buck20hey there05:07
buck20what ide is everyone using to work on bite size bugs?05:08
akshatjbuck20: you can use any IDE you want05:09
buck20right but im a total noob to unity, would love a suggestion and a couple pointers to setting up a test environment....05:10
buck20maybe a link to a tutorial?05:16
didrocksgood morning08:17
MacSlowsalut didrocks08:24
didrocksGuten Morgen MacSlow. How are you?08:24
MacSlowdidrocks, I'm fine... and yourself?08:25
didrocksMacSlow: still under a small cold. But will be better in next few days :)08:26
MacSlowhey dbarth08:26
didrockssalut dbarth08:26
MacSlowdidrocks, winter has us all in its grip08:26
didrocksMacSlow: yeah, in a sense, it's nice to see we can still have a real winter, it was years here I didn't see a real one08:27
MacSlowdidrocks, if I want a real winter I would prefer to have to travel to place that provides one... instead of having it right here :)08:46
didrocksMacSlow: hehe, that's right, I won't mind if we would go again in Orlando to avoid it btw :)08:47
MacSlowdidrocks, oh yeah... that was nice!08:48
ronockamstrup, good morning, got a minute for a review ?09:28
kamstrupdbarth_: cann you pull dee trunk again and retry09:41
kamstrupronoc: on it09:41
kamstrupronoc: approved09:44
kamstrupdbarth_, didrocks: the dee build issue was related to the direct linking in N. The patch is here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/551003/09:46
kamstrupdidrocks: do you wanna point release of dee 0.5.2 or just distro patch?09:46
didrockskamstrup: it was built on the distro, so no worry, just commit to trunk09:47
didrockskamstrup: we don't rebuild the doc there09:47
didrocksit's only for the daily build09:47
kamstrupdidrocks: kewl09:47
ronockamstrup, thx dude09:47
ronocseb128, will have a release for you today09:48
seb128hey ronoc, ok09:49
dbarth_kamstrup: works! i've restarted a build and the package should follow09:51
ronocseb128, will a new rhythmbox be available any time soon. I'm keen to test their playlist implementation.09:52
seb128ronoc, depends if they roll a tarball I guess09:52
seb128I don't plan to package git snapshots this cycle,especially than banshee is the default player now09:53
MacSlowhm... still have a lag of ~ .5 sec for mouse-events to be recognized in unity if I use trunk10:06
ronocseb128, moch said he will roll a tar ball more than likely next weekend, we can talk about it in Dallas10:25
candohi DBO, when you've some time i've proposed a merge for a bitesize bug: https://code.launchpad.net/~cando/unity/fix_688407/+merge/4521610:51
ronocmpt: good morning, were in contact with the clementine developers10:58
ronocI think i remember responding to an email to one of their developers but i didn't hear any feedback10:59
mptronoc, are you asking me if I was?10:59
mptor saying that you were?10:59
mptGood morning btw :-)10:59
ronocmpt, I was asking if you were and if so could you point me towards their email address, irc room, forum, pidgeon ...11:00
mptronoc, no, I don't know who they are or where they hang out, sorry11:00
ronocsorry forgot the all important you11:00
ronocmpt, grand thx11:00
didrocksronoc: hum, thinking about it, were there any discussion about displaying "previous song: <…>" in the soundmenu indicator?11:03
didrocksronoc: I saw most online radio are doing that and it's useful sometimes, like "waow, this music is good, what was it?"11:03
ronocdidrocks, no not that I'm aware of, but I feel radio has a different use case in that once its played its gone for ever while most usecases for mediaplayers the user can determine what was played before via play queue/playlist etc11:04
didrocksronoc: even with "shuffle"?11:05
didrocksbut yeah, in any case, maybe it should be in the mediaplayers in that case11:05
ronocdidrocks, true but that is what automatic scrobbling is for :). It would be useful but I think there are other features which would get my vote before this, but its all question of not cluttering the UI which is tricky.11:06
ronoc didrocks, per media application volume I think gets my +111:06
didrocksin the indicator? I remember some discussions about it :)11:07
ronocdidrocks, how's Lyon ?11:07
