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Zdrahello, is it possible to fallback to normal desktop on natty?07:55
Zdraah, starting metacity, gnome-panel and kill unity seems to work07:59
Zdrais there a setting to do that?08:00
ftaZdra, you have a small menu at the center of the bottom panel in gdm; select Classic08:02
ftathere's also a pref (System / Admin / Login Screen)08:03
Zdrafta, cool let me test that :)08:03
Zdrahm, on natty there is a tab missing in the appearance dialog, how can I tell to not use compiz but use metacity instead?08:56
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TeTeThi, anyone has a pointer for me why my natty desktop does not work after login any longer? I get asked for my keyring passphrase and then it's waiting forever. X is fine so far, I can start a separate X server and it works12:23
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geserTeTeT: Classic Desktop or Unity one?12:31
TeTeTgeser: Unity12:33
xclaesseis it known that nm-applet is segfaulting at startup in natty?12:41
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cyphermoxxclaesse, depends. I don't see it segfault here. are you fully up to date?13:00
cyphermoxxclaesse, don't hesitate to open a bug, if you have the number I'll take a look13:00
xclaessecyphermox, I installed yesterday from daily13:02
xclaesseand I'm up to date now, yes13:02
xclaesse#0  0x000000000042dd4e in ?? ()13:03
xclaesse#1  0x000000000041bc83 in status_icon_activate_cb ()13:03
xclaessehow, I see that coming, ubuntu badly patched it for indicator that I'm not using13:03
cyphermoxxclaesse, can you report a bug? it should mostly do it by itself when apport gets triggers when nm-applet crashes?13:04
xclaessehm, no, even with indicator applet, still crash13:04
xclaessecyphermox, apport does not start it seems13:04
cyphermoxxclaesse, check if you have files in /var/crash13:05
xclaessethat dir does not even exist :/13:05
cyphermoxit systematically crashes every time you start it?13:07
cyphermoxor maybe send me the core file if it crashes when started from the command line and you get one?13:08
xclaessecyphermox, ok got one13:10
cyphermoxcan you send this to me by email? how big is it?13:10
xclaessecyphermox, http://people.collabora.co.uk/~xclaesse/core13:12
xclaessecould someone upload libfolks 0.3.3 to natty? it is in debian exp :)13:14
senseI was wondering: 'metacity --replace' replaces Compiz (if that is the active wm), and 'compiz --replace' replaces Metacity if that is the active wm). But what about 'gnome-panel --replace', now Compiz-plugin Unity provides a panel? (And vice-versa.) Shouldn't the --replace things do something there, or do they already do something?13:25
cyphermoxxclaesse, still there?14:38
nessitamvo: ping14:40
mvohey nessita14:41
nessitamvo: hi there! can I ask you an aptdaemon question?14:42
mvonessita: sure14:43
nessitamvo: how can I "programatically" check if a package is installed?14:44
nessitaI've seen from the doc that I can install a package using aptdaemon.client.AptClient().install_packages, but even if the package is installed I get the gksudo gtk screen, and I need to raise that window only if a package is not installed14:45
mvonessita: the best way to do this is "cache=apt.Cache(); if pkg in cache and cache[pkg].is_installed: do_something()"14:47
mvonessita: the aptdaemon is (unlikey e.g. packagekit) only concerned with stuff that needs superuser14:47
nessitamvo: awesome, thanks!14:47
mvonessita: just querying state (or even simulating install/removal etc) can all done in the cache14:47
nessitamvo: what do you mean with simulating install/removal?14:48
mvonessita: pydoc apt ; pydoc apt.Cache" should have some useful info, if you need anything specific, I will be happy to help14:48
mvonessita: just call cache[pkg].mark_install()14:48
mvonessita: and then cache.get_changes()14:48
nessitaah, I understand14:48
mvonessita: that will give you a list of apt.Package objects that changed, you can then query the state with "pkg.marked_install", pkg.marked_delete14:49
nessitaright, and in that case call aptdaemon?14:49
mvoyes, if "is_installed" is all you need to know then that is enough, no need to run mark_install()14:50
mvoif you are interessted in the changes that it would trigger, then the later is the better option14:50
hallynis xscreensaver expected to lock up in unity right now?14:52
Amaranthexpected? no, probably not14:55
AmaranthI doubt anyone has even tried it14:56
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nessitamvo: hey, are you available for another aptdaemon question?16:19
xclaessecyphermox, pong16:26
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mvonessita: aptdaemon questions, please ask! sorry for the delay, I was in a conf call16:59
nessitamvo: hey! I was having lunch, I hope you're still around. Not sure what step I'm missing since I'm getting: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/545995/17:25
nessitamvo: in that paste, client is a aptdaemon.client.AptClient()17:25
devildantenessita: it sounds like the aptdaemon dbus service file is not present on your system17:38
nessitadevildante: yeah, which is very odd17:39
devildantenessita: did you check if it's present?17:39
nessitadevildante: using d-feet I've got no services running on :1.11217:40
nessitaonly :1.11 and :1.11417:40
devildantenessita: isn't the whole point of dbus to start services only when it's needed?17:40
nessitayes, as far as I know17:41
mvonessita: hm, odd, I just tested this http://paste.ubuntu.com/546023/ on maverick and natty and its fine for me17:41
nessitamvo: I'll re test17:41
nessitamvo: it worked now...17:41
nessitano idea what happened before. Thanks!17:42
nessitadevildante: thanks to you too17:42
devildantenessita: np ;)17:42
devildantemvo: hello btw :)17:42
mvohey devildante17:43
mvonessita: hm, maybe it crashed? anyhting in /var/crash ?17:43
* nessita looks17:44
nessita/var/crash is empty17:44
* mvo scratches head17:44
nessitamvo: when  I tested this I didn't run any mainloop17:47
nessitamaybe that was the cause?17:47
mvonessita: indeed, that sounds plausible17:47
mvonessita: sorry for not mentioning this, there are gtk widget available btw if you need to show progress etc17:47
nessitamvo: yes, I've seen it in the rythmobox u1 plugin :-)17:48
Shred00if i have a bzr checkout of http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/evolution/ubuntu/ i assume i won't see any changes that were made for a maverick-proposed evolution until it's accepted into maverick-updates, is that correct?18:26

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