dholbachgood morning06:30
dholbachmhall119: heya - I think I can mark "make Ubuntu base app happen first" as done in https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/ubuntutheproject-community-n-halloffame-rewrite? :)09:11
Ronniedholbach: is there anything i can do for halloffame?09:20
dholbachRonnie, yeah, sure - the idea was to first get the ubuntu django foundations sorted out, then settle on the models and then work through the bunch of bugs that are already filed for it09:21
dholbachhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/hall-of-fame (it's not that many bugs)09:22
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Spec/HallOfFameRewrite is the spec for it09:22
Ronniedholbach: ok, ill have a look this week09:23
* dholbach hugs Ronnie09:23
czajkowskiMy talk for FOSDEM got accepted :D 09:29
YoBoYczajkowski: great :D09:35
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mhall119_dholbach: I'm not done with the base app13:01
mhall119_I've just gotten it started13:02
mhall119_but bzr_apps was probably the most important piece13:02
dholbachmhall119_, what do you think is missing from it?13:03
mhall119_the sub-apps needs more cleanup13:20
mhall119_to remove the ld specific bits13:20
mhall119_I also want to add test cases to all of them, but that's not really necessary for HOF13:21
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dholbachmhall119, alright - just wanted to know what's going on right now, since Ronnie asked about the HoF13:39
Ronniemhall119: d oyou have any toughts about the user model in django foundations. how to add fields, for modules to the user?13:56
Ronnieim planning to create a 'supportmap'  app. but the users need the latitude and longitude13:57
mhall119Ronnie: for now we can add generic fields to the models we have, and work our way towards a usable 1.0 release15:08
mhall119after that, you'd either sub-class in your own apps, or we'd work new generic fields into the foundations apps on a 2.0 branch15:08
mhall119though I'm entertaining the idea of making all the foundation models abstract15:09
mhall119so you'd be forced to subclass them15:10
mhall119but I'm not sure there's any real benefit to that15:10
nigelbmhall119: hi, do you have a min to help me understand how to calculate locla time in summit?15:13
mhall119nigelb: sure15:15
nigelbok, right now I'm taking a datetime.date.today() which is wrong.15:15
nigelbhow do I account for the local tz?15:16
mhall119nigelb: look at LD's venue model15:17
mhall119I usesd the pytz module15:17
dholbachdatetime.date will always just give you a date, not a time15:17
nigelbdholbach: I forget, I wanted date :)15:17
nigelbbut the time influences date15:17
nigelbI'll just show what I did.15:18
mhall119nigelb: specifically the Venue.fromlocaltime and Venue.tolocaltime15:18
mhall119you'll see how I use a timezone string to convert the datetimes15:18
nigelbmhall119: but the question is if I get access to this in the urls.py file.15:19
mhall119why would you need it in urls.py?15:20
nigelberr, to do the /today thing15:21
nigelbI wanted to figure out the date in the urls.py and call the appropriate date's view15:21
nigelbis there an easier way to do this?15:21
mhall119yeah, just do it in a "today" view15:22
mhall119inside that, you can call other view functions15:22
nigelbhow do I call other view functions?15:23
nigelbmy try sorta failed :D15:23
mhall119just like you call any other function15:23
mhall119and return it's return value15:23
nigelbI got an error thrown up when I did that.15:23
mhall119def today_view(request):15:23
nigelbwell, since you're here, I guess you can debug that :D15:23
mhall119  return other_view(request)15:23
mhall119in order to use (r'^(?P<summit_name>[\w-]+)/today$', 'by_date', {'date': date.today()}),15:25
mhall119you'd need 'date' to be a string representation, not a datetime object15:25
nigelbisn't it a string representation already?15:26
mhall119date.today() returns a date object15:27
mhall119you need a string in "%Y-%m-%d"15:27
nigelbmhall119: what does __all__ bit do?15:32
nigelbmhall119: let me get you the line number15:49
nigelbmhall119: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~summit-hackers/summit/trunk/annotate/head%3A/summit/schedule/views.py#L3615:50
TrickyJHi all15:53
