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udienzAsia - Oceania RMB Meeting now?10:12
udienznobuto, there?10:15
nobutoudienz: yes.10:15
udienznobuto, AORMB meeting now?10:16
head_victimudienz: if you know who the board are try pinging them I guess.10:16
udienzhead_victim, ok10:17
udienzelky, ejat?10:17
nobutoudienz: no activities yet.10:17
elkypersia, lifeless, freeflying?10:19
nigelbelky: lifeless said g'nite a while back.  I suspect he's out.10:24
elkyi can't remember the nicks of the others on the board10:25
head_victimelky: from the launchpad page it's persia, ejat, vantrax, lifeless, freeflying, amachu and yourself10:27
elkyok, so that's why. i thought i was remembering nicks wrong; they're just not on10:28
head_victimApparently not :/10:28
nigelbNo.  They're not.10:28
* ejat pinging everybody .. 10:28
elkyejat, tried. just you and me so far10:28
maqtanimhi elky , ejat10:29
maqtanimi was in the last meeting10:29
maqtanimand i was approved by you guys10:29
maqtanimbut did not get any email from ubuntu10:29
maqtanimabout the membership10:30
nigelbmaqtanim: launchpad ID?10:30
maqtanimwill it take longer time?10:30
udienzmaqtanim, what your lp id?10:30
head_victimSounds like time to set up a mailing list approval, makes sense if you can do it from applicant's wikis and questions.10:30
head_victimJust got to get enough to turn up to agree to it ;)10:30
udienzmaqtanim, try to send adnan.quaium@ubuntu.com10:31
maqtanimudienz, I tried10:32
maqtanimbut it fails10:32
maqtanimseems that the RegionalBoards approved me10:32
elkylaunchpad is timing out on every second pageload at the moment. can someone check that he got added to the team?10:32
maqtanimbut I was not approved by ubuntu10:32
nigelbelky: He wasn't10:33
nigelbI don't see ubuntumembers in his team list.10:33
elkyi sent emails to the board list. ejat are you having more luck with launchpad?10:33
ejatadded ..10:36
maqtanimejat thanks :)10:36
ejatwelcome ..10:37
elkymaqtanim, it won't happen automatically, you may need to wait a week or so for the import to happen10:38
ejatelky: only we both again today?10:38
elkyejat, sadly yes10:38
ejatouch ..10:38
maqtanimelky... hmmm... it's about 14 days since the last meeting :)10:38
elkymaqtanim, yes, but there's not enough board members for quorum10:39
maqtanimyeah ... i saw that...10:39
maqtanimnot everyone can make for this meeting :(10:40
maqtanimwell... actually how many members are there in this board?10:40
udienzmaqtanim, 1610:42
elkyudienz, no there's not.10:42
maqtanimudienz i dont think so10:42
elkythere's 7 on the board.10:43
udienzups sorry10:43
maqtanimonly 8 are there10:43
maqtanimbut I see only elky and ejat regularly in this board-meeting10:44
nigelband persia too actually.10:50
elkyIt's a bad time of the year for working around commitments.10:50
udienzit's up..11:02
maqtanimudienz i think you can try with other regional boards11:03
udienzmaqtanim, yes, i try to European Membership board11:03
maqtanimat UTC 8pm there is another meeting11:04
udienzmaqtanim, 4 AM in Indonesia :(11:05
maqtanimthat's not so suitable time :(11:05
udienzmaqtanim, no problem. i will try wo wake up11:06
maqtanimwish you good luck11:07
udienzmaqtanim, thank you11:07
maqtanimelky, ejat11:08
maqtanimI think https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/RegionalBoards/AsiaOceania11:08
maqtanimshould be updated11:08
maqtanimit still shows the meeting date is Dec 7 201011:08
maqtanimpeople will be get easily confused11:09
diwicthe ubuntu-audio-dev meeting the should have started 12 minutes ago is cancelled, since I was the only one showing up.11:13
diwicso feel free to keep talking :-)11:13
ejatowh .. sorry diwic ..11:15
diwicno worries :-)11:15
ejatwiki updated ...11:16
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ttxhappy new year to everyone !15:59
Davieyhappy new year ttx!16:00
hggdhding-o-bell, and etc16:00
* Daviey looks at the mins from last meeting16:02
DavieyAnnounce next meeting date and time16:02
Daviey    Tuesday, January 11 2011 16:00 UTC16:02
ivokshappy new year :)16:02
DavieyTechnically we don't have a meeting this week :/16:02
Davieybut I'm not sure there will be a meeting next week... so..16:02
hggdhso are you going to #startmeeting?16:03
Davieyhallyn, I think you are chair?16:03
hallyni deny everything16:03
DavieySpamapS, You were the last chair?16:03
smoseri did the one before Christmas.16:03
zuli think its me16:03
* Daviey agrees.. lets get rocking.16:04
MootBotMeeting started at 10:04. The chair is zul.16:04
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]16:04
SpamapSahh I think if you forget to update the wiki you have to do it again ;)16:04
zul[TOPIC] Review ACTION points from previous meeting16:04
MootBotNew Topic:  Review ACTION points from previous meeting16:04
zulrobbiew: how is the wiki gardening coming?16:05
robbiewhowever I do need to update the Roadmap16:05
zulheh....good luck on that :)16:05
robbiew...but first I need to figure that out16:05
zulok...Daviey were you able to reproduce bug 66129416:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 661294 in linux (Ubuntu) "System lock-up when receiving large files (big data amount) from NFS server" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66129416:06
zulim thinking not because it was christmas last week16:06
Davieynegative, one of our team has expert knowledge of NFS... i think it might be better to try and do it next week TBH.16:06
zulhggdh: i think bug #684304 is fixed now correct?16:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 684304 in linux (Ubuntu Natty) "cciss module does not identify resources" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68430416:07
Davieyhggdh, ^^?16:07
hggdhzul: seems to be -- I was able to have the discs16:07
zulhggdh: if you are around16:07
hggdhbe aware of bug 69477216:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 694772 in eglibc (Ubuntu) "Sudden reboot during server ISO install" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69477216:07
hggdh*NO* server ISOs work currently16:08
* hggdh wonders if UEC will ever be tested this cycle :-(16:08
Davieyhggdh, I have tested it on non cciss hardware :P16:08
zulso have i :)16:08
JamesPagehggdh: I think that bug 694772 is also effecting all of the automated server iso tests as well16:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 694772 in eglibc (Ubuntu) "Sudden reboot during server ISO install" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69477216:09
hggdhDaviey: the cciss module has been, er, deprecated on Natty16:09
zulsmoser: to write a blog entry on how to use grub 'fallback' with our images.16:09
smoserhm... yeah, i did not do that.16:09
zulheh christmas got in the way right?16:09
smoserso carry it over. i want to still do it.16:10
zulok then..16:10
zul[TOPIC] Natty Development16:10
MootBotNew Topic:  Natty Development16:10
zuli was looking at the burndown charts and i think we are a bit behind...robbiew do you want to mention anything?16:11
robbiewheh...yeah...update work items!!!16:11
robbiew...and that we'll review things next week16:11
