CIA-39[libqapt] jmthomas * 1212173 * trunk/extragear/sysadmin/libqapt/src/backend.cpp Remove two unused QStringLists. (They were replaced by the m_originMap QHash)00:05
JontheEchidnayofel: right after I explained that to you I had an inspiration00:22
CIA-39[muon] jmthomas * 1212174 * trunk/extragear/sysadmin/muon/installer/ (3 files) Only show origins that have apps in the sidebar.00:22
JontheEchidnabug == fixed00:22
stalcupwhere is 4.5.4 hiding?01:42
JontheEchidnahttp://thedailywtf.com/Articles/XMLd-XML.aspx http://philosophistry.com/scans/2010/lol-face.jpg02:10
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stalcupfinally getting started05:02
* stalcup is old and rusty05:02
stalcupwhat's the kde-package package i'm missing?05:13
stalcupgot it05:19
stalcupwhere is the archive for the unofficial kubuntu packages?05:41
stalcupholy moses, I liked the old ppa better06:17
stalcupScottK: Riddell I got a start tonight, should be able to finish 4.5.5 tomorrow06:51
Riddellgood morning Kubuntu08:55
skfinHello Kubuntu09:16
shadeslayeranyone heard of a Error 127 during a upgrade 0_o09:29
* shadeslayer googles09:29
skfinWat... https://wiki.kubuntu.org/error%20and%20warning%20messages09:32
skfinThere is "You have mail" :)09:32
skfinAnd "No mail"09:33
shadeslayersomeone tried to upgrade 9.10 to 10.1009:37
shadeslayerthey got a error 127 :P09:37
skfinNot a surprice09:38
skfinChanged repos manually?09:38
shadeslayerover the phone support09:38
shadeslayerill be going back to college after a week, so will sort it out then09:38
Riddelldoesn't tell us much without even knowing what they were using to upgrade09:39
shadeslayermanual do-release-upgrade ^_^09:39
Riddellubuntu-bug update-manager  then09:39
shadeslayerRiddell: well .. i see a post on kubuntu forums as well09:39
Riddellnot much use without logs09:42
shadeslayeraye ..  will go back next week to find out.... 09:43
shadeslayeralso ... i need to reformat the whole PC and repartition and what not09:44
shadeslayerdamn its cold here09:45
Riddellsnow hit you too?09:46
shadeslayerjust freakingly cold09:46
shadeslayerlike... its down to 4C09:46
shadeslayerat a time when its supposed to be ... 8-10C09:47
shadeslayerRiddell: i found this http://code.google.com/p/android-cruft/wiki/LucidWithAndroid << lets see if i can boot plasma mobile off my phone nao :>09:47
shadeslayerneed a bigger microsdcard tho :P09:48
Riddellif it's not snowing, it's not cold09:48
shadeslayerwell ... yes ... but its colder than previous years ... wait another 2 years and we will have snow :P09:49
yofelmorning o/09:54
shadeslayeryofel: hey :)09:55
Riddellyofel or anyone : able to test RC 2 on natty today?10:17
Riddellwell, finish sip/kdebindings first of course10:17
ulyssesI knew I had to bring my laptop:S10:17
shadeslayerRiddell: i can helpo10:18
shadeslayerbefore i nuke my system :>10:18
Riddellshadeslayer: go for it10:20
shadeslayerninja PPA i assume10:20
shadeslayerok ... this will take time on my slow connection tho :P10:21
yofelRiddell: sure10:38
Riddellyofel: did you get anywhere with sip?10:38
yofelnot further than Quintasan got :S10:39
Riddellhow far was that?10:39
yofelstill trying to get configure.py to work, Scott had a suggestion though that I'll try10:45
QuintasanI'm up11:01
Quintasanyofel: Did you try this?11:01
yofelI currently want to find out what sip_module_base is set to in the first place11:03
yofelhm, sip_module_base=sip11:07
Quintasan    sip_module_base = sip11:11
QuintasanNameError: name 'sip' is not define11:11
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yofeler, I meant, that's what it's set to, sry11:17
yofelwhat confuses me is that it gives "Error: Unable to open "/tmp/buildd/sip4-qt3-4.12/siplib/siplib.sbf"" right at the beginning..11:17
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=== sresu is now known as sre-su
skamsterhello all, got someone a idea, how plasma could get it's own filename including the path?11:27
skamsteri think it's saved as a zip..11:27
skamster(the plasma-widget)11:28
Riddellskamster: I'm not sure what you're asking11:28
skamsterRiddell: if you install a plasma-widget, it will be saved as a zip-file i think11:29
yofelQuintasan_: did you find out where that error comes from? doesn't seem to be configure.py11:29
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skamsterah, i'm sorry, i use pykde (as a detail)11:29
skamsterand i need to know the path to this zip-file11:29
Quintasanyofel: it looks like it fails at touching configure-stamp11:30
skamsterin a dynamic way..11:30
Quintasanbut yet configure.py fails to find siplib.sbf11:30
Quintasanso it's a problem of configure.py for looking in the wrong way11:30
Quintasanit seems it builds siplibs.sbf for all python versions insalled11:30
yofelQuintasan: actually it does not, printing "This is SIP 4.12 for Python 2.7.1+ on linux2."  is the FIRST thing configure.py does, and that comes after the error in the log11:31
yofelso I assume the error is in rules, but I don't get where o.O?11:31
skamsterRiddell: because i've got some plugins there which will be packed too, so it won't find these if these are in the zip..11:32
QuintasanOh I see what it actually does11:34
Quintasanyofel: it builds the sbf11:34
Quintasanbut it looks in the wrong plce11:34
Quintasanlet me double check if I'm correct11:34
yofelQuintasan: right, previously the file was there, now it's a sbf.in and get's generated during configure.py11:34
Quintasansip.h  siplib.c  siplib.sbf11:35
Quintasanyofel: ^11:35
Quintasanand it is looking for it in "/tmp/buildd/sip4-qt3-4.12/siplib/siplib.sbf"11:35
yofelI know that, that still doesn't tell me what looks at the wrong place11:35
yofelthe *what* is my problem, it doesn't seem to be configure.py11:36
Quintasanconfigure.py ofc11:36
Quintasanor wait11:36
yofelQuintasan: and how does it do that before even running?11:36
Quintasanit seems like rules spew out those errors11:36
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yofelor we tell configure.py to generate the file at the old place11:37
yofelI'm not sure what it's supposed to do there11:38
yofeler wait, that won't help either if it's failing before that, nvm11:38
Riddellskamster: it probably needs KStandardDir and locate()11:38
Riddellskamster: but details of the KDE and plasma API are best asked in #plasma I'd think11:39
skamsterRiddell: mh, yes, you're right.. but i will try it with kstandartdir, thanks :)11:40
QuintasanI give up11:43
* yofel is confused11:43
QuintasanWho the hell is maintainer of this madness11:43
yofelif I run that configure command by hand the error comes after configure.py is run o.O?11:43
yofelQuintasan: maybe it's configure.py after all - look at line 31711:48
yofelI think that fails11:48
Quintasanit fails11:48
Quintasannow the question is11:48
Quintasanhow to make it build for every python version11:49
Quintasanbecause we build-{3.1,2.6,2.5}11:49
Quintasanand dbg-build-{3.1,2.6,2.5}11:49
Riddellare those the right versions?  I thought it was 3.2 and 2.7 we want in natty 11:49
QuintasanRiddell: I want to get that in debian first11:50
QuintasanRiddell: then we can patch it in natty11:50
Quintasanyofel: I think we could use build_file=os.path.join(src_dir, "siplib", "siplib.sbf")11:53
Quintasanto join the path11:53
Quintasanbut I dunno how to make it detect which build-*.* are available11:53
yofelI've got an idea, give me a sec11:54
* Quintasan can't do any Python coding and doesn't want to know how to do it11:54
yofelQuintasan: replace src_dir with os.getcwd()11:57
