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charlie-tcaGood morning14:24
ochosihi charlie-tca 14:36
charlie-tcaHello, ochosi 14:36
ochosithe problems with the panel plugins (verve,dict) are not entirely solved, but mr_pouit and me concluded that there could be bugs in the plugins themselves14:36
ochosii think i've done everything on the theme-side... :/14:37
charlie-tcaThanks for trying on that. It might be the plugins, too.14:37
charlie-tcaI can read the text in dict plugin using clearlooks, though14:39
ochosisure, you can read text with any theme with a bright panel14:39
ochosicause they use dark text ;)14:39
ochosii basically figured out how to theme the rest of the panel bright and the plugins dark where needed, but it really seems to be due to bad/old code in the two plugins14:40
charlie-tcaOh, Okay. I can believe that14:40
charlie-tcaThat makes sense to me14:40

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