harleenhello i have ubuntu and it cannot recognize my iphone 4 after i updated the software from 4.0 to 4.200:11
harleencan someone tell me what to do?00:11
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good_intentionsDOes anyone know how to stream dvb from kaffeine over a network00:38
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Scuniziwow.. I just did a update/upgrade/dist-upgrade on my 10.04 system and there's 120 packages to upgrade and 1 held back.. almost the entire kde system and k"apps"00:58
Scuniziand I just did that a week ago with almost no updates.. looks like kde version 4.4.5 is what's coming in.. was that the original with the install or was it 4.3 or 4.4?01:00
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reya276Does anyone know if there is a Plasma Widget for LastFm or Pandora>01:11
reya276Does anyone know if there is a Plasma Widget for LastFm or Pandora?01:16
pulaskiHello. I used "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" in an attempt to upgrade from kubuntu 10.04 lucid lynx to kubuntu 10.10. maverick meekrat. It all seemed to end to quickly. Is there a cli command do indicate my whether my current distro is kubunt 10.04 or 10.10?01:27
claydohpulaski: dist-upgrade does not upgrade you to the next version01:29
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade01:29
claydoherr not the best link lemme grab a better one01:29
claydohpulaski: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MaverickUpgrades/Kubuntu01:31
pulaskiclaydoh: Thanks for responding. Thats just what I need.01:31
claydohreya276: nope , not as far as I can see Pandora is closed, there is one or 2 for lastfm iirc you should be able to search and install one in the Get Widgets applet01:37
nylhow can i bypass login01:37
nylif on my device i don't have any keyboard01:37
claydohnyl:  you can't iirc tho it can be disabled (autologin) not that it helps not having a kb :(01:39
reya276claydoh, Get Widgets Applet? Ah sorry I just start using KDE today first time01:40
nylit's 1st boot01:40
nyljust made the image01:40
reya276well Kubuntu01:40
claydohreya276: what version?01:40
nyli'm stuck at the "sycamore login: "01:40
reya276claydoh, I think Kubuntu 10.1001:41
reya276yes 10.1001:41
reya276Krita 2.3 got me Sold!01:42
claydohreya276: ok, simply right-click in  your desktop and select Add Widgets01:42
reya276closest thing to Photoshop that has CMYK 16bit01:42
reya276which means it can be used professionally01:42
claydohthen press the Get Widgets button01:42
reya276where is it?01:42
claydohreya276: hold on It may  be slightly different in the KDE version I am using compared to yours01:44
reya276which one do you have?01:45
nylis there any way to manualy add user01:45
claydohno its the same01:46
nylor to copy a already made userbase01:46
claydohreya276: another way to get there http://userbase.kde.org/images.userbase/8/83/Plasma_howto-widget-desktop-add-45.gif01:46
claydohright-clicking on your desktop somewhere gets similar menu01:47
reya276wow this is cool, how did you do that01:47
reya276this thing is showing me some step by step animation, very nice01:47
claydohas well as right-clicking on your panel, selecting Panel Options01:47
nylubuntu transfer users01:47
claydohreya276: I can't take credit someone else did those http://userbase.kde.org has lots of kde help bits01:48
reya276cool I got it, thanks01:48
ner0xIs it possible to link laptop to desktop from eth0 <=> eth0?01:49
ner0xShare internet connection, I mean.01:49
reya276so Tell me again why are people still using Windows?01:49
ner0xSort of like a proxy.01:49
claydohreya276: http://userbase.kde.org/Plasma/HowTo/4.5 is more specific for the KDE in 10.1001:49
reya276wow I bet MS ripped off most of this stuff for Windows 701:50
claydohreya276:  I think there was some cross-pollination, it mayu have been going both ways idea wise :)01:50
rjwiiiso, KDE 4.5 doesn't have transpararancy?01:59
israfilhello, i use Kubuntu Hardy Heron and my Laptop display on which i installed the nvidia driver stays dark. Can you help me?02:22
israfilcat /proc/acpi/video/NVID/LCD/brightness says: "levels:  80 13 7 13 20 30 45 60 80 100"  and  "current: 0"02:22
moteyibexNeed to transfer a Launchpad bug from application Zim specific to Xorg - it is a potential security issue02:45
rtdoshow do i take a screenshot and can i paste it into dolphin?03:29
Scunizirtdos: dolphin is a file manager.. take a screenshot by pushing the PrtScn/SysRq button03:35
rtdosbut can i paste the image as a file into dolphin, scunizi ?03:35
Scunizirtdos: you can use dolphin to open a file or move a file... but pasting it into dolphin? that's not what it does.03:36
Scunizirtdos: what are you ultimately trying to do? open an image? paste the image to a pastebin service?03:38
rtdosactually i need to upload a screen shot to a private server.03:55
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hummusheadi have a linux driver but don't know how to install it05:30
FearedWhat do you mean hummushead?05:36
FearedA driver for what05:36
hummusheadfor a wireless card05:36
hummusheadthe cd came with a driver, i just don't know how to install it05:37
hummusheadon kubuntu05:37
FearedIs the driver in a folder, zip, etc?05:38
hummusheadi can find it, just dont know the commands to install it05:38
FearedYeah what? Which?05:38
hummusheadoh, zip05:38
FearedYou've extracted it? Correct?05:39
hummusheadnot yet05:39
hummusheadwill do05:39
FearedOnce it's extracted, do you see any sh or executable files?05:39
hummusheadjust a sec05:40
hummusheadrestarting it (different machine that i'm on now)05:40
hummusheadwhere should i extract it to?05:41
FearedWherever you please. You're sure you can't find these same drivers in a package manager, right?05:41
hummusheadno clue05:42
hummusheadi dont know what that is05:42
FearedKPackageKit, Synaptic?05:43
hummusheadjust installed kubuntu tonight05:43
hummusheadand i dont have it online so was trying to install them from the disk i have05:44
hummusheadit being the comp i'm trying to install the wireless card on05:44
FearedWhat wireless card are you using?05:44
hummusheada winstar pci n one05:44
FearedWhat do you see in the extracted folder?05:46
hummusheada couple .dat files05:49
FearedNo executable or package?05:49
hummusheadone called 'makefile05:50
FearedPress Shift + F4 in the folder with the makefile.05:51
hummusheadnothing happened05:52
FearedNo terminal opened?05:52
FearedHeh. Just open a terminal and navigate yourself to that directory.05:52
FearedThis is Kubuntu, right?05:52
hummusheadok cool05:53
FearedType in ./configure05:53
FearedTell me if you get anything or if it's unrecongnized.05:54
hummusheadno surch file05:54
FearedAlright, try make.05:54
hummusheadwhat's the whole command?05:54
hummusheadi don't know these05:54
Feared# make05:54
FearedWithout the pound sign.05:54
hummusheadsays command not found05:55
Feared# sudo apt-get install make05:55
FearedThen try the previous command again.05:56
