shawn146CensoredBiscuit do you have a Jornada 720?00:36
CensoredBiscuitno sorry shawn146 I dont why?00:37
shawn146oh :(00:37
shawn146i ahve been stuck for days on a problem with getting jlime to work00:37
shawn146i am using generic ahrdware00:37
shawn146Sandisk 512 MB CF00:37
shawn146Jornada 72000:37
shawn146good hardware00:38
shawn146kernal panic00:45
shawn146not syncing00:45
Midnightryder2This is my first time in a chat room so please forgive my ignorance and correct me if I am wrong about anything. I am using Ubuntu 10.10 and am looking for an application or program to download subscription paid Mp3 files to a Media Card Device like a BlackBerry Storm2. I can download from Internet & save in My Music files but Rythmbox imports the files. I do not see a way to download to handheld device. Any suggestio00:55
holsteinMidnightryder2: you could drag them over tot he media card00:56
holsteinif you can mount it in the computer00:56
holsteintheres a program for the droid called webshare00:56
holsteinlets you drag things over to the SD card over the network00:56
holsteinmaybe theres something like that00:57
holsteinOR, maybe you can just plug the phone in USB and sync00:57
Midnightryder2Rythmbox does import my files from BB so I know it recognizes the device.00:57
Midnightryder2I have connected USB but cannot find a way for Rythmbox to export foles to device.00:59
holsteinMidnightryder2: you could google around for some of the other big media players too01:02
* holstein drawing a blank...01:02
holsteintons of them though01:02
holsteinMidnightryder2: with linux, the answer is always yes01:02
holsteinits just, do you really want to01:03
holsteinmight be challening01:03
holsteinwhat you're trying to do should be fine though01:03
Midnightryder2I have looked for other players. I see several that import Mp3 files but none that export to handheld device. I will checkout the websites you suggested. Thank you.01:05
holsteinbanshee does01:05
holsteini dont know about to your handheld device01:05
holsteinIF you can see it like a hard drive01:05
holsteinwhich is sometimes a setting somewhere01:06
holsteinyou can sync whatever you want to it01:06
holsteinOR, if you can mount the card like i suggested earlier01:06
holsteinit'll just be a writeable drive as far as buntu sees it01:06
holsteinnot sure what the blackberry is like though01:07
Midnightryder2It would be nice if SongBird was included in the software repository. I tried to follow instructions but terminal manager did not let me enter final command. Thanks again.01:07
holsteini didnt care for it01:09
holsteinwhat ver....01:09
aveilleuxSongBird's being discontinued on Linux, I hope Midnightryder2 knows that01:23
Red-Ravenhey. anyone know the best partition sizes?01:59
stlsaintRed-Raven: for a custom install?02:00
stlsaintRed-Raven: i use: 200MB -> /boot, 12-15GB -> /, (and thats being over generous), the rest i give to /home ;)02:00
stlsaintRed-Raven: is that what you mean02:01
Red-Raveninstalling ubuntu on an old XP desktop and dual booting. ive given 54 GB to linux.02:01
aveilleuxRed-Raven: If you use all one partition, it doesn't really matter all that much. Any more than 20GB or so is fine if you don't store massive collections, like music or movies.02:02
Red-Raveni am at the part where i pick out all the partitions like the swap etc. and can't remember the right sizes.02:02
holsteinRed-Raven: how much ram do you have?02:03
Red-Raven512 MB. im installing ubuntu first, and ill get some slimer environments for it later.02:04
holsteinid prolly want 800 or so for swap02:04
Red-Ravenand for the others? aren't there like three?02:06
holsteinif you want02:07
holsteini usually just do swap02:07
holsteinand everything in one other partition02:07
holsteinseperate /home partition is a good idea though02:07
holsteinon my EEE02:07
holsteini have one ext2 partition02:07
holsteinno swap02:07
Red-Ravenok. ill do this all in the morning. ive got to go to bed soon, and i have too many questions. thx though.02:08
holsteinyeah, give is some thought02:08
Red-Ravenwell, afternoon. maybe even friday.02:08
ChrisDruifHai des_ :)02:34
des_anyone here i have question02:34
des_hi ChrisDruif02:34
ChrisDruifShoot, we will try to answer to our best ability :)02:35
des_i am having problems with program called playonlinux are u familiar02:35
ChrisDruifIt's a graphical layer around Wine if I'm not wrong?02:36
holsteinhow about /j #playonlinux ?02:36
holsteinno one there?02:36
ChrisDruifMight be a better idea :)02:36
des_well when i try to install game it ask me to mount cdrom02:37
holsteinyou have it mounted?02:37
des_and last time i checked it was /media/cdrom ?02:37
ChrisDruifdes_: Did you try #playonlinux <= channel?02:37
holsteinmight have to check again ;)02:37
des_in termilnal02:37
des_ChrisDruif:  ty for channel i will try02:38
holstein/dev/cdrom ?02:38
ChrisDruifThank holstein des_ :)02:39
holsteinfrom http://www.linuxconfig.org/HowTo_mount_cdrom_in_linux02:39
holsteinProbably there is already mount point on you system. Usually it is /cdrom, /media/cdrom, /media/cdrom0 or /mnt/cdrom . If this not your case create a new mount point now.02:39
holsteinChrisDruif: :)02:40
des_holstein:  i am noob at this 4 months with linux now02:40
des_so i would not begin to know how to do that02:40