ronocdidrocks, yeah it has been mentioned a few times11:07
didrocksronoc: cold right now :) but awesome (I felt at home, as when I was studying there), thanks! Just missing an Internet connexion at home11:07
ronocdidrocks, waiting to be connected up ?11:08
didrocksronoc: exactly, so no phone/internet/tv right now11:08
ronocdidrocks, i did a fresh install of banshee on my Natty and it keeps crashing when I try to play anything ?11:08
ronoci know they are preping a release right now but can you reproduce this.11:09
didrocksronoc: oh? I'm playing with it since this morning and got no issue there11:09
didrocksronoc: did you reported the bug?11:09
ronocdidrocks, no just testing it currently11:09
ronocdidrocks, have you the standard natty release for banshee -> 1.9.1-1ubuntu211:10
didrocksronoc: yep11:11
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
ronocgabaug, any progress on this bug -> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=63489512:15
=== dbarth_ is now known as dbarth
klattimermpt: is there a spec for datetime?12:31
* klattimer is currently writing the appointments ido widget for datetime EDS stuff 12:31
kamstrupgord: how you feel about moving the perf logger out of libunity? unity is not really mean to link against libunity (go figure :-))12:38
gordkamstrup, not too bothered one way or another, some people wanted to use it for compiz startup performance but its small enough to copy around anyway12:41
mptklattimer, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeAndDate12:42
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
klattimer... you have appointments as menu items?13:07
klattimergrr, stupid launchpad limitation, can't use the same url for more than one blueprint13:09
mptklattimer, were you expecting something different?13:30
klattimermpt: I was hoping13:30
klattimerwell, for the menu design13:30
klattimeras I hadn't found the spec13:30
klattimerI was building a treeview13:30
klattimerbut this is cool too13:30
klattimerI didn't really do much treeview specific code13:30
klattimermpt: no tasks in the view at all?13:32
=== oubiwann is now known as oubiwann_
=== oubiwann_ is now known as oubiwann
mptklattimer, I don't know what you mean by "tasks" or view"13:35
klattimercalendar tasks, in the date time menu13:35
mptWhat's the difference between a task and an appointment?13:36
kamstrupronoc: do you also get a metric tonne of warnings when compiling vala stuff with gdbus?13:53
ronockamstrup, yup, loads13:53
kamstrupronoc: ok... most look harmless, but some of them ticks me off...13:54
kamstruplike "expected ‘struct UnityPlaceService *’ but argument is of type ‘struct GDBusProxy *’"13:54
ronockamstrup, yeah i gave up fighting vala warnings, just presumed the newer releases of vala would become smarter13:55
ronockamstrup, yeah i get similar ones like this13:55
mptklattimer, oh, I see. Calendar events have a time, tasks have a start date and due date, and memos have a start date13:55
mptklattimer, do you think we should include all three?13:55
mptOr just calendar events and tasks?13:55
klattimerwell I dunno13:56
mptOr just calendar events?13:56
klattimerscreen hight is a concern13:56
klattimerhow many appointments do we want to show max for instance13:56
mptThat's kind of orthogonal, though -- you might have a really full calendar too13:56
klattimerand do we want to show both appointments and tasks, but appointments in the near future have priority over tasks being displayed13:56
klattimersay you have "max items" set to 1013:56
klattimerand you have 3 appointments today, then 7 of your "todo" items will show up13:57
klattimerif you have 7 appointments today, then 3 of your todo items will show up13:57
klattimer... what do you think?13:57
kamstrupronoc: the changelog for the latest vala (0.11.3) mentions some warnig cleanups related to dbus13:57
kamstrupso here's to hoping :-)13:57
mptklattimer, wait, wait, to-do items? What are they? :-)13:58
klattimertodo == task13:58
ronockamstrup, cool good to know14:00
mptAppointments and All Day Appointments and Meetings and Tasks and Assigned Tasks and Memos and Shared Memos, oh my14:00