robbiewmove and make cuts where necessary16:11
SpamapSsorry had to go afk for a minute,16:11
zulpersonally i intend to work on some openstack items this week hopefully16:11
SpamapSAlso we should probably be mindful of the amount of scope creep16:12
SpamapSI noticed alpha2 just had a ton of DONE stuff added right before the break16:12
zulso yeah regularily update your work items or robbiew will hunt you down with an ice pick16:13
zulanyone have anything else?16:13
zulguess not16:13
zul[TOPIC] Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team (hggdh)16:13
MootBotNew Topic:  Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team (hggdh)16:13
zulhi hggdh how was your holidays?16:14
hggdhnot as good, ran some tests on the new kernel and hit the block on libc6 update16:14
hggdhso no news (apart from my comments above)16:15
zulanyone have any questions for hggdh?16:15
zulok moving on16:15
hggdhI just want to make clear that UEC has *NOT* been tested, at all, so far16:15
SpamapSone question16:15
zulyeah its unfortunate that the test rig has had so many problems16:15
hggdhSpamapS: shoot, sir16:16
SpamapSwhat happened to server papercuts?16:16
SpamapSI know ttx has moved on and doesn't have as much time for us anymore, but are we going to try and do some this cycle?16:16
Davieyttx tradionally drove them :)16:16
zulSpamapS: we might want to bring it up next week and do it later in the cycle16:16
ttxIt didn't work well as a way to encourage community to participate to ubuntu server16:17
ttxIf you want to continue it I think it needs to be revamped16:17
Davieybut it was successful in getting bugs squashed :)16:17
zulttx: right but it did get some exposure with little bugs16:17
ttxmaybe we should just be using the bitesize tag16:18
Daviey... i think the ~canonical-server 2/3 bugs each mandate needs revisiting tbh16:18
SpamapSor just fixing them in larger bug pushes later in the cycle16:18
ttxI don't think we need to redo the whole subcycle nominations shebang16:18
DavieyThat is one sure way of the "best" ones being picked by those that perhaps are already involved.16:19
zul[TOPIC] Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (smb)16:20
MootBotNew Topic:  Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (smb)16:20
smbI successfully managed to forget about all my work related problems. So if you still have some, I need to be reminded. Still need to get back at the buglist but did not get to it, yet.16:20
zulsmb: i just have one to bring up16:20
smoserwe get old bugs squashed for free now with the dhobach patch pilot :)16:20
* Daviey hugs dholbach16:20
smbzul, sure post the bug number16:20
zulsmb: bug #69304216:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 693042 in linux (Ubuntu) "Kernel Panic while booting Natty installer kernel (2.6.37-10-generic) on amd64 ISO" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69304216:21
zulsmb: heh i was just looking for it16:21
zulara brought that up i think she is going to bring it up again in the kernel team as well16:21
smbHm without time to look very deep16:21
zulright...she just brought it up today16:22
smbSo, I look at that later for more info16:22
hggdhit *may* be related to the sudden reboot thingy16:22
zulanyone else?16:23
smoserjust for record16:23
smosernatty bugs for ec2:16:23
smoser 684875 Patch to Natty 2.6.37-virtual breaks non-EC2 users16:23
smoser 686692 natty kernel does not boot on ec2 t1.micro16:23
smoserand then, one that i'd  like to see smb's thoughts on16:23
smbhggdh, zul It looks like it even might be some fallout of memory corruption/use after free16:23
smosermaverick: 614853 kernel panic divide error: 0000 [#1] SMP16:23
smoserbug 614853 seems to be an upstream bug, but is hitting on ec2 more commonly than elsewhere. hard to reproduce.16:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 614853 in linux-ec2 (Ubuntu) "kernel panic divide error: 0000 [#1] SMP" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61485316:24
zulanyone else?16:26
zul[TOPIC] Weekly Updates & Questions for the Documentation Team (sommer)16:27
MootBotNew Topic:  Weekly Updates & Questions for the Documentation Team (sommer)16:27
zulhi sommer around?16:27
Daviey(Considering this meeting is technically unscheduled, he has a valid excuse) :)16:28
zul[TOPIC] Weekly Updates & Questions for the Ubuntu Community Team (kim0)16:28
MootBotNew Topic:  Weekly Updates & Questions for the Ubuntu Community Team (kim0)16:28
zulhi kim016:28
SpamapSNEXT MEETING: Tuesday 2011-01-04 at 1600 UTC - #ubuntu-meeting - AGENDA16:29
SpamapSkim0 just left16:29
robbiewDaviey: does sommer need an invite?16:29
SpamapSsommer came two meetings ago16:29
DavieySpamapS, Ah, in the meeting logs:16:30
SpamapShe was away for a while on honeymoon and starting a new job16:30
DavieyAnnounce next meeting date and time16:30
Daviey    Tuesday, January 11 2011 16:00 UTC16:30
SpamapSDaviey: doh!16:30
smoserthe Canonical server team will be Sprinting next week16:30
smoserwe'll still plan for same time ?16:30
zuli dont see why not16:31
hggdhwe might as well, the community is still there16:31
zulbut i guess kim0 is not around either16:31
SpamapSCould we do it UDS style and just stream the room?16:31
Davieykim0 did join just before the meeting started :/16:31
kirklandzul: Daviey: SpamapS: i wonder if we should plan to have a somewhat regular cobbler update here ... ?16:31
Davieykirkland, That sounds good.16:32
kirklandsince there are several people working on that, and people in the community interested16:32
SpamapSkirkland: I'll 3rd that idea.16:32
Davieykirkland, Starting next week :)16:32
kirklandi probably should have brought that up in the development topic section16:32
zulkirkland: sure...bring it it up in the open discussion stuff that is next16:32
kirklandbut decided to wait for open discussion16:32
kirklandzul: oh?  this isn't open discussion?  :-)16:32
zul[TOPIC] Open Discussion16:32
MootBotNew Topic:  Open Discussion16:32
zulnow it is...16:32
zulso yeah cobbler16:32
zulthe canonical server team has been beating cobbler into shape16:33
kirklandwe have alpha-quality packages in a PPA16:33
kirklandand a bzr branch16:33
kirkland(imported original source from git)16:33
zuland how functional is it right now?16:34
kirklandthough i see that package is pretty old (last built 12/13)16:34
kirklandzul: only so-so functional16:34
kirklandzul: still takes some tweaking16:34
SpamapSAlso I believe the bulk of the changes have been accepted upstream.16:34
kirklandzul:  you were going to update our bzr snapshot ... what are we on now?16:34
SpamapSjust some of the packaging-specific stuff is left16:34
zulkirkland: the snapshot has to be updated, debian and ubuntu support have been accepted upstram and i fixed the tftpboot problem which also been accepted upstream as well16:35
kirklandzul: that rocks16:35
kirklandSpamapS: same to you16:35
kirklandzul: SpamapS: Daviey: safe to say we'll work together on it next week16:36
kirklandand try to push it into the archive16:36
zulwhat needs to be done is the mirroring stuff and uploading the package16:36
