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somethinginteresAnyone here a Gparted ninja? 09:32
somethinginteresI discovered today to my horror that my root partition is only 10GB and keep getting errors about it being full. I have tons of free space I could give to / from my /home partition I'm just not sure how to go about it. 09:33
nisshhsomethinginteres, easy, backup /home, shrink it a bit, grow /09:34
somethinginteresnisshh: when I shrink it by say 100GB that 100GB becomes unallocated I can't figure out how to give that then unallocated space back to /09:35
nisshhsomethinginteres, i cant remember how its done in the GUI, but just have a poke around, it isnt hard to do, you just need to grow the / partition09:36
nisshhsomethinginteres, sorry i cant help more, im kind of busy atm09:36
somethinginteresnisshh: no worries, I've been looking around but I'll keep on doing that. 09:37
somethinginteresnisshh: gonna take about 20min to copy over for safe keeping, better safe than sorry though :) 09:42
nisshhsomethinginteres, yeah, thats exactly why i suggested it :)09:42
somethinginteresnisshh: everything's backed up. 40GB is marked as unallocated but gparted just won't let me give that space to the root partition. It just autochanges the size back to 10GB10:17
nisshhsomethinginteres, yeah, i dunno, i think there is a resize option, try that10:17
somethinginteresnisshh: finally got it work, did not forsee it taking 4hrs though 11:59
* Blank___ is having fun with hard drive cloning and stubborn windows12:02
somethinginteresBlank___: yeah that sounds enthralling :)12:11
Blank___somethinginteres, you bet >.<12:12
somethinginteresBlank___: thank goodness for livecds that's all I can say. At least while the comp is doing stuff -I- can be doing stuff12:13
Blank___somethinginteres, indeed...12:26

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