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* ogra twiddles thumbs ... omap3 kernel still building10:38
bercoI was wondering why the OMAP3 kernel symbols are available in http://ddebs.ubuntu.com repo but not the package for OMAP410:52
bercoIs there a reason for this?10:52
ograask #ubuntu-kernel, they do the packaging10:53
bercoogra: thanks10:53
ogratheoretically omap4 should be there as well10:53
ograif the ddebs are missing for it we should build them10:53
bercoogra: I only see linux-image-2.6.35-22-omap-dbgsym10:53
ograberco, hmm, i see omap4 now that i'm looking10:55
bercoogra: I only added "deb http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/ maverick main" to my sources.list and I don't see it11:02
bercoogra: what is the proper syntax for sources.list?11:02
ograare you using the kernel from proposed ?11:02
ograor is there one in -updates you use11:02
bercoif I want the one from 10.1011:03
ogra(and indeed, did you run apt-get update after changing sources.list)11:03
bercoyep :)11:03
bercoI did run update11:03
ograwell, there is definitely a kernel in maverick-updates11:03
ograso you likely run that one11:03
ograwhich needs to be reflected in your sources.list entry i think11:04
ogradpkg -l|grep linux-image|grep omap411:04
ograsee what version is installed11:04
ograworst case just wget it and dpkg -i11:05
bercoogra: yeah, I wanted to answer a partner is trying to get our kernel symbols11:05
ogra(also note that the unstripped kernel is around 200M big)11:05
bercopersonnaly I run the kernel that we posted in omap-trunk public PPA11:05
bercoso that makes me think we should also push the kernel symbols for our trunk version, right?11:08
bercothere's no process on launchpad to do this automatically?11:09
ograi dont think so, it produces really huge packages ... you can just create a dbgsym package by default though11:10
ogra(dont ask me how, never did that)11:10
bercook, when I add maverick-updates, I see the OMAP4 kernel.11:10
ograthats what i thought11:10
bercoogra: thanks11:11
ografor your ppa kernel, you should be able to just change debian/control as described there11:12
bercoogra:  it sounds good. I'll discuss with sebj11:25
albertoi have downloaded ubuntu for beagleboard (mine is revision c4) and it works fine. The problem is that the usb hub does not power up. Does anyone know the solution for that?12:51
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* rsalveti lunch14:10
davidmG'day all14:19
davidmogra, have you seen persia at all this week?14:19
ogranot at all14:19
ograi was already wondering yesterday14:19
davidmI've been emailing  and calling with no response14:21
ograhopefully he is well14:23
davidmI hope so14:39
rsalvetiyeah, since the last week of december14:46
rsalvetino news14:46
janimoogra, managed to get iwconfig running eventually on the panda . The order of the arguments matters, and I did not know that15:32
janimoso mode, channel and then essid15:33
janimosaw how nm does it via iwevent15:33
rsalvetiinteresting, didn't know that15:35
ogralool, i was planning to upload a build from the debian git if you dont do it ... then we need the MIR for u-boot-tools approved and the package promoted15:38
ograand only then i can change jasper to a new dep15:38
ogra(and then we have to pray for the archive to not be out of sync :) )15:41
loologra: There is no reason to push for it quicker in Debian; it wont make it to squeeze anyway, so I don't have any reason to request faster handling of it; I don't know how long it will take, but I would probably upload next week if I don't get feedback15:41
loolbut Ubuntu shouldn't block on Debian; the package name is agreed upon, so shouldn't be a big issue15:41
* ogra sighs having to deal with git then15:44
ograi'll roll it tomorrow and upload an ubuntu0 package15:44
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rsalvetiGrueMaster: just upgraded my natty rootfs and it seems fine, can also confirm that firefox is ok16:22
rsalvetiapparently no blocker bug16:22
GrueMasterI'm in the process of updating now.16:22
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GrueMasterOk.  Finally was able to pull down all the updates since yesterday.  Firefox is indeed working again (it was one of the updated packages).17:48
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topfs2Quick question, is it normal that the netbook UI is rather slow on panda?23:27
achianghm, i have an imx51 system (lucid) where ureadahead doesn't seem to be running during boot. i have an upstart job, not sure why it's not firing23:44
achiangah, there we go, something in /var/log/boot.log -- terminated with status 523:45
GrueMasterrsalveti: Any idea as to why the ti-ppa doesn't install on Natty?23:48
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GrueMasterlooks like a mime issue with gnome-open.23:50

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