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ebroderbryceh: hmm, i may have been wrong. it looks like there's code in g-s-d to set an initial randr mode based on previous configurations, or cloned mode failing that. but that code path is still separate from the code path that handles hotplugs (which extends)04:33
ebroderthat being said, it looks like the behavior is different in the 2.91 branch, which i assume actually means "gnome 3"? should i expect that we'll be switching to that by natty?04:36
brycehebroder, you'd have to ask seb128, I'm not sure05:36
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pittiGood morning07:52
didrocksgood morning08:17
pittihey didrocks08:20
* pitti needs to disappear for ~ 1 h08:20
didrocksGuten Morgen pitti, how are you?08:21
* mpt tries to find the gtk2 source package in Launchpad08:53
didrocksmpt: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gtk+2.008:54
mptthank you didrocks08:55
didrocksmpt: you're welcome08:55
mptAnd now I could get distracted for 20 minutes reporting half a dozen bugs on Launchpad's source package search...08:56
didrockshehe :)08:56
didrocksmpt: btw, between two bug reports, can you answer/provides some info on that thread on the ayatana ML: https://lists.launchpad.net/ayatana/msg04544.html08:57
didrocksbecause despite my message, they ignore it and continue to work on that feature :)08:57
mptsure thing08:58
pittinot a good day for our French mate09:48
seb128waouh, internet is back!09:48
didrocksseems you're right :)09:48
seb128hey pitti09:48
didrockshey seb128!09:48
pittiwb seb12809:48
seb128over an hour I couldn't connect longer than 30 seconds09:48
seb128before being disconnected09:48
seb128didrocks, pitti: how are you?09:49
pittiseb128: I'm great, thanks! working on my final natty spec09:49
didrocksseb128: better than yesterday :)09:50
pittiseb128: how about yourself?09:51
seb128I'm fine thanks09:52
seb128happy to have my internet back :p09:52
seb128I managed to fetch emails between disconnections so I kept busy while it was down but I ran out of email to read ;-)09:52
didrocksahah :-)09:52
pittiand there he goes again..09:54
didrocksthis one was on purpose, isn't it?09:54
seb128that was an after morning upgrade session restart yes ;-)09:54
seb128I should be quiet from now on ;-)09:55
pittino, don't! :)09:55
didrockspitti: oh btw, do you know if there is a weechat option on nickname completion to avoid completing if there is more than one solution (and just not pick a smart one)?09:56
didrockspitti: I looked at the documentation without any success09:57
pittididrocks: I didn't find anything either09:58
pittididrocks: perhaps it's nick_first_only, I didn't try that09:58
didrocksthat's weird, you have a huge toolbox of options and this one isn't there :)09:58
didrockspitti: no, I tried it…09:58
geserpitti: have you time to review/sponsor/merge https://code.launchpad.net/~geser/gnome-system-tools/fix-add-needed-linking/+merge/45278 ?10:04
pittigeser: sure, thanks for fixing that! looking10:05
geserpitti: I've also had a discussion with milanbv yesterday why the "linking" patch is needed (and why it works; milanbv assumed an issue with my pbuilder)10:06
pittigeser: ah, so it was the linking order after all10:06
geserpitti: yes, but I still don't understand why this fixes it10:07
geserdoko mentioned that the libemap.a at the end of the linker call (from my pastebin) looked odd so I tried to move it around and it worked for some reason10:09
milanbvpitti: about https://code.launchpad.net/~geser/gnome-system-tools/fix-add-needed-linking/+merge/4527810:36
milanbvdo you have an explanation of the linking bug that's fixed by this merge?10:37
gesermilanbv: Hi, I've tried to build gst with only the "cracklib" change in my PPA and it failed10:37
pittimilanbv: I don't truly understand it TBH; I know that the order of -l matters, but I'm not quite sure how10:37
milanbvdoesn't make sense to me10:37
gesermilanbv: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/61707580/buildlog_ubuntu-natty-i386.gnome-system-tools_2.32.0-0ubuntu3~ppa1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz10:38
milanbvwhy the hell our internal e-map lib should come first?!10:38
milanbvand it always worked for cycles10:38