holsteindes_: welcome02:40
des_ty :)02:40
holsteindes_: how to do what?02:40
holsteini was just suggesting those as other possible mount points02:41
holsteinBUT if that channel is not dead02:41
holsteini bet they'll know02:41
des_how would i change my mount point or find which one is needed or being used for this program02:41
des_im there and no answr yet but i be on for a while02:42
holsteindes_: you could check that link02:43
ChrisDruifdes_: Sometimes people are afk...so respond slow...02:43
=== Axlin_ is now known as Axlin
aveilleuxdes_: Go into Wine Configuration (Applications > WINE > Configure Wine...) and go to the Drives tab. Hit Autodetect... and WINE will re-detect your CD.02:44
des_i will do that aveilleux  but i am using playonlinux program02:46
des_is that the same thing02:46
aveilleuxdes_: I'm aware. PlayOnLinux uses the same config files that WINE does.02:46
des_ok i was just asking02:46
ChrisDruifPlayOnLinux is a graphical layer for WINE :P02:47
aveilleuxChrisDruif: PlayOnLinux is a graphical front-end to WINE; winecfg is another.02:47
ChrisDruifIndeed...winecfg is default GUI?02:48
aveilleuxChrisDruif: Yes.02:49
ChrisDruifBut too some is POL easier...I might try it some day...02:50
des_aveilleux:  i just auto detected and that program still says it cant find drive02:57
=== Guest86859 is now known as AndrewMC
aveilleuxdes_: I don't know the intricacies of POL, so I don't know a lot about how it operates. That should have worked, but POL may be using a different version of WINE for the program you're trying to install.02:57
seidoshi all.  after upgrading from 9.10 -> 10.04 when i open evince, then try to open pdf's from a command line, it doesn't open the pdf documents using the existing evince process03:06
ChrisDruifYes, I know what is happening, not how to fix it I'm afraid :)03:07
seidoswow, that's interesting that you heard about it03:07
seidoshmmm, it's an interesting problem, but it's very mysterious how it works.03:08
ChrisDruifWhen you open something through terminal, it starts in the process of the terminal...unless you put an & at the end :)03:08
ChrisDruifOr it's starts a separate process nonetheless...not quite sure :)03:08
seidosah, i'll use the & then03:08
ChrisDruifSo you don't need to start evince separately...03:09
seidosthat sounds like it will suit my purposes...it was before that i could run evince from alt-f2, then just type evince filename, and it would open the document using the existing process03:09
seidosall right, i'll use &03:09
seidosthat'll work until i have an idea03:09
seidosthanks ChrisDruif03:09
ChrisDruifYou can open a pdf like this: evince /path/to/file.pdf03:10
ChrisDruifAnd ofx an &03:10
ChrisDruifSo: evince /path/to/file.pdf &03:10
seidosyeah, that worked.  cool03:10
ChrisDruifGlad to be of help :)03:10
shawn146how come sudo tar -xvvf /home/ubuntu/Desktop/icewm-image-Mongo-08.07.08.tar.bz2 doesn't work/03:20
hakimsheriffis your username "ubuntu"?03:23
hakimsheriffshawn146: ^^03:25
hakimsheriffwhere it says ubuntu, replace it with your username03:26
akshatjhakimsheriff: h might be using the Live CD03:26
holstein /home/YOU/....03:26
hakimsheriffyes he might i forgot about that03:27
shawn146my screen name is shawn14603:27
shawn146it always has03:27
shawn146i always use /nick03:27
IAmNotThatGuyshawn146, are you using Live USB ?03:28
hakimsheriffor lice cd03:28
shawn146not atm03:28
shawn146i am using vmware player03:28
shawn146on the other user03:28
wolffuIf it is a bz2 file wouldn't you need the -j option?03:28
shawnthis user]03:28
IAmNotThatGuyshawn, you sure the file exists in the VM desktop ?03:29
IAmNotThatGuyand you did -xvcf right?03:29
shawnoh i ddi xvvf]03:29
shawnlet me try taht03:29
akshatjshawn: running it with sudo puts it into root folder instead of home03:30
IAmNotThatGuyerr zxvf*03:30
IAmNotThatGuyshawn, ^03:30
shawn146tar: You may not specify more than one `-Acdtrux' option Try `tar --help' or `tar --usage' for more information.03:30
IAmNotThatGuysowwie just now got up from beds and a bit confused lol03:31
IAmNotThatGuyshawn, done?03:31
shawnapparently copying between my host and guest os is allowed03:31
shawnthats interesting03:31
shawnnot yet03:31
thewrathhey all!03:37
ZorinI have created a live USB with version 10.10 and when I updated the system it seems to have messed up a few things.  It seems that the kernel update might have been one of the problems.  Could someone help me?03:38
nit-witZorin, a usb is a fresh install correct?03:44
nit-witshawn what is the host and guest03:45
Zorinnit, yes03:45
nit-witZorin, so whats going on maybe a little more info03:46
ZorinI created a usb thumb drive with 10.10.  After the install, I booted the usb thumb drive and did an update where it downloaded a bunch of packages03:47
shawnyou don't know what a guest OS is and a host OS?03:48
nit-witZorin, did you use the Ubuntu thumb loader with persistence?03:48
ZorinI rebooted after it was done with the update.  After login back in it seems that the package manager is messed up and any time I try to install something I get an error03:48
ZorinYes, 4 gig persistence size03:48
nit-witshawn, I just wanted to know which os was runing each one03:49
nit-witZorin, you don't update the kernel03:49
Zorinfrom what I have been reading might be a problem updating the kernel because of a write issue with casper03:49
