jelmerverterok: hi00:00
mwhudsonspiv: doing it over http is the hard bit i guess00:17
spivmwhudson: *nod*00:23
mwhudsonin some sense anyway00:23
mwhudsoni'd secretly like to server bzr branches over http using twisted.web, not apache00:24
mwhudsonbut there are reliability and performance issues there i guess00:24
spivI'd kinda like that too.00:26
spivBut I share your concerns :)00:27
mwhudsoni think it would probably be fine on both counts, it's not like the load is that high for apache00:28
micahgso, any changes I make on staging won't affect the live LP, right?03:47
wgrantmicahg: Right.03:47
micahgwgrant: thanks03:47
lifelessunless we've really messed up :)03:53
micahgwell, if I get yelled at for adding a random tag, I'll know03:55
micahgBTW, are there any ACLs on tag addition03:55
lifelesspoolie: lynne says you could also do gold class in bondi, its the newest such cinema03:58
RedSingularityHi all.  I am having a problem adding tags to bugs.  Is there currently a known problem in launchpad regarding this?04:11
wgrantRedSingularity: It worked fine for me an hour ago. What sort of issue are you seeing?04:13
RedSingularitywgrant:  I type in the tags I want and hit the green check mark.  The little Grey wheel spins and stops but the tags are never added.04:15
wgrantRedSingularity: Which browser are you using?04:15
RedSingularitywgrant:  firefox04:15
wgrantRedSingularity: Which version?04:16
RedSingularitywgrant:  3.6.1304:19
wgrantRedSingularity: I've tried in both Chromium 8.0.552.215 and Firefox 3.6.13, and both work OK for me.04:22
RedSingularitywgrant:  Very odd.  I tried under a fresh firefox profile as well with no luck.04:23
RedSingularitywgrant:  64 bit firefox?  Thats what I am running.04:25
lifelessRedSingularity: I run 64 bit ff, no issues04:25
RedSingularitylifeless:  thanks for confirming :)  Must be an issue on my end.04:26
RedSingularitywgrant:  seems to be an issue over here.  I will play around a bit since i know its not the site now.  Thanks!04:28
wgrantRedSingularity: I haven't heard others complaining about it, and it was indeed 64-bit Firefox, so it seems that it might be something at your end, yeah.04:29
micahgwould trying a middle click on the edit link to bring up the old page help?04:29
RedSingularitymicahg:  middle click the "add tags"?04:30
micahgRedSingularity: yeah04:31
RedSingularitymicahg:  interesting.  I get The tag "distro-upgrade" hasn't been used by update-manager (Ubuntu) before.  It gives me an option to "create the new tag" though.04:33
micahgRedSingularity: that's not an official tag04:33
RedSingularitymicahg:  correct04:34
micahgthat might be a bug in the AJAX UI WRT new tags04:34
micahgalthough that didn't affect me on staging either04:35
stalcuphello, how in the world do I get a ppa on a new project?06:04
pooliestalcup, hi there06:05
pooliethe key thing is that ppas are owned by teams not projects06:05
poolieso typically you should make a project team06:05
stalcupah, okay06:06
poolielike ~tribunal-dev or whatever it's called06:06
pooliethen, create the ppa under that06:06
israfili need libdc1394-22 and libeigen2-dev for hardy heron, can you advise something?06:59
alfHi all! Any idea why https://launchpad.net/~afrantzis/+archive/cairo-gl/+build/2126247 hasn't been published yet, although it was built 8 hours ago?08:50
wgrantalf: Something has gone wrong in the upload from the builder.08:50
wgrantLet me check the logs.08:51
alfwgrant: thanks!08:51
apw<apw> is there something wrong with the launchpad build farm?  i have builds which claim to have finished 9 hours ago which are still 'uploading build'08:58
apw<apw> https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/2.6.37-12.26/+build/212579908:58
apwhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/2.6.37-12.26/+build/2125796 as well08:59
* apw reads scrollback, a general problem huh ...08:59
apwwgrant, seems to be more wide spread than just one09:00