geserthat's without the reordering patch10:38
geserwhen I add -Wl,--add-needed to the linker call, the linking works too (tried it out yesterday while trying to understand why the linking fails)10:40
milanbvmessing with ld without understanding what's going on is really not a good idea10:40
milanbv(I guess that's more your problem than mine, though...)10:40
Laneycan banshee be seeded? pretty please? :-)10:41
gesermilanbv: do you have a better idea how to solve it (or at least figure out why the linking fails in the first place)?10:45
didrockspitti: wants me to handle banshee to be seeded now? ^^10:45
pittiis the MIR approved? if so, please go ahead10:46
mvo_so I give unity another go, but still no alt-f2 - what do others use ? gnome-do?10:46
didrocksok, doing now :)10:46
pittididrocks: please only do a recommends, though :)10:46
pittiah, it's in main already10:46
Laneyno more pre-promoting!10:46
milanbvgeser: here I only have -Wl,-rpath, no -Wl,-add-needed10:48
seb128mvo_, I use the classic session and enable unity in ccsm10:48
milanbvgeser: but no, I don't have a better idea10:48
mvo_seb128: aha, so both unity and normal panel? interessting10:49
milanbvI just know fixes that involve reordering args in the dark in such weird things as linkers are not a good idea10:49
mvo_now is the time that I want "show me similar apps" in software-center10:49
didrockshum, I was lagging, not sure you received my messages10:50
seb128mvo_, right, one gnome-panel tweaked to just have the menus and not displayed by default10:50
seb128mvo_, it allows to do alt-f1 and alt-f210:50
seb128mvo_, i.e get menus and run a command10:50
mvo_haha, grun, that looks like the minimal answer10:50
seb128didrocks, which ones?10:50
* didrocks got used to ctrl + alt + T10:50
milanbvthis sounds really wrong: "/usr/lib/libatk-1.0.so: could not read symbols: Invalid operation"10:52
milanbvgeser: do you have the build log that succeeds?10:53
gesermilanbv: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/61709353/buildlog_ubuntu-natty-amd64.gnome-system-tools_2.32.0-0ubuntu3_BUILDING.txt.gz10:54
seb128didrocks, so it's not only me having internet issues ;-)10:56
seb128mvo_, update-manager doesn't like you pressing esc on the password prompt at all10:57
didrocksseb128: yeah, FreeWifi is quite weird. This time, no more ejected an no more IP, but just lagging on IRC. I can still fetching my emails and do web browsing…10:57
seb128the ui is stucked on a spinning cursor now10:57
milanbvgeser: thanks10:57
milanbvso the only difference is really the position of libemap.a10:57
didrocksseb128: still first setp for getting a real connexion :/ I really hope it will be there once back from Dallas10:57
gesermilanbv: yes10:58
milanbveither we know putting it at the beginning is the only right way, or there's a bug in ld10:58
milanbvat any rate, the error message is not right10:58
milanbvgeser: and what's the --add-needed change?11:00
milanbvseems --no-add-needed could OTC cause problems11:01
gesermilanbv: looking at e-map.c it uses atk_object_set_name, so libemap.a "needs" -latk-1.0. Through the reordering it comes now before the -latk-1.0 so it gets linked properly (just my guess)11:03
milanbvgeser: indeed, plausible explanation11:04
milanbvbut why should -latk-1.0 come after the lib that uses it?11:05
geserthat's due to --as-needed; only libs get really linked into the executable that got used by object files before the library itself on the command line (as far as I understand it)11:07
milanbvOK, sounds correct11:07
milanbvbut isn't --as-needed the default already?11:07
geseryes, before it was --no-as-needed and all libs got linked in which got specified on the linker call (even if not used by the executable)11:08
milanbvgeser: OK, so that is a good explanation enough for me to commit your fix upstream :-)11:09
milanbvwhich e-mail address should I use with your name?11:10
geseruse the ubuntu one (geser@ubuntu.com)11:10
milanbvgeser: pushed! thanks for the debugging!11:18
pittigeser, milanbv: nice, thanks!11:42
pittigeser: this has always felt backwards to me, but indeed it's been like that forever11:43
pitti(specify the dependency tree leafs last)11:43