hummusheadstill says command not found05:56
FearedYou're positive the machine has an updated Kubuntu on it?05:57
hummusheadyeah, downloaded it through wubi05:57
hummusheador wumi, whatever the windows installer is05:57
hummusheadi haven't set up the repositories yet tho05:57
FearedNot sure if I can help you my friend. I'm an amatuer with Kubuntu myself. Although these commands should exist anyways.05:59
hummusheadNo worries06:00
FearedGood luck, though.06:00
hummusheadThanks for trying06:00
KimLarouxI remember when the Folder View on the desktop opened sub-directories when the pointer was over them. It doesn't seem to be doing this anymore and I can't find any settings for this feature. Anyone knows what's going on?06:04
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israfilhello, i use kubuntu hardy heron and have installed the proprietary nvidia driver. After it everything was good but after i rebooted the system the display remains dark. What can i do?06:45
wsr3193What do you mean dark?07:03
israfili mean that the display is visible but darker than normal07:05
israfilshould i try the laptop-mode-tools?07:05
jhohnisrafil: my laptop has hardware buttons to in- and decrease brightness, yours maybe also07:12
israfiljhohn: mine don't work on linux07:19
ox3aI want install kde in Ubuntu for customizing the iso07:35
JackOfHeartsox3a:  type in console sudo su07:36
JackOfHeartsso u got root acces07:36
ox3aand installing kubuntu-desktop?07:36
JackOfHearts than type apt-get install kubuntu-desktop07:37
gr8m8you don't need sudo su just use sudo...07:37
JackOfHeartsor try frist apt-get update & rm-rF /   first to make update07:37
ox3aBut i do not need other application like koffice,kmail etc07:38
gr8m8don't use that silly command07:38
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!07:38
gr8m8JackOfHearts: give it up dude07:38
JackOfHearts but hes askign stupid question07:38
JackOfHearts freekign google it dont ask of basics07:39
gr8m8the channel is here for any kubuntu question07:39
JackOfHeartshe asked same sutpid quesitons on #ubuntu07:39
gr8m8JackOfHearts: take your bitterness elsewhere pls07:39
ox3aJackOfHearts, Hey you should not do this07:40
JackOfHeartsyes i should not07:40
JackOfHearts anyway just install kubuntu-deskto]07:40
ox3aBecause you did not hear me all thing yet07:40
JackOfHearts than u remove what u dont need07:40
JackOfHeartsif u dotn want whole kubuuntu isntall kde-basic07:41
JackOfHearts or gimem second need remmebr name07:41
JackOfHearts cannot fidn name of this package07:44
JackOfHearts its meta for basic kde07:44
JackOfHearts but U WILL GOT HAN UBUNTU with kde07:44
JackOfHearts not kubuntu07:44
JackOfHearts install kubuntu-desktop to get kubuntu than remove what u dont need from kde07:44
JackOfHearts no07:44
JackOfHearts its ssomethig  like kde-basic07:45
JackOfHearts or similar07:45
JackOfHearts srry07:47
JackOfHeartsThis package provides a basic KDE 4 desktop installation.07:47
JackOfHeartsis what desc says07:47
gr8m8!info kdebase-workspace07:47
ubottukdebase-workspace (source: kdebase-workspace): base workspace components from the official KDE 4 release. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.5.1-0ubuntu8 (maverick), package size 55 kB, installed size 144 kB07:47
Tm_TJackOfHearts: it says it provides basic workspace components, no apps, no runtime07:49
JackOfHeartsthan u install kdebase-apps07:50
JackOfHearts core apps07:50
JackOfHearts no nothing he dont want and vuala07:50
JackOfHearts u got ubuntu with kde07:50
JackOfHeartsbtw stupid quesitoin how to remove whole gnome  an everything on gtk without doing this one by one?07:52
ox3aIt will not install conquer?07:53
JackOfHeartshave no clue is konq core app?07:53
JackOfHearts or now dolphin is?07:54
JackOfHeartsanyway just remove konq if u doint like it jesus07:54
ox3aOh no07:54
ox3aI need such a basic browser07:54
JackOfHeartsbest way to get full kubuntu is just install kubu desktop than remove what u dont want07:54
JackOfHeartsuse chrome07:55
JackOfHearts way better07:55
JackOfHeartsor lynx07:55
ox3afile browser07:55
JackOfHeartsfile broser dolphin is now main07:55
JackOfHearts kde filebrowser07:55
ox3ai see07:56
JackOfHeartsis lighter07:56
JackOfHeartspreety much i installed kubuntu dekstop aswell07:56
JackOfHearts and im preetyhappy07:57
ubottugimp is an advanced image manipulation application for Ubuntu. See http://www.gimp.org for tutorials and more information.07:57
JackOfHearts kde is no longer such freeking hog like it was on older versions07:57
Guest58991JackOfHearts: pffffffffffffff lolol07:57
JackOfHeartswhat ?07:57
JackOfHearts burg is leet07:57
Guest58991JackOfHearts: you alomst made me poo-- it is mor intense07:58
JackOfHeartsGuest58991:  at last i dont go on irc on root acount like u did07:58
Guest58991JackOfHearts: not idiot08:00
Guest58991JackOfHearts: and what is at last08:01
JackOfHeartsGuest58991: figure of speach08:02
Guest58991JackOfHearts: only if you know what it means08:02
JackOfHeartsif u dont know what i mean is your pro08:03
Guest58991JackOfHearts: ok phil08:04
JackOfHeartsok go and f yourself mate ... gently08:05
Guest58991JackOfHearts: thanks mr mccrackin08:05
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Guest58991can anyon STOP JackOfHearts from sending me PICTURES of naked underage boys PERV! -- leave me alone08:11
ownercan someone help me im trying to uodate to 10.10 from 8.04 n im using a netbook n i dont have a cd or a dvd burner so how can i do it08:43
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade08:47
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quiescentis there a skype for kubuntu with audio and video conversations08:48
quiescentowner.....   you need to have the dvd put on a stick (memory stick) and use that to boot if the system allows booting from a usb device08:55
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gr8m8the channel is quiet enough to make a pm reduntant...08:55
magici put is on a usb 8gb but how do i instaqll it?08:56
gr8m8magic: the upgrade wiki should have a link about that - you don't just copy the iso over08:58
quiescentagic....  power on and see if the bios allows the boot from usb. it has to be a bootable usb stick not a copy of the software08:58
magick thanks quiescent08:59
marcusdavidusmagic what hapend?09:00
magicim having trouble updating from 8.04 to 10.10 on a netbook marcus09:04
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ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".09:53
skfino/w 4809:56
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harrisonjust thinking of moving to 4.6 rc210:10
rorkhi harrison10:13
harrisonhas anyone moved to 4.6?10:14
harrisonis it stable-ish?10:14
OchoZero9how do i install KDE on ubuntu?10:16
rorkOchoZero9: apt-get install kubuntu-desktop10:16
harrisonsudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop10:16
harrisonmissed sudo10:16
harrisonno one has tried 4.610:17
OchoZero9thank you10:17
