bacStevenK, thumper, mwhudson, wgrant, lifeless: meeting ping00:00
thumperoh FFS00:32
thumpersomething worked in make harness00:33
thumperI changed something unrelated00:33
thumperand now it doesn't00:33
thumperstupid effing python00:33
thumperstupid flush00:39
thumperobject created, but not in DB00:39
lifelessman, I hate presentation software00:58
* wgrant tends to use beamer.01:03
lifelessI don't write latex enough to be very efficient in it01:03
lifelessI've done a few pressies in it01:03
lifelesswgrant: did you see stubs comments on archive:+index?01:05
spmpresentation s/w is a classic case of (over)features over what you actually need. a *good* presentation will use the barest minimum of the feature set provided by the software.01:05
spmtext in font/size on a page; add pictures. have > 1 pages. fin.01:06
wgrantlifeless: I did.01:06
wgrantI've got a few other things to do today, but I will hopefully be able to look at it later.01:06
lifelessspm: yes yes; you saw my epic talk yeah?01:06
wgrantSO MANY SLIDES01:06
spmonly your drafts of the presenattion; not the delivery01:07
lifelessstill, minimal text on a slide01:07
lifelesssadly the subject matter was huge ;(01:07
spmwgrant: # of slides isn't a problem per-se. so long as you have 1 to 2 messages you want to communicate. the slides are there to reinforce what you're saying.01:08
spmit's when someone uses the sides as the key part of their speech, that they're sunk.01:08
mwhudsonspm, lifeless: console-presenter!01:08
spmbut yes, agreed :-)01:08
StevenKI'm trying to remember what I used to give a talk at Debconf501:09
lifelessmwhudson: still haven't gotten around to looking at it01:10
lifelessmwhudson: whats the learning curve?01:10
StevenK.. dialog, I think01:10
mwhudsonlifeless: very short, but setting up a background image is a bit of a fiddle01:10
mwhudsonit's probably a bit too minimal to be useful, in all honesty01:10
wgrantNice transitions.01:10
mwhudsoni wrote it during a rage at the first epic01:11
wgrantMy eyes...01:12
mwhudsonah yes01:12
wgrantThe pure uncommented evil at the end of present.py is delicious.01:13
lifelesspoolie: if you want to talk, now would be best01:19
poolienow is great01:20
* thumper kicks off an ec2 test before moving laptop01:40
lifelesspoolie: grabbing a drink02:08
lifeless=== Top 10 Time Out Counts by Page ID ===02:13
lifeless    Hard / Soft  Page ID02:13
lifeless     108 / 5131  Archive:+index02:13
lifeless      79 /  307  BugTask:+index02:13
lifeless      52 /  291  Distribution:+bugs02:13
lifeless      15 /  121  ProjectGroupSet:CollectionResource:#project_groups02:13
lifeless      13 /  349  Distribution:+bugtarget-portlet-bugfilters-stats02:13
lifeless      13 /    5  ProjectGroup:+milestones02:13
lifeless      11 /    1  Distribution:+builds02:13
lifeless       8 /   33  MailingListApplication:MailingListAPIView02:13
lifeless       8 /   18  DistroSeriesLanguage:+index02:13
lifeless       6 /   12  NullBugTask:+index02:13
wgrantStevenK: Are you still on maverick?03:24
StevenKwgrant: Yes03:48
lifelesspoolie: that https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+activereviews is a 40403:49
wgrantStevenK: Could you see if the buildbot failure is reproducible?03:51
wgrantStevenK: It explodes anyway on natty, so I can't really.03:52
_mup_Bug #697962: want view/feed/subscription of all distro mps <udd> <Launchpad itself:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/697962 >03:55
StevenKWha? I'm confused04:00
wgrantStevenK: Same here.04:08
wgrantjsbuild was changed yesterday, I believe.04:09
wgrantSeems relevant.04:09
wgrantStevenK: It seems to work once I blow away lazr-js/build.04:14
wgrantMust have had an old YUI.04:14
wgrantlifeless: Do we have a reasonable strategy for HA-poppy?04:39
StevenKwgrant: I can't even see how to run launchpadlib's doctests ...04:40
wgrantStevenK: "bin/test -1cvvvt introduction.txt" should do it.04:41
lifelesswgrant: yes, you and I sketched one out04:41
lifelessI don't know if it was rt'd04:41
lifelesswgrant: I do know I filed bugs on the race condition04:41
