doctormojono_: You need to askubuntu ;-) or is it askfreenode?01:29
* nhandler prefers ask /msg chanserv help ;)04:23
nigelbduanedesign: Hey, if you want a slot at user days, might want to pick a topic soon :)04:29
nigelbduanedesign: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDaysTeam/CourseSuggestions04:29
dholbachgood morning06:30
nigelbGood Morning.06:35
dholbachcan somebody please sticky-fy http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10322419 and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10322422 ?06:58
jono_morning dholbach!07:06
dholbachhey jono_!07:10
jono_ok bed for me07:15
dholbachhey kim007:57
nigelb Morning kim0 :)08:08
czajkowskiMy talk for FOSDEM got accepted :D09:29
randacongrats czajkowski09:31
czajkowskiranda: oh good morning to you ! welcome back09:33
* dholbach hugs czajkowski09:33
czajkowskiranda: I sent in a special request yesterday for cds I know it's not you any more, but who can I follow up wiht ?09:33
randai can still do it for you..09:34
randaczajkowski: ^^09:34
czajkowskiranda: ohh you rock :D09:35
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=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
greg-gis it just me, or has there been a lot of discussion lately about FOSS community management/building wrt businesses15:27
akgranergreg-g nope it is not just you - it's a big topic of discussion16:02
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jcastrohey dholbach16:17
jcastroany idea what's up with the ARB?16:17
dholbachhey jcastro16:17
dholbachno idea16:17
doctormoMorning both16:22
nigelbMorning doctormo16:23
doctormogreg-g: I was playing with the idea of getting one of those hot community management jobs... then I realised how busy jono gets and thought better of it.16:23
jcastroI would rather kill myself than deal with that16:24
nigelbdoctormo: Hey, did you think of user days and if you want to do something?16:24
jcastrook, suicide might be a little strong16:24
jcastromaybe just eyeballing my own eyeballs out with rusted spoons16:24
nigelbjcastro: btw, you want to take a session at user day?  ;)16:24
nigelbpick whatever you think a new user should know :)16:25
jcastrogive me some time to think16:25
nigelbsure :)16:26
nigelboh, I should talk to sil!16:26
nigelbwith that, I opened my 90th window16:26
greg-gdoctormo: dependson the community's needs, of course. Ubuntu is just a dang needy community ;)16:26
doctormonigelb: What do you want teaching? Graphics/wacom, bug reporting, something to do with midi or sound, or perhaps setting up printers or scanners?16:27
jcastromaybe I could represent the couch potato community16:27
doctormogreg-g: Worse than the creative commons community?16:27
nigelbdoctormo: user oriented, don't kill them ;)16:27
doctormojcastro: Have you ever been a wife to a couch potato? You'd be running in and out with drinks and chips all day.16:28
jcastroor beer and pizza16:28
doctormonigelb: Making graphics in inkscape it is, fun skillz and all that jazz.16:29
greg-gdoctormo: hmmm, well, the CC community is a ton different than Ubuntu's. TONS less governance structure to worry about.16:29
nigelbdoctormo: but would 1 hour of IRC be enough for that?16:29
doctormogreg-g: did you see my free culture poster? was meaning to get your feedback.16:30
jcastroI take pride in never reading our governance. *shifty eyes*16:30
greg-gI *think*, link?16:30
doctormojcastro: I thought our governance was JFDI?16:30
greg-gjcastro: bad boy16:30
jcastrodoctormo: INDEED IT IS.16:30
doctormogreg-g: We're on revision 11 of the text... http://spreadubuntu.neomenlo.org/en/material/poster/free-culture-poster16:31
doctormonigelb: I think 1 hour will be enough to cover an introduction.16:31
doctormonigelb: What I might need is some sort of visual display... which is the problem with IRC.16:31
nigelbahhh :|16:31
greg-gdoctormo: I have some comments I'll give later tonight, cool?16:36
doctormogreg-g: sure thing.16:36
greg-gawesome :)16:36
