sta-hipro tip anyone trying to run tweetdeck on lubuntu run this 1st: export GNOME_DESKTOP_SESSION_ID=102:41
sta-hiotherwise it cant handle the keyrings02:41
ChrisDruifHai loves :)02:43
ChrisDruifI heard something aboot irssi, what's that?02:45
stlsaintChrisDruif: aye i use irssi02:51
ChrisDruifWhat does it do stlsaint?02:52
stlsaintChrisDruif: it is just a irc client02:52
ChrisDruifAlright...something like xchat?02:52
ChrisDruifBut better?02:52
stlsaintChrisDruif: more like weechat, it is a text based irc client02:53
stlsainti run it from terminal02:53
ChrisDruifAlright...awesome :)02:53
stlsaintsaves loads on my resources02:53
stlsaintonly client i use02:53
ChrisDruifIndeed, if it runs in terminal...you don't need a separate GUI...02:54
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jef91Anyone around that knows LXTerminal?04:24
AndrewTIs anyone available to answer a simple question?04:36
AndrewTnobody seeing this?04:37
AndrewTHow do I subscribe to the lubuntu mailing list?04:39
* AndrewT is upset that not one single person is saying anything...04:40
linuxman410what are minamum requirements for this os04:51
AndrewTNobody is here to answer04:54
linuxman410i found it that is ok04:55
AndrewTOne think I wanted to ask04:55
AndrewTDo you know how to subscribe to the Lubuntu mailing list?04:55
linuxman410hang on a second will get it for you04:56
linuxman410http://lubuntu.net/news this link on right side04:57
AndrewTthank you!04:58
AndrewTI only wanted to join the mailing list temporarily04:58
AndrewTYou see, what I wanted to do was ask someone with coding experience to write a really simple gtk front-end for scrot04:59
AndrewTIt's about the most simple thing you can code...assuming you can code (which I can't)04:59
AndrewTscrot is the command-line screenshot taking app included in Lubuntu05:00
phillwAndrewT if you read the topic, you will find the link to the wiki area, in there it is not too hard to find areas? If it is, please do tell me as I'm one of the poor souls who keep it all up to date05:26
phillwFn+PrtSC will take a screen shot and put it into your home directory with the time/date stamp on it.05:27
phillwor on many keyboards, just PrtSc will do it (I have a laptop, so some of my keys have dual functions)05:31
AndrewTphillw: This works in Lubuntu?05:32
phillwAndrewT: yup.. if you have a standard keyboard, just press the PrtSc button, on a laptop it is usually Fn+PrtSc05:33
AndrewTDid this also work in Lubuntu 10.04?05:34
phillwAndrewT: yes, you will probably have loads of scrot files in your home directory :) They do not go to the desktop, I guess that is a papercut that the devs can look into when they catch breath.05:36
AndrewTDoes this automatically work when scrot is installed?05:36
AndrewTThe main reason I am asking is because I want to duplicate this functionality in another distro, Trisquel Mini05:36
phillwAndrewT: scrot comes as a part of lubuntu.05:37
AndrewTphillw: I knew that05:37
phillwit is a default application05:37
phillwAndrewT: if you install scrot in your version, it should work the same way.05:38
AndrewTSo it's automatically keyed to the Prnt Scrn (or Fn+PrntScrn) key?05:38
phillwbut I'm not a dev, just a lowly, harrassed documentor :P05:38
AndrewTOk, I'm going to test this out05:39
phillwyes, it should pick up the key press.05:39
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pbanjquick stupid question can i install lubuntu with the wubi?06:20
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amithello friend17:44
amiti need to install firefox from terminal any one gave me setup command17:44
bioterrorsudo apt-get install17:45
amitand website from there linux command practice17:57
amithello bioterror17:58
MichealHHi Mark76 :D17:59
MichealHHi amit18:01
amithello micheal18:01
amiti need help18:02
bioterror!ask | amit18:02
ubot5amit: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)18:02
amitu elvid i am out18:03
MichealHamit: What seems to be the problem?18:03
MichealHamit: You want firefox installed?18:05
amiti am just asking i am new in linux platfrom i want work from terminal only i dont work fron graphic u have any help for this or linux command practice18:05
amiti istall firfox thanks18:06
