barrylifeless: not sure, but at least as far back as 2.400:10
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kklimondahmm, interesting - I have a patch in the maverick package that enables launchpad-integration01:50
kklimondait doesn't add any additional CFLAGS to the Makefile, and it worked fine during maverick development01:51
kklimondabut now, that I try to make an SRU compilation fails - it can't find <launchpad-integration.h>01:51
kklimondaI wonder whether I have broken my maverick pbuilder.. hmm..02:03
kklimondaoh well, I'll work on that tomorrow02:03
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linuxfreakerIs 2.6.37 Kernel expected in 11.04 Alpha205:46
JackyAlcineI doubt it, linuxfreaker.05:50
JackyAlcineMaybe 2.6.36 but not 2.6.3705:50
micahg2.6.37 is already in natty05:50
linuxfreaker2.6.37-rc4 is there in natty, 2.6.37 just released yesterday05:54
micahgI was commenting on the 2.6.36 vs 2.6.37 comment05:55
micahglinuxfreaker: rc8 is in now05:56
linuxfreakerNot rc8...GA already announced05:56
micahgactually, it's 2.6.37 final https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/natty-changes/2011-January/004719.html05:56
linuxfreakerCheck the kernel.org05:56
linuxfreakerI compiled it yesterday..sounds better05:56
micahglinuxfreaker: it's already in natty :P05:56
StevenK  * rebase to v2.6.37 final05:56
linuxfreakerahh great05:57
linuxfreakerSo does it mean that Alpha2 will have 2.6.37 GA kernel05:57
StevenKIt's in about 3 weeks, but yes05:59
StevenKWell, Ubuntu doesn't use kernel.org kernels, but it will be based on 2.6.37 final06:00
KeybukStevenK: well, we do use kernel.org kernels06:03
Keybukwe just add things to it06:03
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dholbachgood morning06:30
dholbachbryceh, chrisccoulson: happy new year and happy patch pilot day (if you're back from holidays already :-))06:31
linuxfreakerI want to raise a bug07:10
linuxfreakerin Launchpad07:10
linuxfreakerI created an a/c07:10
linuxfreakerhow can I raise a bug07:10
linuxfreakerI dont see "07:10
linuxfreakerCreate new bug" section anywhere07:10
micahglinuxfreaker: run 'ubuntu-bug PKGNAME' from the cli07:12
akshatjlinuxfreaker: is it a bug in a different package or launchpad itself?07:12
micahgah, that's a good question...07:13
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pittiGood morning07:52
JackyAlcineMorning, pitti07:55
chrisccoulsonhi dholbach, and happy new year to you too :)07:59
chrisccoulsonam i patch pilot today? i'm still officially on vacation until monday ;)08:00
chrisccoulson(although, i'll be hanging around for most of the day)08:00
dholbachchrisccoulson, nevermind then - take it easy :)08:01
pittibryceh, Sarvatt: are you on the current xserver-xorg-core uninstallability? it depends on "keyboard-configuration" which doesn't exist08:03
pittiand it's not in NEW either08:04
linuxfreakerakshat: Pretty Funny08:14
linuxfreakerBut I am not on Ubuntu machine08:14
linuxfreakerI want to file a bug through website08:14
akshatjlinuxfreaker: its launchad.net08:15
linuxfreakerakshatj: Cannot see File or Create a bug option08:17
linuxfreakerwhers that?08:17
didrocksgood morning08:17
linuxfreakerdidrocks: How r u?08:18
akshatjlinuxfreaker: there is 'Report a Bug' under 'Get Involved' in the right08:18
didrockslinuxfreaker: I'm fine, thanks, and you?08:18
linuxfreakerakshatj: I am unable to see anywhere..can yu send me the complete link08:20
linuxfreakerI can browse the bugs but dont see where I can sumbit new bug08:21
cjwatsonpitti: that's my problem08:22
cjwatson(pending MIR promotion, then keyboard-configuration will be in NEW shortly afterwards)08:22
akshatjlinuxfreaker: you can't see this http://imgur.com/3S2e6 ?08:24
cjwatsonlinuxfreaker: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs08:24
cjwatsonespecially https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs#Filing%20bugs%20at%20Launchpad.net08:25
linuxfreakerakshatj: thanks08:30
apwis there something wrong with the launchpad build farm?  i have builds which claim to have finished 9 hours ago which are still 'uploading build'08:57
cjwatson#launchpad would have better ability to check ...08:58
cjwatsonI hadn't heard of a general problem08:59
apwcjwatson, thanks08:59
apwcjwatson, am not the only one affected, so i guess a generic problem09:00
apwcjwatson, seemes everything finishing since the 'deployment this morning' are stuck and not uploading09:02
apwcirtainly some 8 hours or so ago at least09:02