mptSomeone on the Evolution design team needs to learn the principle of Delayed Decision14:00
klattimerthe api is worse14:00
mptWell, at least I've made your life easier by saying they should be shown as ordinary menu items14:01
klattimeroh, btw all the translations are mismatched and out of date14:01
klattimerdoes that just get hoovered up in the process?14:02
mptIf you're asking me that, I don't know anything about translations to do with this14:03
mptklattimer, <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeAndDate?action=diff&rev2=17&rev1=16>14:10
mptDoes that look sensible?14:10
kenvandinegood morning tedg14:21
tedgGood morning Mr. kenvandine14:21
kenvandinei am playing with appmenu-gtk :)14:21
tedgOh, cool.  I really couldn't believe that it was working last night.14:22
tedgI mean, I write the best code ever seen by man, but even I usually have a few bugs ;)14:22
kenvandinetedg, roflmao14:29
ronockenvandine, seb128 -> https://launchpad.net/indicator-sound/third/0.5.414:38
kenvandineronoc, i'll get that14:38
seb128kenvandine, thanks14:39
ronockenvandine, no panic, there are alot of changes in this one, so lets see how it behaves.14:39
kenvandineronoc, don't scare me :)14:39
ronockenvandine, well distcheck worked that's all :)14:40
kenvandineugh... nothing else worked? /me ducks14:41
klattimermpt yeah fine14:41
kamstrupkenvandine: hi - do you have some changes to push to your dee branch, or what's the status?14:42
kenvandinehey kamstrup, not really14:43
kenvandinei am getting a segfault now14:43
kenvandinei added the override14:43
mptkvalo, hi. If a WEP key is 26 hexadecimal characters, how many Ascii characters is it?14:43
kenvandineargs of course is a tuple14:43
kamstrupkenvandine: so installing a .py with overrides?14:44
kenvandinecalling set_schema_full with a tuple doesn't work, and making it a string causes it to segfault14:44
kamstrupkenvandine: if you just push what you have I can play around with it tonight14:44
kenvandinewell, i didn't add that to my branch14:44
kenvandinelocal testing14:44
kenvandinei can pastebin it for you though :)14:44
kamstrupkenvandine: ok... i'll just see if I can cook something up tonight then14:45
kenvandinei am pretty bummed it isn't working yet... i had hoped to have gotten way past this before the rally :/14:45
kenvandinekamstrup, excellent14:45
kvalompt: hi. I'm on holiday today, but it's then 26 ascii characters14:47
mptkvalo, so no matter whether someone is entering the key hexadecimally or Ascii-ly, we should make sure they type exactly 26 characters?14:48
mptkvalo, sorry to disturb your holiday :-)14:48
kvalompt: no worries, my answers will just take longer :)14:49
kenvandinekamstrup, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/551091/14:50
kenvandinethat is the current state14:50
kvalompt: iirc ascii key in that case (for 104-bit key) should be 13 characters. but let me think about this a bit14:51
* kvalo hates wep14:51
kenvandinekamstrup, and i pushed my latest changes to lp:~ken-vandine/dee/gir-fixes/14:52
kvalompt: yeah, it should like that. for 104 bit key: 26 chars if in hex mode, 13 chars if in ascii mode14:53
mptkvalo, I think everyone hates WEP at this point :-)14:53
mptkvalo, ok, that's what I needed, thanks14:54
kvalompt: yw14:54
kenvandinetedg, libappindicator still has a bunch of tests that include dbus/dbus-glib.h15:11
kenvandineand dbusmenu still has two headers that include it too15:11
lamalexdidrocks, how do you add an entry to gdm login sessions15:12
didrockslamalex: look at the .desktop files in /usr/share/xsessions/15:12
kenvandinetedg, indicator-application also has some includes for dbus-glib15:27
kenvandinei assume we should remove those15:27
ronocagateau, did you get that email ?15:38
agateauronoc: yes I did15:38
ronocagateau, when will there be a release ready with this fixed ?15:39
agateauronoc: I am really busy with other projects right now, if you can corner me in Dallas next week maybe you can coerce me into fixing it15:40
tedgkenvandine, Yeah, I need to start porting the individual indicators -- but I don't think that'll break things.15:40
kenvandineah, ok15:40
