kim0um, anyone interested to resolve that bug up there13:43
kim0For some reason I am :)13:43
thelinuxerkim0: which bug ?14:42
kim023:12 < Yaron-Heb> Hey guys, an Arab related bug was marked as invalid in Launchpad, I'd be glad if anyone here will take a look at it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website/+bug/27597114:43
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 275971 in Ubuntu Website "Ubuntu Local support - Arabic Language" [Undecided,Invalid]14:43
kim0basically official "Arabic" language support14:43
kim0is listed under the Israeli team14:43
kim0they don't really want it and have voiced they don't support Arabic14:44
kim0there's this #ubuntu-arabic14:44
kim0which seems a bit dead14:44
kim0the website maintainer (m nuzum) refused to link their website14:44
dakerevent the website14:45
kim0since it looks as you can see14:45
kim0I think it makes sense to have a generic language based irc channel14:45
kim0so can someone step up .. help make the ubunt-arabic website make more sense (it could just be one page that makes sense, no need for complexity)14:46
kim0then we can apply to regain official Arabic language support14:46
dakerthe domain is parked14:47
kim0daker: is it unbought ? or bought with no website behind it14:48
dakerkim0, it's for sale14:49
dakerkim0, i don't the problem is the website14:49
dakerall arabic can be listed there14:50
dakerarabic teams*14:50
dakerkim0, here http://www.ubuntu.com/support/community/locallanguage14:50
kim0That is something I thought about as well14:50
* kim0 checking it out14:50
dakerArabic as a categorie14:50
kim0daker: same thing .. it's Israel again14:51
dakeryeah i know14:51
dakermy solution is to have Arabic14:51
kim0Actually, if we have a way to get a list of all arabic speaking loco teams ..14:51
kim0we can just list them all14:51
kim0daker: can we have that list :)14:52
thelinuxeri am little bit confused14:52
kim0thelinuxer: why ?14:52
thelinuxerconfused about what needs to be done to solve the problem :)14:52
kim0Yeah kinda me too14:52
thelinuxerand y Arabic is listed under the il team14:52
thelinuxerthat makes no sense14:52
kim0either we all "agree" on a new channel for generic Arabic support14:52
thelinuxerand also can we just change the wiki page14:52
kim0or we list all available arabic speaking loco teams (probably easier)14:53
kim0no idea who imagined .il support arabic14:53
kim0however whoever listed that was far sighted :)14:53
thelinuxeri guess we should create a section in this page with all Arabic teams. right ?14:54
thelinuxerlike what's done for spanish14:54
kim0yeah something like that14:54
kim0except that it's also in another place14:54
thelinuxerwhere ?14:54
thelinuxerkim0: i feel stupid :D14:55
kim0thelinuxer: not really .. it's my mistake14:55
kim0thelinuxer: when u said can't we just edit the wiki14:56
kim0I imagined it was listed on the wiki + ubunt.com ..14:56
kim0I think it's just ubuntu.com14:56
thelinuxerla2 my bad keda b2a14:56
kim0anyway .. let's get a list of arabic speaking teams14:56
thelinuxerthis is not a wiki page aslan14:56
thelinuxercool it should take much time14:57
kim0daker the genie .. Are you trying to get that ?14:57
thelinuxerdaker: r u on it ?14:57
dakerkim0, thelinuxer ya14:57
thelinuxerdaker: cool14:57
kim0this man is made of pure awesomeness14:57
kim0thelinuxer: are you familiar with someone called Islam Hassan14:59
thelinuxerkim0: no, who is he ?14:59
thelinuxerof course momken akoon 3arfo we neseet :D14:59
kim0thelinuxer: Yeah, tell me about it .. I have a fish memory :)15:01
kim0thelinuxer: basically someone who wanted to start a new Arabic translations team15:01
kim0Are you aware of the issues there as well15:02
kim0basically multiple teams having fights15:02
kim0and no team appointed as the official team15:02
kim0thus no translation happening15:02
kim0that's as far as I could understand quickly15:02
thelinuxeras always ...15:02
kim07aga tefres :)15:02
thelinuxeri guess i received an invitation or something to some translation team15:03
