mgzwhich one?00:02
mgzI don't understand the top branch, it seems hg and bzr do all his bullet points there anyway.00:02
mgz*top item00:02
mgzbranches on the brain.00:03
lifelessmgz: those pages are not rational00:05
maxbbzr does not make it as cheap to branch as git, unless you've preconfigured yourself into a repo + treeless branches + checkout structure, or are using the colo plugin00:06
pooliei think bzr-colo does that, but00:06
poolieright, it's not the easy default00:06
poolieand in particular it's not part of the framework where it can be reached by bzr-git etc00:06
lifelessspiv: very nice post00:06
mgzif even "not creating new working tree" is what he means by fast, it's seldom actually slow.00:07
poolieso i'd like to see that finished off00:08
poolielifeless, about 2.4?00:08
lifelessabout 300:09
lifelessand 3to2 etc00:09
spivpoolie: jelmer said to me yesterday(?) that we should talk about bug 485601; there's been some off-list (and off-bug :/) mails about what precisely bzr's model constrains (i.e. is it valid for bzr-svn to change ie.revision in existing inventories when filling ghosts).00:10
ubot5Launchpad bug 485601 in Bazaar "missing chk node(s) for id_to_entry maps" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48560100:10
spivpoolie: otherwise hacking sounds great :)00:11
spivlifeless: thanks!00:11
pooliei'll add that to the wiki00:11
pooliehow did we even get onto the topic of 2.4?00:14
mkanatpoolie: Hey hey.00:18
mkanatpoolie: Since I have Approve on the XSS fix, can I also merge https://code.launchpad.net/~mkanat/loggerhead/raw-controller/+merge/42675 ?00:18
* poolie looks00:19
poolieyes, i'll reply00:20
mkanatpoolie: Great, thanks. :-)00:21
pooliejust for curiousity00:21
mkanatpoolie: That means I can get on to other work!00:21
mkanatpoolie: That will start tomorrow.00:21
pooliehow does this work in bugzilla00:21
mkanatpoolie: Ah, very similarly, but with more complexity.00:21
pooliewhat stops me uploading an attachment that does xss?00:21
mkanatpoolie: The long answer is: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3886200:22
mkanatpoolie: We do something very similar--if you access attachment.cgi with a request to serve a file, you get redirected to a separate domain.00:22
mkanatIf the admin hasn't specified a separate domain, Bugzilla defaults to downloading the file instead of displaying it (although admins have an option to override that).00:23
mkanatpoolie: We offer the option to put %bugid% into the attachment domain, so that you can have one attachment per bug.00:23
mkanatpoolie: There are also various security situations:00:23
poolieso that second case is similar to what i was asking for with loggerhead downloads?00:23
mkanatpoolie: * Bugs that normal users cannot see, but only special users can see00:23
poolieie that if you don't have a separate domain, by default it only downloads?00:23
mkanatpoolie: * Attachments that normal users cannot see, but only an even MORE special group of users can see.00:24
pooliehowever, perhaps it's different because the normal deployment of loggerhead is readonly00:24
mkanatpoolie: Yeah, and doesn't involve auth.00:24
mkanatpoolie: Bugzilla involves not only auth, but a lot of high-security stuff.00:24
mkanatpoolie: For the secure bugs and the secure attachments, we do tokens, much like lifeless described.00:24
mwhudsonloggerhead does support --allow-writes :-)00:24
mwhudsonbut without any auth indeed, so don't do that00:25
mkanatpoolie: We generate a one-use token, redirect to the URL with that token, and then delete it as soon as the page is viewed.00:25
mkanatpoolie: Because the attachment domain can't ever get any cookies--otherwise that would partially defeat the XSS protection that we're going for.00:25
mkanat(Although our auth cookies are already httponly.)00:25
mkanatmwhudson: Yeah, that's like "bzr serve --allow-writes". Bad idea. :-)00:26
mkanatpoolie: We also have extra complexity involved because there are a lot of other automatic redirects that can happen in Bugzilla, mostly around forcing SSL.00:26
poolieso, i think you should just mention the feature in readme or whatever00:27
poolieotherwise it's fine, let's land it00:27
mkanatpoolie: Okay, thanks. :-)00:27
mkanatAll right, I'm out. Later!00:31
poolielifeless, oh you meant the prisoner's dilemma mail?00:38
pooliei agree00:38
vilahi all !08:20
* fullermd waves vila around a bit.08:21
voidspacewhich versions of Python does bzr support?11:56
bob2all the way back to 2.4 currently11:59
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voidspacebob2: thanks12:12
CaMasonhi guys. Any thoughts on what would cause this? NameError: global name 'readline' is not defined12:51
CaMasonjust started happening after my system crashed12:52
maxbouch. Was there filesystem corruption? Sounds like a python module has disappeared from disk12:52
CaMasonwell I did an fsck and everything was OK12:52
maxbWhat is your OS?12:53
CaMasonUbuntu 10.10 running inside of a VM on Windows 712:53
maxbCaMason: Does the file /usr/lib/python2.6/lib-dynload/readline.so exist?12:56
maxberm, nevermind, I misread your initial error message12:57
CaMasonit does12:57
maxbPlease re-execute the bzr command that gave you trouble with -Derror, and pastebin the output12:57
maxbWhat is your bzr version? (dpkg -l bzr)12:59