shawnubuntu 10.10 as guest03:49
shawnwindows 7 64-bit on host03:49
nit-witZorin, how big is the thumb03:49
shawnand ubuntu is 64-bit also03:50
=== IAmNotThatGuy is now known as M0hi
Zorinnit, is there a way to prevent updating the kernel and grub?  8 gig thumb drive03:50
nit-witshawn, you just need a share file and use W7 to link to it03:50
nit-witshawn, a share in Ubuntu03:51
shawni know03:51
shawnic an do instant share03:51
nit-witZorin, yes tick it off in the update manager, you can probably lock the install kernel in synaptic not sure there though. With a 8 gig thumb I would do  full install, just make sure grub the Ubuntu bootloader gores to the thumbs MBR03:52
ZorinI did an install to the usb thumb drive but it is way to slow, faster as a live usb device or what ever you want to call it03:54
Zorinthe one thing that I don't like with the live usb is that you can't delete the "install *" icon on the desktop03:54
Zorinif you deleted it and log back in it shows up03:55
nit-witZorin, so why do hyou want to run it this way03:56
ZorinI like to play around with it and don't want a dual boot03:57
Zorinone other thing after the update, I can not browse my window shares03:58
nit-witZorin, okay, that is fine. The casper-rw file can't be cleaned out sooner or later it will fill up. The full install is to slow, where do we go from here?03:58
Zorinrm -fr /03:59
nit-witZorin if you think so03:59
shawni am stuuck03:59
ZorinI just like to play around with it04:00
shawnzxvf doesm't work04:00
Zorinmostly use it for bittorrent stuff04:00
nit-witshawn, is that the link letters from the W704:00
shawni was using it as sudo tar -zxvf04:01
shawnwhile in the folder i wanted toe xtract04:01
Zorinwhat is W7?04:03
shawnwindows 704:05
Zorinso what are you trying to tar zxvf ?  must be a zip tar file04:06
Zorinbzip2 you need to use the j not z tar xvfj04:08
ZorinI know command line stuff, don't know all the gui stuff, never been into x-windows04:09
shawnstill didn't work04:10
Zorinwhat is the error message?04:10
simplesimonI have a ton of questions! Would it be exceedingly annoying if I queried a lot?04:18
simplesimonSorry, am just a simple simon and just learning.04:19
holsteingo for it04:19
ubot2Factoid 'aks' not found04:19
ubot2Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:19
simplesimonCool, thanks! Am curious how I can run a linux OS and still run a windows OS at the same time. I read that it can be done. Additionally, I was reading that Linux offers a Graphical Interface. How can I obtain this am wanting to explore and experiement some. Have some rudimentary skills and am looking to enhance my knowledge.04:23
JackyAlcinesimplesimon: it's called dual-booting.04:25
JackyAlcinesimplesimon: well, your description sounds more like virtualization, running a guest and host OS.04:26
JackyAlcineyou can use VirtualBox or KVM for that.04:26
JackyAlcinebut dual-booting's another task.04:26
JackyAlcineAnswers your question?04:26
simplesimonYes, that helps quite a bit. I know how to set up a dual-boot configuration. Which is going to be easier for learning and experimenting with. Am quite a novice not looking to crack things but want to start learning how to develop. VirtualBox of KVM are those going to simplify that process?04:32
simplesimonSorry if am delayed in responding am researching virtualbox and kvm at the moment as well.04:36
holsteini think virtualbox is a great starting point04:37
holsteinand a handy tool for other purposes04:37
holsteintesting or whatever04:37
holsteinnot a waste of time learning about VM or vitrual box04:37
Cheri703vmware player is very good as well04:40
Cheri703I prefer it wholly over virtualbox04:40
simplesimonAm curious, which programming language should I start learning first? And where should I go to learn them. I have played with HTML and CSS some for basic website building in Notepad, but am far from proficient, any help there?04:53
simplesimonWas reading that Python was a good starting point some said Java - just wanted to actually get some real advice not just web reading. Perhaps a few places to go so I can delve into this jungle.04:56
=== sresu is now known as sre-su
JackyAlcinePython's perfecting for immediate work.04:56
JackyAlcineBut I personally recommend learning C++.04:56
JoeMaverickSettsimplesimon: i'd say if you've played with HTML/CSS, why not develop it to a more professional level? then start off with python, C/C++ or Java. :)04:57
simplesimonStart out with the C++ any ideas where I can go to do that (college right! haha jk) that will walk me through it a bit etc.?04:58
JoeMaverickSettsimplesimon: try here; http://cprogramming.com/04:58
simplesimonI agree joe am trying to do that - I just found this place about 1hr ago... didnt even know there was a place I could go and ask people for help... is hard doing it alone but I find it fun is a mental challenge and i like that04:59
simplesimonsweet joe04:59
JackyAlcineHey JoeMaverickSett05:01
JoeMaverickSetthey, JackyAlcine :)05:01
simplesimonI got hooked when I was playing around with HTML and CSS ya know built my first website from scratch - it was awesome I got addicted.05:02
simplesimoni mean that was using notepad and then i found notepad pe that was cool it helped a ton05:03