ronocagateau, right, well its literally a one line fix and without it amarok will not work from the menu15:40
ronocagateau, we can talk in Dallas15:41
agateauronoc: fine15:41
agateauronoc: maybe you can try to create a symlink meanwhile, so that you can test?15:45
* agateau feels bad for blocking ronoc15:45
ronocagateau, its not blocking me, no panic, I tested already yesterday and it works nicely with the kde4- prefix15:46
agateauronoc: do you mean you sent me a patch and I missed it?15:47
ronocagateau, just doing the integration rounds over the past day to ensure all players are still working with the new registration mechanism15:47
ronocagateau, no i just assigned you a bug :)15:47
jcastroronoc: I see someone sent in a proposal to fix the volume mouse-wheel scrolling15:48
agateauronoc: oh ok, since you said you tested with the kde4- prefix I assumed you patched Amarok15:48
ronocagateau, oh yeah and libindicate can be dropped as dep, all you need is to follow the mpris spec15:48
agateauronoc: good news15:48
tedgkenvandine, How are you doing?  Things exploding?16:08
sladenMacSlow: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/697791  posted another follow-up to that, I'm not convined that just bumping by 1-pixel will solve much16:21
ronockenvandine, any joy ?16:26
kenvandineronoc, i'll get to it soon, still getting stuff rebuilt for tedg's gdbus ports :)16:26
ronocah cool16:26
kenvandinefor some insane reason, i am about to test his code on my main laptop, i must be insane16:28
ronockenvandine, playing with fire there :)16:28
kenvandineconsidering last time i did this, i spent the day with my wifi flapping up and down because of a dbusmenu bug driving nm-applet nuts16:31
kainiHi. I am using the Python appindicator library and I can't get the indicator to display complex widgets (like the Sound Indicator does), I tried gtk.Button, gtk.Image and even a gtk.Table (filled with gtk.Labels). Is there any way to display compex widgets in an appindicator?16:34
tedgkaini, Not really currently.  The sound menu isn't using the appindicator library, which has easier to use, but simpler menu support.16:34
tedgkaini, We want to increase the features of the menu support, but that's a work in progress today.16:35
kainitedg, That's a pity to hear, but thanks for the information! May I ask how the Sound indicator does that? I skimmed though the source code but it looks like a mess of C to me :)16:38
tedgkaini, The sound indicator is actually using a different interface.  Basically it can build it's own custom widgets with Cairo (which it does).16:39
tedgkaini, It means for instance the sound indicator won't work on KDE.16:40
kainiI guess I'll stick to text then16:41
kenvandinetedg, good and bad news16:42
kenvandinegood news is my session logged in and is mostly usable16:43
kenvandinebad news is, the unity panel service can't load any indicators16:43
tedgkenvandine, Woot!  Unity bug, I'm off for the rest of the week ;)16:43
* kenvandine looks for a bat16:44
tedgAre the indicators linking to different versions of dbusmenu?16:44
kenvandinei am assuming16:44
tedgDid you rebuild any of them in that PPA?16:44
tedgOh, you don't have split indicator-application do you?16:44
kenvandineyes i do16:44
tedgCan you do an ldd on the /usr/lib/indicators/ .so files and see which dbusmenu's they're using?16:45
kenvandineok, so indicator-loader can load libmessaging.so16:46
kenvandinebut unity panel can't16:46
kenvandinemaybe unity needs a rebuild?16:46
tedgIn theory it shouldn't...16:47
tedgI'd check the linking first.  The Unity panel service may be lying about where it's problem is.16:47
kenvandineoh... wait16:48
kenvandinethe panel is loading some of them16:49
kenvandinei miss read the output16:50
kenvandineit is timing out though16:50
kenvandineso either it never loads libsession.so or it loads that and fails on the next one16:50
kenvandinewish it was easier to figure out what was causing the panel to stop loading :/16:51
kenvandineindicator-loader can load appmenu too16:52
kenvandineand libapplication16:52
kenvandineand libsession16:52
jcastrobratsche: how did the eclipse menu thing end up going? progress?16:52
kenvandineand libme16:52