kirklandand then we can ask people to start testing from that16:36
kirklandzul: okay16:36
kirklandI'm bringing 2 machines and a router to the sprint, which we can work from16:36
kirklandperhaps hallyn and/or Daviey can bring 1 or 2 crash-and-burn boxes?16:37
hallyni've got one, yeah16:37
hallynsort of hoping i can get someone to drive it back for me at the end :)16:37
JamesPagekirkland: I can bring an extra with me (ex ttx stock :-))16:38
* ttx misses his UEC laptops. My desk doesn't look liek a trader's desk anymore16:38
DavieyI would like to avoid brining excess hardware this time TBH.16:38
DavieyWant to try and travel light if i can.16:38
kirklandJamesPage: sweet, thanks16:38
zul[TOPIC] Announce next meeting date and time16:39
MootBotNew Topic:  Announce next meeting date and time16:39
kirklandDaviey: understood16:39
DavieyAlthough can access it all remotely if needed.16:39
zulstill the same time next week?16:39
zulor do people want to skip it16:40
hallyni think they were saying hold it next week16:40
Davieyrobbiew, What are your thoughts?16:40
SpamapSLets have it next week16:40
SpamapSand we can maybe ask elmo if he'd be ok with ustreaming it16:40
robbiewhold it16:41
MootBotMeeting finished at 10:41.16:41
robbiewustreaming is optional ;)16:41
* Daviey will need a haircut then.16:41
zulthanks for coming16:41
zulill need to wear clothes16:41
hallynat least a bathrobe16:42
hggdha bit more, temp is expected to be on freezing as high next week16:42
hggdhserious. the artic cold front will hit us on Sunday evening/monday morning16:44
hggdh(so far, a balmy +10C)16:45
hggdhand... if we have snow... you will be able to see how Dallas drive on it16:45
hggdhwhich is to say, crashes all around16:46
zulhggdh: thats actually quite warm16:48
hggdhfor you, yes :-)16:48
* ara waves16:55
smbHey ara16:55
bjf# lets "get 'er done"!17:01
MootBotMeeting started at 11:01. The chair is bjf.17:01
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]17:01
bjf[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Meeting17:01
bjf[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/ReleaseStatus/Maverick17:01
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Meeting17:01
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/ReleaseStatus/Maverick17:01
bjf# NOTE: '..' indicates that you are finished with your input.17:01
bjfi'd like to be the first to welcome sforshee to the team!17:01
JFowelcome sforshee! :)17:02
ckingwelcome sforshee17:02
* tgardner welcomes everyone back after the holiday break.17:02
bjf[TOPIC] ARM Status (bjf)17:03
MootBotNew Topic:  ARM Status (bjf)17:03
bjfNothing new17:03
bjf[TOPIC] Release Metrics (JFo)17:03
MootBotNew Topic:  Release Metrics (JFo)17:03
JFoRelease Meeting Bugs (6 bugs, 14 Blueprints)17:03
JFo==== Alpha 2 Milestoned Bugs (29 across all packages (up 1)) ====17:03
JFo * 1 linux kernel bugs (no change)17:03
JFo * 0 linux-ti-omap bugs (no change)17:03
JFo * 0 linux-meta-ti-omap bug (no change)17:03
JFo==== Release Targeted Bugs (144 across all packages (up 11)) ====17:03
JFo * 12 linux kernel bugs (up 1)17:03
JFo * 0 linux-ti-omap bugs (no change)17:03
JFo * 0 linux-meta-ti-omap bug (no change)17:03
JFo==== Milestoned Features ====17:03
JFo * 5 blueprints (Including HWE Blueprints)17:03
tgardnerexcept that it look like we'll start supplying an omap3 natty kernel.17:03
JFo==== Maverick Updates Bugs ====17:03
JFo * 56 Linux Bugs (up 2)17:03
JFo==== Lucid Updates Bugs17:03
JFo * 97 Linux Bugs (down 14)17:03
JFo==== Bugs with Patches Attached:145 (up 3) ====17:03
JFo * [[https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bugs?field.has_patch=on | Bugs with Patches]]17:03
JFo * [[http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ogasawara/csv-stats/bugs-with-patches/linux/ | Breakdown by status]]17:03
bjftgardner, noted17:04
bjf[TOPIC] Blueprints: Natty Bug Handling (JFo)17:05
MootBotNew Topic:  Blueprints: Natty Bug Handling (JFo)17:05
JFonothing to report.17:05
bjf[LINK] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/hardware-kernel-n-bug-handling17:05
MootBotLINK received:  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/hardware-kernel-n-bug-handling17:05
bjf[TOPIC] Blueprints: Kernel Configuration Review (apw)17:05
bjf[LINK] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/hardware-kernel-n-config-review17:05
MootBotNew Topic:  Blueprints: Kernel Configuration Review (apw)17:05
MootBotLINK received:  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/hardware-kernel-n-config-review17:05
apwPV on HVM support (XEN_PCI_PLATFORMDEV) testing is still pending for natty-alpha-2.  The only other remaining action here currently is to report on the final config at beta time, this is waiting on the final kernel version.17:05
bjf[TOPIC] Blueprints: Enhancements to the firmware test suite (cking)17:06
bjf[LINK] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/hardware-kernel-n-firmware-test-suite-enhancements17:06
MootBotNew Topic:  Blueprints: Enhancements to the firmware test suite (cking)17:06
MootBotLINK received:  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/hardware-kernel-n-firmware-test-suite-enhancements17:06
ckingNothing to report17:06
bjf[TOPIC] Blueprints: Handling of Deviations from Standard Kernels (smb)17:06
bjf[LINK] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/hardware-kernel-n-stable-frankenkernel-maintenance17:06
MootBotNew Topic:  Blueprints: Handling of Deviations from Standard Kernels (smb)17:06
MootBotLINK received:  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/hardware-kernel-n-stable-frankenkernel-maintenance17:06
smbI got a little farther with the tool by now. Detection seems to work. The output needs a bit of polish still.17:06
bjf[TOPIC] Blueprints: Review of the Stable Maintenance Process (sconklin / bjf)17:07
bjf[LINK] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/hardware-kernel-n-stable-process-review17:07
MootBotNew Topic:  Blueprints: Review of the Stable Maintenance Process (sconklin / bjf)17:07
MootBotLINK received:  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/hardware-kernel-n-stable-process-review17:07
sconklinThe new cadence is working pretty well, but we continue to address issues as they arise. These mostly have to do with17:07
sconklininsuring adequate communication between various teams. I'm concerned that thw two-week cycle may not leave us enough17:07
sconklintime for exceptions and tools development, and we will be discussing this at the platform rally next week.17:07
sconklinWe're planning to begin a cycle by uploading new kernels this Friday, which will put us in verification phase during17:07
sconklinthe rally.17:07
bjf[TOPIC] Status: Current -proposed testing by cert. team  (ara)17:07
MootBotNew Topic:  Status: Current -proposed testing by cert. team  (ara)17:07
arabjf, little to report here, as the last -prop kernel was successfully tested and uploaded to -updates17:08
araI wanted to report on our weekly testing17:08
araWe found this bug before the holidays:17:09