yofelat least for 2.7 that returns /tmp/buildd/sip4-qt3-4.12/build-2.711:57
Quintasannow build-stamp fails11:58
Quintasanmake[2]: Entering directory `/tmp/buildd/sip4-qt3-4.12/dbg-build-2.6/siplib'11:59
Quintasanmake[2]: *** No rule to make target `sipint.h', needed by `siplib.o'.  Stop.11:59
Quintasansame for 3.111:59
Quintasanand for 2.511:59
QuintasanAt least we made a step12:02
yofelhm, maybe we should really tell it to generate the files in src_dir/siplib instead? (or we'll need  to  copy the other files too12:03
Quintasanlet me tell you after I eat something12:08
QuintasanI'm starving12:08
yofelJontheEchidna: I just tried your fix for not showing empty archives, either you fixed it too aggressively or app-install-data has a weird definition of an application http://yofel.dyndns.org/pics/ext/mi_old.png http://yofel.dyndns.org/pics/ext/mi_new.png12:13
Quintasanxorg broke?12:14
yofelQuintasan: it's held back here12:14
Quintasanfor me it's all broken12:14
yofelas for your all broken: that's what aptitude tells me http://paste.ubuntu.com/551044/ - for some reason I don't want to do that ^^12:22
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QuintasanThis is broken no matter how you look at it12:24
seaLnewhen are rc2 packages for maverick likely to be available? just noticed in the kde announcement it says packages are available and links to kubuntu rc1 announcement12:32
yofelhm, if I let it generate the files in src_dir/siplib then it's happy :S12:32
yofelQuintasan: wanna use that solution for now?12:32
RiddellseaLne: available for testing now if you're in a testing mood12:33
QuintasanIf it works then k12:33
QuintasanWe'll see what debian says12:33
RiddellseaLne: alas upstream only give us 24 hours notice these days so it's impossible to have them for release along with their announcement12:33
yofelaaaargh, now dh_python3 errors out *-.-12:33
RiddellseaLne: actually maverick probably isn't ready for testing yet, some important packages to go still12:33
seaLneRiddell: ok i'll comment out the link atm and can add it back in with a real link when its announced12:34
RiddellseaLne: yeah, thanks12:34
yofelQuintasan: http://paste.ubuntu.com/551046/12:34
yofelQuintasan: as for what I did: revert all our previous changes, and change line 226 into         dst_fn = os.path.join(src_dir, *f)12:36
shadeslayerwhat the flippin foobar is up with my connection12:43
shadeslayerim getting 40KBps ... i should be getting 60 KBps12:43
TroubleI smell 4.6 RC2 close... :-D12:45
RiddellTrouble: natty testers needed12:45
TroubleRiddell: I'm still on Maverick at the moment - sorry ;-)12:45
Riddellok, I'll let you know when maverick is needing testing12:46
TroubleThanks dude :)12:46
TroubleI'm keeping an eye on the Wiki anyway12:46
* shadeslayer is still upgrading12:48
shadeslayer3 hours 30 mins remaining :P12:48
shadeslayerfor some reason im getting only half my bandwidth12:48
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yofelQuintasan: tried it?13:01
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: it would be most handy if libqapt had a dbg package... :S13:17
Quintasanyofel: nah, just finished eating13:18
markeyheya, is an RC2 backport in the works?13:18
markeywould love to try :)13:18
Riddellmarkey: yes indeed, I can let you know when it's ready for testing13:19
markeyRiddell: great, thanks :)13:20
Quintasanyofel: it built13:21
Quintasantrying once again13:22
QuintasanI'm building it in mah sid pbuilder13:22
yofelah, natty fails with it trying to put 3.1 and 3.2 libs into a 3 folder :S13:22
Quintasanhowever sip.so is not installed13:24
QuintasanI wonder why13:25
Quintasanmaybe cdbs is bugged13:27
Quintasanoh great13:42
Quintasanyofel: a bug in dh_python313:42
QuintasanRiddell: it seems we're not getting sip  today13:43
yofelso it wasn't just my system being weird :(13:43
RiddellQuintasan: a debhelper script to blame?13:44
yofelRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/551046/13:44
QuintasanRiddell: looks like it, POX said he will fix it13:44
Quintasanand we can't use --install-layout=deb13:45
Quintasanbecause it doesnt use setup.py13:45
QuintasanRiddell: can we grab stuff from experimental?13:46
RiddellQuintasan: if we want to sure13:46
QuintasanWe're not getting sip if we don't sync it13:47
Riddellfile a sync request bug and point me at it (once you've confirmed that fixes the issue)13:47
Quintasanbug in dh_python3 and as POX said, we can't use  --install-layout=deb because setup.py is not used in sip13:47
RiddellPOX is the dh_python3 author?13:48
Quintasanduuno, he said he will fix it and we should wait for new python3-defaults upload in experimental13:48
Riddellok, some waiting then I guess13:49
QuintasanI'm off to homework then13:50
Riddellthanks Quintasan 13:52
JontheEchidnayofel: hmm, I'll investigate. I may end up reverting it if I can't fix that, as to avoid a regression14:10
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: qapt-dbg14:10
* apachelogger was looking for libqapt :D14:10
JontheEchidnaI named the source package qapt since it also ships apt-utils14:10
apacheloggersame thing happene with VLC :D14:11
* JontheEchidna just woke up14:11
* apachelogger needs a random ppa to test14:11
apacheloggerit crashes in an iterator14:21
* shadeslayer throws ppa:darthvader towards apachelogger14:21
* apachelogger does not think he wants to touch this14:21
apacheloggerwhat a large stack14:21
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: http://paste.ubuntu.com/551084/14:21
apacheloggeradd some ppa with updates14:21
apacheloggerthen start muon-update14:21
apacheloggerapply or whatever it is called14:22
apacheloggerwarning comes up14:22
apachelogger*cancel* the warning14:22
JontheEchidna1.0.60 is a bit old14:22
JontheEchidnaand I think I fixed some bugs related to that sort of crash14:22
apacheloggerwhere did I get this package from :P14:24
apacheloggerclearly one of your deployments is out of date :P14:24
apacheloggeror maybe I built that myself14:24
CIA-39[libqapt] jmthomas * 1212315 * trunk/extragear/sysadmin/libqapt/src/package.cpp Use a pkgTagSection object from libapt-pkg to parse the control field instead of rolling our own.14:24
apacheloggermy system is fckd I would not be surprised at all ^^14:24
JontheEchidnafor natty, 1.0.90 is in the archive and 1.0.95 is in new queue14:24
shadeslayerhehe ... likewise here14:24
yofelhm, here the 'Quit' button in muon-updater does absolutely nothing14:24
JontheEchidnafor maverick, I have 1.0.95 in the qapt-ppa14:24
apacheloggerprobably an own install then14:25
yofelhm... ooops, I'm using ppa muon from maverick in natty14:25
* yofel needs to update package pins14:25
apacheloggeryou know14:26
apacheloggerthis world needs a filepreview plugin thing for debs14:27
apacheloggeror more in particular a metadata eater for dolphin14:27
apacheloggerso the sidebar shows all the control info14:27
apacheloggeranyone fancy doing a MIR for vlc?14:27
JontheEchidnaI'd use a library that got infos on .deb files14:27
apacheloggerone would need to write one14:28
apacheloggeras there is none14:28
apacheloggerthere is only dpkg-deb which does not use a library but has all the plunder inside14:28
apacheloggeralso it is rather scary code14:29
* apachelogger once looked into creating a qdpkg lib and quickly abandoned the thought ^^14:29
yofelhm, click on 'install updates' -> authenticate -> cancel download -> you can't quit muon-update anymore without killing it14:29
