bachello.  anyone here?00:00
lifelessnot really here, sorry.00:01
bacthumper: we didn't have a whole lot to talk about in the earlier meeting.00:02
bacwhy don't we punt to next week?00:02
bacthumper: have a good holiday?00:02
thumperbac: pretty quiet00:02
bacbut warm!00:02
thumpermuch warmer than snow00:03
bacwe got snowed in at the beach with too many people and too many dogs00:03
thumpersnowed in at the beach?00:03
thumperthat just sounds wrong00:03
thumpermwhudson: too late00:06
thumpermwhudson: meeting deferred00:06
mwhudsonoh no!00:06
mwhudson(not really)00:06
lifelessbac: so00:13
lifelesswhat did you want to talk about in this meeting00:14
lifelessI see, 'punt'. k00:14
wgrantOh, hi.00:18
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