ubottuUbuntu bug 693042 in linux (Ubuntu) "Kernel Panic while booting Natty installer kernel (2.6.37-10-generic) on amd64 ISO" [Undecided,Incomplete]17:09
araand it wasn't being worked upon since then, but I have seen that now apw is on it17:09
apwara, that one is looking like it may be an issue with upstart, see comment #717:09
araapw, thanks!17:09
tgardnerara, I picked that up from your IRC chatter and notified apw17:09
araapw, yes, I saw that bug17:09
aratgardner, thanks17:09
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apwara do feel free to reach out and prod us direct on such things17:10
araapw, I will try this week with the latest ISOs, although it seems it is still there17:10
bjf[TOPIC] Blueprints: Ubuntu Kernel Delta Review (apw)17:10
bjf[LINK] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/hardware-kernel-n-ubuntu-delta-review17:10
MootBotNew Topic:  Blueprints: Ubuntu Kernel Delta Review (apw)17:10
MootBotLINK received:  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/hardware-kernel-n-ubuntu-delta-review17:10
apw15 of the 19 personal patch reviews are now done.  All of the ubuntu drivers are now updated and reviewed.  Some work remains on compcache which is now superceeded by zram in staging, but some userspace work is required to switch to it.17:11
bjf[TOPIC] Blueprints: Kernel Version and Flavours (apw)17:11
bjf[LINK] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/hardware-kernel-n-version-and-flavours17:11
MootBotNew Topic:  Blueprints: Kernel Version and Flavours (apw)17:11
MootBotLINK received:  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/hardware-kernel-n-version-and-flavours17:11
apwWe are still working to determine how to provide omap3 kernels, testing is ongoing of a master based kernel.17:11
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bjf[TOPIC] Status: Ecryptfs (jj)17:12
MootBotNew Topic:  Status: Ecryptfs (jj)17:12
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=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-afk
jjohansenPrototype is in progress, but isn't up yet.  It should be working in a day or two.  I started messing with putting the long names in the header but switched to xattrs due to the factors detailed below.17:12
jjohansenStoring long names in meta data is problematic for17:12
jjohansen• hardlinks - this can be handled somewhat by either allowing a single longname or by allowing multiple longnames as space allows17:12
jjohansenFail over to storing long names in header17:12
jjohansen• long directory names - problematic.  There is no header for directories17:12
jjohansen• long symlink names - problematic.17:12
jjohansen• require update of header (reencryption) on rename17:12
jjohansenFail over to storing long names in xattrs17:12
jjohansen• problematic for filesystems that don't support xattrs17:12
jjohansen• leaks fact that long name is present unless all files are given longname xattr17:12
jjohansen• requires update of xattr (reencryption) on rename17:12
jjohansenCombine current FNEK names and longnames requires encoding information to that a given name was long and stored differently, this leaks some information about the filename.  This leak provides more information than the xattr on the file, in that it provides information on which dentry is long when a file has multiple names.17:12
=== Ursinha-afk is now known as Ursinha
jjohansenhrmm that didn't paste nice :(17:12
bjf[TOPIC] Status: Natty (apw)17:13
MootBotNew Topic:  Status: Natty (apw)17:13
apwThe main distro kernel is now at 2.6.37-11.25 (v2.6.37-rc7 based).  v2.6.37-rc8 has already released and we are expecting v2.6.37-final shortly, we are planning one more upload before the Rally.17:13
bjf[TOPIC] Security & bugfix kernels - Maverick/Lucid/Karmic/Hardy/Dapper (sconklin / bjf)17:15
MootBotNew Topic:  Security & bugfix kernels - Maverick/Lucid/Karmic/Hardy/Dapper (sconklin / bjf)17:15
sconklin|| Package                                   || Upd/Sec              || Proposed             ||  TiP || Verified ||17:15
sconklin||                                           ||                      ||                      ||      ||          ||17:15
sconklin|| dapper   linux                            ||            ||            ||    0 ||        0 ||17:15
sconklin||                                           ||                      ||                      ||      ||          ||17:15
sconklin|| karmic   linux-ec2                        || 2.6.31-307.22        || 2.6.31-307.23        ||    0 ||        0 ||17:15
sconklin|| ---      linux                            || 2.6.31-22.69         || 2.6.31-22.70         ||    0 ||        0 ||17:15
sconklin||                                           ||                      ||                      ||      ||          ||17:15
sconklin|| lucid    linux                            ||         ||         ||    0 ||        0 ||17:15
sconklin|| ---      linux-meta-lts-backport-maverick ||         ||         ||    0 ||        0 ||17:15
sconklin|| ---      linux-lts-backport-maverick      || 2.6.35-22.34~lucid1  || 2.6.35-23.41~lucid1  ||    0 ||        0 ||17:15
sconklin|| ---      linux-firmware                   || 1.34.1               || 1.34.2               ||    1 ||        0 ||17:15
sconklin||                                           ||                      ||                      ||      ||          ||17:15
sconklin|| maverick linux                            || 2.6.35-24.42         || 2.6.35-903.20        ||    0 ||        0 ||17:15
sconklin|| ---      linux-ti-omap4                   || 2.6.35-903.19        || 2.6.35-903.20        ||    1 ||        0 ||17:15
sconklin|| ---      linux-meta-linaro                ||       ||       ||    1 ||        0 ||17:15
sconklin|| ---      linux-linaro                     || 2.6.35-1008.15       || 2.6.35-1010.17       ||    6 ||        0 ||17:15
sconklin|| ---      linux-meta                       ||         ||         ||    3 ||        1 ||17:15
sconklin|| ---      linux-firmware                   ||                      || 1.38.2               ||    2 ||        0 ||17:15
sconklin||                                           ||                      ||                      ||      ||          ||17:15
bjf[TOPIC] Incoming Bugs: Regressions (JFo)17:17
MootBotNew Topic:  Incoming Bugs: Regressions (JFo)17:17
JFoIncoming Bugs17:17
JFo 57 Natty Bugs (up 19)17:17
JFo 1123 Maverick Bugs (down 4)17:17
JFo 1045 Lucid Bugs (down 51)17:17
JFoCurrent regression stats (broken down by release):17:17
JFo==== regression-update ====17:17
JFo  * 25 maverick bugs (down 1)17:17
JFo  * 75 lucid bugs (down 1)17:17
JFo  * 6 karmic bugs (no change)17:17
JFo  * 0 hardy bugs (no change)17:17
JFo==== regression-release ====17:17
JFo  * 188 maverick bugs (up 11)17:17
JFo  * 195 lucid bugs (down 3)17:17
JFo  * 39 karmic bugs (down 1)17:17
JFo  * 2 hardy bugs (no change)17:17
JFo==== regression-proposed ====17:17
JFo  * 13 maverick bugs (no change)17:17
JFo  * 3 lucid bugs (no change)17:17
JFo  * 1 karmic bug (no change)17:17
bjf[TOPIC] Incoming Bugs: Bug day report (JFo)17:18