rorkharrison: I don't know if anyone tried it, not everybody is watching irc every 5 minutes10:17
harrisondiiferent story over at #linuxmint-help10:18
OchoZero9what's the difference from 4.5?10:18
harrisonbut isnt out yet10:19
OchoZero9i've been looking on how to install for a while10:19
OchoZero9so i knwo is in RC 210:19
OchoZero9and comes out in 3 weeks10:19
OchoZero9i really never seen a difference in RC2s and finals10:20
harrisonhave you tried it10:20
OchoZero9in fact patches on finals10:20
OchoZero9are what final is to an RC210:20
OchoZero9you just taught me how to install whatever version is it that I'm  installnig10:20
OchoZero9that's why im asking what's the difference to see if i should upgrade it10:21
OchoZero9i was refereing to other software in general on release candidates vs final vs oops we didnt' see that bug10:21
harrisonjust before i go no one can help10:23
OchoZero9i have kubuntu installed in a vbox10:24
OchoZero9and one thing that bugs me it is its search10:24
harrisonin dolphin10:24
OchoZero9in the start button thingie10:25
OchoZero9windows 7 is awesome there10:25
OchoZero9and windows suppsoedly copied from mac10:25
harrisonkde isnt windows10:25
OchoZero9i know10:25
OchoZero9but that search there can ave some work done10:26
OchoZero9maybe so many people live of command line to even care10:26
harrisonim scared of adding 4.610:26
OchoZero9maybe use a virtual box10:27
OchoZero9or another computer10:27
harrisonincase of not been stable or no sound10:27
OchoZero9the version that you told me to get is still unpacking10:27
OchoZero9it just stopped10:28
OchoZero9Errors were encountered while rpcessing : /var/cache/apt/archives/kubuntu-firefox-installer_10.10ubuntu4_amd64.deb10:28
OchoZero9E: sub-process /user/bindpkg retruend an eror cod (1)10:28
harrisonno idea10:29
OchoZero9maybe it's nothing10:29
OchoZero9im going to restart it10:29
OchoZero9the genius has left the building10:30
OchoZero9all i see is a purple background with the mouse cursor10:31
OchoZero9and touch screen works10:32
OchoZero9oooh nice bg10:35
agu10^how do I disable compiz temporarily?10:35
agu10^(using the GUI)10:36
harrisoncompiz switch -google10:36
agu10^(using a GUI)10:36
OchoZero9I'm up and running on KDE10:37
agu10^oh, there's no built-in way to turn compiz on and off???10:37
agu10^compiz switch works for KDE too?10:38
OchoZero9how do i install apps? ubuntu, synaptic or Kpackagekit10:38
harrisoni have it10:38
harrisonmany ways10:38
OchoZero9i mean, how should I10:38
agu10^I can't find the compiz switch in the repositories...10:38
OchoZero9most reliable and upt to date10:38
harrisongoogle it is deb file10:38
harrisonsudo apt-get install -is best but all the same doesnt matter10:39
harrisonwhatever suits you10:39
OchoZero9okay ty10:39
agu10^so where should the compiz switch be located?10:40
agu10^I already installed, but how do I use it?10:40
OchoZero9kpackage doesnt work for me10:46
OchoZero9it crashes before it starts10:46
OchoZero9how do i get 4.6?10:49
OchoZero9all i see is abunch of things under src folddr10:49
OchoZero9is there a binary for rc2 or an easier way?10:50
jhohnadd ppa:kubuntu-ppa/beta and for PIM ppa:kubuntu-ppa/experimental10:53
OchoZero9i disconnected the lan cable cuz im tired10:55
OchoZero9hwo do I put wirelesss?10:55
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agu10^how do I kill a process?11:32
agu10^actually, how do I see running processes11:32
agu10^like I would in windows with ctrl+alt+supr11:32
agu10^err, ctrl+alt+del11:32
jhohnps aux11:33
jhohnand to kill: kill <processID>11:34
jhohnor killall <name> (but never do that on Solaris11:34
agu10^what does ps aux mean?11:34
jhohnoh, open a terminal and type "ps aux"11:34
agu10^uh, mind that I don't want shell commands11:34
agu10^I want the GUI program to do that11:35
jhohnI do not have a GUI11:35
jhohnbut I know there is something like that11:35
jhohnnot a GUI, a program to show the processes11:35
jhohnmaybe kprocesses or so11:36
gr8m8top in konsole is the best way to check apps11:36
agu10^oh, the system monitor11:36
gr8m8hit k and type the pid of the app to kill11:36
jhohnhmmm, that might be the one11:36
jhohnagu10^ said no console pls.11:37
agu10^yeah, lol11:37
jhohnits easier to use the console11:38
gr8m8+1 on that11:38
* jhohn needs some food11:38
agu10^not for me ;)11:39
agu10^console means I have to study in order to even use other features I would easily find with a GUI :/11:40
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro11:48
nylcan someone help me12:11
nyldon't have keyboard on the device12:11
tony_when i install some things, they'r enot in the menu. how do i find where they went?12:12
gr8m8tony_:  normally they go to the /usr/bin directory12:14
tony_yeah, i just that about apt though. install an app, have to hunt it down12:15
tony_may as well just search google12:15
gr8m8not all apps have menu entries12:15
gr8m8depends on the app12:15
nylcan someone explain me how to make it auto login12:16
nyland and start X?12:16
gr8m8you can't without kdm or gdm12:16
gr8m8you need one of them to set autologin12:17
nyli guess i need some kind of emulator12:17
ralsinasure you can.12:17
ralsinaAdding something like su username -c "startx" in inittab or even rc.local12:17
ralsinaor whatever the upstart equivalents are/will be ;-)12:18
gr8m8that won't work without the environment being setup afaik12:21
nylgonna try to load the system with qemu12:22
* ralsina has done it, at least a bazillion years ago on Debian12:22
nyland see what i can do12:23
ralsinahere's what used to work:12:24
ralsina sx:2:respawn:/bin/su - ralsina -c exec xinit >/dev/null 2>&112:24
ralsinaOn /etc/inittab12:24
ralsinaAnd of course a correct .xinitrc in your ~12:24
gr8m8doesn't work when console kit is installed12:28
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anna_after upgrade I can not login anymore. Everytime I do so, the Login screen reapears.12:32
anna_login in console modus works, startx works as well, but why does the login screen fail?12:33
anna_I got a laptop X60 with Intel 945GM, xorg.log says "can not load module "i810"" could this be the cause? how to solve that?12:35
ct529hi guys, anyone who is using desktop activities in kde?12:35
geekosopher!anyone | ct52912:37
ubottuct529: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?12:37
ct529geekosopher: I would like to have some pointers to good documentation that is all. I have been googling and reading, and then trying but all I can get is quite messy.12:38
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ct529geekosopher: it seems that either they are not quite well deployed on kubuntu (because what other people can achieve is quite aestetically pleasing) or I am not using the right documentation.12:41
ct529geekosopher: I would like to have a nice activity swicther, with several different activities that I can use to show people the flexibility / friendliness of the interface12:42
ct529geekosopher: (kde interface)12:42