thelinuxerlet me check keda15:03
kim0you must know khaled hosny ?15:03
thelinuxeryes of course15:03
thelinuxerdah el me3alem el kebeer15:03
kim0ok .. he's supposedly leading the most successful translation effort15:03
kim0and his team meets the naming scheme15:04
kim0so it has the highest chance of being adopted as official15:04
kim0now the thing is15:04
kim0for everyone's benefit15:04
kim0can you talk to him, discuss the problem perhaps15:04
kim0if you think he's not accepting new members or something15:04
kim0can he relax any constraints, get everyone in that team15:04
kim0mark it as official15:05
kim0so that we can go forward15:05
kim0I don't quite know him personally15:05
thelinuxeri don't know him personally, but I know someone who does15:05
thelinuxeru mean this team15:05
kim0so I guess it's best if you do some talking ?15:05
kim0Yes that15:05
kim0we need to talk one way or the other15:05
kim0an email thread is fine15:05
kim0but I guess a phone call from soneone he knows would be a good intro15:06
thelinuxerok but i guess this is a separate problem from the first one15:06
thelinuxerwe have 2 problems15:06
kim0Yes absolutely15:06
thelinuxerfirst that the arabic teams are not listed as Arabic supporters :)15:06
kim0we have many problems really .. we're just trying to solve 2 :D15:06
thelinuxerand this daker is fixing it15:06
thelinuxerloool  mashy15:06
thelinuxerthe second one is trying to make khaled accept more translators15:07
thelinuxerand make the group official15:07
kim0Consolidate one team as official15:07
kim0I think there's 5 teams now15:07
thelinuxeras official translation team ?15:07
thelinuxerbut i guess most of the Ubuntu is translated by Khaled15:07
kim0launchpad has to appoint a team as official15:07
kim0currently none is15:07
kim0bec of the fighting15:08
kim0or that's how I understand it15:08
kim0and there's a good chance I may be wrong15:08
kim0bec I am new to all of this15:08
kim0khaled probably exactly understands the issues15:08
thelinuxerso what's is needed from him exactly ?15:08
thelinuxercheck this15:09
kim0I don't know what's stopping him from accepting other members, perhaps sharing team ownership/admin status with their leaders15:09
kim0but if that were done, we could apply for that team to be official and start working15:09
thelinuxercheck the page i just sent15:09
kim0Yeah! makana :)15:10
kim0that's why I think it makes sense to capitalize on him15:10
kim0he's making the work15:10
kim0it's a meritocracy15:10
thelinuxerit says that "These Ubuntu translations are managed by Ubuntu Arabic Translators."15:10
kim0can you invite him to have a talk15:10
kim0in this irc room15:10
kim0so that at least we understand the real issue15:11
thelinuxerok i will try15:11
thelinuxerbut u i think they are the official team15:11
kim0today ?15:11
thelinuxernoway :D15:11
kim0he must be on irc somewhere15:11
kim0crap he's not online15:12
thelinuxerwhat was that command to search for users on irc ?15:13
kim0his nick should be khaledhosny15:13
kim0from https://launchpad.net/~khaledhosny15:13
thelinuxerhow to find if he is online or not ?15:13
kim0- /msg him ?15:13
kim0thelinuxer: ok can you try to own this issue .. talk to him .. start an email thread .. get everyone talking ... etc15:14
kim0this problem has existed for a long time15:14
kim0if we could resolve it .. this would be quite good15:14
kim0great .. if you start an email thread .. get me in ..15:15
kim0ya mosahel15:15
thelinuxersure i will15:15
thelinuxercheck this15:15
thelinuxerthey are the official translation team i guess15:15
thelinuxerkim0: ping15:17
kim0thelinuxer: well read this thread15:18
kim0I don't claim to understand what the problem is ..15:19
kim0but I got this email from the translations community guy15:20
kim0The situation with the Arabic team though, is a bit complex. Several people have created several teams but never agreed on which one to use, and no team ever applied to be added to the Launchpad Translators group15:20
kim0so there is some problem :)15:21