MootBotNew Topic:  Incoming Bugs: Bug day report (JFo)17:18
JFoThe next bug day will be next week. As we are just returning from the holiday's and we are winding back up,17:18
JFoI'd like to focus on bugs in the new state and getting them moved in the appropriate direction. I'll send17:18
JFothe information out later today or tomorrow.17:18
bjf[TOPIC] Triage Status (JFo)17:19
MootBotNew Topic:  Triage Status (JFo)17:19
JFoI am continuing testing on the script that replaces one tag with another. I should have it finished this week.17:19
bjf[TOPIC] Open Discussion or Questions: Raise your hand to be recognized (o/)17:19
MootBotNew Topic:  Open Discussion or Questions: Raise your hand to be recognized (o/)17:19
tgardnersconklin, why is linux-linaro in your maverick list? Its no longer supported by Linaro, and we sure as heck don't own it.17:19
sconklintgardner: tool failuer17:20
bjfJFo, go17:20
JFolook forward to seeing all of you next week in Dallas!17:20
bjfthanks everyone17:21
MootBotMeeting finished at 11:21.17:21
JFothanks bjf17:21
kamalthanks bjf17:21
ckingthanks, fast and efficient as ever17:21
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ubottuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: January 04 2011, 19:31:1619:31
highvoltage * EMEA Membership Board meeting in around 5 minutes19:54
* thorwil cheers for daker19:57
highvoltageyou'll have to contain that excitement for just a bit longer :)19:58
highvoltagepopey, czajkowski, ogra, drubin, stgraber: EMEA RMB meeting time20:00
* drubin is here20:00
* stgraber waves20:00
* popey clears out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/RegionalBoards/EMEA20:01
popeyczajkowski is stuck in traffic so wont make it20:01
drubinwow much better!20:01
popeyi got a text from her just now20:01
ograslacker !20:01
drubinThis seems like it is going to be a short one.20:01
ograshe needs a smartphone :)20:01
highvoltagereally? even the dumbest of phones can do IRC these days :)20:02
ograyeah, but typing on a numberpad is hard at decent speed20:03
popeyhighvoltage: wanna chair?20:03
highvoltageok, just don't sit on me20:04
highvoltagevictorp doesn't seem to be present20:04
victorpi am here20:04
highvoltageah! there you are, please introduce yourself20:04
popeyhang on20:04
popeywe going to use the bot?20:04
victorphanging on20:04
highvoltagepopey: no20:04
popeyoh, ok20:05
highvoltagevictorp: please continue20:05
victorpHi! My name is Victor Palau. Originally from Barcelona (Spain), now living in London.20:05
victorpI have been involved in Open Source previously in the mobile phone space. I started following the Ubuntu community when setting up the Symbian Foundation, and I developed a passion for how things were done in Ubuntu.20:05
victorpI recently joined Canonical (since Sept'10), and I am leading the team that is responsible for the Ubuntu Certified programme and also for the enablement of new hardware such as Sandybridge in Ubuntu. Recently involved on the SRU testing and Natty alpha1 across our HW lab.20:05
victorp http://wiki.ubuntu.com/VictorPalau20:05
victorpand that is me ;)20:05
ogravictorp, nice move to get ara and mdz to speak up for you :)20:05
victorpoh well, they are nice people20:05
drubinvictorp: How were you involved with Ubuntu before September 2010 ?20:06
victorpas a user20:07
victorpnot as a contributor really20:07
victorpi have blog about my experiences a bit20:07
ogrado you have a LP url that lists all pcert bugs ?20:07
highvoltagepopey: if you prefer, we can, I don't see a particular need for it20:07
victorpogra - hold on I will look20:08
* ogra is fine without bot as long as someone manages to count 20:08
victorpogra https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=pcert20:08
victorpalso recently created https://wiki.ubuntu.com/certification20:09
highvoltageogra: I'll use a calculator if I get stuck ;)20:09
drubinvictorp: Can you say a little about how you came to join Canonical and the Ubuntu Certified  program?20:09
victorpI have been involved for a long time with Symbian20:09
victorp(the OS for phones)20:09
victorpand a few years back I was part of the team20:10
victorpthat moved it to open source20:10
highvoltagevictorp: you have great recommendations from Ara and Matt, and your recent work seems really great, but is there other Ubuntu specific work (as in, loco team involvement, any bug fixing, packaging, etc) that you have been involved in?20:10
victorpas part of doing so we look into how ubuntu does manage the projects20:10
ograhighvoltage, a buglist is above20:10
victorpthat is how I started following it up and setup a bugsquad for that20:10
victorphighvoltage - not a really good programmer here :)20:11
victorpmy strength is on testing and team management20:11
ograhow are your plans to involve the community more into certification ?20:12
victorpogra - so I kept an eye for roles in Canonical that I could contribute more fultime20:12
ograany creative ideas for the near future ?20:12
popeyI would have expected more than 25 bugs reported for a bank of 200 machines being tested..?20:12
victorpogra - I think we need to make sure we have a way for the community to provide feedback20:13
victorppopey - me too, that is one of my pet hates20:13
victorpogra- we have setup a public lp project20:13
victorpand we are planning to link from that to the certification pages20:13
ograand make some noise in the community too20:13
victorpfor example20:13
* highvoltage has no further questions20:14
ograi think the wikipage is a very good start20:14
victorpI bought a vostro 330020:14
victorpand has a few bugs20:14
victorpso I add notes to the certification20:14
victorpbut that is only because a I work there, I want to make sure that everyone in the community can provide that sort of feedback20:14
ograok, i'm done with questions too20:15
czajkowskihow woyld you go about gwtting community people involved20:15
czajkowskisorry on phone20:15
victorpogra - would like ideas on how to make the right noise in the community about it!20:15
ogracreate something like the hug-day programme20:16
victorpwell - I think we need to make sure we reach the right people that20:16
victorpthat was for czajkowski20:16
ogragive people rewards (SWAG and the like) if they are really deeply involved etc20:16
victorpI found out that actually not many people know about certification20:16
highvoltagegreat. shall we vote?20:17
victorpso start by making sure that advocates of ubuntu know about it20:17
victorpplan to keep blogging a20:17
drubinyes ready to vote.20:17
stgraberready to vote20:17
* victorp shuts up now20:17
highvoltageVOTE: victorp for Ubuntu membership, council members may vote -1 (against) / +0 (abstain) / +1 for20:17
highvoltage+0 [ great work leading hardware certification team, but I'd like to see more depth and breadth of Ubuntu work ]20:19
popeyI'd like to see more evidence of work done, and more community involvement20:19
ogra+0 ... i would be +1 for future plans and taking the community into account in a manager role where you not necessarily would need to, can you make that happen (or get started at it) and come back with some more under your belt ?20:19