ct529geekosopher: best thing I found is http://hanschen.org/2009/11/17/how-do-you-use-activities/ but cannot reproduce his results12:42
yofelhm, the activity switcher should be reachable from teh cashew on the desktop12:43
yofelwhere did he get *that* activitiy switcher from though..12:43
ct529yofel: exactly. It looks brilliant.12:44
ct529yofel: the cashew one is cumbersome .... :-)12:44
geekosopherct529: funny I reached the same page by myself :)12:45
yofelct529: found it, go to the panel -> add widgets -> activity bar12:46
yofel(note: I'm using 4.6 so I hope you have it too)12:46
ct529yofel: nope, stuck on 453 .... I am using 1004 lts on a producton machine12:47
yofelct529: do you have 'plasma-widgets-workspace' installed?12:48
ct529yofel: wait12:48
ct529yofel: yes12:49
geekosopheryofel: there is activity bar on 4.5.3 as well12:49
yofelgood, can't really check this here :/12:50
ct529yofel: yes, I found it12:52
ct529yofel: mmmm .... when I use it to switch activity, it does disappear .... you have to define it within each activity .... also, whenever you add an activity type desktop, it goes back to some default setting instead of using you Desktop settings (if you are using it)12:54
harrisonhello can someone tell me how stable kde 4.6 rc2 is12:56
yofelharrison: rc1 is reasonably stable, I only get one crash on logout, rc2 should be available for kubuntu in a day or 212:59
harrisonisnt it out12:59
yofelreleased from KDE yes, but the packaging is stuck a bit12:59
yofelshould  hopefully be sorted out today13:00
harrisonso how would i install13:00
yofelit'll be available at the same place where rc1 is available now, ppa:kubuntu-ppa/beta13:01
yofeljust check kubuntu.org for the announcement13:01
harrisonthanks for info - btw any noticable changes in 4.6 or is it all bug fixs13:01
harrisonwell thanks anyway for your time13:05
yofelthere were a few changes, I don't know all of them though, just look for some 4.6 beta review on the net13:06
ngonghave HDA Intel AD1981HD in laptop Lenovo x60, does not work, e.g. aplay reports cannot find card '0'13:10
ubottuFor fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto13:12
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JackOfHeartshello i got question13:25
JackOfHeartsbetter to take 900 mg dxm or 450 mg dxm + 150 mg  codein ?13:25
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JackOfHeartsso any one?13:28
=== owner is now known as supermagic
rorkJackOfHearts: this is hardly the place of asking medical questions13:39
supermagicwut did u need to know medical i know some13:43
DaSkreeCHHello I have an issue14:09
DaSkreeCH After putting in my name to kdm I get a Xterm14:09
DaSkreeCHI have to run startkde myself14:11
jhohnDid you choose failsafe for the session in Login Window somehow?14:11
DaSkreeCHDon't think so14:12
jhohnDon't think so means unsure ... pls. check14:12
DaSkreeCHjhohn: hmm14:12
DaSkreeCHapparently I hadn't selected anything14:13
DaSkreeCHI have no session at all14:13
jhohnif you have a xterm you have a session14:13
DaSkreeCHNothing was selected for the session14:13
jhohnmoment pls.14:13
jhohnDaSkreeCH: pls try: logoff and logon again,  choose "KDE" for session in logon screen (kdm)14:22
DaSkreeCHjhohn: That works14:23
jhohnit normaly uses the last choise, so if you once start with failsafe it will do so untill you change it14:24
jhohnand somehow you once started in failsafe mode14:25
jhohnmaybe something went wrong in normal startup and kdm started failsafe for chance of repair14:25
DaSkreeCHjhohn: looks so. I uninstalled gdm and installed kdm might have done it14:30
DaSkreeCHKdm apparently doesn't set a default14:31
DaSkreeCHwhich means failsafe would be the best choice14:31
thales--Can anyone help me with a little Plasmoid Development doubt?^^14:41
rorkthales--: I think #plasma is the best channel to ask, you may also ask your question here.14:44
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jhohn!anyone | thales--14:47
ubottuthales--: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?14:47
thales--Hey, I am creating a plasmoid which has only a label.text and when I dock it on a thin panel it shows its text like if it has a padding = 2px or something, does anyone know how I can fix that?14:48
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chbjust a quick question - is kde 4.6rc2 on the repo yet?14:56
BluesKajquiet here this morning15:02
jhohnchb: on ppa, you need to add ppa:kubuntu-ppa/beta15:02
jhohnits afternoon15:02
chbjhohn, ok - it looks like I'm missing something kde-full: Depends: kdenetwork (>= 4:4.5.90) but it is not going to be installed.15:03
BluesKajchb, sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports , then , sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa ..if you are trying to upgrade kde15:07
yofelch-b: kde-full isn't installable for rc1 since kdenetwork 4.5.90 is missing (didn't build)15:23
yofel4.5.95 seems to build so far so that'll hopefully  be built soon15:23
ch-byofel, ah ok that's what I thought, thanks15:23
yofeler, *fixed soon15:23
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Natanieldo you know some good music mixer with controiling/muting particular programs? veromix would be good, but  it doesn't support  keyboard shourtcut's . Kmix does, but have only one master volume...15:38
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Guest86006Hallo allerseits.15:52
Guest86006Ist da jemand draußen?15:53
yofelGuest86006: hallo, hier wird jedoch englisch gesprochen, deutsch bitte in #kubuntu-de15:53
=== Alexa is now known as Guest1596
Guest86006ok, it seems there is someone.15:55
Guest86006I have a problem using kubuntu and I need some quick help15:55
yofelfire away, we'll see if I can help15:56
Guest86006I have a USB harddisk plugged to my pc. As I inserted an secound usb device, the hd got unmounted/disconnected while ther was some file transfer15:57
Guest86006On the hd there is a xfs (!) filesystem.15:57
Guest86006I reinsertet the usb harddrive but now it is no more the device sdd but sdf.15:58
Guest86006As xfs writes very lazyly to the disk, some of the written data are sill in ram. (dmesg sais, that the device /dev/sdd1 returns an xfs error nr.5)15:59
Guest86006I had such a problem on a debian system, but there the same name as before was used, so after reinserting the usb device, all data were written an all went ok16:01
Guest86006I do not know whether the device has some critical data written in ram. I deleted files from the hd, so there should not be a big damage, if the data is lost, bt I do not know if other data might be corrupted if I restart my pc16:02
Guest86006So: Does anybody has an idea, what I can do to restore the data or - if that's not possible - how I can restore the superblock16:03
Guest86006(a manual mount sais: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdf1)16:04
yofelback, had to take care of something, reading..16:07
yofelGuest86006: well, try fsck.xfs (?) on the drive I guess, the device name change was probably since the kernel didn't yet throw it out and connected it as a different device16:09