wgrantlifeless: The race condition makes that strategy unreasonable :(04:42
wgrantAnd I don't think fixing it is easy.04:42
lifelesswgrant: things that are worth doing are often not easy04:42
lifelessif you want to discuss this again, hop onto skype; I can make time to talk about it, but am a bit over my keyboard at this time of night04:43
lifelessthe price would be that you write up what we come up with somewhere :)04:43
StevenKwgrant: introduction.txt passed. In 31 seconds :-(04:47
lifelesswgrant: yes/no ?04:49
wgrantlifeless: I should probably discuss with Julian first.04:50
wgrantStevenK: Hmm. A forced build may be in order.04:50
lifelesswgrant: up to you; I have a couple of missing bits of knowledge to describe a solution; you could fill them in for me if you wanted.04:51
lifelesswgrant: ok, taking that as 'no' ;)04:56
lifelesswgrant: fwiw I don't see why our strategy wouldn't work even with the race. We catered for it in our design IIRC.04:57
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al-maisanGood morning !07:33
stubAnyone happen to know offhand how I land an approved change to launchpadlib? https://code.launchpad.net/~stub/launchpadlib/dynamiclibrarian/+merge/4465707:42
wgrantstub: It's pretty boring. Grab trunk, merge into it, update NEWS if relevant, and commit with the right [r=*] etc in the message.07:45
wgrantNo PQM nastiness.07:45
stubwgrant: ta07:51
wgrantActually, it's probably even documented.07:53
wgrantIndeed, on https://dev.launchpad.net/HackingLazrLibraries07:53
wgrantbuildbot failed again.08:34
wgrantMaybe this is lucid-specific :/08:34
adeuringgood morning08:34
wgrantDoes anybody still have a Lucid machine which runs LP?08:35
lifelessstub: \o/ librarian landed thank you!09:44
stubCool. Was the only thing left the launchpadlib fix?09:45
lifelessI don't know, I just saw it toggle to merged...09:46
lifelessor I may be fundamentally confused09:47
lifelessconfused it most liskely ;)09:47
bigjoolsgood morning09:47
lifelessstub: ah I was confused; its the launchpadlib fix I just saw09:47
lifelessstub: which is great to land, but I don't know if its the be-all09:47
stubIts near the end anyway09:48
jcsackettwgrant, you wouldn't still be on, would you?11:10
wgrantjcsackett: I am, unfortunately.11:11
wgrantWhat's up?11:11
jcsackettany chance you could qa your branch related to bug 45270?11:12
_mup_Bug #45270: Publisher configuration needs redesign  <lp-soyuz> <qa-needstesting> <soyuz-publish> <tech-debt> <Launchpad itself:Fix Committed by wgrant> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/45270 >11:12
jcsacketthenninge has encountered a problem on a branch of his earlier in the queue, but now i need to clear out everything else so his fix can land too when we deploy.11:13
wgrantjcsackett: oh, sorry. Forgot about the db-stable deployment report.11:13
jcsackettwgrant: no worries. it's an easy one to forget if you're not doing the release. :-P11:13
wgrantHowever, that rev is fine.11:14
* wgrant qa-ok's.11:14
wgrantjcsackett: Sorry about that. It's fixed now.11:15
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jcsackettwgrant: thanks!11:17
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jcsacketthenninge: how are things going?11:23
henningejcsackett: it's a bit complex but getting there11:24
jcsacketti'm guessing your earlier estimate of qa by today is shot? how likely does before we need to merge db into devel sound?11:24
jcsacketthenninge ^11:26
henningejcsackett: not sure but there won't be any db changes, so that would not really be a problem for us.11:30
jcsacketthenninge: well, but the recife revision needs to be known deployable by then.11:31
jcsacketthenninge: i guess i'm asking, will recife be qa-ok in some form by then, or do we need to start talking other options?11:32
henningejcsackett: it will be "qa-ok" in some form, partly because we don't really have any other options.11:33
jcsacketthenninge: well, there's roll-back and re-land after, but i think we'd both really rather not go down that road. :-)11:33
henningejcsackett: we landed quite a few revisions in db-stable this cycle that depend on recife. Having to back them out would be a greater mess, I expect.11:33