victorppopey - could you give me some examples please?20:19
stgraber+0 [ you seem fairly new around here and I'd welcome wider participation within the Ubuntu community, keep up the great work ]20:19
victorpogra - sure20:20
drubin+0 just not there yet. Can do more also with a bit more work I see this program taking off :)20:20
highvoltageit's also hard to judge work based on a team. the wiki page says "The Hardware Certification team does...", it's hard to add that to a person's contribution when it's not direct contributions listed20:20
popeyvictorp: well, I am unaware of any community involvement in the hct20:20
ograhighvoltage, well, he leads the team ...20:21
highvoltage^^^ victorp, for next time, I hope you apply again20:21
popeyi realise the testing team consists of some community people, but nothing more specific on your wiki page details what your team does with the community20:21
highvoltageogra: then he could list what he did as a leader to make the team work better20:21
ograleading it in the right direction is surely a good contribution if the result is a working cert programme with much community involvement20:21
highvoltageogra: that team also appears to be an internal canonical team, it doesn't seem part of the Ubuntu project (please correct me if I'm wrong)20:22
ograit certifies ubuntu20:22
ograindeed its currently made of canonical employees20:22
victorphighvoltage - we run test on every SRU and weekly on natty for quality testing and we share this results with the community20:22
ograbut note that it exists for years already20:22
victorp + certification20:22
victorpogra ack20:23
ograand now there seems to be a direction towards the community20:23
ograso thats imho a valuable contribution if we can measure it20:23
drubinmaybe we should side line this and move on?20:23
highvoltagevictorp: I hope that you do get more involved or change your wiki page somewhat and re-apply, I do however stand by what I said. You sound like a great guy and I'm sure you'll get membership at some point20:23
* drubin agrees with highvoltage20:24
czajkowskican we keep moving sorry we have a lot to get through20:24
highvoltageogra: I'd like to discuss this with you, let's do that after the meeting if you have some time20:24
victorpthanks, I hope to apply again  ;)20:24
ograhighvoltage, sure20:24
highvoltageRESULT: -1, and we hope to see victorp apply again in the future after more contrubution20:25
highvoltageMichealH: you've been quiet today20:25
drubinI prefer the new bots syntax makes greping easier20:25
highvoltageMichealH: are you around?20:25
MichealHhighvoltage: I have?20:25
MichealHI am indeed20:25
highvoltagedrubin: ok, next time you can chair20:26
akshatjgood luck MichealH20:26
MichealHShall I introduce myself?20:26
MichealHHi Guys! I am Micheal Harker and I am here to go for Ubuntu Membership. I beleive that to keep Ubuntu Open Source, people ,like me should contribute to Ubuntu. I currently do and I am well noted for doing things for Ubuntu Tour and IRC in Gerneral. I hope that My request is enough to sustain the requirements to be a Member.20:26
highvoltage"people like me" - who are people like you?20:26
MichealHI am a team leader of Ubuntu Tour20:27
drubinhighvoltage: I was implying you were the bot :) and I like your format. Think we should use it going forward seems easier then moot20:27
highvoltagedrubin: ah, ok, I misunderstood :)20:27
MichealHhighvoltage: People who get involved by organising teams and helping take on key roles in Teams20:27
MichealHDdorda: Around?20:27
Ddorda‎MichealH: indeed :)20:27
MichealHI have a few people to tell you guys how they feel about my contributions20:27
highvoltageMichealH: I browsed through the ubuntu tour content this morning, there's quite a lot of pages written about it already! it was quite impressive20:28
MichealHhighvoltage: I made around 5 or 10 of them20:28
Ddorda‎I'm here to support MichealH. i know him for long time and i can tell how active and useful he is. he always help where he can and contribute where ever he is needed20:28
highvoltageMichealH: the LP team lists that there are over 200 members in the team. how many of them are active? and have you had any problems so far in managing the team?20:29
drubinMichealH: are there any plans to get the project added to Ubuntu main archives instead of just a ppa20:29
MichealHhighvoltage: I dont do much organisation stuff but I know at least 50 - 75 are active20:30
UndiFineDI am here to support MichealH as well, he is a good leader for Ubutu-Tour and he recently started contributing to SpeechControl20:30
MichealHdrubin: We are hoping for it to be either added to Natty (Could be possible) But definatly in the future20:30
MichealHI also get involved in Speech Control20:31
MichealHIts a progect to help people with Disabilities to use the computer20:31
MichealHIm not a genious at programming but I am helping nonetheless20:31
* popey goes 'eek' at the tutorial linked from your page about 64-bit flash20:31
highvoltageMichealH: the Ubuntu Youth wiki page says that the team is currently being revive the team?20:32
czajkowskiMichealH: so before you were here and you were involved in Ubuntu youth? are you still invovled there?20:32
czajkowskiMichealH: and to what level ?20:32
MichealHhighvoltage: huh? Can you please be a little clearer?20:32
highvoltageMichealH: on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuYouth, it says under current tasks "Currently we are in the process of revamping the team's project(s), goals, and direction. When all is decided, the tasks and projects will be listed here."20:33
MichealHczajkowski: I was a leader but I stepped down, I am now a Member there and I help whenever someone shouts20:33
czajkowskiMichealH: why did you step down ?20:33
highvoltageMichealH: are you involved with the revamping project, and if so what is your role(s) in that?20:33
MichealHhighvoltage: Nope that is handled by the council20:33
MichealHczajkowski: Becuase people were loosing intrest. I was simply 'not ready' for leadership at that time20:34
MichealHAnd as you can see I am alot better at leading a project20:34
czajkowskiwell a project in many ways is like a team MichealH20:34
MichealHczajkowski: I understand that20:35
highvoltageany further questions?20:35
MichealHI, also have gotten my relatives intrested in Ubuntu20:36
MichealHMy dad loves it!20:36
MichealHHe likes how It is fast and especially Compiz ;)20:36
highvoltageok, doesn't seem so20:37
highvoltageVOTE: MichaelH for Ubuntu membership, council members may vote -1 (against) / +0 (abstain) / +1 (for)20:37
MichealHI have tons of plans for the future but my main goal is to sustain contribution20:37
popey-1 I'm seeing plans and ideas but little actual evidence of work done for the project.20:38
czajkowski-1 I'd love to see you get work done but at present I don't see it.20:38
highvoltage+0 [ Great enthusiasm, but little documented contributions ]20:38
ogra+0 good enthusiasm, needs more evidence20:39
MichealHSo I need to focus on my wikipage?20:39