tedgkenvandine, Yeah, I imagine that individuals are fine.  It's just putting them together is a problem.16:53
tedgkenvandine, ldd please :)16:53
bratschejcastro: For now I just copied what he gave me to look at when I can.  I'm a little more worried about some utouch stuff firs.t16:54
* jcastro nods16:54
kenvandinetedg, libappindicator is linked against libdbusmenu-gtk3 and all the others against libdbusmenu-gtk216:56
kenvandinewhich is to be expected, since they weren't rebuilt16:56
kenvandinesame for -glib16:57
kenvandinelibapplication is linked with libdbusmenu-glib3 and all the others libdbusmenu-glib216:57
tedgkenvandine, Try deleting it and see if the unity panel loads.16:57
tedg(or moving it or whatever)16:57
kenvandinewhat do you mean?16:57
kenvandinelibdbusmenu-glib2 or libdbusmenu-glib3?16:57
tedgkenvandine, rm /usr/lib/indicators/5/libappindicator.so16:58
kenvandineit is in 416:58
tedgCould we build indicator-application first (new PPA) so then it'd build against the old dbusmenu, and then build all the others?16:58
bratscheircbog: How do I build this swt example you gave me?17:05
bratscheHey ronoc, the sound indicator in Natty is looking nice!17:05
ircbogbratsche: hey! I was going to ping you this afternoon to see if you needed any help! :) OK, do you have and Eclipse lying around? Did you get the SWT code base from CVS? (probably easiest thing)17:06
ronocbratsche, thx getting there now, Cimi has been helping with the UI work17:06
ronocbratsche, playlists land today17:06
bratscheircbog: I found SWT in the Ubuntu repository, so I just did an apt-get install of it from there.  And also I installed eclipse from Ubuntu.17:06
bratscheronoc: Nice!17:07
kenvandinetedg, that doesn't seem like a fix though17:07
bratscheronoc: When do you arrive in Dallas?17:08
ronocbratsche, I'm in Saturday evening17:08
tedgkenvandine, Why not?  It would mean that the panel service would be entirely on libdbusmenu-g*217:08
tedgkenvandine, It's a hack, but I think that it does fix it :)17:08
nperryAny chance we are seeing an unity update today? (Just wondering)17:09
kenvandinetedg, removing libappindicator doesn't make it load17:10
tedgkenvandine, :-/17:10
kenvandinehowever... removing all of them does make the panel load17:11
* kenvandine tries with just libapplication.so17:12
ircbogbratsche: OK, first step start up eclipse. I think we should get SWT from HEAD as you can hack on the SWT code (http://www.eclipse.org/swt/cvs.php). After getting SWT,  you should create a Java project, and add the SWT project to the classpath (right click->Properties->Java Build Path->select org.eclipse.swt). Next create a Java class, and paste that code snippet in from yesterday.17:13
kenvandineok, with just libapplication.so, the output is much cleaner... but it doesn't render any indicators17:13
tedgkenvandine, I need to run to meet someone for lunch.  But what really confuses me is why the other indicators don't run when libapplication.so is removed.17:19
kenvandinethey all seem to work in the indicator-loader17:19
kenvandineso rebuilding them shouldn't be needed17:20
bratscheWow, Eclipse really makes Visual Studio look *incredibly* usable.17:22
dbarth_bratsche: hey, swt? is there someone doing a patch for that?17:23
bratschedbarth_: Hmm?17:23
MacSlowsladen, the only real solution would be to make all the measurements there EM-based... but that was never spec'ed out so it's kind of only half-the-way atm17:23
bratscheircbog: Do you know where the swt stuff would be installed on the system?17:24
bratscheOh wait, I think I see it.17:25
ircbogbratsche: it gets installed in the eclipse/plugins folder17:25
bratscheircbog: I found /usr/lib/java/swt-gtk-3.5.1.jar17:25
bratscheCan I just "Add External JAR" with that?17:26
bratschedbarth_: Did you mean app menus or something else?17:27
sladenMacSlow: no, it's not that.  Applying a 1 pixel downshift to both of those screenshots I've taken will drag the text /visibly/ below centre, and it'll look like it is slipping down17:28
MacSlowsladen, it looks clean on my system now. What app-font (and size) have you set on your system?17:30
MacSlowsladen, which DPI and sub-pixel-setting?17:31