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mvo_dobey: do you mind if I switch ubuntuone-clinet to dh_python2 instead of pysuppor? I just ran into 692566 and with dh_python2 its simpler to figure out if its a packaging issue or a upstream issue12:14
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cyphermoxgood morning! :)12:48
didrockshey cyphermox!12:52
alessandro_hey anyone12:57
cyphermoxhey didrocks :)12:59
cyphermoxhi alessandro_12:59
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dobeybug 69256614:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 692566 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "ImportError: No module named tools (affects: 4) (heat: 224)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69256614:00
bcurtiswxgood morning14:00
dobeymvo_: ah, that is an upstream bug. switching to dh_python2 won't fix it. but it's already fixed in trunk. there are some other fixes we need to put in a release, hopefully today or tomorrow14:01
dobeymvo_: so  please don't change the python system in the packaging14:02
mvo_dobey: thanks, I noticed its a upstream bug, but python2 should make it easier to diangose as it will means that dpkg -L will list all the files in dist-packages, not only the pyshared stuff. its also more robust this way14:03
mvo_dobey: whats the rational for sticking to pysupport? I'm happy to send you a debdiff for consideration14:03
mvo_(its pretty tiny, basicly s/pysupport/python2/ in debian/rules14:04
dobeymvo_: mainly the concern for impact on all the other ubuntuone python packages14:04
mvo_ok, fair enough. I would still suggest to look into switching at some point, but its not urgent or anything14:05
kenvandinecyphermox, so i noticed there is more work to be done for the icons, let me know when it is ready for another review14:05
mvo_the new dh_python2 avoid building the symlinks at runtime, this has nice properties like that packages are still usable between unpack and configure and that its generally more robust14:05
mvo_because its dpkg doing the file shuffling14:06
dobeymvo_: ok. so it includes symlinks for all supported python versions directly in the package?14:06
bcurtiswxundefined symbol: menu_proxy_module_load , anyone know what causes this error with GTK3 ?14:07
seb128the lack of appmenu-gtk for gtk314:08
seb128I guess14:08
cyphermoxkenvandine, thanks, I spoke to sladen last night and he took care of the review, some additional changes, and uploaded. sorry for the noise14:09
bcurtiswxseb128, is that a planned thing or is it buildable yet?14:12
seb128it should be done but it's not done yet14:12
seb128unset UBUNTU_MENUPROXY14:12
seb128I guess14:12
seb128^ try that one14:12
bcurtiswxi still have to unset SSH_AUTH_SOCK in order to get bzr to work14:13
bcurtiswxand OK14:13
seb128check with rodrigo about the ssh thing14:14
bcurtiswxalso, what may cause unity not to load with ubuntu desktop on login, but upon typing unity in ubuntu classic desktop it works fine14:15
seb128unity is not supposed to be loaded in the classic session14:15
seb128classic is standard GNOME14:15
bcurtiswxseb128, yes im saying it doesn't load on login to the regular desktop session (not classic)14:16
seb128unity --reset?14:16
bcurtiswxon the regular desktop session?  because I can't load anythign it just stays with the rotating circlular thing forever14:16
seb128didrocks, ^ seen that before?14:17
didrockshum, no, I didn't14:18
didrocksbcurtiswx: you always had that?14:18
didrocksor it just started recently?14:18
bcurtiswxi've had it for a good few weeks now14:18
didrockscan you launch a terminal there?14:18
bcurtiswxi do use the GNOME3 PPA.. so as usually i throw that disclaimer out there as a probable cause14:18
didrocksoh, the GNOME3 PPA…14:19
didrocksso you don't have the right gnome-session I guess14:19
didrocksapt-cache policy gnome-session?14:19
bcurtiswxInstalled: 2.32.1-0ubuntu814:19
bcurtiswx=  Candidate: 2.32.1-0ubuntu814:19
didrockshum, it's the right session14:20
didrockswhat would be useful is to see what's running in the session14:20
bcurtiswxis there a GTK3 gnome-session?14:20
didrockseither from a tty or whatever14:20
didrocksgnome-session3 IIRC14:20
didrocksand did you try unity --reset ?14:20
seb128well gnome-session works14:21