amitinstall firfox18:06
amitit work fine18:06
MichealHamit: If you want to browse the web in the command link I suggest w3m18:06
amiti am not understand micheal what u say18:07
MichealHIf you want a firefox alternative w3m can do what firefox does roughly18:08
amiti install firfox its work fine?18:08
MichealHYou said you wnted to work purely from terminal?18:08
amiti am asking about working on linux termial and want practice on linux command18:08
MichealHSo I think a nice book or video online might work?18:09
MichealHOt really differs from your setup18:09
amitany link of website or any book name18:10
MichealHI dont know any books or links18:11
MichealHI can look18:11
amitok micheal hwo u doing were u from and what u do18:11
amiti think u angry on me but thanks for help18:11
MichealHIf I cant find a link I could run a class in -classroom18:12
MichealHamit: I am not angry :D18:12
amitmiclass hwo18:12
amitwe so far18:12
MichealHamit: If you want to get to know us more (without getting in trouble please goto #lubuntu-offtopic :D18:12
bioterroramit, begin from here: https://help.ubuntu.com/7.04/basic-commands/C/18:12
MichealHphillw: I need to go... care to take over?18:12
MichealHbioterror: ^^18:13
bioterrorI think you should have read documents in the first hand about command line if you're after using only terminal18:13
bioterroramit, https://help.ubuntu.com/10.10/serverguide/C/index.html18:14
amitbioterro u are guud friend18:15
amithope its all linux basic command18:15
amitbioterror u there18:17
amitok byee now18:25
bioterrornow i am18:26
Krasushey can someone tell me how to change cpufreq from ondemand to powersave in lubuntu 10.10 ?18:47
Krasushey can someone tell me how to change cpufreq from ondemand to powersave in lubuntu 10.10 ?19:00
bioterrorits technically same thing19:01
bioterroras you dont use all the time 100 percent19:01
bioterrorondemand is more optimized19:02
bioterroryorvuk, what do you think19:03
KrasusI am goint to install lubuntu 10.10 on my netbook it is stable ?19:03
bioterrormy panel eats most power19:04
bioterrorgotta use lowest brightness19:04
bioterrorand yes, 10.10 is stable19:04
bioterrorworks great19:04
Krasusso if u would choose what will u pick for netbook19:04
Krasuslubuntu or xfce19:04
bioterrormy wife havent complained at all19:05
bioterrordefault lubuntu19:05
Krasusbut it is possible in lubuntu to switch from ondemand to powersave ?19:05
Krasusyea but i was thinking about something like in gnome that u click and change it in tray19:08
bioterrorlxde do not have such a application19:09
Krasus;/ ok so if I want to have ondemand by defult what I need to do ?19:10
bioterrorI suggest to keep ondemand19:11
Krasusbut it is on defult ?19:11
Krasuswhen I install it will be like that ?19:11
bioterrorit's ondemand by default19:12
bioterrortrying to find some documents about it19:12
bioterrorI just installed cpufrequtils19:16
bioterrorand when I do cpufreq-info19:16
bioterror  current CPU frequency is 800 MHz.19:16
bioterror  cpufreq stats: 1.20 GHz:3.32%, 800 MHz:96.68%  (43959)19:16
bioterroras you can see, most of the time, I'm running on 800MHz with this ondemand19:16
KrasusI hope my battery live will be good19:17
bioterrorI really cant find the point in using powersave as the ondemand is running also on 800MHz19:17
bioterrorand when the CPU is n eeded, it will use it quickly19:17
bioterrorand then return to 800MHz19:17
KrasusI was just worried about that19:18
Krasusbecouse when I am out with my netbook I need max battery live19:18
bioterrorKrasus, if you've read at all people saying something about lubuntu, they are praising the longer battery life19:18
Krasusthat s why I want to use it ;)19:18
KrasusI was having only a little problem19:18
Krasuswhen I log in the gnome-keyring ask me about defult keyring password19:19
Krasusand I want to get rid of it19:19
bioterrorthat's easy19:19
bioterrorthat's becouse of wlan19:19
bioterroryou have to add a check mark on the mmmm19:19
KrasusI just want to log in and go on :)19:19
Krasusmmm ?19:19
bioterrorAvailable to all users19:20
bioterrorcheck that box19:20
bioterrorand it will disappear19:20
bioterrorfrom the wlan settings19:20
KrasusI will give a try19:20