nigelbdoctormo: shall I put you down for inkscape?16:44
doctormonigelb: yes please16:44
nigelbdoctormo: any specific timeyou want?16:45
nigelbhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDaysTeam/CourseSuggestions --> updated16:50
nigelbok, any suggestions for instrucctors?16:51
nigelband/or topics16:51
popeynigelb: tried asking Daviey about cloud stuff?16:53
nigelbpopey: No.  But would cloud stuff be interesting to new users?16:53
* Daviey unlurks16:53
nigelbOMG, Daviey !16:53
DavieyOMG, nigelb !16:54
popeypeople probably have heard of it and wonder what it can do for them?16:54
popeyOMG OMG!16:54
Davieypopey, are you signing me up for more work?16:54
nigelbDaviey: Want to a session at the user days coming up? :)16:54
Davieypopey, Grr! :P16:54
Davieynigelb, date?16:54
popeyif I'm doing one, you can :)16:54
nigelbDaviey: 29th weekend16:54
popeymine is titled "How to get other people to do your work"16:54
nigelbsil begged off, but I got someone on his team16:55
nigelbif he were there16:55
nigelbit would be like british taking over user days :p16:55
Davieynigelb, I will provisionally say yes :)16:55
popeyhmm, i wonder if a "what not to do to your brand new Ubuntu install"16:55
popey..might be interesting16:55
popeya crash course in how not to break your system16:56
nigelbpopey: It would.  Or "things that popey does on Ubuntu" including the webcam trick and others you've pulled off.16:56
nigelbDaviey: great thanks, I'll add your name up16:56
nigelbDaviey: preferably utc friendly time?16:56
Davieynigelb, yes - i assume you can suffle them nearer the time if needed?16:58
nigelbDaviey: yep16:58
popeyremind me when it is again?16:58
popeyoh, you said16:58
nigelbpopey: 29th weekend.16:58
popeythis month?16:58
dholbachok my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow16:59
popeywiki page?16:59
* dholbach hugs you16:59
* popey tickles dholbach 16:59
* nigelb hugs dholbach 16:59
Pendulumdholbach: have a good rest of your day!16:59
nigelbpopey: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDaysTeam/CourseSuggestions16:59
dholbachPendulum, you too16:59
popeybah, stupid wiki17:00
popeyi keep getting 500 errors when subscribing to pages17:00
nigelb#blame AlanBell17:00
nigelbor rather #poke17:00
AlanBellbug 66117317:03
ubot2Launchpad bug 661173 in ubuntu-website "wiki is slow for full text searching (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Wishlist,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66117317:03
AlanBellyay, invalid17:03
nigelbpopey: topic to think about --> secruity in linux17:04
popeynigelb: not my bag17:04
nigelb'misconceptions about security in linux'17:04
popeyI am not a security nut17:04
nigelbpopey: top 20 things that could go wrong and how to get out of it :D17:06
Pendulumnigelb: 20 is a lot of things to cover in an hour. Makes more sense to do the top 10 or 517:07
nigelbPendulum: true true.17:08
nigelbPendulum: but its popey :p He can do 50 even :D :D17:08
* nigelb tickles popey17:08
nigelbEven 10 applications that I love and you'll love too would be good17:09
nigelbjcastro: ^^17:17
AlanBellpopey: doing pretty much anything on the wiki right now gives me an error 500, anyone else seeing this?17:30
nigelbI had to refresh a few times17:31
AlanBelldidn't work17:41
jcastrohow do I change it so it works?17:41
AlanBelljust reboot it and try again17:42
nigelbjcastro: oooh, I got an intersting topic for you.  Maybe.17:44
jcastrooh dude for sure17:44
jcastroput me down with DBO (Jason Smith)17:44
jcastroand we'll sort something17:44
nigelbjcastro: do you have a link to dbo's wiki page?17:45
jcastrohttps://launchpad.net/~jassmith is all he has afaik17:59
nigelbyeah, I used that one18:00
jcastrocan someone mention me in the irc channel please? I am testing something, thanks!18:11
jcastroawesome, thanks!18:13
jcastrojono: are you planning on ustreaming next week?19:08
jcastrojono: if we have the BW, we should do a ustream with the unity folks at your normal show time, that would be sweet19:09