JackyAlcineSame way I got started, simplesimon :D05:03
simplesimonThat is awesome, JackyAlcine, then you know exactly what am talking about. I mean that whole feeling of holy wow! I just did that? I mean -- notepad really who knew? I mean that was the greatest feeling ever... oh ya the website was lame and had a header and footer and body with a few sentences it was basic and cheesy but i was like omg i did that05:05
JackyAlcineHave you played with jQuery (http://www.jquery.com)?05:06
JackyAlcineVisit http://www.csstricks.com05:06
simplesimonN I have now05:06
simplesimonno i have not sorry typos05:06
simplesimonWell that will make for a lot of fun... drag and drop functions and special effects will be fun to tinker with05:11
JackyAlcineYup :D05:11
stlsaintnight folks05:12
simplesimonI really appreciate the time (everyone that is helping me out) a lot of people forget what it is like to be in my shoes starting out and needing a place to go to get ideas and info05:13
simplesimonWas going to say a 4.0 high school drop out that got bored and likes to challenge himself but well.. is true05:13
simplesimonwell i have some study to do will chat later - ty everyone05:17
theamazingbeatHi can anyone here help me with a ssh key issue I am having?05:25
geekosopher!question | theamazingbeat05:26
ubot2theamazingbeat: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:26
MrAnthropeThat was weird.05:39
geekosopherMrAnthrope: what?05:40
MrAnthropeyou guys didn't see that? I was ghosting myself and then I would sign back on.05:40
* Cheri703 has join/part messages hidden05:41
* geekosopher too05:41
MrAnthropeI came home and xchat was closed. and the last message was that someone else identified as me.05:41
MrAnthropeI opened xchat again and saw myself on so I ghosted myself. And it worked. Then I signed back on lol.05:41
MrAnthropeAnd ghosted myself again.05:41
geekosopherhmmm... so we have a real ghost here ;)05:42
nit-witMrAnthrope, are you registered05:44
JoeMaverickSettMrAnthrope: better put enforce on your nick so that other people cannot user your nick.05:44
nit-witohhh scary05:44
JoeMaverickSettuse /msg nickserv help set enforce for more info. :)05:44
MrAnthropeWell the last message I got was that "someone else" had identified my nick ... from my own IP address.05:45
MrAnthropeI think xchat got closed somehow and tried reconnecting or something.05:45
* geekosopher thinks he should send this plot to RGV05:47
akshatjgeekosopher: do you want another flop?05:47
geekosopherthose who didn't get it RGV (Ram Gopal Verma) makes ghost movies in India :)05:48
=== M0hi is now known as IAmNotThatGuy
MrAnthropeSo anyway. Umm when I run games in wine they used to take up a lot less system resources when minimized... and I upgraded wine and now they seem to take the same amount.05:55
MrAnthropeI'm running on an old computer and I can't open chrome and a game at the same time... unless the game is minimized.05:55
MrAnthropeI vaguely remember something about setting a registry key for this? maybe not?05:55
MrAnthropeI would ask in #WineHQ but last time I went there I got yelled at for asking newb questions.05:59
MrAnthropeoffscreen render mode?06:07
JackyAlcineProbably, MrAnthrope.06:08
robbmunson'lo team!06:21
paultagheyya robbmunson06:22
robbmunsonRolling zombie returns....for now.....06:22
paultagrobbmunson: How's the family?06:22
robbmunsonthe girlfriend and kids?06:22
paultagrobbmunson: I thought you got married for some reason06:24
paultagrobbmunson: yeah, how's the girl and the kids?06:24
robbmunsonbolted for the door christmas eve.....06:24
robbmunsonhaven't seen or heard from them since.....*shrugs*06:24
robbmunsonmerry freakin christmas amiright? lmao....im not hurt....it's whatever man..06:25
paultagrobbmunson: fyck that dude, that sucks ass06:25
akshatjmy exams are postponed!06:28
robbmunsonyay =)06:29
IAmNotThatGuyhey robbmunson06:29
* robbmunson waves06:29
robbmunsonim not staying long I don't think.....06:30
akshatjthough I still have not heard from my school about what decision they have about this06:30
* IAmNotThatGuy hugs robbmunson 06:30
IAmNotThatGuyrobbmunson, you can identify me? :P06:32
akshatjIAmNotThatGuy: anyone can06:32
robbmunsonYou're....the devil! ;)06:33
akshatjbecause YouAreNotThatGuy06:33
IAmNotThatGuyrobbmunson, :P06:33
robbmunsonI think I just scared the hell out of paultag :/06:34
MrAnthropeso I can set offscreen rendering to backbuffer.... what is backbuffer?06:35
MrAnthropeand some things on google are saying backbuffer is default and some are saying pbuffer is default ...06:36
robbmunsonMrAnthrope: secondary frame buffer....06:36
MrAnthropeFor the record I loved the brown theme and I despise the purple plymouth theme.06:37
IAmNotThatGuyrobbmunson, its nearly 2 AM there. he went to sleep06:39
robbmunson......he was _just_ talking.....06:39
MrAnthropeThe first thing I thought when I was installing Ubuntu was "I'm changing that fugly purple nonsense!"06:40
robbmunsonMrAnthrope: Beauty of Linux...change it all! =)06:40
MrAnthropeLuckily I knew it was customizable. Feel sorry for people who barfed after they installed it and then went back to windows.06:41
* robbmunson wishes I could sleep.....06:42
shawnvulcans sleep naked?06:43
shawnwrong chat06:43
