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jj-afkback on later00:59
lifelesswhats the difference in a -server image?01:11
jj-afkthe -server image is configured a little different01:13
jj-afkHz = 100, and things like that01:13
lifelesscool, thanks01:16
alex_mayorgaHello all and thanks for your work on Ubuntu02:34
alex_mayorgaI keep getting kernel panics as described on bug 69382802:34
ubot2Launchpad bug 693828 in linux (Ubuntu) "Fatal exception in interrupt: Kernel panic on 2.6.37-10-generic and 2.6.37-11-generic (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69382802:34
alex_mayorgacan someone help me to pinpoint the problem?02:35
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* apw loooks09:08
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cndsconklin, bjf[afk], if I remember right you two are handling stable kernels now?14:56
cndthere's a patch queued up for .36 stable that should be applied to lucid and maverick to fix load avg calculations14:57
cndwill that automatically be applied, or should I forward the patch to the list?14:57
tgardnercnd, email it on the list?14:57
tgardnercnd, it'll happen automagically if its in stable (eventually)14:57
cndok, I'll forward the notification just to be safe14:58
tgardnercnd, has it bubbled down to .32 and .35 stable?14:58
cndtgardner, I don't know, I just got an email stating that it's queued up for .3614:59
cndI'll try to check git.kernel.org14:59
tgardnercnd, I thought we were carrying some form of that patch as a SAUCE patch in older kernels14:59
cndtgardner, one of the two patches14:59
cndthis one is the second15:00
cndit took a long time for the second one to be fixed15:00
cndapparently it was pretty hairy15:00
tgardnermaybe its not suitable for stable15:00
cndwell, load avg is severely broken without it :)15:01
cndon some systems15:01
cndit fixes the issue jj found15:01
cndon ec2 systems15:01
cndhmmm... I can't find where the .35 and .32 patch queues are found15:02
tgardnercnd, thats right, we dropped your patch on xen flavours because it caused regressions, right?15:02
cndI don't know how it all works now with the stable process change15:02
cndthis fixes that regression15:02
tgardnercnd, yeah, we're a bit confused about where stable kernels are ending up as well15:02
cndtgardner, I'll just forward the new patch to the list to be sure, with an explanation of what's going on15:03
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tgardnerbjf, test for echo15:28
bjftest succeeded :-)15:28
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smallfoot-why isnt Linux kernel 2.6.37 available for Maverick 10.10 in the kernel ppa?23:12
smallfoot-why isnt Linux kernel 2.6.37 available for Maverick 10.10 in the kernel ppa?23:19
apwsmallfoot-, the kernel-ppa only contains builds for lucid, as that is the only place we are targetting backports23:46
smallfoot-but im not using lucid23:47
smallfoot-im using maverick23:47
smallfoot-and i want 2.6.3723:48

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