henningejcsackett: no, we don't11:34
jcsacketthenninge: i see the later bugs on db-stable. do you think someone else can qa those so you can focus on the fix branch you're working on? i'm happy to try qa-ing them if that would help you out.11:34
henningejcsackett: jtv can probably qa those but mostly they will be qa-ok together with recife as it's all the same story.11:35
jcsacketthenninge: ah. i see. okay. mind if i ping you again at the end of your day to see where things stand?11:35
henningejcsackett: sure11:35
henningejcsackett: thanks for pinging11:36
jcsacketthenninge: thanks for the update. :-)11:36
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deryckMorning, all.12:05
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leonardrjml, i'm figuring out what to say about the buildbot failure, but after that i'd like to talk to you about the web service demo for thunderdome13:19
allenapbigjools: Do you know if this is worth pursuing? https://code.launchpad.net/~dhillon-v10/launchpad/fix-bug-410331/+merge/1976613:20
bigjoolsallenap: not really, it was too much like hard work for a tiny gain13:27
allenapbigjools: Shall I comment and mark it rejected?13:28
bigjoolsyeah, he didn't reply to the last comment requesting tests13:28
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leonardrjml, buildbot failure is hopefully resolved. let me know when you have time to talk demo14:44
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abentleygary_poster, I'm trying to write a unit test for the TargetBranchWidget and having trouble creating an instance of the widget.  Do you know what widgets are supposed to take as their input?15:43
gary_posterabentley: on calls15:44
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benjiabentley: I'm looking into your question.15:56
abentleybenji, I've answered that one with a little pdb.15:56
henningeWhat's the easiest way to see the query that storm has composed?16:03
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jcsacketthenninge: it's near your EOD, right? have just a sec for an update on recife?16:43
henningejcsackett: it is but I will be working a little longer.16:43
henningejcsackett: The fix is almost complete. ;)16:44
jcsacketthenninge: that's what i was hoping. :-)16:44
jcsacketthenninge: aside from that issue, is recife looking good?16:44
henningejcsackett: always has! ;)16:45
henningejcsackett: it is a very complex change and we are aware that we won't catch all issues beforehand.16:45
jcsacketthenninge: dig. in the db-stable report i'm seeing what looks like the recife merge holding up revisions. https://devpad.canonical.com/~lpqateam/qa_reports/deployment-db-stable.html16:47
jcsackettthe bug 611668 is the relevant one; can we mark that qa-ok?16:48
_mup_Bug #611668: getPOTMsgSetWithNewSuggestions upstream <lp-translations> <qa-needstesting> <recife> <upstream-translations-sharing> <Launchpad itself:Fix Committed by henninge> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/611668 >16:48
henningejcsackett: done ;)16:49
jcsacketthenninge: excellent. thanks a lot, and have a good evening. :-)16:50
henningejcsackett: ah sorry, I had to revert that :(16:52
henningejcsackett: I just saw that that revision is linked to the wrong bug.16:52
henningejcsackett: that revision is the main recife merge and that is currently qa-bad until the bug is fixed that I am working on.16:53
jcsacketthenninge: okay. but you think the bug you are working on will be ready to for review/land soon? i would like this all to make the deadline for when db-stable gets merged.16:54
jcsackettotherwise we cannot deploy it, or anything after it.16:55
henningejcsackett: yes, it will be ready for review soon.16:55
jcsacketthenninge: excellent. :-)16:55
henningethe real master bug is bug 681930, I don't know why the revision was tagged with the wrong bug. Probably copy-and-paste error on my side.16:57
_mup_Bug #681930: Share translations between Ubuntu and upstream projects <bad-commit-10008> <lp-translations> <qa-needstesting> <upstream-translations-sharing> <Launchpad itself:Fix Committed by henninge> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/681930 >16:57