JontheEchidnaspeaking of scary APT-related code, I was surprised that my patch broke APT's ABI: http://lists.debian.org/deity/2011/01/msg00014.html14:30
apacheloggervirtual methods which manifests directly as an ABI break14:30
JontheEchidnayofel: I make it so that you can't close Muon in the middle of the updates.  It could be that canceling somehow doesn't un-do that, though I thought I fixed that already14:31
* apachelogger does not see how an addition to the vtable would break ABI seeing as the othe rentries would remain the same14:31
JontheEchidnahmm, nope, I can reproduce it here too :(14:32
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: I think that you should only ask for auth *after* showing the unauthenticated packgaes dialog14:32
apacheloggerif at all possible14:32
JontheEchidnaI should just need to move the auth call14:33
apacheloggerI suppose that would also prevent that state logic problem with quiting14:33
apacheloggerit is a bit odd anyway that it asks me to authenticate that action and then goes "dude, are you aware that the action you just gave permission for could break your system and stuff?!?!?"14:34
apacheloggerthat is like luring the user into a trap14:34
apachelogger"ha! got ya! you were not careful and now I would have broken your system haw haw!"14:34
CIA-39[muon] jmthomas * 1212320 * trunk/extragear/sysadmin/muon/libmuon/MuonMainWindow.cpp I didn't mean for this break statement to be here. It was causing m_canExit to still be false after a UserCancelError14:36
CIA-39[libqapt] jmthomas * 1212322 * trunk/extragear/sysadmin/libqapt/src/worker/worker.cpp Only ask for the passwords after we're sure we can start downloading. (After untrusted, disk space error, etc, dialogs)14:41
CIA-39[muon] jmthomas * 1212324 * trunk/extragear/sysadmin/muon/libmuon/MuonMainWindow.cpp Reset actions from all disabled when encountering AuthErrors.14:48
JontheEchidnamoving where the auth is asked for sort've reveals that this while loop takes 3 seconds to execute: http://paste.ubuntu.com/551095/14:55
JontheEchidnawill have to investigate that. it's probably sending over every package that should be kept. maybe I can get away with not doing that14:56
stalcupI keep failing at these new fan dangled ppa's15:48
yofelwe don't have that many ^^15:48
stalcupbut's i'm used to the old school ppa15:51
stalcupfor instance, what goes in the dput.cf?15:51
yofelstalcup: take my ppas as a reference http://paste.ubuntu.com/551121/15:52
stalcupso it should be kubuntu-ppa vs kubuntu-ppa/ppa?15:53
shadeslayerwell ..15:55
yofelif you want to upload to updates it should be 'incoming = ~kubuntu-ppa/ppa/ubuntu' for beta ~kubuntu-ppa/beta/ubuntu etc..15:55
shadeslayerppa:kubuntu-ppa is the same as ppa:kubuntu-ppa/ppa15:55
stalcupsweet, just put that in15:56
stalcupI have all these 4.5.5 packages with no place to go with them15:56
yofelwasn't it decided for them to go to staging?15:57
stalcupI'm just folllowing Riddell's direction15:57
yofeliirc he said staging15:57
stalcupfor 4.5.515:58
yofelbecause ppa would be where they'll land in for release15:58
yofellet me check the log15:58
shadeslayerstalcup: why would you exchange a MBP for a thinkpad? 0_O15:58
shadeslayeri mean ... MBP's are unibody aluminum and all sorts of bling15:59
Riddellstalcup: you don't need to edit dput.cf now, just you ppa:15:59
Riddellto upload to staging use  ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging15:59
stalcupokay 15:59
* yofel goes cleaning out staging first15:59
yofelstill has 4.5.8015:59
shadeslayerok .. clean out 4.5.8015:59
stalcupshadeslayer: because no linux on the mbp16:00
shadeslayerstalcup: what? .... seriously ? *buntu doesnt work?16:00
yofelshadeslayer: anything you still need there?16:00
shadeslayeryofel: nope .. upgrading to RC2, so dont delete that16:00
* shadeslayer flips out16:00
yofelI'm not cleaning ninjas :P16:00
shadeslayeroh STAGING16:00
shadeslayermy bad16:01
Riddellyes, we're using staging for 4.5.516:01
shadeslayerright ..16:01
yofelstalcup: you'll probably have to wait a while until launchpad doesn't reject your uploads16:01
stalcupso many new people :/ (except for shadeslayer)16:01
shadeslayerstalcup: and i was planning on buying one :'( .... whats the issue?16:01
shadeslayernew? who's new? 16:02
stalcupshadeslayer: It's a kernel issue, doesn't play nice with the hardware16:02
stalcupshadeslayer: I've been on a year long hiatus16:02
stalcupand we have fremen too16:02
yofellaaauuuunnnncccchhhhpaaaaaaaaaad Timeout error16:03
shadeslayerheh :P16:03
shadeslayeroh that reminds me16:03
* shadeslayer needs to talk to asax16:03
bensteshadeslayer: i've only tried #kubunut-dev - before :-)16:03
shadeslayeryofel: plasma-mobile on Linaro etc16:03
shadeslayerbenste: \o16:04
shadeslayeryofel: on anroid16:04
bensteshadeslayer: recommited - got your phone rining agin ?16:04
shadeslayeryep 16:04
shadeslayerone sec16:04
yofelstalcup: staging cleaned out, you should be able to upload in an hour or so (not sure how long launchpad needs to delete stuff)16:05
yofelstalcup: keep an eye on repository size on https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/staging/+packages - that should be 016:06
stalcupcool, thanks yofel 16:06
agateautoday live cd installer fails after I enter my login info, is it a known bug?16:10
bensteshadeslayer:  got it ?16:11
shadeslayerbenste: need to fix again ... no need to include the new change in changelog16:12
shadeslayerso essetially ... remove the ppa3 entry :P16:12
benstegive me a second16:12
* shadeslayer needs some awesum HTML5 designers16:12
yofeldpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/kdewallpapers_4%3a4.5.95-0ubuntu1~ppa1_all.deb (--unpack):16:13
yofel trying to overwrite '/usr/share/wallpapers/Ethais/metadata.desktop', which is also in package kdebase-workspace-wallpapers 4:4.5.90-0ubuntu116:13
* yofel goes fixing16:13
bensteshadeslayer: please check out https://code.launchpad.net/~benste/kdeedu/bugfix-lp-698056/+merge/4540816:14
* shadeslayer waits for LP to update Diff16:15
* stalcup waits for LP to function like a sane creature16:16
yofelstalcup: nope, won't happen16:17
bensteshadeslayer: LP now shows the changes https://code.launchpad.net/~benste/kdeedu/bugfix-lp-698056/+merge/4540816:18
shadeslayerone sec :)16:18
yofelshadeslayer: shouldn't the changelog of that merge be merged with ppa1 so we just have one ubuntu1 changelog?16:18
yofelwe'll throw the ~ppaX away anyway16:19
shadeslayerthat can be done as well16:21
benstecan or ust ?16:21
shadeslayerbut since the packaging used ppa1 anyways .. so id say go with ppa2 for now with UNRELEASED16:22
yofelRiddell: ^16:22
yofelwondering myself what's right here..16:22
yofelesp. since that applies to my next merge too :P16:22
benstehow could you merge to changes in the changelog if they're done by different persons ?16:23
benstedoesn't make sense for me16:23
yofeldch (without -i)16:23
yofelbenste: it'll look like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/551142/16:24
CIA-39[libqapt] jmthomas * 1212354 * trunk/extragear/sysadmin/libqapt/src/package.cpp We aren't using this QString anymore16:25
shadeslayerCES Started \o/16:25
stalcupdamn you ppa and your need for different sources despite being different ppas!16:27
bensteshadeslayer: is there anything else I'll have to do now ?16:27
shadeslayerstalcup: lol16:28
shadeslayerbenste: nope, just commit and push :)16:28
Riddellagateau: not know, I've not tried live CDs this decade16:36
agateauRiddell: so I assume the alternate cd is the way to go16:37