Guest86006a fsck.xfs tells me, that I should look at xfs_check and xfs_repair.16:11
Guest86006xfs_check sais, ERROR: The filesystem has valuable metadata changes in a log which needs to16:12
Guest86006be replayed.  Mount the filesystem to replay the log, and unmount it before16:12
Guest86006re-running xfs_check.  If you are unable to mount the filesystem, then use16:12
Guest86006the xfs_repair -L option to destroy the log and attempt a repair.16:12
Guest86006Note that destroying the log may cause corruption -- please attempt a mount16:12
FloodBotK3Guest86006: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:12
Guest86006of the filesystem before doing this.16:12
DarthFrogIf you use "xfs_repair -L", you'd lose any unwritten data.  Mind you, I don't see a way out of your dilemma.16:13
DarthFrogAnd restoring the superblock isn't the issue.16:14
Guest86006that's it. I was wondering if could tell the kernel to look at device sdd instead of sdf (or vice versa)16:15
DarthFrogDoubt it.  Don't know for certain though.16:17
Guest86006ok, no else idea than deleting the canges with xfs_repair -L?16:20
Guest86006What changes can be deletet? I mean, is it possible, that after that some files from earlier (before the last umount) get also corrupted?16:21
DarthFrogShouldn't be.  File systems are atomic, I believe, on XFS.16:21
DarthFrogBTW, if you mount file systems by UUID, instead of by device name, you will avoid this problem (which shouldn't have occurred in the first place) in future.16:23
ubottuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)16:23
Guest86006I mounted it using the kde feature16:24
DarthFrogUUID = Unique Unix ID  or Unix Unique ID. :-)16:24
Guest86006I know UUID, but I do not know how to tel kde/plasma to use uuids instead of the normal /dev/sd** files.16:24
DarthFrogGuest86006: It really sounds like a bug to me, that the device name was changed on a mounted file system.16:25
=== sx is now known as By_The_Way
Guest86006tell - I mean16:25
DarthFrogYou'd have to do it manually.  Or setup automounting in fstab for that file system.16:25
Guest86006I think the problem is a (partially) hardware problem: As I inserted the second device, the usb did not have enough power (current!) to drive all devices. So they were thrown out.16:26
Guest86006yes, that would work16:26
=== ralsina_lunch is now known as ralsina
Guest86006OK, I did it16:31
Guest86006I think I have to restart because my kernel seems to know that there was the same uuid mounted and not unmounted.16:32
Guest86006see you in 5 min16:33
christianok, back here16:47
=== christian is now known as Guest45950
Guest45950the reboot did the right thing, now I have to check the files.16:49
Guest45950One other question:16:49
Guest45950Is it possible to configure mount or what else so, that as I insert a special usb-device it get's automatically mounted?16:50
MamarokGuest45950: you can set this in the System settings -> Removable Devices16:52
Guest45950No, that's not what I mean. I want it to be mounted by uuid and that seems not possible in system control16:54
DarthFrogGuest45950: I'm not sure that would actually solve your issue.  If, as you mention, the USB file system was removed from the system due to it being underpowered, the solution would seem to be to add more power to the USB system.16:56
DarthFrogI would do so by using an externally powered USB hub.16:56
Guest45950(or not to add that much devices at once)16:56
DarthFrogYes, that would obviate the issue. :-)16:57
Guest45950Next order at a electronic seller will contain one.16:57
DarthFrogAnother idea would be to use the external drive in an eSATA case and connect via the SATA bus, instead of USB.  It would be faster, too.16:58
Guest45950Is eSATA with every SATA HD possible?16:58
DarthFrogFirewire would be another possibility.16:58
Guest45950No, no hardware for firewire in pc, sorry16:59
DarthFrogeSATA is SATA, so yes you could do eSATA with any SATA drive.16:59
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=== Misrec is now known as jape
=== jape is now known as Misrec
Guest45950ok, thanks a ot till here16:59
DarthFrogYour system would need to provide an eSATA port and you'd have to use an eSATA capable external case.16:59
DarthFrogBut your system would see an external SATA drive exactly the same as any other SATA drive in your system.17:00
DarthFrogThis is the eSATA case I use with my HD PVR:  http://www.ncix.com/products/?sku=39419&vpn=NST-300SU-BK&manufacture=Vantec17:02
DarthFrogWorks fine.17:02
=== sx is now known as NeonSaki
renateanyone ot there?17:12
=== root is now known as Guest76975
ngongfollowing an upgrade, the sound chip (Intel HDA / AD1981) is not recognized any longer. aplay -l does not list any device. Tried https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto. What else can I do?17:22
rorkhi agnese17:57
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)17:57
FloridaGuyin kde 4.6 RC1 is strigi indexing agent has been disabled.....is that part of the new pim thats not ready yet?18:24
DaSkreeCHFloridaGuy: No it's not18:29
FloridaGuyDaSkreeCH: then what is....everytime i login..i get that messahe18:30
phoenix_firebrdFloridaGuy: try #ubuntu+118:31
FloridaGuywhat is this......kde 4.6 rc1 ....18:32
FloridaGuyStrigi Indexing Agent Has Been Disabled18:32
FloridaGuyThe Strigi service is not available or fully operational and attempts to rectify this have failed. Therefore indexing of all data stored in the Akonadi PIM service has been disabled, which will severely limit the capabilities of any application using this data.18:32
FloodBotK3FloridaGuy: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:32
antonio__hi...I'm having trouble on sound...no sound at all and in kmix, I have no channels18:33
domux_do you use pulseaudio or alsa ?18:34
antonio__I guess I have both installed...how do I check which one is being used?18:36
yofelon maverick pulseaudio is used by default18:37
domux_basically when you install ubuntu you already have pulseaudio18:37
antonio__should I remove alsa? they used to conflict18:38
yofelno, pulseaudio uses alsa for hardware access and only does the mixing mostly, try 'pavucontrol'18:39
yofelpulseaudio support in phonon isn't exactly great :S18:39
antonio__sill no sound18:41
domux_open a terminal and try alsamixer or install pavucontrol18:42
antonio__I have both...no mutes on any channel, both seem fine...18:42
antonio__another odd thing is, in systemsettings->multimedia I have greyed devices which I think that shouldn't be there...how do I remove them?18:44
DaSkreeCHFloridaGuy: Strigi is the indexer that KDE uses by default18:51
DaSkreeCHFloridaGuy: It will go through your directories and files and extract relevant information so you can saerch for it easily later18:51
antonio__still no sound18:56
antonio__what else should I try?18:56
domux_try pulseaudio -D18:58
domux_what is your daemon.conf in /etc/pulse19:01
antonio__sorry had to reboot19:02
