shcherbakIs disappearing wifi firware (after upgrade) worth reporting?00:00
yofeldepends on where it was, we did get an update for linux-firmware a few days ago though00:01
yofellinux-firmware (1.45) natty; urgency=low00:02
yofel  * Rebase against git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/dwmw2/linux-firmware.git 40c0f950be7040614dc45df54e25e54d00e3b73b00:02
yofel    rtl_nic: Add firmware for RTL8111D(L)00:02
shcherbakok, will go to image back and sit and wait.00:05
yofelshcherbak: if that update did break something for you then please do report a bug about it00:06
shcherbakyofel: will try to gather enougth info and will open ticket.00:08
shcherbakone more, what would make applets reload evety time, compiz, classic?00:09
alex_mayorgawhat else can I give on bug 693828?01:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 693828 in linux (Ubuntu) "Fatal exception in interrupt: Kernel panic on 2.6.37-10-generic and 2.6.37-11-generic" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69382801:52
pigyinstalling on osx and freezes at 50% scandisk, any ideas02:40
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linuxfreakerIs Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha2 ciming with 2.6.37 GA?03:25
linuxfreaker2.6.37 kernel announced just few hours back03:25
linuxfreakerI mean 1 day back03:25
linuxfreakerAnd I can see guys during kernel meet talking about it03:25
linuxfreakercan someone confirm about 2.6.37 on Alpha 203:26
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Spirits-SightIs having file manager come up when clicking on Ubuntu button a issue or is it that way intill they release the GU that displays / searches apps / docs?05:23
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Jpapertowelsfakeraid broken in 11.04?07:03
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gnomefreaki cant load -10 nor -11, never gets past plymouth :(12:41
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gnomefreakanyone else not able to load kernels -10 and/or -11. i get plymouth than just a purple line on top of screen and never loads gdm/xdm/kdm13:34
nperryWonder if we are going to see a unity update this evening?14:21
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F3RR1Shave any of you got netflix to work with natty?15:16
mc44I don't think anyone has gotten netflix to work on linux, have they?15:18
F3RR1Si had it working in VM but refresh was so bad that it wasn't worth it15:21
F3RR1Sso I thought I would try something different15:21
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BluesKajmc44, I spoke with netflix , they have no plans to port to linux ...I tried ther free trial but the movie selection is old boring stuff IMO15:45
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DJKorbiti'm involved in a portuguese linux distribution that was based on mandriva and will be based on ubuntu17:33
DJKorbitas such, i want to be able to fork natty and change the packages with need17:33
DJKorbitwhat is the best way to fork natty?17:33
DJKorbitis apt-mirror a good choice?17:34
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DJKorbitperfect, apt-mirror seems to be working fine18:14
DJKorbitnvidia graphics are not working in natty, at least on my laptop18:21
DJKorbithow can i report this bug?18:21
yofelDJKorbit: which ones?18:25
DJKorbitfor example, when i boot natty, when it's supposed to enter gdm it just shows a black screen18:27
DJKorbitthe system is running because if i press ctrl+alt+del it reboots18:27
bjsniderwhich driver are you using?18:27
DJKorbiti had to boot in recovery mode to change nvidia to nv to be able to use the system18:27
DJKorbitbjsnider, i was using nvidia, now i'm using nv18:28
DJKorbitbut with nv i can't use unity18:28
bjsniderso you installed natty, and then installed the nvidia driver?18:28
DJKorbitno, i just upgraded from maverick18:28
bjsnideri see18:29
bjsniderwell, you don't need to worry about it18:29
DJKorbiti was able to use unity by doing this18:29
bjsniderit will be taken care of18:29
DJKorbit1. boot in recovery mode18:29
DJKorbit2. drop to a root prompt18:29
DJKorbit3. run /etc/init.d/gdm restart18:29
bjsniderhowever you might try nouveau since we don't use nv anymore18:29
DJKorbitwhich is weird because it didn't work by boot normally, but it worked when doing the gdm restart18:30
DJKorbitthis morning i did an upgrade to all packages an now it's not working even with gdm restart18:30
genii-aroundDJKorbit: I had same issue with black screen. Had to use nouveau.modeset=118:31
DJKorbiti'll try nouveau now, let me reboot18:31
FloridaGuywhats is this...kde 4.6 rc1...?    Strigi Indexing Agent Has Been Disabled ..The Strigi service is not available or fully operational and attempts to rectify this have failed. Therefore indexing of all data stored in the Akonadi PIM service has been disabled, which will severely limit the capabilities of any application using this data.18:35