Riddellworth a shot16:39
Riddellmore reliable would be alpha 1 then dist-upgrade16:39
JontheEchidnaThe most recent changes to the kubuntu_52 patch in kdebase-workspace need to be reverted for the maverick backports. They're causing kde bug 26129016:44
ubottuKDE bug 261290 in general "GTK style not remembered after restart" [Normal,Resolved: downstream] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=26129016:44
JontheEchidnamight be what Quintasan was suffering from16:44
yofelRiddell: so what should I use? seperate changelog entry or merged one?16:45
Riddellyofel: for kdeedu?16:46
Riddellsorry, I just merged kdeedu, didn't see you were onto it16:46
yofelno, I'm working on artwork, edu was benste16:46
Riddelloh right, add to the ~ppa1 changelog16:46
Riddell~ppa1 there is just my lazy way of doing the same thing as UNRELEASED16:46
Riddelljust saves me from doing one more edit16:47
yofelgood :)16:47
RiddellJontheEchidna: hmm, ok16:50
JontheEchidnaotherwise we'd have to do backports of gtk2-engines-oxygen and kubuntu-default-settings16:50
JontheEchidnaI think it's just easier to make it a nice little feature that you get with 11.04 :P16:51
yofelRiddell: https://code.launchpad.net/~yofel/kdeartwork/4.5.95_2/+merge/4541516:53
yofel(and did you merge my other branches?)16:53
Riddellno, I'll do that now16:54
yofelI'll upload that to ninjas in the meanwhile16:54
RiddellI'm uploading kde-l10n to natty and maverick kubuntu-ppa/beta17:01
apacheloggerRiddell: the kdeedu package relation change is wrong17:11
apacheloggeras I indicated in the associated bug report :P17:11
apacheloggerparley uses kross17:11
Riddellthis is what I get for doing three things at once17:12
apacheloggerI know the feeling ;)17:12
apacheloggerRiddell: someone mismerged 17:13
apachelogger4.5 had Recommends: krosspython17:14
apacheloggerSuggests: khelpcenter417:14
stalcupanyone got space to share on their server for some steve irssi?17:14
apacheloggerwhich is wrong anyway as it should be krosspython, krossruby17:14
apacheloggerRiddell: did you upload that already?17:16
Riddellapachelogger: nope17:16
* apachelogger wonders why that carries a ~ppa suffix too17:17
apacheloggerRiddell: fixing then17:17
Riddell16:46 < Riddell> ~ppa1 there is just my lazy way of doing the same thing as UNRELEASED17:17
apacheloggermy oh my17:17
apacheloggeractually it still reocmmends krosspython17:18
* apachelogger greps as parley upstream is not responsive17:18
apacheloggerit uses pyqt too17:19
stalcupthese ppa's are killing me17:19
Riddellstalcup: what are they doing to you?17:19
apacheloggerand pykde17:19
stalcupthey keep saying they have already been uploaded17:20
stalcupI can stage them on my server if that helps17:20
Riddellstalcup: hmm, I wonder if it's not cleared out the deleted packages yet17:20
stalcupah, I'll wait a while then17:20
RiddellI hear it takes a whole day17:20
Riddellwould be nice to get 4.5.5 going before then17:21
stalcupI'll upload to my server then17:21
Riddellstalcup: uploading source and binaries?17:22
yofelstalcup: try again17:22
stalcupIf needed, yes17:22
yofelif it still fails you'll have to wait a day I guess :S17:22
Riddellstalcup: hmm, how about we set up an ec2 server to use? then we can all have access17:23
stalcupRiddell: sounds good to me17:24
yofelstalcup: does it still fail?17:24
yofelmeh, ti does show 0 as repository size since a few minutes ago but I guess it didn't delete the sources :/17:25
Riddellyeah I think it keeps them in the database for a while, most annoying17:26
CIA-39[kdeedu] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20110106172705-qtpw81pue9erkbbt * debian/ (KUBUNTU-DEBIAN-DIFFERENCES changelog control) * debian/control: add python-kde4 as recommends for parley (LP:#698056) * Also recommend krossruby and libkde4-ruby as plugins can be anything and Parley currently does not handle missing frameworks (at all)17:27
stalcup[PPA kubuntu-ppa] [ubuntu/maverick] kdebase-workspace 4:4.5.5-0ubuntu1~ppa1 (Accepted)17:27
yofeleeek, wrong ppa17:27
apacheloggerppa here, ppa there, ppas are broken everywhere17:28
shadeslayerit will probably explode in a million pieces17:28
apacheloggerRiddell: kdeedu all fixed up17:28
Riddellapachelogger: yo da man17:28
shadeslayerits fun when you can just /ignore people and they have no idea what you just did :>17:28
Riddellstalcup: ssh ubuntu@ec2-184-72-65-189.compute-1.amazonaws.com17:30
stalcupok, thanks Riddell 17:30
yofelRiddell: should I try to get rid of the few 4.5.5 packages in updates before they're built?17:31
Riddellyofel: how?17:31
apacheloggerRiddell: btw, shadeslayer and I claimed review, it is rather hurtful that you just went ahead and merged :(17:32
yofelwell, delete them, depends on what's better: missing 4.5.4 packages or a 4.5.4/4.5.5 mixture17:33
shadeslayerapachelogger: heck even i thought the review looked good17:33
shadeslayerbut apparently it was missing r00bies17:33
apacheloggerthat is because you are all not active enough up the stream and have a beer or two with parley developers :P17:33
Riddellapachelogger: yeah, sorry, doing too many things today :(17:33
shadeslayerapachelogger: im trying to be17:34
shadeslayerapachelogger: teach me new stuff :P17:34
Riddellyofel: what got uploaded?17:34
yofelRiddell: kdelibs kdebase and kdebase-workspace17:34
QuintasanJontheEchidna: not really, the oxygen-gtk is selected there17:34
QuintasanJontheEchidna: but it isn't used17:35
JontheEchidnaQuintasan: the startkde script makes the gtkrc not exported as a GTK config file17:35
Riddellyofel: I'd think we're best off just hoping that stalcup did the packaging right :)17:35
Quintasanmore importantly some retard undid my overclock in BIOS17:35
QuintasanJontheEchidna: :/17:35
yofelhe did the versions wrong :S17:35
QuintasanJontheEchidna: what do we do about this?17:35
* shadeslayer needs to switch to verizons 100Gbps networks to do anything now17:35
JontheEchidnaQuintasan: you need something in ~/.kde/env/ that does this: export GTK2_RC_FILES=$HOME/.gtkrc-2.0-kde417:35
yofelstalcup: that should have a ~maverick1~ppa1 at the end17:36
JontheEchidnaQuintasan: are you using natty or maverick?17:36
JontheEchidnaok, then it's because I was waiting for the gtk2-engines-oxygen MIR to upload changes to kubuntu-default-settings17:36
stalcupI know :(17:36
JontheEchidnathe changes provide a new file to replace the one that used to be in ~/.kde/env/ that startkde deletes17:37
Riddellstalcup, yofel: that version number isn't ideal but shouldn't be a problem in reality, if 4.5.5 ever goes into maverick-updates is can be uploaded with -0ubuntu217:37
stalcupI should have used ppa217:38
=== jjesse_ is now known as jjesse
stalcupwoo hoo, staging works Riddell 17:42
yofelstalcup: can you fix the versions for the other packages at least?17:48
stalcupI'll go back and do that in two shakes17:48
stalcupyofel: although it isn't a big deal17:48
QuintasanJontheEchidna: 17:48
Quintasan[~]% cat .kde/env/gtk_stuff.sh                                                                (quintasan@nightwalker:~)17:49
Quintasanexport GTK2_RC_FILES=$HOME/.gtkrc-2.0-kde417:49
Quintasanis this enough?17:49
JontheEchidnashould be, yes17:49
JontheEchidnamight need a re-login17:49
yofelstalcup: sure, but wouldn't hurt if at least the other ones were in -0ubuntu1~maverick1~ppa1 form17:49
stalcupyofel: agreed17:49
apacheloggerQuintasan, JontheEchidna: if done in a shell and then excuting a gtk app from that shell no relogin is necessary17:50
Quintasanhurf durf17:51
