGabundook jcristau now I have full resolution16:47
BUGabundobut compiz will not start now 16:47
BUGabundo$ compiz --replace --debug | tee compiz16:50
BUGabundolets see 16:50
jcristauthat's ok16:50
jcristauyou don't want compiz anyway16:50
BUGabundocompiz (core) - Debug: Could not stat() file /home/bugabundo/.compiz-1/plugins/libbailer.so : No such file or directory16:50
BUGabundojcristau: I *do* want compiz :(16:50
BUGabundoany ideas what's missing ?16:52
SarvattI can't even get compiz starting correctly on first boot on any of my machines at this point, welcome to natty :)16:53
* BUGabundo slaps Sarvatt16:53
BUGabundono more xbox for you mister!16:54
Sarvatttry removing ~/.compiz-1?16:54
Sarvattoh silly msn, I haven't been on live in over a year but it has that name stored somewhere16:54
BUGabundologging out 16:55
BUGabundotime to put #ubuntu-x in autojoin16:57
BUGabundoSarvatt: lets go with the checklist16:57
BUGabundowhat do I need to have 3D in nouveua?16:57
BUGabundomaybe I'm missing something16:57
BUGabundo  Installed: 7.9+repack-1ubuntu216:58
BUGabundothat's just it? then its broken ehe16:59
Sarvattit's something wacky with compiz's configuration, I have no idea because I have to fix it different ways daily with every update this past week :(16:59
Sarvattcan get more info out of ~/.xsession-errors16:59
Sarvattwhat happens when you start up though? do you see the desktop and no panels?17:00
Sarvattappearance preferences doesn't work at the moment btw17:01
BUGabundoSarvatt: its not configuration, since I just nooked mine17:01
BUGabundo~$ pastebinit .xsession-errors17:02
BUGabundoI make no sense of that... help yourself17:02
BUGabundoyes, that path17:02
Sarvattmaybe try a logout and pick the classic gnome session instead of the ubuntu desktop session that starts unity?17:03
Sarvatt<Sarvatt> what happens when you start up though? do you see the desktop and no panels?17:03
Sarvattglx missing, hmm17:04
BUGabundoSarvatt: I'm using classic17:04
Sarvattupdate-alternatives --list gl_conf17:04
BUGabundohumm both?17:05
Sarvattah so you have nvidia-173 installed still17:05
Sarvattsudo apt-get purge nvidia-17317:05
BUGabundoshouilht there be just one?17:05
BUGabundoupdate-alternatives: removing manually selected alternative - switching gl_conf to auto mode17:06
BUGabundoupdate-alternatives: using /usr/lib/mesa/ld.so.conf to provide /etc/ld.so.conf.d/GL.conf (gl_conf) in auto mode.17:06
Sarvattthere ya go, should be ok minus any compiz bustage next reboot17:06
BUGabundothere goes composit17:09
BUGabundoand no compiz 17:09
BUGabundo.xsession-errors http://paste.ubuntu.com/538721/17:10
Sarvattare you starting compiz manually or something?17:10
Sarvattbecause its automatically started always right now, metacity isn't used at all yet17:10
BUGabundoI was trying to17:10
BUGabundowell, I don't have 3D or composite17:11
BUGabundoif I use apperance it blows17:11
BUGabundoso I tried from cli17:11
BUGabundo~$ compiz --replace --debug | tee compiz17:11
Sarvattappearance preferences doesn't work 17:11
Sarvatt(and probably screws up your config to boot)17:12
Sarvattagreed :)17:12
BUGabundoso .... where do I fix the other two?17:12
SarvattI don't what the problem is at this point honestly, I would nuke your config again and restart and just let compiz start with the session like it did and see what happens in ~/.xsession-errors. it looks like your config might be screwed up again because of messing with appearance preferences17:16
Sarvattwonder what the heck is up with those jockey errors you're getting17:17
BUGabundoSarvatt: what config?17:17
BUGabundocompiz? I nuked it 17:17
BUGabundoand haven't even restored anything17:18
BUGabundocause I can't activate extras17:18