Riddellcjwatson: can we chat about kubuntu seeds today?09:17
Riddellwe need to work out if kubuntu mobile bits should be in an entirely separate seed09:18
ubottucjwatson, jdong, pitti, slangasek, ScottK, mdz, kees, ttx, marjo, seb128: reporting regression in a stable release update; investigate severity, start an incident report, perhaps have the package blacklisted from the archive09:20
Riddellbug 696675 is the issue, fix uploaded to -proposed awaiting approval09:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 696675 in kde-l10n-engb (Ubuntu Lucid) "kde l10n packages depend on libkdecore5 which doesn't exist" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69667509:20
pittihey Riddell09:22
pittiRiddell: ah, will do right away09:22
pittiuh, *all* those? ok09:23
bdrungis there an problem with the archive? various builds are on "uploading build" for hours. e.g. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pwdhash/1.7-9/+build/212617209:31
dholbachbdrung, see conversation between apw and cjwatson above09:33
apwbdrung, #launchpad released something last night and its broken binary uploads by the seems of it09:33
mvocjwatson: I just booted into a btrfs boot via the new grub, pretty impressive :) it seems like grub-probe is unhappy and cant identify /boot but from the grub shell at boot its all good09:46
dupondjeHi guys, can we mark bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/php5/+bug/697181 as critical ?09:51
ubottuUbuntu bug 697181 in php5 (Ubuntu Natty) "DoS: Infinite loop processing 2.2250738585072011e-308" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:51
dupondjeneeds some fast attention :)09:51
apwbdrung, looks like things are uploading now09:58
linuxfreakerI was running a NIC Hot-Add script on Ubuntu 10.10 VM and the script failed at the stage where in it checks the entries under /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules  for the MAC address10:09
linuxfreakerThe script was checking for the Mac address entry for the newly added NIC under this file but there wasn’t any entry!10:10
linuxfreakerIt was working in 9.1010:11
linuxfreakerI tried to run the same script under Ubuntu 9.10 32bit VM, and after the NIC hot-add operation, the MAC address details were logged under the 70-persistent-net.rules file10:11
linuxfreakerPls Suggest..10:11
cjwatsonRiddell: is kubuntu-mobile still a universe thing?10:43
cjwatsonmvo_: can you get a -v log from grub-probe?10:44
cjwatsonmvo_: it's odd for it to work at boot but for grub-probe not to work; usually, by design, those two go together10:44
mvo_cjwatson: sure, to me its inconclusive, but I'm happy to post it in a sec. it might be some oddness because this was a /boot on ext2 before that I manually converted (well, copied over)10:45
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Riddellcjwatson: well no, it got moved to main because keeping it in universe was too fiddly10:45
Riddellcjwatson: but really it should be in universe10:45
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mvo_cjwatson: http://paste.ubuntu.com/551019/ (i can do one of / for comparison if that helps and/or strace it10:48
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cjwatsonRiddell: if it's a pain to move it to a separate seed, I think I can perhaps manage to nobble component-mismatches to not consider the mobile part of the tree10:50
cjwatsoner, to a separate collection10:50
cjwatsonmvo_: what were the arguments for that?10:51
cjwatsonmvo_: actually, I should have asked for -vv10:51
cjwatsonRiddell: the component-mismatches change looks quite difficult though, and might need a Launchpad change.  How much of a pain would it be to move mobile to a separate seed collection?10:53
mvo_cjwatson: http://paste.ubuntu.com/551020/ (this time with the commandline)10:56
cjwatsonmvo_: could you paste /proc/self/mountinfo?10:58
* cjwatson has a suspicion ...10:59
mvo_cjwatson: sure http://paste.ubuntu.com/551022/11:00
sebnerRiddell: mind accepting monobristol into maverick updates? bug #68884711:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 688847 in monobristol (Ubuntu) "[patch] startBristol process directly use sound device." [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68884711:01
Riddellcjwatson: I think a separate seed collection would be the easiest thing to do11:05
Riddellsebner: that tends to be pitti's domain11:06
sebnerRiddell: ah, sorry. Just saw that you are on duty today11:06