robbmunsonshawn, leave the stinking up of the room to the professionals my friend! lol06:44
MrAnthropeIs there a non-purple boot splash?06:45
MrAnthrope(I have an NVidia card and the purple ones seem to look HORRID)06:45
MrAnthropeThere is some issue with nvidia and the boot splash.06:45
shawnrobbmunson what do you mean?06:45
JackyAlcineYeah, MrAnthrope.06:46
JackyAlcineThere's dozens of plymouth themes out there.06:46
robbmunsonshawn: You said "crap"...was just making a witty reply to it....06:46
robbmunsonOk, one thing that ticks me off that I (surprisingly) have yet to figure out.....06:46
shawnmah friends in a star trek channel over on justin.tv are joking around06:47
robbmunson.....login window.....HOW?!06:47
shawnabout voyager series06:47
JackyAlcineYo, does anyone know how to tweak the GDM screen?06:52
JackyAlcineLike I know it's defined in some glade files.06:53
JackyAlcineHey des_06:53
des_hi JackyAlcine06:54
des_this program playonlinux wont detect my cdrom so i can play a game06:54
JackyAlcineTry ripping the disc to an ISO, and then mounting that.06:55
JoeMaverickSettJackyAlcine: perhaps Ubuntu Tweak?06:55
JoeMaverickSettJackyAlcine: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/04/ubuntu-tweak-054-released-with-login.html06:55
JackyAlcineNo, like back before how you could customize it in Hardy and stuff.06:55
des_playonlinux doesent use cd06:55
des_just mounts iso06:55
JackyAlcineI've installed Halo using a disc, (/dev/cdrom)06:55
des_there is no disc it just plays the iso like it was in drive06:57
des_am i saying this right06:57
des_im still noob06:57
JackyAlcineWe are all, in some aspect of computers ;)06:58
JackyAlcineHave you tried closing PlayOnLinux altogether?06:58
JackyAlcineand restarting it?06:58
des_but it keeps sayingyes06:58
des_i was doing this earlier but took a much needed break06:58
des_just says error unable to find cdrom06:59
des_how would i be able to find my cdrom and what my cpu named it07:00
des_would it be /media/cdrom right ?07:00
JackyAlcinethat or /dev/cdrom.07:01
JackyAlcineCan't remember off of the top of my head.07:01
MrAnthropeThis is what my current splash boot screen looks like http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/z-oij_fYjRhfQ1tZTHRB4r4nKPHJZ0b_lu_28BuXo-8?feat=directlink07:09
theamazingbeatHi I am mapping a drive and following a guide of the ubuntu site, anyway I am editing my FSTAB file and it is telling me to put in this line: //<SERVERNAME>/<REMOTEPATH> /<LOCALMOUNTPOINT>/<LOCALPATH> cifs credentials=/home/<LOCALUSERNAME>/.smbcredentials,iocharset=utf8,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777 0 007:44
theamazingbeatwhat should I put in LOCALMOUNTPOINT and LOCALPATH07:44
theamazingbeator is this the wrong channel for this sort of thing07:47
nit-wittheamazingbeat, not really beginners stuff try #ubuntu07:53
JackyAlcineI finally swapped OpenOffice for LibreOffice.07:53
nit-witJackyAlcine, I did on a linuxmint set up not to shabby.07:54
JackyAlcineIt feels cleaner than OpenOffice..07:55
nit-witJackyAlcine, It looks nice, I will have to try it out a little bit.07:57
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=== sresu is now known as sre-su
MagoMarkosi need some help with the instaletion of ubuntu netbook on my acer aspire one 532h-282512:10
MagoMarkosI have windows 7 staarter on my pc and im booting from my flashdrive into ubuntu12:10
Silver_Fox_Where do you require  help MagoMarkos  ?12:11
MagoMarkosthen when i go to instal and instal along another os i dont know what to do because it will get me until the part that says the user info and on the bottom it displays ready when you are but nothing else happens and the forward botton on that page just wont allow me to click it12:11
MagoMarkosI need help now I'm on the advanced partitioning tool i need help formating. I have a 160 Gb HDD partitioned as such: 12.9 GB sda1 (ntfs) (for recovery console from acer), 106.9MB (ntfs) (for some windows7 stuff), 105.1 GB sda3 (ntfs) (Windows7 Starter OS and Windows Files), and 41.9 GB Free Space. If I click Install now it gives me the error "No Root File System" "No root files12:38
MagoMarkossystem is defined. Please Correct this from the partitioning menu" and i am not able to keep going what can i do? How can I and should Iformat the free space to continue?12:38
MagoMarkossorry for the Bold that symbol was a typo12:38
ChrisDruifSilver_Fox_: Normally the Ubuntu Partitioner installs 2 partitions, one root(/) and swap right?12:49
ChrisDruifMagoMarkos: If I read it correctly, there are 4 partitions?12:50
ShootEmUpHello Everyone!12:50
ChrisDruifHai ShootEmUp :)12:51
ShootEmUpwhats going on in this channel?12:51
ChrisDruifHelping someone with UNE installation...12:52
ShootEmUpUNE? I think you mean UNR12:52
ChrisDruifWasn't that the old name?12:52
ShootEmUpUbuntu Netbook Remix12:53
ChrisDruifUbuntu Netbook Edition afaik :P12:53
ShootEmUpahh, they changed it12:53
ShootEmUpmy bad then12:53
ChrisDruifIt's alright...12:54
ChrisDruifMagoMarkos: Are you still here?12:54
MagoMarkosim in the ubuntu channel but im stuck now12:55
MagoMarkosI filled the who are you page completley the compuer finished copying files and now it says Ready when you are... and the forward button is grey... what do i do now?12:55
MagoMarkoscan someone help me here?12:55