dbarth_bratsche: appmenu yes17:31
MacSlowsladen, have you tried unity trunk yet? Or did you just mock it up in gimp?17:31
bratscheircbog: Okay, the test program is running now for me.  I get a window with no menus or anything.  It's just an empty window.17:32
sladenMacSlow: neither of those are mock-ups, they are the present situation17:32
ircbogdo you get a close menu at the top?17:32
ircbogin the appmenu?17:33
bratscheircbog: In the titlebar, yes.17:33
sladenMacSlow: eg. I'm not sure there is a problem /in Unity/ to be fixed.  My huch is that it's liable to create an off-by-one error where none existed17:34
bratschedbarth_: Yeah.. ircbog gave me a sample program for swt that I'm trying to get working right now.  Then I can use it to debug the issues and hopefully get Eclipse working.17:34
dbarth_eclipse would be cool17:35
dbarth_we still have the fallback window menus, but this is the kind of app that runs maximized so +117:35
bratschedbarth_: Yeah, definitely.  monodevelop is another that would be nice to fix, but there's not really time for it.17:36
conscioususerbratsche: the idea is prioritizing Eclipse from the Natty repositories or it will theoretically work with a vanilla Eclipse from eclipse.org?17:36
bratscheconscioususer: I'm not talking about modifying eclipse at all.  It's hopefully just something that can be fixed on my end and will fix Eclipse from upstream.17:37
conscioususerbratsche: very nice to know that, thanks17:38
ircbogbratsche: OK, we should be seeing a Menu called "MenuTest" with one item in it. There is code in our Shell class (in createHandle) that calls gtk_widget_realize(). So when we create a shell, I'm guessing the appmenu code goes to look for a menu bar but its not there at that point. Later when we add the menu, I guess the code doesn't get notified again?17:38
MacSlowsladen, btw... I wish I knew how to make screenshots of tooltips/quicklists where the transparency shows... because all my screenshots show transparent areas being fully opaque.17:40
bratscheircbog: Let me try something here.. hang on.17:40
bratscheircbog: Is there an easy way to set an environment variable in Eclipse so that it will affect this program?17:42
sladenMacSlow: gimp->File->Create->Screenshot17:43
ircbogbratsche: If you go to Run Configurations in the toolbar (the play icon)->Run Configurations...->select the configuration you used to run the snippet->Environment tab->New....17:43
bratscheircbog: Anyway, I'll play around with this and see if I can make some progress.17:47
bratscheBut I'm going to go get some lunch in a few minutes.17:47
ircbogbratsche: cool. I'll be on IRC if you have questions, need help etc17:47
MacSlowsladen, interesting that gimp works there and gnome-screenshot does not... reload https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/69779117:50
lamalex_hm, after update I've got a gnome panel17:52
lamalex_what's up with that17:52
=== lamalex_ is now known as lamalex
MacSlowthis mouse-event lag in unity is driving me nuts!!!17:53
MacSlowsladen, so you think it's a general problem with the font itself?18:00
sladenMacSlow: is that latest screenshot you've uploaded with your 1-pixel left and down ?18:01
MacSlowsladen, the last two I uploaded are with a correction vector of -1/118:02
sladenMacSlow: left and down   (or left and up)18:02
MacSlowsladen, left and down it is18:03
sladenMacSlow: can you try also with "Tomboy' (something that shows baseline, cap-height, ascender tip and descender tail)18:03
MacSlowsladen, the second screenshot does show "Tomboy...". Or do you want me to crank up my app-font-size and do a screenshot?18:04
* MacSlow wonders what evo is doing with 100% of the two cpu-cores18:07
didrocksjcastro: btw, just a quick ping, there will be no unity release this week as Neil is still ill18:07
sladenMacSlow: mmmhmmm. I guess the only thing is to try it.  And then keep an eye-out for how to looks with other scripts/fonts (Cyrillic, Greek, CJK, ...)18:10
MacSlowsladen, it's a very small patch, that's easily revertable should we see the need undoing this.18:12
sladenMacSlow: yup18:12
jcastrodidrocks: yeah I figured as much18:17