pittisebner: it needs to be fixed in natty first11:06
sebnerpitti: done ;)11:06
Riddellsebner: I am?11:06
pittisebner: ah, so the natty task should be closed?11:07
sebnerRiddell: Tuesday: JonathanRiddell11:07
pittitoday is Thursday..11:07
sebnerRiddell: as long as the wiki isn't outdated11:07
* sebner = confused11:07
sebnerRiddell: I'm sorry11:07
sebnerpitti: done11:08
pittisebner: thanks, moving to -updates11:09
cjwatsonmvo_: thanks - fixed upstream, http://paste.ubuntu.com/551023/11:09
sebnerpitti: thank you :)11:10
sebnerpitti: you know, when one is student and still on holidays one tend to confuse thuesday with thursday :D11:11
pittisebner: I know the feeling; I mixed them up during my two weeks of christmas holidays, too :)11:16
sebnerheh =)11:16
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mvo_cjwatson: rock! thanks11:17
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cjwatsonpitti: do you think you could NEW keyboard-configuration, since you asked about it earlier? :-)12:07
pitticjwatson: sure, looking12:07
pitticjwatson: is this a splitout of some kind, or does it need to go through MIR?12:08
cjwatsonit's binary NEW12:08
pittioh, just a new binary12:08
cjwatsonconsole-setup was split into a couple of pieces binary-wise12:08
pitticjwatson: is not having a Replaces: to go with the Conflicts: intented?12:09
cjwatsonhmm, I suspect there were no overlapping files upstream12:10
cjwatsonlet me adjust that before you process it12:11
pitticjwatson: there are a couple of bashisms in config and postinst; aside from that conflicts: it looks fine to me12:12
cjwatsonlooks like I have to think a bit about how to handle console-setup-tty12:12
cjwatsonpitti: which bashisms?12:13
pittiW: keyboard-configuration: possible-bashism-in-maintainer-script config:26295 'if type '12:13
pittiW: keyboard-configuration: possible-bashism-in-maintainer-script config:26831 '& type '12:13
pittithat's what lintian says anyway12:13
pittinot quite sure why, type exists in dash, too12:13
cjwatsonthat's technically nonportable but all the /bin/sh implementations I know of support it12:13
pittiso let's ignore that one12:13
AnAntHello, would someone comment on LP 697538 ?12:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 697538 in ncurses (Ubuntu) "Sync ncurses 5.7+20101128-1 (main) from Debian experimental (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69753812:14
cjwatsonright, I think console-setup-tty simply belongs in console-setup, not k-c12:15
cjwatsonand the initramfs stuff too.  (keyboard-configuration basically exists to be a lighter dependency for X ...)12:17
pittiso that you can have a downsized system with just X, and no VT font config and the like?12:18
cjwatsonoh, wait, they go in keyboard-configuration because they're meant to be shared with console-setup-mini (which Ubuntu doesn't really use but nevertheless if we build it we should make it work)12:21
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cjwatsonso in fact it *is* meant to have the init stuff12:23
cjwatson(sorry, this split was done upstream, I'm following alongg)12:23
pitticjwatson: I need to run out for about two hours; I'm happy to have a look afterwards unless someone else beats me to it12:24
cjwatsonI think I'll just add the Replaces12:24
pitticjwatson: ok; feel free to NEW it yourself then12:25
pittiI can imagine how it'll look like :)12:25
mok0I am puzzled that the debian policy says that the get-orig-source rule should leave the tarball in the current directory. When run from $topdir, it is then necessary to manually move the tarball one notch up12:27
cjwatsonpitti: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/console-setup/ubuntu/revision/16512:28
cjwatsonmok0: it also says "This target may be invoked in any directory", so I think the idea is that you *call* it from one level up12:29
tumbleweedcjwatson: practically that invoking from any directory bit is hard to implement (if you are going to use dpkg-parsechangelog to determine the version)12:29
tumbleweedI've always ignored it12:30
mok0cjwatson: yes... but don't the tools always run from $topdir?12:30
apwcjwatson, i assume seeds do not get turned into packages ?12:30
mok0cjwatson: I can see that leaving files in $cwd is the most logical behaviour though12:30
cjwatsonmok0: get-orig-source is run by hand though, not via "the tools"12:30
mok0cjwatson: afaik bzr-buildpackage tries to run it12:31
cjwatsonheh, its problem then :)12:31