Quintasanstill no numlock on KDM17:51
apacheloggerossi doesnt use numlock17:51
QuintasanJontheEchidna: works <317:51
Quintasannow I need to wait for sip magic to auto-fix itself17:54
skamsterhello all again.. i've got one more question on using pykde and the plasma-part.. if i call a abstract parent-class in my standalone-code (which isn't using plasma) and print this with "toString", i became that result: <class 'adressplugins.AdressPlugin.AdressPlugin'> 17:54
skamsterhello all again.. i've got one more question on using pykde and the plasma-part.. if i call a abstract parent-class in my standalone-code (which isn't using plasma) and print this with "toString", i became that result: <class 'adressplugins.AdressPlugin.AdressPlugin'> 17:54
skamsterif i do the same in my widget, i became that result: <class 'applet_Multimobilewidget.adressplugins.AdressPlugin.AdressPlugin'>17:54
skamstersorry for the doube-message17:55
QuintasanRiddell: piiing17:55
Riddellhi Quintasan 17:55
QuintasanRiddell: POX said he will push the python3-defaults soon17:55
Riddellskamster: is the import line different?17:56
Riddellstalcup: it got accepted into staging?17:57
skamsterRiddell: yes, exactly17:57
skamsteri don't know where it came from17:57
skamsterRiddell: sorry, my answer was wrong, i'm a bit tired.. no, it's exactly the same i mean18:01
skamsterso that couldn't it be18:01
stalcupRiddell: yes, it did18:01
Riddellstalcup: I'll kill the ec2 machine then18:05
skamsterhttp://pastebin.com/bfXFHiZX it's on line 52 and on line 5818:06
stalcupok Riddell, thanks anyways18:06
skamsterhttp://pastebin.com/KMeNN65i and here it's on line 27 and 3218:07
Riddellstalcup: (unless you have some need of it)18:07
skamsterthe first is the plasma-one, the second the standalone18:07
stalcupRiddell: nope18:07
skamsterand on some places is a bit of test-code, but it isn't relevant in that case, i think18:08
CIA-39[libqapt] jmthomas * 1212370 * trunk/extragear/sysadmin/libqapt/src/package.cpp pkgDepCache::GetCandidateVer() should be more robust against failure than using a CandidateVerIter BUG:262262 FIXED-IN:1.1.018:10
skamsterRiddell: when you've got a idea you would me make very happy - i'm searching really long for that issue..18:11
Riddellskamster: I'm afraid I don't, but does it really misspell "address"?18:13
skamsterah, yes.. in german, a address is called adresse.. i think it's a typo because of that18:15
Riddellskamster: well I guess it's a feature of python's namespaces and I expect python programmers would know, today I'm a packager and not really in the python mood though18:19
CIA-39[libqapt] jmthomas * 1212371 * trunk/extragear/sysadmin/libqapt/src/package.cpp Constructing a QLatin1String with a null const char pointer will yield an empty QString anyways, so there's really no reason to check.18:19
shadeslayerapachelogger: do you remember the flick scrolling preview you showed me eons ago?18:20
CIA-39[libqapt] jmthomas * 1212372 * trunk/extragear/sysadmin/libqapt/src/package.cpp Fix Package::priority not working at all due to a faulty validity check18:20
shadeslayerapachelogger: i can probably do it18:21
apacheloggerwhy shouldnt you, if I did :P18:21
* apachelogger goes lunching though18:21
shadeslayerapachelogger: wait18:22
shadeslayerone sec18:22
shadeslayerapachelogger: but the video you sent me, that was acutally implemented?18:22
shadeslayerbecause i was looking at http://labs.qt.nokia.com/2008/11/15/flick-list-or-kinetic-scrolling/18:22
apacheloggerdo you think I would mockup a video? :O18:22
shadeslayerthen why did you not send in a patch? :P18:22
apacheloggeryou did not ask for it :P18:23
shadeslayerapachelogger: well .... send one nao :P18:24
* apachelogger is hungry!18:24
shadeslayerapachelogger: and what class did you use?18:24
apacheloggeralso I dunno where the code is 18:24
shadeslayerok ... just tell me which class you used 18:24
apacheloggerI think I wrote wrong18:24
apacheloggerthat flickcharm stuff looks very similar18:26
apacheloggerlooks good18:26
apacheloggerI would use that18:26
apacheloggerI would also go eat something18:26
apacheloggerI am 18:26
shadeslayerbut .... its experimental18:26
* shadeslayer tries anyways18:26
CIA-39[libqapt] jmthomas * 1212373 * trunk/extragear/sysadmin/libqapt/src/cache.cpp These checks are already performed by pkgCacheFile, and we would already have returned if they were true by the time we do the redundant checks.18:30
Riddellooh, 4.5.95 is working!18:34
skamsterRiddell: thanks anyway :)18:34
ximionhi there :P18:37
ximionI packaged debconf-kde for Debian, but the Debian KDE team is too buisy to upload it at time. But the package might be something you can use in Kubuntu...18:37
ximion... it provides all necessary stuff to make PackageKit tools like KPackageKit and pkcon display KDE dialogs for Debconf18:38
JontheEchidna!info libdebconf-kde018:38
ximion(the version currently in Ubuntu's repositories doesn't do this)18:38
ubottulibdebconf-kde0 (source: libdebconf-kde): Debconf KDE GUI library. In component main, is optional. Version 0.1~svn1167939-0ubuntu3 (maverick), package size 30 kB, installed size 160 kB18:38
JontheEchidnayeah, I suppose we could merge18:39
ximionJontheEchidna: I added some extra stuf... package was reviewed by the Debian KDE team18:39
ximionThe proble  is it is not in Debian atm.18:39
ximionif you want it in Ubuntu, I will change the naming an upload it to REVU18:40
stalcupI can advocatee18:40
JontheEchidnaximion: I don't think you need to change the name18:41
JontheEchidnawe might as well change if Debian is going to go along with the other name18:41
ximionJontheEchidna: I was told to change the source package name, cause it contains a lib _and_ an executable.18:41
ximiondget http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/d/debconf-kde/debconf-kde_0.1+git20101209-1.dsc18:41
ximioncurrently the package is prepared for Debian.18:42
=== v3d_ is now known as v3d
JontheEchidnaone thing I noticed is that the dbg package is named libdebconf-kde-dbg, but it contains dbg symbols for both the lib and the helper18:43
JontheEchidnaI would personally suggest taking a similar route with the -dbg package naming that you did with the source package naming18:43
ximionJontheEchidna: Should I create two debug packages? I think one is enough, so is it okay if I just change the name?18:44
JontheEchidnaOne is enough, certainly18:44
ximionI'll mark debconf-kde-dbg as conflicting with libdebconf-kde-dbg18:46
stalcupoxygen icons sux0r18:47
Riddellmarkey: rc 2 should be ready to test now on maverick if you're feeling brave18:48
RiddellTrouble: want tot est?18:48
RiddellTrouble: want to test?18:48
TroubleRiddell: Hey! Yes please... Ninjas?18:56
RiddellTrouble: yes, do you have access?18:56
TroubleYes thanks :)18:56
Riddellgreat, you're the first tester so if it all blows up in your face, do let us know18:56
* yofel has 4.5.95 installed and waits for his VM to finish something so he can logout...18:56
Riddellyofel: natty or maverick?18:57
TroubleIf I can get back in here :18:57
TroubleCan I have your personal phone number? :-p18:57
yofelI'll do some maverick testing in a VM later18:57
Riddellplease add test results to https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Ninjas/Packaging18:58
TroubleI just gotta finish this upgrade (non Kubuntu related) at work, then I'll be on it18:58
RiddellI'm going out for a couple of hours, all being well I'll upload to natty and copy to kubuntu-ppa/beta for maverick when I get back18:58