ChrisDruifDid you also had the option to fill in the computer's name? When 10.10 desktop was in beta I could and my button still kept grey like yours...12:56
ShootEmUpsome fields will not allow spaces or capatal leters12:57
ChrisDruifI think you can click next if you do ShootEmUp12:58
ChrisDruifAn other issue what my be going on is the following: a hdd only allowed 4 physical partitions...when you use the largest available free space, it create 2 partition (one root ("/") and one swap) and seeing you had 3 partition before you started, that might be the problem MagoMarkos :)13:00
MagoMarkosnope actualy was the username i was using13:03
MagoMarkosMago Markos and iu cant use spaces or caps lol13:03
ShootEmUpIt's okay, I did that the first time too13:03
MagoMarkoslol thanks13:03
ChrisDruifAlright :)13:04
ChrisDruifShootEmUp: That the installer doesn't check on that =-O13:04
* ShootEmUp starts right to his congresman to change it13:05
ChrisDruifI think it DOES check for it (otherwise MagoMarkos could continue installing ;)) but it might not be clear enough that it's wrong, ShootEmUp?13:09
ShootEmUpIt would be nice if it had an error mesage13:10
ShootEmUp"Username has spaces, please remove"13:12
ChrisDruifI think it shows a really small red x or something like that...would be more logical if the name changes to red when an error (space or capital) occurs in the username?13:17
ShootEmUpthat.... would work13:17
ShootEmUpChrisDruif, where is the installer at now?13:21
ShootEmUpprogress wise13:21
ChrisDruifShootEmUp: I'm not installing atm :P MagoMarkos was :)13:22
ChrisDruifBut I'll download the UNE and install it on VirtualBox :)13:22
ShootEmUpthats who I ment13:22
ShootEmUpreally? for me? :)13:23
ChrisDruifSure...I wanna try the Unity before I would be forced to use it with 11.04 <_<"13:23
ShootEmUpyou still will be able to use gnome13:24
ShootEmUpI might just do that13:24
MagoMarkosthanks for all the help got it up and running13:24
ChrisDruifThere isn't even a torrent for UNE? If it is, than it's not properly promoted...13:25
ShootEmUpI don't think so13:26
ChrisDruif10 mins till it's in...13:26
ChrisDruifT-minus 50 s13:36
hobgoblinnever start a countdown - they always win13:36
ChrisDruifAnd it's in :D13:37
ChrisDruifBootloader only uses 4 dots? Instead of 5? :P13:39
ChrisDruifAlright, I've made the error on purpose ShootEmUp :)13:42
ShootEmUpand what happend?13:43
ChrisDruifUntil you press space it is a green checkmark, after that the checkmark is replace by some red text "May only contain letters, digits, hyphens, and dots"13:44
ChrisDruifAs you see the last comma is also out of place ;)13:44
ChrisDruifOw...was computername....so capital is allowed there?13:45
ChrisDruifApparently is a capital allowed with the computer name...13:46
ChrisDruifHowever, with the USERname...meh...not good :P13:46
ChrisDruifWhen I've added a capital it only removes the green checkmark...13:47
ChrisDruifSame with adding a space...13:47
ChrisDruifNot very obvious or clear....13:47
ShootEmUpit should give a mesage13:47
ChrisDruifOr like I said, change the font to red or something....a missing checkmark isn't very obvious <_<"13:49
ChrisDruifWith password it say with a big red text it is a weak password....but a wrong username only removes the checkmark....13:50
ChrisDruifOrange when it's a fair password...prolly green when strong...13:51
ChrisDruifSo how are we going to get this fixed/changed for natty? Make bug or are you higher up somewhere?13:51
ChrisDruifFor consistence, it should a red text behind the box...other fields do it the same...13:52
hobgoblinthere's probably already a bug - if not make on in launchpad13:52
ShootEmUpnot really a bug13:53
ChrisDruifBugs can also be feature requests ShootEmUp :)13:53
hobgoblinhttps://launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts possibly13:55
ChrisDruifI always find it troublesome to find a compatible bug on launchpad <_>13:55
hobgoblinChrisDruif: https://bugs.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts/+bug/54919514:08
ubot2Launchpad bug 549195 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "Ubiquity should give visual feedback that username cannot contains capital letter(s) (affects: 11) (dups: 4) (heat: 78)" [Medium,Triaged]14:08
ChrisDruifThanks hobgoblin :)14:09
hobgoblinto search in launchpad you have to feel extremely lucky ...14:09
hobgoblinit should be a papercut lol14:09
ChrisDruifShootEmUp: hobgoblin: I can't even boot to unity on VirtualBox? What's with that?14:28
ChrisDruifSomething about missing driver required for unity :S14:29
hobgoblinaaah - the new unity do you mean?14:29
ChrisDruifFrom UNE 10.1014:29
ChrisDruifNot unity from desktop natty :)14:32
hobgoblinit'll be a 3d issue I expect - try a search for the exact error14:32
hobgoblinChrisDruif: what you might need to do is install and then install guest additions then try the unity thing14:33
ChrisDruifGuest additions?14:33
hobgoblinyep - in the actual vbox menu's once you;ve booted14:33
ChrisDruifI've set 3d acceleration on?14:33
hobgoblinit mounts a 'cd' then you install guest additions14:34
hobgoblinyea - you need guest additions as well I am sure14:34
hobgoblinChrisDruif: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=6218568&postcount=814:35
ChrisDruifI'll read it later hobgoblin, thanks :)14:45