tumbleweedyeah, it runs it in the root of the package12:31
cjwatsonthat seems like a bug on the face of it12:31
cjwatsontumbleweed: get-orig-source doesn't need dpkg-parsechangelog information12:31
cjwatsonapw: some seeds do.  what do you mean?12:32
tumbleweedcjwatson: how do you know which versino to download then (unless you change it on every upstream release)12:32
mok0I am not sure though bzr-buildpackage might move it to its build-area12:32
apwcjwatson, oh i was looking at platform.natty, to see what happened to it after it was changed12:32
cjwatsontumbleweed: "the most recent version"12:32
apwcjwatson, and it doesn't seem to have releases or tags, or indeed a changelog12:33
tumbleweedhmm, that is a point, still that's not what one normally wants12:33
cjwatsonapw: phone, brb12:34
apwanyone seen 'different serializers' errors when pushing a new branch to launchpad ?12:41
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cjwatsonapw: some packages use the seeds to generate dependencies and the like, for example the ubuntu-meta source package12:47
cjwatsonapw: the changelog is 'bzr log'12:47
apwcjwatson, so used in consumer packages, but the branch itself is just a repo12:48
apwcjwatson, looking at platform.natty there are a lot of arm kernels listed which i don't believe exist12:49
apw * Kernel-Version: 2.6.32-410-dove 2.6.37-12-omap 2.6.35-1101-omap4 2.6.31-800-st1-5 2.6.37-11-iop32x 2.6.37-10-ixp4xx 2.6.37-11-orion5x 2.6.37-12-versatile12:49
apwixp4xx and orion5x particularly i am wondering about there12:50
ograyeah, we need to clean that up at some point12:50
cjwatsonit doesn't cause a problem though12:50
ograixp is a leftover from jaunty12:50
cjwatsoniop32x as well12:50
ograour first arm images were for nslu212:51
cjwatsonapw: BTW it's best to change those entries only in sync with a debian-installer upload12:52
cjwatsonI usually just use sed12:52
cjwatsonapw: if you want to do that in an hour's time (once the kernel's in the archive) by way of practice, I can merge/sponsor12:53
apwcjwatson, yeah i've been doing the d-i changes too (https://code.launchpad.net/~apw/debian-installer/kernel-update) for the practice12:53
apwcjwatson, thanks12:53
cjwatsonsed -i 's/2.6.37-11/2.6.37-12/g' *installer*12:54
cjwatsonapw: that's fine except that it's good practice to have the changelog say UNRELEASED instead of natty until it's actually uploaded12:55
apwcjwatson, oh yeah i pushed it after playing with debcommit -r, ooops12:56
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apwcjwatson, ok those binaries are now 'in', and i've also uploaded meta (not sure that you care for this), i've pushed the d-i changes here: https://code.launchpad.net/~apw/debian-installer/kernel-update and the platform.natty changes here: https://code.launchpad.net/~apw/ubuntu-seeds/platform.natty-kernel-update14:15
pitticjwatson: re; looks fine; should I review it again?14:37
pittiah, it's in the queue, doing14:40
pitticjwatson: accepted14:42
cjwatsonapw: thanks, will review in a minute then15:20
cjwatsonpitti: great, thank you15:20
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apwcjwatson, whenever you have time, thanks :)15:20
cjwatsonit isn't necessary for linux-meta to be in place before building a new installer, but it does mean that the installer will actually install the new kernel15:21
bensteI'd need a review for https://code.launchpad.net/~benste/kdeedu/bugfix-lp-698056_b/+merge/45397 but kubuntu-dev list rejects my message15:32
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pittiHah - "Committed revision 666."15:54
* pitti says "All hail to the creator of Linux" before he gets a penalty card15:54
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shadeslayerasac: poke ... around?16:03
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
asacshadeslayer: whats up?16:05
shadeslayerasac: hi, so i saw your post on android + Linaro16:05
shadeslayerasac: and kubuntu has something called plasma-mobile running on the N900, is it possible to run that on my android device as well? ( HTC Desire )16:05
shadeslayerplasma-mobile is already in the archives16:05
shadeslayerthe only possible way right now is to boot a lucid chroot off my phone and install the binaries16:06
shadeslayerfrom here : http://code.google.com/p/android-cruft/wiki/LucidWithAndroid16:06
dholbachdebconf questions by keyboard-configuration?16:07
dholbach"Method for toggling between national and Latin mode"16:08