* Yorvyk takes note of that19:20
KrasusI just wait for lubuntu to install19:21
KrasusI use a Polish remix :)19:21
Krasusbtw bioterror thx for everything :)19:21
bioterrorwe have a polish kiddo here who's eager to help you19:21
Krasuswhat is his nick ?19:22
bioterrorsz seems to be offline now19:22
KrasusI think I will get here more offten19:22
bioterrorwell, people usually come back to us, as we are so helpful ;)19:22
bioterrorand hanging in here is a good way to learn more about things19:22
Krasusit is more friendly here then in #ubuntu19:22
Mark76Less traffic19:23
KrasusI am using linux for about 2 years19:23
bioterrorKrasus, #ubuntu-beginners is also a good place to ask help19:23
Krasusso I am a noobie ;p19:23
YorvykKrasus, there's also #lubuntu-offtopic for some general chat19:23
Krasusthx Yorvyk :)19:23
Krasusok the netbook is going to reset19:23
Krasuswe will se what s going on :)19:23
bioterrorhope all goes fine, no problems with grub ;)19:24
Krasusbooting in19:24
bioterroractually, with cpufrequtils you can set those modes19:25
bioterrorfrom performance to powersafe to ondemand19:25
bioterroror force a certain MHz/GHz19:25
Krasuswhat is the cmd ? :o19:25
bioterrorsudo apt-get install cpufrequtils19:26
Krasusbioterror should I type the password19:26
Krasusfor the defult keyring ?19:26
Krasusor leave it blank ?19:26
bioterrorsudo cpufreq-set -g powersave19:26
bioterrorsudo requires password19:27
bioterror!sudo | Krasus19:27
ubot5Krasus: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo19:27
Krasusbioterror I know what sudo is :)19:27
KrasusI was asking about that thing when I typed the password for my wifi19:27
Krasusit asking about setting a defult keyring19:28
bioterrorahhh yeah19:28
bioterrorit asks for a password19:28
bioterrorput your password19:28
bioterrorwhich you use for login19:28
bioterrorkeeps things uncomplicated19:28
Krasusno it want me to set a password for a defelut keyring19:28
KrasusI will just type sudo pass19:28
KrasusIt is ok :)19:29
Krasusnow need to configure the system19:29
bioterrorso Krasus, is your netbook now working?-)19:37
Krasusit is working but need to dowload the updates19:38
Krasusso I need to wait :p19:38
Krasusand I need to change the appearance19:38
Krasusdon t like to be so bright ;D19:38
Krasushey bioterror how to change in lubuntu the login screen ?19:58
bioterrorwhat's wrong the default one?19:58
Krasusi got the PL remix so the log in screen is from that remix ;p19:59
Krasusand it is all blue and white thing19:59
KrasusI would say that just to "cute" ;p19:59
Krasusthx man20:00
bioterrorI've been really satisfied with the default lubuntu theme20:00
bioterrorgotta google that your remix20:00
bioterrorhi sz20:01
bioterrorsz, are you familiar with lubuntu polish remix?20:01
szczurerrr, nope20:06
szczuris there any polish remix?20:06
szczuri know k/ubuntu20:06
bioterrorszczur, Krasus said he's running one20:11
szczurhmmm :)20:11
szczurdidn't know that :)20:11
KrasusI have something strange20:17
Krasuswhen I click on a dropbox icon in tray it opens in tab of chrome not normal20:17
YorvykIt does there is a script, somewhere, to deal with this problem20:18
Krasusanyone have a nice dark theme for lubuntu?20:20
YorvykKrasus, Peppermint Linux has a black and red one you may be able use20:22
Krasusand do u know page where I can find soeme interesting lubuntu themes ? ;p20:23
YorvykI think you would have to look for openbox themes20:23
YorvykKrasus, http://pastebin.com/XjjKxhAP the script for installing Dropbox in Lubuntu20:26
Krasusso if I installed it from dropbox page i need to get it out20:27
Krasusand install it using the script ?20:27
phillwKrasus: you may also want to have a read of http://www.uluga.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1029888920:27
YorvykKrasus, yes you would have remove Dropbox for the script to work20:31
Krasusi was going to ask how to make this script work but it worked20:43
YorvykGood, one less problem20:44
Krasusok but it is same thing20:45
Krasuswhen I click on the dropbox icon it open in chrome tab20:45
Krasusand when I press in chrome to open just dowloaded thing in foler20:45
Krasusit opens it in tab20:45
YorvykOh poo!20:46