seb128otherwise the classic session would not work14:21
bcurtiswxyes my classic session works14:21
didrocksseb128: yeah, I was just wondering if the ppa contained another package without my patches14:21
bcurtiswxdidrocks, https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome314:22
bcurtiswxthose are the potential trouble makers14:22
didrocksbcurtiswx: did you try unity --reset?14:22
bcurtiswxdidrocks, sorry meant to ask if this was happening in the regular or classic session ?14:22
didrocksbcurtiswx: you can run it where you want, it will reset the profiles14:23
didrocksthen, try to log in the regular session14:23
bcurtiswxdidrocks, Ok i'll logout/in now.. i did the reset and there were errors.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/551085/ brb14:25
didrocksbcurtiswx: did unity launched?14:25
bcurtiswxdidrocks, yes14:25
Laneydidrocks: I'm not sure you need to explicitly seed banshee u1ms as it is recommended by banshee14:26
didrocksLaney: yeah, I asked that myself if I should or not. Not a real bugger in any case as it's just a recommends14:28
didrocksI took that decision because it was that way for rhythmbox (but rhythmbox didn't recommended u1ms)14:28
seb128didrocks, should the oneconf work items be set to a later target?14:30
seb128didrocks, seems they will not make a2 and since desktopcouch got dropped from the CD anyway...14:30
didrocksseb128: we discussed it yesterday with pitti. I guess that will be a 2/3 days work and I think to spent at least one day on it during the rally14:31
didrocksdropped from the CD, but reinstalled from ubiquity once needed…14:31
seb128didrocks, ok, I was just trying to get the chart back under the trend line a bit14:32
didrocksseb128: most of items are small or can be easily postponed. I think we will have a clearer view after the rally14:32
didrocksdepends on the preemption rate in the unity side :)14:33
bcurtiswxdidrocks, didn't work.  i sent you a png in email of my tty1 session trying to reset unity14:40
didrocksbcurtiswx: did you check from tty1 what was running when your session hangs?14:42
bcurtiswxi did a top, nothing seemed out of the ordinary (no cpu usage more than 1%)14:42
didrocksps aux | grep met ;  ps aux | grep compiz14:42
didrocksto see which wm is running14:43
bcurtiswxanything else since i need to keep logout/in to do this?14:43
didrocksbcurtiswx: you have a segfault, it's as easy as that14:44
didrocksweird though…14:44
didrockswhich version of compiz do you have ?14:44
bcurtiswxInstalled: 1:
didrocksok, so, what do you have in /var/crash?14:45
didrocksls /var/crash/*compiz*14:45
bcurtiswxnothing compiz14:46
didrocksok, can you enable apport and report the crash, please?14:48
didrocksthat will be the easiest way14:48
bcurtiswxapport isn't enabled by default eyt ?14:48
bcurtiswxok how to enable apport?14:49
didrocksno, it will be after alpha214:49
pittimvo_: using p-apt, is there a way to find out which packages a given repository provides? I mean other than diff'ing Cache().keys() before and afterwards?14:58
mvo_pitti: you can walk the cache and look at the "origin" attribute of the candidate version15:00
nessitahello everyone!15:02
pittimvo_: ah, ok; thanks!15:02
pittihey nessita, how are you?15:02
nessitadidrocks: have a few moments for a few unity questions? (you may redirect me to someone else)15:02
seb128hey nessita15:02
seb128nessita, just ask on the channel15:02
didrockshey nessita, sure15:02
nessitapitti: hey there! I'm pretty good, looking forward the rally next week, I have tons of questions for you all :-P15:02
didrocksnessita: I'll have questions for you as well for integrating oneconf with u1 crendentials and ubiquity…15:03
didrocksbut during the rally will be easier :)15:03
nessitadidrocks: currently, ubuntuone has a gconf plugin where the user is notified if he rans out of space in the cloud to upload files. Will that gconf plugin mechanism be available in natty/unity?15:03
nessitadobey: gconf != gsd?15:04
didrocksyes, it wil15:04
dobeynessita: no15:04
seb128well we will discuss what we do for GNOME next week15:04
seb128but we will likely stay on 2.3215:04
dobeynessita: but i'm sure g-s-d has to be run for unity to keep the theme/etc in check15:04