wgrantapw, alf: Yeah, all uploads since the deployment this morning are stuck in the queue.09:00
wgrantWe are trying to work out exactly what's wrong.09:00
apwthere was a deployment this morning?09:01
wgrantWe deploy a couple of times a week now. Normally without downtime, except when we need DB changes.09:02
apwwgrant, is there any way for a mortal to know what in broad brush these deployments contain to know what areas are at risk ?09:05
wgrantapw: Not really. Even this breakage is a side-effect of an indirect change.09:05
apwwgrant, any idea as to the scope of the fix?  how long i should go away for ?09:22
wgrantapw: We will hopefully be able to unblock the queue by moving the problematic build away. But we haven't worked out the cause of the bug yet, so it's possible that a subsequent build will blow things up again.09:24
wgrantSo it could be fixed in just a few minutes.09:24
wgrantapw: It looks like things are moving OK now.09:50
apwwgrant, how lon will the queue take to drain?09:50
wgrantapw: Not sure. But your build is done.09:51
apwwgrant, well one of the ones on that source upload, another is not09:52
apwi guess i'd better check with you its not the bad one!09:52
wgrantIt's not.09:53
wgrantThe bad one was a recipe build.09:53
eugenesanHi, is upload issue solved? Should I re-upload my builds or they will be uploaded after being stuck?09:53
apwnot sure i know what a recipe build even is, so i guess not09:53
apweugenesan, i believe in general things will unstick themselves09:54
eugenesanapw: :-)09:56
apweugenesan, yep confirmed all of my pending upploads are in now, took over 10 mins to do the two so it may take some time yet09:57
eugenesanapw: Good news, thanks!09:58
wgrantThe backlog was not small.09:59
eugenesanInteresting, several builders, on which my "stuck" builds are, is now at "Disabled for Enablement" state, is that expected?10:04
wgranteugenesan: The builds get stuck after they are pulled off the builder, so that's fine.10:05
eugenesanwgrant: I see, thanks.10:06
maxbThe publisher is going to have fun processing its own backlog as these flow through, isn't it :-)10:12
wgrantOh yes.10:12
fta2hi, is there a problem with the ppa uploader (post build)?10:18
maxbyes, fixed, backlog is being processed10:18
fta2i'm getting some ftbfs right now "State: Failed to upload"10:19
maxboh, different problem then10:19
fta2 * State: Failed to upload10:22
fta2 * Duration: ten hours10:22
fta2 * Build Log: https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa/+build/2125948/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-maverick-amd64.chromium-browser_10.0.629.0%7Esvn20110105r70535-0ubuntu1%7Eucd1%7Emaverick_BUILDING.txt.gz10:22
fta2 * Builder: https://launchpad.net/builders/promethium10:22
fta2Uploading build 20110106-011445-2139907-PACKAGEBUILD-2143389 failed.10:23
fta2nothing more10:23
wgrantfta2: Do you have a link to the build?10:24
wgrantfta2: Check the upload log on that page.10:24
wgrantfta2: Some KDE uploads failed because a newer version had been uploaded in the meantime.10:24
geserlooks like the case here too10:24
fta2so http://launchpadlibrarian.net/61708234/upload_2143389_log.txt10:25
wgrantOh, right, missed the link in the build log link.10:25
* wgrant fails.10:25
fta2oh, it's the previous build10:25
wgrantIndeed, it is an old build.10:25
bigjoolsyay for fixes10:26
fta2why did it take 10h?10:26
fta2wgrant, btw, did you see my post wrt the ppa stats?10:26
wgrantfta2: Ah, I wondered what you'd pinged me about.10:27
wgrantReading now.10:27
maxbterranova is sitting there not buildimg anything since 2010-12-11,10:29
maxbplease can someone kixk it?10:29
bigjoolsfta: nice blog post10:33
wgrantmaxb: It seems to be thoroughly dead. lamont: ^^ terranova is no-route-to-hosting.10:34
bigjoolswgrant: it's stuck in ABORTING10:34
wgrantWrong host.10:34
wgrantI was looking at terranova.buildd.10:34
wgrantWhich still exists :/10:34
bigjoolsthought I'd fixed that little gem10:34
wgrantABORTING != ABORTED10:34
