wolffuCan someone set bug #697612 importance to wishlist please?01:17
ubot2Launchpad bug 697612 in gwibber (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Use avatars in addition to colors for accounts selector (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69761201:17
greg-gwolffu: did you report the issue?01:25
greg-gwolffu: I ask because it would be wise to set the bug to "confirmed" if it is a true feature request that is clearly stated.01:26
greg-gand if you are not the reporter, then you can do that01:27
wolffuSorry about that, I switched it to confirmed as it seems to be clearly stated and simple.01:31
greg-gwolffu: done :) thanks for helping!01:34
wolffugreg-g: Thanks01:35
RedSingularityI cannot seem to add tags.  Anyone else having a problem?02:15
RedSingularityI cannot seem to add tags.  Anyone else having a problem?03:14
RedSingularitymicahg:  You having an issue adding tags?03:40
micahgRedSingularity: idk, haven't tried recently, what's the issue?>03:40
RedSingularitymicahg:  when i try too add them by clicking the check mark nothing happens03:42
RedSingularitymicahg:  i click the check mark after typing in the tag of course03:42
micahgRedSingularity: wfm03:43
RedSingularitymicahg ?03:44
micahgRedSingularity: it works for me03:44
RedSingularitymicahg:  ah.....hmm need to be bug control?03:44
micahgRedSingularity: shouldn't be03:45
RedSingularitymicahg:  need to use preset tags?03:45
* micahg is going to try on a random project on staging03:46
RedSingularitymicahg:  oh i see you took care of that wishlist item.  Thanks for that.03:47
micahgRedSingularity: works fine on staging, I think you should restart your browser session03:50
RedSingularitymicahg:  will try now03:50
RedSingularitymicahg:  still nothing.  I get the spinning wheel next to it but when it stops the tag has not been applied.  Does it need to be a preset tag provided by launchpad?03:53
micahgshouldn't need to be03:54
RedSingularitymicahg:  whats the command to bring up profile manager?04:04
micahgRedSingularity: firefox -P or firefox -ProfileManager04:04
RedSingularitymicahg:  very odd.  I cannot do it under a fresh profile either.  Is there a launchpad IRC i can jump into?04:09
micahgRedSingularity: #launchpad04:09
micahgRedSingularity: you should be using these tags: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Tags#Update%20Manager04:34
RedSingularitymicahg:  mvo suggested i add tags to the update-manager bugs that state whether it is a distro upgrade or a packages update.04:36
micahgRedSingularity: right, but the distro upgrade tags are defined04:37
micahgRedSingularity: if he wants that changed, we should update the wiki04:37
RedSingularitymicahg:  I see.  What about for a packages update?  Can I use "packages-update" as a tag?04:39
micahgRedSingularity: we should probably standardize on something, maybe ask on the ML for opinions? (There's also a meeting next Tuesday)04:41
RedSingularitymicahg:  i agree on setting a standard.  I would rather that be the case as well.  Seems more professional looking.  Meeting is in here?04:43
micahgRedSingularity: yes, I think 17:00 UTC04:43
micahgRedSingularity: feel free to add an agenda item: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad/Meeting04:44
RedSingularitymicahg:  I am going to contact mvo and run the idea by him.  I see we have the distro upgrade tags we just need the tag for a "standard daily" update.04:47
micahgRedSingularity: great, thanks04:48
RedSingularitymicahg:  ;)04:50
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RedSingularitymicahg:  not sure if you noticed but the bugsquad meetings page says Jan 11 2010.  Want me to change that to 2011 since I am here already?05:15
micahgRedSingularity: sure, go ahead, thanks05:15
RedSingularitymicahg: k05:16
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ElPasmoHi, how can I run openoffice writer in a terminal and watch its output? If I execute "ooffice -writer" I don't see a thing.12:34
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charlie-tcaAre we all aware there is a bug day? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/2011010614:46
charlie-tcaThis is an opportunity to help Gwibber!14:46
kamusincharlie-tca, sir yes sir!14:49
PaoloRotolohi all14:56
charlie-tcaHello, PaoloRotolo14:58
charlie-tcaanybody around that can renew my bugcontrol membership? It will expire in 7 days again15:01
PaoloRotoloCan you reproduce the bug:15:09
ubot2Launchpad bug 697631 in linux (Ubuntu) "Kernel panic with kernel 2.6.37-11 in Natty live session (20110105) (affects: 2) (heat: 14)" [Undecided,New]15:09
pedro_charlie-tca, renewed15:10
charlie-tcapedro_: Thank you15:13
pedro_you're welcome15:13
charlie-tcaPaoloRotolo: since that is a natty bug on the live cd, we have to wait until we get a new image. The images failed to build today, so we can't test it yet15:15
charlie-tcaMany times, development bugs are fixed within a day or two15:15
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charlie-tcaThank you to the Bug Day triagers! It is looking great!16:23
bdmurraymvo_: around?16:56
mvo_bdmurray: yes, but almost dinner ready17:01
bdmurraymvo_: does / did update-manager clear /var/cache/apt ?17:01
mvo_bdmurray: so, the apt cron job usually does this a little bit later17:06
bdmurraymvo_: ah, right that's enough information for me thanks17:07
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* gnomefreak lost a bug i filed :(22:42
gnomefreakany ideas on how to find it please let me know, i tried using advanced search on my LP bug page22:43
dakergnomefreak, https://bugs.launchpad.net/~<lp_id>/+reportedbugs22:44
gnomefreakdaker: that is where i looked using advanced search22:45
micahggnomefreak: can you be more specific about the bug?22:45
gnomefreakmicahg: it was a gnome-panel bug, click on icon on the upper panel and panel disappears than comes back some time later22:46

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