maxbIt appears to be a bug which is masking the real error13:00
maxbPlease open /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/bzrlib/pack.py in an editor, go to line 206, and change % (readline, )) to % (result, ))13:01
CaMasonbzr: ERROR: short readline in the readvfile hunk: '\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00'13:02
CaMasonsomething to do with my repo?13:04
CaMasoninterestingly, `bzr log` works fine on another repo (no error). This error is occuring in `bzr log` (and branch) at a particular commit13:05
CaMasonI've opened the repo with qlog, and when I scroll down to r104, I then get the error popping up13:06
CaMasonI was working on this branch when the crash happened. I do have a copy of it elsewhere. Should I do a pull?13:07
maxbCaMason: OK, so it looks like the crash has caused one or more files within a bzr repository to be corrupted by filling it with lots of zero bytes13:09
CaMasonoh fie13:10
maxbIs the problem branch using a shared or standalone repository?13:11
maxb(bzr info if you're not sure)13:11
maxbOK, if you have a copy elsewhere, fetching that would be the simplest option13:12
CaMasonyes I do.13:12
maxbIf you have new revisions locally that are not in the remote, it may work to pull the broken branch into a fresh copy of the remote13:12
CaMasonno, fortunately I pushed not so long ago13:12
CaMasonshall I just put this down to an epic BSOD failure?13:14
maxbCaMason: Are you running ext4 on this filesystem?13:28
maxbEven if you are, this really ought not to happen :-/13:29
maxbIs the branch data private?13:29
CaMasonit is :(13:29
maxbIt would be necessary to study in exactly which files the corruption was present to try to determine what component was at fault13:30
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glyphis 'bzr branches' ridiculously slow all the time?15:23
glyphI'm running it against a local repository with maybe 500 branches in it, and it's taken 15 minutes already15:24
maxbglyph: It's ridiculously slow if you have bzr-{hg,git,svn} installed15:50
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jelmermaxb: huh? They should only add a single extra stat each, unless you actually have hg, git or svn checkouts16:04
jelmersingle stat per dir that is16:04
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lifelessmkanat: hi21:03
mgz...whatever that ext4 option that makes it sucks less should be up as a bzr faq21:16
mgznearly every time someone reports repo corruption on launchpad or the list, they're running on ext421:16
poolieperhaps we should flush by default too21:29
pooliebye all!21:29
mkanatlifeless: Okay. If that's a high-priority item, you can talk to poolie to have it put on my todo list. It looks pretty minor to me, though.22:34
lifelessmkanat: in LP we have a policy that OOPSes are always high/critical (we're polishing the label atm)22:35
lifelessmkanat: poolie is flying atm22:35
mkanatlifeless: Ah.22:35
mkanatlifeless: I wouldn't say that that's practically critical in this case.22:35
mkanatlifeless: I used to have a similar policy for Bugzilla, but we scrapped it as impractical.22:35
lifelessmkanat: we're seeing 6000 error reports a day22:35
mkanatlifeless: From just that?22:35
lifelessmkanat: possibly, due to some config issues our group-and-analyser isn't running on them at the moment22:36
lifelesssorry, 12K a day - two servers.22:36
mkanatlifeless: From loggerhead alone?22:36
mkanatJeez. Okay.22:36
lifelessdata is useful :)22:36
mkanatSo I can see why it would be at least important to reduce the noise.22:36
lifelessits also important in presenting a pleasant UI to users22:37
mkanatAnd yeah, that should be a 404.22:37
mkanatlifeless: Yes, although if you hack the URL, presenting a pleasant UI to you is not a high-priority item.22:37
mkanatHowever, reducing the noise does seem important.22:37
mkanatlifeless: Anyhow, my work list is very very limited right now, I can't add anything without poolie's authorization.22:40
lifelessthats fine22:41
lifelesswhen you see him next, can you ask him aboot it?22:41
mkanatlifeless: Sure. If you don't hear from me on that bug tomorrow, then feel free to remind me, also.22:43
marsHi everyone, I have a bug with our code that uses bzrlib that I am trying to work through, and I could use a hand figuring out what is happening22:43
marslifeless, thanks.  Our code does a branch checkout, runs the suite, then a branch push22:45
marslifeless, the push happens ~4 hours after the checkout.  I get this error (starts around line 25): http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/551269/22:45
marslifeless, if I remove the test suite run, then the branch push happens perfectly, as expected22:46
lifelessprobably tcp timeout22:46
lifelessestablish a new branch object rather than using the same one22:46
lifelesspossibly idle ssh session timeout on the codehosting service22:46
marsyes, we suspected that too22:47
marsI was wondering if there was a way to close out the connection, or copy the Branch object, but I can create a new one too (more invasive to the existing code though)22:47
marsthanks lifeless22:48
lifelessb = bzrlib.branch.Branch.open(oldbranch.base)22:48
lifelesswill open fresh with no reuse of session/transport22:48
marscool, thank you22:49

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