wgrantUnless you think you made it reset virtual builders when it tries to abort them.10:35
wgrantWhich I don't quite remember.10:35
bigjoolsI dunno10:35
wgrantfta2: Just read your blog post.11:01
wgrantfta2: Nice graphs.11:01
apwwgrant, this build seems to have been uploading for 17 mins, is it just in the queue or broken: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/2.6.37-12.26/+build/212579711:10
wgrantapw: The backlog was nearly 1000 builds. It's not quite done yet.11:11
apwwgrant, something for the launchpad monitoring to monitor and page people about11:12
apwto catc11:12
apwto catc11:12
bigjoolsfixed already11:12
wgrantapw: As of three minutes ago it does!11:12
apwto catch these things quicker11:12
apwheh cool11:12
wgrantIt is being nice and noisy already :(11:12
apwheh not so cool if you have the pager11:13
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shankaohi, I am having some problems uploading into my ppa with dput:12:11
shankaoshankao@emilia:~/dev$ dput -o ppa:shankao/shankao-test apache2_2.2.16-6ubuntu2~shankao1.changes12:12
shankaoD: Host ppa found in config.12:12
shankaoTraceback (most recent call last):12:12
shankao  File "/usr/bin/dput", line 944, in <module>12:12
shankao    main()12:12
shankao  File "/usr/bin/dput", line 793, in main12:12
shankao    unsigned_upload, debug)12:12
shankao  File "/usr/bin/dput", line 286, in verify_files12:12
shankao    changes = parse_changes(chg_fd)12:12
shankao  File "/usr/bin/dput", line 82, in parse_changes12:12
shankao    for a in changes.dict['files'].split('\n'):12:12
shankaoKeyError: 'files'12:12
shankaoI'm following the info at: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/Uploading12:13
gesershankao: can you please pastebin that changes files?12:15
wgrantshankao: How did you generate your changes file?12:16
wgrantIt doesn't seem to have been generated by any of the normal tools, since the filename is strange.12:16
shankaodebuild -S (signed)12:17
shankaoand then:12:17
shankaodebdiff prev.dsc new.dsc > changes12:17
gesershankao: debuild -S builds a new .changes file for you which you can (and should use)12:18
geserdebdiff does something different12:18
shankaowhich one should I upload? the _source.changes one or the _i386.changes?12:19
wgrantLaunchpad doesn't accept binary uploads.12:20
shankaook, thanks. I'll try it12:20
geserthe _source.changes (the other one would LP reject)12:20
shankaoUmh, maybe the error with unknown file format should be a little bit clearer in dput anyway :S12:20
shankaoit seems to be uploading now, thanks!12:22
apwapw@dm$ bzr push lp:~apw/debian-installer/kernel-update12:41
apwseems to be failing with 'different serializers', anyone know what one does about it12:41
wgrantapw: That normally means that one of the branches is 2a, and the other is not.12:44
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pcjc2are there any LOSA about who could help me with a bug import at some point today?13:38
pcjc2(/me knows wgrant is not a LOSA, but he was helping me before ;))13:39
mthaddonpcjc2: you don't typically ask a losa for help with bug imports - you typically work with an LP dev13:39
pcjc2fair enough13:39
pcjc2btw.. in case it is useful to anyone, I spent about a day of my life fixing mysery caused by SF's screwed up encodings in their output XML13:40
pcjc2smells of kludge, but saves one HECK of a lot of manual fixups13:41
pcjc2are there any LP devs about?13:41
deryckpcjc2: did you file a question against launchpad for the bug import yet?13:41
pcjc2no - last time I was importing to staging, just asked here13:41
pcjc2Do you need the XML file attached there, or can I host it temporarily somewhere13:41
deryckpcjc2: who helped last time?  We always need the question to track the request.  And you can just provide link to the XML.13:42
pcjc2seems abusive to users to list all their data in such an archivable way (believe the original SF data contains IPs etc.)13:42
pcjc2wgrant was helping13:42