jcsackettthat is weird.16:58
jcsacketthenninge: it's linking to that revision because the revision connected to 681930 was rolled back, i think.17:02
jcsacketthenninge: honestly, i am not sure how some of the revisions are being determined in the report. very odd.17:05
henningejcsackett: Well, in this case it looks like the wrong bug is mentioned in the commit message.17:06
henningeI wrote that message out manually because of all the reviewers and I must have pasted the wrong bug id.17:07
jcsacketthenninge: ah, okay.17:09
jcsackettso even though the actual bug listed in the report is qa-ok, we're marking qa-bad so we don't mark recife as qa-ok. i wonder if there's a way to sort that out...17:09
jcsackettokay, i see, we also have the fixes for the actually linked bugs included in that revision. so while the report is misleading, we're basically okay once your fix is landed and we can mark recife and your fix qa-ok.17:14
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lifelessgary_poster: do you know how to add OOPS prefixes?20:27
gary_posterlifeless: vaguely.  I could wing it.  I thought matsubara-afk had done some for you in the past day or two?20:28
lifelessgary_poster: he may have, I haven't corresponded with him specifically though20:28
* lifeless really wants to eliminate all this manual friction20:29
gary_posterah you mean friction of having to specify prefixes20:30
gary_posteryes, would be nice20:30
lifelessboth specifying them in configs for appservers and in the oops reporting toolchain20:31
lifelessgary_poster: anyhow20:32
gary_posterlifeless, matsubara-afk reported in team calls that he had added some prefixes for you.  I don't know anything else--how he knew you needed them, or anything else.  Is there a bug for this?20:32
lifelessisn't showing up20:32
lifelessI'm guessing CBA isn't either20:32
lifelessgary_poster: there is a bug that nothing audits to check we have them all covered20:32
lifelessgary_poster: I don't know which are covered, so I can't sensibly file a bug asking for specific prefixes20:32
lifelessgary_poster: and I don't know where to check to see which are covered ;)20:33
gary_posterlifeless: a Django tool named "South" populates the DB.20:37
gary_posterhttps://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Elaunchpad-pqm/oops-tools/trunk/files/head%3A/src/oopstools/oops/migrations/ has the updates and https://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Elaunchpad-pqm/oops-tools/trunk/annotate/head%3A/src/oopstools/oops/migrations/0015_populate_prefix_groups.py is the most recent pertinent data AFAIK.20:37
gary_posterI see neither CBB nor CBA.20:37
lifelessgive me a sec and I'll generate a list of what we have in use20:38
gary_posterI have calls and other tasks for the rest of the day and I don't know if we have fixed the "only Diogo can deploy" bug filed just before Christmas break.  I suggest making a bug, and I'll ask Diogo to treat it as his top priority tomorrow morning.20:39
lifelessthanks for the help20:39
micahgjcsackett: hi, can I chat with you about bug 697685?20:47
_mup_Bug #697685: People with PPAs should not be allowed to merge accounts <merge-deactivate> <ppas> <Launchpad itself:Triaged by jcsackett> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/697685 >20:47
jcsackettmicahg: sure.20:48
jcsackettwhat's up?20:49
micahgjcsackett: I was wondering, I assume the issue is due to unique paths for the PPAs, right?  would it be possible to alias both sets of PPAs to both accounts?20:49
micahgassuming no name collision20:49
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lifelessgary_poster: https://bugs.launchpad.net/oops-tools/+bug/69830020:50
_mup_Bug #698300: refresh oops prefixes / reports <OOPS Tools:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/698300 >20:50
lifelessmicahg: there are several reasons20:51
lifelessmicahg: one is that we don't have code to handle renames of the archives on germanium20:51