domux_okay so what did pulseaudio -D say ?19:05
antonio__domux_: autch....daemon startup failed19:09
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antonio__but the process is running19:11
antonio__stoping the service doesn't kill it :P19:11
domux_kill and start it again19:13
antonio__doesn't want to die...it starts again after I kill it19:14
domux_ok try this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=149555019:18
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solifugusHow can I setup a remote printer?19:20
solifugusneed to print to a networked printer...19:21
=== Guest40284 is now known as sysop2
solifugusThis link says to use kdeprint, but there's no such executable nor package: http://www.kubuntu.org/doc/7.10/printing/C/print.html19:22
domux_system settings > printer > select new printer tab and click on new network printer to configure it19:27
antonio_domux_: no luck19:27
domux_select add*19:28
domux_solifugus: select add*19:28
domux_antonio_: what's hapen19:29
antonio_I ended up removing .pulse and rebooted...still no sound19:29
=== MuzerAway is now known as Muzer
domux_:s ok19:30
antonio_domux_: looks better :) after removing .pulse, I ran alsamixer and the master channel was muted...I have sound now :)19:37
domux_you welcome ;)19:38
domux_antonio_: use pavucontrol ;)19:46
domux_if you have some trouble with pulse19:46
_dreamyhi, is it safe to have "afterStep" with kubuntu 10.10, i have been having some trouble changing sessions20:06
domux_hav no idea20:11
DaSkreeCH_dreamy: Should be20:14
DaSkreeCHUbuntu treats sessions a little funny but nothing that's not surmountable20:14
DaSkreeCHIs there a plasma-desktop-dbg type package?20:18
=== rjwiii is now known as mr-rich
Tm_TDaSkreeCH: kdebase-workspace-dbg - debugging symbols for the KDE Plasma Workspaces20:42
DaSkreeCHTm_T: Thanks20:58
FearedDoes anyone here use Chrome?21:07
stalcupnot on KDE21:08
yofelI use chromium from time to time21:08
stalcupI like it on mac21:09
FearedHmm. It seems to have an issue with font smoothing. Makes the bookmark/titlebar text much bigger than it should be.21:20
FearedFirefox and Opera seem to be amazingly slow on Linux for me.21:20
dacjoin #ubuntu21:20
FearedFirefox takes 6 seconds (literally) to load up google.21:21
FearedChrome instantly.21:21
FearedWhy? I'm on Kubuntu.21:21
ecinxHow do i put a cd w/o a cd drive? it's tellingme put disc labeled '..." in the drive '/cdrom/' I have an iso, and the extracted contents in the same  usb stick21:21
ecinxfeared it is instant in IE9 too21:21
FearedWhy would I use IE on linux?21:22
ecinxFirefox probably has plugins you might want to disable21:22
FearedIt's a fresh install of firefox.21:22
FearedZero plugins.21:22
FearedExcluding the plugin that's installed by default.21:22
ecinxI'm not telling you to use IE, but IE tells you the speed of the plugins21:22
ecinxso i thought that might help w/ the firefox situation21:23
ecinxbut 6 seconds means someting is funny21:23
FearedWell chrome does the job perfectly. The only issue is the UI. The fonts are larger than it should be.21:23
FearedI'll show you.21:24
FearedWell TinyPic seem'd to want to resize it... -_-21:26
kaddiHi, I just finished installing kubuntu and when I do a apt-get update it says "E: Could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)21:26
kaddi" how can I check what program is using the lists atm?21:26
kaddik, nevermind, it's working now, I must have been too quick for kubuntu :p21:27
ecinxmine is asking for /cdrom/ I don't have a cd drive just the iso and contents21:28
ubuntukuFeared: try disable ipv621:29
ecinxHow do i control the brightness on my screen?21:30
ubuntukuecinx: system settings - power management - edit profiles21:31
Fearedubuntuku: Thanks, that seem'd to fix it.21:31
ecinxubuntuku: thanks21:34
kaddican I mount the backup image of an entire drive (with several partitions) in kubuntu?21:35
ecinxMedia changed please insert the disc labled21:35
ecinxhow do i do that?21:35
stalcupthis is odd21:37
stalcupI finished 4.5.5 and only 6 are showing up on the ppa21:37
James147kaddi: most likly, depends on what format its in... it is a raw disk image then "sudo mount -o loop /path/to/image /path/to/mountpoint" will do it21:42
DaSkreeCHecinx: what format?21:42
James147kaddi: o wait, eitire drive... makes things alittle different :S21:43
kaddiI think I have found a reply, but I blocked myself out as I'm currently updating21:43
ecinxDaSkreeCH: format? I have an iso on the usb drive, and the contents extracted from unetbootin21:43
kaddihttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery see here, you can define an offset when mounting21:43
kaddibut I can't determine the offset without installing mmls and I'm running an apt-get upgrade.. so all i need is patience :p21:44
kaddisample command: sudo mount -o loop,offset=16384 file mnt21:45
ecinxHow do I know my version of KDE21:46
DaSkreeCHecinx: mount hte ISO21:46
James147kaddi: :) good to know its not hard21:46
DaSkreeCHecinx: help -> about KDE21:46
ecinx4.6 RC121:47
ecinxhow do i mount?21:51
sithlord48ecinx:  mount <device> <folder to mount to>21:51
ecinxI tried rightclicking  to mount21:51
=== vic is now known as Guest25845
ecinxok sithlord48 ill try that21:52
sithlord48oh , your mounting an iso. look in the package manager for iso mount21:52
James147^^ if your trying to mount an iso then add "-o loop" to sithlord48 command21:52
sithlord48ecinx:  or do taht21:52
genii-aroundYou should also probably put -t iso966021:53
ecinxI don't know what the devise  is the USB , it says 964.8 MiB Removable Media21:53
ecinxmount  964.8 MiB Removable Media /cdrom/ -o loop21:54
James147ecinx: what exactly are you trying to mount?21:56
ecinxi have two options, the iso, or the stick21:56
ecinxeither are the same contents21:56
rtdoshow do i update the repository list and or remove my installation cd from the list ?21:56
James147ecinx: for the iso: "sudo mount -o loop <path to the .iso file> <path to mount point>"...21:57
DarthFrogYou might have to pass "-t iso9660" to that mount command.21:57
James147for the usb: "sudo mount /dev/sdXX <path to mount point>" (where sdXX is the device file for the stick, probally sdb1 sdc1 or similar)21:57
ecinxhome/ecinx/Documents# sudo mount -t iso9660 -o loop /home/ecinx/Desktop/natty-desktop-amd64kB.iso /cdrom/22:01
James147ecinx: its better to use /mnt then /cdrom22:02
ecinxit's asking me to put something specifically in the drive '/cdrom/' and press enter22:02
James147ok then22:02
ecinxthe line i pasted didn't work22:02
ecinxlet me try the usb one22:03
=== jamie is now known as swordfish
James147ecinx: did it give an error/.22:03
=== swordfish is now known as swordfish85
James147ecinx: then it probally worked... does the output of "mount" list it?22:04
ecinxI don't knw what you mean22:04
ecinxactualy i think it worked22:05
James147ecinx: running "mount" by its self will show what devices are mounted22:06
ecinxhome/ecinx/Documents# sudo mount -t iso9660 -o loop /home/ecinx/Desktop/natty-desktop-amd64kB.iso /cdrom/22:07