nigelbno bother, I figured it out.15:53
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TrickyJRonnie: wassup buddy ;)16:27
Ronniecjohnston, mhall119, where can i find the code for HOF?19:41
dakerRonnie, how can i see the events map ?20:09
Ronniedaker: on the global events page and the add venue20:10
dakerRonnie, the map still does not supply the long/lat for me20:28
Ronniedaker: can you add a marker to the map on the add venue page?20:29
dakerRonnie, yes i can20:29
Ronniedaker: do you have firebug installed?20:29
dakerRonnie, no i use Chromium20:30
Ronniethere is also a firebug for chromium. ill have a look here at chrome20:31
dakerRonnie, what do yo want exactly ?20:31
Ronniedaker: if it works here in chromium20:32
Ronniedaker: it even wont work in ff anymore20:33
Ronniedaker, almost looks like the location API of google maps has changed. ill have a new push, it should work now20:49
Ronniecheck both setting and moving maker, and input an adress20:50
Ronnieboth should work20:50
subausubI'm looking for a LoCo in Austin Texas, Does one exist?20:56
pleia2subausub: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TexasTeam has links to all the texas subteams :)20:58
subausubthanks, that's what I was looking for.20:58
dakerRonnie, when i click/DND the marker it should display the long/lat ?21:04
Ronniedaker: within the form, ye21:04
dakerRonnie, is it working you ?21:06
Ronnieyes, ill check chromuim to be sure21:07
Ronniedaker: works perfect, both chr, ff21:07
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cjohnstonRonnie: for the current HoF or the new django one?21:20
Ronniecjohnston: django21:21
cjohnstonit doesnt exist yet21:21
dakerRonnie, it does not work for me21:25
dakermaybe cjohnston can test it21:25
Ronniecjohnston: can you test it?21:25
ubot4`Launchpad bug 570613 in loco-directory "Show map of events (affects: 9) (heat: 38)" [High,In progress]21:25
dakerRonnie, http://i.imgur.com/P5t8n.png21:26
dakerthe marker is there but there is no long/lat21:27
Ronniedaker, when did you last update the branch?21:27
dakerRonnie,  rev 35221:28
cjohnstonnot on my current conenction.. itd take all week21:31
Ronniedaker: thats the good revision. ill try to branch a new one and test21:31
cjohnstoni saw mhall119 was back earlier!21:32
Ronniedaker: did you restart the django runserver?21:34
dakeryes ツ21:34
Ronniehmm, i create a new branch, did a sync, migrate and init-ld. it just works here21:35
Ronniecould it be a jquery version problem?21:35
Ronniedaker: can you install firebug in your chromium or look in the errorconsole for error messages?21:36
dakerok i'll retry with a new branch21:36
Ronniecjohnston, daker: im starting to create a django supportmap app for 'django-foundations'. currently i have in the model the latitude,longitude,is_support,has_cds you you have more ideas for a nice support map ?21:38
cjohnstonim not sure what a spportmap is21:39
dakerRonnie, http://pastebin.com/1LnBkEDH21:40
Ronniecjohnston: the dutch version of a supportmap: http://kaart.ubuntu-nl.org/21:41
Ronniehere users can find 'experienced' ubuntu users in the neighbourhood, to get cd's, get support@home and ask questions21:41
Ronniedaker: cant you seen more. it looks like half the message21:41
dakerRonnie, http://i.imgur.com/5sBrz.png21:42
Ronniedaker: very strange error21:44
Ronnielooks like the google maps init function adds aditional script, but fails21:44
dakerRonnie, note that not a error it's just a warning21:44
Ronniedaker, can you debug the script (config-button -> tools -> developer tools -> tab 'scripts' -> script: maps.js -> click the linenumber 185)21:50
Ronniethen refresh the page and click on the map21:50
dakeri am using the chromium debugger21:54
dakerRonnie, bug 692734 fixed ?21:58
ubot4`Launchpad bug 692734 in loco-directory "Venue objects when created with forced id, gives an error (affects: 1) (heat: 5)" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69273421:58
Ronniedaker: it was fixed in import-live-date branch i thought21:59
dakerRonnie, we are making a good progress, we have fixed 15 bugs already22:04
Ronniewow, statistics always makes me happy22:05
Ronniedaker, any luck with the maps code?22:25
dakeri'll try tomorrow at work (using maverick)22:26
Ronnieoke, thx22:26

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