jcastrodidrocks: I suspect next week you'll be uploading plenty of things anyway, heh18:18
didrocksjcastro: yeah, there are a lot of goodness in trunk :)18:22
jcastrodidrocks: and you got banshee in. Let me give you a hug.18:23
* didrocks hugs jcastro18:23
didrocksjcastro: all kudos to the debian mono team and upstream18:23
jcastroI know right!18:24
tedgkenvandine, Can you try to downgrade to the distro indicator-application?18:39
tedgkenvandine, Oh, wait.  That'll get libappindicator won't it :(18:39
dbarth_jcastro: right, no release; we're just landings things in and checking everything works in trunk, but no uploads18:39
dbarth_i hope to get the dailies working again though18:40
dbarth_slowly getting all of the small build issues fixed18:40
dbarth_jcastro: was just saying no release and upload into natty but re-stabilizing trunk and getting the dailies to work again18:42
dbarth_close to it now, i just need didrocks to push a new nux packaging branch18:42
kenvandinetedg, yeah... that's no good19:02
tedgkenvandine, So let me recap.  By default, you don't have any indicators.19:04
tedgkenvandine, Removing indicator-application doesn't seem to help.19:04
kenvandinewell, i didn't remove that19:04
kenvandinei moved the .so19:04
tedgkenvandine, But all the indicators load individually.19:04
tedgThat should be the same.19:04
kenvandinei removed all the indicators and it looked like the panel worked19:05
tedgkenvandine, And libapplication.so was the only one using a different version of dbusmenu-g*19:05
kenvandinebut of course is useless19:05
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tedgkenvandine, And it doesn't really work with any of the indicators?19:08
tedgkenvandine, (not that you'd try all, but just to be curious)19:08
kenvandinei tried adding just one, appmenu and messaging19:08
kenvandineand they never show up in the panel19:08
tedgAnd you restarted the panel service thingy.19:08
kenvandineweird thing though19:10
kenvandineit doesn't say it fails to load libmessaging.so19:10
kenvandineit just times out19:10
tedgkenvandine, What's the address of your PPA?19:11
kenvandinei see a few "loading libblah.so" messages19:11
kenvandineand then nothing.... until a timeout error from unity19:11
kenvandinetedg, ok.. now i am getting somewhere19:28
kenvandinetedg, in the gnome panel, indicator-applet is failing19:30
kenvandineronoc, sorry... i should have done indicator-sound before messing with ted's code :)19:43
ronockenvandine, no worries, I'm around so let me know how you get on if you get a chance19:48
tedgkenvandine, Okay, I'm all up with clearing the MENUPROXY variable from the panel service, distro indicator-application and the GDBus PPA.19:54
lamalexanyone know if unity --advanced-debug implies --replace?19:54
cyphermoxlamalex, I do think so, like just 'unity'19:56
lamalexi didn't realize running unity would replace cool19:59
lamalexdoes anyone else get segfaulting when running with --advanced-debug?19:59
cyphermoxlamalex, I didn't use advanced-debug directly but it wasn't segfaulting in gdb20:00
cyphermoxlamalex, what's bt full say?20:01
lamalexcyphermox, yeah advanced-debug just runs in gdb, so same thing20:02
lamalexsegfault in libdconfsettings.so20:03
lamalexone second20:04
tedgkenvandine, lp:~ted/unity/unset-menuproxy-panel-service20:05
tedgkenvandine, I'm building a package now, but that should do the trick.20:05
lamalexcyphermox, same crash you were getting?20:06
lamalexit runs fine outside of gdb20:06
cyphermoxlamalex, nah, I never got that... the only crashes I got I caused with crappy code ;)20:07
lamalexyeah, this is stock unity20:07
cyphermoxI can try here, hold on20:07
lamalexsomething fishy is going on20:07
tedgWhy does unity depend on dbusmenu-glib?20:13
kenvandinetedg, ok... how about appindicator not working in indicator-applet?20:13
kenvandineoh, to build it you need to change it to dbusmenu-glib-0.420:14
kenvandinebut yeah, no idea why it depends on it20:14
tedgOh, quicklists.20:14
tedgkenvandine, Yeah, it'll need to be built with the same dbusmenu as the other indicators.20:14
tedgkenvandine, So to put in the PPA you need to upload in this order: indicator-application, unity, dbusmenu, libappindicator, libindicate, appmenu-gtk20:15