cjwatsonshouldn't ask new questions, that's a bug.16:08
cjwatsoncan you please STOP HERE16:08
cjwatsonand capture /etc/default/console-setup before it overwrites it16:08
cjwatsonand ideally also /var/cache/debconf/config.dat and /var/cache/debconf/templates.dat16:08
cjwatsonthen carry on and record all the questions it asks16:09
dholbachwill do16:09
cjwatsonit's odd because it should have copied that one from console-setup/toggle, looking at the code16:10
cjwatsonthough, hm, console-setup/toggle only used to be asked for non-Latin layouts16:11
cjwatsonand that still ought to be the case, so for some reason it thinks you have a non-Latin layout16:12
dholbachhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/keyboard-configuration does not seem to exist?16:12
Laneysource: console-setup16:12
dholbachsorry about that :)16:12
hallynDaviey: would you mind taking a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~serge-hallyn/ubuntu/natty/multipath-tools/backport-fixes/+merge/45410 if you get a chance?16:22
asacshadeslayer: hmm ... the problem are drivers/kernels etc.16:23
shadeslayerasac: well ... cyanogenmod has the kernel source code ... and it works, so can we not use that?16:23
dholbachcjwatson, if there's any more information I can put into bug 698177, let me know16:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 698177 in console-setup (Ubuntu) "keyboard-configuration asks debconf questions" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69817716:23
shadeslayerHTC Provides the kernel source code as well16:24
asacshadeslayer: the kernel might be a bit crippled, but it would be worth a try ;)16:24
hallyncjwatson: (just fyi) since the sync is gonna take me a little while for multipath-tools, I'm trying to push the fixes I've got sitting around for exsting bugs to natty separatley first, since that seems to make sru easier afterwards.16:25
smosercjwatson, i now there isn't much information, but do you have thoughts on what might be causing bug 69749316:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 697493 in grub2 (Ubuntu Natty) "invalid free in grub-mkrelpath" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69749316:27
cjwatsondholbach: ok, will queue it up16:40
cjwatsonhallyn: thanks16:40
dholbachthanks a lot cjwatson16:40
cjwatsonsmoser: can you reproduce it under valgrind?16:40
smoseri haven't tried, and i figured that was what you were going to ask :)16:40
smoserbut i'm guessing that i can.16:40
smoseri was just hoping you'd say "oh, i know what changes would have caused that"16:41
cjwatsonsmoser: the most likely candidate is probably the btrfs patch, but I don't have a specific thing to point to there (having just read through it)16:43
loolpitti: Hey there16:53
pittihey lool, bonne annee! ca va?16:53
loolpitti: I'm trying to track what happened with the linux-linaro-omap dbgsyms16:54
loolpitti: Ein frohes Jahr 2011 zu dir!  :-)16:54
loolpitti: Going alright -- happy to see you next week :)16:54
pitti\o/ likewise16:54
pittilool: so, they don't exist?16:54
* pitti checks16:54
loolpitti: The linux-linaro-omap upload log shows the dbgsym in the .changes, but they don't appear in http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/pool/main/l/linux-linaro-omap/16:55
looland linux-linaro-omap is in main for some reason16:55
pittiwe currently have all kernel packages in main16:55
lool17:54 < pm215> lool: is it expected that the dbgsym package doesn't appear in  the Checksums-* sections?16:55
pittilool: ah, it's new in natty16:55
loolpitti: I think similar issues occured in maverick, but I don't have specific packages to point out; yes, it's new in natty16:56
pittilool: so, sometimes the ddeb retriever hangs a long time because a buildd's apache is acting up16:56
pittiin these cases I need to kill and manually restart it; also, there are other cases where the ddeb-retriever is dropping packages :-(16:56
pittii. e. it's possible that it just fell through the cracks16:56
* pitti really wants soyuz ddeb support *sigh*16:56
loolpitti: How does one usually go with such issues?  ping you?  rt ticket?16:57
pittilool: right, so it built around christmas16:57
pittilool: ping me16:57
pittilool: the buildds keep ddebs for 7 days16:57
pittilool: so if a ddeb doesn't appear after build, I can rescue it within a week16:58
pittibut then it's gone :-/16:58
loolI see16:58
loolpitti: Can you confirm that what happened was that the ddeb retriever was borken?16:58