Sarvattyeah but you used appearance preferences after and it looks like it screwed it up again, loading plugins that dont exist anymore17:18
BUGabundoand composite is off17:18
BUGabundonuking again17:18
Sarvatt~/.config/compiz-1 instead of ~/compiz-117:18
BUGabundohow can I enable compiz-extras and get composite to work?17:18
BUGabundonuking both , just in case17:18
* Sarvatt wants to tell him to just metacity --replace to fix it so bad :)17:22
jcristau17:50 < BUGabundo> jcristau: I *do* want compiz :(17:22
jcristauthere's his issue.17:22
BUGabundono workie Sarvatt17:26
BUGabundono dirs for .compiz-1 or .config/compiz-117:26
BUGabundotried ccsm, ok, but no compiz effects applied17:26
BUGabundonow you see why I was trying to start it 17:28
Sarvattthat's on a 8400M GS with libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental17:28
BUGabundome too17:28
BUGabundowell 8400mG17:28
BUGabundono S lol17:28
vishis unity's daily running for anyone on an AOA?19:29
vishcompiz just seems to like to crash here... :)19:30
Sarvattvish: "181 packages can be updated." will let ya know in about an hour and thank you for making me update to break things again :)19:49
vishlol! :)19:49
Sarvattoh better purge edgers first19:50
BUGabundoSarvatt: http://img.funtasticus.com/2008/nov/120110daily/daily_16.jpg ?19:51
vishhmm, seems a lot of others are facing it as well.. compiz is crashing due to nux.. ex: Bug #68373119:51
ubot4`vish: Bug 683731 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/683731 is private19:51
vish Bug #683721 as well..19:52
ubot4`vish: Bug 683721 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/683721 is private19:52
Sarvattseen a few r600 problems with compiz 0.9/kwin fixed in mesa 7.9 git19:52
* vish checks updates..19:52
Sarvattno updated in the archive yet19:53
Sarvatt7.9.1 probably wont be released for a few weeks :(19:53
vishSarvatt: nah, apport is closing the bugs as "outdated packages"19:53
Sarvattvish: what kind of failure are you seeing?19:55
Sarvatti think its intentional gnome-panel isn't launched now19:55
vishSarvatt: unity launches and crashes.. and does not reload19:56
vishso no menus/anything.. 19:56
Sarvattman http://launchpadlibrarian.net/59937265/ThreadStacktrace.txt is rediculious19:56
Sarvattdesktop effects in appearance preferences doesn't work here so I'm not sure what to make of all these bugs saying they have no desktop effects because that doesn't work with compiz loading automatically always now19:58
Sarvattshould ask if they see any transparency instead of just no wobbly windows19:59
vishnope, even after updating , compiz crashes.. filed bug 68384020:15
ubot4`vish: Bug 683840 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/683840 is private20:15
vishubot4`: ssshh!20:15
ubot4`Factoid 'ssshh!' not found20:15
Sarvatthmm not allowed to see that one20:16
Sarvattwhat's it filed against? maybe I can't see ones with core dumps outside of X20:17
vishoh! apport has not yet gone through the dump.. subscribed you to it20:17
vishSarvatt: it's in compiz20:17
vishSarvatt: you should be able to view it now..20:18
Sarvattnot having any problems with compiz-core 1:, still updating mine though..20:18
vishi think you would be having *ubuntu4 update available now, but the problem existed from *ubuntu320:21
Sarvattyeah it's still updating to it, was on 0ubuntu2 with no problems20:21
Sarvatt[  237.437499] compiz[14225]: segfault at 20 ip 04c407d7 sp bffcdf9c error 4 in libnux-graphics-0.9.so.0.904.4[4c0a000+99000]20:22
Sarvatttook that long to crash?20:22
vishyea, unity launches for a few secs , app menu and stuff loads and then poof20:22
Sarvattits done! just warning people using my minecraft server on that netbook that it's going down and i'll play with it20:23