Riddell(or anyone else can if they want to before then)18:58
yofelwithout bindings?18:58
Riddellyeah, we'll just have to live with pykde not being entirely up to date18:59
danttiRiddell: did you take a look at the Qt patch? since when Apper supports listing from repos it will probably crash ...18:59
Riddelldantti: sorry two KDE releases this week means I haven't had time yet, it's next on my todo list and I will get to it tomorrow18:59
Riddelldantti: settled on "Apper" then?18:59
danttiRiddell: ok np19:00
danttiRiddell: yes, it has a some nice new features..19:00
TroublePackages downloaded (Fetched 79.3MB in 56s) :-p19:01
danttiRiddell: a bit new ui http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/7448/plasmadesktopqh1558.png19:01
danttimore horz space19:01
danttiRiddell: and some nice options for notebooks and mobile network connections http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/2090/plasmadesktopqq1558.png19:02
QuintasanRiddell: Did you upgrade that python3 stuff?19:15
Quintasanor do we wait till it's in Debian and import?19:15
yofelanyone an idea how I can *not* get this if I intentionally disabled strigi? http://yofel.dyndns.org/pics/ext/strigi.png19:16
TroubleInstalled RC2 on Maverick... rebooting....19:16
QuintasanTrouble: You're dead19:16
Quintasanyofel: hey, about those DMA_WRT_FAIL on my hdd19:17
Quintasanyofel: you said something about cables19:17
* Quintasan is upgrading19:18
QuintasanWell whatever, I'll look for new SATA cable19:18
Quintasanmaybe the cable is giving me Trouble19:19
yofelgot another one you can exchange it with to test it?19:19
Quintasannot really19:19
QuintasanI have another one going to the DVD drive19:19
TroubleKDM broken19:24
shadeslayerTrouble: black login screen?19:24
shadeslayerthats normal19:25
Trouble"Cannot open theme file /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes/ethais"19:25
shadeslayerits the *new* theme :P19:25
ulyssesis it? I have background in KDM:P19:25
yofelI have the old background here19:25
shadeslayeryofel: you had overwrite errors on natty?19:25
ulyssesI had that black background, but somehow it is fixed19:25
shadeslayerseems to have gone fine here19:25
TroubleThen kdm quits. Had to use gdm to get in ;-)19:25
yofelshadeslayer: one19:25
shadeslayeryofel: upgrade went fine here19:26
yofelwell, I already fixed it, maybe that's why19:26
TroubleI'm on Maverick btw19:26
shadeslayeryofel: which package?19:26
yofelTrouble: do you have kdebase-workspace-wallpapers installed?19:26
yofelshadeslayer: kdewallpapers <> kdebase-workspace-wallpapers19:26
shadeslayernopety nope19:27
yofelTrouble: at least I get: kdebase-workspace-wallpapers, kdm: /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes/ethais19:27
shadeslayeri dont have the other package19:27
shadeslayeryofel: http://paste.kde.org/192119:27
shadeslayerthats probably why19:27
shadeslayeralso ... ill be installing debian ... this week19:28
ulysseshm, I installe plasma-wallpapers-addons yesterday, that installed a lot dependencies, maybe it fixed the background issue?19:28
shadeslayersid + natty + windows 7 = party19:28
Quintasanwell, I'm out of here19:28
shadeslayerwill run KDE trunk on debian 19:28
yofelshadeslayer: what do you need sid for?19:28
Quintasanyofel: If python3 stuff gets updated please retry sip19:28
Troubleyofel: I don't have kdebase-workspace-wallpapers on - installing now19:28
shadeslayeryofel: fun stuff19:28
shadeslayeryofel: rolling release etc19:28
Quintasanyofel: http://people.ubuntu.com/~quintasan/sip/19:29
Quintasanyofel: This should make it work19:29
yofelQuintasan: sure19:29
Trouble...logging out and in again to test :p19:29
shadeslayerneed2restart too19:29
yofelstalcup: can you please upload an up-to-date meta-kde to staging? best you follow https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Ninjas/DependencyGraph when uploading things19:31
yofelTrouble: the world didn't end?19:31
TroubleI now have the black kdm background \o/ At least it works :D19:31
yofelodd one, I'll try this in my VM later19:32
stalcupyofel: what do you mean?19:33
yofelstalcup: pretty much all packages need 'kde-sc-dev-latest' which is part of meta-kde to build, look at the kdebase build failure19:34
yofelyou can use meta-kde from kubuntu-ppa/ppa and update that19:34
stalcupI'm sorry, havent done anything like this in over a year19:35
yofelnp, I forgot meta too in the beginning..19:35
stalcupah, the deps graph19:36
stalcupyeah, i'll fix it when I'm done19:36
stalcupshould go into dep wait though19:37
yofelit did I think19:37
shadeslayeryofel: lol i had to start X and then startkde after exporting DISPLAY ... something is borked19:40
shadeslayercould not find /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes/ethais19:40
yofeldoesn't that folder exist at all or...19:41
shadeslayerlemme see19:41
shadeslayer/usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes/ethais/wallpapers/ has 2 files19:42
shadeslayerdunno why they arent picked up19:42
yofelshadeslayer: are the symlinks broken or not?19:42
shadeslayerrekonq is now phast19:42
shadeslayerlemme check19:43
apacheloggerplenty of umeshu makes apachelogger very happy19:43
shadeslayerlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 65 2011-01-07 00:48 /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes/ethais/wallpapers/background-1920x1200.png -> ../../../../../../wallpapers/Ethais/contents/images/1920x1200.png19:44
Troubleshadeslayer: have you got kdebase-workspace-wallpapers installed?19:44
shadeslayernopety nope19:44
shadeslayerdo i really need that?19:44
TroubleBecause it fixed my problem19:44
TroubleOr use gdm :-p19:44
yofelthat's *very* odd though because19:44
yofelkdewallpapers: /usr/share/wallpapers/Ethais/contents/images/1920x1200.png19:44
TroubleYour choice lol19:44
yofelshadeslayer: do you have kdewallpapers installed?19:45
shadeslayeryofel: http://paste.kde.org/192419:45
shadeslayeryofel: yes, but i have a update :S19:45
ximionJontheEchidna: Package is available at REVU.19:45
ximionwhoops, he's gone :P19:45
Troubleshadeslayer: that's what I had in that dir19:45
shadeslayerwhich i do not want to perform19:45
yofelshadeslayer: that's probably my fix from before I guess19:45
shadeslayeryofel: try rekonq + KDE 4.6 RC219:46
shadeslayerflippin fast19:46
yofelthis starts making less and less sense19:47
yofelEthais *was* in kdebase-workspace-wallpapers IIRC, now it's in kdewallpapers (that's the overwrite error I got)19:47
ximionstalcup: The debconf-kde package is at revu.19:48
stalcupximion: we should really discuss this19:48
stalcupapachelogger: ^ what say you?19:49
yofelah wait, only the *wallpaper* was moved to kdewallpapers - the *theme* is still in kdebase-worspace-wallpapers, so you'll need that too19:50
yofelhow would one fix that? make kdm depend on kdebase-workspace-wallpapers?19:51
ximionstalcup: Discuss what? The name? The Debian guys wanted the debconf-kde name (for an IMO valid reason), so it might be good to change it in Ubuntu too.19:53
* yofel logs out, see you in rc2! ... maybe. ...hopefully, well, soon anyway19:54
shadeslayerRiddell: dude, try out rekonq in RC2!19:56
ulysseswhere'a the RC2?:\19:56
shadeslayerbuild it from git19:56
shadeslayerulysses: KDE 4.6 RC219:56
yofelulysses: in ninjas19:56
ulyssesthat is problem19:56
shadeslayeryofel: are you building rekonq from git?19:56
yofelshadeslayer: no19:56
shadeslayeranyhow ... its awesome :D19:57
yofelshadeslayer: how do I nuke my rekonq UI settings by the way?19:57