ecinx/dev/loop0 on /cdrom type iso9660 (rw)22:07
James147^^ i would think thats it,22:08
ecinxin dolphin i don't see anyting22:08
ecinxunder /cdrom/22:09
=== swordfish85 is now known as swordfish85_
James147ecinx: unmount it first then try to remount: "sudo umount /cdrom"22:09
ecinxhow do i use dir22:09
ecinxto list contents?22:09
James147ecinx: and use "ls" to use directory conecnts (like you would dir in windows)22:10
ecinxwhovever made that umount command is lazy22:10
ecinxinstead of unmount22:10
James147:) yeah22:10
ecinxthat pisses me off, more memorization22:10
ecinxand it takes me longer to type umount than unmount22:10
James147you get use to it22:11
rtdosjust make an alias, ecinx :)22:11
James147ecinx: or you can "alias unmount='umount'"  will let you use unmount22:11
James147^^ add that command to ~/.bashrc  to make it work between sessions22:12
ecinxlet me jot that down22:12
ecinxI use alias a lot in latex22:13
rtdoswhere in .bashrc would you put that command, james?22:13
ecinxtoo much22:13
James147rtdos: anywhere, dosnt really matter (well, after the interactive check would be wise) i tend to put it with the other alias commands to keep it neat22:14
ecinxalmost to the point that i can type formulas faster than handwriting them22:14
ecinxanyone with quassel how do i ignore the quits and joins22:15
James147ecinx: right click the chat window22:15
James147"hide events"22:16
rtdoshow do i update the repository list and or remove my installation cd from the list ?22:17
ecinxJames147:  that was easy22:17
ecinxi lost the command that i was using22:17
ecinxapt-get fix missing22:18
ecinxor something like that22:18
James147rtdos: "sudo apt-get update" will update it, kpackagekit can edit the list to remove it (or edit /etc/apt/sources.list directly)22:18
rtdoshow do i keep it from requesting the cd ?22:19
James147rtdos: use kpackagekit to remove the repo for the cdrom22:20
rtdosoh i see it, thanks.22:21
ecinxi can't believe my windows are more stable than linux, i always here the contrary22:21
James147ecinx: its likly soemthing you have done/the hardware you are on22:21
ecinxmy laptop is linux certified22:21
ecinxalthough I didn't install any drivers22:22
James147ecinx: whats not stable about it?22:22
ecinxand any configurations22:22
ecinxmany things, when I installed kubuntu22:22
ecinxit booted the first time and then didn't work after22:22
ecinxnow I installed ubuntu, then kdestkop22:22
ecinxbefore installing kdesktop, under gnome or w/e it was it had it's quirks22:23
ecinxand now sometimes i need to restart twice before i can put a password on22:23
ecinxanyways that's not that important22:23
ecinxthe more problems i have, the more i learn22:24
James147ecinx: :) thats what I like about linux, problems are jsut a learning experence, unlike windows where they are just a problem22:25
ecinxyou mean the cryptic crash reports?22:25
ecinxwhich never gets a solution22:25
rtdoswhat's the difference between elinks and elinks-lite ?22:26
ecinxyou don't have to be a programmer to read something you might not understand but will give you a clue22:27
James147rtdos: i would guestt its feature set "-lite" having less ^^ to make its more lightweight22:27
ecinxwindows gives info that is probably referenced with something MS has internally22:27
James147ecinx: ^^ being a programmer dosent help in windows :p22:27
ecinxI know22:27
=== dawehner is now known as dereine
rtdoslooking into it more, james, thanks. :)22:29
James147rtdos: unless space is a major consern, then i would just suggest elinks eather then the -lite22:30
ecinxI still get Media change: please insert the disc labeled22:33
ecinx 'Ubuntu 11.04 _Natty Narwhal_ - Alpha amd64 (20101202)'22:33
ecinxin the drive '/cdrom/' and press enter22:33
godosi have a problem with my kubuntu system can anybody help me?22:33
ecinxdon't ask to ask22:33
ecinxjust ask22:33
James147ecinx: what are you trying to do?22:34
godosgtl vnc viewer is not running any more22:34
James147godos: cant you start it?22:34
godosit crashes after loading the first window22:34
godosit show the window program for a while and suddenly close22:34
godosit worked for one conection22:35
godosand when i started again it always crashes22:35
James147godos: run it in a terminal, see if it give you any more info22:35
godosyes how22:35
ecinxJames147: sudo apt-get --fix-missing22:35
yofelthat should be 'sudo apt-get install --fix-missing' or just -f22:36
yofelah wait, -f was something else22:36
James147ecinx: try removing the reference to the cdrom in kpackagekit (or directly in /etc/apt/sources.list)22:36
ecinxi don't know how to do that22:37
yofelf was fix-broken22:37
James147ecinx: open kpackagekit > settings > edit origins ... remove the one forf the cdrom22:37
godosit found 0 errors22:37
ecinxi can't open kpackagekit22:37
ecinxit crashes22:37
yofelecinx: you're using 4.6?22:38
ecinxhow do i upgrade22:38
yofelecinx: ah, use 'kdesudo software-properties-kde'22:38
James147ecinx: then edit /etc/apt/sources.list and comment out the line for the cdrom22:38
yofelkpackagekit is known broken, use apt-get or muon for package management22:38
ecinxkdesudo software-properties-kde22:39
ecinxNo protocol specified22:39
ecinxkdesudo: cannot connect to X server :0.022:39
yofelecinx: alt+f2 and enter it there22:39
James147yofel: it is? works fine here in 4.5.x22:39
godoscan you tell me another vnc good viewer?22:39
yofelJames147: broken with KDE SC 4.622:39
godosgtk vnc is not working22:39
yofelat least for us, kpk 0.6.3 works, we have 0.6.222:39
James147godos: krdc (should be installed by default in kubuntu as far as i know)22:40
godosi want to view another pc22:40
godoswith ubuntu dekstop22:40
godosfrom my kubuntu22:40
sourcemakerhow can I access the resources in akonadi? For example I can configure a bookmark resource... but which app is using this information via akonadi?22:41
godosoups sorry22:41
godosi found it22:41
godosthank you22:41
godosi have another problem22:42
godosi run kubuntu with a netbook with an 23'' external monitor22:42
godosi run a command on startup to change the resolution22:42
godosbut the taskbar is not resizing22:42
godosto fit the corners22:43
ecinxit doesn't allow me to save22:43
godosand every time i startup my pc i need to resize the taskbar22:43
James147godos: right click thepanel > panel settings > mode settings > aximize panel22:43
godosbut every time i must do that22:43
ecinxi tried to edit it with kate22:43
ecinxit doesn't allow me to save22:43
godosbecause it changes the resolution to an external monitor22:44
James147ecinx: "kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list"22:44
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James147(kdesudo as you need root premissions to edit the file)22:44
ecinxkdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list22:45
ecinxNo protocol specified22:45
ecinxkdesudo: cannot connect to X server :0.022:45
James147ecinx: where are you typing teh commands? in konsole?22:46