yofelFloridaGuy: is strigi enabled in system settings -> desktop search?18:36
yofel(I know that error though)18:36
FloridaGuyyofel: it is now18:37
DJKorbitbjsnider, nouveau didn't work so a colleague of mine told me to delete xorg.conf18:43
DJKorbitwhich i did and now it's working18:43
DJKorbitbut with a low resolution18:43
DJKorbit1024x768, and it should be 1280x80018:43
DJKorbithow should i fix this?18:44
DJKorbitbtw, gnome-panel doesn't show up, i have to open a terminal by pressing alt+f2 and executing "gnome-terminal" and running "killall gnome-panel"18:45
bjsnideryou are using nouveau18:46
FloridaGuyis kde 4.6 rc2 rready yet18:46
yofelFloridaGuy: not yet, a part of it is still unfinished18:47
DJKorbitbjsnider, in nouveau, 3d doesn't work so my desktop is not using unity18:47
FloridaGuyyofel: i thought i part of rc1 was unfinshed to......or is kubuntu part unfinshed18:47
coz_DJKorbit,  did you try installing the nvidia driver?18:48
DJKorbitcoz_, it was already installed since i did an upgrade from maverick18:48
bjsniderDJKorbit, install libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental18:48
DJKorbitcoz_, 3d with nvidia driver was working this morning before i did an apt-get upgrade18:48
yofelFloridaGuy: packaging is unfinished, it's stuck waiting for a bugfix elsewhere (hopefully ready tomorrow)18:48
FloridaGuyyofel: ok ill be waiting18:49
coz_DJKorbit,  did  you try removing  the nvidia driver and reinstalling with the nvidia-current in jocky-gtk and rebooting?18:49
coz_I really cant speak confidently about this since daily builds are not working yet18:50
yofeliirc the newest grub has vbe resolution auto detection turned on, maybe the driver doesn't like that18:51
yofelmy 250GTS work fine though18:51
bjsnider250gts? ugh18:51
DJKorbitcoz_, i didn't try that, but i won't forget that, i'll put a note here18:51
yofelbjsnider: I know it's not a great card, but I got it cheap and it's still an improvement over my old 7200..18:52
DJKorbitbjsnider, going to restart gdm to see if i get 3d support now18:52
bjsnidernot hard to improve on a 720018:52
* gnomefreak found something funny, click on icon on gnome-panel the gnome-panel dissappears than comes back after some time. if i use menu the panel stay there18:58
gnomefreakmaybe funny was wrong word since it is more annoying than anything. this happens on classic desktop "normal" desktop edition18:59
DJKorbitbjsnider, i did a apt-get remove nvidia* and now it's working =)19:04
DJKorbitunity with nouveau19:04
DJKorbitthanks very much for the help19:04
bjsniderwell, i don't think that's appropriate19:04
DJKorbiti'll install nvidia drivers again19:05
DJKorbitbut at least i can have a desktop to work with19:05
DJKorbiti don't know if this is a bug or a "lack of feature"19:10
DJKorbitwith unity i can't change the clock preferences to change from AM/PM to 0/2419:11
coz_DJKorbit,   this worked last time I tried unity   http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/10/how-to-customize-the-clock-applet-in-ubuntu/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+d0od+%28Omg!+Ubuntu!%2919:13
coz_DJKorbit,  ah mm...I read your post incorrectly  sorry about that ,,,still that may help19:13
gnomefreaknow -12 wont install :/19:15
DJKorbitcoz_, didn't work for me19:15
DJKorbitcoz_, i don't have the fields they talk about19:16
coz_DJKorbit,  ok19:16
DJKorbitcoz_, anyway, a regular user shouldn't change this settings like this19:17
DJKorbiti suppose the clock applet has changed19:17
* gnomefreak getting tired of these kernel issues, starting with -1019:17
gnomefreakthere fixed :) time to test19:18
gnomefreakok and -12 fails too :(19:28
gnomefreakis anyone else seeing the gnome-panel dissappear when clicking an icon on the upper panel?19:37
zniavregood evening19:38
zniavreim wondering why compiz is running well with vbox4 but unity still can't work19:38
* gnomefreak cant figure out how to turn compiz on/off anymore, or even to test if it is running :(19:43
gnomefreakthere bug # 2 i filed today :/19:57
* gnomefreak smoke19:58
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gnomefreakanyone running gnome "Desktop Edition" still have the launcher on the left side of desktop, IIRC it is part of Unity. my "Desktop Edition" and Classic Edition" look the same now.20:57
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Kartoffelhas anybody test Natty on macBook with nvidia 320m ?21:42
Kartoffel has anybody test Natty on macBook with nvidia 320m ?21:47
* gnomefreak really hates errors even expected ones22:11
gnomefreakok now the panel bug is getting on my nerves22:16
* gnomefreak still waiting for it to come back but seems clock is broken this time :(22:21

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