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hubidubiI'm new to cloud computing and ac2 and I need to plan an ubuntu server running in ac215:42
hubidubiis there anybody who would answer some general questions?15:43
hubidubiI read lots of docs although I still have lots of dark spots15:43
* orangeac1e recommends learning by doing15:46
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hubidubiorangeacme:  you're right, I'm planning to do it, but still have some basic question15:47
hubidubithis time of ubuntu server is similar to a simple vmware virtual server?15:48
hubidubiI've read somewhere that it can't persist data so I have to save data to s315:48
hubidubiis it true?15:48
orangeacmethe local instance storage disappears when you shut the machine down15:49
orangeacmeyou can use the elastic block store which is like a persistent disk15:50
kim0hubidubi: welcome15:50
orangeacmebut ultimately you probably want to keep backups in s315:50
hubidubiok, but I have access to the file system of my virtual machine, isn't it?15:50
hubidubiso I can write data to my file system15:50
orangeacmelocal instance storage and ebs look just like a local device15:51
hubidubiok, but if I use my virtual machine should I know anything about amazon infrastructure?15:52
hubidubiI mean, I won't see outside from my virtual box15:53
hubidubilet me more straight15:54
hubidubiWe have a java based server application with sql database backend that we would like to migrate to an ec2 based ubuntu virtual machine15:54
hubidubido we have to make any changes on infrastructure/architecture comparing to a standalone server?15:55
hubidubican I use any SQL database on EC2 host as I would use it on a standalone server?15:56
orangeacmei think your questions can generally be answered by "yes, it looks just like another server"15:57
orangeacmebut you might want to consider backups and bringing up new servers if that one goes down15:58
hubidubian ec2 server image is as persistent as a vmware or any other virtual server image?15:58
hubidubiI mean it won't lose data after restart eg.15:58
hubidubiyes, normal backups are the same as on normal servers, absolutely necessary15:59
orangeacmehttp://docs.amazonwebservices.com/AWSEC2/latest/DeveloperGuide/ # says on instance storage: "If an instance reboots (intentionally or unintentionally), the data on the instance store will survive. However, if an underlying drive fails, or if you stop or terminate the instance, the data in the instance store will be lost."16:00
orangeacmebut see also amis backed by amazon ebs16:03
hubidubithanks for your help16:10
hubidubiI go and read all of these docs16:10
kim0orangeacme: Thanks for all the answers :)16:18

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