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yao_ziyuanhi japanese10:18
yao_ziyuani wonder if there is a japan-based linux distro10:19
yao_ziyuanwhich is supposed to support east asian language display and input better than western distros10:19
yao_ziyuani know ubuntu and fedora already do internationalization well10:19
yao_ziyuanbut it's not the case for other, smaller distros10:19
yao_ziyuanthere are german-based opensuse, french-based mandriva, uk-based ubuntu and us-based fedora10:20
yao_ziyuanbut i don't know if there is a japanese-based distro10:20
asakuravine linux?10:22
yao_ziyuani helped pclinuxos to fix some east asian language problems10:26
testhi, im looking for 24/7 jpn internet news/talk radio stream. what i already found is not good enough. can you suggest me any, plz?10:54
asakuraif you are living in Tokyo or Osaka city, try10:57
testty, ill try :)10:58
testwhere is the most crowded jpn irc channel?14:22
testwhere is the most crowded jpn irc channel?16:06
Emmanuel_ChanelHow about visiting irc.2ch.net ?16:12
amigojapanhey Emmanuel_Chanel16:13
Emmanuel_Chanel¡Hola! ¿Cómo estas? = Hello! How are you?16:13
amigojapanEmmanuel_Chanel: bien gracias y tu?    I am good thanx and you?16:14
Emmanuel_ChanelBien. = Fine.16:16
amigojapanhey Emmanuel_Chanel , I am going to the tokyo linux users group on the 21st http://tlug.jp/wiki/Current_Meeting     can you come too?16:18
Emmanuel_ChanelYes, if I tried hard... At that day, I'm going to see a doctor.16:21
Emmanuel_ChanelIt would be better to visit those meeting. But I don't promise now...16:22
amigojapanoh Emmanuel_Chanel well, only if you can,   it would be nice to have someone I knwo at the meating :)16:22
amigojapanok Emmanuel_Chanel ,   you dont haveto promiss16:22
amigojapanEmmanuel_Chanel: but if you do decide to go, let me know16:22
amigojapanso we can meet at the meeting, its a nomikai16:22
Emmanuel_Chanelok. :)16:23
amigojapanprobably a nomikai is not good if youa re sick16:23
Emmanuel_ChanelWell, I can drink if not too much. In addition, I seldom drink.16:24
testEmmanuel_Chanel: ty16:26

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