Krasussomething like that ;p20:46
YorvykKrasus, what version of Lubuntu are youb using20:47
YorvykAhh, I think that may have been the wrong script let me have another search20:48
KrasusI don t thing it is something wrong with the script20:50
Krasusbecouse when I want to open something frome chrome20:50
Krasuslike something dowloaded20:50
Krasusand I want to open it by pressing open in foler20:50
Krasusit opens the chromium tab20:51
Krasusnot the folder20:51
Yorvykhave you updated the install?20:52
Krasussudo apt-get update20:53
Krasusand upgrade20:53
KrasusI don t know what s wrong20:53
YorvykThat's something to do with xdg-open and I thought it had been updated20:53
Krasusit is not a big isssue20:54
Krasusbut it could be annoying20:54
YorvykIt's these 'little' things that get on peoples nerves though20:55
Krasusyea I know what are you talking about20:56
YorvykThere is a solution because it works on my machine20:56
KrasusI just don t need to press dropbox ;p20:57
YorvykKrasus, I'll have a look round and when I find the solution I'll let you know as this is supposed to be solved.21:01
Krasusok thx for your help :)21:01
Yorvyknp, I want Lubuntu to work21:02
Krasussame here21:02
KrasusI m thinking about interesting conky theme for my new lubuntu ;o21:03
bioterrorkrasus, those are configs ;)21:21
Krasusyea but I am to lazy :<21:22
bioterrorcrunchbang's forum is full of conky configs21:22
bioterrorif you're interested in those, and ofcourse ubuntuforums has like 200 pages of discussion about conky21:22
Krasusnow configuring mocp21:23
bioterrorMOC > *21:23
bioterrordid you figure out that darker theme for lubuntu?21:24
Krasusthere was defult nice dark theme21:24
Krasusso I just used it ;p21:24
bioterrordamn this 3G is slow :D21:25
Krasusbut still have problem with dropbox and chromium :o21:26
bioterrorhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Artwork/Incoming/Lucid/LxDesign there's background for panel21:26
bioterroruse elementary dark with that21:26
Krasushow to edit conky config?21:42
szczurjust edit .conkyrc located in your home folder with your favourite editor21:43
KrasusDzieki szczur :)21:44
Krasusszczur where I can I find conky forecast ?21:45
szczurohhh, i can't help you with this :(21:45
szczurnever used it21:45
* Yorvyk wonders why people produce nice progs with awful config methods21:45
szczurKrasus, http://www.uluga.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=86932821:47
KrasusI saw that ;p21:48
KrasusI just give up to get conky weather now21:48
KrasusI was installing and configuring netbook21:48
Krasusfor 3 h now ;p21:49
bioterrorconky lacks google weather21:49
bioterrorand that sucks21:49
bioterrorI wish happy moments with lubuntu krasus21:54
szczurKrasus, i heard that you're preparing/maintaining polish remix of lubuntu . Ho can I help you (if anything)21:54
bioterrorI'm off to bed21:54
szczurnight bioterror21:54
Krasusszczur no I am using lubuntu PL remix ;p21:56
Krasusnot developing it21:56
szczurahhh, meh :P21:56
KrasusI am just a noob looking for some help ;)21:56
szczurwhere have you found it?21:57
szczurmaybe they need some help, or whatever :P21:57
Krasusczytelnia ubuntu ;p21:58
szczurok, found it21:58
szczurhmm, i've found another wather solution > https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=10981222:02
szczurbut seems to be... harsh22:02
phillwKrasus: cannot you use Weather Report 2.28.0 ?23:07
phillwI use it in ubuntu and lubuntu23:07
Krasusit is in synaptic phillw?23:08
phillwKrasus: it's an add on, so it should be there23:08
Krasusit show only xfce weather plugin23:10
phillwKrasus: that runs okay under lubuntu23:11
phillwit is actually a gnome client, but it does not bring the whole of gnome in when you install it :)23:13
Krasushmm and how can I add it to panel ?23:13
phillwKrasus: http://library.gnome.org/users/gweather/2.32/gweather-introduction.html.en_GB23:14
phillwyou will know if it is okay, as it sits in the middle of the panel. You then need to right click on it to tell where in the world you want the weather report from.23:16
Krasuscan someone tell me how to install bluetooth in lubuntu?23:42
Krasusok I got it23:44

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