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mugshothello everybody08:21
mugshoti have hard time trying to properly install matrox driver on ubuntu meerkat08:23
rwwI suspect you want #ubuntu. This isn't a support channel :)08:23
mugshotsearching the forum was like a vacuum vicious circle, i couldn't get anywhere08:25
mugshot thanks for informing me08:26
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azadhi to all13:29
azadi have problem with network manager13:29
azadany one can help me?13:29
Myrttiyou're looking for #ubuntu, this isn't a support channel13:33
azadany one here?????????????????????????????????14:50
Myrttino, just you and the echo. Yes. there is.14:50
charlie-tcaapparently, yes, since you were answered with a reponding "hi"14:50
azadi am very very bigginer14:51
azadmy network manager  disabled and disabled any connection14:52
Myrttias I said earlier, this isn't the channel for support issues or for problem solving your Ubuntu installation. If you want that, you need to join #ubuntu, with writing "/join #ubuntu" without the quotes.14:52
azadwat can i doo?14:52
k1lazad: #ubuntu is the right channel. not this here: #ubuntu-irc14:52
azadok very tnx14:52
k1lgroundhog day :)14:56
DJonesHe's going to get eaten alive in #u14:57
Myrttimore likely to be ignored as he misuses the enter key14:59
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