yofelon my eeePC the whole top bar is gone...19:57
shadeslayeryofel: .kde/share/config/apps/rekonqrc19:57
shadeslayeryofel: yeah that can happen ... did you upgrade it?19:57
yofelwell, it had maverick running and is running natty now so yes19:58
yofelhm, rc2 seems mosty fine so far, weather applet still crashes plasma on logout though :S19:59
shadeslayeryofel: rebuild against new libionweather should fix that19:59
yofeloh? I'll try20:00
shadeslayeryeah it usually needs a rebuilt20:00
yofelerm, that applet is part of kdeplasma-addons though...20:01
shadeslayeroh ...20:01
yofelwell, it was reported upstream, just didn't keep track of it20:01
yofelprobably still not fixed20:01
apacheloggerstalcup: I say that I am the drunk20:02
apacheloggerstalcup: aslo debconf-kde is already in teh archives20:02
apacheloggerused by muon and kpk20:02
yofelI'm somewhat astonished that activities actually work in 4.6 o.O20:02
stalcupwhat;s new20:02
apacheloggerso what is ximion proposing?20:03
ximionapachelogger: I packaged debconf-kde for Debian (new packaging), which provides some bugfixes etc. as well as a new tool to make PackageKit show Debconf KDE dialogs as needed.20:05
stalcupcan I get the wholw source package?20:06
stalcupwait, nm20:06
ximionThe Debian KDE team is buisy at time, they can't sponsor the package at time, but they reviewed it - the changes might be useful for Kubuntu, so I adjusted the Debian version and pushed it to REVU20:06
ximionThe feature for the PackageKit command line tools has been added in PackageKit 0.6.11, which is currently in Git and will be available in Debian unstable soon.20:07
ximiondget http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/revu1-incoming/debconf-kde-1101062039/debconf-kde_0.1+git20101209-0ubuntu1.dsc20:08
ximion(btw: REVU complains about a missing watch file, the pkg has a get-orig-source rule to fetch the source from Git (KDE Playground))20:09
apacheloggerximion: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libdebconf-kde20:13
apacheloggermayb eit is because I am drunk, but I am confused20:13
ximionapachelogger: It's a repackaging for Debian, which contains some new features, like Debconf KDE dialogs for every software using PackageKit (not only KPK/Apper)20:14
ximionthere are some changes between the package currently in Ubuntu and the new one.20:14
apacheloggerwhy is it calle debconf-kde anyway? :P20:15
ximionthe name was changed, cause some debian devs asked me to do it - the package not only provides libs, but also an executable.20:15
ximionI could change the name back, but I'm not sure, if Debian will change too.20:16
apacheloggerximion: this snapshot does not include translations20:16
ximionthe debconf-kde-dbg package also contains debugging infos for the lib and the helper application.20:17
ximionyep - are there existing translations?20:17
* yofel is tried of getting wiki internal server errors...20:17
yofelanyone an idea who I could spam about that?20:17
apacheloggerximion: since it lives in KDE, yes there are supposedly translations20:18
yofelTrouble: about the black login background - install kdewallpapers and try again20:18
apacheloggerthere are teams who regularly translate playground if they get bored :D20:18
TroubleThanks yofel!20:18
apacheloggerximion: in youbuntoo you should add the pervious changelog and mention all the changes and stuff20:20
apacheloggersince it is not really a new package20:20
yofelRiddell: see upgrade notes before uploading - kdm needs some fixup, not sure how though20:20
shadeslayermgraesslin: pokety poke20:20
shadeslayermgraesslin: its OT in here so PM'ing20:20
apacheloggerximion: maintainer should be Ubuntu Developers or Kubuntu Developers, you should be XSBC20:21
apacheloggerif you have ubuntu-dev-tools installed update-maintainer will solve that IIRC20:21
ximionapachelogger: Okay, one moment...20:21
ximion(I already changed this maintainer stuff, do you have the latest version?)20:21
apacheloggerthe one you linked to :P20:23
* apachelogger pulls20:23
apacheloggerximion: patch needs to be documented in the changelog20:23
ximioncool, the Ubuntu package has a fetch_translations rule!20:24
ximion(and also lots of junk in debian/patches)20:25
apacheloggerximion: the copyright entry for debconf stuff is ombigous as daniel also holds copyright and his ocde is LGPL20:25
apacheloggerximion: sounds like you should merge the two ;)20:25
apacheloggerotherwise the new packaging looks good anyway20:25
ximion1apachelogger: You mean the src/DebconfGui.h etc. files are not (c) to Petr Rockai <me@mornfall.net>?20:27
=== ximion1 is now known as ximion
ximionapachelogger: You mean the src/DebconfGui.h etc. files are not (c) to Petr Rockai <me@mornfall.net>?20:28
ximionapachelogger: Ah, found danttis license block...20:29
ximionapachelogger: hmm, ist there a DEP-5 compliant way to inform about this?20:30
ximionlooks like translation is not in Git atm20:32
apacheloggerximion: dual license I would say20:34
apachelogger"BSD or LGPL" is it I think20:35
apacheloggerin the license block you then just point out that only parts of it are BSD licensed etc.20:35
ximionapachelogger: Done.21:17
ximionapachelogger: You can find the new packaging here: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=885921:17
Trouble`RC2 for Maverick installed now I'm home.... rebooting ;-)21:28
apacheloggerximion: did daniel actually release 0.1 already?21:30
ximionapachelogger: No, but I asked him to do so :P21:31
apacheloggerthen your version number is wrong :P21:31
apacheloggershould be 0.1~git...21:31
apacheloggerximion: what happened to the patches?21:32
ximionapachelogger: Applied upstream.21:32
ximionsorry, version 0.1 is out already, I confused this package with another ojne :P21:32
ximionapachelogger: the git repo has a 0.1 tag, so there's an 0.1 release and the package version is correct21:33
apacheloggerthere is only a release when there was an release21:34
* apachelogger has silly language today21:35
apacheloggeranyhow, before upstream does not publish 0.1 it is not 0.1+21:35
apacheloggerat least for my policy it is not21:35
ximionapachelogger: As I said, there was a 0.1 release - I only got confused with another package when I said no :P21:36
ximionso the + is correct21:36
apacheloggerfair enough21:36
apacheloggerwhere is the tar? :P21:36
ximionapachelogger: See https://projects.kde.org/news/721:36
apacheloggervery unconventional ^^21:37
ximionI immediately switched to a newer snapshot, cause it had some very important patches, so I stopped begging dantti for a tarball :P21:37
apacheloggeranyone up for a review?21:37
* apachelogger does not want to upload with just one review considering the substantial change21:38
apacheloggeryou are all very lazy21:39
apacheloggerQuintasan: ping21:39
yofelstalcup: how did you upload them?21:42
yofeland I only see 5 so far21:42
stalcupdput ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging <source.changes> (Read about uploading)21:43
apacheloggeryofel and stalcup could take a look at debconf-kde :D21:43
apacheloggerthere I got you21:43
stalcupas a build dep?21:44
yofelmaybe later21:44
stalcupah, looked at it21:45
stalcupapachelogger: advocated21:46
stalcupam still trying to figure out my ppa mess21:47
yofelppa looks right...21:47
yofelaaaah, did you already try to upload them? dput skips already uploaded things I think21:47
yofelremove and .upload files21:48
stalcupno, they were all uploaded regular like21:48
stalcupthe only thing I changed was ~maverick21:49