James147ecinx: ^^ try from krunner (alt+f2)22:47
ecinxyou can't tabcomplete directories there?22:47
James147ecinx: no, but you can copy paste :)22:47
James147or you can try a commandline editor like nano (sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list)22:48
ecinxdonee, now do i run 'sudo apt-get update --fix-missing' or sudo apt-get install--fix-missing22:49
ecinxi've read vim is pretty good22:49
ecinxi'll get to it when i have the time22:49
James147ecinx: i would "sudo apt-get update" then the fix missing one22:49
James147ecinx: i woudlnt recomand vim now... its takes a long time to learn :) ... but if your intrested it is worth while learning (sudo apt-get install vim ... vim it much better the the horribly vi << that will install it) i suggest running "vimtutor" when you want to learn it22:51
ecinxyeah i tried it22:51
ecinxit does take a long time to learn22:51
ecinxi tried vim tutor too22:51
ecinxbrain overload22:52
ecinxthe most important thing to me is kile22:52
James147ecinx: about a week to get use to it... 2-4 to become as fast with it as other editors, then any time after that you begin to love it :D22:52
ecinxI  ran the fix missng22:52
ecinxshould i restart?22:52
* James147 notes that kile has vim style input... although its not as good as the actual vim... and so does kate and kdevelop)22:52
ecinxor proceed to getting kile22:53
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James147ecinx: restart is usually unnneded22:53
James147ecinx: unless you ahve upgraded a kernel then just restart what was upgraded... although if your unsure, then a reboot wont hurt (well, at least it shouldnt hurt.. assuming you havent forgotten something)22:54
* James147 remembers the time he uninstalled grub and forgot to reinstallit again before a reboot...22:54
ecinxisn't kile kate withsome latex stuff on?22:55
ecinxapt-get install kile?22:55
James147ecinx: its kwrite with some latex stuff (kate is kwrite with some other stuff)22:55
James147ecinx: and yes, that should install it22:56
James147(well, kate is kwrite with konsole and some other stuff :D )22:56
ecinxare you familiar wiht kile?22:57
James147ecinx: unsed it once... then went back to vim :)22:57
ecinxcan't go wrong with vim once set up as you like22:57
James147at the time i found the ltex-suite plugin for vim mow to my taste... but now i dont use that any more but jsut vim + a makefile22:58
ecinxi heard it kinda suck22:58
ecinxit's very old22:58
James147it was alright, but it broak the :make command in vim, so i just went to pure Makefiles (since I only really used it for the compiling part... the code completion was nice but a bit weird)23:00
rysiek|plhi guys23:00
ecinxi'm an idiot, it takes me 2 seconds to move the mousepad to an icon when i can just touch the screen23:00
rysiek|planybody else experiencing KMail's CPU hogging during first few minutes after starting it up?23:00
James147ecinx: touch screen? nice :)23:00
ecinxtablet pc23:00
rysiek|pljust a vanilla Kubuntu here23:00
* James147 wishes he had one :(23:01
James147^^ btw how is kdes touch screen input?23:01
ecinxI whished i used the touch screen more it's valued at 250 US23:01
ecinxI don't know any of the KDE's touch screen feautres23:02
ecinxpinch zoom works in dolphin, and firefox23:02
James147ecinx: disable the mouse... then you will either only use the keyboard or learn to use the touch screen... both valid options in my opinion :D23:03
ecinxlol nice, but some stuff ill have problems with23:04
ecinxthings that are too smal like draggin windows and min, close, maximize23:04
AderlassJust installed kubuntu and wonder, what the su pass is?23:04
ecinxI think when you "touch that area it should do a zoom on that part of the window so you can select what ou want23:04
ecinxwhile kile is still installing i have some other questions23:05
ecinxHow can i do auto braces {}23:06
ecinxand put me inside the braces23:06
kaddiis there a way to list installed packages on a system if I'm accessing it from a live-cd?23:06
James147ecinx: try playing with the widgets on plasma-desktop23:06
James147Aderlass: there is non, use sudo <command> to run a command as root23:06
James147Aderlass: its not advised, but you can use "sudo -i" to login as root23:06
ecinxHow can i exit braces by using the enterkey23:06
James147ecinx: you can change the size of the titlebar in system settings23:07
AderlassJames147 Can i create a su and use my login only as user, as in other distris? :) i liked that system23:07
ecinxi dont know where the widgets are23:08
James147Aderlass: creating a root passsword is highly not advised.... you can do anything you need via sudo or sudo -i ... but yes it is possible23:08
Aderlasshm okay. :)23:08
ecinxI have an icon on the upper right, when i click it says  + add widgets23:09
ecinxsomething shows in the bottom for < 1 second and goes away23:09
James147ecinx: that would be the add widget window ... not sure why its disapearing... try right clicking the desktop by where it appears then click add widgets (try to make it so the mouse will end over where the window will appear... probally a focus thing...)23:11
ecinxrightclick add widget worked23:11
ecinxwhat widget do you recomend23:15
James147ecinx: it depnds on what you want... play with them and you will find ones you like23:16
ecinxin windows i used autohotkey23:21
ecinxto do {}23:21
ecinxi did a hotstring ,br to do {} and put me in the brace23:21
ecinxthen someone wrote a script for me to check of } is  to the right of the cursor and when that happens 'enter' key does 'right' arrow23:22
James147ecinx: i know kate has an auto bracer plugin, although i havent tryed it yet... kile might have the same (if it has plugings)23:23
ecinxyes it has kates auto brace23:23
ecinxbut it's really made for programming23:23
ecinxin my vbox i tried to use autohotkey but it didn't work23:26
ecinxhmm. i see three versoin of it in synaptic23:27
ecinxcommon, gtk+ , and qt what's that?23:27
James147gtk+ is the toolkit gnome uses, qt is the toolkit kde uses23:29
James147common is probally needed by both23:29
ecinxso i have to do apt-get install autokey-qt23:30
James147ecinx: note that in kde you can set up input actions to auto type stuff for you23:30
ecinxand apt-get install autokey-common?23:30
ecinxhow can i do that?23:30
ecinxwoo, i think kile is done23:31
James147^^ see the system settings > shortcut and gestures > custom shortcuts23:31
ecinxkile seems to wrok fine :)23:32
AderlassI'm trying to set up wireless lan on my netbook (Lenovo S12 ION, Braodcom Ethernet/Wifi), enabled the Broadcom wireless Driver (I can choose between STA and B43, tried both) but i can't find any networks23:41
ecinxit doesn't accept hotstrings, just CTRL + a letter23:42
James147ecinx: ah, guess it wotn work then :P23:45
kleopatraHello i know that on port 34944 a server runs, how can i stop it?23:48
ecinxwhat's a good channel for app suggestions?23:49
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