didrocksg-s-d doesn't theme the unity shell itself though, it's just planned15:05
seb128nessita, gconf is a setting storage system, gsd is a session service which apply settings and other things15:05
nessitaseb128: : ok, because we currently have a nasty bug where we flood the user with those notifications when he's out of quota, so we need to define how to solve it. alecu is working on that, and he's attending to the rally, so I will suggest that he attend to that meeting15:05
seb128didrocks, I think they don't care much about details, they just want to know if their g-s-d code will be active ;-)15:05
didrocksseb128: I was more answering to dobey on that detail :)15:06
dobeydidrocks: yes, but every other gtk+ app still gets the theme from the GtkSettings which are set by g-s-d from the gconf keys :)15:07
didrocksdobey: sure15:07
pittinessita: like, where the next Shisha bar is? :-)15:07
nessitapitti: how dare you! :-D15:08
bcurtiswxdidrocks, OK.. so there were crashes reported in compiz and nautilus.. the compiz one I reported but it may be a dup (wil get bug num shortly) the nautilus one doesn't report because it says it's "not a genuine ubuntu package"15:08
didrocksbcurtiswx: in any case, let's focus on the compiz package first, so that it can get retraced and such. It will be dupped automatically if it was already reported with a stacktrace15:09
nessitaseb128, didrocks: all that is very useful info, but I still don't get the full picture. I'll rephrase: if we need to show the user a message/notification stating that the free space in U1 is fulled, what's the recommended mechanism to use to integrate best with unity?15:09
bcurtiswxdidrocks, bug #69814415:09
ubot2bcurtiswx: Bug 698144 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/698144 is private15:09
didrocksnessita: you have a service running? why not just using the notification API?15:09
didrockshum, I don't have the perm to look at the bug report15:10
bcurtiswxdidrocks, neither compiz or metacity showed up in the ps aux while in the tty115:10
didrocksyeah, as compiz is crashing15:10
didrocksand then respawn and such15:11
didrocksbcurtiswx: can you subscribe me to the bug report so that I can get access, please?15:11
bcurtiswxalready beat you to it ;)15:11
seb128nessita, the situation under unity is not any different from under GNOME15:11
nessitadidrocks: because I don't know what that is? :-)15:11
* nessita googles15:11
seb128nessita, notify-osd, libnotify15:12
didrocksnessita: in python, it should be python-notify15:12
seb128didrocks, well the question is rather what service has the code which does the checks and send the notifications15:12
dobeydidrocks: because notifications aren't interactive, and the idea was to provide a "Buy more storage space" button15:13
seb128you should really do that from one of the u1 services15:13
seb128using g-s-d seems to be abusing something not done for that15:14
didrocksbcurtiswx: it's a dup, weird you get that even with the workaround15:14
seb128session restart brb15:14
didrocksdobey: the API can have action as well, it's just that we have a fallback to show a window in this case in Ubuntu15:15
bcurtiswxdidrocks, unity in the classic session works.. which IMO makes it doubley werid15:15
didrocksbcurtiswx: it's a known raced issue at startup15:16
nessitadidrocks: do you have a pointer for alecu to look at?15:16
nessitadidrocks: pointer as in api doc15:16
dobeydidrocks: the g-s-d extension does other stuff too15:16
didrocksnessita: what service is doing it?15:16
dobeydidrocks: so what process owns the dialog is probably irrelevant15:16
didrocksdobey: hum, like?15:16
didrocksI have /usr/bin/python /usr/lib/ubuntu-sso-client/ubuntu-sso-login running since this morning15:17
dobeydidrocks: adding Ubuntu One to the bookmarks if it's not already there, and hasn't already been added15:17
nessitadidrocks: the dbus event is being emitted by the dbus service of syncdaemon, which is UI agnostic. So we shouldn't add UI dependencies to it15:17
nessitadidrocks: I guess that we can add that to the control panel backend service15:17
dobeynessita: python-notify doesn't have ui15:18
didrocksnessita: the UI is handled by the API, that's not the issue, so it's agnostic15:18