deryckpcjc2: you can send it privately in email as well.  File the question and we can assign someone and you can email that person.13:44
pcjc2I'm not quite done with my local testing yet anyway.. was just getting a feel for when someone would be about to help13:44
pcjc2I've disabled the project's SF tracker to do my final export and manual fixups on the conversion data, so was hoping to get an idea roughly how long it would be before I can point people at the new shiny LP tracker13:45
pcjc2Btw.. SF were vaguely helpful with the export XML (I opened a few tickets about their encoding issues). They suggested trying their beta to see if it suited our needs better - Got to love developed in secret, closed source, once in a blue-moon roll-outs13:45
pcjc2so glad LP updates are continual13:46
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fta2wgrant, thanks for the comment. does this mean this bug won't be fixed in lp, ever?14:11
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ttxHey guys -- I've been trying to propose a fix for bug 690712, but I'm a bit stuck... If any good soul could have a look at the apparently insufficient solution I posted on the bug, I'd appreciate it.14:36
ubot5Launchpad bug 690712 in Launchpad itself "Need to export blueprint-branch links" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69071214:36
leonardrttx: are you testing this with launchpadlib running against launchpad.dev? if so, you should clear out your launchpadlib cache14:41
ttxleonardr: yes I am, and no I haven't cleared cache. Trying now14:41
leonardrttx: you should try writing a doctest and see if it works there14:42
ttxleonardr: it works! that was it.14:43
ttxleonardr: many thanks.14:43
leonardrttx: np14:44
ttxleonardr: is there a way to only run "some" tests ? test_on_merge.py takes a bit long14:44
leonardrttx: yeah. is this in a launchpad context? you can use the -t argument to bin/test14:47
leonardreg. bin/test -vvt webservice14:47
ttxleonardr: cool, will use that. thanks again14:47
leonardrit does a regexp match against filenames and against the function names of unit tests14:47
jmehdihi, I'm trying to copy packages in my ppa (from maverick series to natty) and I get error id "OOPS-1832M1167"...14:57
micahgbug 57545015:00
ubot5Launchpad bug 575450 in Launchpad itself "Archive:+copy-packages nearly unusable due to timeouts" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57545015:00
pcjc2where should I file the question about bug import?15:07
pcjc2Launchpad its self?15:07
leonardrpcjc2: yes15:13
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shadeslayerjelmer: can you move https://code.launchpad.net/~neon/hupnp/trunk to the correct project?  https://launchpad.net/hupnp15:28
shadeslayeror if anyone else can do it ^^Z15:28
shadeslayerhmm ... interesting that the url says neon but the lp branch says lp:hupnp15:29
micahgshadeslayer: neon is the owner/creator, hupnp is the project15:29
shadeslayerbzr crash :P15:30
jelmershadeslayer: sure, one moment15:31
shadeslayernew bzr in upgrades as well ... lets try those first then15:31
micahgshadeslayer: bug 69649215:31
shadeslayerjelmer: its fixed :)15:31
ubot5Launchpad bug 696492 in bzr (Ubuntu) "bzr crashed with TypeError in readheaders(): readline() takes exactly 1 argument (2 given) (dup-of: 693880)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69649215:31
ubot5Launchpad bug 693880 in bzr (Debian) "_ReportingFileSocket.readline lacks size argument" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69388015:31
pcjc2Has Deryck gone home for the day?15:47
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beunopcjc2, well, he's always home15:55
beunobut he may be at lunch or something15:55
pcjc2np, thank15:55
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duron23ok, cya friends, taking off for now16:28
ftawgrant, where in the API can i find that a given (binary) package is an arch-all?16:50