stalcupwhich is the fail I would guess21:49
yofelchecked if they were rejected?21:49
stalcupall accepted21:49
stalcupRiddell: ^ when you have a moment21:50
apacheloggerstalcup: can you testbuild?21:50
* apachelogger seems to have a broken natty builder21:50
yofelstalcup: *SIGH* - you uploaded all other ones to kubuntu-ppa/ppa21:50
apacheloggeralso I need to hookify the arm builders21:51
apacheloggerso much todo21:51
stalcupI'll move them21:51
yofelwell, the version is right, so if nothing's broken in your packaging nobody should complain..21:51
apacheloggeranyone wanna join a skype session?22:08
* stalcup no have skype22:09
apacheloggerstalcup: get it :D22:10
stalcupapachelogger: ah, ok22:10
stalcupI had a question about regaining my kubuntu membership - when would be a good timeframe?22:10
apacheloggerask on skype22:11
apacheloggerI shall give you22:11
stalcupmind, i just did this https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/staging22:11
stalcupok, hold on22:11
ximion!info libdebconf-kde-dbg22:13
ubottulibdebconf-kde-dbg (source: libdebconf-kde): Debconf KDE debugging symbols. In component main, is extra. Version 0.1~svn1167939-0ubuntu3 (maverick), package size 307 kB, installed size 1708 kB22:13
apacheloggerNightrose: skype?22:20
Nightroseapachelogger: sorry - no time atm :( 22:23
stalcupapachelogger: what's you skype info?22:27
* yofel wants kubuntu-membership too :S22:27
yofelnah, first need to write a usable wiki page22:27
apacheloggerstalcup: apachelogger22:27
apacheloggerwhat else?22:27
stalcupyofel: get motu22:27
stalcupapachelogger: good point22:27
yofelstalcup: that's scheduled for sometime after that :P22:28
ximionapachelogger stalcup: Thanks for reviewing debconf-kde!22:31
ximionapachelogger: I'll be away in a few minutes...22:31
ximionAre there any plans about Apper, the renamed KPackageKit, in Kubuntu? Is someone working on the packaging?22:32
apacheloggerstalcup: still waiting on a test build :P22:33
apacheloggerstalcup: markey, markey stalcup22:34
apacheloggerximion: you should become kubuntu member22:40
ximionapachelogger: How?22:40
apacheloggermake more contributions and apply :D22:41
=== fenris- is now known as fenris-web
fenris-webbugs 69459222:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 694592 in Kubuntu PPA "Broken settings in 4.6 rc1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69459222:42
fenris-webapachelogger: any one look into it ? 22:42
ximionapachelogger: At time I make nearly all contributions through Debian...22:44
yofelfenris-web: try to install kdebase-workspace-wallpapers or kdewallpapers for the kdm background22:44
ximion(but I always look at Ubuntu to apply all changes too :P)22:44
apacheloggerximion: so you make contributions ;)22:44
apacheloggerwhen you think you made enough, apply for membership22:44
yofelfenris-web: as for the gtk settings a fix was discussed IIRC, should be out for rc2 maybe22:45
fenris-webyofel: owh ok . thanks for da info .. 22:46
fenris-webeta for rc2 release ? :)22:46
yofelfenris-web: 'hopefully tomorrow' - with a big hopefully22:46
ximionapachelogger: Ok... I'll see... At time I think I still have to wait until I really got the "how to do a package right" practice :P22:46
fenris-web\0/ ... i hope so .. 22:47
apacheloggerximion: kubuntu membership is not about that22:47
apacheloggerximion: it is about doing something of value for the community22:47
ximionapachelogger: Since libdebconf-kde-dbg will be left if debconf-kde is uploaded, DAK won't remove the source package... So I'll file a bug to remove the pkg manually tomorrow.22:48
ximion...or do you thing a transitional package would be better?22:48
ximion(IMHO not necessary for an extra priority pkg)22:48
yofelapachelogger: got some advice when I should try to apply? I've been around for a while, kubuntu only recently though (noticible)22:48
ximionapachelogger: 22:50
ximionUnable to find source package debconf-kde/0.1+git20101228-0ubuntu1 in natty22:50
RiddellTrouble`: as usual kdm has no update method for its config files, we'll need to work out how to fix that 22:50
Trouble`Riddell's back \o/22:51
ximionapachelogger: so the changelog has to indicate an initial release of this pkg, no?22:51
RiddellI'm back!22:51
Riddellwhat did I miss?22:51
yofelRiddell: that's the problem? actually I think it's the theme file not being installed by default (or I'm misunderstanding something)22:51
Riddellyofel: well the default theme changed22:51
yofelwait, it did?22:52
Riddellbut nothing upgrades /etc/kde4/kdm/kdmrc22:52
Riddelland kdm doesn't do sensible fallback if it can't find the theme22:52
Riddellat least I assume the default has changed, should be horos now22:52
apacheloggerximion: well, yours is not initial for ubuntu :D22:53
fenris-webyofel: any idea y my quassel cant get connected ? i realize it after upgrade to 4.6rc122:53
ximionapachelogger: Huh! There's something wrong with the PPA builders - the Reject was from a PPA, but it's content showed it was an "official" package - also the PPA service sent me messages that debconf-kde builds failed, but at the buildlooks say "everything okay"22:53
Trouble`Yea, in my kdmrc: "Theme=/usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes/ethais" :-(22:53
yofelfenris-web: no.. and I don't think anyone else had that so far22:54
fenris-webowh ok .. thanks .. ill try to figure it out .. 22:55
apacheloggerstalcup: are you actually here?22:56
yofelfenris-web: core/client or single client? look at .xsession-errors in any case22:56
ejatahh .. finally .. maybe my connection .. 22:57
* Trouble` manually changes his kdm theme to horos22:57
yofelyep, changing theme by hand worked :S22:59
Riddellhmm, it's actually not the default22:59
stalcupapachelogger: where'd you go?23:04
Riddellguess I should put those files back in the kdm package then until upstream changes the setting23:05
stalcupRiddell: 4.5.5 is done, just building atm23:06
apacheloggerstalcup: I muted you23:06
apacheloggerbecause of the shoe finding business :)23:06
apacheloggerstalcup: you are back now, wer are talking about kde exerience stuff23:07
* yofel starts walking around in cycles around stalcup mumbling something about meta-kde23:08
stalcupyofel: it will build23:09
stalcupjust weirdly23:09
yofellooking at the amount of dep-waits I doubt that23:10
yofelstalcup: you'll at least need to copy meta-kde from ppa to staging, default meta-kde in maverick is too old23:13
apacheloggerstalcup: you dropped, was that intentional?23:13
stalcupno, hold on :(23:13
stalcupyofel: I already coppied it over23:14
yofelstalcup: doesn't show up (yet)23:15
Riddellstalcup: all of it?23:15
stalcupshows up here23:15
yofelstalcup: *where* ?23:15
yofelnot for me23:16
yofelstalcup: this is the list it shows for me - anything missing? http://yofel.dyndns.org/pics/ext/lp.png23:18
stalcupyofel: looks the same to me23:28
yofelthen meta-kde is missing23:28
Riddellshadeslayer: yay, ajax is working!23:28
stalcupyofel: how do I get it, dget fails23:31
Riddellapachelogger: I have no microphone23:32
apacheloggerRiddell: that is silly23:32
yofeldget really fails...23:32
apacheloggerwe are having a nice KDE talk sessoin thing23:32
yofelstalcup: use wget on the dsc and tar.gz23:33
stalcupk, done23:33
stalcupnow for some dpkg voodoo23:33
* stalcup no remember23:34
yofeldpkg-source -x *.dsc23:34
stalcuphad to restart my terminal23:38
stalcupmeta on the way23:45
=== apachelogger is now known as gnomelogger

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