jonojcastro, I am going to try19:11
jonothat could be awesome19:11
jcastroyes, for one reason I think19:11
jcastroyou have a schedule and a set audience already19:11
jcastrowhich would mean more participation19:11
jcastrojono: also, in case you missed it, neil was out sick today so they're going to cancel the drop this week19:34
jcastrojono: there will be plenty of things next week for them to upload anyway, heh19:34
jonojcastro, ok19:36
jcastrojono: this gives you plenty of time to USE BANSHEE all day long19:38
* jcastro does the happy dance19:38
* czajkowski wonders what does jcastro is on and can she please have a double dose 19:39
senseHurray! I received a conditional offer from Cambridge today. :P But the requirements are ouch hard. I'll be even less online until May, I'm afraid.20:08
czajkowskisense: congratulations20:10
senseczajkowski: Thanks! The trip to East-Anglia through the mist, cold weather and flight and train delays served a purpose. :)20:11
czajkowskioh I hear ya!20:11
senseI hope to be able to attend some Ubuntu UK events in the future, my exam results permitting. :)20:12
czajkowskiIF it comes down to it: why would you chose inkscape over illustrator if money were no object ?20:19
JanCsense: will you be at FOSDEM?20:19
czajkowskiJanC: my talk got accepted for FOSDEM :) I'm still in shock!20:20
senseczajkowski: grats! :)20:20
JanCyeah, I saw20:20
pleia2congrats czajkowski :)20:20
czajkowskinow I just need to get over my nerves20:20
senseJanC: I don't think I have the funds and the time and the permission (of school) to attend a conference in Brussels, I'm afraid.20:20
senseI will make some noise in our LoCo.20:21
czajkowskiJanC: I plugged the wiki last night, hope you don't mind20:21
JanCsense: it's during the weekend, and I can offer you a place to sleep if needed20:21
czajkowskithe french are sending some folks over to help and merchandise to sell as well20:21
JanCczajkowski: I was planning to send a mail this week, will add some stuff in a reply to your mails probably20:22
senseJanC: Tempting, tempting! I need a way to move the Ubuntu banner that will arrive tomorrow at my place South, and we shouldn't let the French speaking people overtake the conference! :P20:22
senseJanC: Thank you for your offer, I'll consider it.20:22
JanClots of dutch-speaking people around at the conference though20:22
senseczajkowski: You are aware that you will be heading to a country that after 207 days still doesn't have a new government? ;)20:23
senseA bit worse than the 2-3 days the Brits panicked about.20:25
czajkowskiI am on the most disorganised conf call known to man20:30
JanCsense: I'm not sure it's even a record time for Belgium...  ;)20:31
senseJanC: We held the world record for cabinet formation until Iraq broke it last year. That's who we are competing against!20:32
JanCsense: in any case, you can sleep at my uncle & aunt's place (where I also sleep) if you come to FOSDEM, and you might be able to find somebody to travel with too if you ask around...  ;)20:35
senseok, thank you20:35
JanClots of dutch FLOSS people who come to Brussels after all20:35
JanCincluding peopel from Ubuntu, Debian, GNOME, KDE, Samba, ...20:35
senseI really ought to show my face there.20:39
czajkowskicouchsuring posted as well re fosdem20:40
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jcastroyeah! Aq for the win!23:20
pleia2kim0: I was just sent this link by one of my loco members who was interested in the content, youtube link missing? http://www.ubuntu.com/content/ahmed-kamal-cloud-lamp-stack-60-seconds23:35
pleia2I gave her the proper youtube link to get her on her way, but it's probably worth noting that people are going to that page and the content is missing23:35
ScottLsorry about the facebook jono, i'm part of the 0.01% that doesn't actually use facebook everyday23:38
jonoScottL, no worries, pal!23:41

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