dobeynessita: it just sends a dbus message to another process which handles the UI15:18
nessitaok, gotta go to the dentist, I'll will come back to this later15:19
dobeybut either way, it doesn't much matter. we can't change to libnotify in maverick15:19
nessitathanks a lot for the info!15:19
didrockslibnotify-doc has the doc15:19
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didrocksdobey: are you working in maverick?15:19
didrocksnessitaway: ^15:19
nessitawaydidrocks: no, this is for natty15:19
dobeydidrocks: the bug is in maverick as well, so we need to sru it15:19
nessitawaydidrocks: for maverick we'll probably just remove the plugin15:20
didrocksyeah, all changes (ui and such) seems to big to qualify for an SRU15:20
nessitawaynow yes, I'm gone! brbs15:20
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didrocksnessitaway: good luck with the dentist :)15:20
bcurtiswxdidrocks, i just got a crash like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/68444515:21
ubot2bcurtiswx: Error: Bug #684445 is private.15:21
bcurtiswxsee fi u can see that one?15:21
didrockslet's wait for it being retraced first15:22
bcurtiswxwell that one was retraced15:22
bcurtiswxits not mine15:22
didrocksI was speaking about the other one15:23
bcurtiswxah OK15:23
didrockswell, this one is not with our main use case, let's first try to fix the tons of bugs with have by default :)15:23
bcurtiswxdidrocks, retraced15:36
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mterryseb128, you having session problems today?  :)16:12
seb128mterry, sort of, rather debugging things which require to restart my session16:13
mterryseb128, I updated g-c-c with backported support for setting web and mail apps.  Media is going to be a bit trickier, but that will come next16:13
seb128I've noticed the upload, thanks16:13
seb128do we care enough about the media one to do the work?16:13
mterryseb128, well, there may be a disconnect between the setting there and what happens when you double click a media file in nautilus16:14
mterryseb128, with no way to fix what happens on double click16:15
mterryor download a file or some such16:15
seb128that's there since warty16:16
seb128the media tab is only used when you use the media key on the keyboard to start your player iirc16:16
mterryseb128, oh really?  That's a bug today?  :)  what does the media UI setting control then?16:16
seb128when you click on something the type is used16:17
seb128you can change by right clicking and open with in nautilus16:17
seb128but that's type dependant16:17
mterryseb128, gross.  Then I guess there's no urgency to fix that.  g-c-c 3.0 has a new panel for controlling media the right way16:17
seb128like mp3 and ogg can have different handlers16:17
mterryWas going to backport it, but sounds less urgent if we at least don't have a regression today16:17
geserdidrocks: re my gnome-panel issue: I've looked at the applied patches and when I remove the # before "X-GNOME-Autostart-Phase=Panel" in gnome-panel.desktop again, my issue seems to be gone (the panel is visible after autologin). could it be some timing issue somewhere?16:17
mterryseb128, OK, so I won't work on this right now then16:18
didrocksgeser: yeah, probably, so starting it in the application phase seems to not work well, that's a nice idea also for workarounding some other panel issue we get. Thanks for the nice!16:19
seb128mterry, ok, there is other items to pick on the gnome3 spec if you want16:20
mterryseb128, sure...16:21
seb128mterry, like displayed a restart notification when a software migrating from gconf to gsettings is installed16:21
mterryseb128, ah yes16:21
mterryseb128, that will be interesting.  OK16:21
seb128mterry, great, thanks ;-)16:22
geserdidrocks: for reference this is 05_no_session_delay.patch16:24
didrocksgeser: yeah, it was introduced in lucid IIRC16:25
didrocksthat will help, thanks geser :)16:25
ebroderseb128: i'm looking into the g-s-d changes for https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/multimedia-desktop-n-xorg-multihead-defaults and was wondering whether you expected the gnome3 settings to land for natty or not (i.e. which version i should be working against)?16:51
seb128ebroder, no, GNOME3 will probably only be in a ppa this cycle16:52