lifelessmicahg: another is that the ppa model isn't amenable to merging of content in any trivial fashion20:51
micahglifeless: ok, I'm guessing those bugs have already been filed in some fashion?20:53
lifelessI don't know that they have20:53
lifelesssome of this stuff was envisioned as too-hard and requests marked WONTFIX20:53
lifelessI'd be fine having a wishlist item to address the,20:54
lifelessbut it is a significant chunk of work in various ways - but someone that wanted to make it work would be welcome to contribute patches20:54
micahglifeless: ok, just thought I'd mention it, I can look for a bug later I guess20:55
lifelessplease do20:55
micahglifeless: thanks20:57
lifelessflacoste: ping21:03
flacostehi lifeless21:03
lifelessflacoste: whats the protocol for asking mkanat to do stuff21:03
_mup_Bug #698305: no such revision triggers an OOPS <oops> <loggerhead:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/698305 >21:03
flacostelifeless: talk to poolie21:04
lifelessflacoste: cool, will do - thanks21:05
lifelesspoolie: ^21:05
lifelessflacoste: do you know whats up with bug 547036 ?21:09
_mup_Bug #547036: The buildd code should be removed from the Launchpad tree <canonical-losa-lp> <lp-soyuz> <tech-debt> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> <Launchpad Auto Build System:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/547036 >21:09
lifelessI don't understand the issue21:09
flacostelifeless: buildd code is in launchpad21:09
flacostebut it's deployed independantly21:10
flacosteand really has no relationship to the rest of the code21:10
flacostelamont wants it out for easier packaging21:10
flacosteand release management21:10
flacostelifeless: if you were wondering about the discussion about what prevents it from being separate at this time, i don't have any idea21:11
lifelessflacoste: well, I was looking at it and various test fixture glue got in the way21:19
flacosteyep, that's what i read from the bug report21:20
lifelessanyhow, the thing for me is that really the code in question shouldn't be in the buildd tree either21:21
lifelessits common code21:21
lifelessflacoste: what prompted the escalation?21:21
flacostelifeless: IS call21:21
lifelessflacoste: it would help me understand whats going on if you can add a comment when escalating things like this - it looks uninteresting otherwise ;)21:23
flacostei will21:23
lifelessthat would be awesome! thank you21:23
lifelessflacoste: I would like to know what functional issue they experienced to make this a priority rather than tech-debt21:25
lifelessflacoste: as data for things-we-should-fix21:26
flacostelifeless: best to ask lamont direcly21:26
pcjc2Are there any bug team devs about?21:53
lifelesswhats up21:55
pcjc2nothing important, was just hoping to get a bug import done21:59
pcjc2I've got our SF trackers disabled, so was hoping to get a quick transition21:59
pcjc2There was also https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/140410 (got assigned to Deryck as he's team lead, but he's not about)22:00
pcjc2On reflection I should probably not have filed two questions which appear identical (apart from the filename)!22:01
lifelessflacoste: who actually /does/ imports ?22:05
lifelessflacoste: losa?22:05
flacostelifeless: yes, i think so22:06
flacostelifeless: deryck had details in his latest state of bugs email22:07
pcjc2flacoste: is that email public / archived, or canonical internal?22:10
pcjc2(just curious)22:11
flacostepjdc: launchpad-dev, so public and archived22:11
lifelessflacoste: actually it doesn't say who does them22:11
lifelessonly that its painful22:11
lifelesspcjc2: The State of Malone in the launchpad-dev list archives22:11
pcjc2https://lists.launchpad.net/launchpad-dev/msg05983.html ?22:11
pcjc2"story" is use-case driven development?22:12
lifelesspcjc2: so do you want these imported to staging first, or you're totally ready?22:13
lifelesspcjc2: so the sad news is the dude that knows all had a personal emergency today and isn't around22:14
lifelessI will try to get the knowledge and have these acted on for you22:14