thelinuxerThere is an active Ubuntu Arabic Translation team https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-ar  and they are appointed for translating Ubuntu intro Arabic. They are  also a restricted team and there is a page describing how to help with  the translations.15:21
kim0that's not khaled's team right15:22
thelinuxerthat's really confusing !15:22
kim0Yeah .. I am just as confused15:22
thelinuxerthat's khaled's team15:22
kim0so far it seems like there is no problem15:22
thelinuxerif they are the official team, y there is a problem aslan :)15:22
kim0although if David says there is one .. there must be one :)15:22
thelinuxeri guess there is a team for lp15:24
thelinuxerand a team for ubuntu15:24
thelinuxerthese are the official ones15:24
thelinuxerbas mesh 3aref el ba2y dool eih15:24
kim0thelinuxer: I guess this thread explain things a bit15:26
kim0read david's comment where he says "So to answer the question: yes, these are different translation groups"15:26
thelinuxeryes i am reading the thread, but it's taking time :D15:27
thelinuxerkhaled hosny replied to the thread15:30
thelinuxerkim0: 10 days ago15:30
dakerkim0, thelinuxer do Yemen speaks Arabic ?15:30
kim0I think yes15:30
dakeri guess yes15:30
thelinuxeryes they do15:30
kim0daker: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yemen15:30
thelinuxer                     Khaled Hosny          said     on 2010-12-25:       The lp-l10n-ar team seems to meet the  naming policy, I've no problem with adding any other interested members  to the team or even handing ownership to Usama or anyone else  interested.15:30
kim0perhaps his team has not applied for launchpad group membership!15:31
thelinuxerkim0: so he was already contacted and aware of the problem ...15:31
kim0As I said, there is no group appointed for Arabic translation in15:31
kim0Launchpad translators, and several teams which have effectively no15:31
kim0translation capability because of that15:31
kim0that's a quote15:31
thelinuxeryes i agree15:32
thelinuxeri am just saying he was already contacted by usama akkad15:32
thelinuxerand usama is trying to join all team into one15:32
kim0thelinuxer: it migth be as simple khaled applying his team in launchpad15:32
thelinuxerand khaled doesn't have a problem with that15:32
kim0I'll probably have a better understanding on Mon15:33
thelinuxertab where do they apply for membership ?15:34
dakerkim0, http://pastebin.com/ta4vnFES15:39
kim0thelinuxer: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website/+bug/27597115:41
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 275971 in Ubuntu Website "Ubuntu Local support - Arabic Language" [Undecided,Invalid]15:41
kim0daker: Man .. Thou art amazing :)15:41
kim0daker: thelinuxer I'm commenting on that thread, mentioning this list daker created15:42
kim0hopefully this will resovle that problem15:42
thelinuxerkim0: ya rab :)15:42
thelinuxerdaker: nice work man15:42
dakerkim0, wait wait15:43
kim0daker: what15:43
dakerkim0, http://pastebin.com/H845tGGN15:44
kim0daker: Morocco forum updated right ?15:44
kim0daker: what's the lifetime of this post ?15:45
dakerno idea ツ15:45
kim0I think pastebin asks you that15:45
dakerit says NEVER15:45
kim0ah ok ..15:45
kim0cool posting15:46
dakerthelinuxer, thanks15:47
thelinuxerdaker: yw :)15:47
thelinuxerbye guys, happy weekend :)15:50
kim0daker: Egypt team doesn't have forums ?15:52
kim0you listed algerie ?15:52
dakerIRC: #ubuntu-eg on irc.freenode.net15:54
dakerWebsite: http://www.ubuntu-eg.org/15:54
dakerForum: http://tunisie.ubuntuforums.org/15:54
dakerMailing List: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-eg15:54
dakerah damn it15:55
dakerbad copy-paste15:55
kim0daker: can it be edited ?15:55
kim0daker: see where it says15:56
dakeri dunno15:56
kim0let's see how that looks like15:56
dakerkim0, you will do it ?15:56
kim0I guess you do it15:56
kim0maybe that's better15:56
kim0if it results in a new URL .. let me know15:57
kim0I'll post an update15:57
dakernew url :s15:59
kim0ok thanks16:00

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