ebroderok, thanks16:52
mterryseb128, oh, thanks for closing that bug.  I forgot there was a bug for the g-c-c backport16:53
geserkenvandine: Hi, when you have some time for sponsoring: bug 69820517:48
ubot2Launchpad bug 698205 in ido (Ubuntu) "Fix linking with "ld --add-needed" (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69820517:48
kenvandinegeser, ok, i'll look at it in a bit17:52
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nessitaso, ubuntu-sso-login got a bug report where:18:56
nessita   File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/gtk-2.0/gi/__init__.py", line 27, in <module>18:56
nessita     from gi.repository import GObject18:56
nessita ImportError: cannot import name GObject18:56
nessitais that known? or transient?18:56
kenvandinegeser, uploaded19:07
kenvandinegeser, can you propose a merge to ido upstream?19:07
mterryseb128, I did the gsettings trigger thing, but since it's my first trigger, I thought it wise to get a review first: https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/gconf/ubuntu-gsettings-trigger/+merge/4542719:13
mterryseb128, in particular, my use of a cache file.  Not sure how standard that is19:14
mterryseb128, it would be nice if there were a way to say "relogin required" instead of "reboot required"19:17
geserkenvandine: sure, will prepare one19:17
mterrynessita, is gir1.2-glib-2.0 on the system?19:17
mterrynessita, if not, then the packaging should add such a Depends19:18
mterrynessita, it won't be automatically added by python:Depends19:18
nessitamterry: but... as far as I know, ubuntu-sso-client does not depend on gir1.2-glib-2.019:18
nessitamterry: so there may be a lower layer that depends on that and is not listing that as Depends19:18
mterrynessita, I see19:18
mterrynessita, looks like python-gtk2 needs the Depends?19:20
mterryor whatever provides gi/__init__.py19:21
mterryHrm, it's python-gobject and it does have the Depends19:21
mterryYeah, that error doesn't make sense to me either then  :)19:22
nessitamterry: right, if I see something like this again, I will raise a flag, otherwise, may be a transient error19:24
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seb128nessita, could be a bug in the install...is that for one user only?20:53
seb128mterry, ok, will review that but maybe tomorrow morning, I'm just back from sport and will go for a shower and dinner now20:53
nessitaseb128: only one report so far, yes20:54
nessitawill keep an eye on that, though if it's an install issue it may come up with any app that uses python-gobject20:54
seb128nessita, mterry: do you stay around for a bit still?20:57
nessitaseb128: yes, an hour approx20:58
seb128if someone see robert_ancell could you tell him to backport http://git.gnome.org/browse/glib/commit/?id=e738a8dd8ca3d3dd327bc5a3bbfd151858738609?20:58
seb128it will fix gnome-panel crashing when clicking on a launcher20:58
mterryseb128, yeah a bit20:58
seb128I don't think I will have time to test it tonight20:58
seb128mterry, thanks20:59
seb128mterry, or if you want to do the backport feel free20:59
mterryseb128, sure, that would be a good last task for the day20:59
pittigood night everyone21:02
seb128'night pitti21:06
mterryseb128, is there an ubuntu bug for that patch?21:06
seb128bug #69813121:07
seb128mterry, ^21:07
ubot2Launchpad bug 698131 in glib2.0 (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "[Natty] New glib2.0_2.27.90-0ubuntu1 crashes gnome-panels (affects: 7) (dups: 2) (heat: 48)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69813121:07
seb128bug #69827521:07
ubot2Launchpad bug 698275 in gnome-panel (Ubuntu) "everytime i click an icon on the upper panel in gnome the panels dissappear (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69827521:07
mterryseb128, more generally, how can I search LP for bugs that link to an upstream bug?21:08
mterry(if I know the upstream bug URL)21:08
seb128you can add the bug number to it21:09
seb128mterry, ^21:09
mterryseb128, yup21:09
seb128need to run, I will be back for a bit after dinner21:10
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mterryguh, I don't have permission to update glib2.0 it seems21:21

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