pcjc2hmm - if I say "I'm ready", there will be some issue I spot 5 minutes after the import22:15
pcjc2If we go via staging... all will be fine.. and we'll spot an issue 5 minutes after the real import ;)22:15
pcjc2It "should" be ok. I've had a round on staging before22:16
pcjc2Have tested the imports on my local dev instance too22:16
lifelesspcjc2: so testing locally yo ujust run bug-import.py -p pcb22:19
pcjc2(already contributed a round of patches which should now be on the production servers ;)22:19
pcjc2(had to fix that script up a tiny bit22:19
lifelesshave we landed your empty comments fix ?22:20
pcjc2I think / hope so - bug was marked fix released22:20
pcjc2if not, import will have to wait22:20
lifelessdo you remember the # ?22:20
_mup_Bug #692951: Don't show <empty comment> placeholders for imported bug attachments <qa-ok> <Launchpad itself:Fix Released by pcjc2> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/692951 >22:23
lifelessyup its live22:23
lifelessapparently your webserver is very slow ;)22:24
pcjc2which - the www2.eng.cam.ac.uk one?22:24
lifelessthe sysadmin is having the download from there crawl22:25
lifelessor are the files ginormous22:25
pcjc2not huge, 5.8M, 10M22:26
pcjc2could be the server is struggling I guess, not sure - its one I have access to22:26
jkakarhenninge: I just left a comment on bug 698344 with a workaround for the issue.22:27
_mup_Bug #698344: Storm has no ROW constructor <Storm:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/698344 >22:27
pcjc2hmm - read the email22:28
pcjc2ran the rnv validator - got errors22:29
pcjc2will have to get back you when I can get to fixing it, sorry for the noise22:29
pcjc2the geda_export.xml is fine22:29
pcjc2the pcb_export.xml one causes problems - I'll note that in the question22:29
pcjc2I have to go for now, might be back in a bit, otherwise tomorrow22:31
lifelesspcjc2: we're about to do the geda one22:32
lifelessI'm curious why you didn't see the errors with pcb in your run on staging ?22:32
henningejkakar: wow, cool. thanks!22:37
henningejkakar: actually, I had worked around it by  using SQL("(t1.c1, t1.c2)") but this is nicer ;)22:38
jkakarhenninge: Using "SQL" is almost always a hack. :)22:39
henningeit is! ;)22:39
jkakarhenninge: It'd be nice if you created a branch to add a Row expression to Storm. :)22:40
henningejkakar: now that I know how I can do that22:40
lifelesspcjc2: https://bugs.launchpad.net/geda - still running22:43
lifelesshey thumper, hows things?22:51
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lifelesspcjc2: geda is imported22:52
jelmerlifeless: looks like we really need to increase the batch size for git imports22:56
jelmerlifeless: fetching a branch, doing 30 seconds of work, then pushing it back and trying again 4 hours later is.. suboptimal22:56
jelmerlifeless: argh, nevermind. I thought it was a new import.22:57
mwhudsonjelmer: it shouldn't wait 4 hours until the build farm is busy22:57
mwhudsons/build/import slave/22:57
jelmermwhudson: yeah, it's actually an existing import..22:57
jelmermwhudson: :-)22:57
lifelessjelmer: ECONTEXT22:57
jelmerlifeless: None22:57
jelmerlifeless: the geda import, but I was wrong22:58
jelmermwhudson: we should still fix the import batch size, but it's not as bad as I thought.22:58
lifelessjelmer: its a bug import ;)22:58
lifelessjelmer: not a branch import22:59
mwhudsonjelmer: well /really/ what would be nice is to import revisions for an hour, then checkpoint somehow22:59
jelmerlifeless: argh, so not only did I misinterpret the results, I was looking at the wrong page.22:59
jelmermwhudson: yeah23:00
lifelessjelmer: yes, you did :)23:00
jelmermwhudson: I'd really like to move the batch import thing upstream and see mirrors and imports use the same infrastructure.23:01
mwhudsonjelmer: upstream into bzr you mean?23:01
mwhudsonand yes, mirrors and imports using the same infrastructure would be nice23:02
lifelessthat sounds intruiging23:03
pcjc2lifeless: Thanks!23:04
lifelesspcjc2: so how did pcb work on staging if it had errors?23:04
pcjc2well, I've done a LOT to the conversion scripts since the staging round23:04