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toabctlhow can i remove a debian-directory in a build recipe ?17:25
jelmertoabctl: you can't, as far as I know - why would you want to?17:32
toabctljelmer, the software i want to build already has a debian-directory, but i want to use the debian-files from my bzr branch17:33
toabctljelmer, and when i run: git://git.debian.org/collab-maint/syncevolution.git17:34
toabctlups. sorry. wrong post17:34
toabctlwhen i run: bzr dailydeb syncevolution.recipe sync-test-daily/17:34
toabctli get : Conflict adding file changelog.  Moved existing file to changelog.moved.17:34
jelmertoabctl: can you show the contents of syncevolution.recipe ?17:35
toabctl# bzr-builder format 0.2 deb-version {debupstream}+{revno}+{revno:packaging}17:36
toabctlnest packaging lp:~toabctl/+junk/syncevolution-packaging debian17:36
jelmergenerally it is considered bad form for an upstream to ship their own debian/ directory17:36
toabctljelmer, i know, but i can't change it...17:36
jelmerthe best way to work around it is to derive your packaging branch from the upstream branch, and remove their debian/ directory there before adding yours17:37
jelmeryou will need to resolve conflicts any time they change their debian/ directory though17:37
toabctljelmer, but lp:syncevolution is an automatic import from git17:37
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toabctljelmer, i'll ask upstream to remove the debian-dir.17:43
toabctlthanks for the help17:43
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MethsIs it possible to change the columns that appear on bugs pages or is there another way to see at a glance which bugs are assigned and which are not?19:58
flacosteMeths: the columns are not yet configurable, although it's on our short-term queue to make them20:07
thumperMeths: it isn't possible to change the columns now20:07
thumperflacoste: snap20:07
flacosteyou should be able to see the assignee of the bugs page20:07
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achiangleonardr: hi, i've been experiencing an oops for the past few days: OOPS-1832CBB680220:31
lifelessachiang: I've had a look and its not synced to our db yet, do you have one of the ones you experienced a few days back?20:33
achianglifeless: no, sorry. i first saw one yesterday, and kinda moved on, hoping it was intermittent and would just go away on its own, so didn't save it20:34
achianglifeless: i'll be better about that next time20:34
* leonardr will keep an eye on it20:40
leonardrachiang: do you have a traceback or anything?20:40
achiangleonardr: no, it doesn't show a traceback20:41
lifelessachiang: this is the fault:21:01
lifelessNoSuchRevision: langpack-locales has no revision 6421:01
achianglifeless: ha21:01
achianglifeless: i guess that makes sense21:01
achianglifeless: thanks for following up; i'll blame pitti for this. :)21:02
achiangit seems like lately, i am often getting "Server denied check_authentication" errors while trying to access http://bazaar.l.n urls21:03
lifelessthere is a bug for that21:03
achiangthanks, even21:11
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bdrungdoes launchpad still have the upload problem from this morning? https://launchpad.net/~bdrung/+archive/ppa/+build/212843221:55
bdrungUploading build on osmium (virtual). Finished 49 minutes ago21:55
loollamont: Hey, tgall_foo says a buildd is gone mad21:59
tgall_foohi ... I've got a build in ppa:tom-gall/linaro-meego-n   that failed  but I'm getting emailed the failure message once per minute21:59
looltgall_foo: a) how did you do it?  :)  b) do you have details to identify the builder?21:59
tgall_fooit's build #212837822:00
tgall_foolool, o iknow exactly how  Idid it22:00
tgall_fooI've got an updated build for the package submitted which I was hoping to clear out this repeating error ..  but it hasn't copied over the results yet22:00
tgall_foolool, I had some extra crap in the debian/control file that I should have deleted22:01
looltgall_foo: awesome, keep the testcase!22:01