pittino, I can't16:58
loolpitti: Maybe we should send a weekly summary of ddeb copied to ddebs.u.c to some list of people so that we can react if it's empty?16:58
pitti"nothing last as long as a makeshift"16:59
pitti(which ddeb-retriever is)16:59
pittiwgrant: ^ OOI, is there an update for this? I thought soyuz got ddeb support ages ago, and it's 90% there?16:59
pittilool: http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/pool/main/l/linux/ does have armel ddebs, so it's not a general problem with the hack for linux (earlier releases had broken package names) or armel17:02
pittilool: so I'm afraid the only practical solution right now is to upload a rebuild, and then I watch what happens in the retriever17:03
pittilool: I guess you want to update to .37 final anyway?17:03
loolpitti: Ok17:06
loolpitti: We will have other uploads, I'll try to think of pinging when it happens  :-)17:07
pittilool: merci17:07
loolpitti: i'll check with jcrigby to arrange that17:07
loolpitti: thanks to /you/!17:07
pittilool: ah, now that macquarie is on lucid, I could even re-enable my timeout patch, to avoid the endless hangs17:10
pittihardy's python didn't support that yet17:11
pittilool: done17:13
loolpitti: thanks17:13
pittilool: so, this ping was at least good to improve it in the future :)17:13
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pittitkamppeter: hah! I just got Jockey to install the Epson printer driver from the op.o repository, with all the GPG fingerprint and trusted repository checking \o/17:22
superm1pitti, hi. did you have thoughts about how you were planning on blocking nvidia and fglrx driver being offered in the live environment?  I was hoping there will be a way to control this.  at least for my purposes i'd like to have a way to make sure all drivers can still be offered in some fashion17:23
pittisuperm1: I was going to add a two-liner to both handlers to check for /rofs/, and fail if it exists17:24
pittisuperm1: so that you can still install wl, etc.17:24
pittiI think ev heroically fixed that initramfs update problem, so that should work again17:24
pittisuperm1: what do you mean with "control"?17:25
superm1pitti, well for my purposes i'd still like to offer them as potential targets when i run jockey during post install17:25
pittisuperm1: there might also be a more elegant way with putting an empty modalias override file into /usr/share/jockey/modaliases/ for fglrx and nvidia in casper17:25
pittisuperm1: what is "post install" in your case?17:26
superm1pitti, but aren't they both now controlled by the debian package header for modaliases not the modaliases file?17:26
pittisuperm1: wouldn't you call that in chroot /target ?17:26
pittisuperm1: they are, but the modaliases/ dir is still supported17:26
superm1pitti, so a blank file takes precendence?17:27
pittisuperm1: you'd need to add a "reset nvidia" line to it to purge the ones collected from modinfo and the package headers17:27
superm1oh but you're right that I do call the backend and jockey text in the chroot, so it is likely a moot point17:27
superm1there would be no /rofs in that chroot17:27
pittisuperm1: I don't know whether I got the ordering of those right, but I can ensure that this works17:27
pittisuperm1: my thought17:27
elifHi, how kickstart works ? it is translated to a preseed file ? what package source should I look for ?17:28
pittisuperm1: we want to disable it because there's usually too little RAM to download all the pacakges, build and install them17:28
superm1pitti, right, makes sense to me.  then no worries from my side :)17:28
pittisuperm1: in /target/ that's not a problem of course, and it should just work17:28
pittisuperm1: ok, cool ;)17:28
smg'day all. When might the fix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eglibc/+bug/67235 become available for regular maverick users ?17:31
ubottuUbuntu bug 67235 in totem (Ubuntu) "thumbnailer crashes on unfinished avi's or .oggs" [Medium,Invalid]17:31
ebroderpitti, superm1: there's no point in installing new X drivers in an actual live cd environment, since there's no persistance. but if you do a usb-creator install with persistance, then it does make sense17:42
ebroderand hopefully you have enough disk space in the persistance file and RAM to support doing that17:42
superm1you'd need to reboot though for that to even work most likely17:42
ebroderso maybe the test should be more "if os.path.exists(/rofs") and 'persistant' not in open('17:42