highvoltageRESULT: -320:39
drubin+0 [Need to actually record what you have done]20:39
MichealHOr just genearal evidence?20:39
highvoltageoh, sorry drubin I forgot about you20:39
czajkowskiMichealH: it's not about the wiki, it's about doing items, rather than coming up with some good ideas.20:39
ograwell, you said you wrote about 10 pages on the tour already20:39
drubinMichealH: link to work you have done.. So we can click on the links and see20:39
ograpoint to them ...20:39
MichealHCan I geather some evidence?20:39
highvoltageMichealH: I nearly wanted to give you a +1 just based on that this is the... 4th time we see you?20:40
popeyI'd also like some QA on your tutorials.20:40
MichealHhighvoltage: Indeed20:40
czajkowskiMichealH: sure can we talk to  you after the meeting, just we have a good few to get through tonight20:40
highvoltageMichealH: but I think you need to take a step back and show some patience before applying again, and wait until you have more contributions20:40
czajkowskithank you20:40
drubinMichealH: Also non of your recomendations are from people in your current teams you list :)20:40
MichealHpopey: Some QA?20:40
popeywill talk later20:41
highvoltagestefano-palazzo doesn't seem to be around for now20:42
highvoltagericotz doesn't seem to be around for now20:42
highvoltagedaker: hi! please introduce yourself20:42
dakerHi, i am  Adnane Belmadiaf from Morocco, 22years old I'm a Web developer, I have been using Ubuntu since 2008 as my primary OS.. I am involved in different projects in the Ubuntu community.20:43
highvoltageyeah, exactly20:44
* ogra is impressed by that amount of contributions 20:44
dakerthank you20:44
ograand by that proper list20:44
highvoltageI don't have any questions, is there any comments from any supporters or any questions before we vote?20:45
czajkowskiyay testimonials :D20:45
ogra*and* by the testimonials20:45
thorwiljust: hooray ;)20:45
* ricotz is sorry20:45
ograno questions, that wikipage talks for itself20:45
highvoltageVOTE: daker for Ubuntu membership, council members may vote -1 (against) / +0 (abstain) / +1 (for)20:45
highvoltage+1 [ clear sustained contributions, works well with other people ]20:46
highvoltageRESULT: +520:46
highvoltage(if my math is right)20:46
dakerWoo ツ20:46
ograwelcome daker20:46
highvoltagedaker: congratulations and welcome!20:46
popeynice one!20:46
thorwilcongratulations, daker! well deserved :)20:46
dakerthanks you all20:47
charlie-tcaCongratulations, daker20:47
* daker hugs you all20:47
highvoltagericotz: hi! no problem :)20:47
highvoltagericotz: would you like to introduce yourself?20:47
ricotzhighvoltage, was pretty busy :(20:47
popeyadded drubin to ~ubuntumembers20:47
ricotzhello everyone, my name is Rico Tzschichholz and I am living in Germany.20:48
drubinwow bit late but thanks20:48
czajkowskican I vote20:48
drubinthat was at popey :) not ricotz20:48
highvoltageczajkowski: that's for daker, right?20:48
popeyoh, hang on20:48
ograczajkowski, what do you pay ?20:48
czajkowskihighvoltage: yes20:48
popeyi meant daker :)20:48
highvoltageczajkowski: ok, adding it for the record20:48
czajkowskihighvoltage: thank you!20:48
ricotzhighvoltage, may i?20:49
czajkowskiricotz: you have some pretty good testimonials20:49
czajkowskiwell done20:49
highvoltagericotz: hmm? feel free to say anything in suport of your application20:50
ricotzI am leading developer of Docky and managing the well known Gnome-Shell PPA.20:50
ricotzI also use every oportunity to convince people to use Ubuntu/linux and open source software like OpenOffice/LibreOffice.20:50
ricotzThis year I also set up a small buisness IT infrastucture using Ubuntu Lucid and LTSP for a server/thinclient environment.20:51
* drubin is happy to vote20:51
ricotzFurther information on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ricotz + https://launchpad.net/~ricotz, as you may already looked at20:51
highvoltagericotz: do you think there's a chance that gnome-shell will make it in to natty in time for release?20:51
highvoltagericotz: if so, are you doing any work on that?20:51
ricotzhighvoltage, very unlikey at this time, since the gnome 3 stack is in a bad condition20:52
ograhighvoltage, it has to, else the canonical PR team will suffer :P "yes you can easily switch from unity to gnome-shell" :P20:52
ricotzbut there will be an official ppa which already exists20:52
highvoltageogra: heh, nice :)20:52
highvoltageok, any further questions?20:53
* ogra has none20:53
ogra(i like the fact that someone uses LTSP in business (finally))20:53
ricotz(yeah it works ;) )20:53
highvoltagericotz: heh, you realise that stgraber and ogra is LTSP upstream? :P20:54
highvoltageVOTE: ricotz for Ubuntu membership, council members may vote -1 (against) / +0 (abstain) / +1 (for)20:54
highvoltage+1 [ great packaging / bug fixing work in an area that is much needed ]20:54
ogra+1 (not because of LTSP though) :)20:54
drubin+1 [Dev stuff but focused on community and getting other people invovled]20:54
popey+1 - great work providing great services for the community (and I like docky ;)20:54
drubinat least that is how it comes across. IMHO very good quality so well done ricotz20:55
czajkowskiwell done20:55
highvoltageRESULT: +620:55
ricotzthank you very much! all of you20:55
highvoltagericotz: congratulations and welcome!20:55
drubinricotz: Hope to see you continue doing what you are doing. Congrats20:56
ricotzhighvoltage, ty20:56
ogragreat to have you on board20:56
charlie-tcaCongratulations, ricotz20:56
popeyricotz: added to ~ubuntumembers20:56
highvoltageudienz: You're up next, would you like to introduce yourself?20:56
ricotzdrubin, ty, if my time schedule works ;)20:56
highvoltage(and tell us more about yourself)20:57
highvoltageudienz: are you around?20:58
highvoltageI'm surprised udienz doesn't apply for MOTU, he's done some nice bug fixing work in universe20:59
czajkowskiwell their wiki does say limited internet20:59
ograyeah, he seeems to focus on ftbfs21:00
ograthats rare and awesome21:00
popeyvery much needed21:00
czajkowskiok so we can close meeting and let the CC start on time this month :)D21:00
bioterrorhe was online earlier, what a shame not now21:00
popeyI've cleared out the wiki page but left udienz on the list for next time maybe21:00
drubinhe says "he used mobile connections" so might be unstable21:00
highvoltageudienz: we're ending this meeting, feel free to apply next month. I suggest you consider applying for MOTU rights with the DMB in the meantime, which will automatically grant you membership as well.21:01
popeybah, wiki is broken21:01
highvoltageThanks for attending everyone21:01
drubinthanks highvoltage for charing you did a great job.21:01
popeynice one highvoltage21:01
drubinchairing even.21:01
highvoltageI'll send results to all the relavant lists21:01
highvoltageMeeting adjourned21:01
czajkowskihighvoltage: thanks for chairing21:01
highvoltagethanks :)21:01
ograyeah, thanks21:01
ogra(and sorry for missing last month)21:02
czajkowskiogra: blame the iphone alarm :p21:02
ograi blame vacation21:02