pcjc2had a lot of UTF8 encoding issues from the SF backup XML23:04
lifelessso, when you think its good23:05
pcjc2It appeared to work fine on my local instance, but the validate fails23:05
lifelesswhat validate was used?23:05
lifelesswe're updating our docs for this process23:05
pcjc2pcb_output.xml:43292:276: error: element https://launchpad.net/xmlns/2006/bugs^milestone not allowed23:05
pcjc2as described here: https://help.launchpad.net/Bugs/ImportFormat23:06
pcjc2ok, fixed the issue23:09
pcjc2duplicated a milestone tag accidentally due to some copy+paste error in my convert script23:09
pcjc2uploading new pcb_output.xml now23:09
lifelessI've updated the ImportFormat page23:11
lifelessmbarnett: ^23:11
lifelesspcjc2: do you want a new staging import, or are you completely happy to go live?23:11
pcjc2give me a minute to just quick-check here locally, then lets go live23:11
mbarnettpjdc: same location as the last time?23:11
lifelessI suggets a new url23:12
lifelessto avoid possibility of FAIL23:12
mbarnettthat seems like a sane precaution23:12
lifelesslike ...2.xml or something23:12
thumperlifeless: hi, just getting food23:13
pcjc2changed URL to http://www2.eng.cam.ac.uk/~pcjc2/pcb_output_v2.xml23:14
pcjc2lifeless: What changes did you make on the ImportFormat page?23:14
mbarnettgrabbing now23:14
pcjc2lifeless: never mind.. I figured out how to use the wiki to get the change diff23:15
lifelesspcjc2: new answers location, bullet list of the process23:17
pcjc2will you enable bugs for the pcb project when the import is done?23:20
pcjc2can I do it now?23:20
pcjc2or is there a risk of collision?23:20
mbarnetti think it makes sense to wait, to avoid any possible hilarity23:25
pcjc2sounds sensible23:26
pcjc2let me know when I can play ;)23:26
lifelesspcjc2: enabling is up to you :)23:28
lifelesspcjc2: did the new pcb validate for you?23:28
pcjc2just wanted to be sure I didn't collide with the import23:28
pcjc2validated fine once I fixed my double <milestone> tag23:29
lifelessmbarnett: ^23:29
mbarnettpcjc2: the file as i downloaded it validated locally23:31
pcjc2sha1 matches the updated file?23:31
pcjc2my original upload failed to validate, but I caught it fairly soon23:31
pcjc2perhaps you got the second file?23:31
pcjc2that is the fixed one, yes23:32
mbarnetti'll beging the import then23:32
pcjc2please someone ping me next week to split out the cruft from the goodness in my patches to the SF update script23:33
pcjc2having run it so many times, I coded up a little bit of sauce to download the attachments and cache them during the export, so when you tweak the script and re-run, you don't have to wait so long for downloads23:34
pcjc2I really appreciate your help here - pandering to my impatience ;), and would like to be sure I give back based on the code I had to write to make the process smoother23:35
pcjc2See https://bugs.launchpad.net/geda/+bug/698379  when addressed by its alias,  https://bugs.launchpad.net/geda/+bug/sf-1444319 my user account merge is not reflected - stale cache?23:40
_mup_Bug #698379: gschem: redraw overlapping objects <gschem> <sf-bugs> <gEDA:Fix Released> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/698379 >23:40
pcjc2NM - seems like a local web-browser cache problem. Shows correctly in Firefox (using epiphany until now)23:40
pcjc2got to go now, will enable the bug tracker for PCB tomorrow23:47
pcjc2did it work ?23:47
pcjc2(can do it now if so ;))23:47
mbarnettstill processing23:47
mbarnetttook about 10 minutes for the previous run, so i suspect this will be a while yet.23:48
pcjc2more overheads on a production machine than my local one I guess23:48
pcjc2still, wasn't quick - the PCB one had ~ 2x as many bugs IIRC23:48
mbarnettooh, just finished.23:50
wgrantcStringIO and StringIO's differing Unicode handling makes me cry.23:50
pcjc2superb - thanks so much for your help everyone23:55
pcjc2wgrant: Did you see this nasty I had to write for an import?23:55
wgrantpcjc2: Ow.23:57
pcjc2indeed - now, bedtime for me or I'll be in trouble ;)23:58

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