ChrisDruifBut I've got to go :)14:45
ChrisDruifBye :)14:45
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kristian-aalborghi ppl17:15
kristian-aalborganyone tried Wayland?17:15
MournsForTreesHello. A question: in the character map program a lot of scripts are displayed at the left panel, like egyptian hieroglyphs, but many of those appear only as squares with numbers. Is that because the font doesn't have them or am I missing some package or something?17:50
fainaHi, for some reason empathy is no longer in the indicator-applet and is instead showing up as a seperate icon in the, system tray. I tried removing & reinstall bothy empathy & indicator-applet but that didn't work.19:03
harrisonkis it posible to put linux on a nintendo DS?20:15
pleia2there used to be a dslinux project, but the project website has been down for months20:15
phillwpleia2: I read what they have just done to the PS3 ... I'm still laughing at these corporations who STILL believe in DRM :D  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-1211605120:35
pleia2it does confuse me as to why they keep trying20:36
kristian-aalborghi ppl21:41
Midnightryder2I see that I have to zoom in on a webpage to enlarge it enough for me to read it, but at times when I come back to a webpage that I have enlarged, it has downsized again. Is ther anything I can do to prevent the resizing?22:33
Midnightryder2I am using Ubuntu 10.10.22:34
aveilleuxMidnightryder2: The zoom preferences are handled by the browser. You using Firefox?22:36
Midnightryder2Yes I am using Firefox the default web browser. I know how to adjust the zoom inside the browser and using keyboard, but it does not always stay the size I want.22:38
aveilleuxMidnightryder2: I don't use Firefox, so I don't know for sure, but Firefox 3.x should remember page zoom. Let me see what I can dig up.22:39
Midnightryder2Sometimes the site is downsized again when I come back to it.22:39
aveilleuxMidnightryder2: Yes, I gathered.22:40
Midnightryder2Firefox 3.6.1322:41
aveilleuxMidnightryder2: You can try the NoSquint plugin, which overrides the zoom settings: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/2592/22:41
Midnightryder2Ok I will try that. Thank you.22:43
Midnightryder2I will let you know something in a few minutes.22:44
Midnightryder2I revisited the websites & they are all the same size that I wanted them to be. I have not installed NoSquint yet. I will keep it listed just in case.22:52
Midnightryder2Could it have anything to do with running Ubuntu inside Windows XP?22:53
aveilleuxMidnightryder2: As in... Virtualbox? No.22:55
Midnightryder2Is that what it is? I did not know. I am in between a beginner and a novice with windows and definitely a beginner on Ubuntu.22:58
aveilleuxMidnightryder2: Well are you using Wubi?22:59
Midnightryder2Yes I do recall that is what the installation used.23:00
aveilleuxMidnightryder2: What I'm really asking is for you to define the phrase "running Ubuntu inside XP"23:00
Midnightryder2My desktop uses Windows XP. I downloaded and burned a CD, the I put it in the computer and I had 3 choices. 1. I could use it to just look around. 2. I could install it inside of Windows or 3. I could wipe my hardrive clean and install only Ubuntu. I chose 2.23:04
aveilleuxUgh, Wubi.23:04
Midnightryder2Yea. Bad idea?23:05
Daniel0108not really good :)23:05
Daniel0108Ubuntu is much better when installed normally :)23:05
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Midnightryder2I have to get used to it before I can install it normally.23:06
aveilleuxMidnightryder2: The LiveCD can install in parallel. Dual-boot.23:06
aveilleuxMidnightryder2: Wubi kinda fudges it.23:06
Daniel0108but you know you can also install it normally with dual boot ;)23:07
Daniel0108yeah :)23:07
Red-Ravenhey. so today in school i was called a nerd for having this background: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://awesomewallpapers.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/ubuntu-black-1440x900.jpg&imgrefurl=http://awesomewallpapers.wordpress.com/2009/06/19/ubuntu-wallpaper-set-4/ubuntu-black-1440x900/&usg=__WMqU1-xHjgwTos9BbH1HAUtjk-w=&h=900&w=1440&sz=324&hl=en&start=0&zoom=1&tbnid=SYOayw17O1jkaM:&tbnh=120&tbnw=169&prev=/images%3F23:08
Red-Ravenq%3Dubuntu%2Bblack%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26client%3Dubuntu%26channel%3Dfs%26biw%3D1366%26bih%3D543%26tbs%3Disch:1&um=1&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx=641&vpy=115&dur=82&hovh=177&hovw=284&tx=126&ty=63&ei=70omTY--KsPflgf-iN3VCw&oei=70omTY--KsPflgf-iN3VCw&esq=1&page=1&ndsp=21&ved=1t:429,r:3,s:0 on windows 7. the guy was like wow your such a nerd. ubuntu background on windows 7? and im like yes. and that makes you just as much of a nerd fo23:08
Red-Ravenr knowing and putting two and two together.23:08
Midnightryder2I turn on the computer and it lets me decide XP or Ubuntu. Then I press enter.23:08
aveilleuxRed-raven, it's called tinyurl23:08
Red-Ravenwow sry didnt think that link would be so big.23:08
aveilleuxMidnightryder2: Yes but that's not a true dual-boot. Wubi uses the currently-partitioned space in Windows and allocates a "fake drive" for Ubuntu. It's not the same.23:09
Daniel0108yep, it's like virtual box23:09
Daniel0108virtual box also creates virtual drives :)23:09