loolhttps://launchpad.net/~tom-gall/+archive/meego-linaro-n/+build/2128378 ?22:02
loolit seems the build finished but didn't upload22:02
tgall_fooso in the control file the gorp that was there I had commented out some extra Package:   foo   ...  I should have tossed it before I submitted the build22:04
tgall_fooI'm wondering if something in the works ignores the hash on ->  #Package:     and doesn't treat like it's commented out22:05
* lamont wasn't aware that control files supported comments22:07
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tgall_foolamont, that could very well be the issue ...  /me is still new to debian packaging ...  I've seen Build-Depends  behind # successfully ignored so I presumed that was ok22:08
lamontIn addition to the control file syntax described above, this file may also contain comment lines starting with # without any preceding whitespace. All such lines are ignored, even in the middle of continuation lines for a multiline field, and do not end a multiline field.22:08
tgall_fooleast ok as you work with something locally via say pbuilder to validate things are kosher22:08
lamontpolicy says they're legal22:08
tgall_foook .. well let's not jump to conclusions ...22:09
lamont(specifically 5.2, final sentence)22:09
lamontif policy says "legal", then dpkg DTRT22:09
lamontinterestingly, lakoocha has gone on to other things, so nothing to look at there22:11
looltgall_foo, lamont: Would one of you file a bug on this with the diff before it expires?22:15
loolhttp://launchpadlibrarian.net/61802463/libsignoncrypto-qt_0.5-git.20101103t144805.3bfef55-0linaro1_0.5-git.20101103t144805.3bfef55-0linaro2.diff.gz is the debdiff22:15
tgall_fooI need to go pick up my son and daughter but I'll check in now and then if you need anything further22:15
tgall_foolool, yes I'll file a bug .. for launchpad thingsl ike what what should I file against ?22:15
looltgall_foo: I think it used to be soyuz, but now just launchpad22:18
looltgall_foo: https://launchpad.net/launchpad22:19
tgall_foook thanks22:20
tgall_fooreported bug#69834922:23
tgall_fooreported bug #69834922:23
ubot5Launchpad bug 698349 in Launchpad itself "buildd failure notification is stuck" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69834922:23
wgrantlool, tgall_foo: This is a bug that first showed up last night.22:35
wgrantWe thought we'd worked around it, but apparently not.22:35
wgranttgall_foo: The spam should have stopped now.22:41
wgranttgall_foo: The build will be stuck UPLOADING until we work out what's going on, but it seems that a newer one has finished successfully anyway.22:42
janimocan package uploads, once built take an hour? I see openmpi is 'uploading on armel' for quite a long while22:48
janimoah, finally done, never mind22:50
wgrantjanimo: A bug has caused uploads to be stuck in the queue for the last couple of hours.22:50
wgrantIt should be just about clear now.22:50
janimowgrant, that explains it thanks22:50
wgrantOh Python 2.x Unicode, I hate you so so much.23:34
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thumperwgrant: :)23:50
wgrantthumper: It's all your fault, too :P23:50
wgrantYour logger changes.23:50
wgrantThe buffer logger used to use cStringIO.23:50
wgrantNow uses StringIO.23:50
thumperwhich is nicer about unicode23:51
wgrantIf you write a unicode to a StringIO, it will return a unicode.23:51
wgrantIf you write a unicode to a StringIO, it will return a str.23:51
wgrantSecond one should be a cStringIO.23:51
wgrantThat all works fine, until you try to pass the value of one of those into a cStringIO. cStringIO's constructor, when given a unicode, fills it will the internal UCS-4 representation, just for fun.23:52
wgrants/will/with/, argh.23:52
alfCompany: /wc23:56
yofelhi, could someone please look what went wrong here? https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/scribus/trunk23:59

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