ebrodererr... os.path.exists('/rofs') and 'persistant' not in open('/proc/cmdline').read()17:43
superm1i doubt you'd be able to stop X, unload nouveau/radeon, load nvidia/fglrx safely17:43
ebrodersuperm1: rebooting is fine. there's code to pull the new initrd out of the aufs filesystem into /cdrom, so that should all work17:43
barrydoko_: chinstrap:~barry/ethos*17:43
* sm meant https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eglibc/+bug/672352 , oops17:48
ubottuUbuntu bug 672352 in eglibc (Ubuntu Maverick) "Assertion `_rtld_global_ro._dl_pagesize != 0' failed" [Undecided,Fix released]17:48
cjwatsonsm: it looks as though it's available right now.       libc6 | 2.12.1-0ubuntu10 | maverick-updates | amd64, armel, i386, powerpc17:52
cjwatsonyou do of course have to have updates enabled ...17:52
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apwcjwatson, has anything significant changes in grub graphics handing since 20101126 ?18:06
cjwatsonapw: preferred VBE resolution detection; vt.handoff=718:08
cjwatsonoh, and a fix for PCI probing, I suppose that's tangentially related18:09
apwcjwatson, so even when =text is deployed we would still have done more graphics fiddling18:09
cjwatsonyes, though it ought to have been set back to VGA text18:09
cjwatsonGRUB_GFXMODE=640x480 should avoid the VBE resolution detection18:10
apwi think i'll punt till i can get my hands on the machine as it will be in dallas18:10
smcjwatson: thanks, good to know18:12
cjwatsonapw: *nod*18:12
smcjwatson: any idea why that didn't show up on the bug page like maverick-proposed and natty ?18:14
cjwatsonsm: not sure I understand your question18:16
smlaunchpad-janitor posted on the bug page when the fix arrived in those repos/pools/releases, but not when it arrived in maverick-updates18:17
cjwatsonactually, it posted when it arrived in -updates18:18
cjwatsonit's just that the changelog was written when it was uploaded to -proposed, so says "maverick-proposed"18:18
cjwatsonbut that's misleading18:18
smit sure is. I wonder if that's why I failed to help someone install it from -proposed recently18:19
cjwatsonwe remove things from -proposed after they reach -updates18:20
cjwatsonyou can see where something's published in Launchpad18:20
cjwatsonhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eglibc in this case18:20
smI had a little extra trouble figuring things out because the source and binary packages have difference names ? eglibc/libc6 I think18:21
cjwatsonbut the bug URL you posted above had the source package name in, which is what you need in this case18:21
cjwatsonin fact, just go to the bug page and follow the "Overview" link at the top18:21
cjwatsonthe eglibc source package produces quite a few binary packages - libc6 is just arguably the most important one of them18:22
smI see.. clear now, and that's a useful link.. thanks!18:22
cjwatsonthere are development packages, cross-architecture stuff, ...18:22
cody-somervillecjwatson, You don't happen to know of a way off the top of your head to prevent cdrom being added to sources.list during d-i install?18:33
cjwatsoncody-somerville: not OTTOMH, no, which isn't to say it's not possible18:34
lifelesspitti: still around per-chance?18:52
pittilifeless: yes, but on the phone18:52
lifelessok cool18:52
lifelessI'll type some stuff and you can reply whenever ;)18:52
lifelessI wanted to upload blobs to lp.net/+storeblob but the implementation in apport is a bit tightly coupled18:53
lifelessI found http://pypi.python.org/pypi/poster/ which isn't packaged18:53
lifeless*if* it gets packaged, would apport be able to switch to using that? [is there anything over and above a code-change at issue?]18:54
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pittilifeless: apport/crashdb_impl/launchpad.py has a separate upload_blob() function; that doesn't work for you?18:54
lifelesspitti: apport isn't widely available e.g. on windows18:55
pittilifeless: not a principal problem, just that I'd like to avoid yet another dependency18:55
pittilifeless: ideally it'd go into launchpadlib (bug 315358)18:55
lifelesspitti: copying the code out seems undesirable (and the project I want it in is BSD anyhow)18:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315358 in Launchpad itself "Expose the storeblob service in API" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31535818:55
lifelesspitti: sounds like you'd be happy if launchpadlib used posted and you use launchpadlib ?19:01