Midnightryder2Ok. I know that I have to go into windows to uninstall it.23:09
Daniel0108you should try dual boot :)23:09
Midnightryder2Where can I find instructions for that. I may or may not know all the terminology but I will try.23:11
Daniel0108Midnightryder2: You have to download and burn the iso23:11
aveilleuxMidnightryder2: Boot into the LiveCD, and run the installation. It'll walk you through it.23:11
shawn156hello how is everyone today23:11
Daniel0108yeah :)23:11
shawn156hi there Daniel010823:11
Daniel0108there are 3 selections23:11
Daniel0108.iso file :P23:11
Daniel0108hi shawn156 ;)23:11
Daniel0108and one of them is to make a partition and install ubuntu beside windows :P23:12
Midnightryder2You mean a partitioned P drive seperate from C drive?23:13
Daniel0108not really ;)23:13
aveilleuxMidnightryder2: Ubuntu uses a completely different mounting system than Windows.23:14
aveilleuxMidnightryder2: Your Ubuntu partition will not be visible from Windows.23:14
Daniel0108yeah ;) look http://tinyurl.com/2wxz6mf23:14
Daniel0108you have to selecte side by side installation (dual boot) ;)23:14
Midnightryder2Not even in defragging?23:15
Red-Ravenoh cool you're going to dual-boot? its amazing. best way to go.23:15
Red-Raveni hate awkward silences.23:16
Daniel0108Red-Raven: I have only Ubuntu ;) I try to emulate everything with WINE, if I don't get something to work, I use virtual box :P23:16
Midnightryder2So I can boot into Live CD and it won't wipe hardrive clean?23:16
aveilleuxMidnightryder2: The partition will be visible, but since Windows can't read the ext4 file system (the one Ubuntu uses), it can't defragment, read, or what have you23:16
ChrisDruifMidnightryder2: Yes :)23:16
aveilleuxMidnightryder2: Booting into the LiveCD will leave your system completely untouched. That's the point of the LiveCD.23:17
Midnightryder2I understand23:17
aveilleuxMidnightryder2: The installation application can install side-by-side.23:17
Red-RavenDanial10188, no i meant midnightrider223:18
Midnightryder2Ok that is what I will do then. Thank you for explaining.23:18
Daniel0108Red-Raven: I know :P Just wanted to tell my thoughts about dual booting :P23:18
Red-Ravenoh ok lol. its one of the best things i ever did to my rig.23:19
Midnightryder2My friend works for CyberAngel Security and the installation  of that program will partition C drive into an encrypted P drive.23:19
Cheri703are there any ubuntu -> windows vnc / remote desktop programs that let you connect a device to the ubuntu computer and use it on the windows side? windows -> windows will let you...I'm not holding my breath, just curious23:20
Cheri703Red-Raven: I got my dual-boot machine set up so it can be headless, it's SWEET23:20
Red-Ravenbrb. dinner.23:20
Midnightryder2When you say download and burn the iso, do you mean Ubuntu?23:22
Daniel0108we mean ubuntu xD23:22
Midnightryder2Done that already. that is how I installed it. Thank you.23:23
Daniel0108so, you brunt the iso and installed it from cd?23:23
Daniel0108you rebooted and installed from cd? xD23:23
Midnightryder2I downloaded Ubuntu 10.10 to my XP desktop. Then used Infrarecorder to burn image to CD. That is what I used to install Ubuntu.23:25
Midnightryder2nonononono I did not reboot to install from CD no i did not do that.23:25
Daniel0108you just opened the program on the cd?23:25
Daniel0108called WUBI?23:26
Midnightryder2I think Wubi is the installer to install inside windows?23:27
Cheri703Red-Raven: I'll explain when you're back23:27
Daniel0108yeah that's right ;)23:27
Midnightryder2Yes it used WUBI.23:28
Daniel0108okay.. but you should use dual boot ;)23:28
Daniel0108you insert the cd23:29
Daniel0108reboot your pc23:29
Daniel0108then boot from cd23:29
Midnightryder2Ok well I will uninstall Ubuntu out of windows, reboot, defrag and start over reboot into Live CD.23:30
Daniel0108and install ubuntu, but select this: http://tinyurl.com/2wxz6mf option ;)23:30
Daniel0108yeah :P23:30
Midnightryder2Ok got it. Thanks a million!23:32
Daniel0108No problem ;)23:33
Daniel0108I hope you enjoy Ubuntu :D23:33
Midnightryder2I do already. I was not sure what I was going to do with my old CPU after XP was no longer supported, but now I know.23:34
Daniel0108okay :)23:35
Midnightryder2I'm out of here & Thanks again.23:35
Red-Ravenwhat about you rig being headless?23:44
Cheri703ok, since I don't know which part got the "what?" headless = able to be used without monitor/keyboard/mouse hooked up. I got my dual boot set up so I can do that, and choose which os to use23:45
Red-Ravenand how do you do that?23:46
Cheri703a neat little grub command: grub-reboot X  where x is the number that corresponds to position on the grub menu. so for mine, I use grub-reboot 6 (list starts with 0) and then reboot. I made a script. so that way, the next reboot goes into windows. when I shut down windows, it will boot back to ubuntu23:47
Red-Raventhe point being?23:53
Cheri703so I can do things in either OS remotely23:54
Cheri703without having to be at the machine23:54
Cheri703useful when vm will slow netbook down too much23:54
Cheri703also the point in telling you is that many people don't know it's possible, so just wanted to put it out there, no need to be rude...23:55

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