cyphermoxlamalex, do you get that crash immediately or after doing some kind of action?20:16
lamalexcyphermox, immediately20:17
cyphermoxheh, nothing special here20:18
cyphermoxno idea20:19
lamalexheh, guess I should install some glib/dconf debug symbols20:19
lamalexyeah, it's my job to figure this kind of stuff out anyway :P20:19
lamalex_Is it possible to set gedit to open in a specific dir all of the time? Why the hell does it always open in /20:35
lamalex_my terminal is doing it too20:35
lamalex_I feel like this is a conspiracy20:36
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kenvandinetedg, problem with your plan of uploading indicator-application first... i requires libappindicator which has only been built with the gdbus build of dbusmenu20:54
kenvandinetedg, how do you like them apples :)20:54
tedgkenvandine, Well, you shouldn't need to upload indicator-application at all, no?20:54
tedgkenvandine, As long as the libappindicator bins are a newer version apt shouldn't care.20:55
tedgWe don't need a new indicator-application, just a new libappindicator.20:55
kenvandineso we never rebuild indicator-application?20:55
tedgWell, we'll need to rebuild all the indicators but, they'll all be FTBFS with the new dbusmenu until they get ported.20:55
* kenvandine cries... you know what is gonna happen when we do that?20:56
* tedg can't hear over the sobbing20:56
kenvandinesomeone will make a change that makes us need to rebuild something... and we block them20:56
kenvandinelike the python transition20:56
tedgNo one would transition python, that's crazy!20:57
kenvandinedecember was no fun!20:57
tedgOh, December was kinda a blur for me ;)20:57
lamalexted and the kids, partying all December long20:58
kenvandineyeah... i had half your packages that wouldn't build and blocked python20:58
kenvandinewhile you were sunning on the beach :)20:58
kenvandinei guess that was the week before you left20:58
tedgYup, managed to avoid the whalers this time too!20:58
kenvandineanyway... i don't really want to get into a "on fire" situation20:58
kenvandineso appmenu-gtk was easy to port...20:59
tedgI'll start the indicators...20:59
kenvandinejust port the rest of them tomorrow :)20:59
tedgNow that I have my system over, it'll be easier.20:59
kenvandineunity won't build for me20:59
kenvandinewith your branch20:59
kenvandineunity package that is20:59
tedgkenvandine, err, probably needs a header?21:00
* tedg can't get anything cmake to build21:00
kenvandinefails in tests21:00
kenvandinefinding vapi files21:00
tedgErr, that's not me.21:00
* kenvandine considers patching21:00
tedgkenvandine, remember unity if FTBFS with dbusmenu 0.3.91 :)21:00
kenvandinei know!21:01
tedgDBO, Do you have plans to port to dbusmenu-0.4 at some point?21:03
tedg(or who is doing quicklists now) ?21:03
kenvandinehopefully soon...21:04
* tedg thinks that kenvandine doesn't want DBO to say "beta 2" ;)21:04
kenvandinenope :)21:06
DBOtedg, I was thinking maybe for RC221:11
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* kenvandine smacks DBO21:19
DBOkenvandine, 0.3.92 vs 0.4.0, its only 0.0.08 different... I mean what's the big deal?21:20
ronoclater guys21:41
kenvandinetedg, ok... unity works again with your patch and with indicator-application from natty21:42
kenvandineso i am just going to remove indicator-application from the ppa21:43
tedgkenvandine, Makes sense.21:51
Amaranthhmm, fun bug22:15
Amaranthunity seems to be merging the titlebar and panel when something is maximized vertically rather than when it is maximized vertically and horizontally22:16
AmaranthI wonder if it does the same thing when maximized horizontally only22:16
Amaranthhmm, fix is not as trivial as I thought22:34
Amarantharg, forget fixing it, I'll just file a bug :)22:42
jcastroDBO: fear: http://castrojo.tumblr.com/post/2628441518/integrating-with-web-apps23:27
jcastroDBO: Now do you understand? :)23:27
DBOjcastro, well enough23:34
DBOI'll tool things around what you have said23:34
candojcastro, that's awesome...:)23:36

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