BUGabundohey look, a jockey update20:24
Sarvattquite annoying that auto login keeps reenabling itself with the unity session when I dont want to use that :)20:25
BUGabundojockey is now fixed20:27
Sarvattvish: well thats reassuring, black screen no splash while booting :)20:27
Sarvattlooks like our friend vesafb->inteldrmfb handoff killing plymouth again, ugh20:28
vishthe splash is 'deformed' here.. ;)20:28
Sarvattyeah you20:29
vishquite ugly, so you are better off without a splash :D20:29
Sarvattre seeing the framebuffer renderer then20:29
Sarvattookay compiz didnt even try to start http://pastebin.com/m1cAUkMg20:37
Sarvattwhich is apparently https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-session/+bug/68340320:43
ubot4`Launchpad bug 683403 in gnome-session (Ubuntu) "natty 20101130.1 - 20101201 live session without panels (affects: 3) (dups: 1) (heat: 20)" [Low,Fix released]20:44
Sarvattvish: no problems with unity..20:57
Sarvattsame machine20:57
vishhmm... 20:58
Sarvattthe vesafb stuff is busted though, you probably dont even notice because of how long the vesafb/inteldrmfb transition takes on the livecd20:59
Sarvattthis is nasty, grub hanging on "Grub loading" every other boot, plymouth dying and the boot is hosed with a black screen every one that gets past that21:04
Sarvattubuntu logo on vesafb looks even worse than vga16fb did for some reason21:06
Sarvattunity feels so much faster though, good riddance mutter!21:07
jcristauat least you know right from the start that natty's not quite there yet :)21:07
Sarvattit was significantly more "there" a week ago :)21:08
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Sarvattvish: what iso are you using?21:21
Sarvattfrom http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/ ?21:21
vishSarvatt: 20101201 , and updated the live usb again..21:21
Sarvattis there some separate unity testing iso somewhere I mean? notice people mentioning 20101201.121:22
vishyea, not sure either.. i got the iso from the above link too21:22
Sarvattoh ok grabbing that then21:22
Sarvattvish: ohh so it looks like its just expecting cheese to be installed but it isnt on the livecd?21:34
vishSarvatt: seems so!21:34
vishseb128: ^^21:34
Sarvattthats just what https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/682345 looks like to me21:35
ubot4`Launchpad bug 682345 in unity (Ubuntu) (and 3 other projects) "SEGSEGV in nux::ResourceData::GetResourceIndex() const () (affects: 2) (heat: 12)" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:35
seb128Sarvatt, what cheese?21:35
vishunity used to have cheese in the default21:35
vishi mean the netbook..21:36
RAOFtmzt_g2root: In answer to your question re: how ACPI touchpad disable buttons are handled - that's pretty much done above X.21:50
Sarvattvish: sorry I was probably totally off base with the cheese thing :)21:50
vishnp.. :)21:50
vishSarvatt: but it did seem like it, since htorque also mentions .desktops :)21:51
RAOFtmzt_g2root: gnome-settings-daemon listens to those button events, and then twiddles xinput properties to disable the touchpad.21:51
Sarvattvish: whats in your gsettings get com.canonical.Unity.Launcher favorites list on the livecd?21:58
vish ['ubiquity-gtkui.desktop', 'nautilus.desktop', 'firefox.desktop', 'ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk.desktop', 'tomboy.desktop','/home/ubuntu/Desktop/examples.desktop']22:00
vishi just removed the ubiquity and the U1 … but dint help..22:00
Sarvatttry removing examples?22:00
* Sarvatt shoots in the dark22:00
Sarvattguess i'll actually make this livecd to try playing with it now22:01
vishSarvatt: bingo!!22:01
vishremoving the examples fixes it !! :)22:02
vishseb128: ^^22:02

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