ograi was forced to burn my vacation days (had left a full month)21:02
czajkowskiogra: jammy21:03
ograwas nice :)21:03
czajkowskihighvoltage: *hugs*21:03
pleia2ok, time for the Community Council meeting :)21:03
pleia2once again we don't have much of an agenda (the only item on it right now requires direct followup)21:04
highvoltageczajkowski: *hugs*21:05
pleia2so if there is anyone who wishes to bring anything up, you're welcome to, we don't have quorum to make decisions but it can be finished on list21:05
charlie-tcaDo you have any status on Xubuntu Project Lead?21:05
* pleia2 checks21:06
highvoltagepleia2: all I have is thank you for keeping CC things going and caring!21:06
czajkowskipleia2: does indeed rock21:07
pleia2charlie-tca: it looks like the CC only received one recommendation for leader21:08
charlie-tcaNow what do I do?21:08
pleia2charlie-tca: I think from here we decide how to handle it, maybe just a vote of confidence vote from the xubuntu community?21:08
charlie-tcaDo I ask them to approve it?21:08
charlie-tcaOkay, Thanks21:08
pleia2the CC can approve, or the community can approve, I don't see a problem either way, you're the canididate and I don't think there will be problems with confirmation :)21:09
charlie-tcaYeah, I just need to get something formalized on it.21:09
* pleia2 nods21:09
pleia2I'll follow up to the nomination email confirming what we just discussed here21:10
pleia2highvoltage: that reminds me, if you want to announce the new edubuntu council member, feel free to (I'll x-post to fridge)21:10
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highvoltagepleia2: ok, great. I'm doing the e-mail right now21:14
pleia2charlie-tca: email sent :)21:16
charlie-tcaThank you very much21:16
highvoltagepleia2: e-mail sent21:24
pleia2highvoltage: oh! that's good too, but I actually meant the new *edubuntu council member* we installed last week :)21:25
pleia2Marc Gariepy21:26
highvoltagepleia2: oh, right. sorry my mind was kind of one-tracked on emea there for a moment :)21:26
highvoltagepleia2: ok, I'll post it on the Edubuntu blog and edubuntu-devel mailing list, sounds good?21:27
pleia2I'll x-post your -devel mail to the fridge21:27
pleia2maybe also mention in the email that you moved to 2 year terms21:28
pleia2so we extended everyone (except nixternal)21:28
highvoltageJordan Ericksson stepped down, but he sent the email in which he said so to the wrong person so no one ever got it :)21:29
highvoltagethat means we'll be down from 6 council members to 5, which isn't a problem, but we should then bring our quorum down from 4 to 321:29
* pleia2 nods21:29
pleia25 is more standard anyway21:29
pleia2I seem to recall we did 6 because there were 6 nominees and they all got the same number of votes :)21:30
highvoltageindeed, and it gave us at least some redundency21:30
pleia2highvoltage: do you have a copy of Jordan's step down email? if so fowarding it to the CC would be great, then I can deactivate his membership in the team21:33
highvoltagepleia2: I didn't get the email (since he sent it to the wrong person), but he e-mailed the CC directly on 2010-12-0921:50
pleia2your latest email was sufficient, I'll deactivate tomorrow unless there are objections :)21:51
highvoltageok, thanks a lot21:51
highvoltagenow I can finally tick the edubuntu council elections off from my todo list :)21:52
pleia2me too!21:52
czajkowskipleia2: re staffing of boards?21:53
czajkowskipleia2: any word?21:53
pleia2czajkowski: no word, looks like we got tied up in a boards discussion about merging boards21:53
czajkowskiI definately would opose that21:53
pleia2now that the holidays are over we should try to push through that blocker21:54
pleia2czajkowski: the Merge RMBs thread was emailed to all the board lists, can you reply to the thread?21:54
czajkowskiI thought I did...21:54
pleia2not seeing one21:55
macojust to the one about quorum being hard to get21:55
maco(from which the thread in question branched off)21:55
pleia2ah, yeah21:56
pleia2thanks :)21:58
czajkowskiI'd have the conversation with people just not on the thread.21:58
pleia2I'll nudge people about moving forward this week, hopefully we can get at least a request for nominees mail out21:59
highvoltageif I recall correctly the suggestion was more of an informal merge. or perhaps, make it more formal that boards can 'borrow' board members from each other as necessary22:01
czajkowskihighvoltage: but that already happens for the asia board.22:02
highvoltageczajkowski: yep, I don't think it's written anywhere in the docs, is it?22:02
czajkowskidont think so22:03
highvoltageczajkowski: if we're doing something and it works and it's undocumented, then it should be documented and made part of the process. that's what I mean by 'formalising' the process.22:03
pleia2yeah, we need to formally say it's ok, but a full merge makes me wince too22:04
czajkowskihighvoltage: doesn't always work, we're online and not asked sometimes22:04
highvoltageso it's not necessarilly a case that something needs to change, but the documentation should probably be updated to reflect reality22:04
pleia2highvoltage: there was a suggestion for a formal full merge (dissolving regional entirely and just dumping us all in one team)22:05
czajkowskihighvoltage: or a board gets restaffed properly so it doesnt need to borrow board members so it can operate properly tbh22:05
highvoltageczajkowski: even more reason to formalise it then. because then there could be process about contact details, etc22:05
highvoltagepleia2: ok22:05
czajkowskihighvoltage: I dont mind once in a blue moon, more than one month in  a row and something is up with the board imo, either their time is wrong or they need more members22:05
highvoltageczajkowski: yeah. there's some interesting things about that though22:06
highvoltageczajkowski: for example, stgraber and I are on the EMEA board, and while we're both from that region we now live in the Americas time zone. The EMEA timeslot happens to be super convenient for us even though we're outside of that timezone, and we've had other people from this area apply too because it works for them22:07
czajkowskihighvoltage: it doesnt really work for americas, but asia can be staffed by emea folks in some cases due to the timezones where as you and stgraber could do americans22:08
czajkowskibut again, asia should really have a fully functioning board.22:08
highvoltageczajkowski: so I sometimes wonder whether it really makes sense distributing by region where it might be better to just have 4 meetings a month at different times22:08
czajkowskior else fall under  EMEA and Americas which may upset some folks.22:08
highvoltage(not that I'm pushing for that, I'm just throwing the information out there)22:09
highvoltageyep, aisa can lean on emea, emea can lean on americas, americas could lean again on asia for extra members22:10
highvoltageand sorry if my conversation isn't particularly constructive, I'm just babbling now :)22:11
macoi sat in on asia before. they meet around sunrise for my timezone22:23
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