pittilifeless: yes, that'd be fine19:02
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DawgmatixI just cross compiled some libraries using the mingw32 toolchain for running on windows. these create files with a .dll.a and .la extensions. any ideas on how to use these with visual studio?19:29
directhexyikes... i'd be amazed if you could19:36
Dawgmatixi see19:39
wgrantpitti: DDEB support is 90% there. But disk space is not.19:58
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bryceh@pilot in20:04
=== udevbot changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Archive: Open | Development of Ubuntu (not support, not app development) | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for dapper -> maverick | #ubuntu-app-devel for application development on Ubuntu | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs | Current Friendly Patch Pilots: bryceh
ebroderhmm...does unity on natty not like monitor resolution changes?20:13
brycehebroder, haven't tried it, but wouldn't surprise me if it's bugged20:21
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cndI'm trying to use requestsync to request a sync of rinputd 1.0.4-1 which fixes ftbfs in natty for 1.0.3-6, for which the package was patched and reuploaded as 1.0.3-6ubuntu1 by someone else20:28
cndI'm stuck trying to figure out if I should use the '-e' option of requestsync20:28
cnd"  -e          Use this after FeatureFreeze for non-bug fix syncs, changes20:29
cnd              default subscription to the appropriate release team."20:29
ebrodercnd: no, we're not past featurefreeze20:29
cnd1.0.4-1 fixes the ftbfs correctly, whereas 1.0.3-6ubuntu1 papers it over with a gcc switch20:29
cndzurgh, I thought that said import freeze20:29
cndebroder, thanks!20:29
brycehthat option seems like something that ought to be automatically detected...20:30
ebroderis the release schedule actually listed in a machine parseable form anywhere? all i know of is the wiki page20:30
brycehyeah don't think so.  it ought to be though.20:31
brycehprobably could be hacked into launchpad and exposed through launchpadlib in some fashion20:32
bryceh(no I'm not volunteering!)20:32
brycehhmm, a really easy approach would be to just provide a JSON version of the schedule at some official-ish url, that scripts could snag.  THAT wouldn't be hard.20:33
cndparse the wiki page? :)20:34
brycehcnd, I think by 'machine parsable' he was excluding that option ;-)20:35
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mterrykees, you still around?21:33
keesmterry: yup!21:34
mterrykees, I updated the glib2.0 packaging branch to fix bug 698131, but belatedly realized that glib2.0 isn't in the ubuntu-desktop set, so I couldn't push it21:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 698131 in glib2.0 (Ubuntu) "[Natty] New glib2.0_2.27.90-0ubuntu1 crashes gnome-panels" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69813121:34
mterrykees, can I impose upon you to do a quick review and push it for me?21:34
keesoh! sure thing21:34
mterrykees, (asking you since you commented on the bug :))21:34
mterrykees, thanks!21:35
keesmterry: is the blank line 8 in debian/patches/series intentional? (not that it matters)21:36
mterrykees, huh, odd.  I did an quilt import and quilt rename, didn't hand-edit it21:37
keesno worries, it was there from before. quilt just appended.21:37
mterryah, that makes sense21:37
keesmterry: everything looks great. I'll upload it now. thanks for finding/fixing it! :)21:37
mterrykees, eh, seb128 pointed me at the patch, easy enough to download and stuff in the series.  ;)21:38
tkamppeterpitti, still there?22:01
keesmterry: uploaded now. thanks again!22:08
mterrykees, cool22:08
bdmurrayAmaranth: should bug 301174 really be triaged for compiz?22:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 301174 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Use proper sound event instead of system beep" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30117422:53
Amaranthbdmurray: Yeah, we know of a way to work around the issue in compiz22:53
Amaranthbdmurray: upstream doesn't want to do it the straightforward way though so it hasn't happened yet :)22:53
cjwatsonapw: version bump stuff all merged and uploaded now, belatedly23:25
apwcjwatson, thanks a lot23:44
apwcjwatson, just in time for the cds which will make the arm peeps happy23:45
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